Monday, August 31, 2015


Tryin to get my hands on some grants like Horace

There are many times I believe the bureaucracy of a city or school system  is well set-up for the system. Residents as well as students are just used as props in the operation.

Take Painesville City Schools we operate with a Superintendent making north of $125,000. an Assistant Superintendent with a salary of  $104,197

Now comes the whaaat?

Director of Teaching and Learning               $80,802

Director of Business and Personnel               $89.449

Director ELD Services                                   $87,015

Special Education Supervisor                         $65,000

Director, Special                                             $98,014

Administrative Secretary                                $39,274

Ex. Emp. Asst.  Treasurer                               $70,414

Accounting Clerk/Grants                                $38,723

Ex. Secretary to Superintendent                      $46,238

Ex. Emp. Secretary to Business Mgr.              $39,274

Food Service Director                                       $55,032

Communication Director                                   $42,286

Ex. Emp. Tech Coordinator                               $81,049

Ex.Emp. Communication Director                     $43,863

These people all are positioned at the BOE

Now I have left off administration staff such as Principals only because the are on the front lines.

Educating students.

So the next time you hear 'It's for the Kids" remember this short list and who it's really for.

The whole system has a pecking order from Bus Drivers to Janitorial staff.

Seems our President has changed the name of Mt. McKinley named after Ohioan President William McKinley to a high priced GMC  pick-up truck called the Denali?

Saturday, August 29, 2015


And baby you're so smart, you know you could have been a schoolbook.

So much talk on immigration lately. Have you noticed we have gone from building a fence to now a how high 2000 mile wall? We even have dragged in the Great Wall of China in on this.

Changes to the 14th Amendment. With a snap of a finger by Congress! You know those people that accomplish so much.

Here's  a novel idea lets just follow the law's and  REGULATIONS we currently have?

Ohio would make a great test state. We have a Republican governor that's thrown his hat into the Presidential race. Along with the GOP controlling both houses in the state.

Instead of fences and walls we take the government of Ohio and pass law's about employer's using E-verify as mandatory  law in the State of Ohio with violations being in fines as well as jail time. Make it the law. And if your caught with people working for you that don't have the proper documentation you pay the piper. Close all the loopholes if you use outside contractors to supply your workforce, sorry your still responsible. They may get a check from Acme employment but they are doing work for you.

Now how do you find these employer's? You put up a bounty. 3% of the fines collected go to the 'whistleblower' legal or illegal resident. Cold uh?

I've mentioned it before the word comprehensive and now this getting rid of government regulations both scare me about the same. The next time a politician tells you he want's to streamline government by reducing regulations ask him which regulations are you wanting to get rid of.

Do regulations mean no longer inspecting coal mines? No longer inspecting the meat we eat? Or no longer regulating who's legally working where and for whom here in this country?

Think I'm full of hot air? Who do you think the biggest lobbyist's to get rid of E-verify in Washington D.C. is? HOLA? No... how about the National Chamber of Commerce? You don't have to wonder where their skin in the game is?

Now what would be the biggest reason Ohio government not pursuing this? Well many businesses will pack up and move to Illinois, Georgia or wherever state they will be safe operating in.

The answer isn't a wall or fence it is just making employer's responsible citizens. We already know Greed is Good..

While they have us chasing our tails about fences and wall's the middle-class life style is leaving the U.S.A. is this planned?

Really at this time in the election season did you ever think in your wildest dreams Jeb would make "W" look like Yoda?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

"DON'T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME" simple minds

"Slow change may pull us apart"

Another Thursday, another County Commissioners meeting.

As with all meeting, they all start the same with everyone waiting on Commissioner Troy.
I told the person sitting next to me is that they should play 'Oh, Sherry' by Steve Perry when the exalted one enters the chamber.

Run through all procedures of the meeting  then comes the visitor time. Two county residents that must attend all commissioner with documentation on why the commissioners should revisit that ordinance on the Mexican Matricular Card.

Now during both of their presentation's Commissioner Troy managed to do everything but listen to them. He signed, read papers anything but listen to the people. At that time I decided why bother to mention anything he probably read the sports section of the paper until I was finished.

Talking about finished I think the other two commissioners time will be done next November. And for what?

I was going to ask if county residents signed  a petition on the commissioners revisiting the card if that might sway you know who?

Something tells me we could walk into the commissioners meeting with 10,000 signatures and sadly it wouldn't change Commissioner Troy mind.

Meeting at 10:00 AM and 2:00PM I guess in some of those at the meeting things must be great. No one comes to complain? [Well their all out working to support your rearend]

Now if we could do something about these pests that for some odd reason keep coming back to meetings just to be ignored?

I predict that Trumps rating will go up at least 5% after the brush up with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos. First Mr. Ramos wasn't called on and second as a reporter he is to ask questions not debate the candidate. Wonder if I'm correct?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"I'LL THINK OF A REASON LATER" lee ann womack

It ain't Christian to judge a stranger

Let's see in today's News-Herald 08/25/15  there was a story about a business that although the City of Mentor approved this business the property owner decided to not issue a lease.

 Headline; Mentor Distillery project back to square one.

Kenneth Howard general manager of Traditional and Innovative Spirits LLC
A company that he planned to produce Whiskies, Vodka, Wine, Vinegar, Beer and Candy.??
To be sold at retail outlets, on-line or by appointment.

Now a business near where he would operate objected after it was reported in the news. So the property owner changed his mind.

This business would be all electric so as to cut down on flammability which the Mentor Fire Department had approved.

Now my question is should our esteem  Community Development Department step in and have a conversation with Mr. Howard about locating his business in Painesville?

Or do we have so many businesses clamoring to locate here in the Ville'. Is our community two uppity to except income from property taxes or income taxes for a venture such as this?

Seems presently Mexican Restaurant's seem to be the only thing moving into town.

I may be the Terminator but Paul Hach must be the Demolishinator  got another building on State Street, heard it will be replaced by....... you guessed it another Mexican Restaurant.

Seems as if Painesville can provide great frosting for a cake, we just have forgotten how to make cake?

Hell, Hershey Pa. built a town on chocolate maybe we can build one on taco's?

I expect a lot of blow-back on this suggestion, I'll think of a reason later why I even brought it up?


Andy Flock Ward I Town Hall meeting Thursday August 27, 2015 7:00PM Elm St. Elementary School. Open to all residents with any and all concerns of the city.

If as Donald Trump can tell us that the 14th Amendment can be changed by an act of Congress, then couldn't the same be said of the 2nd Amendment? Or for that matter any Amendment? What say you Constitution scholars? Do we really want to go down that rabbit hole?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"SUMMER N THE CITY" lovin' spoonfuls

'All around people looking half dead'

You don't have to look to hard or to far to find someone who has a complaint about one city department or another. It seems to be the nature of the beast.

You have to be tough to put up with a lot of the crap that goes around here. I thought with a new administration things would change, and to some degree it has. But it seems it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Being rude just must come with the turf.

Along with if you somehow cross one of these department heads or inspectors you may pay an expensive price. Some instances were pretty obvious like the hoops Steele Mansion had to go through. Then there are others where average residents just get caught in this tangled web.

The first thing I would ask is that the city monitor and tape ALL conversation between a resident and someone who is answering the phones at City Hall or to different city departments. This may lower blood pressure amongest residents. Also the rudeness that some show  on site discussions. Inspectors should be taught who pays their salaries and to treat those people with a little more respect. I'm not suggesting they kiss someone's a**, just be a little civil to them. In the big scheme of things you really aren't anyone welding that much power.

First off, to certain city employees that own rental property in Painesville please  pay your property taxes. Then again, if all of us didn't pay ours, maybe we would have fixed up the multitudes of violations you seem to find in our properties. I guess I have to add... who inspects your property?

Second, quit suggesting to delinquent renters what they should do with their rent payments. Put them in escrow?  Really? One of the reasons they're getting evicted is due to months of nonpayment of rent. Never realized the city inspectors provided this kind of service.

Also, do inspectors have the power to 'Stop Order' utilities to a homeowner? Let's see, if a renter is kicked out on Monday you shut off all utilities on Tuesday? By who's decree? And mark it as a vacant property to boot? City Council should review some of the Ordinances recently passed by them... it seems inspectors are not taking it in the vein in which they were passed.

To many of you in charge in the city, news flash....currently only 47% of the people live in homes they purchased... the other 53% are rentals. May not like it but facts are facts. And for those of you that would like to know where I got those numbers...if I can navigate the National Census can you.

Isn't it time that the powers that be quit pretending that we are something that we are not? Instead of the punitive policies against renters and landlords (over half of the city population), deal with reality as it is rather than as you wish it were. And for the lower level city echelon - quit undermining landlords that are trying to keep decent properties...especially since some of you are allegedly one of them.

Who watches the watchers?

And to Mr. Carson I think it's past time you took a certain 'inspector' to the woodshed she think she is responsible for things she's not. Case in point if your interested I will share the name of a city resident she has been quite rude too.

Also I have checked this post with my attorney and this time I don't expect a police detective to ask for my computer.

And could the watchers please pay their property taxes they owe before making life miserable for some that live here in Painesville not out in Western Geauga County?

While Mr. Trump is trying to build a fence, along with trying to stop Ford from building a 2.5 Billion dollar plant in Mexico. Have the Donald check on Hershey Bars and Reese Cups that are now made in Monterey, Mexico? Production has ended in  Pennsylvania . Now only a distribution site.

Friday, August 21, 2015

"KING OF PAIN" police

There's a blind man looking for a shadow of doubt

Well Thursday morning took another foray into the Lake County Commissioners meeting.

Let me explain myself here. My opposition to the commissioners passing a resolution about the Mexican Matricula Card is in the same vein as the letter sent by a former council-president  to our senator, and former council people going on FOXNEWS welcoming legal as well as illegals to our area. It's the perception that we act as a sanctuary community. Look we have enough to deal with  without laying out a welcoming mat.

Well as some of you by now realize I have been a registered Democrat since 1971 I don't vote a straight ticket by any  means. But as a lifelong Democrat I must admit I am ashamed of the actions as well as attitude of Commissioner Troy. Look up arrogant in a dictionary and it might have a picture of him.

Myself and two others  came to the meeting to make the commissioners realize this Resolution passed on this card in 2005 was a mistake. We all presented our reasons. My main one was instead of discussing the future of the county.  In the next election in 2016 there will be two open seats for commissioner. I suggested that their opponents in the next election will hit these two present commissioners over the head with this Matricula card which in reality they never voted on. Only commissioner Troy was  a commissioner at that time.  Someone else brought up county contracts and if these employers use E-verify. Commissioner Troy stated that argument should be taken up at the state level? Really commissioner just maybe this card should have been dealt at the state level also.. Another told of local banks using these card to secure bank loans, and banking privileges even after the FBI as well as the local law enforcement claiming how much fraud is involved in this card. As a surprise commissioner Troy made some of the best argument against this card claiming it's completely worthless? I was now really confused. When I asked him if this card carried as much weight as a Mickey Mouse Club membership he agreed? When I asked if the commissioners would revisit this resolution I  immediately was answered NO!

So let me understand this one Democratic commissioner is willing to throw two other Democratic commissioners under the bus over what he calls a worthless card? I can only hope commissioner Moran  and Malechek realize what's going on before it's to late. Commissioner Moran didn't get where she's at by being thrown under a bus over something she had nothing to do with.

You would think a political heavyweight such as Troy would realize what's coming. He just squeaked a victory last November over a political newcomer who didn't even have full backing of the Lake County Republican Party and she has thrown in her hat against commissioner Moran next year.

Now thinking about it who needs three commissioners when only ONE King seems to matter?

If things don't happen commission Troy will be looking at new faces sitting with him in 2017.

I might have been mistaken about V.D. and HOLA being the big mover behind this. My years have proven to me that this kind of resistance only comes with large amounts of green cash behind it. No other reason makes sense.

Let me understand this the stock market dropped 358 points yesterday and it'd Disney's fault?

Thursday, August 20, 2015


'Of Company B'

My favorite event of summer is happening this weekend.

D-Day Conneaut

This is a reenactment of D-Day in 1944 when Allied troops stormed the Normandy beaches.

To be honest the first time I attended this event over a decade ago I held little promise of  having a worthwhile time at this event. First off it was Free as it still is.  What kind of show can you put on if it's free? What a pleasant surprise they put on one Hell of a show.

From the Higgins landing crafts,  to the German machine gun nests along with authentic P-51 providing air cover flying low enough standing on the ledge you can see the pilots  as they fire their machine guns.

This year a German 88 will also join the fray. In the past even an operating Sherman Tank.

This is one special tribute to our fathers, and grandfathers along with some grandmothers who sacrificed so much for all of us.

Years ago when my father was still alive I took him to the event. He had  the onset of dementia which had already set in but as we entered the American encampment his eyes lit up as he remembered many of the items on display. As we walked he hadn't noticed we had walked into the German encampment he looked around with that look I shouldn't be in here and looking at me I got the idea that he thought, well I know better than to follow him.

Over 1,500 reenactors participate  all in WWII dress, mock battles,

The big invasion battle takes place at 3:00PM on Saturday.  You won't be disappointed.


Or very soon Painesville as well as the rest of the poor souls involved in the Prairie State Energy Campus!

We will all be taking another bath!

Lively Grove Coal Preparation  Plant

Prairie State Generation is pursuing plans to build a coal preparation plant (coal bath) to remove impurities from high-sulfur coal produced by the adjacent Lively Grove underground mine and is burned by the 1,600-MWpower plant in Illinois, according to coal and power industry sources.

The company, owned by eight Midwestern public power agencies and Peabody Energy, has not made a final decision to whether to build the prep plant, the sources claim no official statement has been issued.]to that effect yet.

Prairie State spokeswoman doesn't seem to answer her phone and comment on this prep plant.

The two 800-MW generating units have encountered problems burning the unwashed coal since the start of operation in 2012.

5 Billion Dollars and no washing machine?

I guess council as well as the administration will just keep whistling past the graveyard until they have to face reality? Another 'Professional' move we can be proud of.

Any ideas out there what a coal prep plant will cost Painesville for their association with this Energy CAMPUS?

Waiting for cost estimates but it will I can assume the cost will be in the millions for the total project.

Odd, I'm  getting very curious what exactly that 5 Billion was spent on?

Mostly a bottomless pit that money just can't fill.


Working on a post with concerns of a city department and it's employee's abusing and  being rude to a city resident. To any City Hall employee who might be concerned , how about you start with yourself and pay the property tax on your rental property in Painesville that is currently delinquent ?

Just dotting the I's and crossing the T's.


Gosh, who would of ever thought Josh Duggar would have two Ashley Madison accounts?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Believe it or not this song was #1 and  Yesterday by the Beatles was #2 but only for a week.

Time for a change up people

It's football time again. I have some questions to ask some of you?

1) Will the Cleveland Browns score more then 12 touchdowns by passes   this season total of   12 last season?

2) How long or if Jim Harbaugh  attacks an officiating team or wears out his welcome at that school up north?

3) will the Harvey vs. Riverside ever really be a rivalry again ?

4) Will Johnny football ever be a starter not just for the Browns but any NFL team?

5) Who will be OSU starting quarterback? Just remember  after Braxton Miller, and J.T. Barrett went down what were your expectations against Wisconsin in the Big 10 Championship Game?  won by OSU 59/ 0 with a third string QB. then beating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and finishing up beating Oregon for the first undisputed National Championship. Do you see coach Meyers telling Cardale take a seat we're going back to J.T.? Gutsy ?

6) Will Harvey ever win another Conference Championship?

7) Should the Cleveland Browns pick-up Ray Rice as another running back? He might still be able to pack a punch into a defensive line.

8) who will be OSU biggest challenger this year will it be the obvious, or a surprise team like Penn State?

9) Is Harvey's team size the problem or is there something I'm missing?

10) Any chance the Cleveland Browns making the playoff's?

11) Can OSU repeat as National Champion , or will everyone be gunning for them?

12) With the population makeup at Harvey, shouldn't we have a world class soccer team?

Please chime in.

'Hang on Sloopy '? All because of a bar near the entrance of the college.


Does anyone know if there is a sandwich a Subway that might make you a pedophile ? 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


"Much to do about nothing"

With the exception of the city authorizing the purchase of three new sidewalk plows everything was left on next reading or still tabled.

Refuse Collection- should we start now for contract up next June?

Computer Server Upgrades- I don't know ask Hillary Clinton about server's

Comprehensive Zoning- Or should this been non-conforming zoning?

Sidewalk Replacement Program- Mrs. DiNallo excused absence.

New Sidewalks Installation along Elm St.- All children bused in that area the ones walking on Elm St. either missed the bus or decided to walk on Elm St.

Fence Installation Around Retention Pond at old Huntington School- Of the three parks only Huntington this is  not a retention pond but a detention pond. And is the only park without a fence for that area. I guess council will just wait for a tragedy before they do anything? Grants for the other parks but for this one nothing?

Andrew Unetic  finance director gave us a glimpse of our budget as of June 30, 2015.

Positive the city as well as our tax collection agency RITA  found where a company operating in Painesville had some how made a $800,000 error in money owed Painesville the money and fine are now in Painesvilles coffers. Wonder if Painesvilles old collection agency CCA would have found this?

Everything looks pretty normal except the electric fund which has already spent 62% of it's budget as of  06/30/15. Is this because of the high cost of power we are purchasing or expenses we are unaware of.

Law Director Joseph Gurley Monday was his birthday. Seems everyone wanted me to tell them how old he was? Joe your secret's with me.... but 68 isn't really that old.

After the meeting council went into Executive Session probably over personnel matters.

On that thought much has been made about the leaving of our current Parks and Recreation Director Lee Homyock taking a job at Metroparks.

First off did he take a pay cut? On the outside it looks like he did. But with the Hospitalization program the county has he might have the opportunity of saving thousands on healthcare costs. Maybe better benefits move vacation time for instance, and with the county 'steps' he could be past his current salary in a short time.
Plus maybe he needed a new challenge? No one should get stale and he might have been looking for a new opportunity?

So the smart money tells me we should wish him well. Our focus should be on his replacement that's what should concern us the most.. In the job posting at the city two words stuck out  OR/AS what do those words mean as far as the qualifications for this position?

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Best question ? should we bring a cot?

11 Resolutions and Ordinances including the ones tabled.

Lets move some cash around from one fund to another sorta like the carnival barker asks you to keep on eye on the three cups and which one has the quarter underneath it.

More interesting when  discussing Prairie State Energy Campus an expert in the electric field mentioned that a MW of power from a coal plant costs $38.00? UH!

Katie Jenkins -Refuse Collection ...This could end up with a lot of trash talk.

Mike DeLeone- Computer Service Upgrades ... We seem to be doing upgrading  constantly. That and buying pick-up trucks.

Mike DeLeone- Comprehensive Zoning ....The word 'Comprehensive' scares the Hell out of me. Little Late?

Lori DiNallo- Sidewalk Replacement Program.... Easy in the past just piss off the administration and you and your neighbors will receive a visit about sidewalks.

Andrew Flock- New Sidewalk Installation along Elm St..... Wonder if anyone gave any thought about that when Elm St. School was built?

Andrew Flock-Fence Installation Around Retention Pond at Huntington Park.... Odd the other two parks State Street and Lathrop are fenced in. Yet the park with a ten foot retention pond isn't?

Presentation to Council Finance Department- Andrew Unetic

Yes maybe a pillow at least?


At the end of the council session council will go into executive session to discuss personnel and contract matters.

I've been told by a number of people under the Golden Dome the fix is in? They referred me to the August 14, 2015 News-Herald article about Mr. Homyock taking the position at Lake Farmpark.

Painesville City Manager  Anthony Carson said that his office issued an internal job posting August 12,2015 and is considering on whether advertising outside will be needed.   So someone in the city has the same credentials as Mr. Homyock when he was given the job?

Look I'm not even sure we need this director?  Maybe a good secretary will do the job? With Mr. Lewis overseeing the department. It has been confirmed to me  Mr.  Homyock will be taking a pay cut working for Metroparks. Maybe he got tired of hearing complaints about the cemeteries?

But remember as in the past what the city manager want's council delivers? NQA

Friday, August 14, 2015

"YAKETY-YAK" coasters

"Don't give me no dirty looks"

 No need to wonder who's quoted here?

A Razo illegal immigrant advocate asserts Razo has been waiting for more then  12 years for a "green card" and was mentally ill. The illegal advocate again asserted this is not about illegal immigration but the mental illness of an adult.

Thus this illegal immigrant advocate suggested Razo was victimized by the Federal government and the U.S. taxpayers who failed to address his mental illness.

Illegal Immigration rights group opine that both the Federal government and U.S. taxpayers failed in their obligation to this illegal alien. ??????????

That barge?

let me know where it's parked at I want a seat on it.

With a statement like this one WHY would a Painesville Council-President as well as three County Commissioners even think about listening to you know who!

Just when I think this argument can't get anymore ridiculous  someone throws this hat into the ring. Sorry ain't buying it and anyone who does is as Looney as this advocate.

This may just be a ploy to take cause of an innocent death of a resident and blame it on mental illness.

Final thought if this whatever illegal alien wasn't in Painesville a life would have been spared.

Thursday, August 13, 2015




Received an interesting letter from our local school district as well as Crossroads;

Dear Parent/Guardian

Painesville City School District and Crossroads have partnered to establish a student assistance and outreach program. The SOAR Program (Student Outreach, Assistance and Resource Program) is offered in all five schools in the Painesville City School District. The purpose of this program is to provide support, outreach, and resources to students and families within the school district to improve the overall social, emotional, behavioral and academic functioning. Services will be provided by a qualified Crossroads Provider.

If you do NOT want your child to be considered for these supports and services, please complete the bottom portion of this form to OPT OUT and return this form to your child's school. If you do not return this form then your child will be able to participate in Crossroad services, if needed.
PLEASE NOTE that if at any time a Crossroads provider is involved or speaks with your child for any reason, you will be contacted and a permission form will need to be signed if further contacts are necessary.

We are excited to be able to offer additional supports to the students of Painesville City Schools. Should you have any questions or concerns, you may contact your child's Guidance Counselor and they will be able to answer any questions or direct you to the Crossroads staff assigned to your child's building to assist you.


The letter was left unsigned with English on one side and Spanish on the other.

First question is PCLC the only district being offered this?

Who bears the cost?

Is this money better spent having a full time SRO officer at Heritage? ( yes one is badly needed)
This program has worked wonders at Harvey.

I'm still concerned about PCLS new program to address 'gifted students'

I don't know enough about what is to be accomplished with this program. Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"AMERICAN WOMAN' guess who

'American woman gonna mess your mind'

To good to  just be a comment;

Well as much as I'd like to post anonymously, I'm not going to hide. I feel pretty strongly about standing behind my words. It is so easy  to hide behind anonymous. How can I stand at the Square with people who are afraid to sign their name to a post. Bravo, way to stand united! nose in the air....that's funny!

4:40, hard to believe I make you sick if you don't know who I am or how I live. I will say our family paid a very heavy price from my fathers service in World War II. And he taught me above all peace is the only way. If some needs a coat, give it to him.... That is what the war taught him. The scars he brought home, his family lived with, he was a wonderful man. I was headed out to a protest on public square back in the 70's and he told me what a waste of time and why did I want to stand in a pool of anger and toxic waste. I could protest all I wanted and it wasn't going to change a thing. I went and he was absolutely right. I came home and learned to type and lick a stamp. We had great family dinner table discussions over politics and we sure didn't agree on much but he was a proud, hard working guy who went to work everyday, not to keep food on the table but to keep the voices in his head quiet from the demons of time served in the China Sea. He never talked about it. So really don't lecture me on the price of freedom.

I will not stand in local town square and listen to the likes of Hal Werner or Ralph King spew bigotry and hate. There is absolutely nothing we can do at the local level, this is a problem at the federal level. Case in point, when Razo was stopped on July 7th and they cut him loose? Who said never mind, let him go? I believe it was the Feds. They didn't want to come pick him up.

Don't for one minute think I haven't been touched by the situation here in Painesville. In 1995 my 5 year old daughter was turned away from her neighborhood school, State Street because it was filled. I inquired how this was possible and the principal said don't worry we loose half of our student population by Thanksgiving and we can take her then. So the first day of school she puts on her new school dress and put the necklace on her Grandma gave her and she jumped on school bus to go to Cedarbrook. I waited for her at the bus stop at the end of the day. She got off the bus in tears, dirty and her necklace was thrown out the window. I asked what happened and in 1995 my daughter said Mom, I don't speak Spanish and they threw my necklace out the window on the bus. The next few weeks I drove her to Cedarbrook and became a room mother. At Christmas she enrolled at State Street and yes, half the population was gone. Where were you guys at the school board meetings then?

Go after the employers, go after the commissioners, go after your congress who have done nothing. I would rather see them legalized and have their lower wages taxed, just like the rest of us. We paid for their kids education and those kids walked at the Kent State commencement. And the graduate, son or daughter of the illegal immigrant had pretty much gotten a free ride, my kid is strapped with enough school debt to choke a horse. Please tax the Hell out of all the illegals and the legals, let them take their education paid for by us and work in the United States. I want to see them here. Maybe they are a little hungrier.

As someone who works for herself I pay all my taxes, I don't get a vacation and don't get workmens 
comp or any benefits. I don't hire anyone either.

I chose not to be on the square as I was filling an order for 300 bowls for Peace Corp project. That is a project worthy of my time and it helps me pay my bills. In my mind that is time well spent.

I read the comments on the blog and no wonder there were Hispanics on the sidelines laughing. Over a few  comments some are so angry it has the citizens fighting each other.

They win!

 Sandy Miller

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"MIRAGE" tommy james & the shondells

 Next Commissioners Meeting; August 20,2015 10:00 AM fourth-floor Nolan Building

"I see you standing n the alleys and the hallways"

Well I attended my first county commissioners meeting in quite a long time.

Must admit it seems to be a more organized meeting than the one I usually attend.

Must of been out of town the day King Troy was appointed. I haven't seen arrogance like that since.... oh, never mind.

Well me and three other's brought up the Mexican Maticula Card. We were all told it's just a "Ceremonial" card. Fine but for who and why?

Let's be honest for a minute if you are Mexican and in this country legally chances are you have all the proof and cards you need. So who are the bearers of this card? People from Mexico who shouldn't be here? Maybe?

Well my questioned centered on where or who proposed this card ten years ago. Was it a immigration group? or the county nursery businesses as to have I.D. so they could cash their payroll check?

Commissioner Troy was very nice to me [probably because he hadn't seen me before?] But later in the conversation he did admit to talking with someone from HOLA about this card. Oh, so VD was involved in 2005?

Commissioner Moran asked some of us what and why did we oppose this card.
My reason was perception in that who else brought a resolution for this card  from any  other county commissioners throughout the Midwest? It give in my view an unearned sanctuary place called Lake County, Ohio

I claimed in reading the story in the Gazette this card reminded me of a persons appendix. No problem no function , until it decides to burst  then it's a problem. As in the case of the 'uncle' a couple of weeks ago.

Some claim certain banks and businesses use this card for identification. Which they shouldn't.

I will continue to follow this ceremonial card.

OR, maybe this card is just a Mirage?


Someone ask John Nemeth where the Yakity-Yak was?

Sunday, August 9, 2015

"NO EXPECTATIONS" rolling stones



.Take me to the station and put me on a train I've got NO expectations

Maybe I missed something?

A local resident was killed, another one wounded and a  fourteen year-old almost raped?

By an  mentally ill illegal who had no business in Painesville. none nada!

So the Grassroots Rally Team hold a demonstration in Veterans Park yesterday .... and  70 souls show up? I believe it was closer to 100 but even that number was sad.

I witnessed two young Hispanic men stop and watch, yeah they laughed.

At one time I believed I knew the pulse of our citizens, not now.

What did I miss? It seems the same people show up for these rally's and even with what has happened in our community recently  apathy seems to run wild or we don't see a problem? Yes, if , I was living here illegally I would be calling home and welcoming people up to Painesville. Maybe Abbey was right?

Now what happens when /and if HOLA has a rally and three-hundred or more show up?

Agree or disagree these Rally people believe this country is being invaded. and   '70' people show up?

Do me a favor if you weren't at that rally yesterday please don't leave comments about illegals on the blog. It's pretty obvious where your heart and mind was yesterday, not on your community.

What if anything will be the message local Politian's will get from this poor showing?

A bunch of old-fart complainers.

Forget the rule of law let's just hand it over without any demands made by us?

Is VD dancing in the street somewhere?

Or have many of us just turned our back on this city's future?

I have No Expectations/ Explanations.....

Maybe this blog. should just be a trivia site?

Where was the Yakkity-Yak Bar in Painesville? what's there now?

Saturday, August 8, 2015

"WHO ARE YOU?" the who

Found in Friday's Lake County Tribune  Headline

Commissioners refute 'sanctuary' label county

Arzella Melnyk of Kirtland asked the commissioners if they planned to do anything to make sure Lake County is not viewed as a sanctuary county and jeopardizing  losing federal funds?

Melnky said one website which listed Lake County because of the passage of a resolution October 13,2005 endorsing the use of the Mexican Matricula Consular Card [an identification card issued by the Mexican consulates to Mexicans in the United States] for identification .

Commissioner Troy "felt comfortable" that it had done nothing to jeopardize receipt of federal funding.

John Muzic [who I have known for over 40 years] questioned asked why this resolution has never been rescinded?

Even the county prosecutor Charles Coulson who was present at the meeting mentioned "I have never read a single, solitary police report where the MCC was used as identification, and he considered it a non-issue?

Mr. Muzic claims in his opinion , the only reason anybody would need an MCC as identification was if they are not here legally in this country.

John and I know another reason. Who funds and donates to political funds of both Republicans and Democrats in the east end of the county that controls  a more than one billion dollar business?

Yes, the card with county approval lets banks use it as identification to cash their employee's payroll checks.

The present county commissioners will never rescind that resolution  it would cost them in political contributions. Ask them to show you a list of their political contributions.

Reasons are reasons and I expect at least two people running for county commissioner in the primary next year will not to take contributions and not owe favors to these businesses.

To the commissioners rescind the card or face the consequence's.

It's past time to put the squeeze on VD and her cohorts!

Thursday, August 6, 2015


and all that I keep hearing are the cruel, cruel thing that you said

Saturday morning at 11:00 am another chapter in Painesville's dialogue over illegal immigration will starts at Veterans Park.

Some of the Speakers scheduled;

Robert Najmulski NE U.S. Field Representative FAIR
Ralph King State Coordinator Tea Party Patriots
Carole Chapline Ohio First Initiative Concerned Citizens

Americans First Rally

I for one believe Sanctuary Cities deserve no Federal funds if they don't follow federal rules.

Then we got what we have here in River City?  Letters, T.V. appearances and a wink of the eye?

My only hope is that these speakers bring more to the table than fear, anger and paranoia.
Yet in all honesty they can proclaim "well look what happened"

Quite simply we know we have a problem, it not having a workable solution to it is what we don't.

On one side you have the Veronica side, sorry we want it all, and we want it now!
Comparing your situation to slavery?  Not in your wildest dreams sister!.

Councilman Flock attended a HOLA Meeting and explained it was impossible to compose the letter they wanted when he had heard from so many others the total opposite view. To his credit he suggested THEY write the letters and he would make sure the right people would receive them. Guess how many letters he got? ZERO

On the other side we have the Donald's side. sorry you gotta go and you gotta go yesterday.

Seems like I could write this post for  the last ten years.

Let's pick a number. Twelve million illegals the same amount of the population of the whole state of Ohio. Do we really think this many people will leave even forced to leave and at what cost to our treasury?

Coming to America and not assimilating into our culture is just a plain invasion.

Coming into the United States only for your personal ability for wealth is a sin. Asking a pledge of allegiance to this country is illegal? Sorry even my peasant Grandmother knew and respected the rules of this country in 1921. She realized the opportunities God and this country rewarded her family with.

Sometimes I wonder in a darkened room somewhere powers are happy and have created this situation where Americans and Illegals are fighting after the table scraps as they steal the rest of the country?

Maybe someone will suggest a wall around Painesville's borders will be built. Maybe even built by the illegals.

Heck many believe this is workable on our southern border.

Will Federal, State, County and Local elected officials come to the rally in support of your cause? Either side? Or  just maybe candidate's and office holders will not be allowed to speak?

Will Painesville officials check the legality of construction works building homes in Heisley Park. The signs along the construction road in Spanish makes me wonder. Small steps?


Biggest winner in last nights Republican Debate?

Quickens Loans! outside Quickens Loan Arena, inside Quickens Loans Arena, the candidates have reached the stage at Quickens Loans Arena! Quicken Loans this and everything Quickens Loans! You can't buy advertising like this.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Reliable Sources around town? How reliable can that be?

But I expect Hal Werner to run in Ward II against Katie Jenkins.

Mr. Werner has until 4:00 today to turn in his petitions to the board of elections.

With the incidents that have occurred in Painesville over the past month Hal's second run might be easier than the first.

Was he ahead of the curve? warning us about the situation we now are currently facing?

To his credit he did call attention and removal of the Mexican Matictular Card and Painesville  Services do not honor it.

Hal to his credit also voted against the AMP-OHIO deal.

I have been told that Mr. Werner will be a speaker at the Rally on Saturday at Veterans Park. Where he will officially announce his run for Ward II.

Look Hal's got his faults, he loves to pontificate and maybe he has learned from the mistakes he made during his first time on council. Do what's in your heart with no regard of what it will  do to your re-election, don't sweat the small stuff. And for God's sake don't even look at Jackie's!
And please don't ever expect to be welcomed into the enter-circle of the movers & shakers. Just do your job to the best of your ability.

Everyone deserves a second chance.

Strange, Ward IV seems to be without a challenger to Council-President Paul Hach

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


"Rows of houses that are all the same and no one seems to care"

Or the tale of two Cities

Maybe we should change the name of Lusard St. to Leon St.?

Back in my youth Lusard St. was a predominately white middle class with homes in the $80-100k as late as the year 2000. Many classmates as well as my Little League coach lived on the street.

Then in 2001 we see the first Hispanic home ownership pop up, drumroll please,  sold by Wild Bill Horvath. 132 Lusard to Hector and Gricel Colon for $95,000 on 11/27/01.

There is one house that is a mystery? 66 Lusard, valued at $193K bought in 97 for $76,900. the house next door 60 Lusard is valued at $86K and has a pending sale of $44,900. Now get this Mer Ohio One LLC whoever that is purchased the property for $5K on 01/23/15.

Well here is the run down on Lusard and I believe this is a microcosm of the problems in Painesville and so goes the street, so goes the town. But why even look at this problem. Just  check out Streetscape as well as those kick ass fake crosswalks!

I found the numbers on Lusard quite troubling and shocking.

Let's start with 21 Lusard, home of the uncle and guessing owned by his father Cordova Rodrig Razo.
History of ownership:
05/20/11 sold for $81,900
05/20/11 sold for $56,000 foreclosed
12/03/11 listed for $24,700
06/15/12 sold for $20,000 to Razo
Wonder if the county and city collected back taxes and utilities/ Don't bother to ask if the buyer was legal or illegal, The Banks could care less and there is no law against selling to an illegal.

85 Lusard is owned by  Sergio Razo might be the home of the niece that was attacked?
07/23/02 sold for $59,900
02/27/15 sold for $0.00 to federal mortgage
06/10/15 sold for $0.00 to Sergio Razo

Now all this information came from the auditors site and this one just doesn't make sense?

Best guess the Razo family should call Painesville the promise land!

Isolated incidents? Here's more

37 Lusard ;
06/11/02 sold for $100,000
11/04/08 sold for $0.00 to Sec.of housing
07/09/09 sold for $28,000 to XU Nai Jie

49 Lusard;
01/16/12 sold for $126,200
08/07/12 sold for $19,000 to Rafael Martinez [In seven months the house went from Andre Torres towels Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing to Rafel Ramos Martinez.]

60 Lusard;
04/28/06 sold for $77,000
11/19/14 sold for $0.00 to Mer Ohio One LLC
01/23/15 sold for $5,000 to Andesite Residential Opportunity in San Diego CA. [interesting website]
07/28/15 sold for $44,900 currently pending

103 Lusard;
12/05/07 sold for $115,000
05/19/15 home went into default

84 Lusard;
09/28/98 sold for $85,000
04/02/13 sold for $0.00 to Household Real Estate
06/26/13 sold  for $28,000 to Gene Harwood

90 Lusard
06/11/10 sold for $42,000
11.12/10 sold for $0.00  to Secretary of Housing
03/09/11 sold for $23,000 to Donald and Rosa Hall

164 Lusard;
06/21/99 sold for $86,000
01/20/15 sold for $14,500
04/07/15 sold for $29,400 to Jose Tapia Cardona.

And there are even more!

My question what do you think this all means?

I'll be waiting for your answers?

Sunday, August 2, 2015

"WANNA BE STARTIN' SOMETHIN' michael jackson

"You got to be startin' somethin'

Looking back at the situation we find us in, I guess it's pretty easy to see how it got started.

First the infamous letter sent by then Council-President William Horvath. Sent on official City of Painesville Stationary without a vote by other council members and in the end we found out it was composed by Veronica Dahlberg and then sent to Ohio Senator Mike DeWine. None of these meeting took place in the public view only how and why did this collaboration take place and why. Mr. Horvath was not censored or disciplined by the rest of council.

Then the cherry on top of the Sundae Seems to be when Councilwoman Abbey DelaMotte somehow got on national FOXNEWS and welcomed legal as well as illegal Mexicans to live in Painesville, Ohio?

Even FOXNEWS seemed confused?

Was she speaking for Council? The administration? Herself? Who and how was the connection made with FOX  and by whom? Best question why?

So I went into the blogs. archives and retrieved the three minute and forty-four second interview with Mrs. DelaMotte and the FOXNEWS  anchors.

Ask yourself even though you aren't even a city resident you somehow convince a council-president and agree for him to plagiarize a letter put it on official city stationary and send it to a U.S. Senator?

How do you get on FOXNEWS? and claim that Painesville is an amnesty city?

How does one get on the Painesville Chamber of Commerce?

How does one get to be on as some representative member at Lake Erie College?

Best guess? There were many secret meeting going on eight to ten years ago and VD knew how to infiltrate into many organizations. For the good of the city? or for illegals?

I failed on that mission........ But go to the Archives to the right of the main blog. to August 2008 fourth  post down YOU ASKED? and watch and listen to her interview. Then come back and question why things are the way they are?

Then I attend a council meeting on July 20,2015  and the city has no idea how this city gained it's reputation?


"Can you help him change the world?"

As some of you might know by now  The Grassroots Rally group will have a demonstration at Veterans Park  August 8, 2015.

Best guess we will hear, "I told you so" "this could have been prevented" and honestly they are correct. They do a wonderful job of informing us , yet show us no plan how to accomplish getting illegals out of the United States or even Painesville. Can it even be accomplished? Self-deportation doesn't seem to work? There are 20,000 Border Patrol employee's and the same amount of ICE agents and what 11, 12 as high as 30 million illegals? Talk about job security.
Maybe I will give them a jar of 17,000 salt crystals with 2,000 red pepper flakes and ask them to see how long it takes to separate the two? That might be to easy since in Painesville it's pretty hard to figure out who is supposed to be here and who isn't?

And soon shortly after that. In a week or two HOLA will come to the Park and explain how this is all broken, and yes for some reason it will be our fault? They demand legalization as if it was an entitlement?  Also I expect this amnesty to be compared to slavery with  you know who being in charge of the underground railroad. That concept and comparison to slavery should offend every African- American.
The L.A. Times did a story on VD claiming she was a guardian angel to Hispanics in Northeastern Ohio, I prayed that Mrs. Kostelnik had an angel with her last Monday.

Maybe as a treat she will bring back that speaker who claimed his people are indigenous to the area and their coming back to reclaim what was stolen from them? Here's a surprise I'm indigenous to the area , I've lived here my whole life!
So I also expect to hear from VD how this isn't an illegal alien problem but a mental health issue? Seems Trump might not have been so far off base as I thought?  I wonder who would catch Hell for giving a person with mental health issues a green card? Or once he has the green card who will be responsible for his healthcare? Sorry VD we don't need the extra problem.

Jesus tells us "welcome the stranger." I am sure he expected the stranger to act in accordance to the rules and laws of the land they are being welcomed too?

Now comes the finger pointing. First our Sheriff who tells us Border Patrol did not issue a "detainer" When the uncle was stopped on July 7. Learned another new word like "levelization?" Border Patrol disputes this with a claim they were willing come and interview the uncle or whoever he claimed to be that night . The question who refused that interview and why? Was it a cost issue? With the sheriffs report that night, really was there no reason not to have probable cause to hold him? Something was amiss? Maybe he should have been fingerprinted and detained until we knew who exactly he was. Did the deputies search the vehicle? maybe if they had asked to open the truck they would have found the weapon that did all the damage on the 27th?

Now many Blacks have a  fear of getting shot when stopped by the police.
Many Whites strategize how much this stop will cost them in fees and fines.
The uncle was argumentative and lied to the deputies about his identity and he is sent home with his dad?

So is this a lesson to us when stopped have no identification, lie who you are, be argumentative [may not be a good idea] Sorry Sheriff I see enough probable cause here. What does it cost the county to house a person for a day?

And a family grieves in disbelief  over the lost of a loved  one. They are the victims.