Friday, March 24, 2017

"THE TRACKS OF MY TEARS" smokey robinson and the miracles

Not much to what's presently going on around town.

A couple of days ago I watched a Norfolk Southern inspection train come through Painesville. I mentioned it to a couple of railfans and they claimeded that NS was in the planning stage of building a new trestle over  the Grand River between Bank St. and Riverside Dr. South of the present trestle Anybody heard anything official?
This would be a major project as well as watch how fast a railroad completes a project compared to the government.

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Lets see if I can spend a week at home without ending up at a hospital?

First let me thank the professional Painesville EMT's that took care of me  Thursday March 9, 2016 there professionalism shown through that night, as well as the wisdom to bypass Tri-Point and deliver me directly to Lake West. As a citizen of this city ALL of our safety forces are exemplary and if it's something we can be proud of. Again Thank-You.

First off no matter what I still get calls.

Is anyone aware of a suspected shooting  suicide in a dugout down in Recreation Park this past week?
WE don't even have to know the who or the why only to put speculation to bed.

Another one getting some attention is the situation of being told one of our city council people no longer lives in the city? Seems one person is attempting to follow this person home? Now the person following my whereabouts should "stalk" this council person as to their residence?

And to finish with the crazy story of the week.

This council we have passes some crazy ordinances, I've watched them in action. Rental properties seems to garner a lot of concerns. Recently I was informed of a city resident who received  a fine for being late reregistering a rental property. The fine $250.00. Now if this person had ignored the city to register his rental property in the first place and the city became aware of this fact the fine $125.00? I don't know what the reasoning here is and I am sure council will be able to explain it. Damn even Jesse James used a gun! This city sometimes passes laws without thinking of the consequences and then wonder why no one wants to live here? Would a letter  reminding or questioning the non-payment been to much to ask for? When I first heard this I thought it was a bad joke and then learning a person on council paid a $500.00 fine and this person voted for this ordinance just proves council might not be aware what the administration proposes. Let the city take you to court. Maybe the ninth circuit will block it. Paying this off is stupidity plain and simple.

Everyone's trying to get into our pockets!

Again the Republicans in our Statehouse want to take over collection of all Ohio city income taxes. Changing the payment from monthly to quarterly.  Think of it as getting a paycheck 26 times a year and changing it to four times a year. Would pretty much screw up how you would pay bills. Of course the state would charge a fee for the collection (another bureaucracy) I thought they were all about smaller government? Anyone have a good reason to change this?

Seriously, can anyone explain to me why Painesville City Schools Spring Vacation was the week of  March 12 thru 18? What was the reasoning behind this?

R.I.P. D.G. great memories

Friday, March 3, 2017

"FREE BIRD" lynyrd skynyrd

If I Leave Here Tomorrow
Would you Still Remember Me

Well I'm  back, I subconiously  have been trying to put this post off.
While I was off on my own foray at Tri-Point I learned the passing of my dear friend Tony Torre.

Over the past ten years I had got a lot closer to Tony. He was a connection to my father although younger he remembered him in his youth and shared stories about him and other families that lived in the Northend of Painesville. He reminded me of my uncles vineyard on Sanford St. and many other people who lived there. Tony Pizzie who built a garage on Chester St. and later became head mechanic at Lockie-Lee who once told me  "If I had known the problems you would cause me I would have drowned you as a kid" I don't think he was kidding! This after a brand new truck engine blew up after less than a thousand miles. Even after the factory representative cleared me. Such affection and love in that neighborhood. Mrs. Dolce's canning Mrs. Stanzi's pizza.

Many of those Italian families left the Northend but neither Tony or I blamed them its what America is. But for some reason Tony and I always felt comfortable living there. I believe Tony missed many of them. Tony served in the military during WWII and enjoyed traveling to the WWII Memorial in Washington D.C. in his later years after a long successful career at TRW.

Tony was far more diplomatic than I ever will be. If some of you only knew what he thought of the Main Street Streetscape! Once he got mad at me after he brought up same sex marriage at a council meeting. I asked what do you think they can do? Well they can do something he answered.

He is best known for his automobile collection of mostly Model T and A vehicles. He used to get questioned about how much this one or that one was worth. I think it upset him because that was not the reason for the collection . He told me once "collect what you like and you will never regret it."
First off Model T and A are worth a chunk of change but not in the same category as a Cuda' or a COPO Camaro. Just a nice collection of the past. I have no idea what will become of his collection but by some stroke of luck I hope the Vulcan that was manufactured in Painesville is not lost to us.

Know I am a far better person knowing Tony and I will miss him. He was Mr. Painesville

So Goodbye My Friend

Life Is Just A Ride On the Wheel