Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Thats Thursday night. Come to the new "Huntington School" on Elm St. at 7:00p.m. Guest include Lake Erie College President Michael Victor also County Commissioner Robert Aufuldish. This meeting is open to all city residents, please plan to attend, bring your questions and concerns.


AMP-OHIO are asking communities that have voted some over a year ago, to vote on October 30th, with a "Limited notice to proceed" on the Meigs County AMPGS coal plant. External factors, including cost of coal, construction, international credit crisis, and the improved political outlook for alternative energy have changed dramatically in the past year. Participating communities must give AMP-OHIO an O.K. to proceed with this 50 year, $3 Billion Dollar investment. Does anyone have an idea what the final cost of this project will be? Are there better ways to spend allocated funds?
Painesville City Council has a very important decision to make.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Saturday night I took my father to the emergency room at Lake East. Nothing to serious but I went home early in the morning. My sister called me around 9:00a.m. and said "Dads in ICU." I asked why was he in there? She explained there were no open beds in the hospital so they moved him up there. He is doing fine and will be coming home soon.
Now ny question to anyone who knows, or can explain this to me, if there is no room in a hospital with 232 beds, why close it and move into a new hospital with 121 beds? If you don't have room now how will you have room at the new hospital? I really would lihe this explained to me.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Ohio is considered a "Battleground State". I have been told by people who know that Lake County is a microcosm of voting patterns of the whole country.Yet Lake, Ashtabula,and Geauga Counties have not been visted by McCain, Palin, Obama, Biden or as far as I know not even a family member ect. Sorry Strongsville, Youngstown,Green even Akron. All seem to get candidates 2 or 3 times. Anyone have a theory? Maybe a surprise in the last week? Or can't everyone wait until November 5th is here?


I've had to change the way things are posted on the blog. In the last week or so some of the language has got very vile. I believe this is being done my one or two people but I don't like getting calls at work or in my car from people about whats been put up now. Freedom of speach is a right given to all of us, but lets not hide behind anonymous to state what you think are facts about embezzlement,sexual preferences, even murder. come out and put your good name out there.
I promise I will not censor peoples comments. "The flag is just a piece of cloth." "Joe Smith is a tool." Please just be civil.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Monday nights council meeting was pretty laid back. One resident complained about selective code enforcement, very interesting.Residents in Heisley Park complained about flooded basements. Welcome to town. City Manager assured everyone investments were safe and even paying dividends.
On a comment from the manager she explained Mentor Ave.was scheduled for new pavement next year. ODOT has suggested to the city that they make Mentor Ave. 3 lanes one in each direction and a center turning lane. The State felt this would make traffic flow better. Hal Lerner was the ony council person with a comment at the end of the meeting.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Political Signs? Front page of Saturdays News-Herald "Denman stands by sign after citation"????? Of all the problems we have in this town the size of a campaign signs warrants a citation. What could possible motivate this action? Mentor's won't cite "politial signs on steroids" This must be a major problem only in Painesville. Hey, Mr. Schaedlich city planner, tell me that 60ft white former school bus in a residential area on Grant not a problem along with all the other commercial vehiles parked around town, but that political signs needs a citation? This town is getting very selective on enforcement of codes. You really have to wonder if this is motivated by someone on council who is pulling for Mrs. Denmam opponent. There I said it.


On the 10th of October I sent another question to the city's "Q&A"website.
Got a confirmation No. W000769-101208 But never a response. My questionwhich was;
"Please explain if the Bond up for sale is not purchased,what do we do then?
What was this Bond for? If the Bond is for old debt,whynot just pay it off?
You stated 10% of City investments were in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

Thanks in Advance For Your Time.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Took in Hal Werner's town hall meeting at the new Hobart Middle School tonite. After guest speaker Andy Thompson answered questions from the people in attendance we toured the new building. Tony Torre and I noticed it was a beautiful and functional school. Something was missing? We found only two small American flags in the building, a very sad oversite. Who do they say the pledge? What do you think?


Why is this story over? The last tenant left in the house from before the purchase goes to court over an eviction order. This person has tried to pay rent to the new "Landlord" or the person who says he is and wouldn't except the payment, even a Church tried to help with the problem to no avail. They want her out. Talked with the assistant City Manager Doug Lewis about this house, and no reflection on him but I got the impression the city didn't want to get into a legal fight over what was happening there.
The thing made me think this way, when I mentioned it was grandfathered in as a 3 apt. House He stated if they were up to code they could make it a 4 apt.House. Its also very hard to get a judge to issue a warrant to see exactly what was going on there. I think the sidewalks on Meriden Dr. are a more pressing problem and one that city officals could deal with.
So remember the pictures and the heads-up when you see more of these "APTS." all over town and wonder, "How did this Happen?"

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I am bring this question over from the other site because along with being a national issue it is also a local issue.
Jan Clair is the head of the Lake County Board of Elections. Talking with members of both the Democratic and Republican Partys this lady has an exemplary reputation.
Her job is to make sure everyone who is a legal citizen has the opportunity to vote in the up coming election. Groups such as ACORN are signing up many new voters. This Board must have the opportunity to validate all voters, Through the crosschecking of Social Security Numbers or Drivers Licences. Whoever wins in November we do not want a repeat of Florida in 2000. As a American I do not want to hear about stolen or cheated elections. Lets make sure the election process doesn't have a meltdown like the economy just did.


I was notified that you submitted a question on the City’s Web QA regarding the City’s investments. I apologize, but I never received this request due to the fact there were problems with the web site, which now have been resolved. The City’s investments are diversified and secure. The City is only allowed to make investments that are permitted by the Ohio Revised Code. All of the City’s investments are in accordance with the City’s Investment Policy and the Ohio Revised Code. All of the investments are backed by the banks pledged collateral. The majority of the City’s investments are in Certificates of Deposits. The City also has investments in U.S Treasuries, and some Agencies, which include Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac’s and FHLB. The City has about 10% of our total investments in Fannie Mae’s and Freddy Mac’s. The Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac’s are secure and the City has not lost any money in any of our investments. As of June 2008, the City is no longer investing in Fannie Mae’s and Freddy Mac’s. The City’s investment broker, Productive Portfolios, is recommending the City keep our investments in the FNMA and FHLMC. I appreciate the concern you have over the City’s financial well being, but as I stated all of the City’s investments are secure and the City has not lost any money in any of our investments. I hope this answers your question, but if it doesn’t please feel free to call me, I am always happy to talk to concerned citizens.



Andrew A. Unetic

Finance Director

City of Painesville

Friday, October 10, 2008


I don't think we will have to many fall weekends left. Good idea might be to go down to Britt Memorial Stadium at 1:00p.m. Saturday and take in a College football game. The Lake Erie Storm vs. The Apprentice School Builders from Newport News Va. After the game watch the Ohio State game at the "Storm Cellar" on the square. Lets help make this place a success, there doing everything they can. Plus everyone knows the best thing to come out of Newport News is an empty bus. Right Sarge?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Okay JT. I tried it your way. Sunday October 5th, I e-mailed the city and asked them what the Citys investments are in. Figuring the termoil on Wall St. it makes sense they are in very safe investments? Then at Mondays Council Meeting I learn the City can not find a buyer for there $900,000.00 Bond. Which just seems to be alot of debt still owed from past years. What happens if the city cannot find a buyer for that note? Wll we sell some of our investments to purchase our own Bond? This just doesn't seem like a good time to cash in? Why would it take over 72 hours to get an answer? Will I get any answers? Just to let you know I did get a confirmation number so I know they received the e-mail. In June I moved all my 401k money into treasury bills. Good Luck? No just know one watches your money better than you do. Who was watching the citys money? Just being positive.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


If things are not bad enough watch the City Council Meeting on Ch. 12 tonight and see how the termoil has affected city finances. We ae having trouble selling our bonds, and to my surprise we have investments in Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. Grab a seat and hold on.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


It was reported on Channel 19 News that Tuesday October 7th. They will be at Veterans Park on the Square, to hear what Painesville residents feel are important issues in the coming election. That's all the information I have.I

Scrub? na / R.J. Martin Electricial Contracting Co.

A recent article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer September 9,2008.
In this era of academic accountability, the test scores of thousands of Ohio public-school students are being left behind.
The districts they attend collected state money for their education.
They took the appropriate state achievement and graduation tests.
But their test scores were not counted in district performance data. Thats because the districts are allowed to throw out test scores-"scrub" them, in testing parlance-of students who are not continuously enrolled from October through the testing dates in March and May.
In everyday parlance, they simply disappear-at least from the calculations that make up a district report card.
This article was written by, E. Starzyk,S. Stephens, T. Ott.

Does the Painesville School System use this accounting and why? Does it matter?

R.J. Martin Electrical Contracting Co. is facing a 105-count indictment that stems from work done in the Cleveland and Lakewood School Systems. Martins web-site lists R.P. Carbone as a client. Please tell me these people had nothing to do with our schools?
Prosecutors are still investigating work the firm billed to school districts in Lake, Stark, Summit, Richland, Lorain and Erir Counties. Read the full story in Thursdays Metro Section 10/09/08 of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


A story about an arrest made in Painesville allegedly about a hand to hand drug deal.Leopoldo Ramiriez-Rodriguez 23 of Jefferson St. is the accused.
Leopoldo has an outstanding warrent in Sarasota County Florida for forgeing, stolen Drivers Licenses which I believe he must have skipped out on.
My question is why young Leo chose Painesville, Ohio as his destination? Family, friends, a job, or a place that isn't to concerned with who you are? Maybe he heard about Painesville on a Fox T.V. program? I have to believe it wasn't the climate that made him come here to face allegations of selling methadone and or morphine. Why Painesville? and please don't tell me it the weather.