Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Here's what we got people...this is an excerpt from the most recent questionaire from the News Herald for anyone that can't make out the originals posted above:
John R. Murphy Sr.
age 66 Place of bith: Newberg, W.Va.
Home address: 127 Chestnut St. Painesville, Ohio 44077
Length of residence in the community: 48 years Lake County 30 years Painesville.
cell phone 216-244-8976
Occupation: Retired - Business owner
(maint. millwright - labor leader)
Elected office experience: seeking
Non-elected office experience (boards, etc.): project director United Labor Agency. President Ohio Rubber Co. United Rubber Workers Local #3. Executive Board - Lake County United Way 14 yrs. Labor Chairperson - planning committee member.
Education (list degrees if applicable): WVU Morgantown, W. Va. (financial/business.)
West Virginia University.
Lakeland Community College (labor and social service studies)
Marital status: single
Name and age of any children: Karen - (47 - John Jr. - (45 - Randy - (42.
Organizations: Lakeland Community College - Labor Advisory Board.
Lake County United Way Executive Board member.
President United Rubber Workers #3 (Ohio Rubber Co.)

DISCLAIMER: Please note that John Murphy NEVER claimed to have any degrees. If anyone would like a copy, please include your e-mail in a post and I will send you a copy....and I will not post anyone's individual e-mail addresses unless you ask me to do so. The above copies include the 2007 questionaire also. Please let me know what you want me to send you; 2007...2009 or both. This should answer any questions about this except for how and why the News Herald got it wrong.

As promised....here is the 2009 complaint filed with the Ohio Elections Commission and signed by Bill Horvath.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


I call our local paper the Newsless-Herald and they seem to act as nothing more then a P.R. firm for local governments and businesses that do business [dollars and cents] with them whether its advertising dollars are for civic or business expense.
Watching the local paper its no wonder they are on the brink of going out of business.
Recently a resident asked my why this paper never made mention of this 37-50 million dollar project the city was embarking on? That's a good question that needs to be answered by someone at the paper.
Over the past few months I have sent the paper letters to the editor, both were rejected. To be fair they were both negative articles about Lake Health one of the News-Herald largest advertisers. It is equal to criticizing the Classic Auto Group if you get my drift. One article was said they couldn't substantiate my claims, and the other that they had already addressed this point. You be the judge. (Here is the last letter that I sent them, by both snail mail and e-mail.)

November 22, 2009
I recently attending a Painesville Townhall meeting sponsored by Councilman Hal Warner. Gary Robinson, (Communications Director for Lake Hospital System) a guest speaker at the meeting, mentioned to the audience that the JEDD agreement reached between Concord Twp and Painesville City ‘carved out’ the hospital administration building from the JEDD agreement, but this was not done at the instigation of the hospital. This begs the question of whom and why was it ‘carved out’? Was this at the insistence of the Concord Trustees or Painesville City administrators? Since the administration building is part of the Tri-Point campus, why are the hospital administrators exempt from paying JEDD income taxes but doctors, nurses, dietary and housekeeping (and other support staff) located in the hospital itself expected to pay the JEDD income tax? The administration building will reap the benefits of this JEDD agreement without contributing to it; roads, fire and safety services, etc. Painesville City will run electric power to the JEDD area and produce substantial savings to the hospital campus. My only hope that this administration building is not included in this agreement. Am I the only citizen that thinks this is an unfair agreement?
Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Angelo Cimaglio

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I want to take this time to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year during this season.
I am truly grateful to know some of you and even wonder if I know others. Charterlady,madpotter,Badger, JT,, maddog, Mr. Rellik, yes even KAREN, All The Anonymous. I wish all the best to you and your family's.
I apologize for some remarks I have made here over time,sometimes my temper gets the best of me when friends I know who only want to do whats best for this town are ridiculed or lied about. I must learn that it comes with the turf.
This forum was for all of us to express our thought of whats in store for Painesville positive or negative.
The next year and decade this country,state, and city will face many challenges, I only can hope most will be solved with some understanding and common sense.
Painesville is at a threshold, we will leave important parts in the past; such as Lake East,the future with New schools ready to educate our young. We all will embark on new ideas to deal with what our children and grandchildren will face. We have many pluses to build on, yet at the same times must understand there are things that we have to be challenged to be made right..
I wish the two new council people the best in the decisions that they will make to make Painesville a better place to live, work, and play.
Merry Christmas, God Bless..... TERM

Monday, December 21, 2009


December 21st Winter Begins.

Council meeting tonight
7:30pm City Hall

Presentation of Christmas Decorations around Painesville.

Main topic the 2010 budget.
Moving money around.
Donation of land to the city.

Tonight will be Arlenes and Abbeys last night come in to wish them well in the future.


What a finish! The budget passed 5-2 Andy Flock resolution didn't.Lets say a prayer for those people at Cobblestone.
The city pays over 3 million dollars in healthcare a year?
City Manager has not heard of owing AMP-OHIO 3 million dollars, first she's heard of it? I would advise her to find out. I did. 3 mill and not even a double AA battery to show for it.

Abbey and Arlene said their farewells Abbey ended her term with a resolution to limit council people to 3 minute closing remarks? Thanks Abbey council is running a city with a 72 million dollar budget and 18,000 people. What you might need more than 3 minutes? Hal Werner voted "YES" for the resolution, after the meeting he stated he didn't hear the question? Hal that explains a lot about how you vote. You just can't make this stuff up. Pass all the resolutions you want but whats in the charter about this subject?
Law Director Gurley stated that hes sat next to Abbey for most of her time on council and off the record, and not heard over her mike she has made some running statements. Sorry Joe everyone in the first three rows have heard her banter, and for the most part it was unneeded and even uncalled for.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


A fairy tale in Painesville.

Once in the kingdom of Painesville the Queen of the Kingdom realized that they weren't going to have enough Jack-in-the boxes for the children for the coming Christmases. Jack-in-the boxes are "Base" toy for little boys and girls.
She had a good friend in Santa Claus who always helped her find toys for the children in a pinch. She called him and he reportedly told her we will need to build a new Jack-in-the-box factory and he was planning to get other kingdoms such as Oberlin, Yellow Springs even far off kingdoms like Martinsville to join in the project.
Some of the Subjects of the kingdom along with afew on her council questioned the wisdom of building a new Jack-in-the-box factory because the great rulers questioned construction such as these, along with the fact children were finding toys such as the Jack-in-the-boxes along with Tops being well "passe." They want new toys that were easier to play with wouldn't scratch furniture, or cut little hands also they wanted more sophisticated toys.
Everytime the Court Jester would ask the Queen if she was obligated,, or could get out of the agreement with Santa she assured him that they could until the plant started to be built. The Jester believed the Queen, but who but Sir Bernie Makemeanoffer could make a deal like this?
After afew years Santa who had not even broke ground on the new plant, when it became apparent that it wasn't possible to construct the plant at a reasonable cost. He decided to bring the kingdoms together to vote to stop construction, And everyone lived happily ever after.....
Not quite. Santa Claus had made an investment of over 200 million jars of honey [This is the currency in the Kingdom, remember]and the Kingdom of Painesville's share was 3.3 million jars of honey that he wanted them to pay for his investment.
Now as we all know Santa is a very fair person and he told the Queen if she stayed in the project and maybe built a factory with new toys such as Nintendo W11 he would just roll that into the costs of the new toys when the Queen purchased them.
Santa learned about business dealing like this from his Godfather Vito Corleone.
Everyone including Tom Hagan thought it was a fair deal you just couldn't refuse.

Now this was a cute fairy tale but look at this site.


Merry Christmas fellow Subjects, and to all a good night!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Have been wondering what "present" Santa Claus will be bringing to our fair city this year?
Have we been naughty or nice?
Any ideas?

John Murphy hearing in front of the Ohio Election Commission, on the allegations brought forth on this past election day.
William Horvath had brought the charges up was at the hearing along with his sidekick Joe Hada.
After reviewing the charges and asking their questions the commission found;
"No probable Cause"
The case was dismissed.
When I asked John if he felt vindicated, he stated he knew along the case had no merit. and was only brought up on election day to put doubt in voters minds.
He personally is looking forward for a apology from Mr. Horvath and Mr. Hada that be believes he has coming to him.[John don't hold your breath]
This is Painesville politics at it usual self. I am only glad the candidates I believe in have class.

Friday, December 11, 2009

"IN THE YEAR 2525"

A lot of people have been wondering why I worry so much about the city administration and the school system being attached at the hip.
Would they let anyone else do this?
Along with the way councilman Hada passed a resolution to forgive a large portion of the permit fees on the new schools. Now a new chapter happened at Monday nights council meeting concerning the acquisition of the three school properties.
The city manager stated that the city would make a $195,000 payment next year that included the money owed to the signaling that the city had installed for the new schools? {$123,000}
Resolution No. 12-07 February 20, 2007 was for the city to put out bids for the signals to be installed at Kensington and Liberty, Cedarbrook and Chestnut.
February 20, 2007

Now look at the minutes of the August 20,2007 council meeting where the city manager informed me the work was completed and a the schools would be sent an invoice for their portion of the bill.
August 20, 2007

December 7,2009 council meeting ,well it looks like we are going to get our money back. With payment in green space? Zero interest and about 30 months later. For a city that can't find money to fund safety forces they don't seem to be in any hurry to get the money owed to them. If for some reason my post is wrong, I can only hope the city finds time to correct me.

The city finds more contradictions in funding than anyone I have ever known. Then again its not their money its yours!

Coming soon! What our law department costs us and what has Painesville spent in outside legal fees in the last year. BDB anyone?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


You done?
John Lennon died December 8, 29 years ago today. Seems like only "Yesterday".

"Toys for Tots"

A quick comment and an observation. Many of us are lucky to have people in our families with military experience, I am one of the fortunate ones.
First we must remember all branches of service are "A" political, it doesn't matter who sits in the White House or who who controls Congress. They take their orders from the civilians in charge. They are mission oriented.
The two Marines mentioned here are the two Tims. They had a mission to provide 6,000 children in Lake and Geauga counties with a toy this Christmas.
To make sure that every child receives a toy maybe sometimes they go to a source we might not agree with. Remember they have a mission. Was HOLA used because of what they stand for or so that these Marines could have translators and people who would help them find children in need? Could this have appeared that the the Marines agreed with HOLA or were unknowingly used by an organization? The Marines don't care, they have a mission.
They are not even allowed to give an opinion.
As one of the posters mentioned, were any of us volunteering our time and knowledge? The Marines gifted over 145,000 children this year in Northeastern Ohio and donations were down.
I believe it is not the mission of Toys for Tots to punish or hold responsible the children for the actions of their families or any organization.
Those two Marines and the others that help with Toys for Tots didn't have any problem sleeping Saturday night, Mission Accomplished.
Maybe next year we should be on the front lines and leave Veronica to her own devices.
I believe no one meant to insult the Marines or any poster.
Merry Christmas TERM>>

Monday, December 7, 2009


Council meeting tonite. Budget, other money items, Matricula card vote, purchase of park lands. 7:30 courtroom 2.


This was part of a presentation by Doug Nagy by the Downtown Painesville Organization
Vist there web site www.DowntownPainesville.org
To learn about Downtown Painesville Recreation Area

Budget went to 3rd reading.
Everything else passed, we own three green spaces.
Please if you can watch Andrew Flock presentation of a joint fire district he proposed it will be at the early part of the meeting during the budget ordinance.
Outstanding! Channel 12 7:30 daily.

Friday, December 4, 2009


like the fourth of July.

I guess some of you know by now an agreement has been reached between the city and the school system to acquire the State,Lathrop, and Huntington school properties by the city to be used as parks. Funding will be explained at the Monday night council meeting. A vote by council on the purchase is needed.
Mr. Dorsey thank-you for pointing the city and the schools in the right direction. I think you more then anyone made this possible. Thanks again ....