Wednesday, May 28, 2014


And the place happens to be called Prairie State Energy Campus.

It appears over the Memorial Day Weekend.

There was an explosion at the plant.

Now no official numbers have been released but there is a large size hole in the wall where unit II is located. ( could be caused by burning "mud" that Peabody calls coal.)

I have been told that no one was injured in the explosion and that's something to be thankful for.

Now any sane person (or community) would say enough is enough  let's cut our loses and walkaway. Sorry can't do that with a "take or pay" contract. Soon along with high energy and transmission cost's, levelization fees, we will be getting a bill for the repair work for Unit II. That's how it works in River City folks.

Now if this council as well as this administration STILL doesn't feel the need for an investigation maybe they need to be investigated?

This community has been lead around by the nose for to long. First thing  AMP-OHIO is not your partner the sooner the leaders of Painesville figure this out the better.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Memorial Day is the day most of us find to thank the men and women that served in the American Military Service to let us appreciate our freedom.

When you go past the cemeteries and see  the flags you wonder the sacrifice these Veterans gave to our country. Were they at Pearl Harbor, D-Day invasion, Battle of the Bulge or just supply clerks in Chicago?  They all contributed. The Viet nam vet who's real only crime was doing what his country asked of them. And then treated so poorly when they came home.

Monday is Memorial Day and has anybody but me noticed the Memorial Day Celebration sales?
Levin Furniture believes this is the weekend I need a new mattress and box spring .

Volkswagen has a five day sales event to put you and me in a new VW Passat?  Must I remind you VW folks many Americans died because of certain actions your county took 70 years ago? Now your holding Celebration sales. Mitsubishi is pushing Outlanders this weekend. Wonder how someones great great Grandfather feels about his Grandson buying that Outlander this weekend? Maybe he would like to explain to that young lad what it was like getting shot down by that Mitsubishi Zero in 1943.

I know time to move on, but I have to ask is nothing sacred?

How long before we have sales events due to 9/11?  We need a sales event between "Back to School" and Thanksgiving. Far fetched? not anymore than Memorial Day sales events.

American companies are a little smoother. Chevrolet has "Veterans Appreciation sales week" Would it really kill you to make every week Veterans Appreciation Week?

Friday, May 23, 2014

"ALONE AGAIN (NATURALLY) gilbert o'sullivan

As most of you know I have spent a good part of my life in good old Painesville. Ward I as well as Ward III. Due to many reasons I have spent a good part of the last five years in Ward III. What a disappointment this has been. First the councilman for the ward was only a rubber stamp for the then administration and now run by a political opportunist.

I though at the time anybody would be an improvement.

Now it seems we have a councilman who's main concern is God's 40 acres known as Liberty Greens. and the rest of Ward III be damned! Has he noticed the high grass, abandoned homes, lots keep unkempt? First mowing May 22 next? July 2? The speeding vehicles at all hours on Cedarbrook. The city could finance the road levy with proper police presence. Has he checked on the flooding conditions without a resident trying to reach him?
Please don't tell me about noise decibels, more important tell me about a business that is a nuisance to local property owners. July is approaching. First don't tell me about your second amendment rights, you have them it's just not a neighborhoods responsibility to listen to them.

When this man ran for office one of his selling points was that the was an assistant county prosecutor. Tell us how that has benefited us?  As far as I can tell we are the only Ward in the city with gaming machines in local businesses. Let's not even mention the high stakes poker games also in the Ward.

As I mentioned before this councilman watched with my neighbor and myself an alleged drug deal last summer. Stop by I show you where the drug house is.

I guess what I'm most upset about is the number of people who bought into his law and order assistant prosecutor false promise.

Look I know your a very intelligent person and I have watched you at council meeting with your legal expertise please tell me how this all benefits your constituents?

Question is can you be re-elect  just by Liberty Green voters?

You also can send a rebuttal that I will print if you so chose.

Friday, May 9, 2014


It appears Painesville Police Chief has retired affective today.

Chief Troy Hager will be missed by many. Further detail if I learn them.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

"SAY WHAT" ll cool j

Went to Monday's council meeting same old same old. The Werners gave a day by day breakdown on what was going on at Jackie's.

Also due to the fact the county must have an answer by May 15th about the EBGEEB funds. $80,000 the city will use those funds to go along with the $650,000 grant to teardown the old hotel. ... One problem still isn't enough money for the demolition.  So in the wisdom of the administration and council Painesville will use at least $200,000 of general fund money to complete the job? (ever notice when they need the money somehow they find it?)

Had a hearing at 8:00 about a gentleman who own two M1 buildings and since they are empty wants to make "Party Centers" on weekends. Well most on council seemed to see what problems could arise voted 5-2 against with councilwoman DiNallo and council-president Hach  voting for the measure. Then in typical Lori fashion council woman DiNallo proposed some rules the businesses that sell alcohol have to follow. Well one size doesn't fit all Depot CafĂ© isn't Jackie's and Your Vine or Mine isn't Tony's Subway Inn? Wonder if she realizes this?

Assistant city manager gave a report on how other city's in the area deal with "buffers" for railroads, mentioning Solon, Ohio as an example. Here's what you didn't mention Mr. Lewis Solon has a spur track that runs to the Stouffers food plant once or twice a week with three or four cars. Painesville on the other hand has over 150 trains travel through town at 50mph+ daily.

If anyone on council had some I'll say it "Balls" they would pass an ordinance no residential homes within 150 yards of railroad  mainlines.

Someone should ask the fire chief of the dangerous material that travels though our town daily.
I presently see two No votes see paragraph three.

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Well by now most have received the PAINESVILLE PRIDE May 2014

Top of page one.
Painesville Municipal Electric Plant Operations... Things to Know

Some things they wanted you to know, but not everything.

First the explanation of electric- deregulations of 2006 right before we got sucked into some of these crazy deals.

First ask if we never involved ourselves with Prairie State isn't it true the  Painesville Power Plant could have produced the power at what half the price? No PJM, MISO costs. That along with the people presently employed at the plant actually providing a service to Painesville Power customers?

No ash pits to worry about, no on site mine, no owning of train locomotive no concern on being manipulated by power companies transmission fees. Just ask even with all the hocus pocus  that we have been told we were better off  before PSEC?

"Peak shaving"?  Please if we could save 4 million dollars for five days what could we save for a month or two?

Ask Mr. McHugh why in the past Prairie State replacement power was a separate line item now its combined with the Prairie State as one invoice? Does it make the plant appear more efficient?

Some much to learn so little time to learn it.

Oh, the title of this Post? It seems Painesville Power will soon send two or three representatives to Denver, Colorado. Let's just hope they learn how to not waste more money?