Friday, November 29, 2013

"LA BAMBA" richie havens

Went to a very different meeting Tuesday evening on St. Clair St. Seems Council member DiNallo, Hach, Flock and Fodor were invited to the monthly HOLA meeting. All but Mr. Fodor attended.

Now first off there were over 120 adults present at the meeting normal for the monthly meeting. The only time we can get that many people at a meeting is if there is a scandal at one of the schools.

The purpose of the meeting was to inform council members of the plight of deportation of many members of families in the Painesville area. As you can imagine there were some heart wrenching stories told, and we can deal with those in a future post.

Now first Mrs. DiNallo introduced herself and proceeded to tell the audience she was teaming up with Ms. Dahlberg to present a resolution to Painesville council. ( I seem to remember something of this nature in the past) Mrs. DiNallo if you want to pass a resolution put it in front of council with no outside help.

Mr. Hach mentioned his monthly block watch meetings, as well as other meeting in his Ward.

Than Mr. Flock, who I must say had reached a conclusion that these people at the meeting had a misunderstanding about the powers as well as duties of a city councilperson. First he explained that the only jurisdiction  that council members had was passing and enforcing city ordinances. Seems some of these people believe they have an input with the police on who the police can and cannot detain.
Mr. Flock explained the immigration problem as well as solution has to come from the Federal government and he would forward these letters to our representatives in the Congress as well as the Senate. He ended his presentation with the JFK quote, "ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." He also made them aware of his monthly meeting at Elm St. and welcomed them to attend as well as city council meetings on the first and third Monday's of the month. Explaining to them to get involved in this community.

He was well received as well as the other two council members in attendance. No shouting demands or disrespect was shown.

Finally our new school superintendent  Me. Shepard was at the meeting and explained speaking in Spanish, how important an education was to their children, and how their children were his children also.

This may  open a new dialogue between our newest members to the community of Painesville. Now if we can only control the people who somehow believe they will "Self-Deport," as well as the people who "Demand Rights" for these people , we might get somewhere.

I have to believe that the only solution to this problem is our newest residents must win over the hearts and minds of this community.

Seems Ms. Dahlberg couldn't attend this meeting?  Leaving me feeling very fortunate.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving one you well always cherish. Please remember you never know who might not be sharing this feast with you next Thansgiving.

Be safe don't rush being a little late is better than a lot late. Forget the news stories "Killer Thanksgiving Storm Heading Towards You. Many Thanksgivings have been shared with winter storms.

Always be Thankful you live in the greatest country ever on this planet.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"HOUND DOG" elvis presley

Sorry, But I have been in shock and sadness since Sunday night when one of my favorite TV characters was killed off.

Brian the dog on "Family Guy" was killed when he was hit by a car in that Sunday episode.
Not really a fan of "Family Guy" but I loved Brian and the mischief he got into along with at time the only sane characters on the show. He will be missed.

Vinni will be his replacement an Italian dog? Sorry, Stewie should get in his time machine and bring Brian back.

Growing up we had pet dogs in my family and all I remember is my father telling us with every new puppy, "your setting us up for a tragedy, to come. He was right.

Presently a well known Painesville resident has got in the practice of naming her chickens? Now its one thing to eat an animal with a face, but one you named, Sandy?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

"ONE" (IS THE LONELIEST NUMBER) three dog night

In a little over a month a new council will be sworn in. This with one long time member leaving and one first time office holder taking his seat.

In the past year we also have a new city manager.

Now in the organization meeting it will come to pass that council will have to choose among themselves who would best serve as council-president and vice council-president. Presently Paul Hach is the vice council president.

Now without me eliminating anyone I ask you, who do you believe  would make the best choice to be the next council-president and why?

I see a lot of pluses and minuses for many members on council.

This time I hope council has the good sense to vote it in an open council meeting instead of in executive session.

Whoever it is I believe this new council will show more respect for each others as well as city residents. In the past there seems to have been to much "bullying".

I think myself and others would like to have you share your opinions.

This could be a new beginning.

Friday, November 22, 2013


Today 50 years ago the life of our youngest President John F. Kennedy the 35th President ended at 2:00 pm est.

We will hear though out the day about the assassination in Dallas. Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby. was it the act of one man, was it a conspiracy?

Maybe we should spend some time learning what JFK stood for.
Many will tell you about reading "Profile in Courage" but what about his first book "Why England Slept" or his college thesis Appeasement in Munich.

Anyone alive in November, 22, 1963 remembers where they were when they got the news of his death.

The world has changed. The country has changed. JFK was a member of that generation we call the greatest generation. No obstacle was to big to conquer.

Many remember him by  " My fellow Americans ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

My favorite, and in my eye the best.

"We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go in this decade and to do these other things. Not because they are easy, but because they are hard. Because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills,because that challenge is one we are unwilling to postpone and one which we intend to win."

Much has changed over the last 50 years. Now we here "Government isn't the solution it's the problem"
Maybe their right? Maybe the government of the 50's and 60's isn't the same as what we now have. I think a Jack Kennedy would find solutions to the direction this country seem's to be heading. I guess making sure all Americans having affordable health insurance in 2014 would seem child's play to him.

Oh, what could have been.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

"PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON" peter,paul & mary


In the long ago Kingdom of Paine in the year of our Lord  1007 A.D. The Queen  was told by her Nobleman the soon the Kingdoms Milk supply will not be enough to supply her kingdom. She asked them what solution was at hand? Well the cows are getting old, not as productive as before and they seem to be filling the air with stench from their crapping. Who should we call quizzed the Queen? Call the Milk Maidens... of course they know as much about milk as the cows do. claimed a Nobleman.

Call them to the Kingdom Milk Maidens are professionals. Announce to all my Knight's to meet at the round table and hear them out!

They all met in the great hall, The Milk Maidens portrayed a sad future look by 1013 A.D. please check this pie chart before one of the knights eats the pie! No milk will be available for you in the kingdom and what milk there will be you will pay a handsome price for it will be like Golden Honey! one Milk Maiden exclaimed. No milk for my family on Thanksgiving one Knight shouted out. this can not stand.

The Milk Maids told the Queen as well as the knights that they had some solutions to this dilemma. First in a kingdom to the south in Meigs Kingdom we are building a dairy farm to provide for you. As well as being involved in a soon operational farm to the west in the Kingdom of Prairie. Your crisis is solved. Oh thank-you Milk Maidens hailed the Queen and the Knights. but in the back of the hall came the sounds of a few Peasants in the kingdom, please be careful Queen and Knights these Milk Maidens bring forth with a "Come Hell or High Water" What skin have they in this project? Please read this contract carefully, it will be a contract you and your off springs will have live with for a long time. The Milk Maidens huddled and explained this with all of their knowledge this is the best deal possible, one Milk Maiden whispered we got to find a new name for this contract. "Take or Pay" sounds so much more reasonable. The Peasants views were pushed aside what possible could they know, they only drink the stuff? Hailed the top Knight and with that he Proudly hit his sword to the table and the die was cast. With a price of around  48 jars of honey a in 1013.

Everyone in the Kingdom was happy with the deal except one Knight and a few Peasants, This will all soon unravel mentioned one.

They All Lived Happily Ever After.   (NOT REALLY)

Soon the wheels started to come off of the farm. First the Dairy Farm to the south in Meigs was not constructed due to low demand for milk and the high cost of building it. So soon the Milk Maidens cancelled it, Well sighed the Kingdom of Paine we are out of that one. The Milk Maidens informed the Queen that due to the "Come Hell Or High Water" contract she had an obligation to make this project whole. Paine Kingdoms  share was 2 million jars of the finest honey, But we received no Milk? The Dragon chuckled in the background? No Milk was guaranteed with the "Come Hell or High Water" contract didn't you read it? The  Top Knight got the other Knights to send the Milk Maidens the two million jars of honey with a promise we just might someday get the Honey back? You never know as the Milk Maidens chuckled.

Now to the west the Prairie Farm was having a few problems first the Dairy Farm and the Processing  Plant were having a few problems. First the cost of the whole thing climbed from 4 Billion jars of Honey to almost 5 Billion  Yes you and the rest of the Kingdoms are on the hook for that remember the contract?  The Duke of Peabody who at the start owned the whole Dairy Farm sold all but 5% to other Kingdoms but explained to the Kingdoms we will still manage the operation. But you only own 5% of the farm? Read the contract, Knight. Even the Milk Maidens own more. They should read their contracts too.

Now first the Dairy Farm was delayed and the Kingdom of Paine payed 300,000 jars of honey as not to miss interest payments. Seems a cow or two died at the Farm, bottling equipment broke down, problems with the hay that the cows were eating, even transporting cost changed. The cows only produced 68% of the Milk and that also drove the cost up. Look things are improving Bear with us?  But the estimate of 48.06 jars of honey has gone up to 104.06 jars of honey? Remember the "Come Hell Or High Water" contract. We never promised you a rose garden.

Look the evil Queen is gone, new Knights at the table yet five of them see nothing amiss on these deals? One Knight mentioned we "gambled" Really? Gamble with your wealth Knight Fodor not the Kingdoms, I guess after all its only Kingdom money! What a sad tale to  Knight Hada's reign at the round table our unoffical expert on Milk. Now comes word from the Kingdom of Bryan that the Milk Maidens have cut a deal with them for a deal of 45 jars of honey even with a cap for the next four years, not an estimate but a guarantee.

We have a fund set up as a monthly billing system to even it out for you what else do you want? No one needs to look into this contract believe us chimed three Milk Maidens. Oh and never mind that contract with the Kingdom of Columbus or Bryan things have changed enjoy.

I don't know if the Milk Maidens took a carriage out of the Kingdom or just slittered out?

In the end the Queen, Noblemen in charge as well as the Knights knew no more, possibly  less than the Peasants that try to warn them.

The moral of this story is quite simple.....

No use crying over Spilt Milk!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Yes, and it starts with  "A and ends with O"

Last nights council meeting was electrifying as the headline in the News-Herald pointed out.

Funny how seeing some old faces brings up some memories of a sales job by AMP-OHIO over six years ago? At that time we were told by our "Professional Electric Providers" that by 2006 electricity on the open market5 will become very scarce and the prices for this power will go threw the roof. I had visions of only having enough power to keep one sixty watt light bulb on. I remember than councilman Hada's quote that, "It's my responsibility that when Painesville residents cook their Thanksgiving Turkey their stoves will have the power to cook them." Well a turkey got cooked that night and it was the ratepayers of Painesville Power. and it was the residents of Painesville's. Now to be honest councilman Hada claim that Painesville has the 10th lowest electric rate in Ohio,and 98% of resident's in this state pay more for electric power than we presently do. This begs the question can he come back in five or six years and make the same claim? Prairie State has only been on line for a little over a year, Meigs County AMPGS is defunct, and we have another five year purchase with these snake-oil salesman stating in 2015.

This was a match made in Heaven...for AMP-OHIO they showed graph after graph on everything from how safe things were a Prairie State was that one point a representative from AMP I will call Foghorn Leghorn said boy look we estimated an operating rate of 85% and wow we are at 68% we are on track???? Councilman Fodor mentioned the graph on the wall wasn't the same graph as the one presented to council in 2007? Assistant law director asked if we only owe a little less than $40,000 in so called levelization costs at an interest rate of .01% why is it stated here that we owe $500.00 in interest costs per month. "Oh that number is a mistake!" Seem like alot of numbers AMP-OHIO seem to be a mistake? One council member compared this higher cost to a person buying a set of tires for $800.00 and finding out the car needs a brake job also, the AMP people got a chuckle out of that analogy. Look the 48.06 per MW was only an estimate, not a guarantee, was what we told. Well what were we promised? $48.06 to $104.04 doesn't even seem to be in the realm of an estimate. How many on council knew about levelization let alone the administration? They pay the bills they should have known?

No mention of Painesville ever getting that 2.1 million dollars back we sent them last December? Wonder why.

In the end council voted 5-2 NOT to send a redundant letter to the Ohio Attorney General, Flock and DeLeone were the two yes votes. What the Hell it's only money. Speaking of Hell, AMP-OHIO's definition of a 'take or pay contract is "Come Hell or High Water" your obligated to pay.

In the end we were duped, the sad fact is these deals have afar reaching affect on Painesville at least the next  30 years. The people I hold most responsible for this terrible gamble is former Cit Manager Rita McMahon and Councilman Hada, yes this will be your legacy enjoy it as long as you can.
Seems these two never learned to listen to anybody but who they wanted to.

Monday, November 18, 2013

"MANIC MONDAY" bangles

A special council meeting this Monday. We have officials from AMP-OHIO come to town  to give us "facts" that council-president Joe Hada has been asking for.

This was the first time the News-Herald ever printed Painesville sending over two million dollars on the failed Meigs County AMPGS power station. We could get it back? Well send me 2 million see if I send it back? Will we collect interest on that money? We sent it to save on interest, wasn't that 2 million collecting interest for Painesville?

We hope to find out how much Painesville owes in "Levelization" costs as well interest.

It will be interesting how much support Jenkins, DiNallo, Fodor and DeLeone will show Joe Hada as well as the previous McMahon  administration. I guess the question comes down to, would you do it over again if you could?

Do I expect much to be resolved? No, but people in Painesville will start to get a better idea what a bad deal these AMP-OHIO contracts are for us.Some may even question why we still do business with them?

Hope someone on council asks to see the contract between Bryan, Ohio and the Amp people? Maybe they just like them more than us?

If they like it or not these deals will be Ms. McMahon, as well as Mr. Hada "LEGACY" to there leadership of running Painesville. These deals will impact the city for 30 to 40 years. With millions of dollars at stake. Did they bumble into believing these were great contracts? Where they lied  to, or did they lie to us? I guess my biggest concern was they didn't even bother into looking into these contracts after many people asked them to. Was there an ulterior motive?

Council will also consider the 2014 budget, what a family is or isn't? At least we finally got the Asian Carp off the table.

Anybody see our newest councilman at any of the water meetings?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"THURSDAY" jim croce

The most famous Thursday of the year is coming up. The trifecta of Holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas  as well as New Years. Now all three have something to do with the others. Thanksgiving to me is the "family" holiday. When your Tea Party brother-in-law from Pennsylvania and your Liberal Left sister-in-law from Jersey can all get together for a meal....... All to be agitated by me. I have suggested to family members someone should have a relationship with an atheist, or at least an agnostic so as to throw religion into the mix? No the best we can come up with is let's invite Ang's former two wives to the celebration? The trick is to keep your back to a wall and have your most trusted child get you your plate. Now we have wonderful dinners. Only once did I question a 'smoked' turkey look bad but tasted great. Now as the festivities continue the NFL comes into play. First the Detroit Lions playing whoever. The question isn't who will win the game but how much will the commissioner fine Ndamukong Suh for intentionally stepping on a players head or kicking someone in the groin area? Then a latter game featuring the Dallas Cowboys who recently play like the Allas Cowgirls. Jerry seems to not believe he made a mistake by getting rid of his defensive coach Rob Ryan last year?

Now after the games people aroun 10:00 pm start suggesting we get ready to be at some store at 3:00 am to purchase a 55' Sony TV for $250.00 the store has at least three at each location yet there are 800 people waiting in the parking lot? Nope I'll pass my Christmas shopping is already done.

This year is the end of end of Thanksgiving as we know it! The big box stores will all open at 6:00 pm Thursday evening. No more Black Friday it's now "Lets Screw up Thursday".
If the stores all open at Six will we start standing in line at noon? What Thanksgiving dinner will become a traditional Thanksgiving Breakfast? Everyone done eating by 10:00 am? No conversation, no football? Who decides all this for us? Some Greedy Ba#*^rd at some Corporate headquarters? Bet he isn't out shopping or working. Not only are they screwing up your Thanksgiving.  Let's screw-up our employee's also.

My Christmas gifts include Franklin's, Grants, and a few Jackson's. I've got so good at this I don't even include a card anymore. Look the exception are the children under the age of ten, they still believe,and get a gift.
Gift Cards? Have you ever given anyone cash and they than purchase a gift card to a certain store? Yes? You must know my brother and his high finance's at Giant Eagle..

Yesterday I received an email from Jen Reed of the Downtown Painesville Organization. To be honest I like Jen alot and is truly committed to her job. But in the email she stated " It is important to note this event has moved to a Friday evening to accommodate the growing number shoppers in Downtown Painesville. REALLY! I believe I need a pair of boots for this event it's getting pretty deep!

Very informative meeting on our storm water problem here in Painesville.
What I seemed to have got out of that first meeting. "If you don't create the problem in the first place, you don't have to find a solution later."

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"RUNNING BEAR" johnny preston

Getting to be winter around here and feeling a little down, low and behold I run into my favorite fairy tale friend "The Bear" seems  Mr. Bear still seems to have problems with the Kingdom of Paine but overall seems quite happy the Queen has moved on and soon her top Knight will retire in the new year. ( he really doesn't like that Knight).
So as he was eating a jar of honey I asked him why so upset with the kingdom? The rabbits have been payed, the burrows have been dismantled so why be upset.

Well he tells me as one of the last duties of the Queen was to get 930,000 jars of honey to bring the former property of Millstone and Gristmill back to nature with just a trail on it to be called a park? Now as he viewed the city meeting he witnesses the top Knight mention the the Bear's wall will be dismantled? This is not a Reagan speach "Mr. Gorbachev trear down this wall" No it seems the top knight has taken the liberty of suggesting the kingdom believes it can tear down the wall that the Bear owns? Seems the maps the knights used were not very accurate. The law sharks will again be involved. Hope they read the contracts this time?

You know the Bears is getting old and is seeking out his final hibernation spot. The Queen sold him plots in Riverside which he payed handsomely for. He then with permission of the Queens admisistrator's payed for four imported marble benches from the far Kingdom of Italy at a price of 9.600 jars of honey EACH. Now the Queens gardeners somehow managed to destroy  one of the benches? And now the sharks are wanting it replaced. The Kingdom refuses to replace it. Is this another story where someone doesn't have the proper coverage? Well the Bear tells me he had the right coverage and the bean counters at the "your covered shop"payed him. End of story? Well now the sharks from  the "your covered shop"want their honey back from the Kingdom of Paine.

930,000 jars of honey. The Bear tells me Bambi and secret Squirrel like thing presently the way they are.

Monday, November 11, 2013


Yes with November comes Veterans Day. A day when we remember those that gave from two years or a career or even the sacrifice of their lives to protect all of us as well as this Republic for over two-hundred years.
Go out today and find one and Thank him or her.

This country presently is war weary. We fought a two front World War in the 1940's that lasted less than six years. Now we seem to fight wars without victor's or loser's?
In 2001 we learned that to hurt America you didn't need an aircraft carrier, for that matter not even a standing army. A few box cutter's and boarding passes could somehow manage to kill 3,000 of us and attack the symbols of American capitalism as well as the fortress of the American military.

Since that September morning over twelve years ago we have been at war. We have learned about  water boarding, drones, WMD's.

What we must remember most is the Hellish places and conditions we send our fighting men and women. Yes as a country we can grow weary of war. But none of us should every grow weary of the people who protect us.

Friday, November 8, 2013


Guest post contributed by Sandy Miller.

Whirlwind two days here in Paine Falls. Elections have come and gone, work has been inventoried and dropped off, lectures have been attended, bread has been baked, pots have been trimmed, a kid set the marsh on fire (again) and chickens continue to lay.
Tracey Broome, pass the Red Bull!

Yesterday I found myself standing on concrete pavement, hours on end to support a woman I believe will make a difference in our school system. A woman who fights the fight and when she says, it's all about the kids, it really is. Even better she won the election! A joyous celebration of spaghetti and meatball at her home, with a small group of supporters. I love that she lives around the corner so we were able to walk in the light of the moon, crunchy leaves underfoot.

And people ask: why do you do this? Because I want the world to be a better place for everyone. Well wouldn't that be a perfect answer but in reality I show up at city council meetings ans school board meetings and ask an awful lot of questions. Sometimes I am not in agreement with the answers and become a royal pain the pa-toot. And not just a pain in the pa-toot but because I really want to understand the reason for others beliefs so different than mine. Sometimes I disagree aggressively with opinions and votes. If you don't vote you must sit down and shut up. Sometimes I must admit it is frustrating beyond comprehension with what goes on. Oh and did I mention I am a letter writer?

The evening prior to the election we attended a lecture by Nicole Foss. A lecture not so much about the doom and gloom of the world economy but more about what you can do to get a handle on it. Biggest message: Get involved in your community. Remember that old saying: Think Global, Act Local. Turns out it's really true! Nicolle suggested outrageous things, like take your money out of the stock market and invest it in your community. Whoa! What would happen if 10,000 people did this? Shutter the thought! Buy a mug from your local potter instead of the big box store? Shutter the thought!

On my walk this morning here was the shake out of the last 24 hours.

Yup, This is what it's all about. An awful lot of men and women have laid it down so we can continue to vote independently and for that I am deeply grateful. Don't think I have missed an election since I was 18.

Yesterday I stood with the gentleman who set the clock on the courthouse for over 40 years. He said he was sorry he didn't  hear the hourly bells anymore. You know, I hadn't even noticed the mute bells. Never wearing a watch, I used to depend on the bells. The bells let me know how many more pots I could get thrown before the school bus arrived on my door step. The third bell closed the studio until after dinner. And did I mention he was working for a candidate I could not support.

This morning is warm and breezy. Nice to walk out in a canopy of gold. The road levy passed, I guess our streets will be paved, or at least a few pot holes filled but alas not in gold.

Some politicians fell hard, others are standing tall this morning.

Some were a bit too flamboyant but I guess it's OK to get your red on once a year. As these leaves will fade and blow away so too will the ones who lost. It is just an ending.....they might be back in the Spring.

Others, definitely stood out in the crowd.

Whatever happens, the river rolls on, calm today but can quickly become a raging torrent. Just like so many politicians....

As skies quicken with November wind I think we are wise to pay attention and keep watch. Will campaign promises be fulfilled?

Prepare for the coming weeks and months ahead...

Get involved with our local community....It's so important!

And know the buds are already set on the lilacs and azaleas for Spring blooms...There were some new candidates I hope return to run again.

I guess it's true.....Hope Springs Eternal....

Congratulations to all who won.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"NEW DAY" alicia keys

Well from some of the comments I believe some of you must believe I was contemplating suicide last night? Hardly.

First my congratulations go out to the winners. Mrs. DiNallo, Mr Fodor and Mr. Fitzgerald I wish them all successful term's in office. To the other candidates Ms Becks Mr. Murphy,and Ms. Aston thank -you for running. I believe Mr. Murphy and Ms. Becks should hang up their running shoes. Ms. Aston this was just your first step.

The levies? Close, but as one voter exclaimed to me. Your right, but I can't keep driving on theses roads something has to be done. I told him to look me up in four years. Why the fire levy passed and the police levy didn't? Why the animosity for the police? I don't get it?

The Charter issues all passed.

I will take all the positive out of this. First two years ago if someone had told me that we would have a new city manager as well as a new council-president entering 2014 I would have called that good news. So things are looking up in my eyes. Look forward but remember the past.

If anybody who reads this believes that if other candidates had won I would have gone "easy" on them your wrong.

Thanks to the 2,100 of 9,000 registered voters of Painesville that came out and voted yesterday.

There will be many old as well as new issues facing city government in the coming year and the News-Herald, The Gazette, Painesville Pride, Painesville Newsletter as well as What's Happening Painesville will be here to keep you informed.

The real winners in last night's election were the students of our schools.  Go Mrs. Donley.

Something interesting for Painesville residents;

Tonight on channel 3 WKYC on the 1100pm news, there is a story on hazardous train derailments. Painesville Fire Chief Mark  Miachak tells an interesting story what first responders faced in the case of the Heisley Park derailment back in 2007.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Seems voting turnout is very low. An example at Elm St. School at 11:30 am 14 votes had been cast,

Poll workers at Chestnut St. School were told by someone who "CLAIMED" he was the Painesville City School Superintendent that they as well as their signs must be removed from school property? There was never a permit issued to let them stay on school property. He claims a complaint was made to his office.
A check with the Lake County Board of Elections that poll workers and signs had to be at least 100 feet from the door. They had not received a complaint.

A Robo call went out today by Councilman Mike DeLeone to support the levies on the ballot. How do I know this? A third shift worker complained to me that this call came to his home as he was sleeping. Sorry Mike I don't think you got that guy.  Now who paid and where did these robo call originate?

Monday, November 4, 2013


Not much going on tonight.

We will finally vote on Asian Carp? Hope this is redundant also? Wonder how many communities will send resolutions?

Second Reading on sending a letter to the Ohio Attorney General on our power contracts with Prairie State. Look whatever we were told $48.06 MW in 2013. Last July $104.04? Sorry not even on the same track, heck not even the same railroad? Expect a stall on this one.

Annexing property into the city on W.Jackson St. so one employee can have a toilet?

They still haven't figured what can be discussed in Executive Session?    SAFETY

Hope this has to do with Security?  Safety is not a reason to go into executive session.

Whatever your choice vote Tuesday.

Derrick Abney has offered to drive anyone who needs a ride to a poling booth to give him a call and he will provide transportation. Again it matters not who or what you are voting for only that you vote.

Derrick (440) 487-3118

To review last night council meeting I guess no one wanted to be there or debate anything. With the passing of  City Prosecutor Edward Powers a sad cloud hung over the room.

That said we did pass the resolution about Asian Carp, We were told at the next meeting in November a representative from AMP-OHIO will attend that meeting. Now pay attention to this if the general public wants a question asked they must submit that question to Clerk of Council by letter or email before the end of business this Friday.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

"BACK IN THE U.S.S.R." beatles

You don't know how lucky you are!

Have received my latest edition of the Painesville Pride (Pravda) ...came early this month? Must be due to the election this coming Tuesday.

O.K. you asked... what's your complaint?

Well, over a year ago, I asked if I could write an editorial about Painesville's involvement with different AMP-OHIO deals. I was told they didn't print editorials. Odd, on page three of this month's Painesville Pride, low and behold a Letter to the Editor: A letter by Shirley Oderisin-Fees ( a former city employee) proposing the passage of the three city levies on the ballot Tuesday.... but what happened to the no editorial policy? Look, Mrs. Oderisin -Fee has the right to express her views, God bless her, but only if your views are in line with who's?

Look  below the mast on the front page is the logo of the City of Painesville. On the second page in the left-hand bottom is this statement 'The Painesville Pride is a monthly publication serving Painesville, and is distributed to residents in the City of Painesville. Views expressed in the articles of this publication do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Lake Community News. Published by Lake Community News in cooperation with the City of Painesville.
Lake Community News reserves the right to refuse any ad or article'.

Hardly a newspaper.

Does anyone in this town know what a scam this publication is? Well, I mentioned this to Councilman Flock and his answer was 'have you ever seen a comment from me in the Council Corner?' It is what it is.

This is all fine until the day Mrs. Oderisin-Fees wants to print a letter that doesn't agree with who?
Then what?

Does the city provide any financial backing to this paper? If so, how much and with money being so tight right now I wonder if could we spend our money on a better venture.

It would be interesting to view the invoices sent to Citizens for Better Roads for the full back pages two months in a row.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

"AFTER THE GOLD RUSH" neil young

Tuesday's vote is right around the corner,

I have to wonder or dream how this election will turn out?

Sorry, I see all three levies failing. Not because the City doesn't need money, but because of the way finances have been handled in the past. With a new city manager and some time under his belt residents may be receptive to a tax hike. Presently the story seems to be the only way the city  operates to cut it's budget is through attrition and to ask for more money.
If any pass it will be the road levy. Take the time to see what Mentor will accomplish with 1.6 million dollars next year. We have let this get so bad around here will will have to spend ten times that amount to get some of our roads up to stuff. That said Mentor isn't spending grant and city money to the tune of $1,400,000 for a streetscape. or a $930,000 grant to bring an area back to nature Millstone/Gristmill? Where are our priorities?

Off to the Races.

John Murphy vs. Tom Fitzgerald, this could be the saddest race in Painesville's history. We have a candidate who is the odds on favorite to win this election without going out campaigning, avoiding candidate night, and not one person has an idea where he stands on the levies, reciprocity's, the future of Painesville? Well it you like where Rita and Joe have taken us for over twenty years he's the status quo. How often in the next four years will that seat be empty due to his travels? The old regime had a philosophy if you don't acknowledge a problem and you avoid answering about them. There is no problem. Now someone campaigns on it? John Murphy at least you know what he wants to bring to the table, with no hidden agenda.

Lori DiNallo vs. Arlene Becks  This one I believed two weeks ago would be the hardest to choose. All I know is whatever happens two years of Lori DiNallo will serve the City of Painesville far better than four years of Arlene Becks. It might seem to some including myself that Mrs. DiNallo has higher aspirations, well tell me what Ms. Becks asprirations are? Will she be knowledgeable about all issues facing Painesville? Can she work with all members of council? Will her goals include all of Painesville? The Arlene Becks I seem to have known five years ago isn't the same person seeking re-elect/return to Painesville Council. Mrs. DiNallo has on the other hand in many cases has proven she think on her own, and for the most part knows what she's talking about.
Your only a professional in a field if you work in that field. Or will someone win because they are 'loved' in the community.

What turned out being the hardest choice. Jim Fodor vs. Rene Aston. First off you can find a nicer person than Jim Fodor. On his election win four years ago I believe as he stated it took him quite some time to acclaim himself to city council. I believed then that Mr. Fodor had no idea the sad state the city found itself in. My worst moment on council for him was when councilman Flock showed council a ten year old newspaper article of a study done on the Elm street waterline that claimed it needed to be replaced. He answered we need to do a study? Studies only are a way of buying time they did a study ten years ago, why do we need another? Mr. Fodor never learned in the bureaucracy of the school system we need more than studies we need results. Rene whole campaign is driven on results. In four years what results has Mr. Fodor accomplished? Fodor will probably win on just his name recognition but if he does return no more getting along to just get along? Ms. Aston went as far as asking a business to come to Painesville showing them what was available to provide a grocery store. Oh, and Painesville downtown, economic development whatever.  Please don't count La -Mexicana a grocery store, it's a 'specialty' store. Painesville needs new blood. new ideas. RESULTS.

No matter who wins this blog. will hold them accountable for their actions. This blog. will report what happened two Mondays a month no matter who likes it or not. You would be surprised.

Friday, November 1, 2013

EDWARD C. POWERS 1950-2013

I was deeply saddened when I opened the paper and read about the passing of Ed Powers. Many longtime Painesville residents have known Ed throughout his whole life here in Painesville.

Ed was born in the same year as I was and knew each other since grade school. When I first met Ed as a child I felt sad for him  due to his disability. As I grew older he became an inspiration to me. Many times we hear about self made people Ed was one of those.

At times in my life I had felt God had dealt me a lousy hand  in life, well it seems at those moments Ed somehow appeared in my life and  gave me a sense of reality. At a time in my life when I questioned  the existence of God It was an inspiration for me to see the faith and devotion Ed had in God. You didn't even have to have a conversation with him, you could witness it  in his eyes and in his action.

If there was ever a person that could have had an excuse to just give up it was him, but no his life is filled with accomplishments that anyone would be proud of. Yes he did have an impeccable reputation.

Many tears will be shed in his passing today in Painesville. My families sympathy goes out to the Powers family who my father told me had qualities that he wished we all could strive for.

Have sadness that he only spent a same amount of time with us, I am sure God has a special place in Heaven for him. God Bless and Rest In Peace Ed. And Thank-you.

My prayers are with you Kathleen and your family.