Monday, November 30, 2009


Two meetings Tuesday night might interest some of you.
"Downtown Transportation and Streetscape"
Paineville received a $75,000 grant from NOACA to have City Archtecture come up with plans to help revitalize downtown.
The meeting takes place at the Senior Center 85 Park Place at 6:30p.m.

A meeting sponsored by the Grassroots Rally Group will be held at the
Geneva V.F.W. Tuesday evening between 7-9p.m.
Guests will include from FAIR Bob Najmulski
Astabula Sheriff William Johnson
Geauga Sheriff Daniel McClelland
Lake Sheriff Daniel Dunlap

The V.F.W is located at 76 Depot St. in Geneva
A question and answer period will follow the presentation.

NEW *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Attended the streetscape presentation last night at the senior center.
Smaller streets, more and wider sidewalks and thousands of trees. Read the rest in the News-Herald.
One comment or suggestion .... Leave Veterans Park alone it perfect now, don't cut into here, change traffic this way leave it alone.
Also never heard the word apartments when Zaremba mentioned the hospital site redevelopment. Then the number 70 apartments for that site? In last nights presentation "189 apartments" were mentioned for downtown. Wonder what the final number will be?
Did anyone attend the Grassroots meeting in Geneva?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgivings Day and the annual start of this Christmas Season. Please tomorrow as you sit down and enjoy dinner with friends and family. Give Thanks to all our servicemen and women not at their family tables at this time of year. They sacrifice some much so we can enjoy this time of year in safety. God Bless them all.


I'm still getting information but as of noon today AMP-OHIO has canceled its Coal Power Electric Plant in Meigs County. Estimate of building costs had topped over
4 Billion in cost and still rising. Now if the government wanted to stimulate the economy they would propose a new form of energy besides coal.

Monday, November 23, 2009


"with two sump pumps in the yard."
Painesville special council meeting this evening to address the drainage problems that Heisley Park residents have been attempting the the city to find a solution to water issues was held tonight.
Morrell Properties was in attendance, along with Ryan Homes and of course some of the residents who have been having water issues.
Ryan Homes representatives wouldn't even say hello. I guess they were lawyered up?
Mr. Mortell voiced his concerned and was looking for a workable solution for everyone? He brought along a geologist from Mannik&Smith he
explained about glaciers forming and ridges, along with something called "Painesville Soil"?
Council people asked question to him along with the city engineer to find out why sump pumps were burning out due to constant use, storm sewers,french drains ect.
In the end the city will set up independent meetings with the city, Mortell, Ryan Homes and the residents to find a solution to these water problems. One resident stated "I would never have bought a home in Heisley Park if I knew this condition existed." "Why wasn't I informed by Ryan Homes or the city about these issued when I asked before I purchased my home?"
How is this going to end? The residents will hire a law firm, and he file a class action lawsuit against Ryan Homes, Mortell, and the city of Painesville. I hope I'm wrong but I see now, no way this can be settled outside the courts. The expense is to great for everyone, and the residents I sensed were losing Patience.
Note; A quality sump pump can cost $500.00, how many could you afford to purchase?

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Today 46 years ago November 22,1963 was the day I lost my innocence. I remember that day very clearly I was attending Walnut Jr. High and around 2:30 pm a teacher informed the class that the President of the United States John. F. Kennedy was shot and killed in a motorcade in Dallas,Texas. Being only 13 years old at the time I didn't realize how this incident would change the world forever or for that matter my life and the days that followed. The world changed November 22,1963. First disbelief, sadness, and I thought, I didn't even know he was in Dallas? We were sent home a few minutes early and I remember walking into the house with the T.V. on CBS news and my mother with tears in her eyes. That Sunday in front of a live T.V. audience I watched Jack Ruby assassinate Lee Harvey Oswald right in front of my eyes. I called to my father to come in the living room and, to say he was is shock would be an understatement.
September 11,2001 the attack on the World Trade Center, the news came over the radio that a small plane had crashed into the building. A coworker said the pilot must have flown into the building due to bad weather. I remembered watching the news that morning and the reports were that the whole east coast would have a beautiful day. As the news reports came in and we watched that day unfold I knew again the world would not be the same on September 12, 2001. I remember people telling me they remember where and what they were doing on December 7,1941 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.
I looked at my grandson yesterday and hoped, yes even prayed he wouldn't have certain days burned into his memory for reasons like these.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"CUTS LIKE A KNIFE"...carved

Attended Hal Werners Concerned Citizen Meeting last night. Gary Robinson from Lake Health was there to inform people in Painesville about the Urgent Care Center.
He briefly spoke about him and Councilman Flock disagreement of what was said at a townhall meeting ago. "We agree to Disagree." What I said was that it would do no one good to leave a boarded up empty building there. Yes Mr .Robinson I also heard that statement after you mentioned that if Painesville didn't get the grant "The hospital would find the funds to tear the building down." Three people at the meeting agreed thats what they heard also. Water over the dam.
On the urgent care center , there is a delay and now we probably won't have it open until May. 180 days after the closing of Lake East. When asked he made the statement that five or six sites were looked into but the city chose the Chase Bank site. When questioned who for the "city" chose that site. He said the committee. What committee? Well there was a committee made up of the city manager, councilpeople Joe Hada, Abbey Delamotte, and another person he couldn't remember at the time. They looked a various sites including the old Rite-Aid location, and a proposed site on Richmond St. across from Kurlee Kone. They decided on the Chase Bank site downtown. When asked when they made this decision ,he said about three years ago? When asked when the hospital signed the lease with the owner of the bank building he said two months ago?
Why was the hospital and city doing waiting for this man to make up his mind? Now we know why the delay. I guess no "urgency" needed here?
Traffic concerns , and bad winter weather was also brought up.
Then the conversation turned to the JEDD arrangement. Now comes the part that upset me. When asked if the Hospital system administration building was included in the JEDD? Mr. Robinson said it was "carved" out of the JEDD, but not by the hospital? That begs the question why and who carved it out? That carving cost Painesville over $50,000 in revenue a year. To understand this, its like the nurses, housekeeping, dietary workers and other support personnel pay the 1.75% tax but the big shots pay ZERO in income tax. That would be like the city carving out city hall from income tax but only city hall? To these people who abandoned Painesville we will spend million to run electricity out to them. That Administration building better not be included in the deal.
It should be mentioned and thanked that Lake Health had the foresight to station an ambulance at that quick care center downtown so far they have saved Painesville about six runs to Tri-Point.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


After debating with myself over the past week what Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan motives were. The only conclusion that make any sense to me was he was a terrorist on a mission to kill Americans. What other motives would there be to kill and wound all those people at Ft. Hood?
One thing I kept hearing on the news programs were "He was a Muslum first then an American soldier."
That stuck in my mind and I started asking myself;
Am I a Christian first then an American?
Now before you say this is a crazy proposition. Think back 60 years, how did the German Government convince a mostly Christian Country made up of mostly Protestants and Catholics to take part in the extermination of all the Jews? Where is something like that "final solution" in the Bible or anywhere in Christian Doctrine?
In my whole life I never gave that any thought, There never seemed to be a problem being both. Christian and American. When and where the rubber meets the road what are we first? Christians or Americans. Please feel free to offer your thoughts, help me resolve this.

Monday, November 16, 2009


The big news coming out of tonight's NOVEMBER 16, 2009 council meeting was the City Manager acccepted and council approved the resignation of Police Chief Gary Smith to become effective in early March of next year. Chief Smith has spent more then 26 years with the Painesville Police Department. Thank-you for your excellent service chief.
Our Fire Chief explained the added costs and times to EMS runs now that the hospital has shifted to Tri-Point, the usual turn around time at Lake East was 20 minutes, its over 50 minutes now, plus the extra wear and tear on the equipment. He stated the EMS unit the blew its motor Thursday had less then 25,000 miles? Ford Motor Co. was extending the coverage even though it was out of warranty.
The Martricula Card was held on second reading.
The budget was held on second reading every time I see that paperwork it begs to ask questions about it.
We will try to get the grant from the Clean Ohio Fund to clean up part of the Coe Manufacturing Land, did anyone know Coe was foreclosed on ?
In todays News- Herald it had an article that there were 205 sexual predators in Lake County. 58 lived here in Painesville more then any other community in Lake County. Mentor was second with 35, Painesville Township had 2. Could this be one of the statistics that rates us at the bottom in safety with the Cleveland Magazine? Just a thought.

Another problem brought up with the new location of the hospital in Concord, People are being released at 3:00a.m. in the morning and some have been found walking north on Rt.44 It is not the city's responsibility to transport people there and back but something has to be done about this before it turns tragic.
Still no solution to the Cobblestone problem, Mr. Hada I don't care about Tuckmore Dr. thats not our problem. The only real solution to the problem is a fire district comprised of Painesville, Painesville Twp., Concord, Fairport Harbor and Grand River. Never will happen it makes to much sense and would save money. Thats not on anyones agenda.

Again Thanks Chief Smith

Friday, November 13, 2009


Monday night city council has four items on the agenda.
1.Passing the 2010 Painesville City budget
2.Amending 167.06 on distribution of funds.
3.Second reading of the Mexican Matricula Card
4.Resolution to apply to the Clean Ohio Fund to clean up the Coe Manufacturing property. [$300,000]

This Saturday there will be an assembly of people opposed to the Amnesty Bill about to make its way in Congress.
All are welcome to protest this by meeting at the Gazebo at noon lasting until 2:00p.m. Hope to see a large turnout.
This is being sponsored by the local Grassroots Organization in unite with other protest around the country.

You will probably be getting a phone message from Doug Nagy inviting you to the start of the Christmas Season in Downtown Painesville This Tuesday November 17,2009
6:00p.m to 9:00p.m. all welcome

Hal Werners Painesville Concerned Citizens meets at Hobart/ Heritage Middle School
Wednesday November 18,2009 Guest speaker Gary Robinson of Lake Health to answer peoples concerns about the Urgent Care Center in Downtown Painesville.
Meeting starts at 7:00p.m.
To any of you who might be interested Turner Classic Movies will air "One Potato, two Potato" Friday night at 8:00 p.m. This movie will give you a glimmer of Painesville in the early 60's. See how many local landmarks you can recognize.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This years Veterans Day hits a lot closer to home. A little more then a week ago this community and his family grieved the loss of Lance Corporal David Baker. This is the day we honor all sailor's, soldiers and marines to show our appreciation to the service these men and women gave to our country. The saying "Some Gave All' holds more meaning to me this year.
In your day to day lives tomorrow thank a Veteran for his service to this country.
I was reminded of the funeral by an email sent to me by a friend who mentioned the HBO movie "Chance" that will be shown tomorrow twice. It is the story of a Marine who escorts the body of a fallen Marine home for burial.

Were getting old.
I was also reminded today November 10th is the 34th anniversary of the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald on Lake Superior. The ship made famous by the Gordon Lightfoot song. The ship was on its way to Cleveland when it and its crew of 29 were lost at sea.
I remember when I was a child watching those long lake boats come into the Grand River in Fairport. I was told the "Fritz" made numerous stops there.
How time really flys.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


This was sent to me and I believe along with being humorous it is very truthful and pretty much sums up the way at least I feel of whats happening in our city schools presently.

Press 1: Take your children back to your native country where they belong and let your native country educate them. If they cannot do this, that is your problem to solve and do not expect Extra Educational time for your Children as You do not Choose to Assimilate and Learn the Language (English) of the USA in order to help them with their Home-Work each Night. DO NOT EXPECT A FREE LUNCH in the USA!!! Every other nationality has assimilated/learned English when they decided to come to the USA for better opportunities. The adult parents fought real hard to learn English and then went on to make sure their children could speak English as this was the only way that they could continue on a positive note in their quest of better opportunities in the USA.

Press 2: If every parent in this city does not agree with Painesville's school policies - take your children to another District School System and see how much they will Shout at You to start Being a Responsible (assimilated) parent for once in your Life - then Teach your Children to be Responsible for their Actions and Inactions - which most important is to DO THE WORK THAT IS ASSIGNED FOR THEIR FUTURE. If you cannot be the PARENT that you should be: maybe, just maybe your Children should be taken away for your lack of intelligence and responsibility. The School responsibility is to teach your children Math, English, History, Science, Business Adm., Computer Tech, Political Science Issues, Current Events in this World, Art, various other language tongues of their choice and not mandated, and so much more. Failing Grades are Failing Grades. These Grade Issues have always been what they are. Quit trying to support an issue that allows a student to just slide through and then is not accepted at a higher learning Institute because Painesville's Board of Ed is Totally Failing in Teaching what these Students must learn - and doing the 50% grading policy. They only push the 50% Issue so they can pass-on uneducated children to meet the quotas of the dumb "no child left behind" and the established quotas of the Feds involving graduation requirements.

Press 3: If you disagree with everything in Painesville's School System - Get off your Lazy Butt, go to Board Meetings, Speak Your Peace and then collectively come-up with the funds to master a Huge Recall of the Redundant Joker's that are on the School Board!! Maybe just maybe, this recourse will teach a lesson to these supposed concerned Adults who follow the lead of Dr: H who has absolutely no clue on the Educations issues that are Real and most Important for the Future!!

Press 4: If all else fails, move away to a Wonderland that suits your lifestyle fantasy world. If this fails, do not ever expect to come-back to the real world of modern day education as the taxes you will have to pay will cause you to sell everything from A to Z and at this point there will be - ????????.

Press 5:

Intentionally Left Blank, as None of You Have Any Clue, and do not choose to make any attempt to correct the present nor the future.

Friday, November 6, 2009


A very interesting thought crossed my mind the other day. Along with Cobblestone, Heisley Park, ect. I heard an appeal by a Painesville resident a James Dorsey wanting to make green space out of the State St. School property along with the Huntington, and Lathrop School property. I believe Mr. Dorsey is sincere in bringing this in front of not only the city council but also the school board.
Where do we get the money?
Well Mr Dorsey at a recent council meeting the law director explained an agreement had been reached in court with Willoughby Hills on the Roemisch estate.
Let me explain this to you, Mrs. Roemisch was a very wealthy lady that lived most of her life in Willoughby Hills, she moved to Painesville for the last five years to be cared for by her daughter Elaine Crane who is also a former Judge and present owner of Rider's Inn. When she died the city was sent a check for $452,000.00 of her estate tax. Willoughby Hills thought they were entitled to it. Through the courts Painesville received a settlement of $203,000.00 not bad work for someone who only lived in your community for less than five years. That $203,000 dollars was never figured into th 2009 budget because its almost like the city won a lottery. Where should that money be spent in the general budget? I believe money like this should be used to purchase things to benefit the city. State St. Park could be called Roemisch Park to benefit the citizens of Painesville and make it easier to purchase the other two properties for the people of Painesville.
I will be attending the 2010 budget meeting tomorrow in the Coe Room at Lake Erie College just to see if the leadership of Painesville sees this the same way?
*************************************************************************************Yes I got up 6:15a.m. to be at Lake Erie College to listen to the presentation of the citys 2010 budget. To start with it 10 million dollars smaller then 2009 budget.
I learned what the term "micro-management" meant today, why is the city manager afraid to let department heads speak for themselves? They seem like a bright bunch. Oh and to the council president I don't really concern myself with the response times of other communities either should you. Please worry about Painesville's response times. If its going to cost the city $100,000 dollars a year for Cobblestone, just a thought, but you might have given that some thought before you voted for the complex.
To some of you who may care, the $203,000.00 went into the general fund maybe they can fix a road or two.
It was an open public meeting, I went to the Circus I didn't participate.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Well, as we all know the election season has come and gone. We have an incumbent and two new members on city council. Let me congratulate them on there victory.
To say I'm not concerned that we have four members of council directly related to the school system would be a lie. They will have ample time to prove me wrong.
Nothing was resolved today, we still have the same problems in Painesville that we did on Monday and we will have fewer dollars to solve them with.
I will continue to ask questions and I will continue to let this site be an open line to what you think the city should do.
I guess I'll ride this train with the rest of you until it goes off the tracks or goes to the promise land.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Council will hold a meeting Monday night a 7:30p.m. all are invited.
Not to much going on a resolution about the Matricla Identification Card, and support and partnering in the 2010 census. A report from the water department is also on the agenda.

Someone told me a cute story last night I will share with you . Please do not think these a individuals are an one you know.

The Queens Egg Business

The Queen in this kingdom had a very successful fertilized egg business. She had several hundred young layers [hens] also called pullets, and around seven roosters whose job it was to fertilize the eggs. The Queen kept records and any rooster who did not perform up to her standards went into the soup pot and were replaced.
That took an awful lot of time so she bought set's of tiny bells and attached them to her roosters, each bell with its own different tone, so the Queen could tell from a distance which rooster was performing and now could sit on her porch and fill out efficiency reports simply by listening to the bells.
The Queens favorite rooster "Old Joe" a very fine specimen., but on one morning Old Joe's bell hadn't rung at all.
The Queen went to investigate. The other roosters were chasing pullets with bells ringing, but to the Queens amazement Old Joe had his bell in his beak so it couldn't ring and he kept sneaking up on the pullets one after an other.
The Queen was so proud she entered him into the county fair and he became an overnight sensation with the Judges. The Judges awarded Old Joe the No Bell Piece Prize and the Pullet Surprise as well.
Clearly Old Joe was the politician in the hen house who else but a politician could figure out how to win two of the most coveted awards by being the best at sneaking up on the populous and screwing them when they weren't paying attention?
Vote carefully! The bells are not always audible.