Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I asked if I could print this letter on the blog. Raymond Sternot has given me permission.
This is an example when you have a community activist who cares about his neighborhood. Sometimes action like this is needed or a developer will be allowed to do what they choose to do. A good example is Asper Commons on Prospect St.

I guess as much as I like trains no way do I want to live that close to the tracks.
Home prices in Heisley Park start at $150,000 and go up. I have been lead to understand most homes with amenities  such as a basement are priced over $180,000.
Most Heisley Park residents remember the train derailment that happened a few years ago when they were evacuated from their homes.

I have always found the Planning Commission to be very professional and do the best for residents of Painesville.
Mr. Fitzgerald runs a good meeting and all sides are heard.

Here is Mr. Sternot's letter:

January 30, 2013

To: Members of the Painesville Planning Commission

Carol Fleck
Thomas Fitzgerald, Chairperson
David Komjati
Christine Shoop, Co-Chairperson
Mark Wainwright

VIA E-Mail to: Secretary, Lynn White, 392-5801 at:

From: Ray Sternot

Subject: Intent/Enforcement of the Painesville Buffer Ordinance – Who Cares?

In early 2011, the Planning Commission discussed and provided recommendations to Painesville City Council about a buffer ordinance for new and additions to developments in Painesville. Based on your committtee’s recommendation, Council passed the following ordinance, (1113.23 LANDSCAPE BUFFERS TO RAILROAD RIGHTS-OF-WAY AND LIMITED ACCESS HIGHWAYS FROM RESIDENTIALLY ZONED LAND.)

Based on Mr. Lewis’ e-mail, it would appear that the Planning Commission will have a chance to revisit the intent of the ordinance that it proposed at its February 14, 2013 meeting. The reason for this revisit has roots based on my recent questions to Council as to whether the ordinance was actually being enforced. I specifically cited the recent new Phase of Heisley Park that is currently being opened up for development. Why the question? Because it didn’t appear that the buffering was going to use mounds, material that have any height and it was my concern that the intent of the legislation wasn’t being followed. During the meeting, Mr. Schaedlich told members of Council he was of the opinion that a flat distance of 300’ between railroad tracks and a development was sufficient to meet the ordinance requirements. Hence, in his expert opinion, [a fact suggested based on input from Council’s lawyer], he stated that a 300’ distance satisfied the ordinance as you had intended. I disagreed and pointed out that the ordinance doesn’t state any distance requirement but points to a buffering of material. I also said that I didn’t think a flat distance met the intent of the ordinance.

Hence, it appears that you will have an opportunity to review the intent of the ordinance and make subsequent after the fact recommendations for changes including defining a suitable buffer as a flat area of x feet in dimension. Hopefully, you will review the previous planning meeting notes (attached) before making any suggested changes of this nature. In fact, I believe, based on the discussions that the committee had when this legislation was originally considered and documented in the meeting minutes, that a flat distance does not meet the intent of the ordinance as the planning committee recommended. Thus, I urge you to reject any modification to your recommendations that would change the definition of a suitable buffer [material] be based solely on a minimum distance between a road/railroad tracks and a development. Rather, if any change be included it should specifically state the height of the buffer to be 12 feet as discussed originally contemplated in your minutes.

Let me comment further about why I feel strongly on this matter. Someone asked me why the concern of whether the ordinance is followed? Who in Painesville really cares? After all, didn’t a member of council recently state that Painesville will never be a Painesville Township or a Mentor? My response to this individual was that surely would be the case if no one really cares about Painesville; its neighborhoods or adhering to/enforcing its ordinances. Further, I said, Painesville will only be as good as we want it to be and how all of us work toward that end to make it better. In this case, when you passed the recommendation for the ordinance, I felt that the Planning Commission did indeed care. They cared enough to approve an ordinance intended “to protect and enhance the visual appearance of the City by encouraging the preservation of existing trees and natural features; protect property values by providing a transition between dissimilar land uses; and to lessen adverse effects such as noise, odors and dust.” They cared enough to define that the buffer should be made of (1) Walls and/or fences; Earthen mounds (3) Plant materials; and, (4) Any combination of (1), (2) and (3) above; and that it should be of some height not to exceed 12 feet in height above established grade as indicated in meeting minutes.

And, contrary to what you might hear, I am not proposing that the City force a developer to remove a natural “buffer” in place of mounding or a fence when it accomplishes the same objective? I am asking, based on the ordinance, to enhance it to meet the intent of the ordinance. Because, by itself, a natural piece of flat land doesn’t accomplish the same objective.

In summary, I’m suggesting that you suggest that Council enforce the buffer ordinance as designed and intended. Tell them that you, as all Painesville residents should, care. You care about protecting property values. You care about noise abatement, odors and dust. You care about improving the city image by suggesting ordinances that enhance planned developments. And, that you care about enhancing the lives of residents and their neighborhoods. Because if stewards of the city don’t care, then why should residents?

Thank you.

Ray Sternot
346 Birchwood Lane
Painesville, Ohio 44077-6136

Monday, January 28, 2013

"MAMA TOLD ME DON'T GO" three dog night

The city has released the nine members of the Charter Review Committee. Off hand it looks like someone made a pretty good choices on these people.

Rita McMahon
Jan Clair
Tony Gagliardi
Sandy Miller
Stephanie Beres
Carrie Dotson
Josh Hornacek
Joan Powell
Ben Gomez

Some of these people I know some I don't. I would like an explanation of the reasoning of appointing the former city manager?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

'CHANGES" david bowie

Sometimes change is good, sometimes not so good.

First off I respect the Republican party as well as most people who claim to be Republicans. Most  I find are reasonable people who just have a different view on an issue. Most I know want progress and the best for America. Then there are the scammers. Don't worry Democrats have them too.

During the last election I heard of many ways blue states under  Republican  control were coming up with new ideas to "suppress" the vote. More ID less opportunities for longer voting times. From Florida to Ohio. What happened? Go out and tell a person he can't do something and those people come out in groves to vote. This might be why President Obama won re-election by over 5 million votes.
It's simple human nature to react in this way.

Now Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin along with our state of Ohio  theses Blue states controlled my Republicans want to "change" how the electoral college.votes a counted for the better?

What we do first is gerrymander congressional districts, this is how easily it is for one district to start in Cleveland and a narrow strip almost to Toledo.

Ohio has 16 congressional districts. 12 controlled Republicans 4 by Democrats. This even with the fact that President Obama won the state by 200,000 votes.
Under the Republican plan  the electoral college vote would be 4 for President Obama 12 for Mitt Romney.

If all the states mentioned above used this formula we would have just celebrated Mitt Romneys inauguration this past week. This even with the fact that President Obama had 5 million more votes nationwide.

If the shoe was on the other foot I would be calling out Democrats out for such an ill-conceived plan.

I overheard a Republican leader and  I'm sure I could find a Democrat leader making the same statement "We're in the business of winning" That's the problem both parties should be in the business of making a better country. The citizens of this country must remember  both parties are beholding to one special interest group or another. Try doing what's best for the American people.

The election is over. President Obama is the President you can't change that but what you can change is instead of being the party of "NO' or the party of "WE WON" become the parties that cares about  this country.

To many view politics as a game, it's not. What the Republican electoral plan  change would do to the game of baseball. The baseball  team with the most hits after nine innings is ruled the winner. Many victories in Baseball do not show up this way in the win-loss column this way.

A final thought on this foolish plan if you want to win elections try get people to want to vote for you as well as your ideas..


The brains in congress have now past a 'No budget,no pay' measure.

Meaning that if Congress or the Senate don't pass a budget. they would not receive a paycheck.

'Hard working people that I represent wouldn't get paid if they didn't show up and do their job' a Republican lawmaker mentioned
 Sounds good but now look at the FINE print. All pay will be put in escrow until the last day of the 113th Congress. Then they will get their paychecks. I believe this was done to not violate the 27th Amendment.

Still sounds good? I don't know the finances of our own Congressman David Joyce but can he go without a paycheck until January 2015?
Seems like Congress is sending a message don't run for Congress unless your a multi-millionaire
Don't count on a check from the government. The lobbyists must be salivating now.
Another half truth from people who don't have a clue.


It was brought  to my attention that there will be a meeting  Tuesday January 29, 2013 at Maple Elementary School that concern flooding in the general area of Ward IV.
This includes W.Jackson St., W. Eagle, Newell, Hayer, as well as Michael Ct.

Jeff Hope a resident from this area dropped off some literature about this meeting.
Flooding concerns
Zoning issues
Property Maintenance
Speeding Traffic/ Cut-through

Jeff started this neighborhood project and has met with city officials. So they will have a prepared response. Jeff  wants as many residents concerns to be heard even ones not mentioned here.

I believe this meeting is open to all city residents and the city administration will be represented.
To hear your problems and to inform you of the improvements as well as future improvement the city will be making in this area.

This meeting will start at 7:00pm. and last  until 8:30pm   Maple Elementary School.

Andy Flocks Ward I meeting will be this Thursday at 7:00pm at Elm Street Elementary.

Friday, January 25, 2013


Went to an open forum at Harvey High School last night concerning the hiring of a new Superintendent for Painesville City Schools. I believe the meeting was asked for by Tosche Coffee.

Many School issues were brought up and cleared up some of the "little birdie' issues mentioned on this blog.

First off a parent complained about the actions of the seventh grade basketball coach including dropping the "F' bomb. Not saying it's right I wonder how many coaches haven't done that. Something to remember when a coach stops screaming at you that just might mean he has given up on you. I don't condone this action  only that it happens.

Next the allegations concerning the cafeteria employee. A person alleges that she walked into the administration office with her attorney and wanted to resign instead of being terminated, or she would implicate higher ups in the administration who I guess I am to believe had some involvement? Also as early as 2006 a photo of this person removing shrimp from the Harvey cafeteria was sent to the administration and no action was taken.( They serve shrimp at the high school cafeteria?) The two board members claimed the state audit was  turned over to the county prosecutor to recover the $1700.00 funds. Yet no criminal prosecution will be asked for? I beg to ask why. What deal was struck?
If this was your business it would be your choice to just ask for restitution, It's not the administration or even the boards business. It belongs to the people of Painesville. I will seek time with the prosecutor office to see why this isn't a criminal matter. An attorney I know claims I might be surprised by  the answer I get. We will see. It's hard for me to believe that all this all started this past year.

The assistant principal removal at Harvey. One mother got up and claimed her daughter came home from school years ago with the statement  "I will never be left alone in a room with that man again "
That sorta opened the flood gates. Now the board members claim he was given the choice to resign or face termination. This along with the then principal Ms. Martin  going to Dr. Hanlon with her concerns atleast three times  about the actions alleged by the assistant principal. Yet I questioned why she would give this person a good evaluation?
Another member in attendance claims a professional social worker sent email's  to the administration as well as all member's on the board at that time stating her concerns. Before a police investigation started on the matter. My own belief this story is not over.

Someone keeps emailing the blog. concerning the principal and the athletic director seems Harvey boys basketball team will have to forfeit the two wins this year due to player(s) ineligibility last I knew that was the athletic directors job. Why the conflict I have no idea.

To end all seemed happy to see the changes made at Harvey by the new principal as well as the thoughts of all that Dr. Hanlon has overstayed his welcome.

Most people want a new superintendent to come from outside the district, a person with no ties. As well as someone who will be expected to be transparent concerning issues of the district.
I for one hope they hire someone who doesn't start applying for a new job as soon as he or she starts here. This along with the board decision to constantly sweetening the job to stay here. They look ridiculous when they do this.

To Dr. Hanlons credit we the residents, parents of the school system have let this secrecy and sweeping things under the rug to go on. We must understand we are also responsible to some degree.
Teachers should also not fear the administration as well as the school board.
I'd like to believe we can have a school system open and sharing with the board, administrators, teachers, parent's and students as well as the community.
new building hardly make a successful school system.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I got my electric answers sorta answered after last nights council meeting. More questions to ask.
Seem instead of calling this post Your Wildest Dream should have been a song about borrowing and re borrowing moneyv I mean a note.. Still paying for the apron in front of the fire department, Argonne Dr. street repair along with still owing money on our Fire Beer Truck [Special Rescue Vehicle) . Along with many more.

So why Your Wildest Dreams?  Council approved a note, loan for $100,000 for Painesville's share of Main St. "streetscape" total of $133,000 the $33,000 will come out of the city street improvement fund. Get used to that chuck hole in front of the house.Now we will spend over $892,000.00 for two blocks of Main St. I figure around $1,500.00 per ft.  Councilman Flock asked if the city knew what the city's return on investment was? Seem no one had an idea. Well Andrew both north sides of the block are owned by the county. Election Board, Auditors Office and the other block Heath and Human services. My best guess is Zero on the northsides of both blocks. No one will visit these county building unless they have to. The county pays no property taxes so improvement made will not be bore by them, along with no added property value to our schools. Now after this project is completed will the property owners lower or raise lease costs? I see very little benefit for Painesville. Painesville needs to become an incubator for new enterprises. Low overhead is what most new business start-up look for.

The finance director gave his end of the year finance report. At the start I had a hard time following along, then I realized the graphs we're from right to left instead of left to right. Anyone know a reason to do it this way?

Going to a council meeting never fails to bring us something new. At last nights meeting Councilman DeLeone looked at the Channel 12 camera and wished his wife a Happy Anniversary? How cute. So now come to a visitor's time at a council meeting a wish a loved one Happy Birthday, Anniversary, say hi to the kids anything until the Council-President blows a gasket. Even Hal on his best day was never  this unprofessional.

This is the best I got , see Sandy if you want more.

"AGAINST THE WIND" bob seger

Maybe someone down under the "Golden Dome" or sitting around our electric plant Museum could take the time January 31,2013 from 11:00am-2:00pm to head down to the Cleveland City Hall Rotunda for a free exhibits about solar, wind, hydrogen, fuel cells and bio-energy. Along with many new efficiencies for home, business, and industries. Coming in the near future instead of fear of a 2100% electric rate increase coming in 2015.

Just maybe in the process we will increase business and employment opportunities?
This bringing increased community wealth. What a concept.

Begs to wonder if any in charge of Painesville will attend this event?
Maybe someone from Mrs. DiNallo's Utility Board?

I forgot.... that never got off the ground.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"FEAR OF THE DARK" iron maiden

Seems I need someone to explain why the government wants to come after me or you?
As governments go ours seems very inept. We can't even agree on a budget.

The government has pretty much control over anything you do. Banking? Credit Cards? you name it the government can follow it. Don't use credit cards for ammo? Well if you buy it from Acme Ammo UPS can track it for them. Here's an idea take $10,000 cash pay for something and wait for a knock on your door.

When I was a kid one football game on Saturday and Sunday, same with baseball. We  now have  added  NCAA or the NFL, yes and MLB and the NBA. your covered . Go down to your man cave and enjoy! Don't like sports? American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, plus many more. Most citizens vote more on these shows then they do for elections in our country. Not interested? Don't worry we'll find something to occupy your time. Don't worry about the man behind the curtain.

This country couldn't even organize a national strike. Fear of that job not being there?

Patriot Act, RICO laws, for organized crime explain how it was used in the abortion debate?

You finally have to realize this "Freedom" you speak of please explain it to me. The Federal, State and even Local government  seems to not need a black helicopter to keep track of any of us.

Brings us back to guns and conspiracy's now I have heard everything being discussed on gun control   happens to be against the second amendment? People should check what Supreme Court Justice Scalia you can't get more Conservative than him. He can explain what weapons the Constitution grants you to have.

Now comes the silly season. First some leader of a gun group makes the claim on national television that if African-Americans would have had guns maybe slavery would not have happened in our country. My best guess is this man must believe that they were on a  Princess Cruise ship when all these ships lost direction and washed up on the east coast of America?

If the President does anything by excutive order he will be impeached. Go for it.

NRA releases a target game one month after the Sandy Hook massacre and some genius at Apple thought it was a good idea to add it as an apps.? I seem to wonder more about Apple then the NRA.

Sorry, No just watched the latest NRA commercial now the President children have somehow been  added to the debate. (a note here) I guess they don't realize the Presidents children are prime targets of our enemys.

I guess as I watch all that happened at Sandy Hook was my tipping-point. Many out there seem to believe it didn't happen. Instead of being upset I said a prayer that those people's loved ones don't meet the same ends.

As our President reminded us" ignorance never benefited this country."

Monday, January 14, 2013

"I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU" bon jovi

Tonight is the first school board meeting of the year for the Painesville City School
Board. 01/14/13.

I am curious how many citizens will be there to share their views on many school system items.

I have learned that earlier this month the school board held an "organizational meeting" at the meeting Steve Costell was elected president,  Rev.Gerald Kalb vice-president. I believe Steve will be very pro-active as school board president. I know his only goal is to improve the Painesville schools. I believe this is true for all board members. Steve wants to face issues head on.

This being said, any employee, administrator, teacher orclassified staff that has an issue with the school system  can speak with Steve and I assure you your conversation will be heard and kept in confidence. Mr. Costell is a straight shooter. Please, I don't want to hear anymore of the board doesn't get involved.

This was a positive move by the board. In the past I have found Mr. Costell to be welcoming even if he doesn't agree with you. What you tell him stays with him, and respects your views.

School Board Meeting at Harvey starts at 7:00 pm.

Also the POC  has sent a letter to the board concerning the direction the school system is taking, along with property values and people wanting to move into our town.

Friday, January 11, 2013

"BANG BANG" cher

I've been around awhile. As a young boy I remember a President being assassinated. The following Sunday watched his accused assassin himself being shot to death on live television. Other attempts on other Presidents, Ford, Reagan. Later in my life a watched in horror as a Militia blew up a Federal building in Oklahoma. This to the horror of 9/11 as more than 3,000 fellow American died that day. I know I cried when Kennedy was killed, I cried after both Oklahoma and9/11 and again I cried almost a month ago after the Sandy Hook Massacre I have cried many tears for souls I didn't know or ever meet.
Just when you believe you have seen the worse in human nature another CNN headline proves you wrong.

Now we in this country are attempting to discuss gun control. Many surveys claim support of the NRA is on the wane. Something I have noticed more and more daily as I travel down Chestnut St. in Painesville I pass Atwell's. Atwell's has been a mainstay in town for years. Yes it has a firing range and just about any weapon and ammo can be purchased there. Recently no matter what day of the week the place is packed you can hardly find a parking place.
At the same time I believe the company making AR-15 along with magazines with high capacity rounds are all working overtime.

I am a gun owner, I believe in the second amendment. I also believe that the National Rifle Association should be renamed the National Assault Weapon Association. This country was founded on fear. Fear of the native inhabitants, freed slaves, almost anything different than the majority. Ask the Mormons.
Yes even me. I fear someone getting an AR-15 and me not having one to defend myself.

Some of you out there have watched "Wolverines" to many times. To believe that you would stand a chance against a government takeover is comical. They could make $500.00 drones that would level you and your arsenal without you ever seeing it coming.

My greatest fear if in the case as some survivalist claim. Who will those with the AR-15 come after when they run out of resources?

This gun culture will never change as long as the likes of the NRA keep sending the whores in Washington money. The solution we offset this with our own PAC.

If you could put on the national ballot  "Should Assault weapons and clips that hold more than ten rounds be illegal." I'm willing to bet  that would pass into law easily. "I don't believe this infringes on the second amendment." The NRA is nothing more than the tail wagging the dog.

I for one don't want to cry over another senseless killing.

It seems it safer to fly on a plane than to attend a movie. Strange how we started this year with the killing of Travon Martin and ended it with those 26 souls at Sandy Hook.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"TIME HAS COME TODAY" chambers brothers

It's that time of the decade. Yes it's been ten years since the last charter review. Council is accepting names from Painesville residents who would review our charter and make recommendation on changes in Painesville policy. You could go as far as changing the form of city government from a City Manager form to a Mayor form. Some cities even elect their city managers. Maybe you think to run for council you only should have to get 25 registered voters to get on the ballot. As well as my favorite the city council and administration cannot enter a contract with a face value of over five million dollars without a vote of approval from  the general population.

Please send your names and background to clerk of council Jennifer Bell before January 22,2013. Seems like a council-president might want to load up on members of the charter review so things go smoothly? He wants the names of people before the next council meeting.

For more more information contact;

Monday, January 7, 2013


As we enter this new year it seems we have "kicked the can" down the road.
Yes we didn't go over a cliff yet it seems every two or so months we will find ourselves in a nightmare caused by...US again?

I watched the election and it amazed me the President Obama was re-elected and really it was even that close. Romney seemed to end up with that 47% that voted for him. Karl Rove losing it on FOXNEWS seemed to be the only thing interesting on election night.

After the dust settled our end of time fiscal cliff talks started. One problem our President was in negotiations with a man House leader John Boehner that for all purposes couldn't deliver the votes. How is anyone expected to negotiate with someone that can't deliver? In the end it came down to Mitch McConnel and Vice-President Biden.  A deal was struck that left everyone empty. As a side note the Republican Governor or New Jersey issued a sharp attack on House Republicans and especially it leader John Boehner. This for failing to bring Sandy relief to his state. Personally I believed the shun by the House Republicans was due to Gov. Christie close relationship to President Obama after the Sandy storm. I believe that many believe it cost Romney the election.

Now as I watch the Sunday shows it seems some in the Republican Party believe they now have "leverage" against the President due to the debt ceiling? First that money to raise the debt ceiling is money already spent by guess who? Congress. Obama should meet them half way and ask what do you want to cut? Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. Food Stamps, unemployment insurance. Obamacare? Tell me Congress what do you want to cut? How many U.S. troops do we have stationed in England and Germany? What are the French ready to strike? Last week it was announced that China finally figured out how to land a jet on a repossesed Soviet aircraft carrier. How many carrier groups do we have and need? Lower corporate taxes? 25 out of the top 30 corporations presently pay n tax. tax breaks for oil companies they need to make more money? We not only have a spending problem. We also have a collection problem.

Now comes the Tea Parties? Are there more than one? Tea Party Express, Tea Party Patriots? Who gave Dick Armey 8 million dollars to just go away? Who is Freedomworks Inc. anyway?

On FOXNEWS I finally understand why our long time congressman finally has had enough. Jim Jordan (R) Ohio
This Congressman seems more concerned with destroying government rather then make it work. Can't wait for the Wall St. and Bankers to get done with him.

Finally our President has decided to name retired Republican Senator Chuck Hagel to head the department of defense. Lindsay Graham questions if he's suitable for the job? Wonder if anyone asked young Chuck  that question as he sat wounded in a rice patty in Nam?  Personally I believe the President should be able to appoint anyone to his Cabinet. I have to wonder if President Obama believes that they will eat one of there own?

Leverage, keep believing you have it.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

"TAXMAN" beatles

Seems like a full agenda on Monday night's Council Meeting. 01/07/13  Guess no one cares to watch Notre Dame vs. Alabama?

The one thing that sticks out to me in Ohio House Bill 601. This is the bill brought forward AGAIN by two Republicans Mike Henne (R) Clayton and Cheryl Grossman (R) Grove City to change the manner that city municipal tax is collected.
Seems these two believe the present way we do it puts a strain on businesses and most Chamber of Commerce believe it is a good plan. Not so most Villages and Cities. Collections will take longer to get into there coffers.
I believe our new Representative John Rogers should be informed of  Painesville position on this Bill.

Call me suspicious but after suggesting Painesville change tax collectors from CCA to RITA out of the blue last year we make the change? RITA cross checks IRS filing to see if say you work in a Township and live in Painesville they will probably find you out. A word to the wise.
Also looking at RITA's web site Property Owners who say live in Cleveland  or Painesville and have rental property in Painesville that they collect say $10,000 a year rent on will owe Painesville $200.00 in city income tax. Go to there web site to see what income can be taxed.

One odd thing I have noticed the calling of a city income tax seems to have morphed into City Municipal tax?
With the state sending our city and many others less back in tax revenue what if cities quit crediting your city income tax you pay in city or village you work in?
My oldest daughter moved out of University Hts. because she and her husband paid city income tax to Cleveland and University Hts. 2% +2% = 4%
It is my belief that city income tax should only be paid once not twice.

We will keep an idea on how Painesville plans on raising revenue this year. They seem  to worry little on how to spend it