Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"IF YOU GOT THE MONEY, I GOT THE TIME" willie nelson (1976 version)

Problem is we don't got the money.

Went to the city council work session last night. Joe Hada and the administration rolled out there 17 point plan to improve Painesville.
Everything from Downtown Streescapes, to the old hotel being torn down to  what to put on the old Lake East site. This plus improvements with the promise of another levy for streets and probably another for the safety forces.

Council-President Hada mentioned that the last road levy didn't lose that badly. Joe for every dollar you put into a road levy I guarantee I will put a dollar in to oppose it. Remember the last  Safety levy?
It seems the city leaders believe they must convince us that money from the electric fund can't be used for street repair.

 Here's a concept my grocery fund can't be used to fund your street repair.

 Over twenty years of neglect and now the solution is a levy? In the past the roads were funded by the last year "leftover" money. Look you can't fund your general fund when 80% of it goes to wages and benefits.

I for one am looking forward to the coming struggle. The waste of money in Painesville will be brought forward to the voters.

The administration brags about laying four part-timers off?  Along with not replacing retired workers? Wonder what they contributed in the first place?

Saturday, April 27, 2013

"TIME WON'T LET ME" outsiders

How much time will pass before we find out who will be the "new" Superintendent of Painesville City Schools?
How much longer are we to wait?
Many I have spoken to some who want the board to revisit candidates. Are these three the best choices? Maybe we should continue to interview candidates.

Look in the very near future our present super will be headed to greener pastures. This opening along with the district in need of a finance director, along with up to three principals now is the time for the board to appoint a new superintendent. The assistant superintendent is also pursuing a new job, we might not even have the option of an "interim". So whats the holdup?

Could it be with a renewal levy less than two weeks away the BOE has decided not to name a successor until after May 7,2013 as to not upset  some voters? If this is the reason it's a poor reason and all the transparency might be just talk.

We need to know what direction they want to go in. I am sure after all this time they must have a choice.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


To some of you who may not be attending the big Shindig Thursday night at the Gage House. Councilman Andy Flock's Town Hall Meeting will have our State Senator John Eklund in attendance to speak of his function down in Columbus.

Now might be a good time to question him as to school as well as city funding.
The Governor wanting to bring Obamacare to Ohio.
Changes in voting laws.
Any concerns you might have when it comes to state funding.
An example why the state payed to repave Rt.20 from Fern Ave. to Wood St. and east of the Grand River to Madison. Yet left out Erie St. in Painesville.

This is a good example who Councilman Flock wants you to ask questions of our government leaders.

The Meeting starts at 7:00PM at Elm St. Elementary School Thursday the 25TH.


Sen. Eklund made an interesting  guest. In his presentation he made mention that he no longer represents Painesville? This gerrymandering seems to be getting out of hand?

I questioned him on the reason why our governor would want expansion of Medicaid, Obamacare, or as it is officially know as the Affordable Healthcare Act. He explained we are between a rock and a hard place. All Federal Aid to Hospital care will no longer exist if you don't join in. This will decimate Lake Healthcare,University Hospital's, Cleveland Clinic. Even if you oppose this you should at least know what the consequence's are.

He also explained that school funding was in the Ohio house being overhauled. There plan is that no district would get less money, but no district will get over a 6% increase.

As far as the Bill to change the collection of City Income Tax it seems that Bill has been stopped  due to the number of letters and resolutions sent to Columbus. Sen. Eklund thoughts seemed to believe the State should have no roll in City income tax.

Overall it was an interesting meeting and I for one learned  alot.

Now who is Painesvilles State Senator?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"CELEBRATE'" three dog night

Recently in the News-Herald Painesville City Schools had two positive articles written about some of our students. First Harvey honored all students who carried a 3.5 average. Maple Elementary was honored as an "excellent" school Mr. Sebring, Staff and students should take pride in their achievements. This along with Harvey's outstanding FBLA program.

Look Harvey has graduated many students in it's history that  made a difference in the world as we see it today. Some even died to keep this country free.

Now many think that was the good old days but I know of at least three recent former grads making a difference in this world. Brad Dean, Kim Fultz, and Rachael Miller.

I recently found out about Rachael's work in Africa take the time to view the accomplishment of this young lady.

Take the time to see what a kid who was raised in the small town of Painesville, left the nest and is making the world a better place.

Increasing Food Security

www. MamaCarts.com

Monday, April 22, 2013

"OUR HOUSE" croby,stills nash&young

I wish I'd have known this when I did my April 1st post.

Gage House Ribbon cutting. Thursday April 25,2013

Ribbon cutting    6:00pm

Hors d' oeuvre's   6:30pm

Champagne Toast  7:00pm

By invitation only.

Black Tie (optional)

No Children,please

If I didn't have something to do Thursday nite maybe I'd buy a pizza at Baba Bing and learn who all the "movers & shakers" in Painesville are?

Tell me is everyone delusional in this town?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

"YOUR THE ONE" vogues

I would say over 100 people attend the Q and A, of the finalist for our new school superintendent this morning at Heritage Middle School.
First off the school board should take a bow for the transparency that they have shown the residents in this search. No one can say they weren't given an opportunity to give their input.

As I said I kept an open mind when listening to all three.
A person asked Dr. Moore about signing a three year contract with Richmond Hts Schools and here he is already looking for a new job?
The answer wasn't satisfactory in my eyes and I really don't want to higher a person who isn't that committed to a contract. Been there done that.

Mr. Shepard qualification include being fluent in Spanish, a nice plus. Yet it appears he's carrying some baggage from his last job.

Many quality questions from the audience and at times I felt these two sometimes did everything but answer the questions.

Harvey Principal Mr. McWreath gave his presentation and appeared to give us an open book on his life. Many comments made were of the nature of the job he has preformed at Harvey in the last year.
He has a track record although short in Painesville we can view and judge him for his accomplishments and the changes at Harvey.
He brought up the word of the day "structure" students as well as staff and parents appreciate that being a foundation to put our school back where they belong. I as well as some others viewed his military background as a plus.

This is now in the hands of the BOE and again I thank them as well as I believe speak for many to include us in this search.

I will leave this up to you and what direction we want to take PSLS.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"RESPECT" aretha franklin

If you watch the council meeting on channel 12 you won't see this because it ends during the middle of the visitors time....But on the city web site you can actually see and hear the whole council meeting in its entire. decent sound and no fluttering.

During the council comment time Councilman Flock brought up an email he received from the city administration.
A little background here. Councilman Flock represents Ward I. An elderly resident  called Andy with concerns about paperwork from RITA (Regional Income Tax Authority) She explained that she felt they assumed she owed money. She lives only on Social Security.

Andy sent her name to the administration where it was sent to the proper department head. The department head sent the inquire to RITA with a note that they were doing an outstanding job. and that this was sent to them because a certain councilman complains about everything.
This email was forwarded not only to the administration but also to councilman Flock. Not once but twice!
Does anyone read anything before they send it?

Now how many times I have seen councilman Flock castigated in front of council for not taking things to the administration but bringing it up at a council meeting even when he does the right thing he's still wrong. Remember it was a simple request from a resident that started this.

My thoughts as well as all council people should demand a letter of insubordination or reprimand be given to this employee if not for poor judgement at least for not first reading what they send.

Na, won't happen most on council believe they are employee's of the administration.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The Painesville City Schools have made this announcement.

Saturday April 20,2013 there will be a "Meet and Greet" for the three finalists seeking the position of Painesville 's new school superintendent.
This meeting will take place at 10:00AM at Heritage Middle School located on Cedarbrook Dr.
It will be broken up into three forty-five minute sections. Giving parents, staff and residents time to ask questions of what these three people see in Painesville's future under there leadership.

Dr. Robert Moore 11
Richmond Hts. School System

Mr. Van McWreath
Painesville City Schools

Mr. John T. Shepard
Northridge School District

This will give the community answers to items like the 50% policy, Passing student on to higher grades, plans for getting more parental input, along with the goal of bringing the education in Painesville to higher standards. If the levy in May passes will he bring back staff as well as courses that have been dropped?
This is your chance to give your views and hear theirs.

The school board should be commended for giving us this opportunity to be involved in this process.

Also on  Monday April 22,2013 there will be a question and answer meeting with your concerns to Issue 1 the 6.06 mil renewal operating levy on the May 7,2013 ballot.
This meeting starts at 7:00PM at Harvey High School.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Couple of interesting things to discuss at Monday's meeting.

Two resolution's caught my eye. The first a Resolution for the Millstone/Gristmill WRRSP program. This will be funded 100% by the Ohio EPA in the resolution the cement retaining wall will be removed. Last I check that wall was owned by the Bear? Someone mentioned the state payed him many jars of honey to purchase that property.

Also the Ashlawn Energy Vanadium Redox Battery Demonstration. Seems this is a perfect example of how a former city manager can mislead a council. The deal was Ashlawn received a grant for research and development for this battery and Painesville obligation was to construct a $400,000 building to house the battery. That's what was told to council at the time of the vote. So what's the problem now?
One fact that was left out although Ashlawn had received R&D financing they didn't have the financing to actually build these batteries?
So now if Ashlawn can't find financing for the batteries Painesville is stuck with this building.

This is what I mean that people are voting on something without all the facts being told to them.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

"MY TOWN" msb

As most of you might know presently Painesville is having it's ten year Charter Review.

The Painesville Oversight Committee has sent in suggestions as well as others from private citizens. I have no idea if members read my suggestion or not ,or maybe not all of them?

I attended one meeting and was left wondering how many members were government employee's or even city employee's

My suggestion was that the city could not engage in a contract with anybody over 5 million dollars, *After thinking about it maybe 10 million should have been the figure I should have used?

Now when it came up our esteem former city manager thought it wasn't a good idea.
She claimed the administration brought the proposal to council with a recommendation and in the end it is neither the city or administration but council that should be held responsible.
That would be true but the administration only brought forward what they wanted. I remember a councilman asking "what it Meigs County isn't built?" Laughter from the representatives of AMP-OHIO ensued. Now was council told ALL the facts or just the ones the administration wanted brought to the table? Where was the honest discussion about the "take or pay" part of the contract?
To end Ms. McMahon claimed the residents could vote out a councilperson for bad decisions. Well what good is that if they signed a 50 year 50 million dollar contract that with or without that councilperson in office the obligation must be honored by the city?

Article VI Section 7

I believe after what we have witnessed in the last ten years with concerns to contracts with AMP-OHIO the city should not be able to get into a contract of over five million dollars without first the vote of the electorate.

We entered three contracts with AMP-OHIO

1. We recently sent AMP-OHIO 2.1 million dollars for our share of "stranded" costs to their Meigs County AMPGS plant due to a "take or pay contract" This would have been a fifty year project with a fifty million dollar price tag.

2. A Contract with AMP-OHIO with the Prairie State Energy Campus. Where presently we are purchasing the power we signed up for at double the current power prices on the market.

3. A contract with AMP-OHIO to purchase electric power at $62.00+ a MW this is a five year contract from 2015 thu 2020 current power is less than $38.00 on the open market this is a 15 million dollar contract.

It is obvious to everyone in Painesville that bad decisions were made by the administration and voted on by council. No one involved in the city had any knowledge of electric power prices and depended on a vendor to the city for answers. Although at the time all can say this was in the best interest of the people of Painesville. These projects all should have gone to a vote of the electorate.

The administration should have the same obligation to present this to the residents as they would say a road levy. It should have been mandatory to sell this to the public.

The people should have decided to enter in contracts of this nature.

Due to the fact they are stuck with the results.

Thank-you for your time Angelo Cimaglio

Jennifer please acknowledge receipt of this email.

I ask am I being unreasonable?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

"GET BACK" beatles

Well it's been awhile, again.

Glad to report that the custodian problem has been resolved?  Seems union officials from Columbus payed a visit to Painesville. So to some of you the union does resolve things.

Now can someone explain why a Principal was MIA for five days? What is their position for next year.

School comments are the most interesting comments left on the blog. Many comment that they expect more for their children than they are receiving. I don't believe most want their children to be used in some social experiment.

See the city honored some for contributions made to the city? Three I believe were on the city payroll doing their jobs? Paine, Huntington, and Casement would be proud.

I see Painesville Council is doing interviews for a new city manager. Have a feeling this has all been decided and just another dog and pony show.

Will leave a post on the email I sent the Charter Committee, wonder if any read it? Seems when the subject came up the former city manager threw council under the bus, again? Her story is not quite how  I remember the story.

Downtown Streetscape seems we are short some money to complete the job? Doug Lewis is asking for another $100,000+.

The bridge to nowhere exactly how wide is it, officially?

Is another road levy in Painesville's future?

Someone mentioned the $400,000 figure for CORE, Ask City Hall it was the talk of the building that morning than remember if I was off base we would have heard about it. The County is going after it's money will we? Or just write that off too?

Monday, April 1, 2013


At tonights Painesville Council Meeting some very important announcements will be brought  forward.

At the top Apple Inc. presently located in Seattle Washington has decided to move it's corporate headquarters to Painesville. The business climate in Painesville is what exactly they claim to be looking for.
As in the near future Monroe Inc. makers of spring, shocks, and struts has announced they maybe also joining us here in Painesville. Corporate studies have shown Painesville residents spend more per-capitia on their products than anywhere in this country.
Also the State of Ohio DOT has awarded Painesville a 2.7 Million dollar Grant to improve streets that have been neglected for the past 20 years.

Due to Painesvilles 'streetscape project" Nordstrom is looking for a site near Main St. for one of there up-scale stores. In the announcement "Painesville residents have gone long enough with out the high quality they are deserving".

Whole Foods is presently looking for a location downtown the problem presently is we have "whole foods we just don't see much whole cash".

Also it is rumored that Macy's or Sak's-fifth Ave. is looking at the former CORE site as a future sweatshop.

Lake Erie College announced that the season opening men's basketball schedule will open with a game against the Louisville Cardinals. With the winner taking on the winner of the Duke Ohio State match up.
This is on the heels of the Storm taking on Alabama in the football home opener tickets are presently on sale for both events prices starting at $5.00.

Ohio State University Department of Agriculture will be in Painesville to investigate why it seems Painesville chicken's eggs have a 90% lower cholesterol level. Along with some of the eggs having a tuff clay-like shell?

Painesville City Local Schools have decided to put a new 100 mil levy on the ballot.
It seem we are spending close to $12,000 a year per student. Under this new plan Teachers, administrator's, cooks, bus drivers  ect. will no longer be needed. When a Painesville student reaches the legal age of 18 he will be handed a check for 1 million dollars, congratulations along with a map.