Saturday, May 30, 2009


Heard alot about annexed property in the last month, some of it good and some of it not so good. The question remains is it a good idea? In the last 12 years Painesville has managed to double its size with alot of confusion along with it.
The city to my knowledge has never given a financial report on how this has all helped or hurt the city. Total costs in infastruture, legal costs, services have never been mentioned. Would it be a good idea to breakdown the different neighborhoods to see how each has benefited the city?
Do we now hsve "Two Painesvilles"?
I have heard from city residents why does the Township get the school taxes? I have heard Township residents complain that since they live in the city why are they using our schools?
We collect city income taxes on people who work in the city, or in an area that doesn't collect income taxes. As far as I can tell on a $150,000 home the city recieves about $150.00 to provide fire, police, road repair[snow removal] recreation and other city services. We also sell electricity, water, and provide sewers.
Finally has this growth caused other local government bodies to look at Painesville not as friend but as foe? Ask anyone that was at Thursday town hall meeting what Lakeviews Bluffs heard was the main concern about the development? Painesvilles annexation policy?


City Council Meeting Monday, alot of "NOTES" being played.

Update coming when I can check the facts on Ch.12 having trouble hearing everyone.
Must be my T.V.?

Not my T.V. Everything passed Mentor Ave. Historic Distriot went on first reading, great idea about twenty years to late. Sorority Houses ever coming to Painesville? would they fit into the district. Oak St. residents would like a little attention to the dirt road with signs at both end that say travel at your own risk. Maybe they can get oldest dirt road in Lake County District. Cobblestone coverage seems to be moving along with the co=operation with other fire dept. "Taste of Painesville Spring Addition" This Saturday Downtown. Arlene Becks excused she had a hip operatiom hope she's 100%.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I received my R.S.V.P. to Lori DiNallo's fundraiser.

June the 12th

70 North St.Clair Painesville, Oh
Refreshments will be served from
Featured entertainer: Steve Jochum

$30.00 per person or $55.00 per couple

Please make checks payable to Elect
Lori DiNallo and mail to 835 Skinner Ave.
Painesville, Oh. 44077 by June 2nd.

As before no comments on fundraisers.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I am getting ready to go to Veterans Park to view the "Tea Party" I want to keep an open mind about the goals that this group of Americans want. My question is do these Tea Partys move the country in one direction or another? Do most Americans believe Obama is a Marxist? a Facist? Wants to take your guns and other right away, or is he just trying to dig this Country out of a hole we.. ALL.. managed to gets us into?

Well I attended the Tea Party along with about 150 other people. Except for a few parisan jabs it seemed most of these people are fed-up with all politicans. Most seem to realize their team is as screwy as the other team. It seems that most were against larger government and the cost. I viewed an elderly gentleman rail against socialized medicine that he had seen firsthand in Finland and Canada. I bet this person is on Medicare at his age, what does he think Medicare is? We all want smaller government except when it comes down to something we personally believe in. No Confederate flags, no ugly posters just seems to be a bunch of people that want some responsibility from their government. Will this movement gain strength? It could but it lacked the most important thing a cause has to have. Citizens between the ages of 18 to 30 this age group always seems to be the ones that get thing done. Has this age group given up on America? and its dreams.

Sorry I didn't wish you a safe Memorial Day earlierm Say a prayer and thank a serviceman


Now for the most part most of us know the basic facts about the situation about response times to Cobblestone Apartments, Diamond Business Area. The short comings will be worked out about who knew what, when and so on by city council.[I hope]
My question is what should the City of Painesville do? From nothing to building a fire station for less than 1000 people?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Thats what a city council meeting can do to a problem to just make it disappear. I guess if any councilman asks about Cobblestone you just inform people you won't discuss it at a council meeting but you will talk about it in executive session after the meeting. Is this what happened? Andy Flock must have wanted to ask more questions about Cobblestone and probably was told everyone will plead the 5th? Not sure but thats what I got out of the statement he made in his comment section.
The next time my boss asks me a question I'm going to tell him "on advice of my attorney I refuse to answer my employer. Thats what you do when your caught in a lie. I guess.
Next council meeting as a concerned resident I will ask about Cobblestone and I wonder what I will be told? I only hope other citizens do the same.
I believe we purchased an obsolete ambulance, time will tell, ask yourself why other departments are buying a larger heavyer duty unit. Maybe the added stress of going uphill to Tri-Point, ask?
We voted to get money from the Clean Air Ohio Fund to tear down Lake East?
High grass in your neighborhood? I guess we sent out phantom bids for grass cutting, $62.50 per hr. seems pretty reasonable to the administration?
We did honor two Harvey students who didn't showup or weren't reconized by council.
Maybe someone should send a "packet to the city manager on Friday and ask for answers Monday night.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


This is really just a rumor,but a Cleveland Tea Party is planned for Painesville's Veterans Park on May 23,2009 between noon and 2:00p.m. I will keep you informed on any information I receive. My question is why does every protest come to Painesville for a rally? Will someone pay for the extra security this will cost Painesville.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Me back to the Cobblestone Development.
I thought it was the most interesting item at last weeks council meeting that wasn't reported by anyone.
The four major players are, City Council, City Manager, Law Director, and the Fire Chief.
The main question is once Grand River bailed on the first responder issue in June 2008 what happened?
Did the City Manager inform Council, Law Director, and the Fire Chief? or was someone else notified? Was anyone on City Council informed who, or why not? Three coucilmen have told me they had no knowledge of it being cancelled, did any know?
Was the Law Director informed and asked for his assessment of the situation?
Was the Fire Chief "comfortable" with the 9:14 average response time to Cobblestone with some as high as 12:00 minutes? and when asked at a council meeting stated six or seven minutes. As a professional firefighter did he ever go to the city manager and ask if something could be worked out with another community about this situation? As you know the City Manager is also the Safety Director, why and why not? When Council President Hada thought that since the children that live there are in the Riverside School District, Painesville Township should assist? Was he ever informed about the meeting on the fire station being proposed on Blackbrook Rd. as a joint venture by the City and the Township? Why did we quit going to the meetings?
The main question has to be after 2008 why no one went to Mentor to negotiate a plan until Painesville's Fire Department could respond to that area properly.

I have left a few posts off the blog. that said this person knew, that person lied, that person should be fired, mainly because no one knows the facts. Will we ever know all the facts? Just Thank God nothing bad happened.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


So for all you wanabe councilman out there. This week someone sent me the financial records of Joe Hada's last race for Council at Large. All I can say is you better have deep pockets and or alot of friends.
$800.00 from different Union organizations. Why the Pipefitters Union {$200.00} cares who's on Painesville City Council is beyond me.
Fundraisers of people donating less than $25.00 Two for a total of$4,410.00
The most interesting in the number of people who didn't live in Painesville that contributed totaled over $1600.00
City residents who gave over $25.00 totaled $1250.00.
These numbers all are public record and they are only here to let people know the cost of running for council.

On the other hand Andrew Flocks last campaign raised $000.00 of course he ran unopposed.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Fundraiser to Elect John R. Murphy
Painesville City Council at Large
Saturday, May 30,2009 / 5:00p.m.-7:00p.m
Refreshments served

723 Liberty St. Painesville, OH 44077
$25.00 Per Person

Please call Dennis Morton at [440] 413-2730 for more information

Please note; I will post anyones fundraiser on the blog. just let me know and leave a number where I can verify the event.
No comments will be posted for these fundraisers.
Thank-you TERM>>

Monday, May 4, 2009


Interesting facts came out at the council meeting tonight. Councilman Andrew Flock brought up safety issues at the Cobblestone Development.
Response time averages 9:14 seconds. Thats unreasonable. period.
When the agreement with Grand River Fire Department fell apart did the administration inform anyone on council? He and at least two other councilman were unaware of the deal being void. Why?
Council President Joe Hada at the last council meeting stated "The communities must work together to solve these problems."
Coucilman Flock produced a document between the City of Mentor and the City of Painesville which stated Mentor would agree to be first responders at Cobblestone.average time less then 4 minutes. Now drumroll, guess who refused that, and stated will take care of it ourselves. Yes Painesville City, I'm starting to understand who doesn't work together. When the City Manager asked Mr. Flock what documentation he was refering to he show it to her. She stated she didn't know that was in the agreement [?} and stated council voted back in 2003 to I quote "Do our own thing"? Its just a good thing "doing our thing" didn't cost any resident any harm or the city may have faced civil and or criminal charges. If councilman Flock aquired this document any lawyer could also. Council voted 7-0 to fix this situation.
Something tell me we haven't heard the end of this.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Wow! Checked the city site nothing on the agenda, no resolutions, ordinances.
Just a presentation by the Fire Chief.
These are usually the most interesting meeting. Will report Monday Night.
Mrs. Hall is still having the same problems with the house next door, I wonder how many others in town have the same problems and don't share them with council?
A resident shared her concerns about the new owners of Union Sand down on Bank St. The operation is in the township but pressure should be brought on this company to be thoughtful neighbors, noise and dust. $100 fines don't affect a company of this size its like someone fineing you a quarter.
Heisley Park residents seem to be at the present time happy with the results of the city dealing with the water problem, another resident there was unaware of possibility of condos going in behind his home.
The Fire Chief gave a presentation concerning the Fire Dept. Guess what our new $350,000 Fire Truck has a smashed door...already. Great Firefighters just hard on equipment.
Also of note Patrolman Jay Adams is Painesvilles Police Officer of the Year Congats! Jay.
"Laika" One of Painesvilles K-9 officers is retiring after 6 years. What a great dog. Thanks to her and Officer Collinsw who she will live with.

One final note I have noticed at the last 4 to 5 meetings Lori Dinallo in the vistor section taking notes and watching the running of the council meeting. Her and John Murphy, who attends all council meeting leave me with the impression that they want to be ready to take office if they win in November. Where's everyone else?

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Tonight if your up at 1:00 a.m [Sunday morning} and you can't sleep. Turner Classic Movies will air the movie "One Potato Two Potato" This movie for some of you who don't know was filmed in the City of Painesville in the summer of 1963. See what Painesville looked like over 45 years ago. Lake Theater, Fassons, ect. The movie stars Barbara Barrie, Bernie Hamilton, and Richard Mulligan alot of locals were also used in scenes, see if you know anyone?