Friday, July 31, 2015

"THE BEAT GOES ON" sonny & cher

"No I'm not trying to sell you a Plymouth?"  You might have to be over 60 to understand that.

Seen  above the  fold of today's News-Herald headline;

'Sanctuary' claim refuted
Lake officials deny county, Painesville protect undocumented immigrants

Seems the uncle issue and crime have lit a firestorm.

Painesville officials, County Commissioners you name it. That's not our policy.

Seems like a Blogger from Bedford, Ohio has categorized the city of Painesville as a "sanctuary city?" His view, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck. Wonder if he's ever been here? The Scene article came up. As well as the infamous letter by Councilman Horvath and many other items.

Many will question this years crop of candidates for council their view on this issue. Will they follow through?

I only wish people were so concerned  a month ago, just maybe Mrs. Kostelnik would still be alive.

My solution, which no one will listen to.... is quite simple.

Have a city wide Town Hall Meeting In Painesville

Have the city manager who is also the safety director
Our municipal judge
Our police chief
law director
and all council members present.

With written  questions from the audience  these questions answered to the best  of their ability.

That way there can be no doubt what our policy is.

I have seen enough around Painesville to question;  "What is our policy?

I have been told by Hispanics that this  Police Chief is more forgiving then the last one? Does that statement have merit? What exactly does that mean?

The home on Lusard St. seems to have many code violations, has it been cited? Are the people presently living there legal citizens?  Where did the gun and vehicle come from? If as claimed he had a mental illness why was a 14 year old female left in his care?

Have local business been validated as having only legal employee's. By whom?

Is RITA the tax agency finding residents who live in Painesville but work in outside townships at nurseries paying city income tax?

Many questions with the hope of getting straight answers.

I again wish these Hispanics would attend more community activities, let us get to know them and them us. Seems the only time I see them is when they want something? Making excuses doesn't solve much of anything as well as shielding one from past practices.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

"IT AIN'T ME BABE" bob dylan

"No No No it ain't me your looking for"

First off let's get the suspects name.

Juan Emmanuel Razo-Ramierz  Now let's look through the data base.

As I predicted the finger pointing has commenced.

First in a news conference the other day Sheriff Daniel Dunlap explained that DHS Border Patrol had told him to release the uncle.

Now DHS Border Patrol claims the Sheriff Department declined an offer by Border Patrol to personally interview the illegal alien?

So what really happened?  Did the Sheriff cut him lose as to the county not having to bear the burden expense of caring for the uncle until Border Patrol found time to do the interview?

Didn't it make anyone suspicious that the uncle was uncooperative?

Even if the uncle had not committed a crime at that time doesn't law enforcement believe that they must identify a suspect before cutting them lose. Just as Judge Cicconetti claimed at his hearing "who the Hell are you".

This is just the start, maybe VD has a good point . We should all claim mental illness?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"NOT MY FAULT" chris brown

"Never is it?"

Official HOLA Statement

The Latino community is distraught and deeply saddened by the violent acts committed by Juan Razo. Our hearts are broken and we are praying for the victims. Juan Razo's family has grappled with his serious mental health issues for many years. His acts do not represent our community. We want to thank law enforcement for their excellent work of removing this threat so quickly. In addition Juan Razo was not a random illegal alien. His father is a U.S. citizen who has worked in the fields for 40 years. He filed documents for his children over a decade ago and Juan Razo was a beneficiary with an approved petition who has been "standing in line" for his green card for over 12 years. Thus, this is not an issue about immigration, rather it is about the problems associated with adults with mental illness. We are disappointed to see leaders exploiting this tragedy to promote a political agenda.


But it's O.K. to use mental illness to promote yours? I can already see what the defense is going to be.

Standing in line does not mean "come on in."  No not a random illegal immigrant , but one with mental problems. Just think how quickly this threat could have been removed if law enforcement had been made aware of his presence? His acts represent the actions of your community for having this ticking bomb in your community. How mentally ill could he be if he could get a vehicle, a weapon , and a child and be left alone with a female minor?

V.D. in another statement earlier this year, I am quoting here: "Like a roulette wheel, we never know who was going to be next to get ensnared in the broken immigration system." I'll answer that one, some poor unlucky family that was living the American dream on Painesville- Ravenna Road. which ended in death and despair by one of your uncles!

No it's our fault and I don't believe the solution will make you happy V.D.


Well it appears we have suffered another tragic Monday. One soul dead, one shot and one almost raped.

I guess we will find out shortly who did what and who didn't do what?

I guess we will know shortly all the facts in this case. One a fourteen year old girl allegedly had an attempted rape by her uncle. Wonder where he draws the line at?

A home invasion of a sixty year old female public servant and by all accounts a wonderful person. Found dead by her husband, allegedly shot by the same uncle. Then an encounter with a woman with two children who he allegedly shot at five times  and luckily only one bullet hitting her in the arm.
Then a report he shot at a SWAT team member, who he missed as he hid behind a rock and decided to give himself up.

All in a matter of five/six hours?

Call me naïve but I find it highly impossible this uncle doesn't have a record somewhere in the United States or Mexico. You don't go on a rampage like this cold turkey.

He was an illegal resident of Painesville for five years. Where was he employed and by whom? Judge Cicconetti asked if he had a drivers license, a birth certificate, passport or a green card? He answered no except he did have a birth certificate in Mexico. The judge really didn't have any proof who he said he was. Really who was dealing with.

The vehicle he drove to Wymans Park who was it registered to?

Where did he acquire the gun he used Monday?

Did anyone in the Hispanic community realize what a threat he posed, not only to them but his family as well as us? Did any of them see a benefit to him living in our community?

Does the Hispanic community in Painesville have any idea how far this has set back the Hispanic's back in this area?  Wonder when Veronica is telling us the facts?

What exactly is the procedure Border Patrol uses to pick up illegals? Let's ask our Congressman.

I don't have any idea if this uncle was on Painesville Police Radar?

Will the open borders people come forward and explain what this community is to do next?

What do I expect next?

When the Republicans roll into Cleveland  for a debate next Thursday I expect someone will mention the harsh words that the "Donald" made about illegals and if his staff has done their homework he can reply about an incident that took place less then thirty miles from where he is standing? It has it all Rape, Murder assault.

And many who feel that way will have proof  of his statement.

I guess as one commenter wrote where do residents find sanctuary here in town?

We should demand to know the policies of all local law enforcement on this issue.


Emergency Executive   Session  (Not open to the public)

Thursday July 30, 2015 @4:45 PM

5] To discuss matters  required to be kept confidential by Federal and State Laws.

6] To discuss details of security arrangement.

Let the CYA BEGIN!


Sunday, July 26, 2015


"It's been the ruin of many a poor boy"

As it was mentioned here the Gage House went up for auction yesterday. Seems there was the auctioneer and a real estate agent.... Plus FOUR other souls, that I will not mention by name. None of these four had any intention of purchasing the property, only to see if it would be sold? The auctioneer started... and finished the bidding at $399,000! Yet what can this building be used for? Apartments in a B3 district? Maybe the Planning Commission can propose a B3-whatever?  Coffee House? Good possibility. Upscale Boutique? Really a stone's throw from the new Dollar Tree Store? I just hope nothing befalls this building before everyone gets realistic.

In the conversation, as you know I have no love for the Downtown Painesville Organization not the people but what they seem to want us to believe. Seems one of our downtown merchants was cited  by the city for using the wrong color red on his building. Maybe it didn't match the fake crosswalk brick color? My own thoughts on this merchant?  The city should send a Limo out to his home and pick him up and take him home every night for operating the business here. Be thankful they care enough to keep up their property.  Not writing idiotic  citations such as this one! Guess that ones buried in the ordinance book somewhere? The citation writer should be put on yard sign removal detail until the snow flies. I'm willing to bet their not a Painesville resident just a carpetbagger from somewhere outside of OZ?  I know of a couple of buildings in downtown needing painting and I can't wait to inform you when government taxes dollars are used to paint one of them.

I possibly see the Dollar Tree Store being successful as well as a new women's store to be located
 in town where every item is $25.00 or less.

Myself? I can't wait until the Movers & Shakers in this town stop living in their self derived Fantasyland! And Painesville can move forward realistically.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


"Changes in attitudes nothing remains quite the same, with all of our running and all of our cunning"

Three guesses on who is presently running around the state trying to get cities talked into purchasing solar power from them?

You guessed it! our snake-oil salesmen from AMP-OHIO

The headline in the Jackson Times-Journal pretty much sums it up.

Jackson City Council unimpressed with proposed solar field

This council that had been through the Meigs County and Prairie State debacle seemed more than hesitant to get involved in a solar deal with AMP-OHIO.

One council member asked why AMP's solar power cost's double the current price for solar power? That ones simple it's AMP-OHIO!

Craig Kleinhenz  the manager of power supply planning for AMP made the presentation, with Kleinhenz doing all the talking.

Council-At-Large member, Eric Brown, had numerous questions and comments for Kleinhenz, the biggest of which was why he and other council members would want to get involved in a project that would cost them 60 percent  more than they are currently paying on the open market for power?

This council didn't bring it up for a vote.

Mr. Kleinhenz  claimed 20  other AMP communities are interested in this project. We can only pray we aren't on his list.

Great to see AMP-OHIO going green but why the high cost?  Seems as if the solar panel field as well as the Hydro projects have two thing in common, high costs and transmission costs?


In other Painesville news;

The Downtown Painesville Organization has sent out a memo.

The Gage House  [formerly the Nixon Funeral Home] moved about seven years ago will have a

Public Auction Saturday

July 25, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Pamela J. Morse will be the Auctioneer

There is a Reserve on the Building.

Has the price ever been realistic on this building? First it was placed on an empty city lot. Rite-Aid Corp. paid for the building and the move, so why is it the price always seem so astronomical? Plus the fact it was used as a funeral home for many years. Another example of "Beachwood ala Painesville." What I never expected it to sit empty all these years over what... greed?

I also understand we are only [3] grand openings from being Guinness record holders! Seems to becoming a yearly thing.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


"Somewhere there isn't any trouble"

There are many times I believe we are living in OZ. Last night was a good example.

I asked if Painesville had a policy if we apprehend, or convict an illegal felon. Well we will hold them for the Feds , but if their not high priority they are told to release them, according to Councilwoman Jenkins. Well let's pray what happened in San Francisco doesn't happen in Painesville. It would break many fingers blaming whoever might be responsible. No one seemed to feel that being on a sanctuary city list was a big deal, with no idea how or why to get off of the list.

Tony Torre seems to be upset about same sex marriage with no response from council. Sorry Tony it's not politicians it's Supreme Court Judges.

Windmill Estates we now have another designation for an R1- R1-60 Sixty foot frontage and a 7,500 sq. ft. lot.. Best guess we will never see another R1-75 in the city again 75 ft frontage 10,000 sq. ft. lot. Zoning Commission get ready for many begging variances.
It seems with all the problems with density and drainage experienced at Heisley Park, Windmill Estates will be built with the same plot design? Do we ever learn from our mistakes after the developer,  builder is finished, the problems will be all ours. Same idea and we expect different results? What makes them think the problem will solve itself? In other words where they could build 200 R1-75 homes we can now build 222 R1-60 homes,. Looking out for the builder, the city but not residents. this is simple poor planning that will come back to bites us in the end. Oh, if anyone tells you about duplexes ask them how they will get financing to build them? The tail is wagging the dog....AGAIN!

Sidewalk plowing was left on first reading, my guess is we will continue the service to city residents.

Four homes will be demolished in Painesville 113 Chester St.  175 Ridgelawn,  364 West Jackson,  512 Fairlawn.

The city engineer reported bids were sent out for North State Street, and Gillet St. With the work on Walnut St and Gillet it will be interesting when school starts.

Seems when we already have enough problems we go out of our way to find more!


Going over my notes the repaving of N. State St. might have hit a snag no authorization yet.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

'COLD RAIN AND SNOW" grateful dead

"Yes it's coming"

Have seen a newspaper article as well as council people wanting Painesville residents input on if the city should spend $160,000 for new sidewalk plows?

I guess one question I have is what is the life cycle of one of these plows? Twenty years that breaks down to an $8,000 dollar a year investment.

Call me paranoid, call me suspicious but what if residents as well as council turndown the purchase? First off we have ordinances on the books that resident's are responsible for the snow removal in front of there homes. which carry a fine. Good luck if you live on a corner. You don't even own the sidewalk. But I do see an ambitious way to collect revenue through fines from people not keeping them shoveled. Just something to consider. What about school children walking to school? Well first off all students in the Riverside district ride a bus as well as most PCLS children. Maybe limited plowing. How many times this past year was the city out plowing sidewalks just to have school called off?

Painesville has an older resident base are they expected to clean their sidewalks? Who amongst you wants to shovel a sidewalk before heading out into traffic to get to work?

Where does the $160,000 arrive from? The road levy, general fund? How do other communities in our general area  deal with this issue? Could this service be privatized?

Sounds like a simple question from the beginning but is it.

Four other questions for the people

* Should the city fund a new Senior Center through a levy?

* Your thoughts on renewing the street levy when it comes up for renewal?

* Do many of you in town believe the city police department should spend time writing tickets for yard sign, car in front yards  and other small nuisances ?

* Do you believe the city's unoccupied home fines are warranted and legal?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

"YOUR POISON" alice cooper

"Running thru our veins, scratch that thru our bank account"

Remember back in the day our city leaders along with the buffoon's from AMP-OHIO told us one of the main reasons for the expensive power along with cost overruns in the billions was that Prairie State Energy would be power produced by "CLEAN COAL". 21st Century clean energy!

Now comes the reality.

Prairie State, wants a pass on new EPA rules.

In May Prairie State's chief executive, Don Gaston, writes that the controversial plant cannot survive if-under new regulations aimed at curbing carbon dioxide emissions it is regulated to a backup role in favor of cleaner sources of energy.

We were told many years ago by the snake-oil salesmen from AMP-OHIO promised many communities across Ohio as well as the Midwest that the long-anticipated EPA crackdown  on carbon-dioxide emissions wouldn't affect Prairie State. Proponents swore at the time the facility would be equipped with cutting edge pollution controls that could handle such regulations.

They asked that the plant be allowed to operate at full capacity which it never has. The plant operated at 59% in 2013, 70% in 2014, and 65% so far this year.

The prize of the letter;

Adding insult to injury.
"Should U.S. EPA fail to permit utilities municipalities to realize the full economic life of these assets. Prairie State's case our Owners could face very difficult economic times' ....Really like paying double the market price for power doesn't cause economic hardships?

Peabody Energy price on stock closed Friday at $1.60 a share.

Again more falsehoods or lies told to us in the past. I don't remember anyone suggesting that was just an estimated the plant would pass EPA regulations?

Now my question,  if BILLIONS were spent for clean energy, why this problem? Just maybe there is no such animal as "CLEAN COAL" and I will proudly tell you that.

Want to blame the EPA? Fine but we were promised cheap and clean while we got nether.


Painesville shouldn't let part-time council members decide investments such as Prairie State. As suggested to the Charter reviews commission in 2010 any investment of over a set amount 10 million or higher should be voted on by the people of Painesville. That idea was shutdown by the Charter Review co-chairperson Rita McMahon.

Friday, July 10, 2015


"All across the nation such a strange vibration, people in motion"

Been down in the weather the past few days so I have had the opportunity to watch more FOXNEWS then usual.

The tragic story about a 32 year old San Francisco woman shot to death by an illegal alien on a boardwalk .

Seems this illegal has already served time in our prison system and had been deported four times in the past and was in San Francisco because it was a " Sanctuary City" I have no idea what his motive was? Robbery, Hate, Accidental  whatever? Simple fact if he wasn't in this country that young woman would be alive today.

So FOX goes on a rant about Sanctuary Cities. I for the most part agree with many of their observations.
How does a community decide to ignore present day Federal laws? To make their own laws up?

Looking it up there are almost 200 of these cities around and on one site it listed Painesville, Ohio Yes it was probably old unreliable data but still it was there. The next day FOX had a red dot on the northcoast of Lake Erie that represented a sanctuary city. The dot was approximately where Painesville would be on the map.

My question is how did our city make the list? I have been attending council meeting for over ten years and the subject was never voted on. I and many others have been assured by the former city manager that we definitely are not! I believe she's correct.

So where did all this come from?

I remember a city councilwoman claiming on FOX that Painesville was a welcoming city for both legal and illegals, but no promise of being a sanctuary city was made?

I remember an ICE raid where people seeking sanctuary in the basement of St. Mary's Church, again no promise.

Did a member of the Hispanic community take it upon themselves to deem us a sanctuary city?

A friend from a nearby city explained well maybe they mean Painesville is an "unofficial" Sanctuary City. What do you mean I asked? Well, maybe people are told to look the other way or not make certain calls he answered.

I told him I hope not because I don't want a situation that's  like San Francisco. The he said they said it's their responsibility not ours. not my fault it's theirs. Everyone CYA!

I don't even think this problem even has anything to do with him being illegal. First find me a person or group that after being deported four times doing time in prison there is anyone that believes he is an asset to America. Even to his community?

I am speaking as a father. For the one that held his daughter in his arms as she died. This all has to change and soon.

AND please get us off those lists!

Monday, July 6, 2015

"EAT IT' "weird al" yankovic

Well congratulations all seems we survived another Holiday . Although U.S. forces provided fireworks inside Syria this weekend. All the  biggies CNN,FOX, MSNBC have put away the chatter threats and what ever they provide us with on holidays.

On another front politicians were on a roll this weekend. Starting with Hillary and roping off reporters, to Republicans claiming it's midnight in America in New Hampshire? The locals all wondering what their talking about NH unemployment at 3.8%? Yet lets cut Social Security and Medicare but not raise taxes?

Then we are told by these people running for office the  United States is no longer revered or respected around the world.

Just maybe they have seen a few of our fast food commercials? It started with that KFC bowl mashed potatoes, chicken, corn gravy all combined in one bowl. Yes even Mr. Chicken has come out with their own version.

Next is this new All-AMERICAN burger from Hardee's... American cheese, two quarter pound beef patties, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles  sauce and a spit in half hot dog all on a sesame seed bun!

The next two are near and dear to me PIZZA ! First Little Caesars wraps a foot and a half of bacon around a pizza and we go wow! Little Caesars that dumpy guy seems a little racist for me, pizza, pizza?

Then the pizza that must have my grandmother spinning in her grave at St. Mary's Cemetery is the Pizza Hut pizza with hot dogs in the crust? Not only my grandmother but everyone's Italian grandmother in the North-end of Painesville. It's almost sacrileges.

On Independence Day we hold a hot dog eating contest at Coney Island Because? the big news this year was that Joey Chestnuts didn't win. Some guy named Matt Stonie (hum) ate 62 hot dogs to Joey's 60.
In the female division Miki Sudo ate 38 , her secret she would separate the hot dog from the bun eat it then dip the bun in Chrystal Light?

On another note some poor soul put a lit mortar on his head blowing it off.

What I'm trying to say is there a more logical reason for the world losing respect for us?

Just a thought from me. I believe the Golden Gate Bridge took less time to build then that bridge on Richmond St. over the Grand River! How was the Mardi Gras?

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Stay Vigilant, but enjoy your Holiday?

Me, I worry about some goof in Euclid wanting to go on a lone wolf Jihadi then an attack from the Middle East.

Chatter is up, arrests are being made , enjoy that steak but keep your eyes peeled for something unusual. everything around here seems a bit unusual.

Overall I believe the government is doing a great job keeping us safe. Then again a few things bother me. Since 2001 how much improvement has been made in our national electric grid? Can hackers break into our banking systems and wipe out ATM's over the weekend?
Let alone how easy it is to smuggle a bomb on a plane?

Remember the goal of a Terrorist is to not just kill but to terrorize the people.

Also they must enjoy inconveniencing people.

I guess it's time to explain to these people yes, your good at terrorizing and killing people but we wrote the book and have the weapons to show you what real terror is. Maybe it's time to show you?

Hey, enjoy the Holiday I will because I know the power this country possesses.