Sunday, January 31, 2016


Right before Groundhog Day

Well just a few items to comment on, first I guess the secret is out  that $2,250,000  loan will pass tonight.

The Downtown Painesville Organization wants a name change? Best guess they want to add 'Historic' to their name? Not much historic left down there but they sure know how to historically go through cash?

I guess I was wrong we didn't approve the salt purchase?

Let's put garbage on second reading, did any of you call your council people?

Bids to go out for the Cedarbrook storm water Detention Basin. Better not leave this on first reading. We are talking about major delays.

And finally I guess Painesville Public Works wants a new building at the Storrs St. garage? No mention of size or cost? Maybe they can move that Battery Box Building over there?

I guess by 10:00 PM Monday night we who will, might, could be, or should be our next President. It will be interesting how a first place or a fourth place is the way to win the White House. All that might be missing is a Johnny Manziel  sighting in Des Moines!

Friday, January 29, 2016

"STORY IN YOUR EYES" moody blues

I've been thinking about our fortune, and I decided that we're really not to blame.

Well again today we were on the front page of the News-Herald.

City manager responds to community
By Tawana Roberts

Ultimately, we wanted to let everyone know we are willing to answer any question they had. Our main goal is letting them know we are responsive to our residents and businesses.
 Anthony Carson, Painesville city manager

Look I had an opportunity to buy a ticket to this state of the city affair but I chose not to first I shouldn't have to pay to ask questions plus I view these affairs as a dog and pony show!

Plus with the format of the affair "write your questions on a piece of paper hand them to Painesville Economic Development Director Cathy Bieterman and Cathy will not screen the questions?

Let's start with an easy one if the Cedarbrook Storm water project if the land isn't cleared by March 31,2016 there will be a six-month hold on the project? Since the land was purchased, I don't remember that ever being discussed? ( the purchase of the property) Along since last fall all I have seen are wooden stakes?

Let's talk about our new water inlet? Making Painesville's water the highest around. Some resident had their water bills double.

High Pointe Center the former city manager claimed at a hearing I attended that "we must move quickly to demolish that building because investors are anxious to start." What's that been six years ago. All those projects were to get residents to forget Lake East leaving? I challenged the state claiming that would be a good site for a Veterans Hospital, Nursing Facility and keeping the Emergency Room in our city. No we get a hill with dirt not even an Urgent Care Center that we were promised.

Please explain how the $96,000 the general fund received from Waste Management, looking at the rates for other communities how that didn't affect our rates. It is no more than an unvoted on tax increase period.

Where are our Senior Center advisors on how senior are being screwed by WM?

And to conclude how do we make the front page on January 27,2016

City sued over officer's demotion

This goes back to April 24, 2014? A demotion for a statement with concerns to being a witness in a sexual harassment investigation? Demoted can't work day shifts isn't in Painesville as well as our council's best interests to explain this? It make absolutely no sense to me. Maybe all those executive sessions?
Now don't go sending the blog. with you know what happened because unless you put a name to a comment I will not print Anonymous comments.  Doesn't mean I will print your name but I will talk to you first.

Be honest for a minute what was funnier? Sarah Palin's endorsement of Trump OR the Saturday Night skit?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


You can spend all your time making money

Here is the presentation that was presented to council on the upcoming Refuse Contract by the administration.

As well as their recommendations.


EASTLAKE- Republic Waste, unlimited amount $14.53/mo.*
                        5 year with 5 year option in one year increments

KIRTLAND- Waste Management- Trash/Recycle
                        Regular Rates $13.85/mo.*
                        Senior Rates $12.99/mo.*
                        Separate fee for bulk items
                        Add'l charge for another container
                        Bag service
                        5 year with 5 year option

WICKLIFFE- Kimble Recycle- Trash/Recycle/Yard waste $15.29/mo.*
                          Bag service
                          7 year contract

WILLOUGHBY HILLS- Republic Waste, Trash/Recycle
                           Reg. Rates $15.79/mo.*
                           Senior Rates $10.83/mo.*
                           Bag Service
                           % year with 5 year option

WILLOWICK- Kimble Recycle- Trash/Recycle/Yard Waste $13.45/mo.*
                            Bag Service
                            5 years

WILLOUGHBY-Waste Management
                              Unlimited trash service
                              Homeowner's own trash cans plus recycle $14.93/mo.*
                              96 gal. container additional $2.50/mo.
                              Bag Service $18.50
                              Bag Service plus- recycle & Yard Waste $6.03/mo.
                              No Yard Waste
                              5 year with 2 year option

MENTOR-  Waste Management- Trash/Recycle/Yard Waste $8.27mo.*
                      City of Mentor pays half of the service cost
                      5 years with 5 year option

PAINESVILLE- Waste Management Trash/Recycle/Yard Waste $22.03/mo.*
                             3 years with two 1 year options


ITEM length of contract    CURRENT 3 years 2 year option      Recommended 5 years
           Type  Service                             Unlimited/Bag                                        3 Levels
           Recycling                                    Every 2 Weeks                                      Every 2 weeks
           Yard Waste                                 WM
                                                               March1-Dec.15                                       Ala-Carte
           Leaves                                         City
                                                               Oct. 15-Dec. 7                                        Ala-Carte   

That's it pretty much it in a nut shell. I will have to ask what Ala-Carte means in the picking up of yard waste and leaves.

Seems as though the former CM and crew might have been very lenient in the bidding process?

As you can see we pay the most in the County. We were told because of high rentals, and delinquent customers?

Please call your council people with recommendations. Just think if Tony Torre lived in Willoughby Hills he would have saved $120.00 a year. Unbelievable!  I won't even tell him about his water rates.

Chris Christie claims he would 'throw his body in front of the Johnny Manziel Train'!ee

 Chris is a big Dallas Cowboy fan and believes Jerry Jones would make a big mistake taking on Johnny....
Me I would be happy if he threw his body in front of any old everyday freight train!
And Yes Governor a mop might be something you are qualified for!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

. MY SWEET LORD' george harrison

But it takes so long my Lord

This question is asked of all you regular church goer's in Painesville.

Has your Priest, Reverend, Pastor, Preacher, Minister or even a Rabbi ever conducted a sermon about the  Islamic Terrorists, Jihadist's or what is currently happening in the Middle East?

Mine hasn't?

But on another note Five St. Mary's parishioners and five other people visited the MACE mosque on Saturday, January 9th.

They all admitted to having anxieties when they entered the building. They were met by two women. Humera and Salma and a man Nafis.

"We pray for you every day"  and all the Children of Abraham. All Jews, Christian, and Muslims are "Children of Abraham."

This is probably it was a good thing I wasn't along for the trip. Please explain how all this has got so screwed-up then? If your statement is part of the Quran 21:107. "And we have not sent you except as a mercy to the World."

Are not Shites and Sunnis children of Abraham? Never mind Jews and Christians . Who and how was your religion hijacked? I appreciate you praying for us but most important stop killing us! Are Infidel's also children of Abraham?

I do understand some of all this, but it is way past time that our Christian clergy stop avoiding this issue and speak to it from the pulpit on Sundays.

Many of you claim President Obama hasn't taken this issue seriously. Maybe it's time for our Christian leadership too?

Rafael Cruz (Ted) claims it's settled law that he is a "natural born American" At the same time Canada claims he is a "natural born Canadian" ?  Can you be both? Or honestly can he run for U.S. President and Canadian Prime Minister?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

" LYIN' EYES" eagles

You can't hide your lyin' eyes
And your smile is a thin disguise

At last Monday night's council meeting Electric Director Jeff McHugh  gave a glowing report on AMP-OHIO and Prairie State. Well I believe he wasn't quite honest in his statements. First of all is Painesville City still paying 'Levelization' costs? Simple yes or No answer please.

Now what was going on that was making me upset as this report was presented?

First a little history Peabody Coal  (btu) dreamt this all up . they had a coal mine Lively Grove Mine  who's coal was pretty much worthless. They decided to build a power plant next to the mine.. With a two unit capacity of 1,600 MW PSEC. Now in their wisdom they decided to diverse themselves of 95% of the total operation leaving them with only a 5% interest. With Painesville being one of the 200 other communities owning the other 95%.

Peabody is presently selling it's 5% share in PSEC for $ 57,000,000?  Do the math if this plant has a total investment value of what 5 billion. The infamous contract that we signed off on gives Peabody Energy and no one else to an opportunity to 'cut and run" the opposite ofl 'take or pay'. Yet no one else was given this opportunity? Gee do you think someone knew something?

So what's the big deal? Well if we are to go by what AMP-OHIO has on the books for their PSEC investment  a value of it's 23% share value of $1,285 billion. If so than  Peabody's 5% should have had a value of $246,000,000. But the plant's not worth 5. billion. more like only 20% of that amount. Remember AMP-OHIO value it's  23% stake showing a 1.6 billion in various forms of bond indebtedness and other notes.

Peabody Energy has been trying to diverse itself of Prairie State through a bidding process since the fourth quarter of last year.

Now as a side note if PSEC would ever or could ever run at 100% capacity it would still be a poor investment for Painesville charging twice the market cost for electric power. Along with a major failure as an asset? It' has a real value of only 20% of what we have been told and paying for.

What will the bond holders do if there is a major default by communities and they know their 5 billion dollar investment is only really worth  less then one billion?

It's way past the time for attorney generals it's time for governors to represent us on this theft with a pen perpetrated on us.

Before Peabody can diverse itself of PSEC it must be subject to governmental and regulatory approvals. That's is where the facts should come out .

More information as it comes forward.

Again, I like Jeff McHugh I just wish he would stop representing AMP-OHIO and start Representing The City of Painesville. These facts should have been in his report to council. If anyone should represent  AMP-OHIO views in the city it should be former City Manager Rita McMahon and retired Council-President Joseph Hada.  Welcome them to come in and explain this mess.

Donald Trump's statement today that I could "shoot somebody in the middle of 5th Avenue and I wouldn't lose voters." Well that's not totally true. What if  he shot one of the idiot's who was going to vote for him?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

" TAKE IT EASY" eagles

By now most of you have heard about the 12 Marines killed in a training exercise in involving two helicopters. These men's lose to our country are as valiant as combat troops fighting in a foreign land. The will be missed by family and friends. The pain of loss is no less. Thank these Marines for their service in protecting all of us.  God Speed.


Don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy

I attended the Council work Session Wednesday at 5:30 and was impressed with the agenda I will share the best I can.. No talk of Chili, Brownies just a meeting to figure out where this council wants to take our city in 2016.

Councilman Fodor brought the agenda of the meeting to council members. All department heads were in the room and no comment from the public was allowed. So I'm flying by the seat of my pants. They never shared the paperwork.

Brain Storm;

Communication with the Community.
Establish Communication.
Assign items of interest.

Capital Projects 2016

Storm water
Bank St.
 Electric and Service department facility upgrades
Parking Garage
Water intake project
Vehicle replacement schedule ( safety as well as non-safety)

Monthly Department reports to council
Community Reinvestment Council
Professional Development of council and members.
Strategic Planning ( What is the difference between this and a comprehensive plan?)
AMP-OHIO Prairie State monthly report
Comprehensive zoning
Channel 12
Damaged street curbs
City wide Streetlamp replacement
What to do with Painesville's Power Plant
Sewer relining

Housing Task Force
Vacant property ordinance
Sidewalk replacement
Ward IV property development
Development of the former hospital site.

Safety Committee
Review professional development for police on deescalating confrontation and review the cost of body camera's.

I am sure I missed some.

Now nothing was solved but Councilman Fodor brought forth items Painesville will be facing in 2016. If even a few of these things get done it will be a great improvement.

Please feel free to comment on these issues.

Hue Jackson has recently been hired as the new Cleveland Browns head coach. Mr. Jackson was the former offensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals. He was a head coach for the Oakland Raider's for one year and was fired after going 8-8 in his one season there? Hell if he goes 8-8 in Cleveland we will probably name a bridge and a couple of schools after him!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


What turns on your lights

Glenn Frey

RE- APPOINTMENTS : BZA, Civil Service, Parks and Recreation Commission. Never realized William Horvath sat on the Civil Service Board?

Everyone recognized for their Chamber of Commerce Award

Provided for the Issuance and Sale of $2,250,000 Notes (loans) left on second reading.

Yes we purchased the salt.

Bids for new water lines, approved. Yes I owe someone an apology the streets mentioned will also be paved.

Now the Refuse contract. The City of Painesville pays the HIGHEST rate for Refuse pick-up in Lake County..An example:
Eastlake Republic Disposal  $14.93 a month unlimited.
Painesville WM $22.03 a month unlimited.

The reason given was that we have a high number of renters and a high number of delinquent's. So if your a good citizen you are being punished by other people living in our community. So Painesville.

I understand the reason for 'unlimited' just drive around the town and look at all the refuse left on the tree lawn.

At the same time an $8.00+ amount means we are paying $96.00 a year more than another community for the same service? $96.00 x 5 years =$480.00 over 5 years. Just to pick-up garbage

Life sometimes isn't fair but as a rule if you use more you should be expected to pay more. Some Cities even provide a Senior discount.

Everyone knows my distain for Waste Management, I seem to have some valid reasons besides cost. First can anyone explain why WM must do pick-up on Mentor Ave. during rush hour? Same with Chestnut St. They seem to do as they please. Will they be required to repair curbs they destroy? I for one still don't understand the billing system. Don't try calling I don't believe they do either. To finish please no more $48,000 deals. No matter how you explain it WE paid for it! My hope is that Republic, Kimble  or other's look into this contract. The attitude with WM must change to secure the business.

Sidewalks? It appears an idea thrown around by the administration you must notify the city if you plan to sell your home.  I guess they want your sidewalks repaired  before you sell. Along with an Inspectionof your home and property. Whatever you do don't look out into the street or curbs or sewer drains that's Painesville City responsibility.

Randy Bruback gave an interesting presentation of the Water Pollution Control Department. He even showed us how it could be operated from his I phone. Great can't wait for some six grader at Heritage to Hack into his system.

Tomorrow at 5:30 PM the council will have an organizational meeting {with many items on the agenda ) Paul Hach and Jim Fodor should be thanked for putting this meeting together. This is serious business.

Things I learned yesterday;

Two Corinthians walked into a bar called Liberty.

Tina Fey will have another go at the Palin machine! Talk about ramble I thought it was Tina.

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Meeting to be held on Tuesday due to the observance of Martin Luther King Day

Issuance and sell $2,250,000.00 in notes (loans)

Resolution authorizing and directing city manager to enter into contract with Ohio Department Of Transportation (ODOT) for the purchase of Sodium Chloride (salt)

Resolution for bids on waterline replacement
Button Ave. from Newell St. 500ft. east
Williams St. from North St. to Elm St.    Painesville has a North St. and a North Ave.?
Levan Dr. All of it!
Wood St. from Washington St. to Erie St.
Hillside from State St. to Main St.

Resolution Authorizing and Directing City Manager to advertise for Bids and enter into a contract for Refuse, Yard Waste, and Recycling for the lowest and best bid. (This is where we ask for a bid that only Waste Management can fill.) And you only thought the Mafia was in the Refuse Business.
This item needs direction from citizens and council or we will be in for more surprises in the next five years!

Sidewalks City Planner Lynn White will give a presentation

Council will form different committee's to sit on.

And after all this Randy Bruback will give a presentation on the Water Pollution Control (WPC)
(how appropriate at this time of the meeting )

Hope to see you there Tuesday at 7:30 pm come early for a seat!

It was reported Mentor has it's first Woman Council-President. Has Painesville ever had one?

A reporter for The New York Times was ejected from a Trump  campaign at a pizza parlor in Waukee, Iowa on Friday. Anyone surprised? Trump gets all kinds of grief he eats his pizza with a knife and fork. Each to his own. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

" NOTHING FROM NOTHING" billy preston

Nothing from nothin' leaves nothin' You gotta have somethin' if you want to be with me

What am I grumbling about? All of our Presidential candidates period. Being truthful I envy some of you Trump supporters you at least believe in him. The worse that can happen is he might end up being a big disappointment. Me I'm lost I have a real life Santa Claus Bernie Sanders, An uninspiring former first lady. As well as some guy from Maryland who I don't even know why he's in the race.

Then I can look across the aisle and well Donald Trump, great businessman knows very little how government works as well as not realizing he's going to be President and not the Boss.  He will have 435 Congressmen 100 Senators as well as 9 Supreme Court Justices. Plus I don't believe he is a conservative let alone a Republican. Job one will be that wall Mexico is to build!

Ted Cruz Sorry Ted its not "settled law" and some state attorney will refuse to put you on their state ballot so hire an attorney. Plus I get a feeling many if not all of your fellow senators can't stand you. Yes you have flip flopped quite a bit. What's with bringing up Trump's Mom?  The big factor it seems you want to go to war at the drop of a hat.

Rubio I like you but you want to take us forward by going back 35 years?  At least I will keep listening. I wonder  what if a President shared your views when your parents immigrated here?

Christy Please you can't even take care of New Jersey. Trying to out Trump the Trumpster last night, you explained that you would throw Obama out of the White House! My take is if anyone would get thrown out of the White House it would be your fat a##  by Obama. You in my eyes are the biggest fraud running this year.

Jeb Bush! Really you don't want this job you could be doing so much more. You seem to be the most uncomfortable candidate. I see you quit using the ! now if you could change your last name.

Ben Carson I respect you as a doctor and that is the gift God has given you. Politics is not your forte. But this run will get you book deals as well as speaking engagements.

John Kasich The most grown up of the bunch. Anytime else this would be a plus. You seem reasonable not a trait to have currently. And you seem to be well liked by most Ohioans. What are you doing with this bunch?

I see war ahead as well as tariff's and more of the same old same old. The 1%ers are laughing out loud. I guess our memories are short. Remember where we were when the last time we elected a new President?

Maybe some of you out there can clue me in on where and by who we will be heading?

Don't feel bad, GM has already forgotten how American taxpayers saved their A##! Starting later this year they will begin importing a Buick Envision model from China.  That's the vision for America.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


This is a comment that  Donald Howlett sent to the blog. to inform us how the insurance issue works in the court system. Mr. Howlett is a retired Painesville Police Officer as well as an officer of the court. Thank-you for your input.

The Ohio insurance works like this.. You sign a form when you get plates or drivers license. And if you sign and it is not true, you can loose your right to drive and must post a bond type insurance with the state. This type of insurance will let the state know if the policy expires and your driving rights stop. When you go to court if your ticket shows no proof of insurance at the time of the citation was issued you now have to show proof to the judge. If you have no proof then the judge takes your license advises the state. The State then voids all your plates or owners of the car plates, the drivers license and wants a 528 bond.  Then if your car gets stopped your plates are taken by the police and the car towed. This is all on the owner of the vehicle and the driver. I hope that is straight forward and understandable.....DHowlett

I hope this clears things up. The only fault I see with this policy is if your the person that is involved in an accident with an uninsured driver and must file a claim with your insurance company. I have been told you can purchase basic coverage sometimes for as low as $50.00 a month and it sure must be cheaper over the long haul then going through all this?

Also if you have a loan on the vehicle the bank makes sure you are covered.

Watching the Cincinnati- Pittsburgh playoff game I started to think that the WWF/NFL had merged? Saddest part of the game was that Pittsburgh coach Joey Porter received the game ball?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

"DRIVE" cars

Thinking nothing's wrong
Who's gonna drive you home tonight

Is there an epidemic in our fine town of Painesville?

The reason I ask is in the last six months I have had three acquaintances involved in minor accidents involving drivers with no automobile insurance? Is this a local issue or is it state wide?

One friend had a minor side swipe that cost him a mirror. The police were called a ticket was issued for driving left of center and another for no insurance. The driver was allowed to leave and the officer told my friend they would receive a notice from the State of Ohio?

Today when I renewed my license plates the clerk asked me if I had insurance. She handed me something to sign to show financial responsibility never asking for any kind of proof of insurance? I guess my question  why ask?

Now if you are stopped for an accident or a traffic infraction you are asked for your license, registration and proof of insurance? At that point in a chargeable accident not having insurance just seems to be a little to late at that point.

I guess if you are driving without a driver's license your car is towed to a impound lot. I wonder if having  insurance shouldn't the same thing happen? And if not why not.

Again *I ask is this just a local problem or what percentage out there are uninsured drivers?
Why have a law with no consequences? I know there driving privilege's are taken away , but do you really think there not driving around ?

A tip to Hillary; if the pig want's you to wrestle in the mud with him don't. He enjoys the mud and the only purpose is to drag you down in his slime level.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"HOT CHILI" steve miller band

And there is nothing you gotta do but eat hot chili

 Quick recap of Monday night council meeting.

We started the meeting off with the organization part of the meeting. Council President Hach started the meeting with thanking council for another term...Tara Grimm chimed in not yet!
All four ward members were sworn in and went into executive session to vote on  a Council President and Vice-President. Thirty five minutes later they retuned to vote Paul Hach President and Lori DiNallo Vice-President? really thirty-five minutes to leave things the way they were?

The reissuance of bonds was left on first reading.

Prairie State Energy Campus  bit the dust.

Sidewalk replacement Program  The administration will present a report at the next council meeting.

Now let me tell you what I observed at the meeting. It seemed that only councilman Fodor and to a lesser extent councilman DeLeone understand the purpose of a city council. Mr. Fodor expressed that although PSEC will no longer be on the agenda he expects monthly reports from the electric department on cost coming from the plant as well as AMP-OHIO. Mr. Fodor as well as Mr. DeLeone presently have the opinion that the city has many issues that this city will face in the coming year.

Now from the other side of the dais it seemed the most concerning issue is to challenge council people in the up coming Chili Cook off! 20,000 people and a city with a budget of over $70,000,000 and we talk about Chili! Well I guess I'm back in grade school ? We have many needs in this town please address those issues before the Chili and Ice Cream socials!

I suggest all council members get the different committees together and address all the problems we have from the vacant property ordinance ,  safety issues and such that presently the two grown-ups on council want to address.

Cleveland Browns cleaned house the other day, their first new hire the N.Y. Mets vice president of scouting and player development? Why not, nothing else seems to work and hey a ball a ball?

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Happy New Year!  Let's keep those Resolutions.

Organizational Meeting at 7:15 pm. Well I expect a new Council-President as well as Vice-President Lori DiNallo and Michael DeLeone  in that order. Who says Republicans don't run city council?

Swearing in of Ward Council people

LEGISLATION;  Providing for the issuance and sale of $2,250,000 notes anticipation of the issuance of bonds. Well it was $2,860,000 last year so I guess we paid off $610,000? Wonder throughout the years how much we have paid in interest on these bonds?


Prairie State Power Plant.  Well I guess it's time to stick a fork in that one. No more Andy no more PSEC. Sweep it under the rug and file it as another city screw-up. The guy who 'Proudly' pushed this project is Painesville's Man-of-the Year ?

Sidewalk Replacement Program.  I have no idea where the council or administration wants to go with this one?


Here we go again!

AND... Best of Luck to new Ward I Councilwoman  Christine Shoop!

It seems the only top 10 teams from the Big Ten are Ohio State and Michigan the others just seem to have been lucky this year?