Saturday, May 31, 2008

Quality of life in Painesville

I would like to hear everyones thoughts on the quality of life in Painesville. Why are you here? What do you like or dislike. Do you feel you get your moneys worth here? Lets have an open forum.The good, the bad, the ugly.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

WARD # 3

Good news and bad news to report from Ward 3 Residents informed Council memmbers Arlene Becks and Joe Hada about tall grass in certain areas of Ward 3. Councilman Hada even went to see for himself what the issues were. Thank-you both for your actions.
Just when I start to feel good I turn on Fox 8 and see people on Cedarbrook Dr. A story about sewage in their basements. One resident said this is the third time this has happened in recent history. Is this a sewer issue or a storm sewer issue, or both? The only thing that has changed in this area are the new homes built in Liberty Greens, new homes built on Cedarbrook Dr. between Trailwood and Kennsington and the new Jr. High. Were these sewer lines upgraded with the addition of all this new construction, or did we do it on the cheap and just tie into existing lines? Who is going to be responsible to these residents for their loses. The homes affected seem to be between Southington and Trailwood down grade from the new construction. This past winter the homes at the other end of Cedarbrook had their basement flood. A city offical at that time told a family member the new construction was not the cause, but had no idea what was causing the back-up.
As usual the city will now react to the problem when none of this had to happen. Lets see if the new rate increases in water and sewer will correct the problems that exist now. That the city leaders will not let thing get so bad in the future that people have sewage in their basement or wonder if there is enough water pressure to fight a fire. Lets all be vigilant in watching how the money is spent.

Friday, May 23, 2008



Thursday, May 22, 2008

JEDD Meeting

Went to the JEDD presentation at city hall Thursday. What a sweet deal for Painesville and Concord. Everyone is for it, not one hospital employee showed up to complain. Painesville should realize about $200,000 for letting this happen. Does anyone think Concrd will stay "Rural" after the Hospital get started?

Please Play Nice

Some people who read the post are a little sensitive to some of the comments left. In the future please make no reference to a certain councilpersons vehicle. Even if it looks like a German WW11 staff car please pretend its a Chevy. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Utilities in Paine Falls

Just realized In this town we have 3 unregulated utility's, electrio, water. and sewer. It only takes 4 people on city council to decide how much you pay, what to buy,{80 million to AMP OHIO] Hows that working out anyway? No P.U.C.O. no regulation by anyone. Maybe we need another citizen task force?


News-Herald front page, Looking for 2 million dollars to tear down Lake East Hospital. Whats the rush? Will the new hospital with almost half as many beds be able to serve the area? Maybe the smart money would be to mothball East until we know for sure we won't need it? All I ever hear is terrorism threat, pandemics, ect. I would hate to say someday "we had a hospital once, now we have a dry cleaner and a book store."

Monday, May 19, 2008

City Council Meeting

Well folks its going to cost you more to flush, 3% or almost 17% depending on whos telling the story. 3% if your selling the idea. 17% if your going to pay for it. No matter what its going to save you money? go figure. If that crew saves me anymore money I'll me broke sooner then I think.
Council President Hada seemed more pissed off then usual, hey folks just vote "YES" and lets go home . 3 Councilmen wanted to table the Ordinance , nothing doing ,vote passed 4 to 3 . seems like not everyone is on the same page. Thank-you Arlene, Andy and Hal for asking and looking out for the residents.
Ordinance relating to Utility Service was tabled. Look this isnt rocket science get valid I.D. such as a real Social Security card valid Drivers Licence and a $350.00 Deposit. Stay off of Fox News telling people "We can hook you up". When the bill reaches $300.00 give people 5 days to pay up or make arrangements or the lights go off. Call the landlord make him or her aware of whats going on. Run the Utility Department like a business, thats what it is. Landlords are resposible for any debt left to the city. We don't share in your profits we want no part of the liabilities, they both belong to you.
New Assistant City Manager Doug Lewis was introduced, welcome Doug. I'm just trying to figure out how the quality of life in town will improve with him here now, oh yea we will start collecting 2% income tax on his $84,000 salary that will bring more money to the city coffers. {Help me God I'm starting to think like them.]
Presentation given on Recreation & Public Lands. nothing on Horvaths Lagoons but we now have a mobile "Block Party" trailer, that can be used in any neighborhood. John Murphy wanted to know if there was a fee? Czar Hada said "No questions this is a presentation to Council." So I guess it must be free. Lees going to meet alot of new faces.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just when they thought we were gone............

City Council meeting Monday, May 19, 2008 ......7:30 PM at the usual place.
Voting on the all-important sewer rate'll cost more to flush. Prediction: Utility bills for landlords will be read it here first! And where oh where is Hal's resolution?????

Saturday, May 17, 2008