Saturday, October 31, 2009


In less then three days we have at least two and maybe three new members on council.
What are the important issues about this campaign that will need to be resolved by these three members of council and the four serving now?

What will we do to fill the $900,000.00 budget hole in our budget for the coming year?

Will we resolve the flooding issues in Heisley Park and make that a want to live in neighborhood? I was there today and yes there are some real water issues there.

Cobblestone Apartments, and the general Diamond Center area will they come forth with a solution to the time it takes for emergency response in that area? I hear talk but no solutions, City Manager, Fire Chief, Council whats the solution?

Millstone residents when will they be made whole? Will we showboat these people for another couple of years?

AMP-OHIO I got the impression the people in this town aren't to crazy about a 50 year obligation to anyone.

There are many other problems that we have illegal immigration, rental housing, getting business back in town.

My only advise I will give you is let your vote count for at least someone who wants to fix these problems, and the city is a bigger concern to them then popularity and being reelected.
Vote and make them accountable!
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^And speaking of accoutability.
Its time to let the school board aware its not business as usual. Time to make a change, thank whoever you wish but could we please have someone at that front table with "Living vested interests in the future of the Painesville City Schools?"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Lance Cpl. David Raymond Baker body should be retuning home today. Funeral services will be Saturday at Zion Lutheran Church in Painesville where his family ,friend, and people who just want to honor this heroes service to his country. No greater sacrifice can an individual give than in the service of his country. There will be allot of mourners at this funeral.
I want to celebrate this Marines life and do anything to honor his service. Now I have to deal with my personal anger. Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas is coming to Painesville to protest at this heroes funeral there belief is that God has taken aim at American service people. "These soldiers are dying for the homosexual and other sins of America. God is now America's enemy, and God himself is fighting against America."
To the memory of Lance Cpl. Raymond Baker, his family and friends I want to apologize to them for the freedom this country grant to idiots. I truly believe David is in a far better place.
************************************************************************************* I watch the procession for Lance Corporal David Raymond Baker at the new Harvey High School with Marge and Andy Flock. Mr Wheeler came out and put the flag at half staff. I mention to the Flocks how proud I was with the response on this blog. from Painesville resident how not one comment was in a negative fashion. No its Obama's fault, its Bush's fault. the liberal this the conservative that. All this community wanted to show there respect to a fallen Marine. To celebrate his life, and to mourn, and grieve with his family. Maybe in a strange way God sent Westboro Baptist protesters her to unify a community? Well got home at around four p.m. and see things somewhat back to normal, Politicians signs, fire truck running, whatever? I censor a comment because of the suggestion to drive by the church with your radio blaring a song. I would have posted it if I knew for sure that was in the familys wishes, no stub meant,Sorry. God speed Lance Corporal Baker I know your in a better place and even in death you helped bring a community together. Semper Fi
Please read the comment sent in November 4,11::20 a.m.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


First off some interesting meetings to let you know about this coming week;

Tuesday October 27, at Morley Library in Meeting room "A"
A presentation by Nachy Kanfer Ohio representative of the Sierra Club for an informal discussion about the future AMP-OHIO coal burning power plant to be built in Meigs County Ohio. Along with Painesville's financial involvement in this project. This plant could have an impact on Painesvilles Electric rates for the next 50 years.
Meeting to start promptly at 6:30p.m.
Just got an e-mail today the EPA will not issue permits to build this plant presently and a decision will not be announced before summer of 2010.
To some of you who might have an interest Painesville along with other AMP communities invested in a new power plant called Prarie States. The cost of construction has risen a Million Dollars a day for the last six months. What a deal this will be in the end. See if anyone mentioned this at the council meeting?
Thursday October 27,2009 all AMP-OHIO members will vote on the the Meigs County Power Plant I can only hope that reason will enter into this.

Andy Flock's Town Hall Meeting this Thursday at 7:00p.m. at the "New Huntington Elementary School" on Elm St. in Painesville .
A representative from Senator Sherrod Browns office will be there to answer questions you might have about the proposed Healthcare Bill now in the Senate.
Please feel free to ask your questions, but people will be asked to leave if they become belligerent.
Please remember this is to ask questions on what is or is not covered in this bill.

To some of you that believe this whole Healthcare debate is taking this Country down the wrong path.
On Thursday November 5, 2009 at noon people are asked to meet at Veterans Park to let our Congressional Representative know "to keep there hands off of your healthcare" A fellow poster let me know about this and asked to post it on the blog.
You can get more information by going to or
************************************************************************************* A short report on the healthcare presentation, around 60 people attended and as a whole everyone acted like I would expect Americans to act. I felt the mood of the audience was against a public option and had good reason to wonder where this agreement would take us I would have to agree with them. The Representative could not believe that an employer would drop there healthcare program and make you take the government option? Really most employers would jump at this. The problem right now seems until the Senate and Congress says here's the Bill we for the most part don't know whats proposed. Again I want to thank the people in attendance on how well they conducted themselves.

The reason for the Locomotion title?
Understand that a "Jalapeno Loco Restaurant" might move into the recently vacated "Storm Cellar". Just hope they weren't told they would receive free electricity?

Friday, October 23, 2009


In an earlier post I mentioned I would try to find the salary of the Superintendent of the Painesville City Schools now I can only guess what he hums to on the way to work everyday but it must be that song by Sonny & Cher.
This information was collected on the website.

Dr. Hanlon's base salary this year was $127,000.00
A PHD. stipends 5,000.00
A facility construction stipends 15,000.00
One time stipends payment of 3% 3,810.00
Tax Free annuity 2,004.00
Car Allowance 3,600.00

I'm not done.
100% of PERS contributions
Superintendent expense acct. $300.00 month
can accumulate up to 275 sick days
vacation of 35 days a year [7 weeks]
Paid health insurance
100% life Insurance paid up to 2X base salary
Cell phone provided for school business

Just a thought but who does the Public Relations for the schools? You might be surprised, and don't you think that should have been first to go?

Someone tell me why we are cutting teachers aids?
This from the lowest rated system in the county and near the bottom in the whole Cleveland area.
After the love fest I watched at the last school board meeting its time to clean house people!
A layoff school employee asked where was the sacrifice from the administration?
I have the same question.


Recently I have received a lot of e-mails and phone calls calling me a fraud and a liar over something that is very innocent. I reported in a blog a long time ago that Lori DiNallo was a Republican central committeeman for Painesville. I thought it was strange that on the 'walking' list provided by the Lake County Board of Elections in January of 2009 Lori and all members of her family (except one) were listed as Independent voters. I wondered out loud how you could hold a Republican party position and be an Independent voter? I was then presented with a 'walking' list from August 2009 that shows the whole Dinallo family as registered Republicans. Since there was no primary election this year I could not understand how someone could change their party affiliation.(The rules state that the only time you can change your party affiliation is in a primary election year)People told me that I had the incorrect 'walking' list. My paperwork was presented to the Board of Elections to Mrs. Clair and she could not duplicate the 'walking' list from January 2009 that I showed her along with the receipt of my purchase of the list from January 2009. She did show me lists prior to that date showing the Dinallo family as registered Republicans and the current list showing the same Knowing Mrs. Clair as I do and the credibility that she deserves in that position, I believe that there was no mistakes made (deliberate or unintentional) on the part of the Election Board. No one can explain why that one particular list read differently. Having said all of the above...I am not a liar or a pot-stirrer...just a citizen that is reporting what I saw. I hope this ends the e-mails and phone calls.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


First let me start out how saying how strange it is going by the empty hospital. All I can say is "Well the lights are on but nobody home."
Back to the "Meet the Candidates Night." I thought the format the was used was a good idea on how to get the largest amount of questions asked in the shortest amount of time. I just wish more of the questions were asked. One interesting question was Do you believe illegal immigration is a crime? All five candidates answered YES. So if this is any indication Painesville might be on the way of losing it sanctuary city moniker. Many questions were asked about the job different departments in the city were performing. Four of the candidates thought the city manager was doing an outstanding job, John Murphy when answering the question did not want to give the city manager a vote of confidence. All candidates thought the cities greatest asset was the utilities department and all believed that this would sustain Painesvilles future growth. They all believed Painesville need a P.R. person as to get more positive instead of negative reaction from people outside of the city. One resident claimed that the city was infected with drug dealers and gang members and asked why the police are not doing more to rid our neighborhood of this problem.
Just my observation but the city's government stands a pretty good chance of having a great influence on it by people directly or indirectly connected to the school system. I believe this could cause more problems in town.
In closing why is the former council president such a bitter person? Sorry Bill but move on with your life and quit being used as a "plant" by others around you.
I think I got a good idea who KAREN is? So I got more out of the night then I expected. Could be 100% wrong too, I'm getting as bad as the rest of you.

In closing all candidates told residents if they had any question to call them and they would discuss their concerns one on one.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


We all remember fairy tales as kids right? Well I'm going to tell you one that should have been on "Rocky and Bullwinkle" show called Fractured Fairy Tales.
Remember this is just a fairy tale.
Once upon a time there was a kingdom ruled by a Queen and controlled by seven dwarfs most in the kingdom went about there everyday lives with little concern what was going on in their part of the kingdom. In this kingdom lived a very gruff and pushy Bear that by everyone opinion was a pain in the butt. The Bear had one trait he was very industrious and one day he built some rabbit burrows in a spot that was a nice area down by the river. The rabbits seeing the burrows all wanted to live in one of these burrows. The Bear agreed and sold the borrows to the rabbits each for a jar of honey. While he controlled the burrows he made sure they had proper care and insurance. After most of the burrows were sold the rabbits decided they could run the burrows ,the Bear agreed. One of the thing the rabbits decided was why do we need all these expenses lets cut some. Life was good in the burrows and even the Queen came down and had pictures made of the happy rabbits in there burrows.
One day after more then 3,000 trips around the sun a great rain came a rain like this had not been expected and will probably not occur in another 3,000 trips around the sun.
The river overflowed flooding all of the rabbits burrows,to the Queen credit she had some very dedicated knights who by their bravery managed to save all the rabbits. The rabbits stayed at the old school house until they could find family or other burrows to stay.
The Queen summoned her dwarfs and it was decided to make the rabbits "whole" again. The Queen contacted La Turtle to see if he could get the great alphabet to come up with funds to make the rabbits future brighter, They went to the head Wizard to see what he could do? Yes they received alot from all these places but it still wasn't enough. In conversation with the Great Wizard a very strange plan was concocted where the Wizard would pay something off for the Queen in exchange that the Wizard would get the land by the river but no bears,rabbit, even dwarfs could ever go upon the land again. Also the Queen agreed that she would be responsible that the Wizards wishes were carried out.
Everyone will live happily ever after....Right?
One small problem that the Queen might have overlooked was that the rabbits only owned where their burrows were. The Bear seemed to own at least a big part of the land the Queen deeded to the Wizard. The Bear when informing the Queen about the problem explained that he would hire a Shark and go in front of the Wise Owl to make his case. The Queen summoned her own Shark to see the Wise Owl. The Wise Owl has tried to get the the two to agree but the Bear wants 600,000 jars of honey which the Queen doesn't have. Until the Wise Owl rules the Wizard , the Bear, the Queen even the Rabbits can't do anything. Now you know how the signs are on "Kingdom Property"
The Bear's not that crazy about the Irish leprechaun he just knows the Kingdom needs new dwarfs.
The moral of the story? You decide. I've lived in this kingdom to long to be surprise anymore.

Don't forget the Queen and the dwarfs have a meeting Monday night 10/19/09 under the Golden Dome 7:30p.m. Can we all say 40/60?



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"CAN'T BUY ME LOVE" beatles

After listening to last nights school board meeting I have more questions then answers. I feel bad for the people that lost there jobs and they seemed to be blindsided by the whole thing. Were there warning signs? Was the administration wrong in assuming the amount of money that was coming from the state? I knew the economy was going "To Hell in a Handbag" over a year ago. What the highly educated people at the administration building thought it was just a minor glitch?
As I stated I have always worked in the private sector, maybe people who work for the public don't see the struggles a business faces to pay its workers and make a profit. It seems people figure we will just raise taxes or fees and the general public will pay. If you work for a business that loses revenue don't expect a raise, expect to pay a bigger part of your hospitalization and don't expect the work to get easier only harder.]usually there's less employees] Everyone I know deserves a raise, but it seems at least this year the only people that got them worked in the public sector.
People see people getting raises, and layoffs happening at the same time become very confused. Stipends for what ever good reason makes them wonder, Stones from India no matter how innocent still raises questions. Remember how long I complained about the lights being on in Chestnut school parking lot? A private business would have corrected that a lot sooner trust me.
The Painesville School System is going to have to explain how even though we spend over $10,000 per pupil and already pay high taxes they need more money.
Everything must be brought to the table, privatization of services even busing, there can be no sacred cows. Educating our children is the No.1 priority, period.
People are already suspicious of the timing of all this and a stealthy campaign in February is not the answer since people can vote absentee easier now.
The ball is in the boards hands can they sell this to the residents of Painesville?
Please feel free to add your thoughts,questions, even solutions.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


A the last council meeting Councilman Flock made a statement that at the "Meet the Candidates Night" someone mentioned one pot of money that the city and the schoolsget money out of? Also whats the difference if it came out of your right pocket and went into your left pocket? Simplistic but wrong. Their are two pots that must be kept separate. city money here. school money here.
How this all came up was a city resident Tom Medpack asked why the city had to buy the school property since it was already owned by the people of Painesville and was originally purchased and maintained by them . Now we have to purchase it from ourselves. Alot of people chuckled but in reality he brings up a good point.
School board property is not Painesville City property. they are separate public bodies I see no problem with co-operation between the two but sometimes with the forgiveness of the permit fees, and the traffic signals just maybe it has gone to far?
I only bring this up because of some of the candidates comments that night. If Joe Hada, Lori DiNallo, Jim Fodor, would win the election along with Hal Werner that would make a majority of votes possible for any legislation for the school board. I believe this would be unhealthy considering some of the things that have happened already. Would you want four elected officials that were connected to say Avery-Dennison?.
One more mention about "Green Space" Remember the 16 acres that the city purchased along the southside of the Grand River by Whalers Cove. I affectionately call this "Horvath Lagoons" that still looks the same as when it was purchased by council by direction of the city manager for $250,000 that we had to purchase or the "County would redirect the money" more B.S. Well lets sell or trade with the school board for the school green spaces?

Just a heads up.
Very interesting school board meeting tonight. No there was no $700,000 audit mistake what happened was the State of Ohio gave the school board only at.075% increase this budget cycle down from as high as 12% I think the board was counting on at least 5% that never materialized. That is the major cause of the layoffs that just occurred. Dr. Hanlon said he would put the power point presentation up on the systems website for everyone to view. Now this ends the cuts right now but no guarantees about the future. Dr. Hanlon is recommending a levy to the board as soon as possible. No amount was given. My question was if you knew money was tight how could you give wage increases in the past negotiation cycle? The stone from India was brought up, that was an interesting answer "It just cost a little more than limestone." A few of the people asked questions like where was the sacrifice from the administration? They said they knew they would need a levy and waited as long as they could. Funny when I suggested that we were going down that path it was "an ugly rumor." Watch the meeting on channel 96 read the power point and let me know what you think.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Police Chief Gary Smith is the blogs. "Person of the Year for 2009"
Some people tell me this site should be called "Who's Complaining Now Painesville"
They bring up a good point I've heard complaints about every councilperson,the city manager even some guy that snowplows a certain street for the city. In all the time Chief Smith has held that position I have never heard a complaint from a resident, the administration and even his own department about him. That's a lot when he has to balance the three groups all the time. He is approachable to everyone and is respectful to everyone he comes into contact with.
I was at a meeting where the speaker mentioned he had conversations with other police chiefs and got the impression they were in denial. He stated Chief Smith wanted to address the issue before it became a problem, and didn't want this in Painesville. He is proactive instead of reactive.
Building and scenery are nice but people like Chief Smith make Painesville a better place to live.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Not to much on the agenda will report what passes.
Mr. Lynch will give a report about the Citys Service Departments.

Some questions from the citizens might be concern of the school properties turned into parks or green spaces?
How much in arrears a closed restaurant in Painesville owes in utility bills? Is it really over $10,000?
All the garbage littered on the tree laws before pick-up day?

How about the 2010 city budget?
Is it really have to be cut $900,000 from the general fund, and department heads have so far on shown only cuts of around $220,000?
Will the city's health insurance costs increase 26%?
Will the local government fund be cut 12%? [$500,000.]
Most positions that are vacated will be left unfilled unless absolutely essential?
Transfers will not be done in and out of rotary funds next year? [Please explain}
Not a single utility is operating within current revenues? Could be a situation like the water department isn't selling water to the electric plant for the cooling towers because the power plant is buying off the grid because its cheaper to buy then to produce it?
What fund did the money come out of to pay for the traffic lights at Cedarbrook and Keningston? or the money to forgive the permit fees?
Wish council people would ask questions like this?

Still checking on raises given to school administrators will report soon.
Well I've got some news on raises given to the school administrators they received 1% raises this year. So if you make $70,000.00 you received a $700.00 raise this year. Now Dr. Hanlon received a "stipends" I haven't heard that word since Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. The stipends is for the new school construction? I don't know right now how long he receives it or the amount. This might be what everybody is talking about a $20,000.00 raise.
**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Update on council meeting of 10/05/09 coming everything passed.
Not much happened Its Muni-power month, and the storm water resolution passed.
One subject that brought alot of attention was something called the "Matricila Consulaic" card please ignore the spelling . Somehow the county commissioners thought it was a good idea to let these card be issued for identification? Common sense if your here legally you have proper papers. Council President Joe Hada explained the city of Painesville does not honor the card, as do most government agency's. I couldn't understand where Councilman Hal Werner wanted to go with this since the city understood that the card cannot be used? Hal here's an idea go around to stores in Painesville and check that clerks are not using this card for I.D. to purchase tobacco, and alcohol and put a stop to that practice. Report any store to the State Liquor Control Agency that continues to use it for I.D. Trust me the card is being abused. Trust me

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Work'n in a Coal Mine, part 2

Work'n in a Coal Mine

What Oberlin's Mayor and council say about AMP OHIO.


A very important announcement to make concerning Councilman's Flock Town Hall Meeting the last Thursday of the month. October 29,2009 at the new Huntington Elementary School located on Elm St.
Councilman Flock has secured a representative from Senator Sherodd Browns office to answer questions from Painesville residents concerning the debate over National Health Care.
This meeting is open to the public and I think if anyone in Painesville that has a concern or question they should plan to attend this meeting.
I personally want to thank Andy for bringing this to Painesville.