Thursday, February 27, 2014


This upcoming Monday March 3, 2014 Painesville City Council will vote on sending a letter to Federal officials with concerns to the illegal population that currently resides in our Painesville community. As I have mentioned illegal immigration is one of the top three issues that gets many responses on this site.

Now I understand Mrs. DiNallo's concern on this issue and I respect her for bringing it forward but really will this letter make a difference one way or another?  When Mrs. DiNallo mentioned she had "teamed up" with Veronica Dahlberg she lost me. This letter should have been a collaboration between council members and the whole Painesville community.

Believe it or not I do see the issue from both sides and if anything I wish there was more tolerance for each other's views.

First off I see no way of removing 11 to 20 million people from this country that for the most part, but sorry yes,they were asked to come here. At the same time I don't expect the borders to remain free and open, and handing these new arrivals the keys to the kingdom without some sacrifice of there own. Learning English, understanding American history, some sort of monetary fine to represent that they did break the law of not just entering the country, but using other peoples social security numbers, fake or no driver's licenses. No federal or state benefits until they pass their citizenship test. On a side note Mrs. DiNallo questioned at the last council meeting if these Hispanic children born in the United States could even be Mexican citizens? I checked and a child born of just one Mexican citizen parent would receive Mexican citizenship. So that child would have dual citizenship.

Again, to the people who want them deported show me the plan. Wanting something and showing how it's accomplished are two different things. I think this is a reasonable request asking the how.

My religious faith has always told me to welcome the stranger. I was also brought up to judge a person as an individual not on race, religion, or economic status.

That said as I listened to Mr. Werner at the council meeting tell us he has been a resident since 1965 and would like his town to revert back to that period.
Well Hal I got 15 years on you and for the first five I remember very little. My golden years of Painesville were say 55' thru 65' you were a little late getting to the party. Why I bring this up is that we will never go back to the "good old days" anymore than the people in 1870 Painesville could ask that. We all evolve, people as well as communities. You can wish all you want but time goes on. Many of us would not recognize the Painesville of 2114, well maybe except for  the bad roads? Things are changing very fast right in front of our eyes. Heck my Painesville of 1960. PCLS only had ONE bus and one bus driver Mr. Russell.

Maybe this letter should have not come up in front of Painesville council but it did.

Now I am asking you if the resolution will pass. NOT if you want it to pass or fail  but what you believe the vote will be FOR or AGAINST? So you can be against the resolution and still see it passing.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Well January Prairie State invoices are out. Three communities in Ohio have the same charges. Painesville, Galion, and Tipp City. Now the invoices aren't classified so any resident can request them.

Something strange in the first invoice of the year.

1) Debt Service INCREASED from $222,052.00 in January 2013 to $236,517.40 in January 20134. Why? is this like a variable rate mortgage?

2) Net Congestive Costs $21,257.63 January 2013. INCREASED  to $154,110.01 in 2014. This was the item Councilwoman DiNallo was concerned about in the November meeting with AMP-OHIO in Painesville. I hope she inquires why.

3) Demand Charge in 2013 $85,322.00 January 2013 INCREASED to $88,759.54 in 2014.

I hope someone on council or in the administration ask WHY?

Also even though the plant ran above 80% efficiency in January Painesville still paid $89.00MW more than double the power cost on the open market. And another $68,000 to Painesville's "Levelization" Bill. Council was informed at Monday's work session that the Painesville power plant is still being manned by thirty employees. Due to demand for power in January Painesville could have produced power and saved some money rather than make outside purchases. BUT we didn't because we were doing maintenance on something at the Electric Museum. What are we the American Motors of the electric industry? Gremlins, and Pacer's remember them?

Let me share this with you.

The federal Securities and Exchange Commission  (SEC) has subpoenaed both Peabody Energy, the developer of Prairie State, and AMP in regards to the development of the plant. Such investigations are rare, and the municipalities participating in Prairie State plant have a very legitimate interest in any findings of the SEC's investigation. However, the SEC's focus is primarily on protecting the investment community- the institutions who purchased the bonds for Prairie State. This is a different set of interests than the ratepayers and the municipalities. Because AMP-OHIO is not subject to regulations by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, the state Attorney General  is the public official who is responsible for protecting the interests of the ratepayers and the municipalities. 

Something to think about.  Who's watching the Hen House?

Monday, February 24, 2014


Secrets? Hardly.

New CVS to be built corner of E.Erie, N.State, E. Jackson.

New County Jail across from the old jail. The worst kept secret in Painesville, my county birdie tell's me a well known local demolishing company has already won the bid to take down the buildings on the north side of E. Erie St. that said Painesville council should also be aware of that situation. Why bring this up ?
As you know we are starting to repave some of our streets in Painesville. I just question the choices due to all the demolishing and construction this year in Painesville? Main St. Streetscape the activity on E .Erie St. maybe some action on Washington St? I just want to make sure that everything is being considered. We can't afford do-overs.

Also remember that Lakeview Bluff project that involved Painesville, Fairport Harbor, and Painesville Township?
Well that project seems to be coming to an untimely end. It seems IMG want's to end its partnership with Hemispheres Corporation. No golf courses, no state of the art athletic development, vineyard, trout farm, homes.
Only thing Painesville got out of this were promises. What the previous administration did was give Todd Davis a lot of Painesville soil to help cover-up more than 16.5 tons of radioactive land. Thanks to the former Diamond- Chemical plant. Many old-time Painesville residents knew this was a stupid idea when proposed but why listen to common-sense. Another black-eye to our community.

It seems many of our newest members in Heisley Park have now realized that two bordering neighbors just happen to be railroads? I don't know what these residents have been promised by local, state and federal officials. Where was the developer as well as former city officials about concerns about a buffer between the two. Is  it two railroads  fault or his everyone forgot about personal responsibility? There was a reason your homes cost $75,000 less than if they were located on a cull-da-sac in Concord Township.
This was poor planning on the part of the McMahon administration. Why build a buffer if we can cram  a few more homes there. 10# in a 5# sack? Heisley Park residents I'll trade a railroad siding for a gun range any day.
Here's an idea to those residents? Ms. McMahon is gone but.... the President of the Planning Commissions presently sits on council as a Councilman-at -Large. Maybe you could come to a council meeting and ask him what the thinking was when those plats were approved?
Can we expect another letter? If so this one should be fairly easy. Send it to ourselves no one to blame but the developer and the McMahon administration.

The Clown-Car returns to Painesville at Harvey March 4, 2014 seems the Liberty Coalition Candidate Forum (Tea Party) starts promptly at 7:00 PM.
Featured candidates are (R) Matt Lynch  who is attempting to unseat (R) David Joyce for Ohio's 14 District.
(R) Linda O'Brien who's is running against (R) Sarah LaTourette for Ohio' 76 state district. Just to name afew. Nothing like a good family fight or is it just eating your own? My question how will the 14th district be better served by replacing one Republican with another?

And some of you thought all we had to worry about was sending a letter to the Feds about the Hispanics?

A question to city leadership if you are asked to make a substantial investment to run electric power somewhere, how long should it take to recoup your investment? Not promised estimates (we know how those turnout) Just asking. Please pretend you are really a business.

Seems this winter has taken a toll on even our newest paved street. Are those speed bumps on Charlotte St. just off Liberty?

Seems Painesville Electric Power OWES AMP-OHIO over $830,000 in "levelization" costs? That's not a secret that's a fact!

To Ward III Councilman  Deleone.  As an attorney you must be aware there are many definitions for a "nuisance" besides sound decibels? Don't want to carry the ball Mike? Fine. No need we will solve this issue with or without your help. Maybe I will put you in touch with the real-estate agent who lost a sale on Cedarbrook do to all the constant shooting? It even affects property values.

In the last year or so Painesville council agreed and voted  to an arrangment to take over running the Painesville Senior Center ? In conversation it seems that arrangement has never happened? Any thoughts on why.

And finally the weather seems to be breaking and to the city street department, cold patch doesn't work try something new, or is it only done to make everybody look busy?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

" THE WONDER OF YOU" elvis presley

Recently I've read in some of your comment you believe I think I am smarter than you? Nothing could be farther from the truth.

I guess when certain things come up on the blog. you at least keep an open mind on how others view the subject.

Recently someone claimed we must protect the coal miners jobs. Then I heard from someone who's whole family, father, grandfathers uncles, even older cousins worked in the mines who told me the misery of black lung disease, missing fingers, limbs pain from working in coal mines. He claimed if he could close every mine today he would. Two people coming at an issue from two different places.

Now I will ask you some questions think before you answer.

1)  Do you think there would have been a mistrial on first degree murder if  a Black man had fired 10 rounds into a SUV if the four boys inside had been White with cranked-up C&W music?

2) It's a fact the NFL is a non-profit and as such no team, NFL Headquarters pay ZERO in Federal tax. This on Revenue of close to10 billion dollars.

3) The Commissioner of the NFL Rodger Goodell was paid between 29 to 44 million dollars last year, and never carried the ball once?

4) Should people who want and decide to work receive less than if they stayed on public assistance?

5) Do you believe a starting minimum wage of $10.10 raised over a  two year period is excessive?
     If you do, should people who work still live in poverty?

6) Large corporations like Walmart, McDonalds that make billions every year. Should the Federal   Government still subsidize their employees due to low wages?

7) Those of you that want illegals out of the country, would you use force to do it? And if so how
    much? Would it be worth bloodshed on either side?

8) The Speaker of the House plans no new legislation in Congress until after November. Should we quit paying them until November?

9) What is better for the U.S. economy  1 car costing $500,000 or 20 costing $25,000?

10) Do you believe we should send troops "boots on the ground" to Syria, or the Ukraine? It's called the U.S. Defense Department not the let's put out fires all over the world department.

**********BONUS QUESTION ************

President Obama has to make a decision on the Keystone Pipe Line in the very near future  This project is near and dear to the GOP, with what I've witnessed in the last few weeks it might be 2020 before a Republican reaches the White House. Now should we say barter minimum wage to $10.10 an hour and another year added for unemployment insurance for the President to  O.K. the deal?

Again Know there are no right or wrong answer's just want to know what you think?

Something else to consider a friend of mine who has zero knowledge about  the markets, claimed yesterday that the markets will collapse  soon after the Olympics ends. Why give this a second thought? He told me the same thing after the Olympics in 2008. (which they did) I asked him what the Olympics had to do with finances? Nothing he told me? It's just time.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"POLICY OF TRUTH" depeche mode

Well seems like a few people wanted to not repeat the bickering that went on at the last council meeting.

First the council agreed to raise the snow ban tickets to $50.00 I applaud that vote as I believe it won't raise revenue for the city but it will mean safer streets in Painesville. $25.00/$35.00  amounts were also mentioned the vote passed 4/3.

Fire Department expenditures were left on third reading. Now Painesville's share of an "Air Truck" is $60,000 I wonder if anyone has asked to see one? With four communities involved  am I to assume the price will be around $240,000?

The Fire Department also requests a new Ambulance to replace the six year old one the city presently has. This vehicle is equipped with a Ford turbo diesel that was replaced once at around 20,000 miles I remember someone telling the chief and council that motor was junk and they purchased it anyway. Now we want reliable equipment but could we just have a new chassis purchased and remount the body? Or as other nearby communities have purchased units with truck bodies that are larger and can take more abuse than a Ford Econoline? Will this vehicle remain outside like the ambulance and Technical Resue Truck we spent alot of money on?

Immigration letter? I have to wonder why we went down this rabbit hole? Lori DiNallo has the Hispanic communities best intentions at heart I understand her reasoning, when asked if she teamed up with Veronica Dahlberg on the draft of this letter she claimed she had. She lost me there.  I guess no one learned anything from the last letter campaign? Ms. Dahlberg is not an honest broker for the whole   Painesville community. You wonder why nothing was mentioned about border security, a fine, or any responsibility of the illegals well we now know why. Council person Jenkins mentioned this letter is only meant to have lawmakers "poop or get off the pot." Got news for you Katie the Republicans have put this issue on the backburner, Do you really think they want a party war over this issue in an election year? Their not stupid.
If you ,Mrs.DiNallo, Mr. Fodor want to send letters do so. I just can't see you sending a letter signed unanimously or even the majority of Painesville citizens.

As I mentioned to you last night anyone who voted against sending a letter to the Attorney General of Ohio and vote Yes to send this one is a hypocrite for the same reasons you stated for not sending that letter.

That said I see this letter passing 4/5 -2  YES Jenkins, DiNallo, Fodor . NO Deleone, Flock haven't a clue how Fitzgerald or Hach lean. This is only an observation from someone watching from the audience. I do think it will pass. Just to make people feel better.

Friday, February 14, 2014

"WORKIN' IN A COAL MINE" lee dorsey

Apt title with all the problems coal plant's have had recently.

But this is a different story it takes place in Tennessee of all places.

It seems our Republican legislators can't just get into just bedroom issues, along with women rights, equal pay, now they take on both a company and a union.

There is a Volkswagen Plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee that the UAW has been trying to organize for two years.
Now Volkswagen America, as well as corporate headquarter in Germany do not have an issue with the plant becoming union, as a matter of fact the UAW has agreed to establish "work councils" that work great at other Volkswagen plants. So today the 1,500 workers will go to vote if they want UAW representation. So who's making threats?

The top two leaders in the state have other ideas. Republican Governor Bill Haslam ( yeh the brother of one of the three stooges and owner of the Browns) along with Republican Senator Bob Corker? They have both threatened that if the plant goes union, the incentives to increase the plant to produce a new SUV will dry up.
So I guess these two would rather have no jobs instead of union jobs? Doesn't make much sense that the Republican Party would get involved in this matter does it?

On top of that Grover Norquist has paid for at least twenty billboards around Chattanooga to stop the union. Good thing Koch Brothers have deep pockets.

Now the last time I looked the Browns organization players were unionized. For that matter the Tennessee Titans also were unionized and the state had no problem providing the Titans with cash to build a new stadium? Is there a contradiction?

Maybe the people in Tennessee and Cleveland would have been better off if the Haslam Bros. would have just run their gas stations ...Honestly!

Politics? "I'm Lovin it!"

Great House of Cards is on with new episodes. A fictional government where Congress works and things get done.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"GET BACK" beatles

Loved the 50th year tribute to the Beatles that aired Sunday night. Made me feel old and young at the same time. I hope many of you enjoyed it also.

GET BACK to Painesville, somehow I let some of you get me to stray into political places I would rather ignore. I guess when I hear some facts from "Informed" voters that are wrong it draws me in like a moth to a light. I did the last post so some of these people have a post to vent on, I have a bet I won't comment on anything posted on HAD ENOUGH bet I'll loss that bet!

Now for some Painesville news.

First the Harvey High Marching Band will be traveling at the end of March to Disney world to lead the March of Characters  down Main St. This is the first time Harvey has ever lead this parade. The band members have funded the trip on there own. No taxpayer money will be used and there will be one Chaperon for every six band members. Harvey Band represent!

Mr.David Bull and Dr. Joshua Englehart gave a presentation on the new state rule on passing a student from the third grade to the fourth using reading proficiency. Presently only 39% of our third graders have passed the test with a score of 392 or above, challenges to get everyone to a fourth grade level include special tutoring, and summer school. I believe if they are proficient in other subject they will move to the fourth grade but must pass the third grade reading test to be truly fourth graders. At the same time they will be exposed to fourth grade reading. All this seems simple now but don't forget that along with them we will have a new group of third graders next year.

The school board passed five calamity days, so far this year and waiting on legislation from Columbus on if funding will be available to expand the school year. Next school year PCLS will change the system from days to hours giving them more flexability.

I questioned the board if Painesville Schools participated in the "Blizzard Bag" program. I was told the district had to do that in the spring of last year and didn't. They are looking to do it in the 2014/2015 school year.

Painesville City had a large segment on Fox 8 news Sunday and Monday morning with concerns to our snow ban legislation. It would be nice if council could pass something on this soon. Remember council will review this legislation two more times. Please let council know how you feel on this matter.

Monday, February 10, 2014

"HAD ENOUGH" the who

Some of you might be surprised I watch a lot of FOXNEWS. But lately I've had enough. Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. COVERUP. Look this up The American Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan has been attacked four times between 2002 and 2006 a dozen killed and over four dozen wounded.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 12/06/2006  American Consulate attacked five civilians killed ten wounded.

Sana, Yemen American Consulate attacked nineteen killed sixteen wounded. Was there ever an out roar of a cover-up? or the failing of anybody? No, we live in a very dangerous world with many people who want us dead, that's it. Granted none of the above included the killing of an American Ambassador but it does beg the question what was he doing there in the middle of a CIA operation?
Two of the four killed were CIA agents. Look many Americans have already been killed and many more will face death. I have seen no proof by anyone that this was nothing but an  act of murder from terrorists that hate us. That should be our main concern.  Just recently former General and head of the CIA David Petraeus claimed Hillary Clinton would make a good Commander in Chif.  would be an excellent choice for President. Is this a man that would make a statement like this if he had reservations about the actions og the State Department?

Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. I am never surprised at the glee all Fox reporters have when reporting bad news about the Act, even to the point of making stuff up or incorrect reporting. So happy to report negative news, odd nothing about regulations on chemical spills that leave 300,000 people in West Virginia without drinking water. Yes we need less regulations not more. Tell that to people who can't drink the water.
Regulation on food? USDA just reported 8.7 million pounds of diseased and unhealthy animals went to market. We don't need regulation if someone dies in your family from eating this meat we just won't buy that brand again.

War on Christmas, War on Christians. What war? Then wish us Happy Holidays?

Super Bowl Coca-Cola ad of America the Beautiful sang in different languages? Look up the song Oh, Mother dear Jerusalem      can we talk plagiarism? Anything to rile people up news network.

Newsman? Bill O'Reilly's Super Bowl interview with President Obama. Hard hitting journalism?
Let's talk for 40% of the time and when the President talks let's interrupt him 42 times? This is how it should be done.

Now go back and watch the interview Billy did with President George W. Bush was that journalism? Which interview was civil?

Anybody want to bet the debt ceiling won't be raised without another crisis?

Now if any of you believe I am enamored  with MSNBC your wrong I can't take another story on Chris Christie or bridges give it a rest.

Seems my news now only comes from Jon Stewart on the Daily Show well at least I can laugh. Maybe some of you should laugh a little more too?

That and we can all wait for "Uncle Sugar."

Friday, February 7, 2014

"YOU WIN AGAIN" bee gees

Recently a group of Bowling Green, Ohio residents attended a city council meeting with questions concerning the increase in their electric bills.

Bowling Green Utilities has decided to raise electric rates 5% in 2014...... 5% in 2015, 5% 2016 and 5% 2017.
They questioned if this was due to Bowling Green signing on to purchase 50% of the power the city needed from Prairie State Energy Campus?

They were informed that although Prairie State costs are higher than promised the main cause of these increases has to do with new capacity charges for transmission of power. AND the completion of several hydro electric power sources developed by AMP-OHIO along the Ohio River. Now when first proposed one of these hydro plant Cannelton was developed to produce 84MW of power with a construction cost of $455,000,000. Has something gone wrong? Hydro power should be the cheapest power after you build the plant the energy used to run the plant (water) is free. Maybe someone from Painesville should "gather some data" on what the cost over-runs have occurred at these plants. Or is Bowling Green council just making up stories?
Either way with "take or pay" AMP-OHIO comes out a winner AGAIN.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

"NO REPLY AT ALL" genesis

AND then sometimes you do get a reply. and in the process let your congressman know where you stand on an issue. Not saying he  will agree with you only letting him know what you one of his constituents thinks. I find this more responsible and personal than a letter by a city council.

I was saving this but with Painesville "letter" on immigration and the news today that Congressman Joyce is being challenged from the right  by State Representative Matt Lynch.

Dear Mr. Cimaglio

I wanted to take a moment to share with you an important update regarding illegal immigration and securing our borders. Recently I signed onto No Social Security for Illegal Immigrants Act of 2013 H.R. 2745. This bill would ensure those living in the U.S. illegally will not receive Social Security benefits.

As a former prosecutor, I believe we are a nation of laws and those here illegally should not reap the benefits of a program paid by legal U.S. citizens.
Under no circumstances should those here illegally be allowed to receive Social Security.

Most Sincerely
David P. Joyce
Member of Congress

In another letter published in Tuesday's News-Herald 02/04/14 letter to the editor.
A letter writer question how Mr. Ramos  who could possible be deported soon managed to work in this country illegally? Who were are his employer's and will they face any charges?


This article appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer a few days ago. Sound familiar?

Has The Project Group effectively monitored public utility issues for  Cleveland City Council?

By Lelia Atassi

The Project Group, operated by principals John Zayac and Michael Tuan Bustamante, has been under contract for the past 18 years to monitor public utility issues for Cleveland City Council. But the consultants did not report on several controversies related to utilities until after the Plain Dealer exposed them. Some examples;

Meigs county coal plant

In 2008, city council hired ION Consulting, a a Denver-based firm to evaluate Cleveland Public Power's plans to enter a long -term contract with AMP-OHIO to build a coal-fired power plant in Meigs County, Ohio.

ION 's report told council that intensified community opposition, and environmental concerns, increases in construction costs and ever changing technologies to control harmful emissions had made coal-fired power plants a dicey venture for most public utilities.

ION went on to forewarn that lenders will finance such a risky project only if the participating communities and utilities sign long-term power purchase agreements that require them to pay, whether or not they receive the low-cost power they bargained for.

Despite the  warning, Cleveland Public Power agreed to the "take or pay" contract.

And as ION prophesied, after several years of protests from environmentalists and a spike in the project to nearly 4 billion, AMP aborted the Meigs County coal plant altogether in 2009.

Cleveland was responsible for $13 million in "stranded costs" to cover plans for a plant that was never built. Agreeing to participate in another AMP-driven deal to build a natural gas plant in Fremont whittled that cost to about 8 million, which would be split between customers and a construction-debt fund.

John Zayac, one of the principals for The Project Group, said in a recent interview that councilman Matt Zone, then-Chairman of Council's Utilities Committee, had sent him to southern Ohio for an AMP conference on the project, Zayac said the project seemed disorganized and left him feeling uneasy. He said he relayed his feelings to Zone but was never asked to follow up with additional research.

"Eventually, it died a slow death" Zayac said.

Zone said in a recent interview that he did not request further follow-up from The Project Group because he was relying on the advice from ION instead. He said that his interpretation of the ION report was that the take-or-pay contract was a risky proposition but it made sense to buy power at a fixed cost, given the unpredictability of the market.

"No offence to The Project Group" Zone said "But we needed a specialized consultant to do the work."

The Prairie State Energy Campus

Problems with another coal-burning power plant, this one in Illinois, also did not appear in The Project Group's reports until after a Plain Dealer story detailed the issue in September 2012.

In that case, Cleveland Public Power's long-term contract through AMP resulted in the utility's customers paying a rate that was 42 percent higher than market for the first year of operation. Other problems identified could cause rates to spike for years to come.

But The Project Group did not weigh in on the matter until after the story ran in the newspaper, and then only summarized the article. In a later report, the consultants noted that they had spoken with Marc Gerken, the president of AMP, who assured them that although the cost of energy from the plant is high, "this cost is consistent with projections that were developed when Cleveland Public Power chose to invest in the project."

Zayac said in a recent interview that he did not follow up with additional research on the project because council did not request it.

Now what happens if Cleveland defaults on the Prairie State agreement? What are these fixed costs I keep hearing about, nothing is a fixed cost. Oh and the documentation that AMP-OHIO claimed no knowledge of knowing about The price of power in 2013 being $48.06 has been found and should have found it's way to city hall. It seems the presentation by AMP in November to city council a NEW graph was used by AMP-OHIO not the one presented to council when the vote was taken.

Look a fish stinks from the head down.

I don't know how much money must be lost before Painesville City Council does anything but "gather data?" Maybe the smart move would be for Verionica Dahlberg have council send a letter to whomever?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"HANG ONTO YOUR EGO" beach boys

Well first off I realize this is just Council-President Hach's third meeting, but he better get control of the meetings and soon. The bickering and remarks have no place in a council meeting. Along with timing visitor's, it his responsibility to control the meeting.

Only two items caused much conversation at last nights meeting the snow parking ban, and the letter concerning immigration.

First off the council should listen to all views of all Painesville residents. It seems the driving force on one side is a advocate for amnesty and advocates against legalization on the other. What does the average resident want? It seems a few on council have decided what their position is with little or no concern of what the Painesville resident wants.
I agree with councilman DeLeone the draft of the letter is very vague. If you want amnesty say so, if you want deportation to stop say so. If you want the federal laws followed say so. It seems every so often a letter is asked to be written and for what reason I know not. This letter I believe was composed by an advocate of immigration not by anyone on council, it's happened before and now it happening again.
I believe this country must find a solution for this problem but this letter adds nothing to the debate.
A word to council members write your own letter to whoever you want stating your position. Council should spend as much time on city business they can control and not on things they can't.

Just a reminder from the 11/18/13 council meeting with concerns of a letter to be sent to the Ohio Attorney General with concerns to Prairie State Energy Campus.

Mrs. DiNallo added that she'd like everyone to recognize that we are one of many communities participating in this project, we have a voting member on the committee. If we ask for an investigation we are asking Prairie State to incur a cost of defending their position or at least gather the information. In the end it will cost us money. The decision belongs to the committee not the individual communities. 
Now change Prairie State to Immigration and committee to elected federal law makers. Please explain the difference in the two reasons for the letters?

Snow ban parking a council member shared with me the thoughts of a resident that believed a $100 fine was ridiculous. I wonder if that same person believed that a $5.00 ticket was just as ridiculous?
The point of increasing the fine is for the word to get out and people refraining from leaving their vehicles on the street making it safer for the snow plow driver as well as the general public. The city if the check will find the most municipalities have a $50.00 fee.

Council-President Hach you missed  #12 altogether on the agenda?

Monday, February 3, 2014


Full agenda tonight. Buying an ambulance, an agreement with East End Lake County Council of Government for a joint purchase Air/Rescue truck. also a purchase of rescue tools.

County money to demolition of a home at 127 Lusard St. as well as the church on Skinner and State St.

Letter with concerns to requesting comprehensive immigration reform, first reading.

Ordinance amending section  352.15 and 352.99 relating to snow ban increasing the fine from $5.00 to $100.00.

Council person Jenkins is still looking for a definition of "Unoccupied"

Wonder if anyone will mention we paid over $166.00 MW from Prairie State in November? The "real" world was paying $40.00 MW.