Friday, December 31, 2010


I'm starting to realize a lot of the problems we face here in Painesville just might be simple "communication breakdowns". A perfect example happened this week when a News-Herald article about Painesville being sued by a resident that had been "tazered" by a police officer. After reading the article where was the response from city administration. The reporter had tried to contact the city manager slash law director who was out on vacation. Now did she try to contact anyone else or was she even told to talk to the assistant city manager? Painesville had plenty of notice to prepare a press release about this incident, did they?
Was anyone in the administration been given authority to talk to the press while the city manager was on vacation? What about the police officer why was he left blowing in the wind. Many people believe silence is an admission of guilt to some degree. This officer needs the support of the administration behind him at this time. This is not the time to let people come to conclusions on their own.
Many of you have theories about what happened this will be settled in the courts. At this time the city should stand behind the Police Department and this officer.

Was there miscommunication between council and the administration concerning the AMP-OHIO mess? Was there miscommunication between the city and the hospital and could that have been a reason for the move?
Was there miscommunication between the administration and council in regards to Grand River Fire Department opting out of the Cobblestone agreement?
Are there lines of communication open concerning Millstone?

My best guess? This city is presently being run by an individual who only micro-manages the operation of this city if she doesn't want you to know you won't.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"NEED YOU" beatles

Maybe, at this time of year when it comes to the City of Painesville, it is a good idea to reflect on things we really need.

Do I need a well-run Police Department? I believe it's one thing that we need for sure.
Do we need a well-run fire department? Just reading the paper the last couple of months only proves their value.

Do we need an $85,000 Sorry, correction $93,456 Assistant City Manager? Nice guy but do I need him?
Do I need a City Planner? What part of the plans did he draw up this year that City Architecture or Burgess & Nipple couldn't do? Do we need to spend close to $500,000 to operate the two cemeteries? That's a lot of grass cutting.
Do we need to help pay for a Main Street Director? Does a great propaganda job but do I need him?
Do I need to enhance the City Manager's salary by buying her (city tax-free)annuities?
Don't want to pay city income tax; tell your employer you would rather have an annuity. Along with not being part of a salary you show the public.

Do we need all those school buses? Why can't we stagger starting times, that should save some gas.
Do we need to teach ESL students proper Spanish? Are they going to Spain?
Do we need to pay for all the perks the administration presently receives? For example: a vehicle and a cell phone seem rather redundant (I'm sure he has a perfectly good car and phone of his own he could use)...especially in these economic times.

Of course, both Administrations will agree they don't need ME.


As of 8:19pm Wednesday night we went over the 25,000 views of this site. again thanking you 12 people. It was just before Thanksgiving we went over 20,000. Again someones looking in. Thank-You All of You.
Again over the time of the blog. even subtracting my responses we have had over 10,000 responses to posts.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

"CUTS LIKE A KNIFE" bryan adams

Just watching the news channels I get the impression the economy will pick-up somewhat in the coming year but unemployment will still stay in the 8 or 9 percent range.
How does this affect the City of Painesville? Less Federal and State money coming into the city's coffers?
Let's not even think for a minute school levy or no school levy passing when over 65% of your income is generated from the federal and state governments sorry there's going to be some major changes.
How these administrations implement these cuts will be interesting. Will the city cut Chiefs or Indians? Will the school administrators cut administration or staff?
Then again will the union members look at the big picture of protecting fellow members or will we have overtime with no wage or benefit cuts for city workers?
Will teachers say "NO" to wage and benefit cuts and we will see programs cut along with class size increasing to 35 students or more?
We will see human nature displayed at it's best or worse.
To the council and boards of both the city and the schools. It's business as usual when there's enough money to go around. You all wanted to be elected to these positions and as we all know its's alot harder to say No than YES.
Go out and check with the general public what they have been facing in the last couple of years? Ask about wages and benefits along with how many co-workers were "downsized". I don't envy any of you but you must first remember you are representatives of the residents and not the employees.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"CHRISTMAS PRESENT" andy williams

Wonder if our city fathers will put anything under our tree this year?

Will that Urgent Care Center become more then a thought? (After all, it was promised for last April.

Will the Millstone situation be resolved? I don't know what to say about that situation anymore. I guess I hope we all live long enough to see the outcome.

Will the city do anything for the taxpayers at Cobblestone? Maybe a portable defibrillator?

The Phantom bridge for the road to nowhere...maybe see steel instead of air in the near future?

Heisley Park residents getting industrial sized sump pumps?

The hospital site rise like a Phoenix for Painesville's future?

Will there be closure for Mr. Herron and Steele Mansion? Have I been told some interesting details about his dealings with the city? Will I get some verification so I can post about it?

Will our city leaders ever figure out that AMP-OHIO doesn't give a damn about Painesville? Maybe Santa will drop 2.7 million off at city hall?

The city will pay Waste Management $20,000 until July, to continue the re-cycling center. It was suggested that maybe they could bring in "nicer" Dumpsters? Maybe we'll just get that fence instead.

Maybe we won't always have to think small in the "VILLE"


GIFT? you can go to UTube and punch in "Slack Jaw Christmastime in Painesville"

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Mondays council meeting will be to vote on the 2011 $82,647,020 budget. along with an estimated revenue of $73,994,812. With a sizable cut to the general fund. [the part of the budget that affects residents the most]
I believe there will be only one person in the room who has a general clue how all this money ends up where it does.
I can only hope that the seven people who sit on council ask some questions. The city manager should be held accountable for every check she signs ever movement of money within the budget.
In the electric budget I believe a figure of 3 million dollars is to be used to build a substation so we can supply the businesses in the JEDD with Concord with electricity.
I would hope that someone should suggest that only those in the JEDD receive this power. Yes no power to go to Lake Health Administration Building.

On a Christmas note there are many homes in Painesville where resident have shown their Christmas Spirit by the decorations they have done to their homes and yard's.
Probably the one that has inspired me the most this Christmas Season is The Hill's Home on Wood St. between Washington St. and Sterling Lane. If you have the opportunity to drive pass this home this week I'm am sure you won't be disappointed.
I only hope by me mentioning it on this site it would not cost them points.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

"TWO LOVERS" mary wells

I have two lovers and I'm not ashamed.
This is turning into an interesting year. Two buildings that have been in my life well, since birth are going away.
First T.W. Harvey High on Washington St. is just a memory now. It stood their for almost a hundred years. How many lives and futures we born in that building? Yes it was time for a change. A new Harvey High was constructed on Walnut St. with all the bells and whistles that the old building never thought existed.

Now the building where many of you came into this world at is under the "crane".
How many lives had that building touched? Yes we said many hello's in that building along with many farewells to loved ones over the years. along with bringing many loved ones back in good health for all of us.
It served this whole community right up until the end. The Hospital system took it over from the county in 1985 and poured millions into that building over the ensuing years, new emergency room, new operating rooms just as an example.
Then for some reason it was deemed old and unusable, funny the Cleveland Clinic Hospital has been at its location longer than Lake East and is considered a World Premier Hospital?
At the same time the hospital system was turning over the property along with $600,000 worth of money, a stipulation was sent with that"gift" That building or property could never be used by anyone as a hospital. Build Condos, grocery stores, even a re-cycling center, put anything but something that might compete with us out here in Concord.
I have negative feelings about what will eventually happen on that property. I truly hope I'm wrong. In the final analysis NOTHING can replace what was there ever.
Wonder who I can write a Thank-You note too?

Friday, December 17, 2010

"CRYING" roy orbison

Well I see Congress has managed to pass the second half of President Obama Stimulus Bill.[This is called brainwashing] 900 Billion this time, start the printing presses and ask those people in the Far East if we can borrow some more cash. This is how we run a country? Republicans claim they snookered the President, Democrats tell us they saved the middle class. Truth be told the American people were taken to the cleaners.
Anyone who in their wildest dreams believes any of this will work has got to be out of their minds. Keep tax breaks for people making up to a million dollars along with unemployment insurances being extended for those without a job I can understand. Lowering estate taxes, and worrying about the people making over a million dollars a year, along with the deduction in our Social Security taxes?
People we have debt in the trillions, there is no magic solution.
We talk about America's greatest generation. You know what made them great? The sacrificed, it's that simple. The Baby Boomers along with every generation that followed them don't want to sacrifice anything period. We are living in a make believe world where politics are viewed as a sporting event. Lets argue what the word compromise means? Lets label people Conservatives or Liberals, lets put 200 million dollar a day lies out there, first call our President a Radical Christian than a Muslim? All these things do not do one thing to improve our quality of life.
Have some former candidate tell Democrats to "man up" and watch as their leadership cry at the drop of a hat, go figure.
Yes we even have to watch as a member of Congress get censored because he didn't know he had to report rental income on his taxes? Can he be that stupid and still tell us that with a straight face? We have a President that appoints a Treasury Secretary who fudges on his taxes.
President Obama's major fault? inexperience, along with to many people believing this man could walk on water and solve every problem.
Now a survey comes out concerning this "Tea Party" movement. 90% want smaller government yet less than half want any programs cut or taxes raised?

On the local front lets cut night and Saturday bus service but give everyone a raise, we have to be considerate to our government employees?

Heading down this road we all won't have any income to worry about getting a tax break on.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"SHARE THE LAND" guess who

The old Harvey property. Yes Mr. Powers may have a point that is a pretty low price for that 8 acres.[$224,000] Especially when you see some of the other land deals that have taken place in this town. The Port Authority acting as a middle man for Lake Erie College doesn't seem to be out of the ordinary.
It would bring the college closer to downtown and we may be able to rent some storefronts out due to the number of students that will live there.
Lake Erie College maybe the only salvation this city has and I see no reason not to embrace the idea of Painesville becoming a college town.
When I looked at this property I thought what a great deal this could be for someone. Then I remembered the swampland our city manager convinced council we had to buy along the Grand River by Richmond St. "We had to purchase the land, or the county would redirect the money." Really? Forgot about that land that was tax bearing that the city purchased over five years ago as a park? That now I affectionately refer to as Horvath's Lagoons? I haven't and I will remind our City Manager the promises she made about that land yearly. $250,000 for land mostly under water . Anytime any of you cheerleaders see her ask her what she was thinking, when that money {NOTE} be taken out of the general fund.
If there was ever a reason to question the City Managers judgement that purchase had to be it. Talk about Fiscal Irresponsibility? Sorry I forgot AMP-OHIO Meigs County.

Monday, December 13, 2010

"BALL OF CONFUSION" temptations

Took in the Painesville School Board meeting this evening. Don't really know what I learned?
The board has decided to layoff Five para-professionals in February. I have no clue how much money this will save but it can't be much.
Looks like we can kiss Mr. Bulls Professional Learning Community good-by. For some reason explained to me, we cannot use "Race to the Top" grant to save that project.
Mr. Thompson suggested the finance committee get in gear to prepare to ask for another levy this May, along with an amount to ask for? Yet and the same time no one has a clue as to what the states budget cuts will be? How do they know what to ask for?
It seem we may have an agreement to sell the Harvey property on Washington St. to the Port Authority who will sell it to Lake Erie College for around $224,000? I don't know if it passed [either did the administration ] two yes, one no and one person abstaining, along with a member that left early? Guess they will have to check with their legal department. No one knows for sure if dorms are built on that property if they will be tax exempt?
A parent asked that it was important to save our AG classes, I only wish she explained what we should cut? What I worry about is this parent voting for this levy and then finding out that program was cut anyway. This is another group that has to show transparency.
On another note community groups and others using the building will have to make new arrangements as the buildings will be closed at 6:00pm after the first of the year.Wonder if the finance committee will be able to use the buildings after the first of the year to plan strategy?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


"There was so much at stake, and it was personal". A comment made by Painesville City Schools Board member Andy Thompson.
Finally something Andy and I agree on, yes it was personal.
Mr. Thompson, as well as most of the board members, are very fine people. I wonder if any of them have figured out the problem yet?
Yes Mr. Thompson it was personal to me also. It was personal because: 1) where did you think most of the people in Painesville were going to come up with the money you were asking for?
Yes I took it personal; that the top nine or ten employees don't bother to live in the city that employs them... along with close to 80% of the rest of the city school employees. Just think if 30 more of them lived here we wouldn't be having this conversation.
Yes, I take it personal when our graduation rate dips to 65%, we have a 50% grading policy that no one I know believes in.
I take it personal when the system only reaches 2 of the 23 state mandates, and the rest of the county views Painesville schools as a failed system.
I take it personal that we have a superintendent that not only refuses to live here but also seems to be looking for a different job since he became the superintendent. (and what do we do besides reward him with raises and a free cell phone along with too many other perks to mention here).
You have to wonder if the Black community took it personal when they asked for one of the new schools be named after Thurgood Marshall? Along with the community wondering why you people killed the Hobart, Huntington, and Lathrop names and replaced them with names of trees? With your theory Harvey High should now be called Walnut High School.
Yes some parents might have taken it personal when White and Black children had to wait on their education while you translated to the Hispanic children? There has to be a better way.
Mr. Thompson there is a large under-current of reasons why that levy failed and yes, I guess they were all quite personal.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


The only thing I can tell that is on the agenda is the second reading of the 2011 budget. No departments are to make a presentation.
My question to the seven members of council have you no questions?
Where in this budget is the figure the city spends on health care, pension benefits?
What are Painesville's assets and what our our liabilities? What percent of the budget do we spend on interest? How and where does it show where the city pays for outside legal fees?
Why doesn't this budget even have a ledger let alone a line by line accounting?
Pies are nice, to eat but is this how a city with a $82,647,020 budget explain itself to the residents?
You would only hope that people ask some questions Monday night before the next meeting when they vote, with what they know now how could you vote "Yes"????
Investments what do we hold now, and what did we hold five years ago?

Just a quick note on the "Lyin" King" return to Cleveland a couple of things that you might have missed . Assistant coach Jamahi Maseley comment as LeBron talked to the Cleveland bench, S_T_F_U_ LeBron, or the look on the kings face at the start of the game when Mo Williams told him to G_F_Y. Priceless!

Friday, December 3, 2010

"IT'S YOUR ADDICTION" malese jow

What an addiction to power? It changes everything.
Local politics are fun but you have to remember its low minor league compared to national politics.
Yes our friends in Washington are at it again. I only hope the "teapartyiers" are paying attention. Just maybe their concern about the deficits was just a ruse?
Seems some Democrats, not our the President have figured out that the GOP will sell it's soul to the devil to extended those Bush tax cuts for the top 2% of the population.
Forget about how to pay for these tax cuts just extend them. Well, lets see how about we also extend unemployment benefits for two more years? Let's pass that START treaty, lets give every American $400.00 dollars even if they don't pay taxes?
O.K.O.K. Just extend the tax cut for the top 2% now!
Why are we even dealing with this now? Because come January they will be dealing with a guy with a VETO pen. So let's get it done!
Do any of these politicians care if your grandchildren get saddled with all this debt, DEM or GOP?
There are two million unemployed Americans yet the government must find cuts to pay to extend unemployment benefits, yet six million Americans get large tax breaks to whatever amount and no one cares that it will just be more money we'll owe China.
Conviction? Who has any?
You know someone told me the best place to be is in the "minority" because that's where the real power is no matter who you are.

Please, what say you?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"BEAUTIFUL MESS" diamond reo

Money can hide a host of problems, and the lack of it exposes problems to it's maximum.
The New Revenue that the city administration brought forth Monday, well they all stink!
How about looking exactly what the city gets for all these administrator? In my eye's I see cuts that could add up too 2 or 3 million dollars? That is if anyone downtown has the guts to make them happen.
Over $210,000 for a City Manager and her assistant? Remember 17,000 people. Well payed department heads that keep telling us how much money they save yet utilities keep going up along with services getting worse.
I will leave this forum open for your "ideas".
Why does the city insist to run the cemeteries? Let's see if a private landscaper can compete with a better and cheaper price.
How much do we spend on those utilities collectors in city hall? Ever heard of outsourcing.
Police officers would get paid on commission on arrests, along with fire fighters only getting paid if theres a fire and they save the structure.
Unincorporate the city and make it a Township. Maybe Mentor will annex us.
De-certify the unions and all city employees start a minimum wage
Crazy ideas? NO crazier than I heard Monday night.
Friday in Painesville is a no work day, ask a city employee?
How many people does it take to fill a chuck hole? Do they realize people are watching them? Maybe the city should invest in shovels that stand up all by themselves?
Change the charter to 11 councilpeople all serving for $25.00 a meeting with an eight year term limit.
Are the resident's getting their moneys worth today?
Lets just throw more money down this pit.
Remember the whole purpose of Painesville is to provide 350 excellent jobs with great wages.
Don't like the post? Quit, there's many standing in line to do your job.[At a reasonable wage].
Remember Hogs get fat and Pigs get slaughtered.