Saturday, March 30, 2013


All of you have a Blessed Easter and Passover.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"SECOND CHANCE" 38special

Heard something interesting yesterday dealing with our schools.
Seem all the hierarchy of the Painesville City School System including our soon to be leaving Superintendent  were all involved in a custodian problem at one of the Elementary schools. Seems this custodian has two options move to Cedarbrook or Chestnut St. School both onto a different shift?
So I'm to guess this doesn't include a morals issue or the fact that this person couldn't preform their job?
That is if the administration is willing to "move" them.

With all the issues facing our schools an impending levy. Our schools now in academic emergency can someone please just explain why this is such an important issue?

I guess my real interest here is to just see the strength and resolve of the union that represents these people. In the past many have argued their union as well as their representatives are worthless.
I want to find out.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

"WHO ARE YOU?" the who

Politics and religion

To subjects we should stay away from.

"Is the Pope Catholic?"
What is said about a sure thing.

"Is the Pope Latino?"

Recently the Catholic Church has named a new Pope Pope Francis. It has been mentioned that he is the first Latino Pope.
This man of Italian ancestry was born in Buenos Aires Argentina in 1936. Now is he Italian or Latino?
The reason I think this is important is what makes someone what they are? Is he Italian because both parents are from Italy? Is he Latino because of his birthplace and thought his young life knew nothing except Argentina. The language, customs everything about the country he has been born into.

Why bring this up?

Lets take a young Hispanic boy born in the United States never lived in the country of his parents? Knows the language as well as customs of the land he was born in or brought into a a young age. I guess he would call himself an American and take pride in the United States.

What about a son or daughter of an German and English immigrant I wonder if they believed it more important to be English or German? I believe they would tell you they are an American.

I believe in my heart the new Pope views himself as a Latino the same as I do.
As well......
As that little American of Hispanic descent sitting in that classroom a Maple Elementary.

Friday, March 22, 2013

"DOWNTOWN" petula clark

Much has been said about keeping our purchases local
We have the "Shop Downtown" ad and advertising in local papers as well as city literature.

What I propose, and we can be honest with this . In the next 10 days you can only make purchases within the city limits.
Gas, food, clothing anything you might need for 10 days. No sneaking out to Giant Eagle, Marc's Walmart or even out to Macy's.

Lets see how well developed our local; community is in providing all our needs for 10 days.
Hope you don't need a new pair of dress shoes?


Has anyone become addicted to a television show?
The Following
Monday Morning
The Wire
Mad Men
One that I became a binge watcher of is a Nexflix Original  by the title of "House of Cards" starring Kevin Spacey as Congress Majority Whip Francis Underwood and Robin Wright as his wife.
Along with this being a great show will this become the future for television series?

Along with it seems everyone I know loves "The Big Bang Theory"

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE" taylor swift

It seemed like only a short time I was claiming the virtues of Council person Lori DiNallo.
How fast things can change.

At last nights meeting 03/18/13 There was a resolution opposing uniformity measures for Municipal Income Tax resulting in a loss of revenue and unfunded mandates as proposed in House Bill 5.

Now the acting city manager and city finance director explained to council that with this change two things will happen. First the city will loss $30,000+ a year under the new collection system. Along with instead of the city receiving income tax receipts twice monthly it will only be payed quarterly. Now pretend your paycheck went from twice a month to four times a year and with this no knowledge what the next check's amount will be? Try running your city finances in the blind.
Now council only had five members present and they need all five to suspend and four votes to JUST send a letter to our leaders in Columbus to express our concern's and objection to this Bill.
On the vote to suspend four voted to suspend and one voted No. It never even got to a final vote. All this over a simple letter?
Now to confuse people even more Mrs. DiNallo claimed she didn't even disagree with the resolution? I guess she want's it both ways?
Now Mrs. DiNallo was defeated last November in her run as a State Legislature. The question after watching the going on's at last night meeting is her first concern to the residents of Painesville
 she was elected to represent or the Republican legislators and special interest groups  down in Columbus?

I will predict that if this Bill passes it will end any chance of her re-election in Painesville. Her first responsibility is to the electors of Painesville not to the party Bosses in Columbus..

Willoughby, Mentor has sent letters, as well as all 40 communities in Cuyahoga County in opposition to this Bill.
Maybe Mrs. DiNallo would like to explain herself? I know 30,000 reasons off the top of my hat to send the letter.

In other news the citys Spring clean-up dates have been changed  ( it's a little late) no matter what you have read in the Painesville Pride.
Waste Management will START picking up yard waste Monday March 18, 2013. Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused city residents. No sorry... who's going to pick up all those bags around town that have been left out on the tree lawn that have blown into the street and hit by snowplows?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

"JUNIOR'S FARM" paul mccartney

Seems just maybe the first casualty of the Main St. improvement may just be the Thursday Farmer's Market.

Appears with the construction the market will be moved to Veterans Park. Seems like a reasonable idea until you hear the conditions. No Vehicles on the Park, no tents just tables.
So I am to believe vendors who want to do business in Painesville will have to leave their vehicles and walk there merchandise some fifty feet or more to do business in the city?
This is the problem the city has people in charge without any business sense.
After the first thought,let's make money. Comes the ease of doing business. How many of these vendors work out of the back of their trucks or vans.
No consideration to the parking lots near Budda Bings? a more attractive part of the city?
This is all you got?

Now how did this come to my attention?
Maybe something is in the works to move this all out to the open spaces of the Painesville Commons Shopping Center. More room, more traffic along with alot less headaches.

Let's see if the administration can screw this Farmers Market up for the people of Painesville?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

"I KNEW YOU WHEN" billy joe royal

It was reported by someone who reads the Blog. That Chardon School Board has announced Dr. Hanlon as there new Superintendent affective August 1,2013.

As a community we should wish both Dr. Hanlon as well as the Chardon Schools our best wishes.

As a Painesville community where does this take us in finding a new Superintendent?
What qualifications were used in the Chardon selection?
Do they know something we don't?
Are there many qualified people out there to take this job on?

Alot more questions than answers.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Everyone knows the present conditions of Painesville streets are well at the least in overall poor condition. We can't pass a road levy for many reasons. Our neighbor to the west Mentor is spending 1.8 million dollars on roads out of their general fund. To be honest Mentor's general fund in three times the size of Painesville yet we can't muster up more than $150,000?

In a Plain Dealer article.  "Pa. firm pitches its patch for crumbling city pavement"
In the article Patch Mangement Inc. Their specially equiped truck buried dozen of down to the brickcraters under eco-friendly  material shot from a spray nozzle. Each pothole after another in only a minute or two to complete.
It took only one worker to operate the Pothole Killer from the cab of the truck.

"Everybody has a miracle cure, but they usually don't work."

Well Niagra Falls, New York brought in the Pothole Killer the past couple of years to deal with it's crumbling streets. Repairs done four years ago remain rock solid. Other city and states also report favorable results.
Patch Management formed in 1998 and has a fleet of 47 trucks. It costs about $35,000 a month to rent the machine.
We can leave the streets the way they are and continue to drive a dump truck around town with a trailer behind it like we have since the 1930's.  With well you decide the results. Time to think out of the box people.

Many people have mentioned what they could do about the AMP-OHIO deal's
Well here's the address;

Mike DeWine
Attorney General State of Ohio
30 E. Broad St.
Columbus, Ohio  43215

Maybe if enough people in all AMP-OHIO communities asked him to look into this situation he just might?
An attorney I know when we were discussing The AMP-OHIO situation brought up an interesting point. Are you still dealing with AMP-OHIO in any way that in not bound by contract? If you are your case would look pretty strange to an outsider. Yes it does.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"HELLO GOODBY" beatles

My granddaughter brought home a letter from Maple Elementary School today. In it Mr. Sebring after 13 years as a teacher and administrator as well as a student of Painesville City Schools he will begin a  new chapter in his educational career in a different school system.

I had not known what kind of principal or person Mr. Sebring was until August of 2011. When my granddaughter became part of the Maple family. After the first year of Winston the hamster and this year reading adventures into the lives Penguins I learned in a big hurry about Mr. Sebrings as well as Mrs. Starkey reading programs. I viewed commitment from staff, students and parents. Believing all the time I knew one of Painesville's best kept secrets. Or did I?

As Dr. Caster mentioned to all of us at the new Superintendent search, administrators are like sport free agents. Yes after they fulfil their contracts there are headhunters out there looking for the best and the brightest. This along with a resume that any principal would be proud to have. Someone noticed.

Maple is one of the bright lights in Painesville City Schools and I feel speaking for the Maple family , we are sad to see you leave and thank-you for what you gave us. Mr. Sebring will be successful where ever he goes. He has what Painesville needs the most drive.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"BEAST OF BURDEN" rolling stone

I attended the 7:00PM  superintendent search at Harvey last night. Pretty "fair" turnout but I expected more.

The meeting was conducted by Dr. Richard  J. Caster consultant for the Ohio School Board Association.

It was a very enlightening meeting although about  45 minutes in  Dr. Caster remarked , "and you want him/her to walk on water too". Fair enough.

After listening to the qualities we are looking for in a new superintendent it came apparent we weren't looking for a miracle worker but someone who was honest and transparent and we could witness progress being made.

Certain themes kept coming up, honest, transparency, communication between everyone. A superintendent that was open and forthright with the community as well as the parents of the students. We are no longer interested in what can be hidden.

Some of the concerns was as a community recently being put on Academic Watch was found troubling.
Safety issues played a part in the discussion.
Public Image
Diversity viewed more as a plus to Painesville than a minus as well as an educator willing to think out of the box.
The problem of poverty throughout all students in the system.
Many residents felt the system doesn't not support technology. We may have computer labs but no one to teach the students how to use them. I have three grandchildren that can run circles around me on a computer as most of us do.
Support Innovation.

The group wants integrity, flexibility, honesty, invest in the community and someone willing to accept responsibility.

Most of you know how important living in Painesville means to me as that the new superintendent live in Painesville. After listening to Dr. caster and some in the audience , well just say it's not a deal breaker in some cases.

We have a good foundation here in town and everyone in attendance wanted the best for our students.

If you missed this meeting you missed a great opportunity to give our School Board direction.

After attending this meeting I went away with a different perspective on some of my concerns.

No mater who the Board may end up hiring if the parents don't fully support the importance of their child's education everything will have been in vain.

A leader of an administration who will support teacher authority. Have a plan and follow though.

If you missed the meeting I believe the board members will be willing to listen to your thoughts.

Maybe we are looking for a Miracle Worker?

"YAKETY YAK" coasters

"Take out the trash don't come back?'

Well a reader informed me today the City of Painesville will not have a spring clean-up this year as it has in the past seems since time began.

It seems landfill cost are to high?..... Really landfill cost to high. What about all the yard waste that is taken to behind Riverside Cemetery and used as mulch. Take a look Painesville's private landfill is just an excuse.
What is the real reason?

Most people put leaves, branches left over from the winter on the curb what exactly are you taking to the landfill and where.

Do to this I believe one of two things will happen. First people might just say screw it. Others might dump there yard waste in secluded places around the city. Hey dump it down by the river.

Everyone should be outraged about this, if your not paying attention... Your still paying through the nose.

Call your council person and the at large ones as to when and where they going to tell us. and really why?
Manpower shortage? equipment. Ask for the real reason. Call Mr. Lynch at the service department.

"get all that garbage out of site"
"don't give me no dirty looks"

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

'WHAT IF I'D BEEN THE ONE" 38 special


Parent/Ccmmunity Focus Group
March 6, 2013 7:00 PM

Harvey High School

I have been told this is an informal meeting with just the search committee present.

Please find time in your evening to participate.

More can be found on the school web. site.


As you know I believe some of the conversations that take place in executive session are in violation of the Ohio Sunshine Law.
The last meeting letter mention some of the things listed for executive session included liquor licences. Was this a typo?
Now lets look at some of the members of council.First we have a council person that presently works for a sitting Lake County Judge.
We have a council person that works as an assistant prosecutor during his campaign he mentioned that it was a plus to his ward and the city.
We have a former school administrator who should be well versed in what can and cannot be discussed in executive session.
One council person that has served over 30 years and another that has over 18 years.
This plus a law director who should know whats going on.
Myself I have no idea, only what I read in the minutes.

Those seven on council have a civic obligation to uphold the laws of the state. They even took an oath.

I have invoiced all minutes I questioned. Now I have to ask has any or all of you have knowledge of breaking the Sunshine Law?
Not what you think but what the law says.
If you didn't good for all of you.

If I see again where it seems that something happened in an executive session that shouldn't I will send all the finding to the State Auditor for review.

I asked a question last night. You all heard the answer.

Now on another question why are the utilities still on at CORE? The power should be turned off until the building owner agrees to pay the bills starting say March 1,2013. I can't see the city leaving a residents power on with a $400.00 bill along with a bounced $65.00 check?
Shut it down now.

An ordinance the city put on first reading seemed to be confusing at least to me. No more pole signs in B2 business area. They want ground signs. O.K. they mentioned grandfathering present signs.
My question is what if say Perkins becomes IHOP can they use the present sign with new panels?
Could a Convenient become a Redi-Go or changing names make a sign obsolete?

Friday, March 1, 2013


There's a lot in a name. It may describes who or what you are.
Presently I concerned about the name on one of Painesville most prized assets. Our 125 year old electric plant.

Is it called "Our Sisters of Charity Electric Plant"?

Is it named after a former or present city leaders?
The "insert name here" Electric Plant

Is it called the Patriot Electric Plant owned by a large electric conglomerate?

None of the three examples above are correct.

It is the Painesville Municipal Electric Plant. Remember that it's an important fact.

Recently the third largest employer in Painesville closed it's doors abruptly. Or was it so abruptly?
Seems the city, county and state had been working on this situation for some time. I have been told the handwriting has been on the wall for six months? A court order I believe was ordered January 25,2013. The trucks really didn't appear unannounced.

It is a sad affair that 400 employees lost their jobs. My question is where will Painesville find the resources to find the over $400,000.00 in unpaid utilities Bills? Last I looked we are not a charity, or a incorporated company with stockholders as well as a CEO,CFO, and the other C somethings.

I know it's not named after the person or people who made this decision there not on it.

So my question is very simple who or who were the people that decided to let this loss grow to this amount? Was it Council? I don't think they knew to much in advance what was going on? Begs the question why do we have 7 council people if they are not in the loop?

The interim City Manager? Doug Lewis seems like a very reasonable person and at the same time I don't believe he or anyone else in the administration would make this decision?

One of the thirty or so at the electric plant fail to enforce a shut-off notice? Nah

Who then? Will that person stand up and explain to us why something they didn't personally own decide to keep the power on? I plan on hearing about 400 employee's along with their families.
WE heard that during the Millstone debate. The difference it wasn't city money it was a FEMA Grant. Will we be able to get a Grant for our loss?

Shouldn't there have been a formula in place that when you consumed so much, and you were behind some much it's out of everybody's hands?

If it comes down to one or two people I would hope that they looked towards other people before embarking on a decision like this. Remember we haven't had a City Manager since November .

For the bill to be this large how long a period was it for two months six months. What knowledge did the person or people have in making this decision? They must have seeked expert advice?

If it was done the way I believe it happened  that person should be prepared to make us whole and to proceed and purchase the plant put there name on it and make all the bad decisions they wish.

The scary part wonder if there are any more large delinquent are there?

Yes and at Mondays Council Meeting we again will hear why adding 7/10 day grace period will destroy Painesville's finances. You residents better pay your bills or we're coming to shut you off.

The best story I've heard is a city resident applied to the city for automatic bill payment. The city screwed up didn't make the withdrawal he was then sent a shutoff notice. Called the city about the problem and they still wanted to charge him a late fee. Like I said you can't make some of this stuff up.