Wednesday, December 28, 2016



What has Painesville in store for us in the coming year?

The new year usher's in a new City Manager new ideas new policies.

Huntington Bank with the acquisition of First Merit Bank will be moving from their offices on the Square to the First Merit building on Liberty St.

Talk of a merger between Walgreen's and Rite-Aid could mean a new operation called Fred's going into the Rite-Aid building. (Fred's an east coast drugstore)

Expansion on the old Coe Manufacturing property coming in 2017.

And thankfully we have benefited with Starfish Coffee Shop in Downtown Painesville.

Dollar Tree seems to be a busy place.

None a not so bright outcome. STP will be closing their plant on Lexington Ave. early in the next year.

Please tells us what you wish was coming or is coming to Painesville. I know a Grocery Store.

In todays News-Herald a front page article on Painesville Power customer's complaints.

As I have mentioned numerous times the transparency of Painesville Power has to be exposed. This Power Cost Adjustment what exactly goes into that part of your bill? Could you be receiving a sur-charge on failed power purchase contracts? Are you paying for plant workers not working producing electric power? No one presently knows what goes into that equations. Does Painesville get off telling others we haven't raised our electric power costs in 20 years while failing to mention the PCA goes up monthly. It's time Painesville gives it's resident's a transparent bill as to let them compare prices.

The hottest Christmas toy this season Hatchimals many failed to open?
Leading to a teaching lesson for your children don't count your chickens before they Hatch!

Saturday, December 24, 2016


As I watched a show of the many icons that we have lost in 2016, two stuck out to me the most. Mohammed Ali and John Glenn. Both were the first celebrities I can remember from my early years. One a brash kid from Louisville and one a kid from the Heartland of Ohio.

As the show listed the ones we lost all I could think was wow!

So many people have apprehensions for the coming year like myself and many believe this country has turned to corner to "Make America great again." myself I hope and pray I am so so wrong and that some of you see something I didn't.  I don't understand all the tweeting and his interference in the job until his inauguration . But he was elected fair and square and he will assume his position on the 20th of January.

As the election entered it's final week  I sensed that the pundit's were all wrong. It wasn't enough to just point out his flaws Hillary gave very few reasons to elect her. I don't blame the Russians, Comey, Weiner even the server I blame the lack of a message. Along with the recount being silly exercise.
Many people I never expected to vote for him were behind him 100%. Nobody cared three wives the way he 'graded' women' total lack of government experience. What or whom he grabbed even the very religious amongst us? Claimed so what.

Look at Michigan, President Obama saved over 1,000,000 auto plant jobs many in Michigan. The Republican governor took over the City of Flint and through the actions of who he put in charge poisoned the water coming to homes? Yet the state still went Republican?  Yes he could shoot someone on Fifth Ave. and wouldn't lose a vote.

I have lost friendships over this election and been unfriended and truthfully I  could not care. Most of those people were complaining about things that made little sense to me. And most had selfish reasons. That said I hope I am wrong and they are right about the President-elect.

I will be the happiest person to at this time next year to tell you, the person I thought was a Madman turned out to be a Genius. That's what I want for Christmas!

On the local front I hope our new City Manager and administration has unbounded success.

As well as all of you finding yourself in a good place and all in good health.

Starting Tuesday the stores will be stocked with Valentine candy and gifts.

Someone mentioned automobile commercials? The one that had me scratching my head was the Infinity Q50 with the little girl waving at a friend with a balled tree on the roof the vehicle. The family drives to the forest and replants the tree and the little girl says see you next year? Why didn't they just plant the tree in their backyard and save the trip?

Monday, December 19, 2016



Before I go any further'

My deepest sympathy for the passing of a wonderful Husband and Father. This weekend I learned of the passing of Councilwoman Lori DiNallo husband Michael. The community as a whole will keep this family in our prayers.

Well tonight was the first meeting of council with our new city manager Monica Irelan. She seems to have jumped right into the position. If you didn't know better you would have assumed she had been around here for a while.
Also we have a new Clerk of Council, Vallerie Vargo welcome on board.

During the visitor time many residents complained about the lack of understand and transparency in their electric bills. Again the PCA was brought into question. The price of electricity hasn't changed in over 20 plus years, but the PCA changes monthly. Its like a gas station advertising the price of gasoline at $1.09 + the GCA  (gasoline cost adjustment) which can change daily. One resident compared his electric bill with a First Energy bill as he owns homes in both areas. First Energy lays it all out for him monthly as well as the option of purchasing power from a different company. Can't do that in the ville'. Councilman Fodor wants to early in the next year to have a study on the future of our power plant. Sounds like a good idea. Is it just me, or is Councilman Fodor seems to be getting  attacked from all sides?

Something I hope all resident's realize your bill from the city includes  the electric, water and sewer charges on one monthly bill. I know of no other community in this area that does this.

No legislation could be passed as I have mentioned Mrs. DiNallo absence as well as Tom Fitzgerald being excused. Some legislation,  Ordinances have to be passed before the first year so expect another council meeting before the first of the year.

Also it was brought up as a zoning change for the area at Richmond St. and Skinner Ave. for a proposed 16 unit condominium complex to be built on tat site.

The Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce   announced

2017 Citizen of the Year                  Jeanette Crislip

2017 Business of the Year                Martin's Nursery

2017 Heritage Award                        Project Hope for the Homeless

As a Christmas present to council as well as the administration I decided  not to wreak HAVOC tonight!

"WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET" the dramatics

And shame your name
But baby, I have good intentions

And Sometimes you don't get what you see

Headed over to the Land Bank Meeting today to see what was going on with 265 N. State St. ie; The HOLA Kitchen/ incubator/clubhouse?

Well I found it strange it wasn't even on the meeting agenda?

Near the end of the meeting Mr. John Rogers brought up the parcel of property to the board. Seems we have hit a snag. When the Land Bank cleaned out the interior of the building at a cost of $10,000 they noticed two underground  oil storage tanks? In an office building? Well in a long long time ago that building was I believe a Desoto Automobile Dealership and repairs were made inside in the garage before it was converted to an office building.

Checking with Painesville City, yes that property has underground storage tanks. So what's our next move?

Painesville has received a grant to do assessments on two properties with supposed underground tanks this on and one on Stage Ave. After the assessments are made with concerns to size and quantities the Land Bank will decide  what to do next. The owner left the County holding the bag and the County has now left it to the responsibility of the Land Bank.

Overall I believe HOLA dodged a bullet.  Can't see saving the building with underground tanks that have to be removed?

Ah, Good Intentions!

Saturday, December 17, 2016


FYI Tomorrow at 3:00 pm there will be a Land Bank Meeting in the Basement of the Key Bank Building at\8 N. State St.

Makin' a wish checkin' it twice
Gona' find out who's naughty and nice!

Not one to be judgmental but when did Santa Claus become political?

Here is a story found in yesterdays Cleveland Plain Dealer

Painesville's Latino-themed Christmas party postponed until Tuesday
By  Grant Segall

PAINESVILLE, OHIO-- A bad forecast has postponed the second annual La Navidad  Para Ninos (Christmas for Children) party from tonight to Tuesday night.

The party is now scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday, December 20, at Elm Street Elementary School in Painesville, Registration is closed.

The event is meant to unite Latino and other families

"This will help us a lot," said Painesville's Claren  Estrada, mother of three. "It takes the tensions from their minds of what's going, from fears of their parents being taken away."

Co-host Nelson Cintron Jr. a former Cleveland councilman who owns Painesville's La Nueva Mia 88.3 FM, says the father of at least one of the party's has been deported.

Immigration lawyer Richard Herman considers the La Navidad Para Ninos holiday party a way to tell local Latino children, " You're not alone."

Many Latinos across the U.S. are fearful because President-Elect Donald Trump threatened during his campaign to build a wall at the border to keep out Mexicans and make their homeland pay for it. He said Mexico forces drug dealers, rapists and other criminals into the U.S.

Politics aside, Estrada says the party helps families from Mexico adjust to the U.S. Back home, she says, Christmas isn't a big deal as Three King Day, so the Navidad parties help her  and her children learn America's holiday customs.

Immigration lawyer Richard Herman, co-host of the party, considers the event a way for the wider community to tell Latino children "you're not alone."

The party will feature a special guest; Santa, of course. Herman played the role last year but has hired a professional this time around. With help from his family, he has bought gifts for the children, and Harvey High students have wrapped them.

Other party hosts include the Painesville Schools Family Resource Center; local activists Brittany and Chalio Payne, lawyer Dennis Seaman and Nelson Cintron.


I hope the school administration as well as the board realizes getting political can be a slippery slope. I wasn't crazy about when the Tea Party held rally's in the Harvey Auditorium, and this seems more of the same.
So much for diversity "we will hold our own party" Believe me it doesn't take any kid of any nationality long to figure out Santa Claus.
This smells from politics and Santa will not do anything to reassure them of Donald Trumps intentions. Assimilate? United we stand, divided we fall. That should be Santa's message.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


I've seen a face
I can't forget the time or place

As most of you know yesterday was the first day for our new city manager Monica Irelan. If she's smart she will learn quickly who amongst us hides a knife behind them. Who she can trust and who better not to. This will go a long way in making her career choice to come to Painesville successful.

My only suggestion to her is don't take cost estimates at face value. Things around here can easily double and I don't always believe it was a mistake.

She is fortunate she has a good assistant city manager who can save her time and mistakes if he so choses. He has no desire to replace her at all.

I feel like I'm 1 for 2 on city managers,  hope this one works out.

Now comes the first odd occurrence.

Ms. Irelan will have a meet and greet at the Fish Bar.

Fish Bar
11 Chester St.

On December Thursday December 15,2016
4-6 pm

But you need a Reservation?

Call (440) 392-5801

Maybe to me the Fish Bar (Old Chester's) seems small?

And why would a resident want to make a reservation?

What Steele Mansion or Rider's Inn was full up that evening?

I guess we could of parked the fire trucks outside for a few hours and had it at City Hall without Reservations?

O.K. Like the last post it's that time of year,

Will someone explain what Jack Sparro driving a dirty 70' Challenger that passes a bull walking on the other side of the road along with stopping in the dessert to bury or dig up something, what's he peddling?

My point is that the more people she meets the better off she will be.

RESERVATIONS! class-less

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Oh my heart won't be believe that you have left me

December 7,1941

The day America's Greatest Generation had to grow up. American's should never forget this day a day that will remain in infamy.

Most young American's at that time had no idea where or what Pearl Harbor was. They were just getting to adulthood and December 7,1941 changed everything.

My father when talking about that day admitted he had no idea where or what Pearl Harbor was. He knew his country was calling on his generation to save the United States.

It was a different time. My father when enlisting was so surprised that Uncle Sam was giving him a brand new pair of boots. He had never received a new pair of boots in his life. It was really a different time. My father got to see Europe and he witnessed many things he wished he hadn't. But not once did he ever regret the journey he was on.

Now to Painesville;

Received my Painesville Pride the other day.
Councilman DeLeone wished us all a Happy Thanksgiving? That was over a week ago.

I will quote him here, "Our city is on the rise. We are making progress that 6 years ago I was told by many could not be made. We have been blessed. And I am thankful to all those that helped make this possible."
Really? Then why was the city manager fired! I mean challenged to find new employment? And at the same time given a hefty severance pay? So much for progress.

What Residents Can Do To Assist In The Cleaning & Maintenance of Sewer Outlets
Again as I write this across the street I see three storm sewer outlets. You know what they all have in common? All were installed in the 1940's and all three have no grating. So for me to clean those it just makes it easier for ANYTHING to go down. Leaves, balls, bottles cans even small wild animals that chose this for their homes and when it rains they drown and along with everything else plugs up the whole works. Look around your neighborhood how many storm sewers don't have adequate grating? Sorry that's the city's responsibility. You grate them I'll rake them!
Painesville Requires Vacant Property/Building Registration
Self explanatory
Building Permits-Why Should I Obtain One?
If you don't by some off-hand chance we catch you, you will be fined.

All things they want YOU to do!

On the second page were openings listed in the Zoning Commission and Planning Commission.

At the recent council meeting the question of a Utility Commission arose.
Seems some of the residents who applied were First Energy employee's that live in the city? Eliminating them left one person. I will never understand the reasoning of this and for that matter a Utility Commission. If that commission only acts in an 'advisory' capacity and has no real authority why bother? Somebody can still [proudly cook that turkey against your advise.

At the last council meeting the council was informed that the city budget for the electric department was around 25 million dollars and we purchase 14 million dollars of electricity. You do the math on the other 11 million.

A new business opened at 216 E. Main St. recently "Our Treasures" a collection of interesting items.
Hours are Tuesday-Friday 10:00am to 4:00pm Saturday 10:00am to 2:00pm Closed Sunday and Monday. It seems these hours would limit the clientele you would want to shop in your establishment?

My favorite time of the year! It's perfume commercial time. Ad's that make little sense and are set to 60's soundtracks.

Friday, December 2, 2016

"MY HERO " foo fighters

There goes my hero
watch him as he goes
there goes my hero
he's ordinary

Being a little down in the weather lately I missed a few things that we can always find time to discuss.

Policemen there's never one around when you need one. Why are you bothering me go catch a real criminal, you got a quota to meet? Why ain't you at Dunkin' Donuts.

And then once in a while , no mostly in a while their there.

Such an example happened like that on November 11,2016 . A gentleman suffering from some ailment drove into Riverside Cemetery and into the field behind it where his truck struck a tree. A passerby called 911  and Painesville Police responded. It seems after striking the tree the passed out driver still had his foot on the gas causing a fire.

Two Painesville officers Jesse Cudnik and Evert Jordan arrived on scene as the vehicle had caught fire.

How many times do we hear that decisions have to be made in a split second? Well with out regard to themselves they ran towards the burning vehicle. They smashed the window and pulled the man to safety.

Now I have never met Officer Cudnik but I have had conversations with Officer Jordan. All I can say is I'm glad they chose our city to serve as police officers.

Very few times do we hear about the good, we seem to want to wallow in the bad news.

He's Ordinary?   Not in my book1 Thanks to all of you.