Monday, January 30, 2012

"APOLOGIZE" one republic

I know our local paper the News-Herald will never print a story like this; either because they don't want to... or they don't want to upset some people. Having a good relationship with city officials or politicians might mean more to some editors then informing the public of what is really going on in their communities. That may explain the paper leading with "chicken stories" when reporting about Painesville Council Meetings.
So I will reprint the AMP-OHIO news article from the Martinsville Bulletin in it's entirety here. You will at least see what other communities have learned.
As of today's date only one councilman has come out and apologized for his part in this debacle, Paul Hach and he should be commended for his honesty. Now don't expect anyone else to publicly apologize.. he was one of only six that voted for this, along with people within the administration that promoted this contract. The sad part of this story is that Martinsville had a smaller stake in the project than Painesville has and also went into the Freemont Energy Plant where AMP-OHIO tagged on another 35 million to the cost of Freemont so the stranded costs at AMPGS weren't so high.


AMP debt $826,000

Council learns amount Tuesday
Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Martinsville’s share of costs for a power plant on which construction was halted more than two years ago is $826,102, Martinsville City Council learned Tuesday.

The city’s full “stranded cost” — the cost incurred to develop a coal-fired power plant in Meigs County, Ohio, called the AMP Generating Station (AMPGS) project — is $1,305,506, according to information from AMP President/CEO Marc S. Gerken that was given to council on Tuesday.

However, that amount was reduced by $479,404 thanks to a development fee, leaving the city with the $826,102 bill, the information shows.

Martinsville buys wholesale power through AMP, a nonprofit organization, and then resells and distributes that power to city electric department customers.

In November 2009, AMP quit developing the AMPGS project because contractors’ cost estimates had increased by 37 percent.

AMP decided to redesign the Meigs County site so it could generate power there with natural gas, then abandoned that idea after realizing it would cost less to buy another power plant for which construction was nearly finished.

That plant, the Fremont Energy Center, also in Ohio, recently started generating power on a commercial basis. Last summer, Martinsville entered a 35-year contract with AMP to buy power produced at the Fremont plant.

As an AMP member that was to take part in AMPGS, Martinsville is obligated to pay part of the stranded costs that AMP incurred in developing the Meigs County plant, according to city Utilities Director Dennis Bowles.

However, the AMP Board added a development fee of about $35 million to the Fremont Energy Center. That fee has been used to reduce the development costs for the AMPGS project for AMP members who took part in both the Meigs County and Fremont projects, such as Martinsville. That resulted in the $479,404 reduction in the city’s cost.

Not included in the stranded costs are further net proceeds from litigation on the halted project, further settlements with contractors and/or equipment suppliers and disposition (or reuse) of the AMPGS site in Meigs County, according to Bowles.

Gerken’s information states the city has two choices:

• Make a lump sum payment of $826,102.

• Make a monthly payment for any period up to 15 years.

If the city elects to pay the $826,102 over 15 years, assuming a 3.0 percent interest rate, the annual payment would be about $69,200, according to Gerken’s information. Based on AMP’s current load forecast for the city, this would equate to 35 cents per megawatt hour, the average customer usage, added to the power supply invoice, the information states.

Bowles presented three other payment options to city council, each with different terms. No decision is needed at this time, he added.

Council received the information but made no decision. It will take up the matter during its next meeting.

The city has not paid any money toward the stranded cost, and it has not budgeted any funds in fiscal 2012 to begin paying them.

The total stranded cost when the project was terminated was about $145 million, Bowles said Tuesday. Savings were realized through negotiations with contractors and suppliers, he said.

A complete accounting of the total amount due AMP will not be available until litigation is complete, Bowles added.

With decisions like this being made, no Painesville resident can be left wondering why there is rust in their water, water in their basement and chuckholes in their streets.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

"SEND IN THE CLOWNS" frank sinatra

Another week of GOP debates and again we have the same winner. President Obama.

We have one candidate who wants to circle the moon and another that can't circle the truth.

Newt panders to the Florida space coast by promoting a 30,000 person moon base within ten years . This for a country that can't create jobs, provide health care for all its citizens along with being trillions in debt?

Romney worked hard for his money. Or did his trustee? Mitt claims his money is in a "blind trust". You would think he would mention this to his "trustee" Hey, I'm going to be running for President how about not investing in anything that could be misunderstood, like a Swiss Bank Account or funds in the Cayman Islands. Sorta like what he told his landscaper about employing illegals on his property.

Illegals… now Mitt sees merit in the Dream Act? Flip-flop. P.S. By the way, there are Hispanic voters in Florida.

Say what you will about Gingrich he accomplished something the Democrats couldn't do on their own. Make Romney unlikable and untrustworthy.

I loved Thursday's debate when Senator Santorum tried to get the two leaders to quit attacking each other and start attacking Obama. Mitt pipes up with a comment about Gingrich "Well, if you can say it in a stump speech or an interview you should be able to tell that person to his face in the debates." Gingrich gave him that ‘O.K. pal… game on’.

One final note… Mitt's money. I have yet to see how his tax rate has provided 100,000's of jobs for Americans. Along with begging the question that when you were in charge at Bain Capital did you EVER pay more than 15% in income taxes? We all can give our children up to $10,000 a year without a tax penalty, will he please explain how he set up a trust fund for his four sons for 100 million dollars what kind of tax was paid on that?

While you’re at it, have Mr. ‘Romneyrich’ explain paying taxes as capital gains or carried interest? You try it.

The two adults (Ron Paul and Rick Santorum) have left the circus tent in Florida...Ron Paul to campaign in Maine and Senator Santorum to be with his gravely ill daughter in Pennsylvania. Now would be a good time for all of us to say a prayer for his daughter and the whole Santorum family.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"COME ON DOWN TO MY BOAT" every mothers son

New business coming to Downtown Painesville.

Gently Loved Boutique will be celebrating their Grand Opening.

A consignment store specializing in both new and consignment items.

Located at:
222 East Main Street. Ribbon cutting ceremony with owner Denise Pizzi will take place at 11:30 am January 26,2012.

We must do everything possible to bring businesses to our downtown and then support them. I believe it takes a lot of courage and fortitude to invest in the downtown area. If they want to continue to have "Cash Mobs" people will need a place's to spend their money.
Good-Luck Denise.

Attended the Principal Meeting at Harvey this morning Ms. Martin invited former Harvey grad Ricky Coleman who now is a counselor at Family Pride of Northeast Ohio.
Mr. Coleman spoke on the many challenges he faces dealing with mental health issues for Painesville residents and students.

Ms. Martin also brought up a program that I am 100% behind.
WATCH D.O.G.S. [Dads Of Great Students]
[1] to provide an unobtrusive fathering presence, and
[2] to provide a positive and active role-model for students at the schools.

Fathers, stepfathers,grandfathers and uncles are asked to spend at least one day at their student's schools volunteering. They will support the school through:
monitoring the school property,
working one-on-one or in small groups,
sports referees,
listening ears,or
for whatever needs to be done to PLANT SEEDS OF SUCCESS in the lives of the students.
This is a chance for the community to reach out to the students to show them how important they are to us.

A meeting and pizza party will be held at Harvey on February 23,2012 at 6:00 pm. To gauge community involvement and an orientation for prospective volunteers. Who want to be part of this worthwhile program.
I hope the community will support this.

A final rumor to pass on to you.
It seem a certain councilperson wants to have a meeting with the city building department. Seems they believe they are not doing their job on inspections at the Steele Mansion? What not enough road blocks in the way?
Well I guess we can assume at least one No vote against the Steele Mansion for becoming an Inn. I have to wonder who or what the motivation is? I hope they explain their concern or is this a case of a crony politican doing someone bidding?

Monday, January 23, 2012

"KING OF THE ROAD" roger miller

Recently on an extended trip to Beirut I took these photographs of what the locals in that area had to endure to get around their town and to their homes....... Just kidding this is not Siberia or the Yukon Territory this is Oak Street in the City of Painesville.

Residents who live on this street have caused extensive damage to their vehicles as well as people being forced to drive in front yards to avoid driving on the road. Street…. I‘m using that term loosely here. Now I'm willing to bet the residents on Oak Street would like a concrete street with curbs and sidewalks but would be perfectly happy with a road that any half-a#%'ed Township could provide for a country road. This is YOUR city people. If the people down at the "Golden Dome" think this much of the residents on Oak Street what makes you believe they care any more about your street?

This situation on Oak Street has been going on way too long. The solution? We will probably do another study and someone will come up with an idea of a Road Levy. Before we even talk about a "Road Levy" can we at least think about all the waste that comes from City Hall? How much more will people put up with? I would really like to know.

The mailman wonders too…neither snow, sleet, hail, nor dark of night or a big slush-filled hole in the road keeps him from his appointed rounds!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


So after the "Angry Captain Kangaroo" cleaned the floor with "Uncle Mitt" …Romney has decided to release his 2010 tax returns on Tuesday. It's never a good sign of character when you do something only because you are pressured into it. Especially if you want to become our President.

That said, everyone could conclude he paid around 15% on his income tax. Is that a sin? No, he was following the same rules that every American follows…’ here is your tax rate…now pay the man’. Now comes the bigger question, how did he earn his wealth in 2010? Investing in American companies that created jobs in the United States or did he invest in foreign capitalist markets that made their money off shore?

This is important because for the last year Republicans have told us that lowering the tax rate on the top 1% would create jobs in this country. Romney’s tax report will either prove or disprove this theory.

I will give Newt credit for turning a negative into what appears to be a positive on the questioning of his extra-marital affair or open marriage regarding his wives. Then again, most Americans will decide that the "lame stream press" news reporters didn't put those women in bed with him. That was all poor bad judgment on Newt. Along with gems stating he was not a lobbyist, first he was hired as a historian and now a strategist.

I never believed there was bias in the mainstream press. Now after the last two or three months I seem to understand what people are talking about. Ron Paul. First, I am not a supporter of Congressman Paul but if there has been a more ignored candidate then him, show me. I believe Ron Paul is not planning to win the Presidency but both parties should be made aware he is forming a very large movement that they will have to deal with. Rand Paul in 2016?

One final thought… Romney will never ever, ever release his 1999 taxes. That was when he was still employed by Bain Capital and his income was turned into capital gains and paid at the lower rate. This is what is wrong with America. The near disaster this country faced in 2008 was not caused be union workers in the public or private sector or people on Social Security. The Bank of America, Bain Capital, Goldman Sachs, Lehmen Brothers and all the big money people caused it. Do we want to return to those times? A good start would be to again deregulate the markets and prove "Too big to fail".
Don't regulate Wall Street just give us your money!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"TOWN WITHOUT PITY'" gene pitney

Really, nothing to speak about in legislation at last night’s council meeting.

The Chicken ordinance died on the chopping block. This was an issue that came up that just did not have to be.

Council (as well as most people) still can't seem to get a handle on just what and what not can be in your driveway.

City Manager reissued some loans. I was hoping one councilperson would have asked her what all this re-issuing was costing the city in interest.

Are council meetings lasting too late into the night? Long council meetings were never the norm until a Council President decided that Departmental Presentations" should be given during council meetings. Long meetings always seemed to happen in July and August when there was only one meeting a month.

In the visitor time, a resident who lived in Heisley Park said he bought a home there to have a more peaceful life. His statement to council would not be a good recommendation to anyone thinking about moving to town.

I mentioned that the city should inform residents about the epidemic of breaking and entering that has plagued Painesville the last couple of months. The police are doing as well as they can but maybe residents can keep an eye on their neighborhoods and take steps to not making their homes look as an easy target.

So in short, you can have as many chickens as you want as long as they are not a nuisance. I do not know if you can park that truck in your driveway or not nor do I know what these loans cost the city, and how many sump pumps will burn out before people just give up.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

"YOU'RE SO VAIN" carly simon

Or are you too Bain? I figured if Mitt Romney was to become the GOP candidate for President I knew Bain Capital would come to the forefront of the Obama re-election committee.

Never did I imagine that the other Republican candidates would ever bring up terms such as "vulture capitalist" when they spoke of Mitt.

Who is to blame? Newt, Rick? No, I'm afraid this one is the fault of Mitt himself.
"In the private sector… created 100,000's of jobs", Really Mitt? Yes, Romney is a capitalist but not in the same vein as a Henry Ford, or a Steve Jobs, both of whom created products for the masses that made Americans’ lives better. Jobs even created products for us before we knew we needed them. What product did Romney ever create?

Mitt Romney is a private equity capitalist whose main claim to fame is a leverage buyout of a corporation. He claims the attacks on him are about "ENVY" and discussions about wage inequality should take place in "quiet rooms". The only things I have ever discussed in a quiet room are things I am not proud of or just plain ashamed of.

Mitts’ claims have gone from 100,000's of jobs to 10's of 100,000’s… to now just a paltry few 1,000's.

This is not an attack on free enterprise or capitalism… only on Bain Capital’s simple redistribution of wealth from the 99% to the top 1%. Or is it an attack on middle class values where the winners are decided by who grabs the most.

So far we haven't heard too many details... They are on the w...such as how Bain destroyed K-B Toys to Georgetown Steel. Bain got over 37 million from the feds in that deal and yet Mitt claims government shouldn't decide winners and losers? When the American people see all the facts they will hopefully come to the same conclusion that I have... which is that Mitt Romney is the perfect President for the 1% er's.

The attacks on Tim Tebow? Complaints about everything from his lifestyle to his faith? I believe Mr. Tebow to be a sincere person. I also believe (as well as Tim does) if God really cared about who wins a football game then the New Orleans Saints would win the Super Bowl every year and Notre Dame, Brigham Young, or SMU, would be ranked number one in college polls every year.

My dilemma?

What happens in the future if a Quarterback thanks Satan for his success? A devil worshiper? The devil caused the injury on the safety on the play that won the game for us! Then the masses will have something legitimate to rally against!

Friday, January 6, 2012


Well, did the holidays go well for all of you? I thought I'd give you a break. Break’s over!

Let's start with the new Painesville City Council. Mike and Katie seem to be well situated at both ends of the table.

Same Boss as the old Boss? Hada as President and Hach as Vice-President. Well, at least it will be easy to point out the two current council members that cost Painesville the most money in the past five years. I knew Andy had no chance of anything but I thought that after viewing Councilman Fodor this past year he might throw his hat in the ring. I can only believe that losing over two million dollars didn't leave that much of an impression on the "5"?
Still debating over chickens. That should have been tabled long ago. Was the woman summoned to court? She wanted "2" and our city manager wants "6" …why?

A city resident came forward and asked about an additional Columbarium at Riverside Cemetery. As she spoke and was then answered by the city manager, a thought came to me. The cemetery has a $500,000 budget, a director and an assistant director…so why is it that a resident has to tell them the present Columbarium is filled? Maybe it was assumed people would stop dying.

A tip to Clerk of Council. When you are asked to read a letter, please read it. Do not try to censor it, as it was obvious that was what you were doing. Please include the TOTAL letter in the minutes of the meeting. Somehow, the letter you read appeared to be missing a few things.

Finally, a challenge in the chili cook-off! Maybe a fried-chicken cook-off could be in the works.

Painesville School Board Meeting Monday January 9, 2012 I do not expect a spelling-bee contest.

Will these companies be with us at the end of this year?
1. Kodak
2. Sears
3. Avery-Dennison
4. Key Corp.