Wednesday, March 26, 2014

RUBY TUESDAY" rolling stones

Setup and had a sit down meeting with Mr. Shepard Tuesday morning about some of the issues brought up on the blog. with concerns  to Painesville City Schools.

First both of us decided that bringing up union issues which we both knew nothing about would not be in the discussion.

Maintenance Tech? Mr. Shepard is unaware of a special license or Log the school system is required to have or keep.

He encourages people who want to use their own vehicles  to do so. It saves the district money.
No smoking in any vehicle is allowed on school property.

As far as the condom issue, what can he say. He's disappointed that a child found it and the schools will be more vigilant  of what is left on school property.

Mr. Shepard is not a believer in "Blizzard Bags" that's why he would rather add an extra thirty minutes to the school day. In the bags he has viewed it's a rehash of old tests.

He also informed me that his door is always open to resident, parents, staff, and students. It took me less then a minute to make an appointment.


This also was not discussed but if the classified employees want to double dip on calamity days I for one think there barking up the wrong tree.  I believe they will regret doing this.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"GREASE" frankie vali

During the council discussion time I heard council person DiNallo ask the water pollution control  plant director a question about oil and grease found in our pumping station in Shamrock Park? It was in the report sent to council members. Ms. DiNallo asked if anymore had been found out about this situation she was told no.

Now I wondered what was going on. The pump is in a very isolated place? It seem not only was WPCP involved but our service department  (with our new VACTOR) also the Fire Department was there as to the pump being deep in the ground forty to fifty feet for safety reasons..

No mention how much grease and oil was collected out of that pump, did someone dump it in Shamrock Park? Was it caused by construction on the bridge or other projects? Is it bubbling up from below the surface? What was the nature of the oil and grease?

No one bother to ask any questions?

Soon we will start developing in that area and the administration, nor council seems to concerned.

I guess we can just claim illegal dumping, but what if it's not?

Would it be asking to much to find out before someone purchases property there and comes to council with a new problem?

Friday, March 21, 2014

"TIME WON'T LET ME" outsiders

Wait that long?

In response to a comment by 5:24 "Horse With No Name" I only hope the road comment was tongue  in cheek. Voted on the levy in November and since then have we have had pretty much a foot of snow on those roads. Spring will soon be here sometime in July.

AS a service to the community I will keep you informed of the location "Sherman" might be running radar in Painesville. Hope he doesn't hurt himself galloping through Painesville streets.

Maybe Laketran/ Wells Fargo can cooperate to bring a stagecoach back into Downtown Painesville?

You had to see this all coming when they started the Carriage rides around Veterans Park this past Christmas time.

Due to these latest developments changes are presently being made to Main St. "Streetscape" as to have hitching posts in front of our downtown establishments.

Other downtown news a new franchisee may be coming to downtown a typewriter repair shop and Smith/Corona sales store. With the current electric outages a candle maker is looking into a site also. PEP Boys is presently considering opening a stable and livery downtown. Might be a bad venture Joughans Hardware probably has everything leftover in old stock.

Miss Kittie of Gunsmoke fame is believed to be looking into the former Dollar Bank building to open up another Longbranch Saloon.

A good friend dared me that when Main St. Streetscape is done to walk back and forth on Main St. with a sign claiming "See What 1.4 MILLION Can Do For You?" Maybe I will the payoff is a dinner at Depot CafĂ©. ( plus the fact who will even see me?)

Someone ask me it I go to bed crying? No actually I go to bed laughing. In Painesville the best survival is a good sense of humor, and a friend in the auto repair field.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Well the horse has a name "Sherman" seems Painesville Police have hired a female officer that owns a horse. The horse will be at future Painesville events, so I guess we now have a Mounted Unit. Insurance for the horse will be covered by the officer and the city.

The head of the road department  Brian Belfiore claims the "cold patch" of filling chuckholes is pretty much a waste of time? Yet we have two crews working 12 hours a day to waste tons of "cold patch". When asked by a council person if there were any new methods, the claim was made that yes but it's to expensive?

As far as the last power outage again First Energy's fault. What the people learned at the meeting that well, We are presently at the mercy of First Energy. We don't produce power presently in Painesville.
First Energy goes down so do we.

Forget the "warm start program" but if you buy a new gas fired generator we might get your power on sooner. Why not we spend money down at the Electric Museum likes its going out of style.

When asked about the congestive costs of power going from $21,000 last January to $150,000 this January Mr. McHugh used the analogy of a Turnpike Commission. Claiming as more people want to use your roads the price goes up? No the price is set what drives up revenue is more traffic. He also claimed this was not the fault of AMP-OHIO. Yes it is they got us into this screwy deal in the first place

A presentation was made by NRP with cooperation from Western Reserve Community Developers of Painesville. To build Senior living Center in Shamrock Park. Look I like old people I am one, but for the most part retired people pay very little income tax, plus since the building will be owned by a non-profit so no property tax. How will Painesville afford another senior living center? We already have three in the city?

When I asked the administration as well as council if the city planning commission or administration shared any responsibility over the current Heisley Park CSX mess. All I got was silence.

Ordinance 1373.04 was over if rental property needed to be registered yearly or every three years. It's three years.

This ones for Kathy Sak;
On a final note there were no minutes to the last council meeting?

Saturday, March 15, 2014


St. Patrick's Day or not.

NOTHING on Monday's agenda. (two items tabled)


A report on the latest power outage.

Prairie State Energy Campus

"warm start power plant" Andrew Flock

Ordinance 1373.04
Poplar Lane Mike DeLeone

Heisley Park vs. CSX

Report from the Police Chief

Wednesday, March 12, 2014



Well as you can see Painesville's administration has found who is to blame for the issue of trains and homes.

The true culprits well are Ryan Homes, the Painesville Planning Commission as well as the former administration.

First best guess? This letter will be filed in that circular filing cabinet by everyone it was sent to.


March 10, 2014

Mr. Mark  Smith
CSX Train Master

RE: Locomotives adjacent to Heisley Park Subdivision, Painesville, Ohio

On behalf of the City of Painesville and its residents, I am expressing my extreme displeasure in reference to the recent events on March 8th and 9th 2014. Three different trains have been idling and have have been using the Heisley Park residential development as a staging area over a two day period. As a result, the City has serious safety and health concerns about the wellbeing of our residents.

In the past, we have addressed this issue with CSX on at least five (5) separate occasions sine June 2013. As suggested by Mr. Stevens, we have encouraged residents to contact 877-TELL-CSX to report problems. The first response we received to the occurrence in January was that this was a weather related issue. The City of Painesville was assured that CSX wants to be a good neighbor and every effort would be made to eliminate the need to use this residential neighborhood as a staging area. We were told that if there was another emergency we would be informed in advance so that we aware of the situation.

The recent events lead me to believe that CSX is not concerned with the safety and wellbeing of the citizens of Painesville. I have instructed the City attorney to vigorously pursue all available options to ensure the safety of our residents. I have strongly urge CSX to move these trains immediately and to find an alternate site away from a residential area.

Anthony J. Carson Jr. MPA
City Manager

cc: U.S.  Senator Brown
      U.S. Senator Rob Portman
      U.S. Representative David Joyce
      Ohio Governor John Kasich
      Thomas M. Tumbry, Federal Railroad Administration
      Kurt Princic, EPA-NEDO District Chief
      Frank Kellogg, LCGHD Health Commissioner
      Brandon Stevens, CSX Community Affairs & Safety Manager


Now I don't blame the city manager for sending this letter. When it reaches CSX in Indianapolis it  will probably bring humor to that office. First CSX is not "staging" trains on the southbound siding by Heisley Park.  Trains are in the siding to let higher priority trains pass. Railroads like every other business have priorities. UPS trains on CSX are a #1 priority, not a mixed freight.  The two train I observed did no car switching in the Painesville yard. I viewed two of the trains and took numbers off the engines CSX and BNSF engines were some on the latest engines to be built by GE Erie  ES44DC which meet the latest Tier III polution regulations.
Heisley Park residential area used as a staging area? I remind you those tracks were there 100 years at least before anyone dreamed of Heisley Park.

If the city manager is so concerned about the welfare of Heisley Park residents he would bring in the former city manager and administrators, the developer of Heisley Park  along with the Planning Commission and ask them what was the thinking here? I was even laughed at at a council meeting when I brought up the safety issues and noise issues at a council meeting. " we have a bigger issue in Painesville with cars hitting houses not trains" I guess you can say who's laughing now?

Presently you have picked the wrong scape-goat and CSX will bite back if they have too.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Sure was  different school board meeting from last month when I was the only "visitor" to attend.
This month the room was filled almost to capacity. When entering I asked "are they giving a car away tonight?"

I was unaware of any new scandal but as I looked around I recognized teachers and staff from Harvey.

As the meeting stared student Nathan Webster was introduced as the spelling bee champion for the district  (his fourth time)
Samantha Weber a fifth grader was runner-up. ( I expect to see Miss Weber at many future spelling bee award presentations.)

Mr. Bull discussed "Race to the Top" as well as a new program "Straight A" on another note the computer labs brought into the schools when built  in 2007 well their obsolete seem computers  go to people and people no longer go to computers. Nothing will be wasted but the computer labs will become literacy labs. with a different format. 30 chrome books will also be added to the labs.

No mention of the change to hours instead of days. Or any discussion of "Blizzard Bags" at tonight's meeting . Fine I'll ask again at the April 14, 2014 meeting.

Now for the "meat" of the meeting. Wendy Camper a former teacher at Elm St. Elementary gave a project update on her 5th grade single gender classroom project. All I can tell you if you want to see what a teacher can accomplish when they think "outside the box". Physical activity 10 minutes an hour. "Get them tired out and they will listen" Her knowledge that teachers talk to much, class presentations on a video screen instead of her doing it live? Special Tuesday dress shirt and tie, school service helping kindergartner's from day one in the cafeteria. Watch her presentation on the school channel it's well worth your time.
As one student mentioned to its "knowing who you are and what you want"  The only drawback was another teacher had 24 girls and 3 boys in her class. The project was funded for one year and presently isn't being done this year. I have been told Ms. Camper is presently working out of the board office. Oh, and if your wondering her class scored high in all phases of student achievement.

Now what's with all the Harvey staff and teachers present at the board meeting? Showing support for their Principal. Well a teacher made a presentation to the board of the turn around the past two years at Harvey. I guess most have seen the results from taking Harvey from "Saved by the Bell" status, to a Safe Learning Institution. The reason?  Principal McWreath has taken a wild west town and brought peace to Dodge. So what seems to be the problem? It seems the administration has not offered a contract to Mr. McWreath for the upcoming years. It was mentioned to me that they just let him "twist in the wind" Well he won't twist long he has a family to feed, and with his qualifications he won't be out on the market to long. Then we will hear how Mr. McWreath was snatched away from us. For the life of me when we find something that works in Painesville it seems the first reaction is to get rid of it?

I guess if you care anything about Harvey you will call all board member and ask what seems to be the problem?

The Harvey FBLA team were state champions this year Thank you Students and Mrs. Rapport

As mentioned before the Harvey High Band will lead the parade down Main St. Disneyworld.
A Spaghetti Dinner will be held on March 19, 2014 dinner tickets are $5.00. take out available.
Seem our Superintendent will be manning the kitchen. Maybe his real last name is Shepardio?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

"RUNNING ON EMPTY" jackson browne

Well we weren't running again, and far from empty. With 30 employee's on the power plant payroll, plant workers, not line workers.

So Painesville suffers it's second power outage in the last week what is that 30+ hours without power? Fine let's put the blame on First Energy.

Yet after last Sundays outage no one in Painesville thought of a warm start to a boiler to have it on line just encase this situation should arise again. But No.

See First Energy will solve their situation for two reasons,  Whoever is in charge of transmission line likes his job, and outages like this are not good for First Energy's bottom line. The whole purpose of their electric business is to make a profit.
Now Painesville no one has to worry about losing anything, and as our former city manager once told me some months we make money some months we don't?

Some Painesville residents in this situation can jump in a car and within a short time be comfortable with relatives or friends. Many elderly as well as young Painesville residents are just stuck here. or go to the fire station, nice community center uh?

That plus the fact that the majority of Painesville resident's still believe their power is produced at our power plant. That was made aware to me by the conversations overheard at T & T Bakery this morning. Maybe they should read this site. The look on some faces when told no power is produced there. Priceless!

We were told last week that Painesville couldn't produce enough power to supply the city's needs. True, but you do produce enough to supply residents and small commercial businesses in town. So that resident's could heat their homes and feed their families.( we can cook our turkey's remember) Avery-Dennison, Airfoil off line until First Energy solves the problem..

We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past couple of years on rewinding generators, new cooling towers, new chimney plus I believe making the boiler's conform to EPA regulations for what? It's like you having a 73' Buick, putting a new transmission, new tires, brakes and shocks just encase you need it and when you do there's no gas in the tank? What's the rhyme or reason for doing all this?

Many Painesville resident's live week to week around here. Think of that woman that works as a server at a restaurant she lost last Sunday and now this Saturday. Want to bet this past week doesn't blow a hole in her budget? This along with workers sent home from businesses all across Painesville. When the schools, city, or county tells you to stay home they get paid. That's not how it's done in the real world.

Now a city resident claims the city receives  $4,000,000 a year just to keep the plant in it's present state? What fund does that check go into 732? Something called "Peak Shaving" I'm looking in to this one.

What we need is an independent study done on what Painesville should do with it's power plant and system. Councilman Fodor claims the worker's are needed at the plant, let's have someone prove or disprove that fact. Not a buddy of the councilman, or the city. The city manager should want this to set the city in the right direction.

On another note the CSX train is back on the siding near Heisley Park today, engines and all. What a surprise the railroad using their right-of-way. Those trains are like the Swallows of Capistrano? They just keep returning.

On a positive note it was a quiet Saturday on Cedarbrook. something's missing? Right, Atwell's gun range is closed  cold dark but quiet.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

"CAN'T GET NO" rolling stones


It's time to hear something the Anti-Amnesty, Deportation crowd must come to grips with. You won't hear this from any local, county, state or federal office holder  Their sole purpose is to be re-elected.  Me I'll tell you the truth. The Deportation ship has sailed..... The Anti-Amnesty train has left the station.

A comment from a recent post on this blog.;  "We have taken our show on the road" We have testified in Columbus wrote letters, called every representative, organized rallies, petitions, and much more than most people against illegal immigration have....

Ever wonder why nothing happens?

Who are the political leaders in your movement from the states of California, Texas, Florida and New York? Look Steve King of Iowa might be a supporter but how much juice does he have?

What I'm trying to tell you the politicians do not see the outcome of your goals benefiting either party or the county.

Letter from a city council? Who at the federal level would even care? A candidate for county commissioner goal is to no longer see the Mexican Matricula Consular Card honored in Lake County? Any plans to deport them? and if not why not? Juan ain't heading to the border over a card being refused is he?

The Conservative Matt Lynch running for Congress in our district, wants to defund Obamacare, impeach President Obama, replace the Speaker of the House but yet not one word on illegal immigration. Why?

 Can you name one organized religious faith that support your views. If not Why not?

Where are your supporters, who are they, they presently seem to be for the most part just seem to be Anonymous people. Why no million people march on Washington D.C.

Look if  to truly care of the future direction of this country, come to the table with workable solutions. Stronger border control, fines and fees for breaking the law, people must learn to speak English, a citizen test. yes and if your goals are met Amnesty. It's coming it's pretty much up to you the terms and conditions of how this will come about.

Within another 15 years the "baby boomers' will either be retired or dead, where will the replacement workers come from? We presently don't have enough.

Then again disregard this and continue to let the politicians blow smoke up your A##!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"TOUCH OF GRAY" grateful dead

Well more than just a touch, attended the Lake County Liberty Coalition event at Harvey High last night. Small gathering maybe they should change there name to Lake County Elderly Coalition?

I don't understand the name change or why from Lake County Tea Party, they even still use the lighthouse on there slogan.

Listened to some of the opening acts and only one impressed me. Kim Laurie, candidate for Lake County Commissioner. a well spoken attractive young lady that has a certain amount of magnetism and is more than just a pretty face. Complete opposite of Lori DiNallo's views on immigration. She could give problems to Galloway in the primary, and fits to Troy in the election in November.

On another note public enemy #2 to this group has become former Congressman Steve Latourette?
even his daughter took some hits as she is running for the 76th District seat for State Representative.
Even her husband who was filming the event took a few hits, Steve is no longer the golden boy to this bunch. It seems the former Congressman wants responsible candidates to represent the GOP in Washington. Which bring up last nights main event.

Matt Lynch running against David Joyce for Ohio's 14th Congressional District. He presented a picture of his family and eight siblings growing up in Cleveland. His run for Bainbridge Trustee, and being named one of the 10 most Conservative members as the representative of the 76th Ohio District.

As you may remember I questioned in an earlier post why replace one Republican with another?

Well I got my answer last night. Within 30 days of winning the election he will send a bill to Congress to defund the Affordable Care Act.... With no replacement?

Later within 30 days of winning the election he will start impeachment proceedings against President Obama with wild cheers from the people attending the event. No mention on the articles of impeachment and on what charges, heck he's got ten months to work on that. I was wondering what the Speaker of the House John Boehner will do with this guy? Didn't have to wait to long for that answer "He has to be replaced." (Boehner)

Also he wants to pass an amendment to pass a balanced budget, fine but tell those old timers in the audience your going to cut Social Security and Medicare to get there.

First thoughts Congressman Joyce just has to ask questions of this man and wait for the vote results.

"We believe in a constitutionally limited government where the Constitution is understood in the manner in which our founders intended.".....  They should add to that statement as WE interpret it.

Visit them at:

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Why has Kenny Rodgers been on my mind?

Well it appears council handed Lori DiNallo a resounding defeat on her immigration letter to Federal officials. No one was in more shock in that room than I was.
First I was way wrong on how the vote would go. 1-6  my prediction 4 -3 to pass . How could I have been so far off?

Well to start when asked why I thought it would pass, I mentioned that Mrs. DiNallo was a little more "polished" politician than most on council. I believed she would not proceed with this Resolution unless she had at least 2 or 3 other's on council to support this resolution. Boy was I wrong.

Now all council has managed to do is stir the pot of the anti-immigration bunch and give false hope to the Painesville Hispanic population. If we can't get a small group of people in this room to agree what chance does this letter have in Congress?

Another lost bet. Where was the advocate for the Hispanic community, Veronica Dahlberg? Sorta left Mrs. DiNallo out to dry? This Painesville Hispanic community needs to find a local Painesville leader not someone who "just visits." I do believe after listening last night that the forum these people should use are local Church's
and Congregations get the Ministers, Pastors, and Priests to support you campaign. This Resolution writing appears to be a big waste of time for people we elect to provide a service to our city.

To the anti-immigration group, you will fine out very soon in the future your on the wrong side of history on this issue. Remember the young man that got up in front of council to proclaim "I vote" well in the very near future many more will join his ranks, Love them or Hate them there here to stay. The numbers are changing right in front of your eyes. You may win this battle but you will lose the war. Time to come to the table to resolve this before as some of you have noted it will solve itself.

Well immigration is now history council now plans to take on the CSX Railroad I see less luck with them that I did with Congress. One point I will agree with Heisley Park on the question of the south siding should never hold chemical or flammable materials, if they want to store empty "well" cars on that siding you should consider yourselves blessed. On another not if the cars are moved further east they could block the sightlines of motorist's to on coming trains at the Newell St. crossing. Just a thought.

We will send a Resolution to the Ohio General Assembly to reinstate local government funds.

Vacant Building Fees  The city can't put a lien on property due to outstanding utility bills on that property, but will not turn on utilities on until they are paid. Buyer Beware.

Waived Tap-in fees at Project Hope.

O.K. the purchase of a new ambulance or chassis for one.

Tabled the COG Air/Rescue until council could review the contract.

And lets end this on a good news note. We were informed that Steele Mansion will hold it's first event June 2, 2014 Mr. Steeles Birthday

Monday, March 3, 2014


Interesting Sunday uh? well as they say s@#t  happens. I was surprise how quickly the Ohio Edison crews brought in by First Energy completed their job. I didn't even think 7:00 pm was a reasonable completion time, I was thinking Monday at 7:00 pm.

Kudos's to the city that used the fire station as a warming center and food for Painesville residents.

Also I have heard stories of neighborhoods reaching out to the elderly and welcoming them into their homes to sit with a neighbor who has some form of heat. This is what a community is. Not a graph on how many of these, or how much of that, they have even in a crisis they look out for each other.
I am happy to know some of you people. Me? I was asked Sunday morning to take a friend and find coffee. Simple right? No nothing in the city. headed west Mentor McDonalds drive thru lines were out on Mentor Ave. Dunkin'Donuts in front of Lowes closed, Spudnuts open but no coffee? Finally got a great cup of coffee at Sheetz's on Rt. 306 wasn't as easy as I thought. Don't forget to get one to go.
As someone mentioned on another post the Painesville of 1870 ain't coming back but then no electricity and nothing open in the city on Sunday came damn close.


Tonight  03/03/14 is March's first council meeting of the month.

Some Agenda items;

Vacant building fees, wonder if they could take the Dollar Bank building and show us how this works?

Resolution reinstating local government funds,.Now theres a letter that makes sense to send.

Resolution to waive water tap in fees at Project Hope.

Resolution to buy a new ambulance OR a new chassis for the one being replaced with 40,000 miles .
What is it one or the other.

Resolution to enter into an agreement with the COG for the purchase of a "Air Truck" wonder if anyone on council asks why Painesville's share is $60,000 ?

Resolution requesting Comprehensive Immigration Reform letter to federal and state officials.
Why we want to go down this road again is beyond me? First will every person in Painesville with a federal issue come to council and ask for a letter? Well  you sent one for them why not me? Will this letter even matter? Not at all or very little. This letter appears to have very little support of the Painesville community as a whole. Congress could careless if Painesville wants them to "poop or get off the pot." Their liable to poop on your head and then ask you to thank them for the hat. Again if you didn't vote to send the AMP-OHIO letter to the Ohio AG that affected 100% of all Painesville residents... Sending this one makes you a hypocrite, sorry.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

"JUST DROPPED IN (TO SEE WHAT CONDITION MY CONDITION WAS IN) kenny rodgers & the first edition

 I pushed my soul into a deep dark hole.....

First I believe I'm NOT smarter than you?  Even mentioned Farther instead of Further in that post.
Now I'm not Tolerant enough?

As I composed this I learned one Tea Party candidate Rand Paul seems to be acting as the adult at the 5 year Tea Party Convention. It's nice to see one grown-up in the room. Again you can disagree but the manner in which you do it is troubling.

So I will ask a question that encompasses both let's call this the "JAILBAIT' question?

Jail Bait

Well I don't care if your just 13
You look to good to be true
I just know your probably clean
Jail bait you look fine, fine, fine
It's quite alright I asked your Ma Ma
Wait a minute officer
Don't put those handcuffs on me
Put them on her and I'll share her with you

This plus two years earlier He requested Legal Guardianship of a 17 year old girl so as her parents would have no parental recourse against him.

These the ramblings of a young rocker in his late teens or early twenties?

No Ted Nugent was 32 years old when he wrote Jailbait and 30 when attempting to gain custody of the 17 year old..

Look as mentioned on another post first Ted had a student deferment and later classified 4-F
now if he had say flat feet he would have been classified 1-Y which means could serve if needed.
In his own words he was to busy rockin' with his guitar to play soldier.

This man is asked to  campaign events  by Republican Texas gubernatorial Gregg Abbott as well as other prominent Republicans .

Sarah Palin claimed if he's good enough for Ted he's good enough for me?  (Abbott)

Let me ask this do you believe Ronald Reagan would have been caught dead at the same event as Ted Nugent?

Let's also add calling the POTUS a sub-human mongrel?  Who else called people that?

I guess I'm asking how I as well as many other's could follow your lead with the honor bestowed on some of these speakers for your party.

Look I'm tolerant but really?

I know we have some real losers on our side but nothing like some of yours.

The party of family values? Senator David Vitter will make a run at Louisiana Governor? Look in the D.C. Madam book  he was listed as seeking infantile sex. lets hope he played the infant.

Please explain how all this works with your logic? Maybe I can understand YOUR tolerance?