Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"RUMORS" fleetwood mac

Great News! Kim Kardashian is moving to Painesville to star in a new reality show "DemoTown". Celebrities will compete on new ways to demo a high school, hospital, condos, even a mansion! In just in the first season. Kim stated if the show takes off by season three "We may do the whole town!" Her long time fiancee Reggie Bush has made other plans and will have to leave Kim "behind."
Also a transfer of property may be in the works between the city and well known philanthropist and builder of submerged housing Bob "Bear" Gibbs.
Mr. Gibbs recently received a franchise from AMF [Association of Mexican Fighters] to build the largest Bull Fighting Arena north of the Rio Grande on the site of the former hospital. When asked about it being made into a year round facility, Mr. Gibbs explained 'the fan base dries up in the winter months'. He assured this writer that there was enough "Bull" around town to keep the arena open 24/7 if needed.
In another rumor Lakeview Bluff might sell property along the lake to Rodger Penske to build a NASCAR/CART superspeedway the first race scheduled early in 2014. The first annual "Radioactive 500" sponsored by a nearby neighbor "Glow in the Dark Vineyard and Winery"
In school news, The Painesville Schools have decided to drop their 50% policy to be replaced by the "Fog Grading system" In the future instructors will hold a 5" X 7" mirror in front of the student and if it fogs up anywhere on the mirror the student will receive an 83% grade which will be an "A" according to a new "curve". Test scores are expected to rise.
In other school news an unnamed school employee has reported that the superintendent has sent out his 1000th resume to find new employment since accepting the job in Painesville. The Post Office is thinking of issuing a stamp in his honor for his ongoing contributions.
In city news Rita McMahon's first annual "Ms. Management Award" is down to the four finalists. Rumor has it at least two finalists are from the building department.
In other city news Councilman Hal Werner would like a proclamation making April First the official "Day of Painesville."
John Murphy has announced his 47th consecutive run for Painesville City Council... he will try in Ward 5.
Councilman Andrew Flock has volunteered his wife Marge to be stationed at the Grand River Fire Station to provide first responders to Cobblestone Apartments. Anyone who knows Andrew will realize what a great sacrifice he is preparing to make to provide safety service to residents in the Painesville.
On the business front well know and successful businessman entrepreneur Richard Tibbets announces the exclusive rights to sell and service Rolls-Royce vehicles in the city of Painesville. "This town has waited way too long for this!"
At the announcement Painesville Service Department head Kevin Lynch inquired if Rolls-Royce had a small 2 ton dump truck in their inventory of vehicles? Only adding that the city was willing to spend "A Lot."
On a sad note an elderly couple was found dehydrated and disoriented, near the end of Casement Ave. and Calamity Curve, their abandoned car found nearly a mile away. When taken to Tri-Point and stabilized they explained they were looking for local artist Sandy Miller's home to purchase some pottery. Sandy had informed them over the phone she lived in Paine Falls, Ohio. They had spent three days looking for Paine Falls... Mrs. Miller, when questioned by this reporter, left a comment not suitable in a family friendly blog.

"FIXING A HOLE" beatles stg. pepper

Recently, a little over two months ago, during a winter storm, a water line broke on Miller Ct. The city responded quickly and had to dig two holes; one in the street and one on the grass area of the court. Soon the water department had the line fixed, water service restored to the homes and filled the holes with dirt and snow.
Time passed. Snow melted. Children came out and started to play in the spring-like weather. I think you have an idea what happened next, an eleven year old girl ran across the court and fell waist-deep into the muddy hole. Screams from her and her friends summoned neighbors who pulled her from the hole. I can only imagine what might have happened if she was alone and her cries went unheard.
I have noticed the city departments do a great job to repair a problem but are weak on follow-up I have noticed barrels, equipment, holes, and landscaping left far too long after a job. With all the "field supervisors" the city has, a follow up should be made after a work order has been issued. We avoided something bad happening this time...lets hope there are no repeats.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Andy Flock's Town Hall Meeting
Tom Green (department head of the Painesville Municipal Electric Plant) spent a good hour explaining how Painesville handles its electric needs.
The Power Factor should be called the Power Cost Adjustment. [Everything that goes into the production and purchases of electricity from coal price adjustments to how much and when you purchased power off the grid.] Purchasing electricity in a very fluid market can cost or save you a lot of money.
Thats where AMP-OHIO comes in. Painesville has two turbines: if both are on line at the same time the plant can produce 35 megawatts of electricity. Sometimes only one is on line and Painesville usage can vary between 40 and 55 megawatts. AMP-OHIO (located in Columbus) purchases the power we need to make up the difference. As a rule Painesville only produces about 40% of the power we need. Sometimes its just more economical to purchase off the grid then to produce it yourself. AMP advises the city on what's the best direction to take. For this service it costs the city around $4000.00 a month, which is a very reasonable price to the city considering what it might cost to do it themselves. There's the rub, why would AMP-OHIO want to expand into the production of electricity? Wouldn't they be tempted to steer you in their direction to purchase power at the expense of other viable options? Couldn't this result in a conflict of interest at some point? How obligated would we be to purchase from them...meaning how much more power would AMP-Ohio have being an advisor AND producer? A few years ago another company had dealings such as these, anyone remember Enron?
The landfill gas we were purchasing from a site near Toledo closed last month; we will soon replace that with the natural gas plant near Milan, Ohio. Mr. Green said he believed it was the same amount.
We touched on Prairie States Energy Campus . He didn't want to be quoted on the agreement we have but he believes we will purchase about 6 megawatts when that plant is up and running; we also have power deals with NIPA (?) in New York Hydro plants on the Ohio River...along with owning something called JV2(?) that produces electricity with diesel fired turbines.
I also found out the plant in Painesville can operate on natural gas, I never knew that. Sometimes when they've had a problem with a consistent BTU using coal they have used natural gas.
When asked about wind power he said it can only be used about 26% of the time. Wind has to be between 9mph to 40mph or they must be shut down.
All in all Mr. Green did a great job explaining the power plant. Thank-you.

In another matter, Mr. Fodor was asked about his comment regarding a committee to rehabilitate Painesville's image and responded that the City and School System are collaborating on a committee to do just that. Although only a few planning meetings have been held. I believe its a step in the right direction if the problem is dealt with honestly.
Some of you missed a very informative meeting.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Andy Flock Town Hall Meeting at the New Huntington Elementary School on Elm St. is tomorrow night Thursday March 25,2010 at 7:00pm.
Every city resident who ever had a question about the "Power Factor" on your electric bill should attend. Tom Green from the Electric Department will be there to explain how the city arrives at the cost of electricity.
Any other concerns about Ward 1 or any thing happening in Painesville please feel free to attend and ask your questions. Andy promises no 3 minute egg timer.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Well I see my favorite activist Veronica Dahlberg {HOLA} is taking three buses from Painesville and Ashtabula to Washington D.C. to press President Obama and Congress for Immigration reform.
Boy do I wish I was one of those bus drivers. "Driver why do you keep heading south, shouldn't we be heading east by now?" "Hey, that's not the Potomac River, that's the Rio Grande!" Wonder if they got any sympathy from the "Tea Partiers?" when they showed up?
First off this is not immigration reform, this is letting over 12 million people who broke the law to get into this country. Amnesty is not reform. This process will be repeated again in twenty years At the present time they should have stayed home, with all that's going on in Washington about heath care the last thing anybody wants to tackle right now is this, whether you are on the right or left.
Veronica claims the system is "broke". Veronica, the only thing broke is me, and the country over stupid policy's such as the one you propose.
I must say I finally heard a good argument for health care reform. Senator Lindsay Graham [R-SC} Was quoted today as saying if the health care bill passes. That will kill any immigration reform in the future.
Bring on the hate mail!

You have to read the answer that a poster got from the school system about the dress code at Harvey. Well only they know the answer. Check comment 42 in "ONE IS THE LONELIEST NUMBER"

Friday, March 19, 2010


Finally came off the ceiling concerning Monday night's council meeting. I must be the eternal optimist...I believed somehow, someway, the hospital building would find a savior to put that building to good use. How surprised I was to find out some of the people I was looking to for help were all along doing the best they could to make that hospital just a memory. I speak of a Republican State Senator, and a Democrat State Representative. Who would have ever thought these two would end up on the same page?
A little Painesville history. Around 1980 for all purposes a Hotel built in the early 60's closed. A very minor loss. A few years ago St. Marys Elementary School closed along with the Phillip-Osborne School moving to Willoughby. A little more effect on the community than the Hotel closing. Its like losing a finger; people have a way of adjusting after they lose a finger or two.
Now the big blow: the hospital closing, leaving and being torn down. Now we have lost a hand. The hospital was not only beneficial to Painesville and the surrounding communities, it was part of Painesville's esteem. We lived in a city with a full service hospital that provided good jobs, a tax base and also brought pride to the community.
They wanted to move to Concord. Why? Were local officials a little hard to work with or did someone drop the ball? ? You decide. Yes, and with that said...why did the Cleveland Clinic never leave Cleveland's inner city? They had an investment in, not only their hospital, but also Cleveland.
No matter what the city puts on that property can it ever equal what was lost? How many of us were born there? How many of us felt the joy of our children when they were born there, a loved one sent home from there, well after recuperation? Yes, even the sorrow of a loved one passing away there. All gone now, just a memory. In a few decades you will hear "Really? Painesville had a hospital?"
Next to jobs the most important debate in this country is healthcare. No matter what side of the issue you are on please explain to me how Lake Health, who just put over 5 million into that 12 million dollar facility, was able to give Painesville another $650,000 to demolish that building. Where do you think that money came from?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Say whatever you wish about Painesville Council they love to spend money. It is a rare and awkward time when any one asks Why?
A good example were the purchase of two trucks Monday night $85,000 for a 2 ton dump truck? $128,000 to a tank truck to haul sludge. from the Mentor water intake plant to the Waste water plant on State St. [ They have a bid to take it to Avon, Ohio?] This over time will save the city almost a million dollars GREAT! Now please explain why my Utility Bills go up every year? Every department head makes a presentation of how this new, "This in That." will save big dollars over the years? Why do my Utility rates increase every year?
Leaving the meeting Monday a lady asked I wonder where they will find the money for all this? I told her to go home go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. Thats where all the money comes from. Yes I know it was proposed in the 2010 budget, but why don't they put street repaving front and center of that budget. The street's in this town have reached a critical point. Yet we without a blink of an eye show more concern for the first of $80,000 towards three million for a parking garage with about 25% occupancy.
The highlight of the meeting was when someone on council asked "How many miles on that truck?" The answer "A lot". Then they all vote yes to purchase a new one?

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Having the council meeting at Harvey was a nice change of pace. We're not in a recession in Painesville. Bought everything we could and did. Didn't say "NO" to anything. Watched the meeting... Can be assured council will not let any low-income anything built on the hospital site. City funds will not be used on this project. Loved the City Managers answer to me concerning a $210,000 acquisition. Lake Heath is one generous group.
To Ressy, I expect you to chastise city hall tomorrow on the fact that with all the money and minds on this CORF Grant that they would put the wrong year on the document. How could you ever take anything serious that came out of city hall if they screw-up the years?

Be prepared for a long council meeting Monday night 03/15/10.
Seems like a full agenda. Tank trucks, dump trucks with chipper.
Shovel ready projects.
Lets get money to build an overpass over the CSX railroad tracks and connect the road to nowhere... to somewhere. Wonder how the Army Corp. of Engineers will feel about this?
Repair the parking garage. [anyone using it now that the hospital left?]
ALSO... passage of the CORF grant to tear the hospital down.
The reason for the title of this post. One Painesville councilman along with numerous residents want some answers to this before the city jumps into this head first.
Look around Downtown Painesville does it appear to you that past administrations along with the present have made good decisions?
Councilman Flock will be made to look like an obstructionist, my only hope is the residents and other council members at least listen. Its an uphill battle to explain why you would turn down over 2 million dollars to demolish the hospital that is no more in use.
My analogy to Andy was the Trojan Horse. The County Commissioner along with the Hospital administration have rolled this Golden Trojan Horse to the gates of the City of Painesville as a gift. Problem is no one in Painesville has a clue whats inside. Something to think about, when was the last time the county government ever gave anything away?
Councilman Flock would like some understanding that the city and its residents aren't left holding the bag.
The city manager said she received the deed to the property earlier this month. Well lets see if University Hospital, or the Cleveland Clinic would purchase it for a dollar? Or do we really not own the building and the property?
Under this scenario the state, along with the hospital would save a great deal of money right? The truth be told Lake Health will blowup that building before any competition to Lake County health care dollars could be taken from them.
I remember being promised an Emergency Room in Painesville, yet all we have kiosk for emergencies next to a Subway Takeout.
In case you don't receive channel 12 because you own a dish, or are with AT&T or just use an antenna.
You can now view city council meetings anytime you choose too.
Just go to the Painesville City site, open, to the left you see the green sections click on agendas and meetings it will open up city council meetings and to the right of that click on city council video. That gives you the pleasure of watching the council meeting at your convenience.
This is a very positive idea the city came forth with. Thank-You
Also last Sunday morning I was cleaning up on a few lose notes I had acquired over the past week. I noticed one that was a question I had to the city administration so early Sunday morning I emailed Doug Lewis. Thinking he would get back to me sometime during the coming week. To my surprise Mr. Lewis had received my email and answered it within two hours Sunday morning. To say I was impressed would be an understatement.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"PLAY WITH FIRE" rolling stones

Well I was going to go easy on the safety meeting, but then someone calls me out.
Start with Police Chief Hayer stated there wasn't an intersection in town that warrant "red light cameras". Who on council thought this one up? The chief was asked about Cobblestone Apartments and said it was covered by a zone car. When asked if there were any problems with that. He mentioned if the officer is out there and an incident happened in the city it left him one patrolman short.
First impression of the new chief is that he is a straight shooter, and will not be intimidated by anyone.
Now the Fire Chief shows us his plan. First off my problem with the fire department is not with the front line firefighters, They take on awesome responsibility, and courage in their duty. My problem is with the administration.
Equipment replacement

How are we preceived by the residents of the city?
and my favorite......
How are the blogs. out there affecting our image? You're kidding theres only 12 of us reading this.
What has this or any other blog. lied about what was reported?
Maybe if the city told the facts more often than trying to sugar-coat everything there would be no need for a blog.
Back to funding - the chief explained the .07 fire levy passed in 1991 just does't cover the cost of new equipment ect. Well chief how about explaining around three million dollars your department has received from insurance companies and Medicare since 2003? What in 2009 over $460,000.
This people, is a new revenue stream the city didn't have ten years ago. He told me he paid cash for the new E.M.S. unit purchased last year.
The glorified beer truck? [Sorry Technical Rescue Vehicle] purchased last year to carry rope is now parked in the spot where our command vehicle was parked. Where is the command unit today? Out at Painesville Townships Hardy Rd. Fire Station.
Well someone can go fetch it I guess.
Somehow Cobblestone response times seem to be decreasing?
Next time the Hospital moves maybe they could give the city a ten year advance notice, so the administration will have ample time to prepare.
Over all we don't do a bad job.[not my quote]

Sunday, March 7, 2010




The park meeting for the Huntington School site will be Monday March 8,2010 It would really help if the city would look at a calendar every now and then. The meeting will be at Elm St School at 7:00pm MONDAY EVENING.

This is information for mostly people who live in the Skinner Ave. North Ave. Hine Ave. and Sanford St. Area.
Recently the Painesville City Board of Education posted its third public notice of the auction of seven parcels of land to be auctioned at 6:00pm March 25,2010.
News-Herald classified February 12,19,26, 2010.
This land is located between Skinner Ave. North Ave. and Sanford St.
How is this land presently zoned? How did the city school system come into ownership of this land and for what length of time have they owned it?
Someone in the city administration should be asked what could be built on that site.
In other Northend News I went by Shamrock Apartments and they seem to be empty with some constrution or remodeling being done, anyone know?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Plagiarism.... Something I will have yo admit to here.
Kathy Sak put a post up on her blog. about the "Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund" along with Andy Flock wanting time to read the final agreement, I believe I know now why the administration was in a big hurry to get council to approve this.
Starting on page 10 are some of the goals of the CORF, one that caught Kathys eye was "Low Income Minority Benefit." Maybe Councilman Flock and a few other members should ask what exactly does that in compasses? In all the times that grant has been discussed never have once has this been brought up.
It seems that as a council person or a resident its not what the administration tells you it what they don't that causes the problems.
After what I have witnessed at council meetings I have no idea how a resident let alone a councilman could trust in anything they are told.
I get the impression councilman Flock is a little gun shy and I for one don't blame him.
I never believed the plans for the hospital property for a multitude of reasons, location, the state of the economy plus the vagueness of the plans and developer.
Before any council person signs on to that grant I would want a written promise from the administration that low-income housing would never be put on that site.
Kathy also interviewed Commission Raymond Sines that includes some very interesting comments.
Hal Werner continues to confuse me. He asked the city manager some good questions, yet in my eyes didn't seem to get conclusive answers. councilman Werner still voted yes? Why?

The easiest way to get to get to her site is to Google kathysak.com and go from there. She has a blog. and a knack for uncovering documents.