Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"TRAVELIN' MAN" ricky nelson

Seems I'm getting a lot of comments with concerns of the amount of money being spent around  the 'Golden Dome'. Well first the former police chief remodeled his office last year, now the new police is moving downstairs and another remodeling job is in the works. Administrators are moving and you guessed it more and more remodeling. It's nice to be flushed with cash? Again a happy employee's is a productive employee. ( that even in retirement doesn't want to leave)

As I have mentioned a electric director has retired and come back as a double dipper, now I have been informed an electric plant worker has retired and you guessed it he is presently planning on returning to work. So much for attrition? Must be needed to do ......

Now to our former city manager the gift that just keeps on giving.
Seems she need a new department head and found one in all places Warren, Ohio 44 miles to the southeast, well he would like to take the position but he's not moving from Warren, what to do? Well in her wisdom it made sense to supply this director with a vehicle, maintenance as well as gasoline. Let's see 44 miles time two 88 miles a day at what cost 50 cents a mile? $44.00 X  5= $220.00 a week.
Look I don't blame the director but I do the person that made this deal possible. Look no one should be forced to live in the city but now it's getting out of hand. Should city vehicles even be taken out of the county?

Our purchase of a 23 year old fire truck. Must say from when seeing it for the first time I believed just maybe we were on to something. Now we have been told that the hydraulic lifts (what makes the ladder go up) are unsafe and leaking. so from early July until possible the middle of October we will be without this truck with a repair costing  between $35,000 to $40,000 to be split with Concord Township odd why the seals went bad after the vehicle went through an expensive check? Well as they say S*# happens.

Don't even get me started on the Painesville Newsletter what was in it that people didn't already know if they were the least bit interested. Just expensive propaganda I have never known a bunch that needs to pat themselves on the back so much.

Look here are just five simple examples of how the city takes care of your tax dollars and so to some of you who wonder why I'm frustrated. I can't believe many of you aren't?.

Does anyone know what the altercation discussion between the police chief and a resident was almost at the beginning of the council meeting?

Also we learned that Painesville had $250,000 left over from the Millstone project to be used with the $303,000 grant to demolish the old hotel.

Finally Painesville changes zoning on homes without a streets? We did learn of 'paper streets.'

Sunday, September 14, 2014


This letter was sent by Heisley Park residents lead by Ray Sternot due to the fact that they can't seem to get answer's from the administration with their concerns of waste water issues in their development. It seems the city wants to charge them the stormwater fee on their utility bill, as well as future assessment on their  county property taxes. Plus the city expects the Home Owner Association to maintain the retention ponds in the development.

This is what happens when a city seems to put a developer ahead of residents.

Maybe the next time ten residents show up at a meeting someone will take the time to listen to their concerns?


Mr. John Mathews (Ohio DNR), john.mathews@dnr.state.oh.us
Mr. Christopher Moody (Ohio EPA), chris.moody@epa.ohio.gov
Mr. Daniel Bogoevski, Daniel.Bogoevski@epa.ohio.gov
Mr. Tim Miller, Tim.Miller@lakecountyohio.gov

 Dear Sirs,
This is to formally request your assistance in helping Heisley Park, Painesville, Ohio concerned citizens obtain information and a thorough review of the storm water system within the Heisley Park development.  Residents have seen flooding of homes and streets in the neighborhood as well as the topping out of storm water ponds which are part of the storm water infrastructure here.  While we have asked the city to provide responses to our questions, the city’s position does not seem to want to respond to our questions.  This non-responsive approach causes us concern about how storm water and pollution standards are being applied recently to this development.  We know that changes to the original (2003) footprint of the development (more homes) and recently added (2008-1010) external sump pumps and French drains being added to collect underground water flows and put them in the storm water infrastructure have been made since the development was started in about 2003.  Additional development is proceeding and while we have requested the city to review the engineering aspects of the changes over the years, we have gotten essentially nowhere in our request for pertinent information.  In fact, the City Manager has essentially blocked our ability to directly contact the City Engineer about our concerns.   We are concerned whether these changes are in compliance with the original environmental study, assuming one was done, given the issues residents have encountered.

With your assistance, we propose a meeting with the City Engineer on the morning of Thursday, September 18, 2014 at the City Engineer’s office where we have been told some pertinent data would be made available for us to search through to possibly obtain answers to our questions/concerns. 

Your assistance and expertise in helping Heisley Park residents be assured that the storm water infrastructure meets Ohio County and State ODNR/OEPA requirements would be appreciated.


Ray Sternot                     
David Biro, Sr.                
David Krizan                    
Robert Sternot               
Jane Brennan                 
Charissa Bly                    
Dennis Tomlinson         
Frank Thompson     


In another story of local interest:

A little news from Aspen, Colorado sent in by a reader. Seems that Harvey's former high school principal Kim Martin has received a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in leadership by her staff.
Google Kim Martin Aspen High School for the full newspaper story. Can't say I'm surprised.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Got to jump in on this Ray Rice domestic violence issue that has consumed the news daily.

First off I have never struck a woman I walk away and get blamed later for 'so that's how you solve everything, leave' I'm at peace with that. Sorry there is no excuse.

Now what makes Ray Rice's incident different? Simply a picture is worth a thousand words.

First the commissioner is blamed for 'going easy on a star.' Well why would a man put his job and reputation on the line for Mr. Rice? Seems the courts did? As with most things in life when bad things happen to an organization billion dollar or small school boards lets minimize our exposure. The Commissioner works for the owners not the other way around. The NFL shield is all important. I learned that when Art Modell screwed the fans of Cleveland.

Now lets check out the team captain of the Baltimore Ravens Terrell Suggs
 Suggs has two children he surrendered his firearms to police due to a court order.
In 2009 he threw a soap dispenser at his girlfriends head, struck her in the chest with his hand and held a bottle of bleach over her and their 1 year old son. September of 2012 he was accused of punching and dragging the mother of his two children besides his car with the children inside the car. He surrendered an AK-47 and 6 other weapons.
The two were married on December 14, 2012 and live in a house worth 3.5 million dollars. Terrell played last night in the 26 to 6 victory over the Steelers, why? No video tape. Again this is the team captain!

So let's stop blaming sportscasters like Stephen A. Smith and Ted Robinson and start blaming the thugs that are causing all this. First NO player is bigger then the game. Drew Brees, Peyton Manning no one is above the law and speaking of our justice system who really failed society? Getting someone off the air or a new Commissioner won't solve anything. To the women who stick up for these idiots go see a doctor, and proudly wear your 27 Raven jersey. To oldtime NFL players like Lynn Swain, Terry Bradshaw ect. tell these clowns you didn't build the reputation of the NFL so that some of you idiots can destroy it. Your professionals act like it.

A good friend and Steeler fan asked me what's wrong with his team? Simple No discipline from the coach to the player, a coach who innocently stands on the field of play?. Why choose to kick a punter in the head instead of running to your left and scoring ? To the Brown's players that hug and fraternize after the game, enjoy...... those guys are laughing at you.

Owners and teams spend millions scouting players I guess there's no way to scout a person's character or heart?

Now don't even get me started on Floyd Mayweather, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy and the list goes on.

Lets stop blaming everyone but Ray Rice he is not an innocent party in this.

Friday, September 12, 2014

"STOOD UP" ricky nelson

Well Heisley Park residents were stood up Thursday night. On the agenda Thursday was;

Heisley Park Residential Subdivision Phase XVI - Preliminary Plat extension request considering of 26 lots and approximately 7.1711 acres of land.  ( isn't an R2 designation great?)
Well at 6:00 pm the city was notified by the developer that they couldn't make the meeting and please table it until the October 9, 2014 meeting. Just a thought here but these Heislyites will not go quietly into the night. The residents were not even given an opportunity to voice their concerns due to it being tabled. The assistant city attorney J. Lyons also mentioned there concerns would not have been heard as the developer was only asking to go forward with something already approved and they should make their concerns to city council. I guess the only 'common' sense thing would be to solve the concerns of the present residents before adding another 27 to the mix. But then again this is Painesville.

Rezoning Application no. 80-14
Location 119-129 Barnes Ave.
From M-2 to R-1

Well the planning commission really outdid themselves tonight. First there isn't a Barnes Avenue in the city of Painesville. The homes sit on a street that doesn't exist and the rear of the three homes (now the front) sit on a postage stamp triangle area off of Chardon St. A neighbor came (rare) and complained about the change. What was the reasoning here? The properties abut an Avery Dennison building and if a property owner at 119 puts up a fence you can't get to the other properties. Look sometimes things are better left alone when your front (back) yard is the driveway for your neighbor what did planning accomplish with this change, and why? Again 'common' sense seems to evade this bunch every now and then. I only hope council can see the error in their ways. But then again this is Painesville.

Painesville now has an official dessert!  Gartman Model Bakery Balish..... Great we're going to go broke over all these plagues. Sorta loses the point if you do this at every meeting? Then again council shows no desire to do anything important anyways. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

"WHERE'D YOU GO" fort minor

Tower 2319 Painesville's 'new' old 1991 Stuphen's Aerial tower fire truck purchased in cooperation with the Concord Fire Department?

Noticed it was missing early in July around the fourth today is September 10, 2014 and still no sign of a fire truck?

At first I just shook my head, but after the fire at the Lake County Health Department it no longer seemed funny. At last Monday's council meeting councilman Flock questioned the chief where was the truck? The sound is very poor in the courtroom but I believe the chief said it was in for a 'valve job'? Now where and who is repairing this truck for the past two months along with before we took delivery three chiefs and maintenance' experts claimed the $20,000 in repairs spent would put the truck in good shape for the next ten years.

Want to read what council was sold on and by whom? Go to the May 6,2013 council minutes. The whole story is there. I give the fire chief credit for attempting to save the city and it's resident's money but a truck out of service for two months in it's first year of ownership doesn't save us anything well something went amiss, another poorly executed contract?

Now will a council member ask for a full explanation on happened  along with the cost of whatever was preformed on the truck? It was a sizeable investment or will it just be forgotten like so many other blunder's around here?

Speaking of explanations in the August meeting councilwoman Katie Jenkins ask the fire chief since the bridge on Shamrock Blvd. is now open what is the fire departments response time to that area? The chief said he would have an answer by the next meeting. In his defense no one brought up the question last Monday maybe this coming Monday?

In other city business tonight's Planning Commission (09/11/14) should be very interesting especially to Heisley Park residents.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"CARRY ON" crosby stils nash & young

Yes, I must be the wayward son?

A couple of weeks ago someone suggested I send a letter. Well the purpose of this letter as well as many posts on the blog. was that no one should be surprised when 'the s^*t hits the fan.
This letter was sent to the News-Herald over two weeks ago and I guess wasn't worthy of publication. I guess this site will be the only record of the failure of council as well as the administration to protect the $100,000 of dollars of the residents of Painesville.

In 2007 The City of Painesville entered into two electric contracts with it's electrical supplier AMP-OHIO. The first contract was for a coal fired plant located in Meigs County, Ohio. AMPGS the plant was never constructed, but due to Painesville's agreed  'take or pay' contract Painesville was obligated to reimburse AMP-OHIO 2 million dollars towards development costs. At the same time AMP-OHIO sold Painesville on a turn key 30 year contract to a power plant in Illinois. Prairie State Energy Campus with a somewhat price for power of $48.06 MWh. Painesville owns a share of the onsite coal mine as well as being responsible for all the coal ash. When the plant finally went on line in 2012ost for power reached as high as $170.00 MWh. and never close to the price estimated. AMP-OHIO in turn started a program called 'Levelization' where communities would pay approximately $85.00 MWh. financed by future bonds and communities involved knowing that in the future they would have to pay the 'levelization' cost accrued. Being another 'take or pay' contract Painesville as well as many communities have to not only pay the mortgage on PSEC, even if they only receive 50% or less of contracted power they are still obligated to pay 100% of power they contracted for and at the same time pay another charge for replacement power purchased through AMP-OHIO.

The past Painesville administration and council as well as the current Painesville administration and council see no need for these electric contracts to be investigated. We hear statements like 'we took a gamble' 'we don't want to upset other AMP-OHIO communities', we need more data', there's a process...., as well as it's a bad deal today but what about 2025?'

This contract as well as another AMP-OHIO contract coming in 2015 will have a adverse cost to residential rate payers, as well as businesses located or looking to to locating in Painesville due to high utiliy costs.

AS we have learned, Painesville Power only has only produced electric power sporadically in the past three years. These contracts are our future. The people  running Painesville Power must start running the electric department like a business or get out of the business. Many Ohio communities as well as others across the Midwest have already filed lawsuits against PSEC not to place blame but to find out if the communities were mislead by insiders on the costs and benefits of PSEC.

It is well past the time for the administration and city council begin making the right steps to correct this mistake.

                                                   Angelo Cimaglio

The sad fact this letter will do little good unless the people and  businesses let council know that they want answers. You have a right to know the truth.

At least ask them why they haven't taken any recourse to save your money.

On another note congratulations Lynn on your appointment. I am sure you will do a capable job.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Well, summer's over all the streets that were to be repaved are? Streetscape is completed, as well as the 'Bridge to Nowhere' is now the 'Bridge to Mentor Businesses.'

Not much new planned for council. The agenda is limited to Rental Dwelling Registration  and second reading  on the (CDGB) from the county that always seem to land on two blocks of Downtown Painesville.

The only suspense to Tuesday night meeting will be if the Invocation will go off on time? or will it be late?

Where's Jen Reed anyway?