Saturday, May 28, 2016


The start of summer travel, picnics all things summer!


When I was a young lad Memorial Day was known as Decoration Day, It didn't become an official American holiday until 1971.

On May 5,1868 General John A. Logan a leader for Northern Civil War veterans, called for a national day of remembrance. Later the date chosen was May 30th. The purpose was to strewing flowers decorating on comrades who died in defense of their country. Soon  every city and village in the land took up the practice.

On the first Decoration Day, General James Garfield made a speech at Arlington National Cemetery, over 5,000 participants decorate the graves of 20,000 Union and Confederate soldiers buried there.
By 1890 all the states had made Decoration Day an official state holiday.

On this date we honor the over 1,100,000 servicemen and women who have died in service to this country.  Where as  Veteran's  Day is to honor all service people.

The National Moment of Remembrance encourages all  Americans to pause wherever they are at 3:00 p.m. local time on Memorial Day for a minute of silence to remember and honor those that have died in service to this nation.

"It's a way we can all help put the memorial back in Memorial Day" Moment of remembrance founder Carmella LaSpada.

Enjoy your weekend but never ever  forget it's true meaning!

This weekend in the 100 running of the Indianapolis 500.  Back in the day I remember A.J. Foyt from Texas, Mario Andretti from Pennsylvania, Unser Brothers from Colorado. Rick Mears, Rodger Ward .  Watched the British invasion of Hill and Clark.
Now  Castroneves, Takuma Sato, Gabby Chaves to name a few we are now an international race with competitors from all over the world.
Later the same day NASCAR will have the World 600 their longest race. There again to me it lost it's identity when it went for just being a southern old'' boy race to the corporate sport it has become.  I miss the Pettys. Yarbrough, Pearson, Lorenzen, Allison , Fireball Roberts and Junior Johnson. Wonder what they think of today's NASCAR?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

"REASON TO BELIEVE" rod stewart

If I listen long enough to you
I'd find a way to believe it's all true

Over five month's to go before we elect the next president of the United States. And presently my tea leaves point that it will be Donald Trump. No matter what he say's or who he insult's the majority of American's could careless! I love Republican leader's claiming "I'll vote for him, but I won't endorse him." What exactly does that mean? Why the silence from our own congressman? It's over.

Now to my fellow Democrat's look could you have put two easier candidate's to beat?
Hillary might know her stuff but come on let's talk baggage? The latest out of the State Department suggests no one gave her permission to use a private server along with mixing personal as well as secret information on the same server. Look I don't believe half of what the right accuses her of but this shows a general absence of respect for the office. Yes Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell did pretty much the same but their not running for president.

I guess both Party's  are willing to sell their souls for a victory?

Now Bernie? This man must live in a dream world, the opposite dream world Donald lives in.
Both promise things I just can't believe either can deliver on. Now first 'Free' college great idea but do they realize in the future who will be paying for all this 'free' college?
Donald promises to remove 12 million illegals where will that money come from not even knowing the amount?

My fear, YES I realize American's are angry and many feel shafted by  the 'System'.

But what happens If all these angry Americans finally realize there's will be no Wall, no deportation, no coal jobs, no jobs coming back from wherever?
Maybe a trade war that causes more Americans into the unemployment lines and the dollar losing all it's esteem? Can we say depression? We complain about a surcharge of $8.00 on our water bills, how about $3,000 on a vehicle, $400 on an air conditioner. What about that next IPhone, or flat screen.

My fear is not the election but what the election might, as well as could cause.

I guess if so many of you care about trade, why are there so many foreign vehicles being purchased by Americans? You think there better? I rented a Nissan last week and I wouldn't hit a dog in the A## with it! I asked Hertz for an American car, before you ask. Nothing more confusing for me  then seeing a Trump sticker on a Mitsubishi ?

Will all you good Americans pay the tariffs Trump seems to want to impose?

Do you really think this will "Make America Great Again" Myself I never believed we never lost that position.

My biggest problem is that Trump doesn't seem to think ahead. First like chess you have to be thinking three four moves ahead not just your first move.

To Black Americans from day one of a Trump presidency, the dismantling of Obama will start, in a few years he will be seen as the worst of the worst. So much for his legacy!

Can Trump work with our legislature? foreign friends as well as enemies ?  Could his bluster lead us into a war? Will his tax proposal drive us further in debt? You want a HUGE military well we will have to pay for it. No more borrowing. Plus China 's not to crazy about him. Will he surround himself with capable people? Will he take their advise? Or as he usually does insult the Republican governor in a state he visits? Contrary to many this was a warning shot to any Republican who would oppose him.

Now he has decided against self-funding all this new funding comes with a cost. That came out of his mouth!

Best I look forward he doesn't start another war, or his arrogance leads us to a depression.
Maybe I'll have a bone spur in one of my feet, don't know which one yet? Seems to keep you out of harms way.

No, not moving to Canada, but I am preparing myself. All of you should do the same.

Still I look to find a reason to believe.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


You know you can't go on getting your own way
'Cause if you do, it's gonna get you some day

Found this story in 05/20/2016 Tribune- Gazette

Solicitor explains executive sessions
By Marian McMahon

North Perry  Solicitor Joe Gurley stated a councilmember had asked him to address the issue of executive sessions at the May 5 meeting.
"For the public's information, just to reiterate what we're limited to, when the Village Council goes into executive session it is restricted as to what can be discussed according to provisions in 122.22 of the Ohio Revised Code" he said.
The topics which can be discussed, briefly, are: to consider the appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion, demotion, or compensation of a public employee or official; to consider the purchase of property for public purposes, or the sale of property at competitive bidding, if premature disclosure of information would give an unfair competitive or bargaining advantage to a person, to conference with an attorney concerning pending or imminent court action; preparing for, conducting, or reviewing  negotiations or bargaining sessions with public employee's, to discuss matters required to be kept confidential by federal law or regulations or state statutes; to discuss details relative to the security arrangements  and emergency response protocols; or to consider confidential information related to marketing plans, specific business strategy, production techniques, trade secrets, or personal financial statements of an applicant for economic development assistance.
"The protocol for (entering executive session)is to basically announce the purpose prior to going into executive session and adjourning from an open meeting into executive session," Gurley said.

"There can be no voting during executive session. There can be an exchange of information. There can be an exchange of ideas."

That's all folks ! I can only hope Law Director Gurley has had the same conversation with our own council?

More evolving! Sayonara to "Self Funding My Campaign"

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Superman where are you now
When everything's gone wrong somehow

First off Councilman DeLeone is no Superman. That said he should be given credit for going to other community council meetings to see how their meetings are run.

Seems councilman DeLeone is interested in council procedures. Well so am I. maybe we view it from different sight lines?

No clapping or booing? Look I have yet to hear booing, and face it clapping for the most part is spontaneous and we clap a lot at council meetings for many good reasons. Will all clapping be stopped?


When addressing council in visitors time ... one subject period. You can't complement the city and then address them on another issue. One subject! Myself what difference what anyone talks about in those three minutes? This will cut down on awkward time for council members. Most would you rather address them with a phone call as to your concerns so as to keeping the situation out of the public eye.
It seems a well run government organization would want more input from citizens. More input rather than less. The Chaplin for the American Legion at the last council meeting was speaking on the issue of the Painesville Senior Center. Sorry times up! clerk of council Tara Grimm announced. (another new procedure?) In the past if you were complementing the city they might let you go on for a half hour, along with the Council-President being the timekeeper. Now by cutting this conversation off we learned very little what the American Legion proposed for the Senior Center. Is this the way to run a meeting? Of course someone could be elected to council such as a director or member of the American Legion or Senior Center who then can speak as long as they wish. Ala!  Councilman Fodor speaking on the DPO! See how it's all geared to who you are?

Seems on these issues councilman DeLeone  has a solution to a problem that doesn't exist!

Now from the other side of the front table. You want to talk about procedure? I have in the past witnessed council people on their cell phones texting, carrying on conversations amongst themselves, nodding off with their eyes closed and there tongue out. As others around me giggled. Constant interruption of each other, those microphones are there for a reason people. As well as viewing a council that seems at times to be out of control with leadership not halting the proceedings.

I seem to remember a time when a certain council member looked up at the camera and wished his wife a Happy Birthday! Professional?

I guess my point is it's not the residents that make you people look  clueless to what your own member's are doing... It's YOURSELVES!

Here's a thought how about being a little less cavalier about excusing member's from council  meetings? Look if it isn't an illness or another family crisis maybe it shouldn't be excused? You have only one meeting in July and August as to say take a vacation. Remember you signed up for the job. As well as taking your paycheck.

Hears a hint Mike, go to a Painesville School Board Meeting all of you could learn a lot about procedures. Fault them over issues but they do run as well as control a meeting if only one or one hundred people are in the room.

Trump claim that he will give up his gun "when they peel my cold dead tiny finger's from around it!"

OR 2000 Trump;

I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun.

OR 2012

On the Sandy Hook Shooting:  "Obama Spoke for me and every American"

Now these statements can all be categorized as a candidate evolving, so what will it be next year?

Monday, May 23, 2016

"YOU GOT A FRIEND" james taylor

You just callout my name
And you know wherever I am

Well back to Painesville!

At last Monday night council meeting two item grabbed my attention what I will tell you neither of the two will change over these posts.

First Councilman Fodor at a May meeting suggested a resolution to increase the city funding for the Downtown Painesville Organization from $22,000 a year to $28,000 a year . Big deal, $6,000 but don't they always tell us these requests take place at budget meeting at the end of the year? Now in the scheme of things $6,000 ain't that much money but when you add all these little amounts up it comes to a healthy amount of money. An extra $1,200 per month to the Senior Center to help cover rent is another example. Now if you been following this blog. for any amount of time I believe this whole DPO is a sham.  So as to you knowing my bias.

Councilman Fodor is a director on the DPO I found it offensive that he would ask for an increase in funding considering his position. Now a council person might listen to his request and think, well Jim's a friend, co-member of this council would I really want to oppose him and make an enemy over $6,000? I considered even asking councilman Fodor to abstain in the vote of this request, but so what 6/0  7/0 makes little difference. This is how the game is played.

See I do believe that the DPO needs the money but that kind of money is spent after the IMPORTANT issues of our city get resolved. A decent Community Center for example to serve all Painesville residents. All this spending while the parking garage falls into disrepair. Recreational items like a pool or waterpark. Don't laugh many communities have all these items. I laugh council doesn't even have it's own chamber to hold meetings using a courtroom. Were are in the process of losing council meetings on channel 12 over old equipment? A Fire Chief that is sent out to procure 20 year-old fire equipment. All this and more and in less then 10 years DPO receives over $200,000, plus Grant and General fund money to the tune of 1.3 MILLION dollars. For Main St. Streetscape. There was never a ribbon cutting no one wanted to be associated with this folly! And what have you got to show for all this spending?

Now go to a homeowner on State St. and ask them how all this DPO money has benefitted them? Go to Chestnut St. ask a resident there? A Jefferson St. resident? Ask a Heisley Park resident? If they even know there is a downtown district? No, to much has been spent already and truthfully if they didn't spend all this money people would still go to Joughin Hardware, Model Bakery Nemeth's Lounge T&T Bakery and the rest nothing would change people shop there for good reason's since 2007 how much more revenue has DPO generated in new businesses? Councilman Fodor tells us the city income tax revenues have increased? Like to see those numbers.

No Painesville has so many other ways to make a better Painesville for EVERYONE!  We have spent enough on those two blocks of downtown where so much has been spent to accomplish so little for so few.

I would like the merchant's from Downtown Painesville to make the request for additional funding themselves to council and explain the end results they expect. Car Shows and Bathtub Races are great I just don't believe it is up to resident's to fund them.

Tomorrow the other issue.

Really, people get their news from Facebook?

NRA supports & endorses Donald Trump. Well their not big into background checks! That explains that.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

"MONEY (THAT'S WHAT I WANT) barrett strong

MIA UNTIL MAY 24, 2016

The best things in life are free
But you can give them to the birds and bees


That pretty much sums up last nights council meeting.

First off our city manager wasn't happy with the actions of Waste Management and their fliers.  He explained to WM representative Vince Crawford  that that's not the way we do business in Painesville. The bids were opened and WM came in second. Plus the fact we are under no obligation for you to do a "do over." I guess in the scheme of things $96,000 doesn't buy you much?

Here are the four bids over the seven year contract costs;

REPUBLIC    $6,965,491.00

WM                 $7,052,267.00

RUMPE           $8,052, 088..00

KIMBLE         $10,033,550.00

Finance Director Andy Unetic  compiled these numbers.

He also mentioned all the paperwork has been sent to Columbus and we should be on Ohio Checkbook shortly.

This also reflected that Painesville has only 58 bag user's not the 350 as I was told. That said we haven't forgot about you 58.

Sorry some complained about the procedure as well as the bidding process. Me?  I just realized that resident's will receive a 23% discount on their bills. Great job! Take your ball and go home.

Commander  Charles Stennis from American Legion Post #336 spoke of the need for Painesville Recreation Department and Painesville Senior Center merging? It seems there is a need as well as increased funding. I see no  opposition to the Painesville Senior's putting on a small levy so as to make them function properly.  This way resident's have an opportunity to vote Yes or No. I do question the merger between the Recreation Department and Senior Center as to who in the end is in charged?

Next  The one I oppose for many reasons, in the past since 2007/08 the City of Painesville has supported the Downtown Painesville Organization to the tune of over $200,000 and now councilman Jim Fodor wants at the next meeting to have a resolution drawn up as to increase funding another $6000. Now as most of you know Mr. Fodor is heavily involved with DPO and with this position should he be making this request? Look I know it's only another $6,000 but truthfully what has the first $200,000 accomplished? Bath Tub Races? A Friday Car Show? how much revenue have these brought into the city? How many businesses have located in Downtown Painesville since 2008? And flourished? . Although Dollar Tree seems very successful? Never mind  the cost of Downtown Streetscape was quite a gift. It's time for these people to fly on their own.. This Money Pit Downtown can only be described as where so much, has done so little, for so few. God forbid if this group had to ask the voter's for money, say a levy? I expect this to pass on first reading at the next council meeting. That's how we roll in the City of Paine!

Clerk of council Tara Grimm mentioned some possible new rules , No clapping or Booing? Haven't ever heard a boo at a council meeting, maybe there should have been?? As well as visitors given three minutes in those three minutes the person is limited to one issue or subject?  In other words if you go up and commend the city for the shape the cementers are in , well it's one and done. Democracy's Great, Uh! Someone asked where I believed this came from?  Councilman Mike DeLeone has been harping about council procedures? Maybe this is one of those procedures?

Fire Chief Mark Mlachak gave an interesting account on since the first of the year Painesville EMS has responded to 86 Heroin calls where paramedics had to provide  Narcan . It seems the rise in Heroin use is mostly due to people no longer getting or affording prescription  pain medication as Heroin is inexpensive alternative. The chief explained that this isn't just a Painesville problem but is country-wide. You can also get Narcan without a prescription if you see a need for it in a loved one or neighbor.

The four most expensive words in the English language are, 'This time it's different.'

Sir John Templeton

Sunday, May 15, 2016


We're leaving together
But still it's farewell
And maybe we'll come back
Who can tell?

Seems everyone wants to be Anonymous?

Painesville refuse Bag User's were met yesterday with a mailed envelope with no return address and the content's also didn't mention who sent it?  It's not that hard to figure out only the city and Waste Management  has those names.

The content;

City of Painesville Residents
Bag prices are going up to $21.25 with Republic Services July 1,2016


Going down to $11.25 with Waste Management

Roll of 5 will go up in cost t0 $21.25       WM roll will go down to $11.25
   (Picture Republic Bag)                                 (Picture WM Bag)

Call your City Council rep or Attend the Council meeting  MONDAY MAY 16th 7:30 and  let your voice be heard that you cannot afford a roll of bags at $21.25

Yeah like $18.75 was such a great deal? How will this company explain these lower costs? We can't screw you any longer?

Just a thought, but should the city subsidize elderly bag users? Painesville government is getting all their refuse picked up for free?  Even the THREE businesses operated by Painesville. Come on kick in, you do to just about everyone else!


When the bid wording was written-up by the city for those who wanted to bid and placed on this site, there was a section regarding recycling that stated a personal option to everyone  in the city to decide a Yes to being a part of the program or a No to not participate in this program.

As Republic Services is now (July 1) going to be our carrier, I want to know the status of the Yes & No as stated above. There are many that do not want to recycle and feel that they should not be paying for the recycle tote service  when we do not provide any recycling waste(s). Recycling and yard waste should be treated as "ala carte" on the quarterly invoice for those who choose to participate. The unlimited category should contain a section that pertains to furniture, bedding, appliances, large yard tools, and many other items that are not normal weekly trash. There should be an "ala carte" pricing for this pick-up and only when this service is set-up by a call (in advance) to Republic Services.
Long-time Painesville resident

Now I realize Painesville has an ordinance that all resident's must participate in the city's refuse collecting contract. I guess my question is where in that ordinance does it state resident's must recycle and the cost passed on to them?

This is John Miller I have replaced John Baron as TERM'S>> spokesperson!
Rest assured that as his spokesperson I have inside knowledge of all his thoughts and services he provides to all you readers here on the blog.!  Please any questions about TERM>> please email me for a concise answer for all of your concerns. TERM>> is a great guy and is a HUGE success!