Saturday, April 30, 2016

" IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS " barenaked ladies

If I had a million dollars,
You could help it wouldn't be that hard!

Well maybe like two million plus?

Painesville City Council agenda item for Monday May, 2 2016'


1. Ordinance Amending Appropriations for FY2016.

This legislation increases the total 2016 appropriations by $2,151,081, to provide additional transfers and expenses. The largest increases are dealing with the demolition of the parking garage and the construction of the new City building at the Storrs Street complex. There also are various other adjustments being made to the 2016 budget to be compliance with the Ohio Revised Code. Several of these budget increases are offset with grants, loans and other revenue. The Administration had a detailed discussion with the Finance Committee describing all these budget adjustments and the Finance Committee has unanimously approved all of these adjustments. These budget adjustments are based on estimates and when the Administration gets actual costs, we will be coming back to Council with additional legislation to transfer money out of  funds to pay for these budget increases. The legislation must be passed on this reading, due to the fact that there are several items in legislation that are time sensitive. First Reading

First is it just me, but doesn't the number 2.1 million seem to come up a lot?

Any councilman who doesn't ask how this money is divided up is not doing their job.

I guess we are back to "Various Other" again?

I believe the 2016 budget had the Storrs St,. Garage included?

"Estimates"  again with the estimates. We can only hope AMP-OHIO doesn't bid on any of these projects.

The administration has detailed discussions with the Finance Committee, how about with us lowly taxpayers?

Time Sensitive? Really

After viewing the actions of some at Trump rally's in California all I can say is that I am discussed with some people actions who don't believe others, who disagree with them have no right to free speech! Look you don't like or disagree with him I get it. But he has a right to put his views out there. Many of you claim he in UNAMERICAN..... TRUTHFULLY MANY OF YOU SEEM TO BE.
The best way to show your displeasure with a candidate is to show it at the voting booth, not jumping up and down on a police car. This begs the question how many of those protester's will actually be voting? I can assure you his will be.

Thursday, April 28, 2016


And I can tell you the way you do the things you do

This post is going to make everyone upset at City Hall, but it's something that has to be said.

Recently I received to call to my cell phone from people who expected me to help them with problems they were having with the city on concerns of violating an ordinance. First off I'm the wrong person to help you with your problem I'm probably the last guy they want to hear from. When I walk into City Hall it's like Judas entering the Temple.

Now these problems have come from the North as well as the South end of town and they have a few things in common. First both resident's began this trek with the city by making a call to the city on a housing violation on a neighbor's rental property. Now I can't speak if the complaint's were legitimate but the aftermath was the same.

After the housing inspector went out and checked on the called in violation then then proceeded to go to the complaint's house and inspected it for violations? One of the resident's quizzed the inspector and was met with the answer "that's the way we do things around here." You call and complain and we check YOU out?  Now I have always been told that there was  no inspection unless someone called in a complaint?

One of the persons that called in the first complaint was written up for garage doors need painting, stones needed in the driveway and new roofing on the detached garage. I went and visited this home and take my word it's in the top 60% of Painesville homes and you can see signs that the homeowner's have made an investment into their property. (new vinyl siding) So first when we have cars parked on lawns in town we worry about stones in driveways? and I guess who gives a flying F#@k  if the garage leaks. Least we remember our own city parking garage? Which brings up another question . If you tell me that building only has a thirty year life, what plans did the city have since 1973? All I ever heard was we don't have the funds? Just maybe that person didn't have the funds to fix that garage roof at this time?

I guess my point is  this the best way to solve the problems in this city? First anyone who reads this will probably think twice before calling in a violation, I would. And is this a policy the city welcomes due to the fact it cuts down on the number of complaints they receive? In any situation resident's should never feel like the enemy and at the same time I realize that the city sometimes puts up with a lot.

People drive through the city and see homes in a lot worse shape then theirs and wonder why ain't they getting cited? Chances are they stay out of sight of the city. Then there are some of us who somehow get 80 new sidewalk blocks on a street.

It's time the city takes a more adult approach to these inspections as well as inspectors realize who in the end they work for.

Let me understand, Ted Cruz named Carly Fionna as his VP pick or babysitter for his kids on the bus?

John Boehner must have become a Drumpf supporter? He just called Ted Cruz "Lucifer in the flesh" I thought he thought Obama was Lucifer!

Ted ended a great day by calling it a  basketball ring, not a hoop or even a rim!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"MAGIC BUS" the who

Magic bus take me to you

Big above the fold article about  Laketran

Agency seeks future funding

Myself I would give them another nickel. At least until the provide regular bus routes to Tri-Point Hospital. Can you name me some hospitals that don't have bus service to them? Odd Lake West has it I guess that's enough?

Some here have told me this item was rejected at a Laketran Board Meeting? Any clue why? Along at which meeting?

Myself I can't figure out why Laketran would oppose this service? Let's face it it's not like it's in the middle of downtown? How many stories have I heard of law enforcement providing rides from people walking from the hospital.

First question is this because of the Hospital not wanting service provided ......or Laketran not seeing a need?

Also onsite at Tri-Point is the Physician   Pavilion located next to the hospital.

A Mentor councilman proposed a route from Mentor Headland to the Great Lakes Mall. I can understand there being a need for this but more importantly a service out to the only hospital within 15 miles of Painesville.

My suggestion you email a request to Ohio Representatives John Rogers and Ron Young as well as State Sen. John Eklund. Not another dime until they fulfill their responsibilities to this community.

Cruz picks his running mate? Isn't that from his position a little premature?

Drumf claims if Hillary was a man she would only have 5%? This from a person who Hillary has more then 2,000,000 votes than he has?

Looking back, do you realize  this country was only two heartbeats from a serial child molester being the President!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

""LEANNE" snuzz


FYI the railroad has closed Mentor Ave. at railroad tracks by Giant Eagle. Directing traffic onto Fern and Jackson also major tie ups at Palmer and Jackson. Expect delays and no Police or Sherriff helping to direct  traffic in this area.

What are you doing here

Attended the joint Christine Shoop and Michael DeLeone Town Hall Meeting at city hall yesterday evening.

City Engineer Leanne Elum was the guest speaker. The main reason for her being there was to explain the Cedarbrook Basin now under construction. When the meeting was open to the public I never realized how upset some residents were concerned with their streets? I didn't help much by me mentioning Rockwood and Levan being on the list this year. Some residents were told by council people their road isn't scheduled until 2020? Now in Leaanne's defense she wasn't here when some of these plans were drawn up and I felt bad she was taking all the incoming from the audience. "If I could sell my house I would be gone!"

Majority of the people from the North End of Painesville. And I will admit the streets in Ward I are amongst the worse in Painesville. Some wanted to know why that was? Well in the past the North End has been the Red-Headed Stepchild of Painesville. Best guess why?  Low voter turnout and an administration, council in the past that had little regards for their councilman's concerns. Some remembered when a certain council-presidents court was repaved as an example? (Grenney Lane?)
As I mentioned to an attendee get on council your problem will be solved.

After the meeting a Skinner Ave. resident complained of the deterioration of his street, which he blamed on the truck traffic due to the new Richmond St. bridge into Fairport. I asked if he ever came to a council meeting to express his concerns? Called a member of council? No to both questions. The city will now look into the state funding repair on Skinner Ave. Best guess? Sorry did you ever write any overload ticket's during that time?

I will mention here that the present administrator for the most part are some much more receptive to residents compared to say ten years ago. It's  been a slow process. But as I listened to residents and this is no reflection on the job Anthony Carson is doing. This city needs a Mayor. More reasons later.

In closing Leanne you took the shots and held your ground and you are a vast improvement over what we dealt with in the past!

Cedarbrook Basin sounds like a plan, wonder how it will work out for people living north of it?

The announcement of the Kasich, Cruz alliances made me think back to June 7, 1944.  After receiving reports from the western front. In Hitler's bunker I hear him telling his Generals, maybe we should send a few more Panzer Divisions to Normandy? To late Adolf the allies have already landed!  This plan of theirs should have been launched month's ago to stop Drumpf.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

"HERE WE GO AGAIN" ray charles

I through all of your stuff away
Then I clear you out of my head

Not really!

Here we are again to embark on another Refuse Contract. Again without an elected official or even a resident in on any of the negotiation's.

As I have mentioned in the past I found nothing in the ordinance that it was to enrich the city in any way? But it did last contract to the tune of $96,000 free refuse city and all of their departments. So they pick-up the garbage At City Hall big deal!
Well what is the deal? Well in the new contract it's spelled out. In the new contract specifications known as the  RFP


LOCATION                 Qty.                                      Pick-ups/wk.

City Hall                           1      8 yard dumpster          3 pick-ups/wk.

Storrs St.                           3     6  yard (2)                    1
                                          1     2 yard
Municipal Power Plant     2      8yard                           1
WPCP                               2    6 yards
                                          1     3 yds.                           1
Parking Garage                 1     2 yds.                           1           (Not anymore)
Cemeteries Office             1     6 yard                          1
Recreation Park                2      8 yds.                          3
Recreation/Engineering    1     2 yds.                           1
Water Plant                       2      2yds.
                                                 4 yds.                           1

  TOTAL:                        15/14

Wonder what this service would cost? Doesn't matter your paying for it!  I believe the three utilities are illegally getting pick-up due to state law.

But it gets better !


The Contractor shall provide free roll-off containers to the City of Painesville for all refuse containers at City-owned locations specified in Section V. (see above)

There shall be no fee assessed the City by the Contractor for the collection, removal, and disposal of the contents of such containers. ( someone please show me where in the Ordinance this is allowed )

Yard Waste and Leaves Collection and Disposal

The Contractor shall collect yard waste from each prescribed residential unit on the regularly scheduled recycled (bi-weekly) collection day April 1st through the following December 15th Also, included in the unit price bid, is the collection and disposal of yard waste which has been containerized, bagged and/or tied into bundles not exceeding four (4) feet in length with limbs and branches not exceeding four (4) inches in diameter. The Contractor shall collect leaves weekly, 10/01 - 12/15.

So as we all agree the Contractor whomever they be are not in the business to provide FREE services. Someone pays for them. The THEM is you.

Why this administration went into this new contract without an elected official or even a few resident's is beyond me? We were suspicious  then and we are again!


On another note?
Can we quit screwing around with that SRO officer for Heritage Middle School. I have no idea why anyone besides the Painesville Police Department needs to be involved. Forget the Sheriff, Park Rangers Power Rangers, Justice League just fund the damn officer!

In all honesty I have no idea why anybody would pay Hillary Clinton $250,000 for a speech?
More money than brains?

In my own thoughts seems to be Bernie's becoming burned out!

Friday, April 22, 2016

"PURPLE RAIN' prince

You say you want a leader
But you can't seem to make up your mind

Monday, April 25,2016

Council persons Mike DeLeone and  Christine Shoop will hold a joint TOWN HALL MEETING for all resident's of Painesville in Courtroom 1.
Our City Engineer Leanne Exum will be a special guest to answer all Stormwater questions.

AS mentioned the meeting is open to the public Mike and Christine will do the best they can to answer your concerns as well as taking questions to the right people to get the answer.

AGAIN 6:00 PM City Hall


Just a thought;

Some  of you might have noticed I have been mentioning how much in city funds it will cost us to demolish the Parking Garage. Here is a story I will share with you from Indiana from last year It was written by Purdue University to Governor Michael Pence. This is an excerpt from that letter.

This project will demolish the Marsteller Street Parking Garage which is an existing five level precast concrete parking structure that was constructed in 1976. The project also will construct a new asphalt parking lot with concrete curbing, lighting, and green space landscaping. Removal of the parking garage will eliminate the risks associated with the deteriorated condition of the garage and the need for extensive repairs.

The estimated cost of this project is $2,200,000.00 to be funded from Departmental Funds-Parking Facilities Reserve.

Demolishing the parking structure and installing a new paved parking lot will reduce the amount of parking by approximately 400 spaces

Maybe it's just me, but this story seems very similar to what we are facing here in Painesville? I can only hope I'm wrong!

And we all know the record the city has with contracts.

To this day it still amazes me how many people never realized Ted Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban National father lived there four years and yet no one questions his eligibility to become President?  Illegal aliens? how about an Illegal Presidential candidate?

No idea what  Bernie Sanders stick is, but he's seems to be staying in the race for what purpose? Special time at the Democratic Convention?

Al Gore had Ralph Nader

Hillary Clinton has Bernie Sanders

Thursday, April 21, 2016

"THE WEIGHT" the band

R.I.P Prince always will love that Little Red Corvette

Hey mister can you tell me, where a man might find a bed?
He just grinned and shook my hand, 'No' was all he said.

Last night I attended the program  BEGIN THE CONVERSATION  at Harvey High School

First off may I suggest the city missed the boat here? In attendance I witnessed Police Chief Powalie, two patrolmen and councilman Mike Deleone.

Many questions from the audience seemed to be directed to many city departments? Recreation, Community Development to name a few.

This was a very well attended meeting which seemed to have a major flaw. It seemed that the panel members who were there to field questions ran into an audience who wanted to make statements?

On question I heard was why isn't there a woman of color on the panel? Which got me thinking how many anybody of color sits on Painesville City Council? In the administration? Department head?

Painesville Board of Education as well as the administration?  If you dropped in from Mars today you would believe the diversity of Painesville was all white. The same for the county for that matter, how many assistant prosecutors Judges, County official's  are of color?

Now let's backup for a minute in the last two council elections I supported Rene' Aston for council. Not because she was a woman of color but because I thought she was right person for Painesville. Where was her support? You can't blame others if you refuse to support good people.

To his credit Rev. Albert Jones mentioned many administrations coming to him to get qualified people to apply for positions only to find out none did?

Then again a mother of a Harvey graduate with a Master's degree being turned down five times by Health and Human services.

There was discussion of a "White Wall" I don't know if there is one but I do realize nepotism runs wild in our community.

Fear of the Police? Chief Powalie mentioned a firearm has not been fired by a Painesville Police officer on duty for 30 years!

All said it appeared to be a good first step. People also must realize opportunity doesn't knock on your door, you knock on it's.

Great now the Republicans are getting into the great which bathroom to use debate?

Plus Ted Cruz cause to block the use of dildo's in Texas? As Texas solicitor all starting because a woman had a something like a Tupperware party where  two undercover cops arrested her. Ted no dildo's for Texas!