Wednesday, November 25, 2015

" LITTLE THINGS " one direction

And all those conversations/ are the secret's that I keep.....

Yes even I get forgetful at times , ask councilman DeLeone.

What I failed to mention is something I watch our city manager, department heads and employee's participate in last Saturday. No Painesville Pride, no News-Herald around just some people that wanted to make sure people in Painesville had a turkey for Thursday.

Our city manager managed to get donations from different organizations such as the Kiwanis Club and through this 200 turkeys were purchased without city money. People met and the fire station and a small lunch was also provided. I have been told of numerous city employee's who gave their time to make this successful.

It was overwhelming to some, councilman Flock was almost brought to tears of joy over what he witnessed.

Now what made this so special to me was that it came from the heart and was not a publicity stunt.

Yes, I am willing to bet there are many great secret's around town , for that I still believe there might be a future here.

To all of you who participated Saturday , a big thank-you to all!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I guess this is the time of the year and look back at what we harvested this year.  Myself I had a pretty good year all thing considered. Many of you have suffered loses this year and setbacks . Maybe a family member will no longer be at the table this year, maybe at setback such as a divorce, job loss look all I can tell you is look forward to a better 2016.

Along with Thanksgiving comes "Black Friday" something I refuse to involve myself in. Although many family members are lacing up the Nike's as I compose this. Wonder if Painesville's Downtown will host Black Friday Deals?

Homeless people are impressed of the new Christmas Decorations, well at least they are consistently in the park to enjoy them. I wonder if Santa's house has been served a vacant property fee and fine?

Turkey's as well as pumpkins seem a bit higher this year. Then again did you ever think you would see gasoline at $1.89 a gallon during the Thanksgiving holiday season?

Football anybody but me notice this Thursday no AFC team will be playing all six teams are NFC teams I wonder why?

Yes Ohio State stunk up the place last Saturday, oh well winning 47 out of 50 games make's Brown's fans envious anyway.

Only in College football can you be one of the highest percentage winning coaches and Alumni wants to buy your contract out for between 15 and 20 million dollars. Knowing full well Les Miles phone will be ringing with a new job offer no sooner then the signature is dry. I guess my only question is who does LSU plan to replace Miles with?

Oh, and that JV team ISIL what a mood killer. Soon we will be hearing the rage for a ground war, again. I don't care who or what they are called they want to end our Thanksgivings and everything else. Whether we know it or admit to it we are presently in a Holy War and the enemy doesn't want to negotiate ...they just want you Dead! A happy thought to end  this the 1200 post all time on this site.

Least not forget the 1% no not the Trumps, but the true American patriot's that willing give all for the protection of this great country and it's citizens. The members of our Armed Services.

Love and protect the ones you love stay vigil and never not share your bounty with others.

Happy  Thanksgiving

Monday, November 23, 2015

" IN A GADDA DA VIDA " iron butterfly

Oh, won't you come with me    Confused?

 In a recent comment someone mentioned a "scrap yard' on the former Coe Manufacturing property?

Well I seem to be as much a loss over this as anybody.

First it was reported in last Sundays News-Herald about the Lake County Port Authority and Economic Development  finding tenant's for the former Coe property. No mention of Painesville Economic Development being involved?

One company Pinnacle Commodity Recovery is interested.

Pinnacle does recycling for Phillips Corp., General Electric, PCC Airfoils among others.

* I must note here no hazardous  material will be brought to the site *

"What we try to do is anything they're currently throwing away in their garbage and landfilling we find solutions for that we can re-enter into the recycling stream." Company President Bart Davenport told the News-Herald.

Another company specializing in boat repair, modification and customization would split the building south of the railroad tracks between Bank and S.State St. With Pinnacle. Pinnacle is presently located in Painesville Township off Blasé Nemeth Rd. The company also provides a welding service.

Now is it going to be used as a scrap yard? I haven't a clue. It has been claimed that some of the material  has a value of close to $150.00 a pound?

The article claimed that Pinnacle in December will approach Painesville Council about a special use permit.

Sometime this week I'm going to take a drive down Blasé-Nemeth Rd. to look at their present property, It might help to find out what kind of neighbor's they might be?

This is located in Ward II so I expect Mrs. Jenkins to be on top of it.

" If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools." -- Plato   (427-347) B.C.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

" THE HEART OF THE MATTER " don henley


But I think it's about forgiveness, forgiveness

As we go through all the motions of this Vacant Property Ordinance  I keep going back to where it all began. A simple how do we get banks as well as absent property owners to cut their lawns?  That's what brought on  all this Hell , GRASS!

Now do our city administrators know the difference between unoccupied property and abandoned property?

Look the house can be unoccupied yet the structure as well as the landscaping can be maintained on an empty home. I need to know how an unoccupied home is somehow breaking the law? I will ask the city about  three properties specifically. One on Fern Dr., one on Chestnut St. and one on Hine Ave. These three fell under the Vacant Property Ordinance yet for the most part no one knew they were vacant. A home on Miller Ct. sat empty for over 20 years, it was maintained and not a soul complained about it, what changed?

Well first I believe the administration is now in the process of extracting every last dime they can from city resident's. It's an old-fashioned money grab! This bunch makes running radar  look like child's play. The way a  $26,000 property can have close to $10,000 in fees and fines is disgraceful.

Charging a 90 year-old WWII veteran $6,000 on a house that was maintained but unoccupied could not have been the intent of this ordinance, or was it?

Does the city do this to make Painesville a better place to live? Or have they screwed -up so many things (AMP contracts) they now are looking for any source of revenue? That's my take. Look they received $96,000 for an extension for year 4 and 5 on a garbage contract. As the city manager explained he was looking out for the best interest of the city. Well you know speaking for myself if I had somehow garnered $96,000 for the city you can rest assured the whole town would have known about it. "Hey, look what I got you guys1"

Oh, least we not forget our downtown?  What are the fees and fines on the old Dollar Bank building at the corner of St. Clair and Main St.? Wonder if they have the same structured fees and fines as say the resident with the $26,000 house if it does it will never ever be sold?  Best guess the city will somehow take EBGBee money paint it and put awing's on it.( It still will remain empty) What were they  giving resident's at the Holiday Open House? Chipped paint????. There you want an eyesore there's your eyesore right in the middle of your 1.4 million dollar Downtown  investment. While we are on the subject what about all the other empty store fronts downtown? Are the up on their fines and fees or do we just do after young men and old ladies? I'm not even sure the city parking garage could pass mustard with this ordinance?


Is The former CORE building on Renaissance Blvd.  paying a fines and fees? If it is it will never be occupied!

Closer to home who owns that vacant property where the hospital use to sit? Vacant is vacant right? It's vacant even has a fancy name High Point Centre. By as the city claims by the letter of the law who owns it? By chance could the city be in arrears?

You want to move the city forward? Well we took a  small step forward Monday night by reasoning that rehabbing that house that the land bank owned was more important then the fees and fines. That opportunity should be made to everyone who wishes to do the same. Yes, even Bob the Barber son.

The Council should have included an appeal process for all this in the beginning, they didn't. They should now re-write the ordinance and  instead of making it a revenue stream for the city, make it friendly for people who want to invest here. Please remember unoccupied doesn't mean the same as abandoned!

Look don't blame a CM for trying to enhance revenue. Only the Magnificent 7 on council can make this right. They will only do it when you make them!


This is from a member of the  Housing Task Force

Andy Flock, Lori DiNallo, Paul Hach and myself sat on a housing task force committee with others trying to deal with all the bank foreclosures during "the great recession."

The idea was to figure out a way to get the grass mowed and the houses/buildings kept up. What  has morphed out of those conversations is a terrible piece of legislation that the Realtor Association hates, the Title companies hate and property owners hate.

In my opinion, this ill-conceived legislation has done more harm to the image of Painesville than anything I can think of from a business community point. This was never the housing task force's  intention nor recommendation. This I believe was the brain child of our former City Manager and her administration and passed by a naïve City Council on the recommendation of the administration. I can only hope this legislation is scrapped and a better plan is developed

Richard Tibbits

PS: by the way after that meeting several years ago the city did not get our support, no other housing task force meeting was ever called to order again.

On a happy note is was reveled today that the Big Bang Theory on December 17 episode that Sheldon and Amy will consummate their relationship. This ought to be rich.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

" TAKE A LETTER MARIA " r.b. greaves

Send a copy to my lawyer

 Interesting how things fall into your hands? Best guess someone on staff a Heritage Middle School thought I needed to see this?

Now I shared this memo with all Council members as well as Painesville Police Chief Powalie '.

From: DeAngelis, Missy
Sent: Friday, October 30, 2015 1:37 PM
To:  AA-Heritage All Staff
Subject: SRO and student removals

The police officer should not be the first point of contact for a student removal from a classroom. We usually have Officer Soto, but we can have anyone. Although we appreciate his and their presence, they are not trained as SRO'S.

If a student needs to be removed from class, an contact the office who will send a staff member or an administrator. It is the administrator's call if an SRO should intervene.

If you have any questions regarding this, please see me individually.

Missy DeAngelis
Principal Heritage Middle School

Look this is word for word from the memo.

Is this Board of Education policy? Does the hierarchy on Jefferson St. approve of this?  Could this also be the policy at Harvey? (I don't think so)

Do you see the contradiction?  They are not trained SRO's but let an administrator call an SRO?

Really so what reason should this policy be in place ? Is a staff member trained as an SRO?

Do we wait until the situation escalates out of control? Why?

I for the life of me can't understand why a police officer is viewed this way in a school building by the administration? The students, teacher's as well as administrator's should feel safer with that SRO on call.

Look I asked Council person Jenkins if someone had to be removed from this council room right now would she call Council person DiNallo or Police Chief Powalie? She look at me like that was a dumb question, it was.

This item should be added to the PCLS Handbook if it is policy, the parent's as well well as the community should be made aware.

Lot's of talk how much banks and Wall St. are contributing to different candidates? Hillary's got to be #1 right? Wrong,  She has received $6,300,000. Jeb Bush $35,000,000 and believe it or not Ted Cruz (The Canadian candidate) $12,000,000.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

" FIGERPRINT FILE " rolling stones

Who's that man in the corner? yeah that corner

Man what a council meeting ! A little bit of everything.

First the Land Bank will be able to refurnish that house without paying fines or fees. Main reason they have spent a lot of money in town? Mrs. DiNallo claims they could have received an exemption but didn't go through the process. I agree this may open a can of worms. When this whole ordinance was written it was simply to get homeowners and banks to cut the grass? Now it has turned into a money maker and revenue source  for the city. That was never the purpose. The Mafia could learn something here. A well known city resident told a story of his son purchasing a home in Painesville for $26,000 and even after a title search the city put a "hold" on his utilities due to vacant property fines and fees that totaled $9,000 going back to 2011! First off we should be upset that homes can cost only $26,000 in town, but here is a father guiding his son on his first purchase, and he should have guided him out of town ... well it's Painesville. Councilman DeLeone suggested he negotiate?  Yeah sure.

Landlords are now expected to report who is living in their rental properties even including social-security numbers as so the city will receive all income taxes due them. Law Director Gurley suggested when a tenant has utilities turned on the city should have all necessary information ? Look if your going to ask them to fill out a form maybe we all should? Naming all parties 18 and over  living in the house and asking where they work . I guess it's now time for us to turn in fellow residents? My best take, go find out on your own. That's what and  why you pay RITA the 3%  for.

The budget, forget the budget. doesn't really tell you much. As you drive downtown please view the new Christmas decorations. First let me thank PCIC for the $10,000 donation for the cause. Now let me explain $13,000 came from our electric fund? We can't repair a vehicle, fill a chuckhole, pay a policeman  ect. but we can by electrical Christmas decorations. Now during the visitor time I suggested that the city annex all of Painesville and just keep that piece of Heaven known as Downtown. Hell, we spend every spare dime down there seems the rest of the city is just an afterthought. I suggested if the city had electric money to burn maybe they buy a couple of cases of efficient energy bulbs. and if a resident turns in a burned out bulb give them the replacement free. Saves the resident money as well as  lowering energy consumption. Nah, Christmas lights! Forget the budget? Nowhere in the 2015 budget did I see purchase Christmas decorations. So s#*t happens! On a positive note I did congratulate council on getting rid of all the "Others" in the past few budgets, that drove me nuts. Other what?

The continuing saga known as Painesville Power. Mr. McHugh reported on the outage and breaker box situation that occurred  at Heisley Park. Well we're sticking to the squirrel story along with some mumble jumble about an electrical "Wave". Now City Manager Carson explained yes he had to replace his breaker box ( at his own expense)  Councilman Deleone assured not only Heisley Park but Liberty Greens home owner's that all electrical items were properly installed and inspected. Well, Mr. McHugh just couldn't explain why an apartment building built in the 60's closer to Heisley Park the breakers there only tripped?  Your going to love this answer! "Well I guess they don't make them like they use too!" Sleep well HP residents! That incident never should have taken place.

Tomorrow I will share a memo from Heritage Middle School I have already shared it with council and our police chief.

 I know for the most part it's all politics but candidate Mike Huckabee his analogy was if you had a jar of 1000 pieces of candy and you knew 10 may be poisonous would you let you child eat the candy? Right now is not the time to welcome refugee's into this country!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

" WHAT IF I'D BEEN THE ONE " 38 special

Could you read my mind ,could you take the time

We only now realize what a mistake we made!

Let me take you back over a half a dozen years ago when our electrical geniuses and professional informed of  the coming power shortage?

Oh, they came with there graphs and predictions and anyone who dared questioned them was viewed as the town nitwit's.

I had heard about this 'fracking' and what it will do to this country's natural gas supply. Yes I viewed it first-hand at  my sister's home near Williamsport, Pa. Still a little skeptical I stupidly questioned the representative from AMP-OHIO. "Look coal   will be number  #1 source of electric power for the next hundred years" But is it wise to invest billions into two coal fired power plants? Your three minutes are up Mr. Cimaglio sit-down. Then we 'Proudly' go where no sane person should!

Well and then our "Experts" as well as all city "Professionals" decided to be apart of a many billion investment in coal power plants.


Construction begins on 799 MW gas-fired power plant in Ohio

Oregon Clean Energy LLC has broken ground on a new natural gas-fired plant in Oregon, Ohio. The new facility will have 799-megawatt capacity and replace electricity previously generated by a coal power plant that was closed two years ago, according to The Toledo Blade.

The new natural gas facility is located on 30 acres of land about one mile north of the retired coal plant. American Development owns Oregon Clean Energy and is developing the new plant, which is expected to cost $850 million.

"The Oregon Clean Energy facility paves the way for long-term future growth for Oregon industrial area," said Oregon City Council President Dennis Walendzak in a statement, according to local news source The Press, "It will provide many jobs over the construction phase and establishes Oregon as a leader in the energy sector in Ohio."

The Ohio Power Sitting Board approved the project in May 2013, according to Power Engineering. Financing was secured in November, and the plant is expected to go online in 2017.

No mention of any 50 year contracts, no take or pay deals, no purchase of a mine or a fly ash  mountain just a private company out to make a buck. I guess they didn't need our experts did they?

We lost 2.1 million on Meigs County who knows what the final cost would have been? Yet we know Prairie State cost's at least 6 Billion. If this Oregon plant comes in at 1 Billion we could have had the same amount of energy from two gas-fired plants. Starting to get the picture are you? We got taken to the cleaners period. And guess what,it could happen again because when I suggested deals like this should not be in seven individuals hands to be included in a Charter Change. Low and Behold it was shot down by Rita McMahon starting to understand maybe?

Martin O'Malley shared a comment a mother made to him in Iowa not to use the term "boots on the ground" when referring to military strategy. " My son is not a pair of boots on the ground " the mother told him.

All candidates should reflect on this to many seem to send boots without any concern for them or their families. These are the ones willing to sacrifice for us.