Friday, December 2, 2016

"MY HERO " foo fighters

There goes my hero
watch him as he goes
there goes my hero
he's ordinary

Being a little down in the weather lately I missed a few things that we can always find time to discuss.

Policemen there's never one around when you need one. Why are you bothering me go catch a real criminal, you got a quota to meet? Why ain't you at Dunkin' Donuts.

And then once in a while , no mostly in a while their there.

Such an example happened like that on November 11,2016 . A gentleman suffering from some ailment drove into Riverside Cemetery and into the field behind it where his truck struck a tree. A passerby called 911  and Painesville Police responded. It seems after striking the tree the passed out driver still had his foot on the gas causing a fire.

Two Painesville officers Jesse Cudnik and Evert Jordan arrived on scene as the vehicle had caught fire.

How many times do we hear that decisions have to be made in a split second? Well with out regard to themselves they ran towards the burning vehicle. They smashed the window and pulled the man to safety.

Now I have never met Officer Cudnik but I have had conversations with Officer Jordan. All I can say is I'm glad they chose our city to serve as police officers.

Very few times do we hear about the good, we seem to want to wallow in the bad news.

He's Ordinary?   Not in my book1 Thanks to all of you.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"19TH NERVOUS BREAKDOWN" rolling stones

your the kind of person you meet at certain dismal dull affairs

First let me go on the record that I believe Painesville Finance Director knows his stuff! The city's finances are in capable hands.

It was reported in todays News-Herald 11/30/16 projections of Painesville's finances into the upcoming year of 2017.

"The general fund budget will be 12.4 million in revenue sand 12.4 million in expenses. We will have a $20,000 surplus in 2017." First Andy keep that under your hat. If the Downtown Painesville Organization realizes your sitting on 20 grand rest assured they will be poking around.

Latter in the same article;

He also projected the revenue will be 2.6 million less in 2017 than they were in 2016. And there will be an increase of $600,000 in taxes?

First why and where does the 2.6 million number come from? Why is it leaving and  what increase in what taxes? (City Income Tax?)

There's got to be more of a story behind these numbers?

We also will spend 15 million  to purchase electric power for our city. Now what does all the rest of this operation cost us? Let's purchase a couple of tons of coal while we are at it.

14.6 in capital projects? And what are these? Please let this not be the Storr St. facility? Or the parking garage.

Number's are nice to know, but what those numbers mean is the true story.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Talk out
Let's have it talked out and things will be okay

It took me some time to cool down before  wrote this post.

Last night in the Town Hall Meeting  that councilman DeLeone and councilwoman Shoop held at city hall.

The city was represented by Acting city manager Doug Lewis, finance director Andy Unitec and Painesville Power superintendent Jeff McHugh.

Graphs and numbers were shown on what a hot August we had just had. "Maybe your home isn't insulated properly? Just because it's new doesn't mean its energy efficient." Your air-conditioner might be undersized? You just are plain consuming to much?

Listened to residents ask about the Power Cost Adjustment to be explained to them?

One resident explained that he had replaced his heating and air conditioning unit as well as twice replacing all the light bulbs in his home and still his bill went up.

Enough already!

In the public portion of the meeting I took those 25-30 people on a history lesson that started almost 10 years ago.

I explained the failure of Meigs County and the 2.1 million dollars in stranded costs Painesville paid.

I explained Prairie State Energy Campus where AMP-OHIO representatives promised power at $48.06 ESTIMATE! and first we paid $300,000 and didn't receive zilch and when the power did arrive it was more then double the estimated cost. And presently still costs over $40.00 MWh. over the going rate.

Let's not forget the Hydro-power on the Ohio River this project was so mismanaged by AMP-OHIO to we were promised a cost of $69.00 MWh. and presently are paying $143.00 MWh.

And our own power plant who only operates at the most four weeks a year. But we save 4 million in "peak shaving" costs.  Show me the Check!

What's it cost us to keep the plant operational for a year? No clue.

Does our power utility make money? Not a clue. it depends on the weather?

A lady mentioned that she owned a 9000 sq.ft. building in the city with two heating and air-conditioners as well as being fully staffed. Her bill was only $12.00 higher then her home in Heisley Park? Maybe it's time to show us all electric rates?

To their credit they did admit to entering power contracts that looked good, but then the power market went  down. I think we have heard this all before?

So in finishing yell at the kids to shut the lights off. Put in a new air-conditioner replace light bulbs to your hearts content. But remember until the City of Painesville fixes their house your house is  at their mercy!

The city has decided to hire an outside consultation for $13,000 to see if improvements can be made and if we are doing something wrong?

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Let's be Thankful to being here having another Thanksgiving Day and remember those not with us this year.

Be Thankful of the love ones you share Thanksgiving with and those that couldn't.

Be Thankful of the Serviceman's family who's son or daughter won't be home tomorrow because they are serving us somewhere around the world.

Be Thankful for the people is your communities police, fire, nurses that tomorrow is just another work day.

Be Thankful that your son and daughter made it home on their school bus this week. Tragedy as we learn can strike at anytime.  

With  Thanks also comes Faith and Hope

No matter what is said or done we as Americans have won God's Lottery here on Earth.

Monday, November 21, 2016


Bottom feeder insincere
High fed low-fat pioneer

Tonight's Painesville Council Meeting? No much about anything. It's Thanksgiving and I've lost a desire to listen,

What to say? Did you notice all the salt on the city street's today?

Now the election is over and the only thing locally is the make -up of the Lake County Commissioner Board. Two new members and it also broke up the Democratic Cartel on that office. I don't think Commissioner Troy will seem so high and mighty after the first of the year?

Never was a fan of one party controlling all three seats. Sit in at a meeting and see why.

Jerry Cirino will bring his business experience to the table. Don't know much about John Hamercheck?

What will be the commissioner's plan for the Dorothy Allen Building?

What will be the make-up of the Land Bank after the first of the year?

And thinking back at some of the Commissioner Meetings I have attended there was a very determined group of people that were opposed to the Commissioner's approval on the infamous Mexican Matricula Card  (MCAS).

My question is will this determined group of people go to the Commissioner's and ask them to resend  the card? Or was it all a rouse to make a fuss to embarrass the present commissioner's?

It will be interesting if this goal died on election day or will they turn the heat on in January?

Wonder if they will be disappointed by what they hear?

Thursday, November 17, 2016

"IT'S ONLY MONEY" tin lizzy

You've got a brother in the clinic
Tells the same kind of story

Tuesday November 15, 2016 headline;

Lake Health reveals write-down

Amount set at $30 million do to IT system conversion issues.

So this story is about Lake Health writing off 30 million dollars? now accordind to the article Lake Health brings in revenue of over 270 million and this IT problem implemented in 2015 and the problem was first noticed in the first quarter of 2016.

"The system conversion did not go well, due in part to functionality technology issues with the software" Lake Health President Cynthia Moore-Hardy reported.

A couple of things here trouble me. First Lake Health is a good sized business but even with their size how can they eat 30 million dollars?

Followed by another statement "saying there will be no impact on patient services or construction projects that are currently underway. There has been no cuts as a result of the loss.

Well there should be? Look how much of a profit is built into a Healthcare System? We will never see Lake Health's due to the fact they claim they are a "not for profit" organization.

Think about it your company or the one you work for loses 9%  of it's revenue for a year and nothing changes?

With numerous reasons for our healthcare costs rising at an alarming rate maybe the problem isn't the government, the insurance companies we should examine the providing systems more closely ?

This is the bunch in the building that stayed out of the JEDD!

In the end it will be the support staff that will pay the biggest burden. For this screw-up.


Also an interesting ad in the paper that day;

of Diamond-Alkali
aka Diamond Shamrock

Please call Kirsta Cruthis of the
Simmons Law Firm at 1-855-988-2537

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"MIRAGE" tommy james and the shondells

How it all comes back to me
The movies every Saturday
The places we used to go to eat
I want so much to have it like it used to be

I guess I can wish all I want?

Today in Painesville is the annual 'Mirage' day

Better known as;

Holiday Open House

Amazing Holiday Store Specials*

Tree Lighting Ceremony With Santa*

Pictures with Santa*

Artisan Pop Up Shops*

Ornament Sales*

Madison Chorale*

Harvey Choir & Band*

Sweet Adeline*

Least We Forget The Horse And Wagon Rides*

I guess this ride can annually take you past places that used to be?

The former hospital site, the former hotel site down the hill to the former Health Department site new this year the former Parking Garage site and ending at the Dorothy Allen Building before that site becomes rumble. Close your eyes and imagine what was and what someday you believe what might be! So what exactly have we added this year? A new coffee shop Starfish which replaced Your Vine or Mine. Don't go there if your looking for directions seems starfish can point you in five different directions! All direction leading to a clean piece of land.

Myself ? I can pass, old enough to remember this place in the late 50's and early 60's, Oh what some of you missed. Thankfully many of us will be gone and then to the rest of you this mirage will make sense.

Now if you need a hammer, bouquet of flowers, donut/loaf of bread and a new set of tires we have you covered. Anything else you have to go someplace with a real commercial district.

How many of these yearly presentations before we realize nothing is coming here do we spend another million to spruce it up?

Look the only thing positive and in the Holiday spirit in Downtown Painesville tonight  is you and the faces of other Painesville resident's you pass tonight. Anything else is just a Mirage.