Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"OUR HOUSE" crosby,stills, nash & young

Well the council meeting. I will try to put this all together for you.

 Let's start with the Public Hearing on the Barnes Ave. Rezoning these three homes sit on a site where none of them have access to a driveway let alone a garage. Someone mentioned .02 acres now I don't know if that was total or for each house? Let's just agree these are small homes built on small lots on a street that doesn't exist. Well after listening to Arlene Becks speak on the merits of the rezoning I spoke against it. These are rental properties and as the pictures show not much maintience has been done. They do generate income for the property owners but in no way shape or form can any of these three dwelling fit what is an R-1 classification. Pretty simple considering the city is trying to get rid of non-conforming property zoning in the city. But three council people  for some reason believed this was fine with them and voted to approve the zoning change. Tom Fitzgerald, Katie Jenkins and Paul Hach voted YES voting NO against the change Lori DiNallo, Andy Flock and Jim Fodor. Councilman DeLeone who's absence was excused was the reason for the tie. 3-3 the measure failed you need at least four votes for passage. My only question to the three who voted for the change, Why? Why bother voting for ordinances then agreeing to change them? Look I understand someone seeking a variance for minor changes but nothing in the rules of the City of Painesville make this change viable. No problem with this  for over 50 years now there's a problem. Maybe these council people want to be generous? Fine then change the Ordinance's, Could there have been another factor at work here? As I mention to council we wouldn't be having this conversation if these homes were say on Levan Dr. so I guess I remain confused as to what they had in mind. Maybe they didn't want to upset Arlene? These kind of votes scare me.

Still looking for someone to buy the cemeteries. Good Luck with that. I don't see anyone dying to make that deal.

239 Mentor Ave Demolish an unsafe property? Please, don't give me anymore Bull about "Historic Downtown Painesville" turn around and your gone! When our assistant city manager suggests apartments could be built on the site? Yes Mr. Lewis another apartment building in the Mentor Ave. Historical District we need that like I need another, forget about it. Look don't keep blowing smoke up my when every chance you get something old is gone.. As today's News-Herald  headline... Razing this old house. This house is only been a Painesville home since the early 1800's. yet on closer inspection it has new Anderson glass in for windows. Is it really in as bad of shape as suggested? I see abandoned houses in town in far worse shape, begs to ask who decides which stays and which goes? Now in steps Arthur Shamakian with a desire to save and restore it. He must be  a masochist  or something. After all the problems he's had a the mansion he's asking for more? Wait! Hey Art can I show you a nice railroad station in need of some TLC?

Economic Development Department gave a report it included  the Downtown Streetscape, the razing of the hotel, to developing the old Coe Manufacturing property. Also the old hospital site it's no longer called the old hospital site. Its now High Pointe Centre. Plans on the table include housing (Chicago) style??? maybe ( sorry that was the last administration's stik) even a 30,000 sq.ft. grocery store are included in the plans. Well we can dream can't we?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

"U CAN'T TOUCH THIS" mc hammer

People ask me many times what I love about Painesville. Well I guess the best answer is just to watch what's coming up next.

As I have told you many times about many things "You can't make this stuff up."

Well Saturday a new chapter in the continuing "Story of Painesville"

General Paine has been beheaded!  Yes just like Saddam Hussiens statute came down in Bagdad, well now General Paine's has too.

A college prank? No First report a backhole working at Steele Mansion accidentally brought it down? I'm not buying that story either. It seems a certain Gas Company with ties to a Painesville Councilman seems to be putting in new gas lines near the statue, Could they accidentally brought the good general down.

Another good reason to go to Monday's council meeting.

AH, Painesville the city that never rests.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

"PARADISE CITY" guns n' roses


 Painesville residents, expect a 5% increase in your sewer  bill . I believe this will be on Mondays agenda. What the Heck it's only what another dollar a month. The real question to ask when did the city know about this 2008? and wait until now to raise it?

Grumpy here.

Recently a comment was made on "COUNCIL MEETING 10/06/14"

Still not one mentioned of the Halloween finger pointing. Don't agree? PC changed the date to Thursday. Facebook followers were angry (100 or so) So it was changed to Saturday. The paper residents received   got blamed for this when it was not even their fault.
Its very simple: Fill in the blanks with something positive.


A challenge to all of us! Something Positive about Painesville.  Nothing about the past or future but the present. That's why they call it a present.

As far as Halloween, the kids will get their candy, Some will go out on Thursday, some on Friday and some on Saturday. Some going on all three days, all will be able to claim ignorance.,

Friday, October 10, 2014

"CITY OF NEW ORLEANS" arlo guthrie

Grumpy old man who is on the verge of senility has been accused of only reporting BAD NEGATIVE news well here's something to consider doing tomorrow.

The former railroad station on Railroad St. is having an open house tomorrow. Now this dedicated bunch of people want to not only save the building from say the Hach Excavating Co. but also would like to restore it to somewhat of it's former glory. Built in 1893 for the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern  Railroad it was considered the nicest station between Cleveland and Buffalo. It severed  the Painesville area for the New York Central Railroad in it's heyday. Later due to urban renewal it also served as Painesville's Greyhound Bus Station.

It's worth the time to look around inside as to how it was. Also stand at the fence, for as a young lad there were four main lines and five siding plus the freight station across the tracks. To cross on Elm St. you had nine tracks to travel across. Also at the corner of N.State St.  and Storr Ave. Laird Lumber had a large building with a siding that the railcars could be unloaded inside. Also a siding that went to the east side of Painesville's public works building. The freight station, the sidings all but one and along with two main lines are all gone. Sometimes I miss the New York Central lightning -striped locomotives as well as the REA the UPS of the 1950's all gone but left in a grumpy, senile old man's memory. Take a look Saturday, someday you might be asked where was the train station in Painesville?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

"COAL HEARTED" roland smith

As most of you by now must realize I place little in the future in coal power plants. They will go by the way as the steam locomotive went. Not even having anything to do with the environment the diesel-electric locomotives just were more cost effective. Nostalgic steam engines are nice to watch but there cost make them prohibitive in day to day service. Into the 50's railroads tried new idea's like steam turbine engines, the S-2 Pennsylvania Railroad and Jaw Henry of the Norfolk & Western Railroad . Both failed Diesels had conquered the rails.

Now the United States has been called the Saudi Arabia of coal but for numerous reasons the world will very be soon leaving the coal age. Just like the railroads did the transformation  took almost less than 20 years.

But, some persist. "clean coal" is the mantra. We have been talking about clean coal for over 100 years yet no such animal exists. Clean Coal is in the same vein as Family Friendly Pornography it doesn't exist. Still Peabody and other coal producers continue the myth. Peabody even now claims no future for this TIG power plant. Guess they got all their suckers  tied up in Prairie State Energy Campus.

Now in Mississippi  Southern Corporation is presently building a "Transport Integrated Gasified" power plant that turns coal into a gas. This new plant was supposed to cost 1.8 billion that has now reached the price of over 5.6 billion plus it will take 20% more energy to produce power. This plant takes 65% of the CO2 gases  and buries it in the ground.
Now is it going to be the "Tree Hugger's" that will kill this and other plants like Kemper? No, just like the railroads it will be the economics of the industry. Cost to produce this power will cost $6,000 a megawatt at the Kemper Power Plant as opposed to a modern natural gas plant producing the same amount of power for a $1000 a megawatt.
To those who would claim the government subsidizes wind and solar, well Kemper has already received over  $270 million in tax credits. People who will receive this power are already paying an 18% increase in their electric bill and haven't received a thing. Sound familiar?

The final irony of Paducah Power is to listen to both candidates running for a Senate seat claiming Kentucky is "Coal Country" then why in God's name are you buying power from an Illinois  power plant using Illinois coal?
Like it or not sorry "Coal is Dead".


Something I left out in Monday's council meeting. Clerk of Council Tara Diehl mention a work session for the Finance Committee on October 16, at 5:00 pm dealing with sewers? This is Painesville speak, for council is getting ready to raise your sewer rates. NOT storm sewer rates those will go up $2.75 a month in January. No these are the sewer rates you pay under your water bill on your utility bill. How much? No idea but I see at least a 10% increase, maybe more. Why and when did this come to light? Take it from a grumpy, senile old man. Live and Learn, people.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Well, at least we can now hear what happened at Monday nights council meeting. Thanks, Tara. I wonder if your employer's really want the resident's to know what's going on?

Yes  Tower 2319 is back home after a three month hiatus. Firefighters agreed to 0% wage hike this year with a wage reopener in 2015.

The city has four more homes to be demolished, one will have to wait for planning commission approval. It's in the Mentor Ave. Historical District.

The rezoning of the homes on Barnes Ave. will have a hearing at the 10/20/ 14 meeting. The street that only exists on paper?

Now the main attraction Monday night seems to have been the city seeking to "sell" the two cemeteries. I really don't see this happening but it deserves scrutiny by Painesville residents. If it was sold, plots, as well as grave openings would see a dramatic price increase. Maybe a better solution would be to lease the operation out to a private contractor and let the city keep the cemeteries. The city manager numbers were the cost of the cemeteries since 2011 was $1,477,000.00 with revenue of $573,000.00 with the general fund having to bear $900,000.00 in costs. I guess what would be saved in total manpower, office, maintenance works if the city wasn't directly in charge of the cemeteries? Tread lightly many Painesville residents have family at either cemetery or both.

The city electric department claim that through September 2014 of this year so far  the city owes AMP-OHIO $473,971.00 in "levelization" costs this on top of paying what 40% higher cost's than the open market? Was this the total or do we owe for 2013 also? My computer tells me levelization isn't even a word? Well Painesville got over 473,000 reasons to disagree.
Some on council still don't see the urgency to act on this.  Painesville's electric only receives 23% of it's power from PSEC. To them I ask what's the difference between drowning in 23 feet of water opposed to 100 feet? Either way you end up at Riverside.

Mrs. DiNallo is still working on her business nuisance law. I believe presently all of her concerns are covered with laws presently on the books.

Everybody was thanked numerous times for doing their jobs. Tom Fitzgerald was excused ...again.

Sunday, October 5, 2014


What happened ? No special Resolution this week. Painesville's best whatever.....

Nothing else second reading to change zoning on Barnes Ave. You know the street that only exists in some ones mind. Three homes on a triangle parcel that isn't big enough for one R-1. house.

Cleaning up Fire Department contract with some union obligations.

Two more homes to be demolished plus two other ones. In 1964 Painesville started 'Urban Renewal' 2014 now we are in the 'Urban Removal' phase.... Houses, Hotel, the Lawyers Building next to Burger King. I guess the county commissioners have finally hinted of a 'new' jail to be built.

Wonder if they ever will fix the council meeting's sound system? No reason for anybody to know what their discussing, is there?

Rumor has it the new/old fire truck is back!