Friday, October 31, 2014

"OLDIES" chicago

Attend Councilman Flocks Town Hall Meeting Thursday night and the councilman invited all candidates for our congressional district to his event. Two showed up Democrat Michael Wager and Libertarian David Macko. Just call me "Dave" Joyce couldn't make it there must have been another railroad problem dealing with trains somewhere in his district, Hey 2 out of 3 ain't bad!

We were allowed to ask candidate questions and two I asked to Mr.  Wager was who did he vote for in the last Presidential election and his feeling about the ACA?  Trick question? Well he answered that he voted for President Obama and he believed  quality health care should a  right for all Americans.

Now comes the main attraction Libertarian David Macko . He alone is worth the price of admission. First David is a member of several principled Tea Party and 9-12 groups. First if need be shutdown the government. Impeach President Obama for treason, murder, war crimes and let's not forget failing to prosecute President Bush and Vice-President Cheney for war crimes. The President also somehow has blackmail Chief Justice John Roberts to declare the ACA constitutional.

As far as the federal government in Mr. Macko's country,  Painesville would have more departments than the feds.
No IRS, EPA, AT&F, DE, NSA, Homeland Security, HHS, and God knows what else. Also end Social Security, Medicare along with Medicaid.
I'll say one thing for David he has no problem with gay marriage. but that comes with  a caveat repeal of all federal prostitution, pornography and gambling laws. Also repeal the Minimum Drinking Age, funding for Child Services kidnappers and Violence Against Women Acts of 1994 and 2005. I hope he's for pot smoking if people like this get elected we'll all start smoking pot.

To his credit David is Prolife, and stong supporter of the second amendment.

After that barrage I had to ask seeing that David is 72 years old,  does he collect Social Security and uses Medicare benefits? His answer, I will stop stealing from the government if I get elected to Congress. Great, I told him but what about these people here the won't be elected to Congress?  That's when I believe he got a little upset with me.

Things also got a little testy when the Libertarian candidate for Governor who comes from Hispanic  heritage got upset when David used the term "wetbacks" when he discussed immigration. Yeah Andy it was a great hour.

Finally if you want/ need to understand more of Dave' views go to;  just a heads up here, David is also interested in the War of Southern Independence.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Ebola, Ebola seems everyone's an expert on Ebola. President Obama is putting the American people at risk. The doctor's are not telling the truth. But some goofy congressman in Texas  know all the facts.

Lets go back 30 years remember SARS (severe acute resperatory syndrome)  SARS where was President Reagan on this? Where was the SARS Czar? Where were the travel restrictions?  He never brought the subject up. Just maybe the President listened to the medical experts? Well what exacly has changed in the last thirty years? Well CNN was in it's infancy and there was no MSNBC along with FOXNEWS.  Three stations that must fill 24 hours of programing with not just news but commentary, along with a healthy dose of fear.

Fear sells it's the new yellow journalism. we know longer get tornado warnings or severe snow storms now even locally we get killer tornados heading YOUR way. Deadly winter storms a Noreaster coming to YOUR area? What we have is talking heads doing there best to file 24 hours everyday with God knows what.

Some like FOXNEWS and MSNBC along with CNN finally catching on and figuring out that comentary is not news it's opinion.

Recently watching FOXNEWS my Mom loves it. She should the average viewers age is 68 years old and O'Rilley's audience is 72 years old. Well Meygn Kelly reported a story one night that in Colorado the Democratic governor will let you print up a ballot on your computer and after you fill it a"collector" will pick it up. What the Meercat in me looked up. There is absolutely no truth to this. Does anyone check anything out over there?
Another FOX conentatory Kimberly Guilforyle  suggested that single women should not sit on juries or even be allowed to vote. They don't know whats going on? Me I just watch the 5 only to see Kimberly's and Andrea's legs in heels. Wonder why Dana Perino never sits up front? She probably knows what's going on.
The other day that show "Outnumbered" had KISS legend Gene Simmons on and Andrea questioned him about Ebola like if anyone knew it would be Gene . He had that WTF are you asking me look on his face.

An interesting question FOXNEWS should ask their favorite Senators where is the President's Surgeon General. Would it be asking to much to confirm one? Or again NO.

Recently three female talking heads on FOXNEWS debated if uneducated voters should be forced to take citizenship test? Good idea along with an intelligence test to be given to watch FOXNEWS.  Odd how these uneducated voters are to dumb to vote but know how to scam the voter rolls?

Yes MSNBC uses some of the same stik, but FOXNEWS has learned how to sell it the best.

American home of the free and the brave...unless  you were where last week? Go live in that tent over there.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"EVE OF DESTRUCTION" barry mcguire

As a good friend Foghorn Leghorn would  say, I say, I say, boy there's a lot of destruction goin' on here in the Ville'?

Lets look over the past few years.

The schools. Was the plan all along for mini-parks? Yet the city claims it can't take care of what they have so they create more?

Old Harvey future site of what and when? Even the coming soon signs are now gone.

Lake East Hospital big hurry to tear it down so that we can do what? Chicago style housing?  Odd how many seemed to buy into that folly.Yet everything stayed the same. Well give it an interesting name. "High Pointe Centre" maybe "Failed Ideas  Buried  Centre" how about we  grow corn there next year and other vegetables to sell at our Farmer's Market. We can promote Chicago style veggie's!  The old hotel, met the wrecking ball. Nothing is safe even 239 Mentor Ave. Hell that building was built in the 1830's If that's not historic maybe we are looking for something from the Jurassic Park era? Someone even took a swing at General Paine  accident or omen? 

Now they tore down the gas station at N. State and Erie so a new CVS can be built. Finally a purpose. The office building next to Burger King will soon be the site of our new county jail. Maybe it will be made official  after the election.

Why bring this up? Well whenever a building comes down the first question always asked is what are they going to build there? Seems Painesville  is razing building only because someone is willing to pay to do it..

Look there was no concrete plans for the hospital site only that Lake Health was willing to finance the project. They didn't want the possibility of any outside competition. Again where is that promised Urgent Care  Center? The Down Town Streetscape that was just a diversion by that administration to redirect attention from losing the hospital.

The hotel is gone. O.K. replaced with what? I hope the plan is to replace it with a tax generating endeavor ?

239 Mentor Ave. Anyone seen any future for that property?

Look this is Urban Renewal .2 In the old days say 50 years ago the government paid to tear the town down and finance something new going up. Today we just tear it down to be used  for what  parking for special events.

Someone mentioned that where were the  people and finances to purchase and rebuild 239 Mentor Ave. Well it's public funds tearing it down why can't public funds be used to rehabilitate the property?

Already missing the good general. Wonder what he's thinking?

Monday, October 27, 2014


This should be the theme song of Painesville?

Something more to think about.

Editorial: REALITY Current power rates will kill development

PADUCAH, KY- "Former Paducah Mayor Albert Jones says if he were still in office, he would encourage Paducah Power System to file bankruptcy posthaste." "You can fool around for months and months," he said "just file it."

Current Mayor Gayle Kaler, and her predecessor, Bill Paxton, said not so fast. Kaler says that although a PPS bankruptcy filing would not affect the city directly- PPS is an independent entity- she fears a filing would reflect poorly on Paducah and could hurt future economic development.

For his part Paxton thinks the new board chairman and interim general manager should be given time to seek out temporary rate relief while hoping that longer term things get better with PPS star-crossed investment in the Prairie State Energy Campus.

We come down in the middle of all that. We continue to encourage the PPS board to hire a restructuring advisory firm that would look at all options- everything from a combination of asset sales and refinancing to bankruptcy filing, and lay out the best options for the utility.

We don't think PPS should file bankruptcy before exploring other ways to reduce its crushing debt burden, which is a primary driver of its soaring power rates. But we don't think that waiting  and hoping things get better  is a solution either.


Economic development? How many KWh does Air-Foil purchase from Painesville Power in a year 1.2 million?  Inexpensive utilities attract business are our utilities attracting anyone?

Big AMP-OHIO meeting this week I understand Tony Carson will be attending we can only hope he doesn't come back to town wearing a wooden barrel.  If cities like Paducah bailout we will be in a hurt of trouble.

Gee, Painesville here I thought waiting and hoping was a solution?

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Yes it's that time my Mom mailed in her ballot. (wonder who checked her I.D.?)

Let's get to the meat of this year. Democrat's are going to take a beating a down home beat down!...
Why? The Republicans have so many great idea's and policies? No, it been bad news after bad news.
Ebola, ISIS, you name it President Obama has to take responsibility for just about everything.
This year we seem to be looking for candidates who enjoy castrating pigs? i.e; Joni Ernst who also wants to arrest Federal agents for obeying the law?

Now on a national level if your running for the Senate as a Democrat  and you can't even admit you voted for the President what exactly are you telling voters? Simple answer? "Yes I did I opposed the Republican agenda and the policies of Mitt Romney." Simple why out think the process?
Senate will fall into Republican hands. ACA, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security will take a hit. I see the President Impeached as well. As well a call for American troops "boots on the ground" in the Middle East. Just call me Dave will win over Michael Wager who just ask's me for money everyday. As people tell us election have consequences. Watch how this election  will  affect you.

On the state level I see Governor Kasich  in an easy re-election . He turned the numbers around quickly. Seems once he accepted  the President Medicaid policy (Obamacare) he seems to take him on an upward rise. Plus the fact for some reason or another Democrats have a weak bench . Tell me how can you not remember to renew your license Mr. Fitzgerald? Nina Turner should be advised to clean up her own house before running for a State wide office. Any Democrat with a chance to win in Columbus this year? David Pepper against attorney general Mike DeWine he runs some slick ads and where exactly did that 1.7 million come from and go Mike? Josh Mandel? Never been crazy about people who get elected to one office only within two years pursue another one.

Lake County Oh, did I have high hopes for Kimberly Laurie but who is advising this candidate? Dan Troy has what seven times as much money along with name recognition this plus many prominent  Republicans having his signs in their yards?  They must like the status quo? Troy looked ripe to beat this year.
Then she come up with a campaign that makes Troy look like a King? Being King ain't bad ask LeBron. She should have put herself out there. Asking why we need a new jail? Why the county outsources vehicle repair. The Mexican Matricula Card? Troy had no answer and ran from the issue. That said sticking  with your Tea Party friends loyalty is great but will it get you elected? "  Sorry Kim "the saddest thing in life is wasted talent." Principles are fine only hope they can get you elected, your purpose as County Commissioner is to serve everyone. I know you got some good advise and decided to ignore it.

Also I hope the people of Lake County realize how lucky to have Karen Lawson as a Judge.

Hey, It's only two years can they do that much harm????  I see the GOP taking it on the chin in 2016.
If you read this post you can see that Term does vote for Republicans.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

"STORY IN YOUR EYES" moody blues

Well the story I'd like to see.

Batavia residents renew call for investigation into electric project

BARAVIA-Residents at Monday's Batavia City Council meeting repeated their call for the city to ask  Attorney General Lisa Madigan to investigate Prairie State Energy Campus.

"The details of who knew what [and] when is still not known today." said resident Betsy Zinser, in addressing aldermen. Zinser and others presented a letter to aldermen signed by more than 1,000 residents calling for an investigation.
Aldermen at a Joint Committee of the Whole meeting in September unanimously recommended that the city should ask Madigan to conduct an investigation. Mayor Jeff Schielke said the city attorney is in the process of drafting the language for the request for an investigation. He said the full City Council is set to vote on the request for an investigation at its next meeting in November.

"We expect that this action will be taken in the very near term."  Schielke said. That statement received loud applause from audience members.


That's the story, now how would I like to see it changed in my eyes?

Lisa Madigan would become Mike DeWine
Aldermen would become Councilmen
Mayor Schielke would become City Manager Carson

And most important Batavia would become Painesville.

Now that would be a letter finally in the right direction.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"OUR HOUSE" crosby,stills, nash & young

Well the council meeting. I will try to put this all together for you.

 Let's start with the Public Hearing on the Barnes Ave. Rezoning these three homes sit on a site where none of them have access to a driveway let alone a garage. Someone mentioned .02 acres now I don't know if that was total or for each house? Let's just agree these are small homes built on small lots on a street that doesn't exist. Well after listening to Arlene Becks speak on the merits of the rezoning I spoke against it. These are rental properties and as the pictures show not much maintience has been done. They do generate income for the property owners but in no way shape or form can any of these three dwelling fit what is an R-1 classification. Pretty simple considering the city is trying to get rid of non-conforming property zoning in the city. But three council people  for some reason believed this was fine with them and voted to approve the zoning change. Tom Fitzgerald, Katie Jenkins and Paul Hach voted YES voting NO against the change Lori DiNallo, Andy Flock and Jim Fodor. Councilman DeLeone who's absence was excused was the reason for the tie. 3-3 the measure failed you need at least four votes for passage. My only question to the three who voted for the change, Why? Why bother voting for ordinances then agreeing to change them? Look I understand someone seeking a variance for minor changes but nothing in the rules of the City of Painesville make this change viable. No problem with this  for over 50 years now there's a problem. Maybe these council people want to be generous? Fine then change the Ordinance's, Could there have been another factor at work here? As I mention to council we wouldn't be having this conversation if these homes were say on Levan Dr. so I guess I remain confused as to what they had in mind. Maybe they didn't want to upset Arlene? These kind of votes scare me.

Still looking for someone to buy the cemeteries. Good Luck with that. I don't see anyone dying to make that deal.

239 Mentor Ave Demolish an unsafe property? Please, don't give me anymore Bull about "Historic Downtown Painesville" turn around and your gone! When our assistant city manager suggests apartments could be built on the site? Yes Mr. Lewis another apartment building in the Mentor Ave. Historical District we need that like I need another, forget about it. Look don't keep blowing smoke up my when every chance you get something old is gone.. As today's News-Herald  headline... Razing this old house. This house is only been a Painesville home since the early 1800's. yet on closer inspection it has new Anderson glass in for windows. Is it really in as bad of shape as suggested? I see abandoned houses in town in far worse shape, begs to ask who decides which stays and which goes? Now in steps Arthur Shamakian with a desire to save and restore it. He must be  a masochist  or something. After all the problems he's had a the mansion he's asking for more? Wait! Hey Art can I show you a nice railroad station in need of some TLC?

Economic Development Department gave a report it included  the Downtown Streetscape, the razing of the hotel, to developing the old Coe Manufacturing property. Also the old hospital site it's no longer called the old hospital site. Its now High Pointe Centre. Plans on the table include housing (Chicago) style??? maybe ( sorry that was the last administration's stik) even a 30,000 sq.ft. grocery store are included in the plans. Well we can dream can't we?