Saturday, May 20, 2017

" 25 OR 6 TO 4" chicago

Wondering how much I can take
Should have tried to do some more

Recently someone asked how does a $25.00 fee become a $3,000 fine?

Now although I sat and listened to the conversation it's seem's I thought I must be the only one here that doesn't know? So I asked the city for a short explanation I  could understand.


The City of Painesville implemented the Rental Registration Ordinance in 2009 as a result of recommendations from the Housing Task Force.

Now a person purchases 12 of the 21 condominiums. As such they, they also become the majority owner and control the Homeowner's Association (HOA) Because each condominium is parceled out and its own separate building/structure, each is considered a separate dwelling.  When the owner purchased the dwelling they registered them with the City of Painesville within 60 days of taking ownership as required in the  ordinance. They also attended the Rental Training which teaches best practices for landlords. All property owners are required to renew their rental registration.

The Ordinance requires any property that was previously registered to register within a timely manner (by 02/15/17) as stated in the letter. If timely renewal of the previous registration didn't occur, it would be $250.00. This is per dwelling charge. Since 12 separate condominiums, the charge was 12 X $250 = $3,000 =$25 (initial registration fee) =$3,025.00.

Now the Housing Task Force felt that it should only be a $100.00 per dwelling for someone who was not aware of the program and requirements of registering every 3 years on 02/15/17.

For any property that was previously registered but timely renewal of the previous registration did not occur, ($250.00)

Hey everyone hates the landlord good bad no different.  It's easy to go after them.

Problem here is the city being shortsighted?  Going back to the most important question;

"How does this make Painesville a better place?"

If they are made to pay the fine that's probably $3,000 that won't go into improvements of say surveillance camera's? or just sprucing the location up.

And where goes this $3,000 dollars?

I sat in listened to the Housing Task Force meeting and never did I get the impression the any of this was to enrich the city. I know of at least two landlords on that Task Force who would have never approved of this.

I guess the question remains is, is this the recommendation of the Task Force OR is it the recommendation of the administration under the guise of the Task Force?
That's a big difference.

You think this may seem a little bazaar ? Wait until you hear the facts of how our beloved City and it's treatment of Mr. Rock a 90 year-old WWII veteran.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"ILLEGAL ALIEN " genesis

Consideration for your fellow man
Wouldn't hurt anybody, sure fits in my plan
Over the border there lies the promise land

Visitor time at the council meeting;

At least 40 people attended to voice disapproval to Painesville's adopted police policy about when to notify ICE officials about foreigners at odds with the law.

Now these people were organized, There was also no more than two Hispanics no children. These were Caucasian people voicing there thoughts I counted at least 16 that came to the podium with pre written short statements. This included city resident's as well as out of the area and a Nun. Myself stay in your city please don't come here and tell us how to run Painesville?

Look I understand their point but the police have a job to do in this city.

Under the policy, issued by Chief Powalie, Painesville will call ICE about any foreigner charged with a drug offence or violent crimes, including domestic violence and driving while impaired. Also any foreigner found affiliated with gangs or other group's. Seems very reasonable

Now I understand and can sympathize with there cause.  I do not see this policy as unreasonable or having anything to do with profiling?

As they came to the podium , I kept thinking of that woman who was brutally raped  shot and left for dead as well as the woman on the bike trail that was shot in front of her children. What if anything could have prevented this? This is the result of an illegal Painesville resident. These people should have to face the families of these victims and explain their feelings to them.

Immigration is a federal problem. But I ask what should the Painesville Police do with a violent  criminal? No answer to that was  given. no solution at all.

Elections have consequences and one of these will be stricter border policies. That's just fact.

Since  believe most of these people were Catholic as I am one question?  Do you elect a Congressman  who is pro-life and anti- immigrant or one that is pro-choice but also pro-immigrant? 
It's a dilemma for all of us.

Let us remember we all have Hispanic neighbors the ones I know respect everyone as well as take pride in their property. It never occurred to me to question their legality.

Well that took up the first hour of the council meeting.


" THE BIG MONEY " rush

Sometimes pushing people around
Sometimes pulling out the rug

 Monday Night Council Meeting Highlight's... this will be in two parts.

Two Ordinances with concerns to Amending Chapter 1373 and Chapter 1375

Amended!  Maybe sent to the woodshed.

I understand the need  for these Ordinances but come on when a $25.00 fee being 24 hours late becomes a $3,000 penalty? Even the Mafia pops it's head up!  Council was told a story by a young lady who purchased Wakefield Court it seems she tried numerous times to contact City Hall to no avail. Well she had a child and left things to her father. Somehow filing that fee was one day to late. Now I can't speak for them or the City but I have heard similar stories. Now is this to improve Painesville or a simple money grab? Rules are Rules the City should remember that when they spot zone.

The $3,000 penalty would go to the city  instead of improving Wakefield Court or severance cameras for the place , how does this make Painesville a better place to live?

Ordinance to sell three acres to Growth Orchard passed, I asked our City Manager TWICE about the "Reversion Clause" with no response even after city officials claim it was there? More stink and it ain't from the sewer plant.

Discussion of the formation of the Electric Committee continued, this is a farce people 3-5 members cant work for First Energy well what if a resident owns a 1000 shares of First Energy stock. I'm telling you this is all for show, and nothing substantial will come from this.

AMP-OHIO  Voting yes authorizing execution  to the AMP-Enerwise Demand Response and 1CP Pilot  Program.

You know how we tell ourselves the reason to keep our power plant functioning due to 'Peak Shaving'? Well this AMP-OHIO program will get large electric users and give them a deal if they cut back on power during high energy use. Sounds like we are cutting our own throat's? But our CM assured us this would have no affect on the operation of our plant?

After the meeting someone mentioned I was Grumpy?   Well if you sat through all this and weren't grumpy what can I say?

I mentioned this was a two part well here it comes. (SEE ABOVE POST)

Saturday, May 13, 2017


This showed up on Facebook today;

 Tracy Montgomery, Candidate for Painesville Council at Large is hosting a BBQ Meet and Greet on Saturday May13th at GOP Headquarters from 4-7 pm Saturday May 13, 2017

WHAT: Tracy Montgomery; Candidate for Painesville Council at Large

WHEN: Saturday May 13, 2017

TIME: 4-7 pm

WHERE: 505 Liberty St.; Painesville, Ohio 44077

That's presently is all I am aware of, I don't event know which candidate she might be challenging?

Friday, May 12, 2017

" RAINY DAY WOMEN #12 & 35 bob dylan

Well, they'll stone you when you're trying to be so good
They'll stone you just like they said they would

Planning Commission approves rezoning of 1170 North State St. for M1 35,000 sq. ft. Medical Marijuana cultivation, processing and sale facility 4_0 with one abstaining (Mr. Sosus) .

I must admit that this is the way I assumed the vote to go. During the public time two eloquent letters from resident's who opposed the rezoning were read as well as Councilwoman Lori DiNallo stating opposition to this rezoning in this residential area, and of course myself.

One resident spoke for the rezoning.

I stated my reasons as well as bringing up the " Reversion Clause" might as well have been speaking Klingon? Back to council?

With the rezoning to M1 if Growth Orchard ever moves from that building it could become a truck terminal, auto repair shop maybe even a dog kennel? No one would guarantee anything.

When finishing I questioned the committee "How this makes Painesville a better place to live and raise a family?"
Mrs. Hada stated we aren't here to discuss that but only these seven points of rezoning. Great than what really is the point of these commissions and boards? I believed that making Painesville better was the point of all this?

As I mentioned councilwoman DiNallo as well as councilman Tom  Fitzgerald were both in attendance at this meeting. Gee where was Ward I councilperson Christine Shoop? This is your Ward we can only assume that she approves of this venture? Along with any and all problems it might bring.

These kind of ruling only come when you have member's living south of Mentor Ave. as well as one in Heisley Park. With the only time they venture into the Northend of the city is on their way to the Mardi Gras Parade. You have to wonder if this facility would somehow been located south of Mentor Ave..? How the conversation  would change?

To the City administration where does this 1.1 million dollar in new revenue come from? Income tax please do the math? Any expense to us with the venture?

To our new City Manager Monica S. Irelan we can only hope you possess some new knowledge that city leader's in Solon, Chardon, Mentor and Willoughby don't have? Or is it all about the money and we as a community will take the scraps thrown I our direction?

To those people who unselfishly serve on boards and commissions how can you ever reject a resident's request when you represent a  community that doesn't even follow it's own rules?

Monday, May 8, 2017

" FIX YOU " coldplay

When you try your best but you don't succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need

One last Post about this Marijuana business before we move on to more pressing issue like Disco Night in Painesville and back to Chocolate and Wine issues.

re ver sion


a return of a previous state, practice, or belief

the right, especially of the original owner, to process or succeed to property and the end of a lease.

So why is this important?

In a conversation over the weekend with a council person I explained why I was against this rezoning of this property on North State St.

Here is what I was told;

I don't believe in recreational marijuana. If this is done properly, there will be a reversion clause  if the business changes names (regulatory) changes business use (i.e. medical to recreational), or any other change. If it should switch to sales or recreational, the property should revert back to the City. It should be medical only as that is all Council authorized.

Now my hearing is very poor but at no time in these last two meetings did I hear this ever mentioned? Wonder if even Growth Orchard is aware?

So will Planning and/or Council stipulate this in the agreement or is someone blowing smoke up my A##?

Myself Growth Orchard is  only are asking for M-1 ? So if they move, ANY manufacturing business could locate on that property. Maybe a noisy machine shop?  The City hurried this through like they do most things without looking ahead. Happens a lot around here.

And in finishing;

The Lake County Gazette

A story in last Fridays paper about the Council approving the sale of City property to Growth Orchard.
After reading the account one thing stuck out. In the whole article... 'Marijuana or Medical.... those two words were never mentioned? So maybe to the average Painesville resident could get the impression Growth Orchard  might want to cultivate and process tomatoes? Hiding the truth!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017





Ain't got nothin' but love babe,
Eight days a week.

 Today May 2, 2017 News-Herald
above the fold;

City Council OKs sale of land

Medical marijuana facility planned for North State Street

3 acre @  $45,500      30-40 full time jobs

By Tawana Roberts

I respect Tawana as a reporter but nowhere in the story is it said this news is eight days old. Neither was it published before last nights council meeting?

No  where  in the article was it stated how council members voted? Smartest member of council Lori DiNallo who for whatever reason had the sense to skip this one on April 24th.

So let's review;

Growth Orchard approached the city sometime in February, Painesville showed them property in Renaissance Park. (wetlands) No go to close to Hachs house.

Now the administration must not have noticed or didn't care how resident's voted on this Marijuana issue and seen no reason I guess for a public hearing? So the Renaissance deal fell through. And a wise decision was made on some excess property on North State St. in a residential area. Where the Planning Commission will be forced to make a 'spot' zoning change. Don't expect any 'process' from the planning commission.

So NO public hearing, No TV on the council meeting of April 24, 2017, No release of minutes of that meeting last night. Nothing on the city website about the vote. Don't bother calling city hall their putting in 'new' phones again? This s simply a news blackout so no one knows until it's all done.
Our new city manager has brought some new tricks with her or she viewed how a certain city manager kept check on the media?

I questioned council of this theory and councilman Mike DeLeone responded, 'we can't control the media" sorry Mike I know better any news agency wants to stay in the good graces of an administration. He again added about the Ohio Constitution passing this, and seriously Mike do you think you can convince people  of this fact? A bunch of farmer legislators who somehow must have got something for going against the will of the people? I can't tell if Mike is arrogant or ignorant? Wish he would check back on his reasons for telling people why  Painesville couldn't be a Sanctuary City.
Guess he's an ala carte politician?

I must say when I was given the opportunity to ask law director Gurley a question, "if the cultivation, process or sale of marijuana was against federal law?" Without hesitation he answered YES! Well at least one person under the 'Golden Dome' understands the law? Wonder if council people even asked? as well as administrator's?  Guess on the plus side we can now have a Grateful Dead Event Downtown? Or let's get high with General Paine!

And as a private citizen you have to wonder if a private citizen say Joe Blow  owned that property on North State St. if the city would have and will jump through the hoops like they did for city owned property?

I would love to debate councilman DeLeone on this subject, but I get three minutes and he gets all the time he needs. I guess Mike must think medical marijuana can only be grown next to our sewer plant on State St.?  Maybe that's why there was no public hearing?

Truthfully I don't believe this is about medical marijuana but how our city operates.

Something smells and it ain't the Pot!

The only other thing of importance at last night's council meeting was the first reading of an Electrical Committee. Five members I don't even know if they have to even be city residents? This committee will have ZERO power and will probably only be used to blame  higher electric rates on..
Maybe they can get some AMP-OHIO reps serve?