Wednesday, July 27, 2016

( I KNOW) I'M LOSING YOU rare earth

Your love is fadin', I feel it fade
Ah, your love is fadin' I feel it fade

Well an Executive Meeting will be held Friday to seal the fate of our City Manager Tony Carson.
The car's been turned in, the desk emptied. and he is presently on 'vacation.'

Now how much will it cost the city to have him resign? Well, he's never been fired before? Remember when he is fired council CANNOT vote in Executive Session. That vote will have to be made public. The reason for the vote won't be. But I believe the vote should be made public.
It's time for the grown-ups on council, who am I kidding?

If you would ask every council person toady the vote would be 7-0 not me! Well it seems this council has an obligation to show the vote as well as reasons?

Now if Mr. Carson resigns no vote or reason has to be shown. But if he does resign that will cost the City of Painesville extra money for that to happen.

I thought Mr. Carson had fulfilled his job as city manager and resident's need to know what council has witnessed that the rest of us haven't? Reprimands of employee's and or Department heads fine let's drag that out into the open expose the wounds!

Let's talk about foreman fired for patching incident's that took place at the Power Plant? Let's talk about a $10,000 hole dug by a contractor, that we paid for? Has a secretary been let do recently, a building inspector over the parking garage? Let it all hangout. From department heads being reprimanded and calling council over their treatment by Mr. Carson let's hear it all!

How many stupid project's did our city manager inherit by the past administration?

Happy employee's? What a crock the only person that can make you happy at your job is simply yourself. I missed that day I guess. I always thought if I took a job I agreed to do the job. Never had anyone claim it was there to make me happy?

The Painesville workforce had become fat and lazy with the last administration and some employees also being rude. Many forgot who was paying them. Plus the culture of the former CM still  rambles around here.

No this council loves to pretend the Titanic isn't sinking as well with no clue how to save it. (If it can even be saved)  Rumors abound that they already have started with the interview process.

In finishing our last CM couldn't make a pimple on the A## of  our present  CM! You voted for these people you live and pay  with their results.

Should make for an interesting weekend!

Donald Trump jokes maybe the Ruskie's can find  Hillary Clinton's emails? Careful what you wish for Donald they may find your tax returns for the past 20 years?
Putin is like a cat playing with a mouse. The mouse is Trump. Eventually the game will end!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

"R-E-S-P-E-C-T " aretha franklin

I'm about to give you all my money
And all I'm askin' in return, honey
Is to give me my proper's

Attended a well attended Town Hall Meeting last night at City Hall.
We learned the in's and out's of cold patch and Asphalt patch why they were used and when they couldn't be.

Fire Chief Mlachak gave a presentation of the mass notification system used by Painesville City. This is something al residents should be signed up for.
Along with emergency situations you can get Council news,  Utility news, Recreation news, Cemetery news. Construction & Road closure. Even non-resident's can sign up. Say you have a parent living in Painesville and you make your home in Mentor you can be made aware of what's happening in Painesville! Thanks Chief.

Now the RESPECT issue.

At the last Town Hall I listened as a resident complained about a garage built next to him. Curiosity made me drive by this garage. Well to be honest as a kid we built more stable tree houses. This garage might withstand a 15 mph wind at best. Teaching me some complaint's are very valid.
Now last night another neighbor complained about noise and rowdiness from a business next to his property. I am not being judgmental but does a nearby neighbor have the right to complain about noise from a business?  Are there one set of rules for residents and another for businesses?  To the point police have an obligation no matter what the circumstances to treat all resident's with respect. PITA maybe but you are still there to protect their rights as well as doing everything you can from this situation escalating.

A Painesville resident has been robbed three times. With a loss of  thousands of dollars. Police say it is still an 'open' case. Also some of her costume jewelry has been seized  returned just not enough evidence to file charges. Well the police asked her for photographs of her wearing the items. Now it's claimed the pictures are even lost. This resident claims the Police Chief won't even return her calls? This doesn't appear the way a city should conduct themselves.

Also brought up was the number of construction jobs around town that start Friday afternoon and are ended by Monday morning. That's motivation is to avoid permits?

Seems many feel the local government isn't proactive for residents. Both issues mentioned will be with a sit down with administrator's and resident's.

Thanks again to Councilman DeLoene and Councilwoman Shoop.

And in closing I asked if there was anything they would like to share with us? No, but the parking garage project started today? Shhh! secret!

Witnessed another cluster F#@K Railroad shuts down Mentor Ave. at tracks diverting traffic onto W. Jackson St. No PPD, no LCS no one directing traffic. Is this no man's land? Railroads can be made to pay for traffic officers . Someone tell somebody!


East Erie                       $460,000  (Rockwood Manor)
543 Williams St.           $80,000
943 North Ave.             $25,000
641 W. Jackson St.      $22,244
567 Storrs St.               $80,000
568 N. St. Clair St.       $59,500
258 Meriden Dr.          $188,000

Roger Ailes resigned from FOXNEWS? It appears Gretchen and Megyn did exactly what the asked them to do?

Sunday, July 24, 2016








The Economic Development Department is working hard to succeed

This is due to the possibility of a new tenant for the CORE building on Renaissance Parkway.

Bringing 250 employee's as well as over 6,300,000 to our economy and better than $125,000 in income tax to Painesville. This should help with the offset of the Lake County Health Department relocating.

Gee, Tomorrow's Headline could be fascinating? Hope it doesn't scare business people away?

I have finally decided to promote a Mayor form of government for Painesville. Our council has proven over and over they are incapable of even  picking apples off a tree. Let alone someone to run this place. See the way it is here you only have to keep four people happy and maybe if your entrusted with running this place. Look around at the improvements? Then take the time to look back at the last five years of our former city manager. Can't wait to see who's up next? Doug Lewis he world be a fool to take it, plus he's happy right where he's at. Never mind council overlooked him last time. Council better not TOY with us this time ,or I will spill the beans.

To some employee's you can go back to your rude and lazy ways.

To council you still have loose lips on council and you can no longer blame Andrew Flock. But your telling someone and their telling me. Hell, I even know who and how they voted. No use telling you they have deniability.

No this leadership job should be taken from council and put into the residents hands! MAYOR TIME

Democrat's and emails?
It pretty obvious that Russia hacked into the Democratic Emails and gifting them to WikiLeaks, but why? Let's connect a few dot's first Donald Trump likes to be looked at as the American Putin. Last week Trump changed the RNC platform to be more Russia friendly. Later his claim that maybe NATO would not come to Eastern European neighbors in an attack? I thought this was the guy who didn't telegraph what he would do? And finally his tax returns if the American people had a clue what kind of income he was making in Russia.
Think I'm crazy? Two words Iran-Contra.

Friday, July 22, 2016



If I could turn back time
If I could find a way

Like to 2007

Attended a meeting Thursday evening hosted by Citizen with Municipal Power serviced by AMP-OHIO.

Seems all member communities are having the same problems. Prairie State continues to have unexpected shutdowns, and now OSHA is investigating accidents at the plant?

Then AMP:-OHIO latest debacle came front and center. AMP '"Combined Hydro"
The forecast for this Green Energy project was estimated to be free for the most part after the Bond holder's were paid. So AMP went forward to communities like Painesville with a proposal of a cost of $66.00 Megawatt Hour. Well we are now receiving that power generated from 'Run of the River' Hydro plant (no Dam) at the bargain price of $140.45 MWh!  Hey $66.00 was only an estimate. Some estimate? This project alone will cost Painesville  Hundred of Thousands over the life of the contract. How did this happen the energy is free?

Well to be honest AMP is a louse project manager. Contractor's walking away from the project and a total mismanagement of this project. Did AMP-OHIO pay dearly? No you did, this was another project where AMP had zero skin in the game. You remember those take or pay contracts?

Painesville presently get's 32% of it's baseload from PSEC and 9% from the combined Hydro plants. Start asking friends and family what First Energy is charging them?

Martinsville Virginia called AMP in for a explanation  for all this? AMP representatives refused to answer any of Martinsville's  questions?

Another AMP community was selling excess power for as low as $20.00 a MWh. yes they are also paying $140.45. In a market with a norm of $38.00 MWh.

Some of you must have noticed it seems this week Painesville Power is powered up for Peak Shaving one of the only incident's to operate that plant. I guess we pray for temperature 90+?

I will be sharing more numbers in future post.

One thing that accidentally came up that ALL Electric Department heads seemed to be in AMP-OHIO's corner instead of the municipality that pays their salary? ALL of them to much to just be a conscience?

Solution's? Well as long as city administrators keep paying the bill's and council keeps sticking it's head in the ground nothing! It's insulting to residents to watch this fiasco.

Last Sunday major communities from San Diego to St. Louis and Miami were feeling they had dodged a bullet by not having the Republican Convention in their town? Poor Cleveland! 
Well I can say I'm very proud of the organizer's, law enforcement as well as demonstrator's who pulled off something no one expected! As a Clevelander you can be proud. We showed the naysayer's what this community was all about.
You needed a reason why you haven't left the area yet? Well you got a reason this week!
The cleverest sign a witnessed was " Hate's only visiting. Cleveland Loves!" Be proud.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


So, don't ask me about my business
And I won't tell you goodbye

That's Right!

Well as I have mentioned in past posts Monday night was do or die time for the extra $6,000 for the DPO. I noticed a couple of people in the audience who were associated with the organization.
I got up and told council they knew my position, let's hear from them? Sorry not impressed , talk of  and I was interested in what the two members of the DPO board had to say? Talk about Chocolate Friday what next Grilled Cheese Tuesday?
One person mentioned getting a certain buzz? Well starting in January that buzz will cost us an extra $6,000?
To Katie Jenkins credit she asked and got an amendment to not make the $6,000 retroactive but to start in January 2017. So in roundabout way the city saved that money this year. 

In refection the $6,000 isn't the issue it's how our council  hands out money? Not one council member asked these board members what they need the $6,000 for. For that matter what are you doing with the $20,000 we already are giving you? One board member offered the flowers placed around the downtown area. No transparency no how about your organization joining Checkbook Ohio nothing. I'm willing to bet if I asked anyone on that council for $60.00 the first question would be what do you need it for. But it's not council's  member's money it's yours and they have little concern about your needs but the DPO that's another story. This should be remembered at election time! Shameful is the only word I can add to last nights gifting! Oh, and after the money was promised the board member's skedaddled, in true DPO style. Maybe the time has come that resident's see how council is so giving with city funds, maybe the next time a levy comes up maybe we will remember? DPO is a total waste of needed funds.

Electricity came up again and being a Municipal Power Plant certain consumer right are not the same as say to a First Energy customer. For instance the city has no policy where a customer can sell excess power from their  solar panels to the city.. Presently it's not allowed. This person also mentioned Avery-Dennison is looking into solar power for their Painesville facility.
Another resident explained that although Painesville is not regulated by the PUCO there are still laws regulating utility shutoff's that Painesville seems to ignore. He wanted to play a tape with a city finance employees, (Gurley said he couldn't play the tape)where the employee who supposable knew the conversation was taped telling the resident "We are not regulated by the PUCO we do what we want here."
Tony Torre's not happy with cemetery policy. Also Steele Mansion is booked solid for the Republican Convention this week.
I asked who was overseeing the parking garage demolition. I was told Doug Lewis goes there once in the morning and again at quitting time.

And it goes on, Mrs. DiNallo was excused but in here absence we still talked about sidewalks for over ten minutes. Talk of hiring part-timers to go through our neighborhood marking sidewalks?
Don't we already have employee's walking in our neighborhood reading meters? Walking down the sidewalks while meter reading mark addresses where a sidewalk problem exists.

Ordinances about Design Review Repealing, and Enacting were left on first reading. Maybe by September they can explain what this was all about?

69 High St. was tabled?

Now for some good news!

The first tenant  for High Point Centre was announced  World Wines and Brews a retail store with a present location in Mentor.

 Better News!

It's still in it's early stage with no official announcement yet , but a company named Mar-bal Pultrusion Inc. is in the process of moving into the old CORE facility in the future. A job fair has already happened and this has a possibility of bringing 250 jobs to Painesville. To Doug Lewis and Cathy Bieterman this is what we all are looking for in Economic Development!

So how's that convention going?
Don't see much party unity? The only thing it seems they hate more than Trump is Clinton?
oh, and wait till Philadelphia talk about herding cats!

In other news Monday it was Happy Days we heard from Chachi and Antonio Sabato Jr.?

Don't worry Republicans by the end of the week Michelle Obama will be accused of plagiarizing
Melania Trump's speech in 2008.?

Since someone called me Carnac the Magnificent.. Here's one for you Mike Pence will not be running for Vice-President on election day. He has way to much class to be associated with this.

Sunday, July 17, 2016



Hot time in the summer time!

We are I guess in the dog days of summer?

Council only meets one time in July and August and with that said July's agenda is quite light.

Finally council must decide if the Downtown Painesville Organization will get that extra $6,000 .00  retroactive to   January 1, 2016. I wonder if council has any idea with all the money goes they dole out?

SECOND ORDINANCE;  REPEALING  Section 1146.08  Design Review District Design Criteria of the Painesville Code of 1998.

THIRD ORDINANCE; ENACTING  SECTION 1146.08 Design Review District Design Criteria of the Painesville Code of 1998.

Don't ask me I haven't a clue what their purpose is with this?

We will continue our discussion on;
Channel 12
Council Procedures
Recommendation of the Housing Task Force

And a new one 69 W. High St.
I'll go out on a limb here, is this about the plywood garage?

Cathy Bieteterman will give an update on Economic Development.

I'm sure we will hear about the great success of PITP as I'm sure we all had a great time!

Home sales PCLS district;

157 Carroll Ave.         $4,150.00 ?
33 Stockwell               $32,000
307 E. Walnut St.        $59,500
365 Cedarbrook Dr.    $68,000
542 Southington         $118,000
755 Hine Ave.            $22,000
Orchard Grove            $94,000
613 Beacon Dr.           $123,000

Now something a little serious here. By now most of you have seen the ad by the NRA with the man that served in Benghazi. Look I can understand anyone having distain for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.
I am sure the producers of that ad as well as  the NRA knew it was against federal law to use a Military Cemetery for the backdrop of a political ad. And did it anyway. That said  the NRA can be proud of desecrating those servicemen and women's graves.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

"HUNGRY" paul revere and the raiders

Because I'm hungry for those good things baby
Hungry through and through

Hungry for the Ol' Painesville when you had a choice of grocery stores? Fisher Foods,  A&P,
Kroger's and Loblaw's?

Stay hungry my friends. Those large grocery stores Heinen's, Giant Eagle, ALDI's  Shop-an-Drop just ain't coming back to the Ville'  Take my word for it the demographics don't work. So is my goal to upset you? No I found an alternative very close by.

Fresh Market

30022 Euclid Ave.  Wickliffe, Ohio

It's amazing what they pack into 3000 sq.ft.

Fresh high quality fruits and vegetables at unbelievable prices!

Nectarines, Peaches and Sweet Plums $.99 LB.

Seedless Red or Green Grapes $1.49 LB.

10# Potato $1.39 a bag

A full service meat department

Top Sirloin Steaks $6.99 LB>

English Cut Pot Roast $3.49 LB.

Full service deli and bake shop as well as

Sweetberry Fried Chicken 12 Pc. Bucket  2 orders of JoJo fries  $9.99

Been there four times and the place is always packed!

On the weekend they have Lerch's Donuts made while you watch.

I really belive this type store could become an great addition to our community. How about Economic Development how about looking into it.

To get Painesville moving  we need to take small smart steps. Grandiose Streetscapes fill newspapers but in the end do little to improve the lives of people living in Painesville.

Or, we can all hope and pray Someday will never be the same.

Am I the only one who views the new Trump-Pence logo as well, having a subliminal  message?  A T going through a P? Or is that  telegraphing what these two have in store for the American people.

Drove by GOP Headquarters at the coal yard three days before the convention  the place looks deserted? Wonder if their going?