Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"BUS STOP" hollies

Under that umbrella? Those green shelters look like umbrellas.

Laketran announced an improved hub for downtown Painesville for routes 1-4-5,  great it will be opposite the spot where the current bus stop presently is.

The construction including pavement (hope they use the fake red brick, sorta to blend) construction and landscaping  will cost $287,752. 80% funded with federal money, the LOCAL match works out to $57,550.00 Begs the question how local. Painesville local, county local , Laketran local? Was any thought put in to merge the style of Main St. streetscape and the bus hub? Can we see the possible see a rendition of what this will look like, ( not just an overhead drawing) you must have them, you already know the cost.

Look great... but again I ask why no Laketran route to Tri-Point and here's my reason for asking. First name me a hospital in an area that has bus routes but not served by one? I meet a person from Painesville who was at Lake County West Hospital for blood work because they didn't drive and the bus was their only form of transportation. Whatever happened to that promised Urgent Care Center promised for Painesville? Another  pipe dream or just a blatant lie? Another person mention to me they didn't care that much for their doctor I suggested seeing mine a the Physician Pavilion connected to Tri-Point again no transportation they must find a doctor close to a Laketran route. More and more doctors seem to be locating in Concord but still no bus service. Is that a Laketran decision or a Tri-Point one?

Both entities are supposed to serve the communities they are located in but neither seem willing at this time to fulfill that obligation.

Hub all you want but it appears your travels lead you; "No Particular Place to Go"  c.b.

In other city news;

The electric department has cut down the hedges along the street by the cooling towers, either they got tired of trimming them, or they wanted residents to see what wasn't operating at the electric plant besides them?

R.E. Gibbs letter in the News-Herald today ... Where's the street fund money? Good place to start looking is to add up the invoices the former city manager  paid to the law firm of  Buckingham, Doolittle and Burroughs during her tenure.

Have to wonder what fund the city is now using to pay the person or law firm to handle "Human Resources".

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Well at least until August 18th.

A couple of posts ago someone complained about the condition of our schools landscaping. I apologize here for blowing them off.  Someone who I respect called and told me to go look around, with the statement "why wear a $1000 suit with worn shoes with holes in them. Making the assertion that Painesville has invested ( along with the State of Ohio) 100 million dollars in new schools and presently they don't look as sharp and well manicured as they should be.

I realize the administration has outsourced the grounds keeping but was it for landscaping or just lawn mowing? What ever the grounds around the schools should be attend to before school starts.
I now understand what the comment was meant to relay to me, again I apologize.

On another school matter I understand the  vice-principal at Heritage has resigned  to take a job in his home town.
I know Ms. DeAngelis loves here students but some seem to be pushing the envelope. First the school needs a Vice-Principal the will expect proper behavior from these 6-7-8 graders. This along with an SRO officer at the school. Many parents as well as students claim they are in fear of violence with certain students. Plus the fact the school is isolated from the rest of the city due to the railroad tracks. I don't know if this is fact, but as I watch the behavior of some of the students on the way home from school, the fights that might end up in a neighbor's yard, no regard for traffic, A 120 pound body doesn't sand-up well against a 4000 pound vehicle, everything from not looking to defying the vehicle to just being pushed out in the street?  But then they haven't taken physics yet. This plus the profanity loudly displayed makes me wonder? (Remember when you were a kid and how embarrassed you were when an adult heard you use profanity ?) Not anymore.

Interesting list of what students are expected to be supplied with for the coming year.
Along with all students being academic dressed. (I think a good idea)

Third Grade Elm Elementary

Book Bag
1 Supply Box
1 Scissors
6 White Glue Sticks
4 pkg #2 Pencils (Ticonderoga)      A certain brand of pencil?
1 pkg Cap Erasers (for pencils)
1 bx  24 count Crayons
1 pkg Markers ( not permanent marker
1 pkg Colored Pencils
2 Highlighters
1 pkg Dry Erase Markers (4pk assorted colors)
4 Notebooks ( blue, red, yellow, green,)
1 Composition Notebook
5 2 Pocket Folders (blue, red, yellow, green, orange,)
3 pkg Filler Paper (wide rule)
1 bx of Ziploc Bags (sandwich and gallon size)
3 bxs Kleenex
1 pk 3x5 Index Cards
1 pk 4x6 Index Cards

What percentage of students will have this on the first day school?

The reason I am passing this information on as this year  there will be NO  "Unity In The Community"  picnic where many students received much of their school supplies.

I do understand the Salvation Army is putting something together. If you know please post it on the blog.

 look for a "Letter to the Editor" in Wednesday's News-Herald

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"ANYTIME" journey

Ask you  shall receive. Received this today.

Hi All!

Please come to Andy's Town Hall Meeting on   July 31, Thursday from 7 to 8. It will be held in our backyard so please bring a lawnchair.

Parking can be on the street in designated areas or a Kwanis Park (formerly North Park) which is a little stroll to  871 Hine Avenue.

Experts from the Chagrin Watershed will be here to discuss HOW A RAIN GARDEN CAN HELP STORMWATER RUNOFF.

Mr. Vince Crawford from Waste Management will discuss the concerns that have come up recently with our bills. Tell your neighbors.

Andy & Marge

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"SOUNDS OF SILENCE" simon & garfunkel

Well Mondays council meeting was an award night of sorts.

First AMP-OHIO issued a $2,000 scholarship to a Painesville student.

Then T&T was the official bread of Painesville with 20 family members attending the presentation.

Garbage invoices? Tony Torre questioned the practice and was told that this had something to do with an ordinance from 2007 or 2010? Along with Waste MisManagement correcting the $4.00 administration bill on the latest invoice. No one provided when and who signed the latest contract for this 3 year contract?City council seemed perfectly happy with it.

Allen Watson asked when the Shamrock Bridge would be open. The ribbon-cutting will take place August 5th. He also question the Windmill project in Perry? That question was then directed to our law director? Lot of hot air but no wind?

All legislation passed. The administration I believes thinks that the old hotel can be demolished with the $600,000 grant? Good luck with that.

Councilman Flock questioned AMP-Ohio's invoice policy and was told AMP-OHIO did that as a one time favor ? Again who works for who? The small incident in May at Prairie State caused over 2 million dollars in damages. ( ever notice 2 million is a number AMP loves to  use?) Well damages will be covered by insurance, I guess we will see a rate increase shortly. The plant was back on line June 20th in the mean time Painesville paid for the unreceived power in those days along with having to purchase power to make up the difference. Maybe that's why the power plant operated for a time in June? Why no one but councilman Flock sees a problem here is beyond me. Councilman DeLeone even agreed AMP-OHIO's position.  Just to give you an idea how serious this problem is becoming is that Bowling Green University will pay  17.6 million dollar more for power from 2010 thru 2021 for electric power. Granted that city receives 50% of it's power from Prairie State but this issue has to be addressed and soon.

Councilman Flock also questioned the administration about the red brick sidewalks on Veterans Park? He was told the project material cost's are $25,000 and labor is furnished by the public works department.

Trains at Heisley Park. It seems now our former Congressman Steve LaTorrette has entered the fray with a meeting to be scheduled soon.

Vacant Property and Building registration. Does anyone on council have a clue what this is supposed to do and how? Someone suggested checking how Fairport's policy works.

The new police chief and city engineer were introduced. I see promise here with both of them also  our public works director is young and seems to be able to think "out of the box".

After seeing the audience I believed to keep my thoughts to myself if no one else seem concerned why should I be? I was told once if Tony Torre and I  didn't complain everyone else in town is perfectly happy with how things are done. Maybe their right?

I will continue to report on the blog. but with what I hear and see the apathy in Painesville is overwhelming.  You get what you deserve.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Well city wants to teardown a house on Chardon St. and one on Nelson St.

The " T&T The Official Bread Of Painesville " The bakery as well as the Terriaco family have been a staple of Painesville. It's time the city recognized what an asset they are to Painesville.

Asbestos removal at the old hotel.

The usual old business;
 Prairie State
CSX Heisley Park
Vacant Property and Building Registration
Security concerning Bars, Night Clubs
Buffering of Railroads as well as Highways

Introducing our new police chief Anthony W. Powalie

Introducing our new city engineer Leanne Exum P.E. S.I.

Good luck to both in your endeavors with the City of Painesville 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

"FAITH" george michaels

It seems we go from one crisis to the next with a new one every week. Benghazi, Ukraine, Iraq, Veterans Administration, IRS, 50,000 children at the southern border and this week it's Israeli and the Palestinian's waging war.

Well let's get back to the one affecting us the most here in the USA.

50,00 children refugees, why, how and who sent them?

Blame whoever you want Obama, Bush, the 98 Senators that passed that Bill in 2008. remember no one at that time realized the consequences of that law. It was only to stop human trafficking.

Sen. John Cornyn (R) Texas mentioned someone found the loophole in the law and are presently taking full advantage of it.

My question is where and how is the Catholic Church involved in this situation?
The church has many priests and Missionaries along with many other Denomination in the region where these children are coming from. Why are they NOT suggesting to the parents not to send them and explaining how dangerous the trek is?

Why isn't the administration not trying to get these missionaries to help?

The Pope has mentioned that the children should be treated with respect and welcomed to this country? It is a part of Catholic Doctrine to "Welcome the Stranger". But is the Church or its representatives doing their part in stemming the flow of these children?
Most American Catholic Diocese's  in this country have mission in many central American countries. What are they doing to help  with this dangerous  immigration?

We attend Mass and our Priest's tell us we should be more welcoming? I look around at some in the pews and sorry, many ain't buying it.

Then again I see some of these "Patriots" blocking buses of children some with AR-15 strapped on their backs. Some with signs and some just screaming. Yes you bring so much to the table, these are women and children, It's an invasion, these children are bringing diseases to our country.  Are these actions what being an American means? Along with a government that seems fearful of a confrontation with these nut jobs. Let's get something done before some idiot shoots up a bus with 'Y' camper's  thinking there part of some invasion.

Yes a loophole was found and must be corrected. Why should a Salvadorian have more rights than a Mexican or Canadian? Sorry, it's a good law that some seem to abuse. I still feel the citizens of  the United States have been manipulated.

First President Obama must go to the border and eloquently as he can announce to the world there's NO get in free card to the United States.

The Congress must provide funding for the children presently here. Along with funding for medical  care and Judges to hear there reasons for coming here. proper deportation to the many who believed were told they could just come in. No more sitting on your hands and just complaining Congressman.
(I wonder if I could sue Congress for not doing their job?)

This is truly a humanitarian  crisis and the government as well as all faiths must work together to solve it,

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"WE'RE HAVING A PARTY" sam cooke

Yes this weekend is  Painesville's "Party In The Park". The largest free music event in the state.
I guess if you can call Reggae music music?  ( can't wait for the comments on this one)

Also new this year I have been told pet's are no longer welcome. ( not a bad idea) I watched police escort a person out of the Maple-Feast who brought their dog) This may be a good idea for everyone including the pets?

Let's understand Main St is presently pretty torn -up with 'streetscape' . People parking in county lots will not encounter problems when they arrive at the event in daylight but leaving the event after dark and  after a few beer's could some stumble into a few construction sites?

Let Painesville put it's best foot forward this weekend and welcome over 50,000 people to our town.

RUMORS  that's all!

Ward II might have an Hispanic run for that ward next year.

Police morale has improved.

Should Painesville sue AMP-OHIO for not releasing requested information?

Is someone being charged by the city  over $5,000 for a home that they inherited because it sat empty for five years?

The police have someone in custody over the Fourth of July killing on Hine Ave.

Both Rider's Inn and Steele Mansion are booked solid for the GOP Convention in 2016?