Sunday, September 25, 2016



The people have the power
To redeem the work of fools

Someone asked me yesterday if I felt vindicated over the Newsnet5 story?
No, although myself and many others have been warning resident's of this coming problem people knowing about it doesn't solve it. A short TV news spot that will soon be forgotten and it will be back to business as usual.

I once asked former councilman Andy Flock  what was  wrong with the council, the administration and even the people to let this get out of hand?

Andy surmised that until this problem hits resident's in their wallet's or pocketbook's  don't expect much. A council unthreatened by loss of an election as well as an administration that seems isolated from the problem feels also unthreatened.

Simply said we are at the mercy of the administration. How many different electric prices are there in Painesville? With the way Painesville operates resident's might bear the burden of high electric costs subsidizing businesses in town? First the main reason Airfoil has a plant in Painesville was due to Painesville's low electric pricing. Well the way Painesville can operate a  electric utility they can charge whomever whatever they want. This situation will only worsen. The major power contracts the city is involved in with AMP-OHIO show no relief in the future.  PSEC, Ohio River Hydro, as well as another very high contract not to expire until 2020. Let's not even mention the 2.1 million fiasco we paid in stranded costs for Meigs County. WE paid our money! Painesville has no money, the only money they have is collected from us.

PCA was described as power purchased over what our own plant produces. In truth the whole electric cost including streetlights are purchased elsewhere. Painesville I believe operated it's plant at less than five weeks this year. (Peak Shaving) Hell, the administration can't even be honest about that. We are always on 'standby''? So run the plant? Why bother the city is already committed to all these power contracts and would be obligated to honor them.

This problem didn't start yesterday actually it came to Painesville in 2007. Only now we see what happened. Back then we were told over and over we need coal generating plant's to provide 'Base' power. This was a time before wind, solar even gas. Cracking was just beginning to produce power. Could Peabody as well as AMP-OHIO see the handwriting on the wall? Deciding to make a final stand for coal? People question if these contract's came with a 'kickback? Well if there was no kickback then  was it promoted by imbecile's. 50 year contract's "Take or Pay contracts". The people that were the main proponent's in this were city manager Rita McMahon and Council-President Joseph Hada. They promoted the council votes. What this council doesn't want anyone held responsible? Just shut up and pay your bill!

The first thing the administration as well as the electric director must decide is who's side are they on? Get out of bed with AMP-OHIO and get on the side of Painesville resident's!  Join with other communities and fight this theft.

There is no one presently fighting for you. It's past time to get the ball rolling. Soon between the school's and electric bills your investment in your homes will be worthless!

Until you let council know you will not but up with inaction on this matter the sooner something will happen.  It's about time some of you get as angry about this as I am!

I failed to mention the City approved the purchase of two columbarium each holding 48 niches. Both will be at Evergreen Cemetery.

Home sales PCLSD

242 Avery Terrace                                   $50,000
243 S. St. Clair                                         $89,500
58    Lincoln Blvd.                                    $147,000
872 Homewood Ave.                                $98,000
634 Beacon  Dr.                                        $125,000

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"URGENT" foreigner

Want it quick
Urgent, urgent, emergency

Someone mentioned to me if I noticed all items on the agenda were marked  Emergency? With another person telling me Emergency doesn't mean Emergency?
That pretty much set the tone for last nights meeting.

Another thing  note; no microphone at the podium?

Let's start it off with the 7-0 to the 750,000+ repair to Walnut St. from Levan Gillett St.
Drive that section of road and compare it to your street? Yes half will be paid by a grant but for some unknown reason councilman DeLeone went to the Wall for this, someone on Walnut St. seems to have some "Juice". The part that bothered me the most was his statement if we don't accept this funding we might never received any in the future? This passed 7-0.

As far as the donation to the 6 acres at Horvath's Lagoons? I guess we are 6 acres richer? As well as Liberty Greens. I have no idea how it went down it was a split vote with council-president not making the results quite clear? Parking seems to be the main issue at Horvath's Lagoons. The question is if the city refuses these 'gifts' whose responsible?

The switchgear project was held to a third reading. It seems this building will be a one story 100' x 70' building by the cooling towers? the building will not only hold switch gear but a work area and garage for vehicles. When then 'Battery Box Building'  was mentioned  we were informed that people are interested in it for a battery program? Even the lady that first proposed the building claims now she has some plans to share with the 'City'. What's that fool me once shame on you, fool me .......

Now the moratorium on the approval of application to modify the Right-of-Way for those 75 ft. wooden utility poles passed. Gee I was looking forward to seeing a 75ft. pole on Levan, Bank St. or even a few in Heisley Park. Seems the city is presently three poles to late?

The other two about appropriations for Inter-fund transfers as far as certifying budget items to the County, Passed.

In the visitor time a lady from Gillett St. questioned the on street parking. Since many homes have multi-people as well as kid's moving back with Mom and Dad this brings up a safety issue. Council advised the police chief to look into the matter.

A Heisley Park resident brought up the news story on channel 5 with concerns to Painesville's Power Cost Adjustment a few resident's showed electric bills as high as $360.00. Almost half in PCA. The city would not do an on screen interview with the reporter but would look into the matter. To view the news story google  newsnet5 Painesville electric costs.  It appears the chickens are beginning to come home to roost? Just proudly pay your bill, please!

Former council lady Arlene Becks questioned the condition of W. Eagle St. Good-Luck with that Arlene! Drive up and down Walnut St. and pretend you are on W.Eagle.

The lady living next to the plywood garage brought more issues to council. This family has the patience of a saint.

I questioned why Hydro-electric costs from the Ohio River were costing the city an outrageous $140.00 MWh.?

Probably with Channel 5 snooping around Painesville City Electric Department head Mr.Jeff McHugh attempted to explain the PCA Tried, no one knew anything more than when he started. Although AMP-OHIO had promised that the Hydro power would estimate a cost of in the 60+ dollar range it came in at $140.00? His explanation was unbelievable. He compared it to purchasing a home for $50,000 and with interest over the years it costing you close to three times as much? Look now we are not comparing what something cost to build and finance but a promise of a purchase agreement in the $60.00 range. The truth is AMP-OHIO as the general contractor screwed so many parts of this project up and yes Painesville and other communities pay the price. After years of telling us Prairie State was running satisfactory, last night he mentioned all the problems that have plagued the plant were solved! The plant presently is running at 90% efficenncy. He does know I am going to check his figures. He also mentioned Painesville will save 4 million dollars on peak saving, next year. Whoopee what does it cost you yearly to run the damn place? 1.4 million for that new switch gear for starters.

Monday, September 19, 2016

"DANKE SCHOEN" wayne newton

Danke schoen, darling danke schoen
Save those lies, darling don't explain

Little did I realize the uproar of me mentioning Painesville superintendent  John Shepard's visit to Germany would cause?
The number of comment's only limited by the language used. (New to the Blog.?)

Well why question this?

First he has a job as well as an obligation to the people of Painesville, not Germany. For some reason I can't understand what he would bring to the table? Maybe a short commencement speech to share with his German colleagues?  Seriously maybe with Germany having a huge influx of immigrants they would want to know how to successfully handle the situation?

That said here are the latest numbers from the Ohio Department of Education;

Lake County

Kirtland Local                                                  82.1

Mentor Exempted Village                               75.9

Perry Local                                                       75.0

Riverside Local                                                 74.3

Wickliffe City                                                    71.4

Madison Local                                                   71.4

Willoughby-Eastlake City                                70.3

Fairport Harbor Exempted Village                 62.9

Painesville City Local                                        54.2

 Now if I remember correctly a 54 grade was failing?

So how do these scores translate into a trip to Germany when we have so much to do here in Painesville?

At the same time as this trip to Germany many of the other Superintendent's from Lake County were involved Mentor, Riverside, Wickliffe and Willoughby- Eastlake as well as some other communities Chardon and South Euclid-Lyndhurst I something called 'Quality Profiles' a state wide consortium that work to improve educational opportunities for all students. Probably no Oktoberfest involved?

Look I don't begrudge a person a vacation, but please don't poop  on my head and call it a hat!

54.2 just maybe we would be better off letting the state take control of the system?

Maybe if Mr. Shepard can when he arrives back can address how this 'trip' benefited the staff, students as well as the people of Painesville, or just benefitted Mr. Shepard it may be time to head in a new direction?

Houses sold in PCLS District     not a bad week!

130 Liberty St.                                 $95,000

497 Reed Ave.                                   $30,000

731 E. Erie St.                                   $36,000

1150 Lighthouse Pt.                          $127,000

330 E. Erie St.                                   $58,000
75 Forest Dr.                                      $151,000

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Seven items on the agenda:

Resolution authorizing the city manager an application and enter into an agreement of improving Walnut St. with a $382,000 of the $765,000 cost for resurfacing from   Gillett  St. to Levan St.

Resolution for the City Manager to accept a donation of property  6.51 acres to be added to Horvath's Lagoon. Just think maybe if we waited we would have got the whole thing for nothing and have an extra $250,000 burning a hole in our pocket?  Hardly Skinner Ave.

Resolution to accept the lot (access) drive in Liberty Greens.

Resolution authorizing the city manager  for construction of that new switchgear building at the electric department.

Ordinance for council to pass a moratorium with regards to 75 ft. 'Utility' poles along Painesville's Right-of-Way.

Resolution accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the budget  commission. This is to be forwarded to the county auditor's office.

Ordinance amending appropriation to purchase two Columbarium's for the cemetery. ($20,000)

No presentation

No new business

No unfinished business

To some of you who might be curious Harvey was defeated by Orange  52 to 18

Well if your thinking about sending that little one off to college, please be made aware of MICHIGAN see they have a football coach up there that can pick and eat boogers on camera! I guess he does it for a protein fix?  That school up north can really pick them if you know what I mean!

Friday, September 16, 2016

"ONE MILLION LAWYERS" tom paxton ( Part 2)

Behind windows and potted plants, shade trees and shrubs
Lawyers on pogo sticks, lawyers in politics

 Let me start out with a correction;
In Part 1 I mentioned that the city pay Mr. Carson's full retirement expense.
They only pay the city's share, and he pays this share.

Another thing I failed to mention was that the city reimbursed him $12,000 for moving expenses when he took the Painesville position.

Will never know; And I wonder why?

Upon the execution of this agreement, Carson acknowledges and agrees that his employment with the City has ended irrevocably and forever and will not resumed again at any time. To this end, Carson will contemporaneously submit his written voluntary resignation to the City when he executes this agreement. This voluntary resignation will be submitted on a form approved by the City. Carson further agrees that from and after the date this Agreement becomes effective, he will not knowingly seek consulting, independent contractor or employment relationship with the City, and hereby release the City from any obligation to employ, reemploy, or reinstate him in any capacity.

Seems like a lot of execution going on here?

The Parties  acknowledge that this Agreement is made and executed in settlement of disputed claims for which Releasees deny any and all liability; that Releasees  are settling this matter solely to create a mutual and non-contentious separation of employment, without any harm or disruption to the operations of the City, and that neither this Agreement nor the payment and other consideration herein is to be construed as an admission of wrongdoing or liability on the part of either party.

No admission of wrongdoing? So why was he asked to resign?
Also what's the reason for three extra month's of salary. Council's generosity?

On both his original contract as well as settlement agreement NO attorney signed anything?

Now through time I have learned all the REAL reasons for the 'execution' of Tony Carson. I have been advised to not address it here on the blog., in an email, or a phone conversation. But feel free to stop and ask me.

I will tell you one thing I believe if Councilman Flock had stayed on council, there's a good chance none of this would have happened.

Myself I'm sorta glad Carson walked away with over $171,000 shows the incompetence around here.


Zoning Board Meeting;

With only three member's attending, one absent and one resigning. It left it up to three members to give a variance ONLY to the height of the new County Administration building to be built on the site of the former Senior Center (Sears Store).  Now the board only agreed to the height of the building 93 feet, nothing about design.  The Painesville ordinance for B-3 downtown limits height to 75 feet. It had been 100 feet up until 1984 and then became 75 feet. No one knew the answer for the change. Parking as well as traffic you can plan a mess during construction. On the plans I witnessed the front door of the building will be set back to align with the Methodist Church to its left and not over shadow the church building. On another positive note the City has hired an architect firm to oversee plans with the County architect so we don't end up with another monstrosity  building like the jail or the human service barn. The goal her is to have a cohesive downtown plan.  There will be a skyway on the second floor to connect to the Nolan Building the main purpose of this new structure is to centrally locate county offices. Least we forget the 'new' jail to be built between Jackson St. and Erie St. Now call me selfish but on top of this five story building will be a garden like setting for people to look out relax take in the sun whatever. But it will be closed to the general public only county employee's? A government building where the people will not be invited?

As I listen to the presentation I thought of a few things. First the county had  deeded the hospital site (High Point Centre) to the city in 2006. It has sat empty from that date.
Now the County paid what $275,000 to purchase  the Senior Center and probably will spend another what $200,000 to prepare the site for the new building?
Now what I wish was proposed that the City sell High Point Centre back to the County for a dollar. The Seniors give the $275,000 back to the County, the County takes that money and refurnishes the Senior Center. We have a new County administration building on a clean sheet of paper as well as a refurnished building on the square. Have a problem with a five story building there? How many stories is Washington Square? It would fit in. along with saving the county a ton of money as well as now having both locations occupied. But what do I know only drove a truck?

The Buffalo Bills fired their offensive coordinator today. Last night the Bill's only scored 31 points. In Cleveland we would build that guy a statue!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"TRAVELIN' MAN" ricky nelson

I'm a travelin' man
Made a lot of stops all over the world

   Well first stop this week was the Painesville City Board of Education Meeting Monday.

Well we were in and out of there in a half hour! Seems Mr. Shepard is on vacation in Germany.

A few items that came up the Ohio Senate has a bill  in front of it which claims school can not start before Labor Day without a public hearing in that district? Seem Cedar Point has more 'juice' than I thought.

Also they solved the nutritional problem with fund raiser candy sales? No sales can be taken  during school hours, it is verboten!

Awarding of Diplomas to Summer Graduate- Ruth Haines

SRO is now in place at Heritage Middle School.

A special mention*

Hope Ridge Methodist Church made a $2000.00 donation to Elm Elementary  Raider Rack- school supplies and uniforms. Thank You!

I believe there is a Red Raider Roundtable for Heritage Middle School for this Thursday  09?15/16 please check with the school about the time.


Also this Thursday;

The Zoning Board will meet and one of the items on the agenda will be the new structure to be built on the site of the former Senior Center. Anyone who has concerns about our downtown should be in attendance to view the County's presentation. What ever happened to that Western Reserve motif?
What we allow the county to do with this piece of property will have a bearing on Painesville as well as Veterans Park for generations. Just saying the Human Services building on Main St. reminds me of a large barn.


Also failed to mention in the council meeting post  that this Friday is Tara Grimm last day as an employee of Painesville City. Tara who served as Clerk of Council for the past three years will now work for the City of Kent, Ohio. I always felt Tara hand a very challenging position. Kind of like herding cats, if you know what I mean. She is one of those employee's you wish would stay. Congratulations and the best to you in the future.

The Cleveland Browns finished 32th for the first week of the Power Ranking.
Power Ranking?

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Lawyers around every bend in the road.
Lawyers in every tree

Well about Mr. Carson's  contract.

More about what it doesn't say then what is written.

First off who is Jeremy D. Losue, Esq. Is he Mr.  Carson attorney or Painesville' City's?

Within the timeframes specified below, the City will cause to be delivered to Carson, settlement proceeds representing three (3) months' salary, and the same being in compromise and settlement and completion of Carson's employment with the city and the A setting forth the term of his employment, and any and all legal and equitable   claims he may have arising out of or any way related to his employment with the City and/or releases or the termination thereof. Said proceeds to be paid and apportioned as follows;

Now Mr. Carson received an annual salary of ($122,200.00)
Plus, The Employer agrees to provide health, hospitalization, surgical, vision, dental and comprehensive medical insurance for the Employee and his dependents equal to that which is provided to all other employees of the Employer.
Automobile is provided at the Employer's cost
Retirement The Employer pays 100% no employee contribution.
General Business  Expenses (paid membership's)
Technology computer, software, fax/modem, and a cell phone.
Travel ($2000.00) dealing with the City.

Now it gets interesting;

Section 1: TERM

The term of this agreement shall be for an initial period of three (3) years from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2016. This agreement will automatically be renewed on its anniversary date for a one  (1) year term unless notice that the Agreement shall terminate is given at least six (6) months before the expiration date. In the event the Agreement is not renewed, all compensation, benefits  and requirements of the Agreement shall remain in effect until expiration of the term of the Agreement unless Employee voluntarily resigns.


A. Upon commencing employment, the Employee shall be credited with sick and vacation leave equal to the highest annual accrual provided to all other employees.
The Employee shall then accrue sick and vacation leave on an annual basis at the highest rate provided to any other employees.

B. The Employee is entitled to accrue all unused leave, without limit, and in the event the Employee's employment is terminated, either voluntary or involuntary, the Employee shall be compensated for all accrued vacation time, all paid holidays, sick leave, and other benefits to date.


1. The majority of the governing body votes to terminate the Employee at a duly authorized public meeting.

4. If the employee resigns following an offer to accept resignation, whether formal or informal, by the Employer as representative of the majority of the governing body that the Employee resign, then the Employee may declare a termination as of the date of the suggestion.  

Section 11: SEVERANCE

Severance shall be paid to the Employee when employment is terminated as defined in Section 10. If the Employee is terminated, the Employer shall provide a severance payment no less then that amount equal to three (3) month salary at the current rate of pay. The severance shall be paid in lump sum unless agreed to by the Employer and Employee. The Employee shall also be compensated for all accrued sick leave, vacation time, all paid holidays, and executive leave.
If the Employee is terminated because of a conviction of a felony, then the Employer is not obligated to pay severance under this section.

Section 12:  RESIGNATION

In the event that the Employee voluntarily resigns his position with the Employer, the Employee shall provide a minimum of 60 days notice unless the parties agree otherwise.

Prior to any communication to any media outlets or other City stakeholders, the City and Carson will prepare a mutually agreeable press release and cause same to be delivered to the usual and customary media outlets utilized the City or otherwise agreed to by the Parties. In order to effectuate the transition, members of council and the Acting City Manager may meet with certain City employees. Further, should Carson seek future employment with another entity, and such entity contacts the City for a reference, the City will provide a neutral reference including only dates of employment and position held.

So far what can we conclude? Well it doesn't seem to make much of a difference if he was fired or resigned?  He end's up with al the goodies anyway.?It appears as if Carson had the City by the short-hair's. Must have a great attorney? Where is Mr. Gurley in all this?