Saturday, April 19, 2014

"EASTER 2014"

I hope you all enjoy your Easter Weekend, remembering the true meaning of this Holiday.

Also let's keep our fingers crossed that yes Spring has arrived.... FINALLY!

As a friend always tells me "Have a Blessed Day."

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"LAWYERS IN LOVE" jackson browne

Seems the residents in Bowling Green had an interesting meeting at Mondays AMP-OHIO traveling roadshow.
I guess they the AMP executives took many questions from people in attendance.

John Bentine counselor for AMP explained that the loss of the lawsuit to Bechtel has already cost $ 8.5 million to date in legal costs. One guess who's on the hook for those costs? Forget the interest costs what about these legal fees? Litigatin' ain't free boy!

AMP also said that of 12/31/13 they had borrowed $7 million on their line of credit for "levelizing" the cost of Prairie State ( they apparently ran out of reserve and contingency funds from bonds that they were using for levelization.)

Now the Prairie State plan for all the souls involved.

IF Prairie State can run at a perfect capacity factor (88-90%) for the near future they will charge shareholders $73/MWH this year hardly a bargain, the going rate is less than $50/MWH. Now if they CAN'T reach those numbers at the end of 2014 Prairie State communities will have to payback whatever is owed.

At the last council meeting I don't believe it was made clear the amount owed AMP-OHIO was for that month and not a running total of what Painesville currently owes. I will try to give you a running total though March of this year.


Best estimation presently Painesville City owes AMP-OHIO $960,000 + in levelization
  Get the checkbook ready!

Friday, April 11, 2014


Well it's mine a few days watched the Sandy Point  report twice and have read the report.

I guess my first question would be since 2006 why haven't some of these processes already have been in place?

Level II funding with the county. Tiber Creek being the largest means of stormwater in the city. Why hasn't it been cleaned from one end to the other as well as it's tributaries? The city need to have a clear vision for stormwater capital investment. Individualization of the resources available to Painesville. Maintenance of stormwater system is preformed infrequently throughout the city. This along with poor permit compliance and management.

Many suggestions have been made. As a resident that watched the construction of the Huntington Park water detention basin and to this day listen to residents in the Hine Ave. Skinner Ave. North Ave. still complain of flooded basements, and yards I have to question the logic of what was the purpose of this detention basin. Same with residents on the southside of town constantly reminding the city about even in the heaviest downpours the retention  pond in from of Heritage Middle School never has more than an inch or two of water.

I guess the best name for this report would be "Let's Close The Barn Door Now That the Horses Have Left" an example;

Cedarbrook area lets add two schools, a development called Brentwood, another called College Hills,
add a new housing development Liberty Greens. and not add one bit of new infrastructure to the system? This style of development has existed throughout Painesville for twenty years. The question remains why?
I also suggest any Heisley Park homeowner read the report as I believe Sandy Points sees a future with water problems in your future.

One suggestion was for the city to rebate program to implement a backflow preventer program such as Mentor has started. This system cost's the homeowner $2,500 but Mentor reimburses the resident $1,500 a good idea , but does this just move the problem somewhere else?

One number that popped out a me was $5,835,000.00 is that what the cost will be to fix this system in Painesville. Presently the city in 2013 collected $427,000.00 in stormwater revenue.
Salaries and benefits:     $127,839
Material and supplies     $ 12,450
Services and charges      $ 64,300
Capital projects              $100,000
Debt service                   $ 87,277
TOTAL                          $391,866   with a surplus of $38,834

The administration as well as council has this Sandy Point study as well as two others Metcalf & Eddy Tiber Creek Drainage Study and the ARCADIS Watershed Study. Please no more studies but some positive action. Sandy Point even suggested the city supply residents with rain barrels. Well it's a start. Along with a new administration that might believe infrastructure is more important than streescapes, red crosswalks, and pretty pictures on electric boxes. Painesville must learn to get it's priorities in order.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Well Sandy Point made an honest appraisal of our stormwater situation last night. Believing we should join the Tier II county program, adding $1.25 a month to our stormwater fee. One interesting note they made that at every ward meeting residents claimed they didn't trust the city with any more of their money. The city must  rebuild these bridges of trust. Tonight's meeting a Harvey will explain in detail the things we must do as a city to regain control of this stormwater situation.

The Party Center was not addressed, the owner did not attend the meeting.

During the visitor time I brought up something that's been bothering me for about a month. We passed an ordinance that Painesville will not turn on utilities to an address until the former bill is payed in full. Meaning that if Joe Blow signs up for utilities and leaves a deposit  and then skips out on a bill the new owner or tenant will have to pay that bill before utilities can be turned back on. Now I understand the city's desire to collect money owed to them but why and how is it the responsibility of a third party who had nothing to do with the contract between the city and the former resident? The city claim that the county auditor will not put a lien for utilities on the property makes no sense to me.
The city can't use the utility businesses in this manner in my way of thinking, I along with another person in the audience agreed this seemed illegal and had found herself  caught in this situation.
This along with the fact that look at the can of worms this opens up for property owners, new renters real estate agents. Also what about a business that locates in a former business location and is faced with a huge utility bill not of their making?
The city must operate the three city business as businesses and not make rules up as they go along.
Those three departments should not be used as weapons to get something they seem to be responsible for losing.

Another resident claims of the drug trafficking in his neighborhood along with growing certain plants right out in the open? He claimed that Painesville has enough black-eyes without turning a blind eye to this situation.

Oh, and I brought up the renegotiation between Painesville City and Concord Township with concerns to the JEDD. Seems it's secret in Painesville but everyone knows about it in Concord.
Now when I asked who was handling the negotiations for Painesville I was told former city manager Ms. Rita McMahon. When I asked if anyone from the administration or council were on the negotiating committee I was told no? Now as I know some of you believe Ms. McMahon is the greatest thing since sliced bread, I explained to council I for one questioned her negotiating skills. The hospital site remember Zaremba?. The old hotel? The $500,000 Ashlawn Battery Box building? Out promised Urgent Care Center? Along with the numerous AMP-OHIO projects she endorsed. Sorry she not the person I would want sitting on my side of the table.  Wonder if she's doing this out of the goodness of her heart or will the city be sending her a check, or Aislinn Consulting LLC a firm she owns? Why is this being done in this manner no paid administrator or council member? I have been told this agreement might include Painesville spending as much as 5 million dollars to run electricity out to the JEDD now how long will it take to recoup those costs if this is true?
Maybe all this is a misunderstanding?

Monday, April 7, 2014


Three housecleaning items on the agenda. ( Maybe step raises?)

Addressing Prairie State Energy Campus

CSX Railroad and Heisley Park

Sandy Point will make a presentation.

One interesting item, a Public Hearing on allowing a commercial building on W. Prospect ( Street  Behind the power plant) to be used as a "Party Center". Well we will at least know where "Sherman" and the rest of the police department can be found on weekend nights?


Speaking of Sandy Point


Tuesday, April 8, 2014  at 6:00 p.m. in the Hanlon Room at Harvey High School located at 200 W. Walnut Street Painesville,OH

Sandy Point Environmenta lwill be presenting a detailed analysis of what is needed to address the stormwater needs of the City. They will also be presenting recommendations on the establishment of a sustainable, viable and cost effective approach to addressing the City's stormwater concerns.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


One of the greatest gifts God gives you as you travel your life on this earth is the number of people that come in and out of your life. Some for a short time, school, service occupation some for a short period and some for your whole life.

I met one of those people over a dozen years ago. My physician Dr. Marvin Feldstein.

Growing up I had Dr. Brownstone, Dr. Rizzo and then there seems to be a time in a persons life the only Doctor  you  know are pediatricians. That changed for me when in 2002 I received quadruple heart surgery by some fine surgeons from the Cleveland Clinic. After the surgery it was up to me to find a doctor. My Boss suggested his doctor. and so I went to see Dr. Feldstein. After a short meeting and physical he suggested a regiment of things to do and medications to take. I asked the good doctor why my surgeon hadn't recommended these actions? Doctor Marv answered me "well the glamor boys work their magic on you and then send your rearend to lowly doctors like me to see if I can keep you alive for the next twenty-five years." Good enough answer for me. That began a trip through gall bladder removal, diabetes and damn near everything else that came along. Throughout the years Dr. Marv and I had many conversations about my life as well as learning about his and how his wife and he came to settle in Mentor. Where along with establishing a practice he built the Mentor Medical Building on Mentor Ave. across from the Mentor Library. Going to the doctor was a pleasure. His nurse told me he looked forward to our visit's and I always left him laughing or shaking his head.

My former wife need a doctor about five years ago and Dr. Feldstein agreed to take her on as a patient. She not a fan of doctors came back in a very good mood? Asking her how the visit went she informed me when the doctor entered the room he sat down and the first question he asked her, "what was it really like being married to Angelo?" That conversation lasted along time.

This morning I was informed my doctor had passed. I cried again just as I had when I found out he had bone cancer.

When I meet my maker the good doctor will be another soul I will thank God for bringing into my life.

Somehow I don't think there was any knockin' on a door in Heaven it just swung  open.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

"LONESOME LOSER" little river band

"Beaten by the Queen

Well you won't read about this on the Painesville website, Painesville Pride or even the News-Herald.

In todays April 03,2014 Columbus Dispatch, the headline;

AMP loses case seeking millions from power-plant contractor.
AMP sued Bechtel for 97 million in connection with Meigs County plant that was never built


If AMP-OHIO had won the City of Painesville would have got their 2.1/2.7 million dollars back that we sent to stop possible future interest payments. Sorry the 2 plus million is gone so lets quit pretending it's not council members.

I don't know if council members believed the hype or not but please no more "it's in the courts arguments"....Unless AMP-OHIO appeals then Mrs. DiNallo we would be on the hook  for that cost too.

Wonder if the people who proposed and voted for this failed project would like to come back to council so the residents of Painesville can thank them properly?  No in Painesville wisdom we will honor them and put them in charge of something else.