Sunday, June 26, 2016


But if you try sometime you find
You get what you need

Back to Painesville!

Council people Mike DeLeone and Christine Shoop are holding a Town Hall Meeting at 6:00 pm Monday June 27, 2016 in Courtroom II at City Hall.
About 40 people showed up last month when the subject was 'Roads'

This meeting topic will be Painesville Codes. something many of us deal with quite often. Myself I wonder where the process to decide different  number's are arrived at?

Many people prefer this Town Hall setting rather then a council three minute rule and being official meeting.

This meeting is open to all city resident's and I am sure if another subject comes up it will be addressed.

A good question to ask yourself, do you know the difference between a R1 and a R2?

Do you know the code about fences?

Garage size?

Pool size?

Don't start projects that in the end you will have to spend more money to conform to Code.

To bad the GOP can't find to rid themselves of Trump? Maybe TREXIT?

Seriously you thought you would get me to quit?

PCLS home sales.

Marion Ave.                          $64,260
Rockwood Dr.                       $35,500
Avery Terrace                       $25,000
Rivers Edge Ln.                     $201,000  ( possible not in PCLS district)

Saturday, June 25, 2016


And you give yourself away.

A month ago this Brexit vote wasn't much on anyone's radar screen.

Trump lands in Scotland and I expected him to know what he was going to say about this.  You know a couple of weeks ago he also had no idea what it was either?

Now as he stepped off  the Helicopter he mentioned the suites at the Lighthouse as well as this beautiful golf course. When asked about Brexit he said the 'will' of the people have spoken. True but what do you think Mr. Trump? Well with the pound dropping in value more people can come to this golf course cheaper. That got me thinking wonder what a new Jaguar will cost now?

Over a million people have signed a petition for a re-vote? What have we done?  Well instead of watching soccer games you should have spent more time watching this.

Many Trumpster's believe this is the direction the USA should go to if Trump is elected? I don't know we will have between now and November to see how our cousins on the island make out. Will there be a boom, or a recession? Will the pound value exceed the Euro? Will the Brit's 401K rebound? Time will tell.

Giving us a front row seat to a possible Trump policy.

Now the "experts" claim the big winner in this fracture of the EU?  China .

This EU plan was hatched by no other than Winston Churchill in 1946 as a United States of Europe.. He had watched the destruction and carnage two world wars had done to Europe in little over twenty years and feared another war was a possibility. If the European nations would see the logic of not going to war due to it wrecking not only the warring party but their own. Now the Brit's joined the EU in 1972 26 year's after Churchill's proposal.

Just saying Trumps no Ronald Reagan or a Winston Churchill!

Thursday, June 23, 2016


I have been able to verify on the passing of long-time Painesville Councilman William Horvath. The prayer's of our community are with his family.


Least I don't have to beg or borrow
Yes I'm living at a pace that kills!

The Headline should read;

Republican Legislators stand to let Radical Islamic Terrorists Second Amendment Rights,
Along with Fifth Amendment Right of due Process.

Kind of harsh but anyone have a better explanation? If you are on the no fly list, or suspected terror list you can buy a weapon! Plain and simple!

I guess the solution is to force all gun dealer's to do their business on an airplane?

To many people on list that shouldn't be on list? So first order fix the list! Ted Kennedy was on the no-fly list? Someone put him there to make a point, maybe?

As far as the Fifth Amendments the Republican's only want a 72 hour time limit to decide if you should be able to purchase that AR-15? Who's side are they on?  72 hours is due process? If that's the case every criminal should receive a trial within 72 hours.

Somewhere in the Middle East Abulla Aqua Oni Salbals is laughing his axx off at us!

No this is never been about common sense. This has always been about the power of the NRA who pimps to their whores in our Congress. You want our money you vote as your told.

Guess their was no meeting Donald? 80%/90% want something done but a Radical Terrorist  Group the NRA say's nothing doing. Talk about power!

And finally this isn't about gun rights, this is about the complicate marriage  of the NRA and the Gun Manufacturer.

The best we as a country can muster is a 'moment of silence' Well I won't be silent anymore there is no rationality to this thinking. Will it change? Maybe after one of these nut's or terrorist's kills some lawmaker's . Possible than they might see the light!

Please someone question our Congressman and Senator's why they are beholden to the NRA?

It appears the Trump campaign is nothing more than a money laundering operation?  Running for President off to open a golf course in Scotland! Yah he's a serious candidate.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

"BACK IN THE U.S.S.R" beatles

Man I had a dreadful flight (night)
I'm back in the U.S.S.R.

You know you have to be a masochist to sit through some of these council meetings?
That was the case Monday night.

The ordinance to increase funding to the DPO was left on second reading. Must decide at July meeting.

Resolutions both passed Phase II  includes State St. paving from Chester to Elm St. Levan St. and a few others.
As well as bathrooms down in Recreation Park.

Myself and another lady question 'new' cemetery procedures. We were told they are not new just being enforced due to a new director as well as they are not new just being enforced.
Later Parks and Recreation Director Michelle LaPuma explained in her presentation that items like solar lights would add to vandalism in our cemeteries? Also Rosary beads could damage or  could injure  equipment or employee's.   Also the lady that questioned in a phone call to the department to not only the removal of her angel but she found it broken at the cemetery garage. She was told that the cemeteries were beginning to take on a "Carnival Atmosphere?" and these changes were needed. My suggestion if you have anything questionable go out and collect it before the city sends an electric plant worker with nothing to do to remove it.

The Housing Task Force see no changes needed. for the Vacant Property Ordinance. BUT.....suggests the city use their meter reader's to identify and report possible vacant property. The city will check utility usage and if they find it low. Will send the property owner a postcard asking for an explanation?  So I guess they might want to know if your "shacking" up with a boyfriend or girlfriend? Only paying bills, taxes cutting grass as well as just doing your wash a home because she or he won't do it? Talk about over reach!
Wonder if those same meter readers will report excessive utility use? High electric, water say four or more families living in a structure? five cars parked on the lawn or other out of the ordinary items?
Wonder if Aqua Ohio or First Energy provides this service to Mentor or Willoughby. Remember these city utilities are to act as separate entities?

Sidewalks God help us! Over 30 minutes on sidewalks it was unbelievable. First off to sell your home in starting in 2017 your sidewalk must pass city mustard. Then in 2019 we are bringing back a blast from the Past! Agent Orange to X-O sidewalks in all wards. I suggest to be politically correct he will be marking in green. Green Meany. Another job for a electric plant worker who has free time on their hands? Council suggested the cost of a new cement sidewalk block would cost $150.00? Have any of you ever called for a cement truck?

This council brings new meaning to the term "Nero fiddled while Rome burned"

Speak of burning, as promised home sale prices in the PCLS district;

Elm St.            $31,500.
Ridgelawn      $60,000.
W. Jackson     $63,770.
Stockwell         $19,000.
N. St. Clair      $18,000
Chestnut St.    $92,900

Now exactly how strong is that loyalty to a Trump  surrogate ?

Saturday, June 18, 2016


Before I get into the agenda of this Monday's council meeting.

Our City Manager Anthony Carson invited me to a public meeting the  Ohio State Treasurer's office was having Friday  at city hall putting the City of Painesville online in Ohio Checkbook. Yes you can now go online and see Painesville's expenditures.  Everything is there a check to Office Depot for $4.87 to a $400,000 Insurance expenditures. Mr. Carson, Mr. Lewis and Mr. Unetic as well as their staffs worked diligently to make this a success. As of now 2015 is online. With more to come. If your having problems feel free to contact the Finance Department. As of now only Mentor-on-the-Lake and Painesville are currently the communities presently on line. With Eastlake, Willoughby, Willoughby Hills joining shortly.
Riverside School District, Mentor Schools are also online. Along with Perry Public Library.  By the end of the year the Treasurer expects 25% participation from all entities.
Just a reminder Painesville in 2015 had a budget of over $66,000,000 and issued 29,000 checks.
Only one council person attended  the presentation Ward I Christine Shoop.

Three items on the agenda for Monday nights council meeting;

Second reading of an ordinance to transfer funds ($6,000) additional going back to January. for the Downtown Painesville Organization.

First reading of a resolution authorizing the city manager to enter into contract for phase 2 of city Road Improvement.

First reading of a resolution authorizing the city manager to apply for and accept financial assistance for public recreation purposes. (maybe a city pool?) Nah, just kidding!

City Sidewalks
Channel 12
Council Procedures

Recommendations to Council - Housing Task Force

Presentation to Council: Parks and Recreation Director- Michelle LaPuma 

See You In July!

I expect Cleveland in July to be one to remember forever! Especially if this Dump Trump Movement gets legs.

I myself with his polling  going down, a need to spend his own money as well as his  "what's in it for me attitude" he might self-implode before  the convention? 

Friday, June 17, 2016

"UNDER PRESSURE" david bowie

July 11,2014    Promised!
June 20, 2016 Delivered!
Thank-you LeBron and teammates for your effort in bringing a Championship to the
'LAND'   miracle? can't be spelled without CLE!

Under Pressure
That brings a building down

What a difference Friday's can make?  After the Cleveland Cavaliers's went down 0-2 I turned off the TV and said well it's Cleveland what did you expect?

Now after tying the series 3-3 and heading back to Oakland someone mentioned the pressure on the Cavs. Sorry couldn't disagree more, all the pressure is on Golden State.  Best record in a regular season by any NBA team 72-9, two time MVP , last year champion. Well something has changed in the playoffs? there record is 15-8 in the playoffs? They were taken to 7 games by the Thunder will there luck hold out? Injuries? seems Gold States bench is a little shorter than it was.

Was there a moment when things seemed to change? I believe after a foul was called Seth Curry drove to the basket for a score that would not have counted , and LeBron rejected the layup. I looked at James face and he just wasn't going to let that happen!

Seems everybody is losing their cool. Seth Curry throws his $5,000 mouth piece into the stands, it wasn't retrieved by him.either. Maybe it will be auctioned off to a charity in Cleveland to sponsor a youth league? Even his wife Ayesha lost her cool, tweeting out that the series was rigged? Was it rigged  last year when the Warriors won? See Lebron's wife Savannah has to much class to make instigations like Mrs. Curry. Cleveland class? Goes from fans in the Q singing the star-spangled banner to her. We don't need Carlos Santana playing it on his guitar, it's been done before see Jimi Hendrix.

Myself  I was hoping for a Cavalier's  Draymond Green cup night. Little green protective cups with Draymond printed on them! This is the guy who claimed if he had played game 5 this series would be over now. Well maybe if Mr. Green quit hitting player's in a vulnerable place, he could have been in the line up for game 5?  Now explain your performance in game 6?

Presently that team looks a little shook-up?

Now to our Cleveland Cavaliers. Let's just say they are playing with house money. Very few predicted a game 7 in this series. All we have heard all year was the West, the West. Yes overall the west seems to have the better teams and that psyche was on Golden State mind. On the way to the coronation seems the Warriors ran into King James and his Merry band!

Can the Cavs win, Sunday? Yes. Can they lose? Yes. My fear is that the way James is playing on the floor the other four will just become spectator's. It's happened before.

And if we lose? Act like you have been there before, because you have, way  to often. No matter what the outcome I don't believe any city has a player give his all to that city like LBJ has! Win or lose your team has the MVP of the Finals and the best basketball player on the earth.

To young Cleveland fans I wish you all the best for a championship, you deserve one. Myself? The last time any one won anything I was 14 years old. Call me jaded but like Charlie  Brown Lucy has pulled the ball away to often. ( my apology to the Lake Erie Monsters and the Cleveland Crunch.)

All In, All Proud!

That Bernie Sander's guy is really persistent!

In 2008 Donald Trump contributed and endorsed bigly buck's to Hillary Clintons campaign!

This year the Donald is contributing a lot more than money to make her the President!

Thursday, June 16, 2016


The man in the crowd with the
Multicolored mirrors on his hobnail boots

It's been a few days since the mass shooting that killed 49 people in Orlando.

I don't know anyone pro-gun or anti-gun thought it would be to long before an ISIS terrorist used an AR-15 as his choice of a killing machine.

Look I don't care if you are on this list or that list. If you want to purchase an AR-15 or any assault weapon I want you to go through a complete background search. Hell, a cavity search if necessary I don't care if it takes weeks!

Look you want this weapon be prepared to put up with the inconveniences. There's more. You can't give or sell that weapon to anyone not a stranger, brother, son or daughter. If you do you are a an accessory committed  with that weapon. Don't want t? The person must go through the same process you did. If you report the gun stolen, if it ever turns up anywhere that person faces a felony.-

That's not going to cut down on the killings? I beg to differ. Most gun owners are responsible and I am sure most were as sickened as I was as this terrorist walked n and open fire. Well he also had a Glock? Yes but he in no way could cause the carnage that the assault weapon causes. It's called an assault weapon for a reason. What about bombs? What about them most of these clowns are to stupid to build one and bomb making usually must take  more than a 'lone wolf'' to assemble. Will it  stop mass shooting's? Probably not  but in the same way airplanes procedure changed after 9/11 so should gun requirements. We changed how to get into the cockpit, we used Air Marshall's we watched who and what was coming onto the planes. We evolved for good reason.

I see no reason to change the second amendment, yet at the same time this President has had to come out and speak of gun violence 16 times! And I expect more to come. The flag might as well stay constantly at half staff, and these moment's of silence are not making many feel better.

This with my belief; "Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not"
Thomas Jeffereson

Also on calling terrorist's this name or that , what does it change? They don't hate you anymore or any less. Call them anything you want!

It is past time for our President ask for a Declaration of War from Congress against ISIS.. Pointing the stages of war his generals plan for, as well as the time this war should take. Also the cost of this war should not come from borrowed money. Pay to play. Let's see how badly everyone wants to go to war? Don't expect Iraq or Iran to welcome us either. All I hear is talk and more talk. "What's his plan",let's say we also bring back the draft with zero deferments! Get everyone involved and a pound of flesh from every American family! Along with some Trumppanzee suggesting our President  is in cahoot's with these terrorists!

If Donald Trump can change the NRA position on this issue. God bless him!

Now that would be a Bigly, Shucky Ducky!