Thursday, July 2, 2015


Stay Vigilant, but enjoy your Holiday?

Me, I worry about some goof in Euclid wanting to go on a lone wolf Jihadi then an attack from the Middle East.

Chatter is up, arrests are being made , enjoy that steak but keep your eyes peeled for something unusual. everything around here seems a bit unusual.

Overall I believe the government is doing a great job keeping us safe. Then again a few things bother me. Since 2001 how much improvement has been made in our national electric grid? Can hackers break into our banking systems and wipe out ATM's over the weekend?
Let alone how easy it is to smuggle a bomb on a plane?

Remember the goal of a Terrorist is to not just kill but to terrorize the people.

Also they must enjoy inconveniencing people.

I guess it's time to explain to these people yes, your good at terrorizing and killing people but we wrote the book and have the weapons to show you what real terror is. Maybe it's time to show you?

Hey, enjoy the Holiday I will because I know the power this country possesses.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Last Sunday the Reverend Jerry Kalb gave his last sermon at Painesville Methodist Church on the square. The Kalb family came to Painesville in 1989 and have no idea what a lasting impression they have left on this community.

Speaking out loud Sunday he questioned if today was Christmas ?  He possesses and great sense of humor along with many other things.

Reverend Kalb has been there for everyone, his church was the most welcoming I have ever known. My daughter was a member until moving away a few years ago. She even came back for his last sermon Sunday.

Reverend Kalb also donated his time also to the Painesville School Board.

As a practicing Catholic I could not believe how warm and welcoming his church was. I enjoyed the children's minute when the little ones spoke with him. His sermons were to the point.

A lasting impression of his congregation was when Reverend Kalb Baptist my Grandson Austin. The following weeks many in the congregation  came to check on him at services. Never asking "how's the baby" but "how's Austin this week?"

Yes the Reverend and his family have been a fixture around Painesville for quite some time. I even remember my father telling be what fine young men his sons were in football.

I am hoping he will still be around town . His wisdom makes him invaluable.

Friday, June 26, 2015

"MONEY FOR NOTHING" dire straits

I give our Painesville leadership kudos when it comes to running and generating revenue for our city nothing beats our electrical company. Someone must have been taken notes at those AMP-OHIO meeting?

A resident explained another new money stream for our beloved city.  Seems this resident wanted power turned on to a property they owned when the city's electric showed up to reconnect the power they found a meter that was broken . Rusted, old but not damaged by the property owner. So the power was not restored. The owner was told the city would provide the parts to be replaced, but the homeowner had to hire a licensed contractor, who need a permit to repair the meter and then they would come out to inspect the work? Now the power company owns the wires owns the pole as well as the meters and yet YOU are responsible for the meter? This is not the way First Energy operates they don't want outside contractor screwing around with their meters.

I have always been told if its on the outside of your house it was the power companies responsibility.

What responsibility would I have to the meter/ I understand if by neglect I damaged it I would be responsible but normal wear and tear?

Maybe someone could chime in and offer a reasonable explanation?

Oh, when one door OPENS another one CLOSES?

Seems accorded to Fridays Headline in the News- Herald 06/25/15  our County Auditor  Edward Zupanic doesn't want to be in the rubbish  collection fee business.

According to the Ohio Attorney Generals office, The Auditor does not have express power to certify.

Somehow all along I believed this practice was outside normal law. Well Council now you must find another way to get Waste MisManagement to hand over $48,000 to your coffers.


A Dollar Tree Store is planning to move into the old CVS building at E. Washington and S. St. Clair St.

N. State St. between E. Erie (RT20) and Chester St. will be resurfaced this summer.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


 Sorry Joan only covered the song.

Lately with the tragedy in Charleston , South Carolina much has been made of the battle flag of the Confederate States. So many of us see it as a time in American history of our biggest original sin. Slavery. I guess *I for one can't get past reading the Bill of Right without wondering , I guess these Negros weren't considered  humans by many of our founding fathers?

Some in the south claim the flag is part of their heritage? Well their right. It was also a part of the Negros heritage as well and that said it belongs in a museum not on Federal, State or Local government property.

The Civil War was called the  war to free slaves.
Other's correct us and tell us No, it was a war over state's rights? Yes I guess you could call it that the 13 states of the Confederacy wanted to keep slavery and opposed states that didn't.
Lately I've even heard it as the war against northern aggression?

Most southerners I have come into contact with appear the most Patriotic Americans around. They honor and respect Old Glory. It's time that the south moves from the 19th century to the 21st century. Even as late as the Spanish-American War or leaders in Washington didn't know how Union troops  moving south would be treated.

I believe we should respect Black Americans views that the Stars and Bars reflects a terrible time in the lives of most of their ancestors. In the same way a Jewish person might view a flag with a swastika on it.

Times ,hearts and minds change. When I was in high school the Willoughby South High School had a mascot in a gray uniform waving a confederate flag. (Yes I know it was a long time ago. A time when beavers were well just beavers.)

I have no objection to a property owner flying the flag on their personal property or automobile, it is a free country. Only the it is no longer be sanctioned by any government entity. Its passed time when we a truly one United States.

Please agree or disagree let us know what you think.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


More good news from the people that brought us Prairie State Energy Campus. Those wonderful people at Peabody Energy.

Peabody Energy posted a $787 million dollar loss in 2014. This along with their stock price closing at $2.62 Friday not a very healthy financial picture is it?

Well how would all this come to the steps of the good people of Painesville?

It seems according to Reuters News Agency it reveals America's largest coal company, Peabody Energy, doesn't have sufficient funds or insurance to clean up and reclaim its own mines.

If federal coal regulators don't act. Painesville as well as other Prairie State participants could be on the hook for the Lively Grove Mine clean up. Remember that "Take or Pay" contract.

Do you understand now why Peabody diversified itself of 95% of Prairie State?

Now in the past when the coal companies were prosperous Peabody qualified for a policy of "self-bonding" in which coal companies are allowed to forgo private clean up insurance if they possess sufficient financial resources.

Well they don't, but they believe they should still qualify for the program.

Wonder if Peabody has to buy insurance what that will add to our electric costs?

As I have mentioned before. The gift that just keeps on giving!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"LIVIN' LA VIDA LOCA" ricky martin

Well the CAVS season came to a close last night. We had a pretty good run and without a doubt Cleveland has the best basketball player on the planet. That said now the what "IFS". What if Love and Irving had stayed healthy? What if the CAVS had made that last second shot in the first game of the Finals?

I was told being a Cleveland sports fan is like eating soup with a fork. You get a taste but never get to finish the bowl.

I guess the proudest thing about Cleveland fans are they don't stop believing.'

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"BUILD ME UP BABY" temptations

"Another Night of Monday Night Council Meeting" Andy only 10 left!

Well it was an normal council meeting  One Ordinance dealt with Compensation over union contracts and the rest were left on 1st or 2nd reading? Plus those five tabled legislations. Maybe Councilman DeLeone will get the answers to his questions as a Christmas present?

Now on Ordinance 3,4,5, All dealt with changing R1 frontage and lot size to be the same as R2 (multi-family) which for some unexplained reason is a smaller frontage and lot size then R1. No one expressed the reason for the change but my best guess is that there was fear the owner of the property  Windmill Estates would build multi-family housing. So the  Planning Commission in all their wisdom decides to change what a R1 designation just happens to be? Not only for Windmill Estates but for all of Painesville. When Painesville annexed the land the property was designated as R2 so... Instead of changing what is a R1 why not designate that area east of Heisley Park as R1? Haven't we learned anything? Anyone who might knows what's going on please chime in.

I don't believe the builder has any intention of building multi-family but only wanting to stuff as many homes into an area as they possibly can. I figure about 22% more housing and with that I wonder if they also will build as close to the CSX tracks as the developer at Heisley Park? (Hey Mr. Congressman what can we do with these choo-choo's?) Build me up baby! just to let me down, and throw in a row boat! Just think with the Planning Commissions ruling All homes in Windmill Estates could come standard with life preservers?

Now I only have one question if we all remember that property many years ago was part of the Mentor Marsh and those homes will be built on what was a lake. With gas brine  wells as well as gas storage on the property in the past. The question if you build those densely crowed homes where will the surface water go? Heisley Creek? Blackbrook Creek? Sump pumps running 24/7? How will this development affect Heisley Park residents. Mentor as well as Painesville Township residents as well?

Maybe it's time our council as well as the administration tells developers, builders what they can and can't do in Painesville , they do it to us all the time.  That includes not being able to change city ordinances and codes? Would it kill you to pretend you were Mentor or Concord for just a short time?

IN OTHER NEWS! Mr. McHugh from the electric department explained how with peak shaving and the plant being on 24 hour standby Painesville will enrich itself maybe 3.2 million dollars! Wow! but in your excitement don't expect your share of the 3.2 million in the form of a check in the mail.... It's all just on paper. adjustments and the sorts you know.

So my thinking is we keep staff at the plant to run the plant for two weeks a year and maybe firing it up for six hours usage maybe a few times a summer. More on the environmental impact of our electric plant coming soon. Ever wonder what the price of the clean-up on the site will cost?