Saturday, February 13, 2016


Someone on a post mentioned it didn't make a difference why they came here and who was responsible for them coming .Please read this story I have found and then tell me it makes no difference?

Wonder who really is stealing our country?

United States Attorney Barbara McQuade, Eastern District Michigan, speaks along side Novi Police Chief David Molloy during a press conference, Friday,...

DETROIT (AP) — Federal officials charged a suburban Detroit restaurant owner and his wife Friday with harboring immigrants who were in the U.S. without legal permission after a fire at a house he owned killed five employees about two weeks earlier.

Roger Tam, 55, was arrested Thursday and appeared Friday in U.S. District Court in Detroit. His wife, Ada Lei, 48, also has been charged, but has not been arrested because she is hospitalized for an undisclosed reason.

Five Mexican nationals lived in the basement of the home owned by Tam in an upper middle-class neighborhood in Novi, northwest of Detroit, while working at Tam's restaurant, Kim's Garden. The Jan. 31 fire has been ruled accidental and possibly caused by smoking; a smoke detector in the basement had been disabled. The basement had stairs to the first floor but windows made of glass block, which would prevent any escape in an emergency.

"He's a really good man," defense attorney Samuel Bennett told reporters after Tam's hearing. "He truly loved those men and boys as his own family."

The Associated Press was unable to determine the name of Lei's attorney to reach out for comment.

The treatment of immigrants who work in restaurants and live together has attracted widespread attention, most recently in the Chicago area, where Illinois' attorney general filed a lawsuit in November to stop alleged civil rights violations in housing and pay. And in Michigan, there are two cases involving farm workers pending in Tuscola and Huron counties, U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade said.

The Mexican nationals, whom authorities have said were neither U.S. citizens nor in the country legally, were "off the books," McQuade said Friday, meaning they were not listed as employees of the restaurant and no tax documentation was made for them. They are believed to have worked 16-hour days, 6 days a week and been paid about $2,000 a month, authorities said.

"I just want to acknowledge the tragic loss of life," McQuade told reporters at a Friday morning news conference announcing the charges. "I think it's always easy to blame victims in a situation like this where people were in this country illegally, but I think all of our hearts go out to people who died in a very tragic way in a fire."

The men were identified as Brayan Contreras, 16; Leonel Rodriguez, 18; Simeon Nunez, 18; Miguel Diaz, 23; and Pablo Encino, 23. They didn't have their own transportation and relied on Tam to take them to work and bring them back to the home, authorities said Friday.

Homeland Security and other agencies are looking into possible human smuggling and whether there are unsanctioned immigration routes into Michigan.

The charge that Tam and Lei face carries a 10-year prison sentence and a $250,000 fine.

"There is, however, a sentencing enhancement where the conduct results in death," McQuade said. "We're still investigating that aspect of the case, but certainly there's indicators here that that is a sentencing enhancement that we may seek at the appropriate time."

A judge ordered Tam jailed pending a detention hearing on Wednesday.


Associated Press reporter Mike Householder contributed to this report.

You think you have seen dirty tricks in politics wait and watch the next 8 days in South Carolina !


Thursday, February 11, 2016

"BURN BABY BURN" disco inferno

I show you a glimmer inside the spectrum of the wizard

Bernie, Bernie Bernie and the voter's that want the free stuff!

Well I was taken to the woodshed by three young Painesville millenniums.

They invited me for coffee at an undisclosed location. Two young ladies and a young man. All of college age with their take on the Sander phenomenon. It has nothing to do with 'free' stuff.

See as you can point out that Trump is a populist so is Sanders?

As they explained they had seen a lot. 9/11 as children a country that has been at war for almost fifteen years. The collapse of the housing market, as well as the stock market during the Bush years. The stagnation of wages to the point one was willing to hate Walmart? They go to doctors and pay twenty dollars or as high as forty dollars and what they pay for prescriptions are unbelievable. They watch as other's pay nothing. There college loans are breaking their backs and they never see a way out of debt.

One worked part-time at Walmart. With her claim that the Walton family makes billions every year and has a net worth of over 150 billion. Yet for the most part the wages are so low many employees live below the poverty level. Meaning they qualify for government assistance such as earned income credit, food stamps and even Medicaid. A family making billions and the minions (us) are paying to support them?

What I gathered was although these three weren't the average socialist's that all agreed the system is rigged against everyone but the few at the top. College costs are outrages,

They believe Republican leadership is bought and paid for by the fat cats. The Party's view on climate change is anti-science. As one mentioned to me they believe the economy is more important than the environment?  Try counting your money holding your breath! or under water.

I questioned the reason for going to college? If you are going and get a degree in African studies or Early French literature why are you, and who is looking for this type of knowledge? You must seek a career where there is a need.

They mentioned the jobs leaving the United States and the amount of foreigners that legally immigrate and take their jobs with the help of employers willing to pay less than an American with the same or better skills.

This is a very dangerous group. They have given up on the American dream and believe the fix is in. Can't really blame them.

I inquired if they thought a 75 year-old man could accomplish anything for them?

Bernie Sanders hears them and listens to them they are as committed to Sanders as much as any Trump voter. Maybe not this election cycle but if things continue as present and don't change the America as we know it will be no more. Presently I look at every election as possibly my last rodeo.

It could make for an interesting election if it get's down to Trump and Sander's?  Don't see a challenge from the Republicans as well as Clinton not finding her footing!

Burger King is getting into the Hot Dog business? Why not they pretty much screwed up a hamburger. Can't wait to see someone's face when they throw that dog into the microwave?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"DOWNTOWN" petula clark

Downtown, everything's waiting for you

Me I'm looking for more reasons to go downtown?

In Tuesday 02/09/16 was above the fold;

Organization Receives National Accreditation

Heritage Ohio has recognized the Downtown Painesville Organization as a National Main Street Organization.

Our Executive Director David Polakowski claims this is a huge accomplishment. "It gives us credibility."

So do we get a Plaque? $1.4 in grant and general fund money and let's not forget the $175,000 that council has bestowed on the Downtown Organizationover the past few years.

Let me be selfish for a moment how does all this benefit the average Painesville resident? What exactly has been accomplished? Where are these businesses lining up to do business in our downtown?

Dollar for dollar I believe this is a very poor investment that only benefits a few people and they know who they are.

I view this the same way as a telephone scam operates, give us money and watch how we accomplish money to disappear!

There has not been one thing done in the last five years to make a good reason for 1) locate a business here,2) to spend more money here. The truth hurts!

I know I sound like a non-beliver in all this but that money could have been used in a more constructive way.

I'd like to hear the reasoning in this statement;

"We promote our businesses in Painesville as a whole, and we want to keep encouraging people to shop local," he said "For every $100 a year spent locally helps build the community by $3 million."
Must be the same people who pay us millions to keep the electric power plant operational?

Until someone in that organization convinces some anchor story to move here this is it!

On another front;

The rumor going around town is that some residents oppose the building of the new jail on the northside of Erie St. to Jackson St. So where put it? High Pointe Centre? Look somehow we have just about managed to chase everyone else out of town why not the Sheriff Department? I wonder in income tax what that department and jail pay  to our city? Wish carefully.

You know every time I see Chris Christy I think of  Bobby Baccalieni  from the Soprano's. You know the guy who married Tony's sister. And Tony busted his balls for playing with trains?
It appers Chris can go back to acting? He did accomplish to take Marco out along with himself.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"I CAN'T DRIVE 55" sammy hager

Take my license and all that jive

Attended  Councilman DeLeone's Town Hall last evening. As I have mentioned Chief Anthony Powalie  made a presentation about crime in Painesville. He also shared with us a video tape taken in Painesville just a while ago about a resident that wanted to commit suicide with a shotgun or being killed by suicide by cop. The standoff lasted 45 minutes and in the end it ended peacefully with the person presently at Laurelwood. Now at no time through out the incident did the suspect point his weapon at police or anyone else. That's probably the reason he is still amongst us today. It did show the pressure police face everyday. At one time after numerous times of officers telling people in the house to go inside and lock the door he did step inside his apartment. As a police officer what spit second judgment do you make?

The Chief also believes to be looking for Officer body camera's as to protect the officer as well as the general public. This is something the administration and council should actively work on.

We viewed different pie charts and numbers comparing Painesville to Mentor as well as Wickliffe. The point was to show residents Painesville is not deserving the reputation as a crime infested area.

On another note myself and other resident's brought up our concerns on traffic issues in town. By the Chief's own admission claiming it is a low priority to him. He would rather have officers do community policing than writing traffic citations.

I have never thought of Painesville as a very unsafe place but at the same time I view what goes on our street unsafe. Speeding ,Red light infractions no stopping at stop signs as well as enforcement of load limits to name a few . Now the chief when asked if we had a problem with people not having driver's license and insurance, his statement was if you are found without a valid driver's license  you are issued a citation and your car may be towed. They do not issue citation's for not having insurance? He also mentioned look we have made the city safe because most of you are only complaining about traffic infractions.

As I left the meeting I came to understand why some of the issues I worry about don't worry other's.?

What I have learned today, Trump is untouchable in New Hampshire, Rubio repeats himself oover and over, Christie goal is not to win primary's but destroy  Rubio, Cruz is a Pussy, Bush just figured out how this all works and Kasich  is looking for the handle to the door to exit the clown car.
Burn with free stuff! Woman don't like Hillary?

Monday, February 8, 2016

" YOU KNOW IT DON'T COME EASY" ringo starr

Got to pay your dues if you wana sing the blues

Well did everyone enjoy the Super Bowl? I guess there's truth in "Defenses Win Championships!"

I guess the storybook ending for Peyton Manning will be history, 200 victories and going out a winner.
It has been mentioned many times that Manning and Jimmy Haslam are good friends. You have to wonder if there's a position in the Brown's front office that might interest Peyton?

Who could be the biggest winner of last night's game? Cam Newton. If you have watched his career from winning the National Championship at Auburn to his first pick in the 2011 NFL draft along with a five year career at Carolina that has been pretty much injury free, yesterday must have seemed like the natural progression in his life. Then the nightmare hit him things didn't quite go his way. At times he looked tired, confused and just plain disappointed in himself. Where did the magic go?

The title of the post; It don't come easy. That was the lesson for Mr. Newton yesterday. To repeat or even having the opportunity to play in a Super Bowl is fleeting. Ask Dan Marino. Cam is a gifted quarterback and yes you should enjoy and have fun but it takes a certain type of person to achieve a high level of constant success. I for one believe he learned that last night.


To say I was disappointed is an understatement. When you pay the kind of air time for an ad in a Super Bowl you better come up with something special. New but not new, Snicker commercial with Marilyn Monroe liked it. Jeep commercial touting Jeep History, great ad. Honda Ridgeline with the sheep ,Great! Can't beat ads with animals and throw in a talking dog at the end.

First year I can think of I was disappointed in the Budweiser commercial's?, Plus what was the pug, monkey baby about?

Please if I missed a favorite share it with us.


Monday February 8, 2016 at 6:00 PM chestnut St. Elementary Councilman Mike DeLeone will hold his first Town Hall Meeting. Mike's guest for the night is Painesville Police Chief Anthony Powalie. The meeting is open to all resident's of Painesville.


Marco Rubiobotic I guess most of us now understand that Marco believes President Obama wants to change the country and knows what he's doing? The only excuse for going on and on  in the way he does is that he realizes and believes GOP voters must need things pounded in their heads?

Saturday, February 6, 2016

'" SHINING STAR" earth wind & fire

But when you wish upon a dream
Life ain't always what it seems

As most of you know my distain for current candidate Bernie Sanders. If he somehow becomes the Democratic candidate for President when I go to vote I will leave that part of the ballot blank. Look I agree with many of his propositions I just realize at this time he can't deliver. Also he appears to be a novice as far as world affairs.. Nice dreams but dreams all the more.

I get a charge out of Republican candidates as well as their advisors mocking Sander's dreams. Free this free that.

Flip the coin probably the #1 candidate of the establishment GOP Marco Rubio in his plan for America stands on a principal of ZERO tax on capital gains? Wonder where the hoots  and laughter is on that proposal? It's just a reverse on Bernie's Free this or that. Bernie's freebies supposedly will cost the treasury 19 Trillion take a guess what Marco's would cost?

I guess the number one problem our federal government has is twofold massive spending and massive deficit's.

Can you imagine a Democrat telling the people he is going to war with two countries will borrow the money from China off budget and for you to help the cause "to go shopping?" 'W'

Let me take you to a time before deficits ran wild. 1980  Reaganomics President Carter was blamed for runaway spending and large deficit's. Now Carter ran deficits of 40 -50 billion a year. Deficits after Reagans first four year term 200 billion? This is the start of runaway deficits that presently chock America. The theory of tax cuts increasing more revenue to the treasury is a myth it just does cover costs. Yes money came in but did not cover costs.

Well what about the spending? In Carters last year federal spending was at$591 Billion. Reagans last year the federal government spent $990 Billion?

Reaganomics In my eyes was a complete bust.

Out of the Reagan era we learned that "Greed was Good" really who was the first true international trader and why?

Wall St.?  Presently one name pops up and I expect it to show up numerous times in the coming election Martin Shkrel the hedge fund guy with the smirk. And the 5000% drug price increase.
Honestly I see very little difference between him and former GE CEO Jack Welch? In my eye there one of the same.

I guess my question is why are we laughing at Bernie but not Mario? Is there really that many trust fund babies in our country?

Please never question why the top 1% has all the money. The GOP made it so.

Read an interesting story the other day about coal being on the decline and at the same time new locks are being built on the Ohio and Monongahela Rivers to a tune of $405 million. Now all this at the bequest of companies like Murray  Coal. And all we ever hear about is how the government subsidizes the wind and solar future?

Friday, February 5, 2016

"MONEY FOR NOTHING" dire straits

Just saying; Just received my February edition of the Painesville Pride today. Low and behold Andrew Flock is still a councilman from Ward I. I wonder how much longer Andrew must be associated with this group and please don't call him call councilperson Shoop. Also I no longer want to hear about spelling errors here on the blog. Winter is not spelled Witner? (Top of the Fold)


Now that ain't workin' the way you do it

The other day while driving south on State Street I followed a 53' ft. semi south out of town it veered left at Bank St. and proceeded to Walnut St. Now I have no idea where he was going and what he was caring but that vehicle can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds.

I remembered the council work session when the subject of Bank St. came up? Me I was under the impression that we had solved that problem? No I guess we haven't as I looked over the edge of the cliff on Bank St. it appears the plan to build up the ground area is a complete failure? But I'm not an engineer it sure doesn't look promising.

Now before the city embarks on another project to shore up the eroded cliff may I make a suggestion that Bank St become a cul-da-sac? Closing it at State St.

I realize this could be an inconvenience  for people living on Bank St. as well as people heading in and out of town but it appears to me to be a foolish investment to try and shore up the bank if we will let heavy truck traffic on that street?  With possibly more to come as the Coe building's get busy.

I believe as the truck rubbles, by the houses vibrate and so does the bank.

Yes it's an inconvenience for many but presently do any of you have a better working solution?

I fear if something isn't done soon S. State St. will become the new Bank St.?

 Hey it's that time of year! The Vermont  Teddy Bear Commercial time. This year surprise that woman you love with a 4' Hunka Love Teddy Bear.(remember size matters!)  All this for just $99.00. They also are pushing a 3' Lovey Buddy and throw in some Shari's Berries. Smaller Bears are available but I fear they could become the family dogs new love interest?  Look I need to know does anyone purchase these Bears and what is the real reception of it? To the rest of us every kiss begins with K. Live and learn.