Thursday, January 22, 2015

"SOLITARY MAN" neil diamond

Another item that arose at Mondays council meeting was that during the meeting councilman Flock asked for an electrical director to give a presentation on how Painesville arrives at our Power Factor (PF) or our Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) now to the city administration's credit as well as the electric department they are more than willing to honor this request. Now comes the rub. For a presentation on anything to be given at least FOUR council members must join together for the request.

Guess what, only councilman Flock who has requested the presentation was alone. With no other council people willing to call for a presentation. This is your city elected official's at work.

Maybe dropping a call or an Email to one of the other six might persuade others to make the request.

I wonder how this request would be viewed under councilman Fodor Strategic Planning? In my view it seems council should learn to walk before they run.

I guess I could understand like not wanting to send formal letters to state officials but why would anyone oppose themselves or the whole community not wanting to understand the process of our utility billing system?

When I asked at the council meeting why an electric fund had grown from $100,000 to over $3,700,000 in six years I received seven blank looks? Odd they voted on the budget and no one noticed or asked?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Very interesting and confusing council meeting? It was announced that there would be an executive session before the meeting dealing with the JEDD appointment? Yet when council-president made the announcement of who would represent the city there seemed to be some confusion? Let's just say Rita McMahon is out and council person Katie Jenkins and assistant city manager will represent Painesville on the JEDD board....I think.

Legislation went pretty much as expected, one very interesting Resolution was authorizing Bids for Raw Intake Waterline and Crib Structure. What do you think that will cost? Try $9,000,000.00 plus the city is in the process of securing an interest free loan from the state.  This project includes  a 36 inch pipe under the lake and a new water intake  (crib)  4,500 hundred feet into Lake Erie. Our present crib is 1,500 feet out into the lake and water department  has had problems with it in the past with ice problems as well as a problem with a possible  algae bloom. I guess my only issue with this was how little discussion and time it took for council to spend 9 million dollars.

Lynn White did a presentation on the possibility of the train station and Silvestro's Depot becoming an historic district.  Representative of the train museum gave council a view of what they want for the future of the station. As a side note it was mentioned that a reenactment of Lincolns funeral train will possible stop in Painesville this year as it did in 1865. This sandstone structure is presently the only one of this design left in the country. I believe this structure is worth saving councilman Flock will act as a liaison between the council and representatives of the museum. Mrs. White should be commended on the research she did on this project. 

In the visitors time a city employee/ resident question the reasoning behind how we do street repair   maintenance. Seems to be a issue here, you could cut the tension in the room with a knife. Just my take.

I question the Electric Fund Balances fund 734 as late as 2007 it carried a reserve of $100,000.00 today that fund balance is $3,739,817.21 just questioned the reason why?

Councilman Flock read a letter from a resident in Bowling Green, Ohio about the adverse affect PSEC has on the community. Bowling Green University is even looking into securing a different electric power supplier. Can't wait tell that train reaches the station in Painesville.

Councilman Fodor is high on Strategic Planning can't blame him anyone sitting in on a council meeting can pretty much see seven people heading in seven different directions and with seven different ideas. Sorry Paul I think there looking for your leadership.

Again it appears the Fire Department Truck Tower 2319 is still not in service? Starting to think those farm boys in Boardman Twp. took a few city fire chiefs for a ride?

I viewed a News-Herald reporter in the audience you would think that 9 million dollar water project would have received a mention in todays paper. Out of sight out of mind.

Friday, January 16, 2015

"DOWN BY THE STATION" four preps

Just a reminder,

Monday evening January 19, 2015 between 5:00 to 8:00 PM a pasta fundraiser will be held at the Stadium Grill 8330 Tyler Blvd. Mentor, Ohio for our Painesville Railroad Station.

Also TMC (Turner Classic Movies) at 2:00 PM Monday will have the Painesville hometown movie "One Potato two Potato, so set that  DVR and maybe Tuesday we can discuss what we viewed in the movie. Example many make the mistake that in the opening with the children playing one potato two the scene was filmed at Huntington School. No the scene was shot in Grand River at their elementary school  Merrick Hutchison ( also gone now)

Painesville Council Meeting will be held Tuesday January 20 due to Martin Luther King Day.

Have many of you have already been aware Harvey High Football Team has hired a new head coach  who will replace Mike Tucci. Brian Craemer an assistant under coach Tucci has been handed the reins. God Luck to Coach Craemer and the rest of the Red Raider's this coming season.

Again Thanks to the Ohio State Buckeye Football Team, you made football fun again.

12 gauge, who would have thought?

The Nike tribute said it all.

They called you Lucky

They called you undeserving

They called your conference weak,  and your team untested

They called the other teams a dynasty, The favorite, Unbeatable

They called your ranking disputable and surprising

They called you a fourth seed, if that

They called you underdogs

But now they call you something else


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"WALLS COME CRUMBLIN' DOWN" john mellencamp

Sorry but not these walls.

Tuesday evening we had our first POC meeting at Steele Mansion. To say it was an inspiring meeting would be an understatement.

What Art , Carol Shamakian and family have accomplished is truly unbelievable.

As someone who had seen the Mansion inside even before it was purchased by the Shamakians
it well words can't describe.

When Mrs. Shamakian shared her vision with me over four years ago I now realize I wasn't even in the same dream let alone vision.

Little things impress me the most. In a dining room is a walnut table 4'6" by 14' 6" all from the same piece of wood. Can't even imagine the size of that tree.

Sleeping rooms with themes, A railroad room with a stove from an early caboose (wonder how man young people even remember them? Also the room has other railroad paraphernalia.

Let's just say the Mansion is a work in progress, no a work in love rising from the ashes.

Thank-you again for sharing your facility as well as your dream.

POC Meeting

Question whether a private citizen should sit on the JEDD board as a representative Painesville. Most felt that position should be held by a city administrator or an elected city official someone who could be held accountable.

Traffic lights, more than a few claimed presently many traffic signals around town seem to be out of sync. especially Main and State, Chestnut and Mentor Ave. with a host of others. City officials claim there isn't a problem? Probably not they don't live here. We are asking the city managers to look into this further. Along with who's responsibility are the traffic lights?

Looking for Grant money, Corporate sponsor to revitalize the train station. The question came up does Painesville even have a qualified Grant writer?

Yes we are repairing streets but is there a maintenance policy in place for streets, sewers, and water lines? Is there even a maintenance log?

Utility rates, Sewer, water, electricity? Who overseer's this for the resident's. City utilities should never cost more than what an outside vendor private or public would cost us.

Future Painesville Senior Center?

Please join us next month.

Monday, January 12, 2015


Tonight most TV's will be on ESPN to watch the first final National Football Playoff Championship Game.

I guess it wouldn't be a stretch to predict who I'm rooting for in the game between the "Buck's and Duck's" Oregon Ducks and the other team named the Beavers? Go figure.

Reason #1 for wanting the win? It's Ohio State do you need more?

Reason #2 to finally shut-up ESPN commentator Mark May (what is that mans problem?)

Reason #3 A game without the SECond.  No Bama. LSU. Auburn.

Why are you so sure of a victory?

Memory serves me here. A Heisman winner in 2007 (from OSU) Troy Smith, seems to have fallen to a Florida team that just happened to be coached by some gut named Urban Meyers, remember? So throw out this Heisman talk. The team plays the game.

Jerry World the stadium the game will be played in. will be a big distraction to most 19,20, year olds. Coach Meyer's will have addressed this issue better.

Oregon has NEVER beaten an  Ohio State football team (8-0), will this be the edge coach Meyer's will use?

Win or lose always a Buckeye fan.

Friday, January 9, 2015



This Friday morning after retrieving my New-Herald from the snow. My eyes came across another feel good downtown Painesville streetscape story. This time it was a color photo of two young ladies getting a pedicure on Main Street. Now Pedicures,  before Postcards of Painesville and throw some popcorn in for good measure. This will all save Downtown Painesville's future? I like Cathy Bieterman, but how does she manage to keep a straight face? I couldn't.

Let's talk about the five districts of downtown. The EMPTY Harvey district. The EMPTY hospital district.. The EMPTY hotel district. The EMPTY Grand River district. Well that not fair that empty was planned. With the helping hand of Mother Nature. If it wasn't for the Shamakian family we would have another empty spot on Mentor Ave.

The most important district? $1,300,000.00 that was spent there and I'll go out on a limb here .. pure waste .

Those businesses on Main St. have benefited the most over the past from all this streetscape crap.

Still not completed? Landscaping? Don't forget to repair the street curbs taken out by the snow plows this winter. AND one more magical question... who will paint the former Dollar Bank Building? Maybe Grant money?  Maybe General Fund money? Great I got a house you can paint for me. Come over I will cut your fingernails after your done.

Wonder if those young ladies went shoe shopping downtown after there pedicures? Never mind.

The Test.

Find someone who hasn't been around awhile and take them downtown and ask them, "Well what do you think?" Answer,... about what?  Streetscape! Really haven't noticed any change, but the hotel's gone. Hey we're upscale now. Upscale of what?

Then take them to eat at one of Painesville's newest restaurants. They ask why is the garbage dumpster out in front next to the sidewalk? Well someone at City Hall agreed that was the best place for it. Can't wait until a hot summer day when Fasson workers are waiting for the light at Richmond and get a whiff of that aroma! That along with customers first impression and whiff. Ang can we just go to the Depot to eat? O.K. I get your drift... I mean whiff. Maybe all Painesville residents should leave their Waste Management tote at the corner of their front yards next to the sidewalk? We know someone under the "Golden Dome" would approve of the placement .

Pessimist?  Maybe. You might be  right but just once I'd love to pick up the paper and see 100 new jobs coming to Painesville. Now that's a front page story!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

"I GOTTA KNOW" elvis presley

Seriously I have to know, so I'm asking you.

The events internationally over the past couple of months has me wondering, are we in a Religious War and we just don't know or realize it?

ISIS indiscriminately killing Christian as well as other sects in Iraq?

The attack on the Canadian Parliament

Taliban killing student in Pakistan, I know they were also Muslims.

Some lone wolf killing people in a coffee shop in Australia.

Now 12 people killed in Paris in the name of Allah?

Least we forget 9/11.

Yet I am constantly told Islam is a peaceful religion? Only about 5% are radicalized? By my math that's a healthy 50 million people that hate us infidels.

At the same time no one  in the Muslim leadership condemns these acts of war.

I guess what I'm asking is it time to start dealing with these attacks as lone wolves, or unconnected cells differently along with the whole religion?

Maybe it's time to mount the horses and let the bugler let them know we are joining the fight?

Look please don't try to get me to believe this is about a cartoon, 100's of million Muslim believe what took place in France yesterday was a just response?

Am I a minority with this belief and just looking in  the wrong direction?

Please chime in.