Thursday, October 8, 2015


It has come to my attention that recently a young 22 year old man has been helping out with Harvey's Tennis Team.

The problem is the person helping out is a sexual predator. Yes a Pedophile.

Now no sexual contact occurred but when the school, the administration, as well as the Painesville Police investigated the threat was removed. They should all be commended for their quick response.

In the past an incident like this might have been swept under the rug but not this time.

It's a different world we live in today and many changes have taken place. A few weeks ago a child I didn't know I mentioned she had a nice bike. The child's face grew with fear. Run danger, danger. I asked my daughter and she mentioned you can't talk to children anymore. How sad we have come to this, and at the same time I know why.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


In a word nothing!

No legislation, no resolutions nada.

No new Business Councilman Flock explained Levelization

Council Lady DiNallo had nothing presently to add to Sidewalk Replacement.

Brian Belfiore gave a presentation on different public works projects being undertaken in the city.

In the visitors recognition I questioned if council would consider the State Treasurer's program


A program that would make Painesville's finances more transparent?  Well I was met with stares. Let's face it this council really doesn't want the people to easily view the city's finances. There in cahoots' with the administration. Really ever wonder what those fake brick sidewalks cost us?

They were upset when I mentioned a few months back about the kickback, payola what ever it was from Waste Management of $96,000. What did they ever do about that? Nothing! Thank-You citizens for a non voted on tax.

Now that I think about it what proposed legislation has a 'council person' brought to the table recently?

Presently the only ones I can think of was to change the ordinance that Pit Bulls must no longer be muzzled.

A letter written to God knows who with regards to doing something about the immigration problem is this country?

Who proposed the Stormwater  fixes? I believe that was the administration as well as the county. NO councilperson proposed it, they voted on it that's all I can see.

The way our city budget is without a line item you will never know exactly what something costs us or compare it to other municipality's. What does say Mentor pay for a patrol car compared to Painesville wonder why they don't go through the state agency like we do? Currently the way things are done sucks.

Who benefited the most last night? Councilman Fitzgerald he didn't attend . I don't believe anyone excuse him but who can tell, the sound system junk.

And finally our new Parks & Recreation Director was in the audience, yet neither the Council-President nor City Manager introduced us to her?

Welcome to the jungle  Michelle, I wish you the best.

Alabama, like many states recently made voting harder by requiring voters to present an ID at the polls. But then, they went a step further, by closing 31 driver's license offices throughout the state.


Every single county where African Americans constitute 75% or more of registered voters had its office closed.


Friday, October 2, 2015

"FREE YOUR MIND' en vogue

Free your mind and the rest will follow

This comment was left Anonymous on a post;

I have lived in this city almost 40 years and I am at the point of saying the people of this city have gotten what they asked for by who they have voted onto council.
I have watched year after year when council members have been elected over better qualified people simply because of popularity, race, or gender.

The city needs some good business people on council to straighten out the way the city is run, but that will never happen because the city is 85% Democrat and most believe business is evil and always screws the little guy.

I truly believe a lot of Painesville voters are ignorant and will continue to vote for the  "black guy, the "woman", or a person that treated me nice in school.

I'm sure this comment will get shot down by a whole lot of people. I expect it because that is what the residents of this city are good at, sticking their head in the sand and pretending all is OK.

Well does he/she have a point?

First off running for council has always been non-partisan position but numerous Republicans have served on council and still do. Lori DiNallo and Mike DeLeone  are presently two examples.

Now let's pretend you knew nothing about Painesville. If you looked at the present council as well as the city administration would anyone think there was a substantial  Black or Hispanic presence  in town?

Interesting when you inquire an incumbent ask them what legislation they have proposed? Not what they voted on but what THEY proposed? Hate to say it but please ask for proof.

Next January looking at our School Board  as well as our administration see anything other than white faces? Can't say it presently because Mr. Dillard  will retire at the end of the year.

This city loves to praise it's 'Diversity', me I don't see it to much of that. Should 'Whitey' be the blamed?

No, not really until responsible Minorities come out and run for position this will remain the status quo in Painesville. And when they do take the time to listen to them and take them more then at just face value.

What I'm trying to say is there's no  guarantee due to color of skin with anyone you vote for. Good or Bad.

I do agree with his comment about running for office just being a popularity contest. Brings back the days of High School elections, I amazed we presently don't have an adult prom queen and king pageant? We could give out a plaque!

And really does the above poster really believe Democrats reject and drive businesses out of town?
Most of the job creators are presently creating jobs in foreign countries and the sad fact is when businesses look at Painesville's demographics they figure there's more money to be made somewhere else.

I am surprised how many people were shocked with Kevin McCarthy gaffe that well Benghazi was just a ruse to bring down Hillary Clintons numbers? It's called turning a tragic event into a positive for your party. Along with a pretty good fundraiser!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


All you need is faith to hear the diesel humming

Recently I have been privy to some e-mail with concerns of Heisley Park resident's and the CSX, NS railroads.

I got to thinking about this this weekend at a family outing in Ashtabula. Heisley Park came up and some one mentioned "oh that place with the trains?" (your getting a reputation) Yes  I admitted the trains run up and down the streets there without a care in the world.

So let's get back to the honest facts. Heisley Park was built with the mainline of the CSX railroad to the north approximately 90 trains a day. To the southwest NS mainline between Chicago and Buffalo approximately 40 train a day. The two railroads run side by side about a mile to the west of the city limits.

Painesville annexed the property and soon Ryan Homes built a development in that tract of land.

So to the residents more honesty the main reason other than you might like trains for your purchase was cost. That same house built in Mentor or Concord could cost you 40% more. So price was a major factor, it wasn't the ambiance of being in a V shaped area surrounded by trains?
Were you under an assumption the trains were leaving?

So recently a resident complained about a new signal bridge erected by CSX where four tracks merge into two due to the rail yard on Lexington St.  No the railroad doesn't have to acquire a building permit to erect this state of the art signal bridge. No it can't be moved further to the east, that sorta' defeats the purpose right? No city employee, manager state representative or Congressman can do anything for you. Honestly they would probably wonder if you didn't see all the railroad tracks? Kinda' like living next to an airport and complaining about planes. The trains were there 150 years before you were and will be there 150 years after your gone.

Live with it!

But... there is a problem if people in that development had any idea what those trains rumbling by at 50 plus MPH and knew what was being carried in their cars, look it up on the internet. They would live in fear every time they heard a diesel horn. Why?

In the city's and developers wisdom there was never enough of a buffer between the tracks and the homes constructed on that plat of land. Greed ran the table by the developer also by the purchaser looking for a great deal everyone. The city's first responsibility is to provide for a safe community, but greed won out.
I can't believe these lots were even considering the location next to the tracks. In this case there is no living on the wrong side of the tracks, it's just being close to them.

On a second note the reality that there is only one way in and out of Heisley Park could add to a higher cost in lives as a result of a disaster. This should be corrected as well as the city having an evacuation plan in place. That people should be your major concern

Spend more time getting the city as well as your  HOA to have a working evacuation plan and more access to HP and  less time on railroad signals.

Just thinking, if Carly Fiorina was such a great  CEO at Hewlett-Packard why hasn't she been offered another job in the last ten years?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

" A CHANGE WOULD DO YOU GOOD " sheryl crow

Bottom feeder insincere

Just a small correction I understood it was 'back pedaling not back paddling?

Look what my intentions of that comment was, quit bitchin' and find a solution. It's there if your intention is to really change anything as well as doing it out in the open instead of all these secret squirrel meetings that accomplish nothing.

Where to begin?

How about the City Charter?

Article XIII

Section I Method of Amendment

Amendments to the charter may be framed and  submitted to the electors of the city by a Charter Committee in the manner provided by law for framing and submitting a new Charter.

Amendments may also be proposed and submitted passed by a vote of a majority of the members of

CITY COUNCIL..... simple

Odd, I have to inform you of this when we have an attorney sitting on council? Wears a badge and everything?

Look Council offer an amendment on changing the process of the refuse contract? let's see how everyone votes?

 Have Council offer another amendment to take hiring as well as qualifications changes  must get approval from council.

Let's see how people vote on that?

You can go through the charter and make what council considers wrong and correct them.


We can aimlessly keep complaining  on the path we are on.

Best guess? To much work council and really no desire to change anything.. Ask them?

Big AMP-OHIO meeting this week? Wonder if Painesville representatives at the meeting will  inform us ratepayers?

Trump's new tax plan? Who benefits the most? His family! What a non-surprise!

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Oh mother dear we're not the for the fortunate ones

As council adjourned from regular meeting into Executive Session, one voice in the process was heard to say 'No' and at the time I believed Councilman Flock only wanted to go home early?

Seems he must have known what was coming and wanted no part of it for the reason's mentioned in the city charter.

First as mentioned in an earlier post the comment was made that council ladies Jenkins and DiNallo opposed city manager's appointment of the new parks and recreation director.

Just let's say that maybe by city council  if the vote was 7-0 opposed the new director  she would still be the new director. I guess that Executive Meeting was just a waste of time?

I can understand why they would question the appointment but not the purpose of the meeting?
Let's bring your concerns into the public? But it's a well known fact that  Council Lady DiNallo doesn't want to expose our city's dirty laundry.

As a council past council's gave all the power to the city manager to hire and fire whoever they want, along with  putting the city manager in charge of contracts and now you want to discuss the results?

Now Katie and Lori believe it or not, you have the power to change city charter you just need more council votes to do it.. This change could delegate more duty to council ( which it seems council really doesn't want) Also I assumed Council person Jenkins was going to get council involved in the refuse contract and I believe that  idea has fallen by the wayside. WHY! The gifting to the city by Waste Management  maybe?

Everything you did Monday night could have been done at the regular meeting.   Be brave question your concerns in a public forum. Now I understand Flock's NO vote.

Some of you might have caught the article in Saturdays News-Herald 09/26/15 with concerns to  Eastlake is the first city in Lake County to adopt this program as well as Mentor Public Schools the first school system..

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel initiated the program to make state spending more transparent.

It's past time for both Painesville City, as well as Painesville Board of Education to not pushback on any proposal to do this with Painesville's finances. I guess we could learn how much a police cruiser costs  Painesville compared to other cities and we will learn what fake sidewalks cost us. As far as the schools we could learn a lot about " it's for the kids!"

Many will state it's in our budget but as we learn changes can and are made. constantly. The city likes to brag about their finances  and award's.  O.K. lets see the books.

If theirs anything lacking in the Ville' it's transparency!

After the Pope's visit I wonder how many Parish Priests will feel uncomfortable cruising in their Cadillac's, Buick's, BMW, whatever. Will we see more Chevy Cruze's, Ford Focus's and Dodge Dart's? Hah, the power of a Fiat 500. You can't buy advertisement  like that !

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I'll never learn to be just me first

"And council allowed it, what's going on there."

Well hardly for me to come to the defense of council although I do have a question.

Lets start with the City Charter this is Painesville's Constitution.

Section 12 Council Not Administrative

Neither council nor any of its members shall initiate or request the appointment of any person to, or removal from office by the City Manager or by any of his subordinates, nor in any manner take part in the appointment or removal of employees under the Department or Division Heads.
Council shall approve the appointment or removal of any Department or Division Head by the City Manager.

Except for the purpose of inquiry, the Council and it's members shall deal  with the administrative service solely through the City Manager and neither Council nor any member there of shall give orders to any subordinates of the City Manager either publicly or privately.

Just to be clear

Section 3 Council Shall Have The Power

Appoint and remove the City Manager

Appoint and remove the Clerk of Council

A correction it was pointed out to me that council also appoints citizens to the Civil Service Board, the Planning Board as well as the Zoning Commission. These positions are non-paying positions in the city. Didn't mention about removing them?

That's it no other soul can they appoint or remove PERIOD!

Now my question .

Let's get back to Monday evening Executive Session   reason for the meeting.


So am I to understand by what I have read in the Charter your meeting must have been about Tara Diehl or Tony Carson?

If not you should have been in a work session. OR we have new rule makers on Council My reasoning is the announcement made Tuesday around 3:00 PM ?

"Never answer an Anonymous letter"      Yogi Berra  1925-2015  R.I.P.