Sunday, November 23, 2014

"IMAGINE" john lennon

Imagine your Downtown Painesville.

A resent poster claimed I was miserable living here in Painesville. As I explained to them I was far for miserable and bewildered seem to be a better impression of what I see around town.

Look many things that seem cut and dry to me just aren't viewed the same with others around here especially people who are in charge.

One example is the Barnes Ave. property rezoning that went in front of the Planning Commission instead of the Zoning Commission? Then after Planning passed or O.K.ed legislation 5-0 to make those properties R1 the motion went before council and even after explanations and photographs three members of council believed for some reason or another this measure should pass? thankfully three on council showed good common sense to leave this property zoning alone.

The speed in which at home built in 1836 that presently isn't bothering anyone must face the axe. Maybe a savior will be found and if not many of the structural pieces could give another old home life.

Everything from the old hotel that went back and forth between the city and the port authority as to why Painesville regained possession of the property with no explanation, to the constant changing goals of the old hospital site.

Never mind council people voting  on 30/50 year electric deals that have millions of dollars at stake all of them with probably the same knowledge of electricity as the average Painesville resident. You flip a switch or check a breaker box if that doesn't work you call someone to fix it. Who advised that council on these deals?

People in city leadership positions go on a national news show and welcome legal as well as illegals to Painesville... and when they come it's their fault?

Now comes the deal of the "NEW"Century Downtown Painesville Streetscape. Was this project brought forward as a way to get people here to forget about losing the hospital? Attending the "stakeholder Meetings" it sometimes appeared we were building Disneyland instead of a revitalized downtown. How many times have we done this since the 1960's?

The many Painesville residents who approached council and the city manager at that time that Rite-Aid who was building at State and Erie would spend the same amount of money to move the building if the city provided the property. (Check city council minutes) Now we have an empty building for how long with a price tag of $500,000 that has never been used for nothing. The $500,000 price is a pipe dream.

$1,300,000 for the revitalization of Main St.? Yes I know a large portion was Grant money but still.

Now I find out the rumor had some fact behind it  appears 154 Main St. is for sale all 6,700 sq.ft    . @ $174,900.  Here all along I thought the idea was that streetscape would promote growth in our downtown area.
"Your guess is as good as Vine"?

Recently at a meeting outside of town a Bowling Green student asked me about Lake Erie College? There statement was pretty blunt. "There just wasn't anything there for me she claimed, not even a coffee shop". My short answer we have a Dunkin' Donuts. I love D.D coffee! She just sighed.

Friday, November 21, 2014

"AGAINST THE WIND" bob seger

Well it appears the President went nuclear  last night. Setting up one Hell of a fire storm. As we wake up this morning not one thing he said last night made anyone a citizen, a voter or gave Amnesty to anyone? just that  if they follow the rules get to stay here with their American born children.

Now I listened to all the GOP talk "he poisoned the well' ect. Well the well was already poisoned and the question seems to be how long will it take them to come up with a alternative bill to make this all go away? Best guess they won't come up with anything Zilch, Nada.

In the firestorm after the announcement I didn't hear one word from ANYONE about rounding up 11 million people and deporting them? So what rational answer will come out of all this?

How about a Bill that would fine any American business $10,000 for every illegal working directly or indirectly for them? No I don't see that although that's the practical answer.

Can't wait to hear American businesses chime in.

Wait until American clergy chime in. (all faiths)

Best guess in 100 years President Obama's likeness will appear on United States currency. All for the "sins" he committed on the American people.

1) The killing of Bin Laden

2) The first President to attempt and provide uninsured Americans with Healthcare.

3) the Emancipation of 5 million illegals Hispanics. Remember  with one Hispanic American turning 18 every 30 seconds. No more using illegal labor as a way to cut costs.

4) Taking over the worse economy since the great depression and turning it around. Stock Market  at 7,000+ when he entered office and now it's 17,000?

Do I like this? Doesn't really matter what I or anybody else thinks. President Obama made his play and lets see what the consequence's are. Seems this country honors Presidents that take risks and look further into the future than the next 24 months.

As President Obama went to sleep last night he wondered if the Republicans will fall into his trap.  Can anyone say Impeachment. The cherry on top of the Sundae. Impeachment would be about the Republicans and not the President.

What will be their next move, I believe he has he accomplished his goal of dividing the Grand Old Party?

No I see what's going on and really can't wait to see how it turns out.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"NOTHING FROM NOTHING " billy preston

Leaves nothing.

Pretty much spells out Monday nights council meeting.

I am confused over this $35.00 fine  for alarms. If your alarm goes off and you aren't registered do you get fined? OR after the fourth false alarm you are fined $35.00? Please ask your councilperson.

I brought up written  questions about Painesville Electric Power  that I would like answered  at the next meeting..

1)  how much is in our electric fund reserve?

2) Galion who purchased exactly the same amount of power from PSEC as Painesville purchased. Why at the end of September were they claiming $1,020,000  in "Levelization" costs. What exactly is Painesville's?

3) Since its been almost two years since we paid AMP-OHIO $2,100,000 for costs incurred with Meigs County Painesville was told to expect some money back. Well?

4)What is the general plan for our Power Plant for the next five/ten years?

Also I gave the clerk of council the letter Batavia, Ill. sent to there attorney general. The reason being next Monday the council will have a work session about PSEC.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

"YOU GOT IT" roy orbison

Better yet I think I finally got it.

As I mentioned earlier I attended a meeting in Galion, Ohio to discuss AMP-OHIO well I guess since I had come so far they felt I needed more information.

As I stated earlier Galion and Painesville both bought the same amount of power at exactly the same time from Prairie State Energy Campus. But this Galion councilman has seen the figure of $1,020,000 that Galion owed AMP for "levelization" costs. Now unless Painesville has a deal with AMP none of us know about I guess we owe the same amount? ( this figure only represents to the end of September)

Where is the outrage from the electric department, the city administration, and five council people? Why is everything proceeding as if there is no problem?

We write checks  the tune of over  $2,000,000 for something that we received nothing from.
(Meigs County)

Pay 60% or higher for 32% of all of our electric purchases.

Spend over a million for a new sub-station that does what? Help present Painesville customers or future JEDD customers?  Along with the fact what is that expeditions going to cost and how long will it take to pay for that capital improvement.

How can a public utility keep staff working at a facility that no longer serves its purpose? Yes we are nice compassionate people, or do we believe in city funded welfare?

Finally little concern for a bill that presently is costing the city $1,020,000?

Well I believe I finally got it. Painesville Power is presently sitting on a fund 730 with over $26,000,000 in it. Can't use it to fix roads or to be used for anything other than the above mentioned items.

Now many of you should wonder where all this money came from? Did the power plant play the lottery? Invest in Apple? No two words "Power Factor" you know that number below the electric charge per kilowatt that hasn't changed in years?

Most cities call it a PCA Power Cost Adjustment.

Painesville call it a PF Power Factor you can choose what you believe the PF stands for in your own terms.

See why no one is really concerned with some of the high costs and bills we receive? Need cash head to the 730 vault.

Before any of the city cheerleaders tell me that that fund is needed, just in case. Well the state regulator like a 25 to 30% cushion. Lets even give them a 50% cushion on electric sales of $25,000,000 that would be $12,500,000 what is the purpose of this $26,000,000 dollars?

Plain and simple truth it's an OVERCHARGE on all Painesville Power users. Maybe to look good, or fund stupid ideas like PSEC.

When asked by other city leaders I had really no good answer for why that 730 figure was so high.

One suggested a lawsuit against the city so power users could get money overcharged for them on electric purchases. Truthfully I'd rather see residents get a refund instead of AMP-OHIO sucking that fund dry.

Now if you don't believe me fine. But the question you should ask your council person is where exactly did that $26,000,000 come from? I would also like to know if I'm wrong, maybe there's away we all can accumulate 26 million?

What I have learned in life is the only thing worse than a government body having no funds is one that is flushed with money.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


"without love it ain't nothin'

Well even in the bad weather the  Planning Commission met tonight to discuss 239 Mentor Ave. by a 4/0 vote they voted against the demolishing of that home. Although only four residents attended the meeting they all were against the city's plan to go forward with Land Grant funds to tear it down. The house was built in 1836  in the Connecticut Western Reserve style . This doesn't mean the house can't be torndown but it gives the house a reprieve for a year or two. I don't believe the Commission believe the house had any health or safety issues associated with it.

You know I'm not even sure who owns the house presently?

Another Demolishing? Seems Federico/Fast  Auto & Truck has made an application for the use of one trailer to be used as a temporary structure  to be used as an office as he proceeds to the demolition of the structure at 61 South State St. passed.

Final Plat : request for approval- Heisley Park Residential Subdivision- Phase XVI all requirements met except the proposed 5 acres of park land.

Preliminary Plat: request for an extension -Heisley Park Residential Subdivision-Phase XX was tabled.

"WE'VE ONLY JUST BEGUN" carpenters

"A kiss for luck and we're on the way." Sorry maybe a kiss, but for the most part no ones going anywhere. Winter has come early to Painesville. Not quite the gales but the snow.

Traveling in Painesville was horrendous today and yes the weather was the major factor but a few other things entered into the mess.

Main St. Streetscape was I believed to be finished by the time of "Taste of Painesville". Now I wonder if and when the Christmas tree lighting will take place? Yesterday Main St. between the Nolan building and St. Clair St. had all the asphalt removed?

Another thing I wonder about have  any of the rest of  seen a problem with the timing on traffic lights in the city? Main St. Chestnut St. Cedarbrook St. just to name a couple. Timing on some traffic lights make little or no sense? Remember when they were all replaced alond with battery packs that even if the power went off they would still function? Seems Painesville is a little reactive than proactive?

On another note the bags with leaves problem is solved? Yes the snow plows will distribute them back into the street.

Speaking of snow plows whoever was driving truck 22 today, the metal thing on the front scrapes snow off the road. Just think maybe if you would have put it down on Chestnut St. some cars might not have gotten stuck driving over the tracks?

Well spring ain't that far away.... Oh, that's when we deal with the flooding issues.

Hang tough Painesvillittes.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"ALICE'S RESTAURANT" arlo guthrie

Alice's Restaurant ? Well 75% of the song is about taking garbage to the dump?

Found an interesting story in today's News- Herald 11/11/14

Wickliffe shifts trash, recycling cost to residents

Wickliffe city council voted by a 4-3 vote an ordinance authorizing the city to enter into a contract with J&J Refuse Inc. a Kimble Company, for garbage, recycling and yard waste collection services.

What a concept? A city council that votes on services to be provided to city residents, instead of leaving it up to one person. I wonder if that's because they don't want to be bothered or that if someone calls to complain they can tell them "I had nothing to do with that."

 Ever wonder how keeping council in the loop helps with costs to a community?

Cost to residents for the new trash and recycling is: $15.29 per month with bills collected quarterly. It includes a 96- gallon trash container, 64-gallon recycling bin and 64-gallon yard waste container which will be collected by curb side pick-up EACH WEEK .
The contract does give residents, namely seniors, some options to reduce costs.

Now compare this with what the last administration contracted you for?

Another thought now that the power plant workers are done stringing lights on the tree downtown, maybe they could grab a few trucks and pick-up some of these bags of leaves all over town? Not in my union rules? Exactly what is your job? Pretending your producing power?

As a strong union member and supporter the fastest way to get rid of a union job is have union member's sitting around not doing anything. Maybe that's the city's goal?