Saturday, August 19, 2017


Every move you make
Every smile you fake
Every claim you stake

First a statement;
I wouldn't be a police officer in Painesville City for five times the money their making!

An officer has to wonder, WTF do you people want?

I real bad morning starts by pulling a vehicle over and asking the driver for license and registration. and getting "Si" back as your answer.
Your bad morning is going to turn into a bad day Why did you pull him/her over ? did you profile them, better not bring ICE in on this!

So what's this all about?

Seems tonight Saturday the Ohio Highway Patrol and Painesville Police will set up an OVI checkpoint at a location some have now called 'Little Mexico?'

A local group will be out looking for what they call 'civil rights violations' at these checkpoints.

Now a new resident to our city Kelsey Fischer (welcome) who moved to our city from Lakewood a couple of months ago according to WKYC news she and her friend Maria along with co-operation from HOLA will act as civil right observers at the checkpoints from 9:00pm to Midnight tonight. They even started an email chain warning illegals about the time and location of the checkpoint.

Now if there is a God and I wish no harm to befall the Fischer family. I wonder what the consequences would be if an illegal, unlicensed driver without insurance would do damage to their vehicle? Ask someone who's suffered this faith?

This plus a wishe-washy letter to the editor that appeared in today's News-Herald by our city manager about Policy 413 ( she's looking for RAZA for advice?) To survive in the Ville' someone better grow a pair!

Least we forget Father Vellenga called the Ohio State Highway Patrol  'evil'.

So officers enjoy your night, with Kelsey, Maria,VD and maybe the good Father will even show up.

To Painesville Police officer's buy a good magazine when you go on duty next week. Save yourselves a lot of aggravation and ONLY pull over vehicles driven by known citizens.

Someone asked me what I believed the repercussions of this will be? I really believe Hal Werner will pick-up votes over B.S. like this!

WE'RE AN AMERICAN BAND grand funk railroad

We're coming to your town
We'll help you party it down

Anonymous @9:06 left this comment;

What's the difference?

A young Jewish boy going to Adolf Hitler High School, home of the Warring Waffen SS


A young African-American going to high school at Robert E. Lee  High School home of the Confederate Rebels ?

Well it didn't take long for them to get an answer!


This is almost to easy.
You really want to make me believe that the name of a high school will make a student fearful??
Or what?

Are you that big a baby that you feel offended by a person's name?

Unless you are Jewish or Black, what gives you the right to speak for what you think offends someone else? BTW, there are virtually no African-Americans in this country. They are simply Americans, same as me

As a side note, is there an Adolf Hitler School anywhere in the world? I would highly doubt it.

Anonymous @12:44


Now I  understood 9:06 analogy but 12:44 not so much.

When was fear even mentioned? Maybe not the name but what that name stood for.  One the Holocaust of 6 million Jewish people and the other a society that enslaved a race of people for generations. America's original sin.

Unless your Jewish or Black? Maybe they are? But humans can all feel the same emotions. And my personal favorite, There are virtually no African-Americans they are simply Americans!

This from a person who brings his 152 year Confederate baggage with him including swords, battle flag and statues and tells us deal with it "It's my Heritage". Even his sacred flag seems to have been hijacked by white supremacists? Where were the Son's of the Confederacy when that took place?

When the 'Dukes of Hazard' first appeared on TV the General Lee was cute with the stars & bars on the roof.  But over time unfortunately that flag has now become the symbol of something evil.

We tell Mexican's who fly a Mexican flag on their house ,"come on now your in America assimilate.

My question is when will this Confederate-American become just an American?

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Take the last train to Clarksville
And I'll meet you at the station

News you won't hear from the White House.

Yesterday Union Pacific Railroad announced they were cutting 500 managers as well as another 250 railroad employee's in a move to save the company 110 million dollars.

The move comes due to weak growth in freight shipments and a large drop in coal shipments.

Union Pacific one of the big four. UP, BNSF, CSX, and NS railroads. NS and CSX also have already announced cuts in labor. ( visit NS coal dock in Ashtabula)

I guess my question is how is the coal expansion our President keeps telling us about is getting to it's destination?

And how long are some of you going to believe this snake-oil salesman lies?

Seems the business people on his roundtable disbanded? Well not to be slighted HE disbanded it first? After they told the White House they quit!

I have no idea how long good Republicans as well as their legislators will stick with this President but truth be told Everything on the agenda is now in jeopardy!

Tax cuts

yes even his Wall.

FOXNEWS reported that after Tuesday's press conference they couldn't find any Republican leader's to go on air to defend the President.

Last week it was attack Mitch McConnell, today Lindsey Graham?

During the campaign he complained President Obama couldn't say
" Extreme Islamic Terrorist Groups"

YET Today
He can't call

"Extreme Domestic Terrorist Groups"  Like the White Supremacists?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

"NO SURRENDER" bruce springsteen

Like soldiers in the winter night
With a vow to defend,
No Retreat No Surrender

As I watched what had happened on cable news in Virginia this past week. It reminded me of 9/11 . my eyes witnessed  it but my brain keep telling me it's not real it must be a movie?

This shouldn't be my country?

People with torches, shouting 'blood and soil', Jew's will not replace us.

Least not forget the young American woman crushed by the weapon of a vehicle along with twenty injured bystander's.

All under the cover of 'Heritage'? What exactly is your heritage? Bigotry, slavery, treason and defeat?  A failed heritage.

Who erects statues of loser's? See any Hitler or other prominent generals erected in Germany? Or anywhere for that matter?

We have a President today, who compares Washington and Jefferson to Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis. The first two founded this country and the later two committed treason to destroy the union. If there were any statues to be erected in the south it should have been General Sherman and General Grant.

The sadness I felt as I witnessed the Nazi Swastika side by side the American flag? Everyone should be forced to watch the first twenty minutes of 'Saving Private Ryan' and take a tour of a German Concentration Camp. What in God's name do Neo-Nazi's have to do about  America? I'm so glad my father as well as other American soldier's, sailors and marines aren't around to witness last weekend.

My surprise at the White Supremacists, a friend told me come on you read some of the comments you receive. Ang, there are more 'closet' white supremacists in Painesville than you think. You better than anyone should know that. Being born white is not an accomplishment!

My final thought's on this is watching the crowds it appears to be filled with many young white males a very scary proposition. That with minorities of any kind will not change this thinking. Only White Americans can push back on these hate groups and tell them there's no room for you in our country.

I guess all that being a good Christian most be a bunch of Bull?

I guess I should be thankful there are no Confederate statues in my hometown.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


Take a chance on me
If you need me, let me know, gonna be around

9 people for 3 spots, 3 are incumbents. So who are these new-bee's and what do the bring to the table? To be truthful many I have never seen at a council meeting and what makes them throw their hat in the ring? Have they ever spoken to  the person holding that seat they want ,with concerns or suggestions?

To be truthful this city presently seems in far better shape than it was a dozen years ago when I took an interest due to the 3.9 charter change levy was attempted to pass. Everything from the Cemeteries  to road' well as some of the flooding issues.

First the city is in better shape due to levies as well as $8.00 surcharge on your water bills and we seem to have survived the recession of 2007.

Now how much do these candidates know about our city? Will we ask? What's their view on reciprocity income tax? Do they know anything about AMP-OHIO? financials of the city? Does the police department have adequate funds, what about the fire department? Are they aware we will need to share the cost of a new Tower truck within a few years? Our share around $450,000 with Concord Township picking up the other half? If road levy passes do they know which roads need the most repair? It's not just a better place to live, work and play it's a lot of saying yes and no. And sometimes you can't make everybody happy.

What are their views on funding the Downtown Painesville Organization is a waste of money or should we increase funding? Seems to be an unwritten law that 50% of all tax dollars somehow end up in those two square blocks?  Any ideas on/for a Senior Center or just keep writing the present checks?
Since you are all running for at large seats what do you see as the biggest problem in Ward I, II III, IV? What are the biggest attributes of each Ward?

Yes, I know we will be inundated with illegal immigration but please let's keep our eye's on the ball!

Friday, August 11, 2017

"QUESTION" moody blues

Why do you never get an answer
When your knocking at the door

Someone asked a question about the "Immigration Committee" that the city had formed.

So I took it upon myself to find out some of the peculiar's

I sent an email to assistant city manager Douglas Lewis  (who is presently on vacation) and got this reply.

It has come to my attention that the administration has formed an immigration committee, will this committee hold public hearings and will the public be able to ask questions? My only concern is that these meetings do not happen under the cover of darkness ad the city publicize the time and place of them.
Thanking you in advance Angelo
Sent from my iPhone


Good Afternoon Angelo,

Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately Doug is on vacation, so you will not be hearing from him.  This email was forwarded to me, and I would be happy to clarify the situation for you.

This is not a committee of Council. It is a task force put together by me John Shepard to advise me on concerns tied to my policy specifically (Policy 413). The task force itself was announced in a couple of Council meetings and via of a press release.  The participants have been released to the newspaper along with bios. There has been no darkness in the creation or participation of the task force.

The process has been public, and the recommendations/implementation will be shared publically, You are always welcome to ask e questions or share your concerns.

Have a great day



MY Reply


Thanks for the quick response. My question was would these 'task force' discussions be done in front of the public and could the public ask questions? I have noticed it seems to be weighted in a certain way.



Still waiting

People serving on this 'Task Force'

Veronica Dahlberg, executive director of HOLA

Rev. Christopher Zerucha, Priest at St. Mary Painesville.

Feliciano  Gamez, Painesville resident and active community member

Councilwoman Christine Shoop Ward I council person

Officer Roberto Soto, a bilingual officer on the Painesville Police Department

Also a local business owner and immigration lawyer have been invited. There first meeting was June 29?

So don't expect an open forum or any dialoged with this task force. They will make their finding to council who will review them in executive session and vote on changes (if any) in a council meeting.

This is not the way it should be done , but well. My only concern is that the wrath of the U.S. Justice Department, INS,ICE  doesn't come down on Painesville or through these actions we loss badly needed grant funds.

If your not crazy about this procedure please inform our present city manager.

Please stick to fixing roads, purchasing fire truck ect. DO NOT involve yourself in Federal  affairs.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

"WE BELONG" def leppard

Sometimes I feel I don't belong here
Sometimes I just don't feel....

Here is the list on candidates running for Council-At-Large
Painesville City

Tom Fitzgerald  *
Ana Padilla
Hal G. Warner

Maria G. Ceja
Lori DiNallo  *

Dora Acosta
Marsita l. Ferguson
James Fodor  *
Traci Montgomery

* Denotes Incumbent

As someone noted in a comment we have one Hispanic lady running in all three spots. My only hope is that they are not just  "One trick ponies "That they will bring more to the plate then immigration.

We can decide what and who will bring the best result's for resident's of Painesville.

I am as you should be, very interested in what these candidate's platforms will be?

Three surprises.... Number of people running against Jim Fodor, Tom Fitzgerald running for re-election with his dismal  attendance record as well as people who I thought would run that didn't.