Saturday, August 29, 2009


Starting August 31,2009 starts a new era in Painesville?
Rt.20 Mentor Ave. starts its repaving and realignment to a 3 lane road. First the old pavement will be removed, new pavement put down and 1 eastbound lane, one westbound lane and a center turning lane.
I will go to a city council meeting and apoligize to the people responsible for this decision if by some miracle it works. There are 8 Laketran bus stops between Fern Dr. and Wood St. if a bus stops at say in front of the Y.M.C.A. all traffic stops,the flow of traffic will resemble a long "train" you cannot go into the passing lane to get around the bus. If you think its hard to turn out of Newell St. now just wait. Side streets without signals will be impossible to get out of. I counted at least nine streets in that stretch without signal, plus the Y.M.C.A. Riders, Perkins, LEC College, Founders Place Apartments, plus for good measure a couple of Churches good luck exiting these establishments during the day.
Their are five streets with traffic lights Fern Dr, Chestnut St, Walnut/Grant St. Washington St. and Wood St.
Wonder if Mr. Volpe knew this when he drew up streetscapes? Where, when, and who did this study? City Manager, City Planner? To the west there are 5 lanes to the east 4 lanes. What are we going to call this stretch of road the center of the hourglass?
Traffic will be maintained during construction?? What about after the work is completed October 1,2009? funny the sidewalks on Jackson St. were going to be done by the time school started. I have a funny feeling soon we will all have a comments about this Mentor Ave. change. Are we doing the right change the easy change or the cheap change?

Talked with someone from Unity in the Community, they have approach the schools about holding three meetings in September and October for "Meet the Candidate Nights" Will keep you informed on any news on this subject.

Don't forget the "Taste of Painesville" Thursday September 3. I know most of you will probably get a recorded message from Doug Nagy inviting and reminding you.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Why all the what? things have turned around?
Nothing has turned around, it just has a prettier setting. I don't buy alot of this stuff thats all. 50% grading policy, ESL, prizes for attendance? All this feel good stuff but no positive results. Now comes the Professional Education Community? Whatever there calling it. 98 systems were ranked in Northeastern Ohio we were 91. A slight improvement over last year in performance index 08'81.8 now 82.2. Graduation 74.7% Fairports 90.2% and the system that Dr. Hanlons children go to 100%. I've read Kevin Connors article, sorry it didn't impress me. I feel this is just another easy way out that we have become accustomed to in Painesville. Please don't congratulate the terrible showing in the Plain Dealer article

First off I have alot of respect for all the members of the school board, but I could not understand any of their reasoning for kicking Hobart, Huntington, Lathrop school names to the curb. Some members of the community wanted those names kept and and Marshall added. The total disreguard and calius attitude to these request surprised me. Why? After all the hubbab about tradition of T.W. Harvey High School. What about the other traditions with the other names. The members of the board ignored the naming requests. As a Painesville resident I felt ashamed about the way they treated Mr. Hobart. They should have known to show more respect and class.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Question? Who owns the house at 74 Axtell Ave, How many people live there? Are they legally here? Why is there a couch on the front porch?
I know the answer to these questions. To Mr./Mrs. Theres to much rental property in town, go to a city council meeting and ask "What's going on?"

For some of you who might be interested tonight theres a special Board of Education meeting to fill the seat vacated by Sean Seibert. Anybody know who it is?

The new member of the School Board is John Ehrbar, congratulations and good luck John. Mr. Ehrbar is Director Central Branch Y.M.C.A.

At last weeks council meeting Mrs. Becks asked if the sidewalks on the northside of Jackson St. would be finished by the start of the school year. The CM assured here things were to be completed on time? Well school starts Wednesday and I haven't seen a sidewalk yet. As you travel Jackson St. starting Wednesday be on the lookout for children darting across the street.

Friday, August 21, 2009


With rhe coming election not more then a couple of months away, we will soon be getting our mailboxes, ect filled with campaign literature. My question is do people care about endorsements?
A candidate shaking hands with a Senator, Congressman, even a County Sheriff does any of this affect your vote. Unions, F.O.P.'s Business Associations. Retired politicans. How well do they know these people?
If a city Union backed an incumbent who has direct say in this union's wages and working conditions. Better yet a Union thar backed a challenger for the same reasons.
Do rulers, nail files, signs in yards have any bearing on your vote? Have you ever changed your vote because of that person that passed out candidates pens 100 feet from the voting booth?
One person told be he keep the winners campaign literature from the last election and checked performace against promises. Another asked a candidate if he ever called the person who's seat they want and asked the officeholder a question. His thinking is how can you now say this person has done a poor job, if you never let them know abour your concerns.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Very interesting and loud meeting about extended housing at Hal Werner's Town Hall meeting close to 100 residents attended. Over 100 reasons to do it, and over 100 reasons not to. I think the city will never rezone that property, and the school system would be crazy to sell it for this purpose, way to mamy residemts against it.
Still no reason for some of the comments overheard.

Heard a rumor even councilpeople are getting certified letters from the building department?

Monday, August 17, 2009


Still waiting for stimulus
Shovel-ready projects need funds to get moving.
All these Billions of Dollars have ANY arrived in Painesville? Lake County?
Congressman LaTourette's wish list on page A6 of todays News-Herald 08/17/09
Is that man living in todays world?
$500,000 to Lake Metroparks? your kidding
$100,000 Geauga Park District
Will someone explain how a Highway Bill gives 8 million dollars for trails?
Whats with all the cash for trails? Maybe Steve knows alot of us will be walking?
Don't get me wrong theres some good things in that wish list, but I thought we were in a recession?
Recession 2009
One of my friends told me he had lost half of his assets

But still had his wife?

And some of you only worry about President Obama?

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Just kidding, only two items on the agenda.

Amending section 167 of the citys labor clause.

Also making adjustments for fiscal year 2009. [coming up alittle short?]

A presentation from the Finance Director.

Nothing on the horizen if we don't pass this tonight, the project will be in trouble! How refreshing.

Everything passed, the city's finances are right on track.>><>>>>>>>>
Sorry, but I'm getting alittle tired of Hal, not only does he want to run Ward 2 he now wants to run the railroads in Painesville. First off Hal, those are not tank cars they are called coil cars. that haul rolled steel to auto plants. The railroads all over the country are parking unused cars on sidings all over. They would rather they were hauling goods than parked waiting for orders, its called a recession!
The reason the engineer blew his horn was he wanted to make sure that you knew the train was coming! Its not rocket science.

One gentleman who lives in Heisley Park told council his sump pump runs 24/7 everyday rain or shine.

Also the City Manager informed council that Ohio D.O.T. would start the repaving job on Mentor Ave. August 31,2009 and should be done by the start of October. [Fern Dr. to Wood St].

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Front page News-Herald Saturday August 15,2009
Contaminated soil driving price of work into range of $22 million to $42 million
"As we were digging last year,we found further contamination not characterized before on the site."
My advice quit digging your only going to find more.

Who will pay for this massive clean-up? Go to your nearest mirror and take a look at one of the people.
Diamond Shamrock? No. Hemisphere Corp? No. You and me so we will watch other's play golf and enjoy this Private Resort.

To all of you out there, will you please explain to me how this isn't a form of Socialism? One Corp. makes the mess another want to use that site for profit, and they want the people to pay to clean it?
I asked earlier on this site if there was a problem with that site. I was reassured by many of you I was just stirring up stuff. Looks like the project has been on hold for over a year. If some of the people promoting this project would have listened to afew "Old Timers" this project might have taken a different direction. What do I see as the biggest problem with this project?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I have lived in town for over 42 years and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly.
We will be picking 3 councilperson in November and something has started to trouble me.
We have a school system that has been on academic probation for what ever reason and just hasn't been able to get it right.
Now we have three people running for City Council that have academic backgrounds in school administration- another bureaucracy that tries to tell us how well they are doing. The 50% grading policy is a good example of trying to make things look better then they really are. I would hope the people running for council would have seen this as a failure, and if they did where was their opposition?
We have a retired Mentor teacher who's wife sits on the school board that passed a resolution that costed the residents of Painesville $150,000, on a give away to the State of Ohio and the school system. Some residents who live in Painesville are not even in the Painesville School System . He had no right to propose that idea. Who was he looking out for?
28 years this man has sat on City Council-seven terms- while himself and his block of 3 other council persons have voted some of the worst legislation ever made for this city-while supporting an administration that has brought stagnation, alienation, even embarrassment to Painesville. He now supports two members from the school system so he will continue to hold the majority in City Council-for what? So we end up with more of the same poor decisions and same administration that frankly has not got the job done in our schools nor our city.

I believe it is time for a change, because we certainly cannot afford to lose another 6 million dollars, a Charter Change that could raise your property taxes every year and we certainly do not need any more empty hospital, empty hotels, empty malls and empty main streets, along with neighborhoods looking disgraceful. Thats the truth of what we have been given for the last 28 years.


I will accept and print a rebuttal if forwarded to this site.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


A very interesting story in the August 10,2009 Cleveland Plain Dealer.
R.P. Carbone goes kaput, and the assets are now property of Scaparotti Construction Group.
Dr. Hanlon was interviewed and he stated that it seems to be "a fairly seamless" transfer for the final faze of construction of Painesvilles Harvey High School.
Dr. Hanlon is now an expert in building construction. Maybe the board should hire an independent contractor just to make sure. Theres been alot of change order requests.
Vincent Carbones conviction for bribery had little to do with Carbone Counstruction filing bankruptcy. Right.
Carbon Construction allegedly is involved with Cuyahoga County corruption investigation.
I'll never forget the time at a school board meeting Mary Hada stated how wonderful it was to deal with Carbone Construction. I wanted to tell her from another Dago to smile be happy but keep your hand on your wallet.
The full story is online written by John Caniglia.{Whats with all these Italians}


August 12, 2009


Painesville City Councilwoman Arlene L. Becks:

There will be a public appearance and an announcement at the downtown Painesville

Gazebo, Thursday, August 13, at 1:00 p.m.

Two-term Painesville City Councilwoman Arlene L. Becks, will address the residents of Painesville , Ohio , about her recent petition ruled invalid by the Lake County Board of Elections. The fatal flaw was never done with the intent to defame the law or for her to deny herself opportunity to run for her third term for Painesville City Council.

Having been elected for eight productive years by the voters is a privilege and an honor. Councilwoman Becks will continue to work with the city of Painesville on special issues, the city charter, social events, and economic development within the city. The doors of opportunity will again open in the future for the voters and supporters to have their opportunity to re-elect Councilwoman Arlene Becks, who has been a voice for the people, and has worked for the people with proven results.

Painesville city has a slate of five candidates for the up coming November election. These individuals will have the opportunity to represent the city of Painesville to help move the city of Painesville forward.

Arlene L. Becks

Painesville City Councilwoman


An open letter from Councilwoman Arlene Becks to the citizens of Painesville.

August 10, 2009

My Dear Supporters:

I thank you for all your support during my eight working and productive years as your Painesville City Councilwoman.

You the voter have entrusted me to represent you on all local, state and federal government issues that have come before me. I believe I have done that with your best interest in mind and with proven results. I could have not been able to do my job without your vote year after year.

It is unfortunate that I have to inform you as of today August 10, 2009, based on information from the Lake County Board of Elections, I did not circulate and collect enough valid registered voter signatures to place my name on the upcoming November 3, 2009 general election ballot. This final decision was based on the secretary of states O.R.C. 3501.38, 3513.261 and 3513.263.

Below are listed the infractions that caused me not to be able to run for re-election in November 2009.

The Nominating Petition Fatal Flaws are listed below:

A check mark is used when the voter is registered at the address on the petition and the signature matches. The number in the circle on the face of each petition next to the initials is the number of good signatures on the petition.

1. Voter is registered in another district and not eligible to vote on the candidate or
issue. (WD)

2. Not registered at the address on file with the Board of Election or we use NRA
when we can’t recognize a signature, but the signature does not match any
signature registered at the address listed. (NRA)

3. Bad Date. If the voter signed and dated prior to the date the candidate declared
their candidacy. (BD)

4. Signature is printed and does no match what is on file. (NG)

5. Not a registered voter. (NR)

6.Circulator signed the petition they circulated. You cannot witness your own signature. (CIRC)

7.Lined out is not part of the verification process.

Although I won’t be on this year’s ballot, I encourage everyone to continue to register to vote and vote so that you can continue to help make a difference in Painesville.

Again, I thank you for your past, current and future support during my tenure on the Painesville City Council. I will continue to represent Painesville, and be available for various projects that will help promote a healthy, vibrant and growing city.

Humbly submitted,

Saturday, August 8, 2009



Lake County Board of Elections did NOT certify Arlene Becks petitions. Her name will not appear on the ballot this November. Can she still run as a "write in Candidate"? Will she throw her support behind someone else?

Went to the Unity in the Community Day" at Morse Ave. Community Center Saturday. The people that put this on should be congatulated for a job well done. The nicest thing seened that every school age child got a back to school kit that included some of the things they will need in the coming school year. Its a nice touch to show these children how important an education is to them. Wished there would have been a little more "Diversity" there.
Five candidates for council were introduced. Seems Painesville"s "family" will be the theme this year. Lori DiNallo continues to impress me as a candidate, she seems to be getting more comfortable in her run.

Three different people have emailed the blog. with a rumor one or maybe two city council election petitions were found invalid and these people will not be on the ballot. The Lake County Election Board will certify the petitions Monday morning, will keep you informed.


Just got done watching some Congressmans town hall meeting about healthcare in America. To say the crowd there were a little angry would be a understatement. One gentleman in his mid to late sixties yelled "We don't want socialized medicine, leave my medicare alone." Does he even realize medicare has been a government run "socialized" program for over 45 years? If you wanted to get thing done why would you even bring the abortion issue into it? People want the freedom to choose, and some do not want their tax dollars funding it. Why even add to the discource. Who wants to kill old people with national healthcare?
Is Lake Health socialized healthcare? Thy are a "not for profit" organization that pays no corporate or property taxes? Healthcare Insurance companies increase their profits by cutting as many corners as they can? Thats called the free market. Ask your doctor about all the different forms they receive from from insurance companies and the government now. Should healthcare even be somehow connected with your employer? Why do some provide it and others don't?
Everyone agrees we have to do something, but what? A friend of mine said Obama was elected President because he wanted national healthcare, he won the election so that is the peoples will. Is that a true statement? I want to know what everyday people in Painesville want. Lets face it the chance of CNN or FOX asking any of us is pretty remote but I'm sure some of you may have some thoughts on the issue.


Really a couple have recently closed their door in Painesville. Lyde Tool and Die on Chestnut St.[by the tracks] has closed their doors, that place was in business for at least 55 years.
Kenncott Industries on Walnut St. has closed their operation in Painesville and still operates out of their facility down south. You can see their product on the History Channels Ice Road Truckers they make the hold down straps that most of the truckers use. The building was originally built in the 50's as Ohio Bells service truck garage.{man am I showing my age]
This economy can't turn around fast enough, yet all I hear it will be a slow recovery, hope not.


Different meaning.

Here is the reply I received from the "Clean Ohio Fund" pertaining to the hospital site...

There are two tracks that applications can fall into for the CORF program: Redevelopment Ready and Known End User. For Redevelopment Ready the applicant is not required to have a development partner or known end use for the property just so that they have a plan for future redevelopment. For Known End User, the applicant is required to have a developer and known end user for the property. This means they need have a committed developer for the planned use and then someone to utilize the property once redeveloped. These two tracks have different scoring applications online. If you look in the Known End User Part B question 1 is about the Known End User requirements.

As for LEEDS, there is really only one question in the scoring matrix that relates to LEED redevelopment standards: question 12 Green Building. The question simply asks if the applicant is willing to make a resolution or ordinance stating the property will be developed in accordance with LEED standards. Otherwise the program does not require the LEED standards be followed it is only encouraged.

So the questin is finally answered we did not have to have a developer to receive the grant to tear down the hospital. We could have applied as redevelopment ready.

Known End User. Do we really know what the end use will be? By listening to the council meeting Mr. Zaremba has nothing more than a vision, the city manager stated this plan is only in the starting faze, and we could see many changes including the developer before council votes on the final plan. Will this answer help or hurt the city to receive the final grant? Known End User would be a statement like Zaremba has a contract with Acme Whatever to build a 100,000 sq.ft. building to be used for this, and construction will start as soon as the site is cleared.
This meeting with the "Clean Ohio Fund" will be at City Hall September 9,2009 will the city be prepared with the answers that committee will ask? Wonder if the will ask the city about other proposals they received and did the city do a R.F.P. ?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Someone else mentioned at Veterans Park they also missed JT.'s comments, although I hardly ever agreed with him I did respect his opinion, he was the Ying speaking against the Yang. So in his honor starting tonight at 12:01 a.m. August 6,2009 until 12:01a.m. August9,2009 we will only post POSITIVE comments about Painesville, The administration,council,people running for council, the school system, resturants, whites,blacks,hispaninics, I will not post anything NEGATIVE.

Will call this "THE JT. MARATHON"

72 hours of only plus comments. Maybe JT. will even comment.
The call is out for the Painesville Cheerleaders!

12:02 August 9th back to reality.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Don't forget Tuesday August 4,2009 in "National Night Out" The City of Painesville will have a Classic Car Show, K-9 demonstrations, Different Police and Fire Equipment on display, plus a DJ. Its hard to believe its already August, school and football are less then a month away. On another note the slaugnter that was the Cleveland Indian season is almost over. Some reporters are calling Progressive Field, Regressive Field. Trading two Cy Young winners two years in a row has to be some strange new record. Then I get to read about Braylon Edwards? GO BLUE!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


My August issue of the Pvavda Pride sorry Painesville Pride just arrived and I wondered what B.S. we were expected to buy this month, because everything is perfect here just like the Walgreens commercial. Bottom page 1.
"City of Painesville honored with the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for the 8th consecutive year!"
This award was presented by the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada. WOW! Now just who are these people? Does the audit mean anything? do you have to pay them say $450.00 to read your budget? Do they have higher or lower costing levels? If theres a problem do they send their legal team to help? Do Federal, State or Countys government bodies except their audit. Someone should ask a councilperson what happens if we don't send the money. No big deal but don't sleep any safer because of the[GFOA]. Remember the cost of being in "Who's Who in American High School" I will be checking other communities in the area a see if they deem this a worth while investment? Sweet Dreams.