Thursday, February 28, 2013

"CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF OF YOU" frankie valli

Came across this story the other day. I have known  about the closing/conversion of the First Energy Eastlake Power Plant I guess I just missed who the major player was in this deal. Wonder how long before AMP-OHIO comes to us with another can't miss deal?

AMP-OHIO will work with First Energy to construct a natural gas fired plant in Northeastern Ohio. on the site of the former Eastlake Power Plant.  The plant will have a 873 megawatt capacity.
AMP-OHIO will own 75% of the electric power and First Energy 25%. First Energy will also oversee construction and management of the plant.

This is a nonbinding agreement and either party may end at their discretion.

AMP-OHIO is in the middle of a building and purchasing boom borrowing billions of dollars to build or buy into a series of power plants.

The question is who's realing borrowing the billions?

Monday, February 25, 2013

"LOOKING FOR LOVE" johnny lee

 Just found some more Love!
It was reported today:

I've spent a lifetime looking for you.

Painesville seems to be stalled on it's quest to find a new city manager.
Maybe they should send a call out to this guy. He above all seems to understand  the situation many communities find themselves in. I believe that he understands what a toxic mess our  as well as many other city officials have put us in.
The question I have is in the year 2025 will we have solved our energy issues without coal? And if we have what are we than going to do?
Here is the city manager's letter to his city council.


Letter from City Manager Lewis to the Marceline City Council

MARCELINE - Small Communities are constantly reviewing their financial position and
monitoring their budgets in order to maintain financial stability. The City of Marceline is no
different. We use our budget as a working document to monitor our revenues and
expenditures daily. The City of Marceline has a small operating budget of approximately $8
million, and we especially review large expenditures that affect our financial stability. Due
to these constant changes the City has concluded from our own projections to date, the cost
for 4MWfrom Prairie State will exceed our funds by the end of this FY 2012-2013.
Our calculated projections are as solid as any we have received from Consultants,

Advisors, MPUA, or Prairie State. All the information that has provided to the City of
Marceline since 2004 has led us and prior administration to believe that Prairie State is a
good investment and that very well could be the case in 15 to 20 years. On November 10,

2005MPUA and Prairie State stated their experts’ project Natural Gas to skyrocket and
Coal will drop… However, the opposite has occurred, and projections indicate it will
remain this way for an additional 10 to 15 years…. Unfortunately, the City ofMarceline
with its small $8million dollar operating budget cannot sustain this for two years, let alone
10 years. After discussing this with multiple consultants, one had suggested we would
need to raise our electric rates in order to cover the loss.

Let me make this perfectly clear… This IS NOT a solution, we cannot, nor will we even
consider recommending the possibility of an electric rate increase. This would hinder the
City’s ability to compete with other municipalities State wide for any economic incentive
for future growth and development. And, most importantly larger businesses (Walworth,
Hurt Fab, 8760, Moore Fan, School District, and all small businesses) would be under
distress. The following information is based on all documentation pertaining to Prairie
State, MJMEUC and MPUA through public record of open minuets from 2004 to present:

On May 18, 2004 former City Manager Liz Cupp gave an overview of the PS project. PS
was partnering with Peabody Energy to build a power plant scheduled to go online in 2009.
The power plant is to sit on a coal mine with a lifespan of 40 years, with no transportation
charges, and municipalities have an option of buying into the plant with a letter of intent due

by July 2004.
On July 20, 2004 Duncan Kincheloe from MPUA gave a presentation on PS to construct
two 1500 MW coal fired generators on the mouth of a coal mine located in IL. MPUA/
MJMEUC was contacting their members for involvement in this project, and stated
contracts must be in place by September 2004.
On August 17, 2004 former City Manager Cupp outlined the proposed contract for base
load power, and iterated that the deadline for MG allocation was September 30, 2004. The
contract is for the life of the power plant, with municipalities being owners of the plant and
sharing expenses; On September 15, 2004 in a called special meeting, John Grotsinger of
MJMEUC/MPUA gave a brief overview of the draft power purchase contract. The contract
was based on the life of the plant, with a cost of 3.2 cents per KW, and stated on August 3,

in a Memorandum that projected power costs would be between $32 – 35 per MW… A
commitment agreement will provide financial assistance funded by MJMEUC, interest
accruing, and with no payment due until the plant is online in 2009. Costs associated with
the project before the end of 2004 are $24,000, with additional costs being incurred
monthly during the construction process. MJMEUC advised they would amend the
contract to include a withdrawal clause before construction begins in October 2005; On
September 21, 2004 An Ordinance authorizing execution of a unit power purchase
agreement between MJMEUC and the City, for the purchase and sale of energy from PS
was voted on by three councilmen present… On June 19, 2007 another ordinance was
passed for an amended and restated unit power purchase agreement between the City and
MJMEUC for the purchase and sale of energy from PS; December 18, 2007 Marceline

Citizens question what would happen if PS does not pan out.

PS was to be online in 2009, then it was pushed back to 2010. When I took over in 2011 I
was told that it would be the end of 2011 or first of 2012… Here it is 2013 and these units
are just now coming online, but with multiple delays, and break down of equipment. PS
was to be online by 2011/2012 and the risks for these delays are being forced onto all
municipalities. MJMEUC/MPUA including PS was adamant and guaranteed that ALL
associated costs including future EPA regulations had been calculated for and had been
included in the original price of the 1.5billion dollar project… Now, the cost has risen to
over 4 billion. As I confirmed to date from our consultant, No operating permit has been
issued or drafted for PS. The Units if and when operating will be operating under the
original construction permits. Since 2004 the City of Marceline has spent a total of

$1,044,334 of taxpayer money, and received revenue from the 4 MW in the amount of
$174,346 as a revenue credit.

As of last week the City is projected to spend $1,708,300 in this year’s fiscal budget for the
contractual agreement of 4 MW from PS…. The City is projected to receive revenues from
the sale of 4MW on the MISO spot market in the amount of $344,713 in this year’s fiscal
budget…. That is a LOSS of $1,363,587 in public funds…. Today, PS costs are higher and
benefits are lower, and are expected to remain this way for the next 10-12 years.
This is a substantial loss of public funds that cannot be sustained… Over the past two years

I have made budget cuts in order to maintain our balanced budget. Now, we are currently
operating our utility funds in the red which I do not agree with, and will be working with
department heads to find more cuts… However, even with more cuts and layoffs, that
amount still would not be enough to offset the substantial loss of revenue… Despite the
intentions of others who viewed this as a good investment. Due to cost over runs and near
doubling of price per MW, the financial loss hinders the City’s budget and our ability to
provide full services to the community. If we continue this current path, it will lead the City
into financial instability… Hence, my conclusion of the City’s investment of Prairie State is

that of a toxic asset in which the City does not physically own, nor does the City have any
control over Prairie State. It is with that, I make the recommendation to the City Council to
pursue all avenues for eliminating any further public funding or increased risk of Prairie

  Luke Lewis City Manager Marceline Missouri   We might even get a new law director in the process.

Friday, February 22, 2013

"YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE" debbie boone

At the last council meeting the finance director made a claim that late fees were important  to the finances of the city.
All that might be true but you might wonder what an outstanding bill of $400,000 might do to the city's finances? Even after a bounced $60,000 check?

Who's moving equipment out of town on pallets? Are the lights there still on. If there not producing a product why aren't the employee's waiting inside to see if they might be needed? What this operation isn't  run like the electric department?

What is the CORE problem here?

Utility bills go unpaid for how long? Who is responsible? Who decides? Will this also show up in our power factors.
Since we don't produce power I guess we just shell this out of our deep pockets?

The good news every city administrator from the acting city manager down will still be paid twice a month. Remember it's not their money only their decision's.

At least soon the bleeding will stop.


At last night Planning Commission Heisley Park resident Raymond Sternot question the Commission on the intent of the legislation concerning buffers the city has with concerns with railroad right-of-ways as well as freeways. Mr. Sternot  believed that 300 feet of flat land was not the intent of this Commission. He found out quickly he was wrong. Wetlands including frag mites even if not owned by the developer count.
Now on flat land a rail bed will rise 6 to 8 feet above the terrain. with the train another 20 feet above that. the city only calls for a four foot buffer and what purpose that would have on noise, dust
I have no idea?
But according to the city administration the "experts" ; the city engineer, as well as the city planner believe this is sufficient?
The law is vague and Ray's point was this so the developer could jam as many homes into this plat and not consider the quality of life to the future Painesville residents?

Mr. Sternots made a statement and  I'm paraphasing here. "Painesville City will never be another Mentor or Painesville Township." 

I believe in the future the Planning Commission will view this more carefully.

After the meeting I asked Ray which councilman made that statement? His own Ward IV councilman Paul Hach? I guess our comeback might not just be around the corner?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Every move you make, I'll be watching you.

I brought up Executive Session at last night's council meeting. I brought up three examples where  I believe council possibly broke Ohio Sunshine Laws about what can be and cannot be discussed in an executive session meeting. I wasn't in those meeting but our law director as well as council-president sat in on them. I brought up three examples the one I found most indefensible was the statement that  two councilpeople mention in the December 17,2012 a discussion paying AMP-OHIO so to not incur anymore interest. [It's all in the minutes]
Unless AMP-OHIO was going to sue you,or you were going to sue them that conversation should have never come up in executive session. Gurley knows that and I'm believe Hada should have known also.
Sorry Joe's I won't let you sweep this one under a rug.
If there was a lawsuit, show us the paperwork.

Also during that time I question why the city doesn't address executive session. I can't find it. unless;

The council shall meet in regular sessions at least once each month during the months of July and August, and twice each month during the remaining months, at such times and places are fixed by ordinance. The clerk should call special sessions of the Council upon request of the President of Council or of any three members. Any such request shall state the subject to be considered at such special meeting and no action shall be taken on any other subject.
(Amended November 3, 1993)
Odd no mention of executive session can be found in the Charter? If you find it please tell us.

Adding an extra 7 to 10 days to pay your utility bill? I believe that one will die on the vine.
A Councilperson should just ask for a ordinance to be voted on, then we can see where the votes are. I hope they know they are allowed to bring up legislation? That's part of their job.
At the same times they explained different payment plans available to residents. Tony Torre asked about the city statement that a credit card to pay your utility bill when Tony found out there was a $4.75 charge to do this that pretty much ended the conversation. They also suggested automatic payment withdrawal from your checking account. Yes sir I want this bunch to have access to my bank account.

Everything on the agenda passed the only no vote for streetscape was Councilman Flock. I believe Andy wants no part of the backlash when residents see what close to $900,000 gets them.

The city engineer was asked about the repavement of Charlotte St. He stated at the meeting that he presently didn't know how long the street was. I mentioned to council that's its a little over 3/10ths of a mile. The worse part is the 600 feet from Liberty to Westwood. Wonder if he knows where the street is? Your paying the freight people.

Councilman Flock asked when the last time the electric plant produced electricity. He was told it's on standby and it last produced power in August. Councilman Flock asked how many people presently work in the power plant? 30 he was told, then he asked how many worked there when it produced power 30 he was told by Paul Morton. Later the number was revised to 42 over three shifts. 
The Director of the water department said he call the electric department for employee's to help on water projects in the city.

Councilman Flock questioned the fire chief how EMS will respond to calls in Cobblestone. The reason presently is that  the Heisley Rd. bridge over Rt. 2 is closed. The chief said they can still get to Cobblestone. Anytime day or night?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

"OUR HOUSE" crosby stills nash & young

I believe Jen Reed mentioned this at the last council meeting but due to our fantastic sound system I missed it.
Yet in Fridays Lake County Tribune 02/15/13 their was an article on page 3 of Historic Gage House has new owners.

If you remember that house was moved from it's location at Erie ans State St. to make room for the new Rite-Aid Drugstore. Many residents presented ideas to save that building. With co-operation from the city as well as Corporate Rite-Aid decided that they would spend the same amount of money to move it as demolish the building. The building was moved on April 26, 2007 and I as well as many others believed this would be a fine addition to our downtown. Then the economy collapsed and since the move the building has sat empty. Now Tracy Bellamy, owner of Isis Properties,LLC and Goddess Construction,LLC along with her partner and fiance' Rick Montgomery, have purchased the building and have plans for the historic home.

Whatever they decide to do I hope the Painesville area people support this endeavor. If it becomes a quality coffee shop, frozen yogurt or other similar type of business.

In my eyes a private project like this will do more for downtown Painesville than spending $892,000 on two blocks of Main St.

Speaking of Main St. Big changes coming to that has been known as the Hillside or Dahling building also.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Ted Nugent? Yes I thought you should know who is the new spokesman and leader of the tea party as well as the NRA board director.
Ted is an admitted child pedophile, draft dodger, and board member of the NRA? This is the GOP future? I thought he was moving?


Now the real reason for this post is to let people  know what the Painesville Charter Review Committee proposes for the review committee.
Jan Clair will head the committee with Rita McMahon as a second.
Now after reviewing the changes in the 2003 charter changes that was mostly to clean-up the charter.
Now Law Director Joseph Gurley attended the meeting to let the committee know there was a Type-O in the last review that was written the the law director must attend all charter review meetings? I guess  he who like council to amend this ten years after the fact? Wonder if they will.
Wish he would have explained a "Take or Pay" contract to council?
The committee will review the charter in four sections. The committee will accept  requests for changes from the public. Last Wednesday the POC held a meeting with concerns about the charter. It was the largest attendance we have ever had. We will meet every Wednesday at Morley Library until  we reviewed the Charter. The POC has decided to request four changes to the Charter as a group. This was done so we could focus on these issues. Members and visitors can add any proposal on their own .

The Charter is not as simple as it might seem.

Thereafter, the Council shall meet regularly as such time as may be prescribed by the rules, but not less frequently than twice each month. There were 8 different statements in this section. At the bottom (Amended November 7, 1989; November 2, 2010.)  Which of the top eight  was amended?

The Council shall meet in regular session at least once each month during the month of July and August, and twice each month during the remaining months, at such times and places as are fixed by ordinance.
(Amended November 3, 1993.) Again what was amended? Also a coflict?

Section 10. VACANCIES
The office of an elected officer of the City shall become vacant upon his death, resignation, recall, conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude, absence from Council meetings for three (3) consecutive months without  being excused by council...
Now if someone didn't come to a meeting for three months why would council decide? If you say military service. I believe you are going to be gone for more than three months. Or is this the ace in a councilmans  pocket to bring a sick person into your meeting for a vote you need? Or keep that person on salary as a councilman get that person to qualify for PERS?
What about the ward? What about the city residents. I think we all got to see this not so long ago.
You miss so many meetings a year no excuses from anyone.

What do I see the city wanting to change?



Amendments to this Charter may be framed and submitted to the electors  of the City by a Charter Committee in the manner provided by law for framing and submitting a new Charter.
Amendments may also be proposed and submitted by ordinance passed by a vote of the majority of the members of the City Council, by Charter Review Committee as defined in Section 2..........


Or, by a petition signed by not less than (10%) of the qualified electors of the City,setting forth any proposed amendment, and filed with the Clerk of Council in accordance with the provisions of Section 1 OF Article X of this Charter, wherupon the Council shall forthwith provide by ordiance for submitting such proposed amendment to a vote of the electors.

In other words a private citizen could get a petition signed  by 10% of qualified electors and make council put it on the ballot.

I expect this to be deleted.

"Stay thirsty my friend"

Coming soon never enough money for our school board.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"PRECIOUS ILLUSIONS" alanis morisett

Recently I came across a contest sponsored by the Lake County Visitor Bureau.

Who has the most Historic Downtown Painesville or Willoughby?

At first I viewed this as a silly question. Painesville's downtown is for the most part dead in the evenings and Willougby has turned into a vibrant place to be on a weekend night.
Yes Painesvilles has a great weekend with "Party in the Park" and "Taste of Painesville" Friday night car shows, Thursday Farmers Market  but on day to day commerce Willoughby outshines Painesville. Then again that wasn't the question was it ? Who has the most Historic downtown.

We have a distinct advantage here do to the fact we are the county seat and nothing anywhere in the county can top Lake County Courthouse. period. Since I was a little boy I stood in aw of the statue's of the " Cain and Able" (corrected) in front of the building even a child would recognize this as an important place.
Painesville City Hall the old county court house has remarkably been the focus as well as the trademark of Painesville.  The old Painesville Bank Building at the corner of Main and Park. The south side of Main Street between St. Clair and State streets.
Not far from Downtown we just recently celebrated the 200 anniversary of Rider's Inn another historical landmark of Painesville. Coming soon Steele Mansion. The rebirth of Lake Erie College This along with a dedicated Historical District.

The true gem of Painesville?  Veteran's Park. The civil war statue along with the Gazebo welcomes all to Painesville.

Yes Willoughby has fine dining, makes beer and is crowded on a Friday or Saturday night. Have numerous more businesses and can take pride in their downtown but Historical I don't think so.

As I have mentioned to my friends in Willoughby nobody has died in our hospital in the last seven years.

To visit or vote here is the link  153839431317646&rest=1

Friday, February 8, 2013


I thought maybe the blog. could help find Painesville's oldest Municipal Electric user since they are planing some celebration to have this year on the 125th anniversary of this endeavor.

I'm to believe the person has not to be born here but has used the Painesville power the longest.
So if your 90 year old mother who lived in Madison for the first 80 years of her life is not what it appears they are looking for. You might have a family member or a neighbor that you know fits the profile of what they are looking for.

On other electric news a resident called me today and asked what " I" was going to do about the three city electric trucks sitting down at the end of old Rt 86 near St. Mary's Cemetery? Nothing.  I informed them if they could either call City Hall or a councilperson.  My suggestion to the city is instead of bright red trucks maybe they could  paint them in camouflage colors?   Maybe it's time to find a new hiding place guys?

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Yes coming this May many will be tempted  to vote for Painesville City Schools:
5-year, 6.06-mill renewal levy for operating expenses.
If you remember last year we passed a new operating levy for close to the same amounts. The main reason given was inflation as well as the believed state funding cuts.

Governor Kasich's newly proposed formula where no district is cut. I will outline what Painesville will receive from the state and you decide what to do.

FY 2013 PCLS received                          $21,033,756.00
Estimated student count                              3,185
3-year Avg.Valuation Per Pupil               $63,670.00
Core Opportunity Aid                              $11,854,477.00
Targeted Resources                                 $5,177,257.00
Students with Disabilities                        $741,350.00
English Language Learners                      $2,550,969.00
Economically Disadvantaged Students      $2,647,481.00
Gifted and Talented                                 $159,052.00
Early Childhood Access                          $613,217.00

TotalFY2015 funding $23,743,803.00
 Added Funding          $  2,710,048.00 +

This works out to a 12.88% increase in funding from
the State of Ohio.

All these figures can be reviewed at


One thing in this budget that seems out of place is the small amount of funding gifted and talented receive? Seems like more money should be spent to promoted our brightest students.

Now there will be a school board meeting this Monday February 11, 2012 I am sure we will receive an explanation for the cuts that didn't come as well as the reason for even more funding.

Look I'm not telling you how to vote but I believe this administration has over exaggerated the loss of funding from the state.

We should be willing to listen but our school system will receive over $2,000,000 from the state. per year for the next two years.

Riverside Schools will receive $1,015,055.00 a 17.02% increase
Mentor no increase.
Willoughby-Eastlake with 11,000 students   $847,901.00 7.32% increase

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"CHECK ON IT" beyonce

Just for a change now that the Super Bowl has come and gone. Pretty decent game. Lost a little money, that's another story.... I would like you to tell me the commercial in the game, not the one you thought was best. Budweiser's Clydesdale's are almost a sure hit every year. Chrysler's Jeep "Home" as well as the Dodge truck "Farmer" are so well put together.

No I want the one that surprised you the most good or bad.

My surprise commercial was "Wolves" give him back the puppy.
There were so many Speed Stick "Fold your panties", The Rock "Milk" the "Tide Stain" Old people in rest homes running the streets at night, and what exactly was that woman on the beach selling ?

Good or bad let us know.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"AN' ANOTHER THING" dave matthews band

At last nights council meeting I watched Lori DiNallo become a councilperson. First off she took a concern that John Murphy had proposed and investigated the matter even checking what other communities policies were.
She proposed a 7 day grace period added to utilities bill payments. Electricity, Water, Sewer, Storm Sewer and the $8.00 surcharge for water line updates.
Someone in the visitor's time mentioned their bill is due the 15th yet they haven't received it yet. Mrs. DiNallo is looking out for seniors as well as others who's income check does always work with Painesville's billing system. It was put on first reading and council would like input from residents.

Also Mrs. DiNallo I know is reading her packet. She questioned the legislation that was passed by council concerning the Council of Government. This group of communities are  getting together to share assets and all could save money by not duplicating resource purchases.
Yet in the legislation that council was asked to sign there was added legislation that the communities if decided could hire an executive director as well as staff to run the COG . None is presently proposed but if in the future Painesville could get out voted by the other communities and then we will hear "You voted for the resolution, remember?"

She mentioned to the Council-President that she didn't vote for this? If in the future they can come back with a proposal, why give it to them now? She and Mike DeLeone will meet with the COG next week to get an explanation.
I feel if she and others do as investigating "the packet"  our local government  will be better served.

This may seem like a strange post when you consider the number of times I have criticized Mrs. DiNallo. When she's right she's right and it should be commended by the  community. Thanks for doing your job Lori. I believe if you would have been around during the AMP-OHIO negotiations we still may have that 2 million dollars as well as not sending Prairie State $300,000 a month.
Something tells me Mrs. DiNallo is not an automatic "yes" on council?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

"TEACHER TEACHER" 38 special

I've been getting anonymous tips with concerns at Harvey High School. Some I print some I have to ignore do to the fact I don't know who's sends my the comment.
I decided to find a source  in the building who has no connecting to the school administration or me.
I found someone. Remember kids say the darnest things?

First off if Dr. Hanlon is ever asked what one of his best hires  happens to to be Principal Van McWreath.
Yes, I'm a big fan of Mr. McWreath and there are a legion of others that think the same way.

Now I here rumblings allegedly that a couple of board members believe he should be held responsible as well as terminated for the two Harvey basketball games that we're forfeited do to an ineligible player? That's a weak argument.  I don't believe Mr. McWreath had any decision in the hiring of  the Athletic Director, Assistant Principal or Guidance counselor. They are all hired by the administration.
On another level did Mr. McWreath notify the administration when he learned of the infraction? If he did what answer did he receive? Seems like a gap between finding out and admitting to the deed?
People should ask.

On another subject many people have informed me of  someone very high in the administration and I don't want to use names  here has shown their unhappiness with Mr. McWreath. I have always thought and found in the past and believed this person always wanted to see the best for Painesville students. I was informed it was mostly through this person's actions was the main reason for the  departure of the principal at Heritage this past year. We as a community were never informed as to the reason of his departure? Having the position this person currently holds they have an obligation to publicly inform us at a board meeting their displeasure with Mr. McWreath. Remember the last meeting? Everyone wanted transparency. It's time the vail of secrecy is lifted. If we have a problem inform us. Looking into Mr. McWreaths qualifications I learned he could successfully apply for a Superintendent position maybe even  here?  Making him their boss. Just a thought.

The Painesville community as a whole have no idea how fortunate they are to have Mr. McWreath at Harvey and if someone doesn't approve of his action's please bring them out  in the open.

Something for the administration as well as the board must understand. If your position is to continually drive quality staff away for irresponsible reasons, I can guarantee  this community will reward you with a vote of no confidence as well as NO votes on future levies. You decide

The people in Painesville expect more. Not more bad press in the newspaper along a belief we will accept failure. You must do better with what students you are given. No more excuses.

I will keep a weekly watch on the cafeteria employee's progress through the court system and maybe find out what's going on.

On another note in todays Sunday News-Herald there is an insert  called Parade. People should go to page 14 and read Ask Marilyn which deals with our famed 50% policy. After reading the article you decide on the 50% policy.

Harvey Pride Committee

Will hold a Chili Cook Off
Febuary 8,2013 from  4:30pm-6:30pm
Harvey cafeteria
$5.00 adults Students and senior $4.00 under 4 free
cornbread/Italian bread
Cattyout is available

Saturday, February 2, 2013


During the last couple of months city resident and perpetual office seeker John Murphy has brought up numerous times to council a policy to extend the time to pay your city utility bill.
Presently it is 15 days John has asked council to review this policy.

Now I do expect to hear that this done to keep your Painesville utilities the lowest in the area. There not.

John's claim that due to the  schedule of Government checks such as Social Security as well as the zone your utilities are recorded in there are times when your check doesn't come soon enough to avoid a late fee charge.

I looked  at the figures John has compiled and an additional 10 days added would solve the problem.
Money's tight and anything the city could do to help some of these people out might be viewed as a God send.
I don't want to hear about First Energy or Lake County utilities policies. I am only interested in Painesville City policies.
The other thing about Painesville's utility bill it includes electric, water, sewer, storm sewer along with the $8.00 water surcharge ALL that will be subject to a late fee.

With all the money the city seems to have to throw around could we save a few bucks for some residents?

The reason I bring this up at Mondays council meeting under New Business Ordinance 925.17 Utility charges. I'm hope this issue will be discussed.

Friday, February 1, 2013


Some of you supporters of the former city manager better clean up your language if you want your comments published on the the blog.

First off I hold no "hatred" towards her. I have learned a simple fact, if you don't ask all, as well as the right question  she never offered  you the complete answer.
It's like asking your teenager where there going. To the movies they answer. Then you must ask with who,where the movie is playing, how are you getting there, as well as the name of the movie. This council and residents seemed to be content with "to the movies"

I have learned know the answer before you ask the question and then you can verify the answer.
Here is an example:






was given first reading.

Ms. McMahon explained included as part of the grant from the U.S. Department of Energy for the
Vanadium Redox Battery was the provision that the City construct the building in which the demonstration project will be installed. The prototype of the battery is currently being tested and it is expected to be moved to larger scale production this summer. The first phase of the battery will be ready for installation by early fall. The proposed building will be located behind the current plant adjacent to the CSX railroad tracks. It will be immediately to the west of the current pole building behind the plant. The building will be a manufactured steel building of approximately 4,000 square feet. This item was included in the 2011 budget at $500,000.

Mr. Hach asked if the project comes in at a lower price we can use the money?

Ms. McMahon replied this is just an estimate. The project will be bid out?

Mr. Flock asked what are the dimensions of the battery?

Ms. McMahon replied they are 2x2 foot stacks. Each battery is made up of 45-60 stacks. The entire battery is about 30 feet long.  

I question the city last week when we can expect this project to start? Their answer.   The GRANT has been used for research and development costs. They are seeking additional funding to move into production of a 1MW battery.   My guess  this council as well as residents all believed the GRANT would include a functioning battery to operate in the building by now.   I believe and I hope I'm wrong we just built a 50' tall building to park trucks in? Again we didn't ask the right questions.   The list goes on if you want more examples I will post them.