Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This coming Thursday 04/30/09 7:00p.m. Andy Flocks "Town Hall Meeting" at the New Huntington Elementary School on Elm St. will have someone from the "Ohio Action Committee" to discuss with city residents the 1000 megawatt coal plant being built by AMP-OHIO and its partners {Painesville is one of them.] All factors of the plant, its costs and effect on the environment will be discussed. AMP-OHIO as of this time has refused to send a spokesperson to this meeting or a future meeting. Even if your only question is "whats electric power going to cost in ten years" you should plan to attend.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Council races are heating up, it was brought to my attention that one candidate for Council at Large had her mentor take her in front of the Lake County Republican Party Executive Committee. First off Painesville council election are nonpartisan meaning free from party affilation, bias, and designation. No law is broken by receiving contribution, endorsements, and campaign help. That said, its not breaking the law reporting on any candidate receiving or asking for help from either party. I am positive Mrs. Dinallo will explain this in her campaign. If any other candidate receives help from either party it should be disclosed.
My concern here is that one or both partys should stay out of nonpartisan races. All it seems to do is add to the cost of running for a seat. Some candidates have already over $6000 in their campaign coffers, and to run a council race in Painesville I believe some will spend over that amount. Go figure?

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Why do you never get an answer when your knocking at the door?

One thing I've noticed you have more questions than answers at the end of a council meeting.
Residents from Heisley Park , at least five or six have been coming to council meeting for at least five months. They are very polite and always state the reason they are there, water problems at Heisley Park. The city Manager always respones with the answer the city, developer, and Ryan Homes are working on a solution to the problem. Funny thing is Ryan Homes seems to ignore there is a problem and at the last meeting the residents said hey were looking into taking legal action against the city, developer, and Ryan Homes. They have even proposed a building moratorium against any new construction until a remedy is found to the problem. [Where have I heard that before] No one wants a lawsuit? So why didn't Council President approach council with the idea of a resolution to stop building until everyone comes to the table with a solution to the problem? Wonder who we're looking out for anyway Ryan Homes, the developer or the Residents, Who? Remember Ryan Homes doesn't get to vote.

Great news the people at Gristmill will soon have their nightmare end as the deal should close by April 30th. What about the Millstone residents? The same flood destroyed their homes. We were told one or two residents couldn't stop the process from moving forward. So what happened? I'm guessing, but there must be more of a problem than meets the eye. Do we know the whole story? I bet not, time will tell. One resident watched councils actions at a special meeting with a cheshire cat smile on his face.

Cobblestone Apartments? When they were being built it was important to have Grand River Fire Department as first responders, can't do it now? no big deal. Then why was it a big deal in the first place? Seven minutes good luck chief, even thats to long. Would it be asking our local governments Painesville, Mentor, Painesville Township to grow up and be adults.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


MADPOTTERS Special "Earth Day" post

Ran past the square on my way home from a rugby game yesterday afternoon and must say it was good to see a bit of activity. It was good to see a few kids playimg frisbee, planting a few seeds in a cup and general awareness. Good effort on the part of the city.
I didn't attend as I found big beefy young people running around and tackling each other on a field im Kent a bit more exciting. The email I received from Doug Nagy prior to the Earth Day event sounded pretty tame; my thoughts after reading...Where's the beef... the grass fed beef? With a town of less than 20,000 population we are in the best possible position to make a difference in sustainability.
I dream of living in a community with community gardens, garden clubs, community composting, a program where I could buy my mulch from my city; not Euclid or Beachwood.
A resource dept. at city hall to help get homeowners off the grid and sell power back to the utility company to give some relief to our beleaguered coal power plant. Can you imagine if evey house in Painesville had an alternate energy source on the roof? We could make a difference.
Schools with active gardens for school lunches or students could sell produce at the farmers market to earn money for prom, sports events and other things that not covered by school funds. Teach kids food comes out of the ground and not out of a box. Get parents involved doing things productive with their children.
Would like to see council people target places in each ward to work on a specific hot spot that needs "greening".
Seems we could team with Lake Erie College on some of these projects and maybe we are.
Andy Flock's Town Hall Meeting at the New Huntington School on Elm St. will have a guest from "Ohio Citizens Action" bringing the Spokesperson to inform citizens about the New Coal Power Plant Painesvilles involved in building in Meigs County Ohio and its effect on the environment. Thursday 7:00P.M. April 30, 2009 please plan to attend.
I do applaud Councilnan Flock for trying to make a difference.
Would like to see the city pave the roads so my car lasts longer....Painesville, the omly place I know where road rage is targeted at the roads and not other drivers.
Plant flowerinf ornamental trees on tree lawns insead of locusts and maples, mot good for the sewer systems.
Whats everyone slse doing for Earth Day?
Wishing you all hot compost and abundant gardens from her brush pile in Paine Falls.....
Mad Potter

Monday, April 20, 2009


Almost forgot tonights council meeting seems lite on the agenda, but we will get a report from the Finance Director. Hope council has some good questions to ask him. How much has revenue fallen in the first quarter of this year to the citys income tax collections? Will report on the meeting tomorrow, with NO bias.

Council meeting didn't get off to to great a start. Heisley Park residents have now threated the city, and Ryan Homes with a lawsuit over the water in their basements, stateing enough is enough. Law Director Gurley told them they could do what they wanted, and take a Cavalier approach if they wanted. A Heisley resident said thats O.K. he was tired of taking a Pirate approach to the flooding in his basement. A resident brought up the city newsletter about being a respossible good neighbor. He stated that the good neighborhood policy didn't seem to be working to well and what other ideas the city had to make your neighbors more responsive. I asked about the 170 nanufacturing jobs in the city. I was told as of this week there were 133 jobs of all kind in town. Full time, part time, service jobs, nurseing jobs and the city only reported what was on the employers web site. Good enough.
Finance Director Andrew Unetic gave the first quarter report, Painesville is still above water even with a 15% drop in income tax revenue, and a 40% drop in investment revenue. Police overtime was down 30% and Fire Department overtime was down 43%. The city was aware that revenue would take a hit this year and all city departments were working it into their budgets. We did purchased that $190,000 camera for the sewer lines, lets hope that finds an issue before it becomes a problem.
Gristmill residents should get their money and be able to move on by the end of the month. Millstone residents are the only ones left to make whole. There seems to be problems there that make a quick settlement unlikely.
The Cobblestone Apartment fire and E.M.S. problem seems to have flared up again with the city manager agreeing there is not agreement with Grand River Fire Depatment or anyone else for that matter.[ back to page one] The Fire Chief claims he can get a unit there in about seven and a half minutes. I heard its a little over nine minutes to get there. seven, nine its still to long. Council President Joe Hada seems to think Painesville Township has some responsibility because the children go to the township schools? I'm still trying to figure out his logic out on that one, but the people living there should be everyone first concern. Arlene Becks stated that if residents see tennis shoes tied together and hanging from a utility line to call the city. That is the sign of possible gangs active in that neighborhood.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Great! Just got my issue of "Speaking of Painesville" today. April-June
This newsletter and some of the other city publications should be called "Painesville Pravda".
On the front page bottom right hand corner; "Manufacturing Jobs Available"

Long story short, Ms. Bieterman Painesvilles Economic Development Coordinator, explained the website contained positions available in Painesville. There are currently over 170 manufacturing jobs available in the city posted by the employers themselves.


I called about ten of the largest employers in Painesville the ones that didn't laugh when I asked if they had positions open, said they hadn't added employee's for almost a year and some were even down to 24, 32, hours per week.
What I'm really concerned about is the city administration so far from reality they believe this? I know I will be hearing from the apoligists soon , but I even checked the website after Ms. Bieterman mentioned it at a council meeting . The website informed me of ALL jobs within 25 miles of Painesville. Ms. Bieterman nurses are not considered manufacturing jobs. People need real jobs not your made up jobs.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Easter is the perfect time to take a moment and count all you blessings, Family, Friends, Health.
May your basket be full of these today and always.
Lets all remember the true reason of Easter.

Alot of help from American Greetings

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Walked into the City Planning meeting tonight, WOW! full house seem they want to form a Mentor Ave. Historic Distrct. A triangle that went from Liberty St. Down Washington St.to Mentor Ave. back to Liberty St. A multitude of people spoke for and against the proposal. Have to report the "against" seemed to carry the day. One resident stated he felt we are about thirty years to late with this, another said he didn't feel the government had a right to tell him he couldn't change his house if he wanted to. Alot of emotion in the room. Planning Commission tabled the proposal.
Changing the zoning from B-2 to B-1 [a mix of business and residential].On that property om Chester St. They want to build a 12,000 foot two-story building that would have fifteen one bedroom apartments for people with a multitude of problems [mental, homelessness, ect] to get them to mainstream back into society. This facility would be run by Pathway and the property would sometime in the future be owned by a non-profit. Lots of positives, but more than a fair share of negatives that Painesville has more than its fair share of already. Planning voted against the change. Hope this helps explains what went on.

Monday, April 6, 2009


City Council meeting 04/02/09 Ordinances for Downtown Master Plan and Electronic Signs past. Resolution Final agreement with ODOT on repaving Mentor Ave. all passed with everyone voting "Yes".
City resident asked city manager if there was a problem with the people in Millstone getting therer money and goimg on with their lives bringing up a News-Herald article. The city manager stated all will be resolved within a month and the city will have the deed to the 16 acres of land. Ms. McMahon your on the clock.
Councilnan Werner showed some pictures of different ordinances being broken around town.
Councilman Becks brought up the fact she would be against the city rezoning the property at Chester and Chardon St. Also that the downtown hotel should be torn down.
Councilman Flock brought up safety concerns with the Cobblestone Apt. as to who were first responders if there was an emergency at the apts. Mr. Flock asked for letter on who would be first responder. Cobblestone seems to be in no-mans land. The city manager stated Mentor would not agree to it because they were not happy with Painesville developing Diamond Center. Grand River was having trouble staffing its station.
Right now let state that I don't think anyone cares about Mentor and Painesvilles "turf" wars only what happens if an 18 month old child is choking on something, or a 72 year old man goes into cardic arrest?
From my seat it seemed either the city manager didn't understand the concept between first responer, and mutual aid. Please prove to the councilman there an agreement or will we need a tragedy to find out.

A correction in this post I was under the impression that Councilman Flock had received the letters from the city manager concerning the other fire departments . Someone else at the meeting stated that was what the disagreement was about. The city manager stated she had sent all the information to Councilman Flock he stated he hadn't received any correspondance from her.


Anybody know what the plans are for that empty corner of Chester St. Lawnview Ave. and Chardon St.? I can only hope its something positive for that end of town.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Read Bunkys post and went back and reread the Fridays 03/03/09 story on Painesville story on no cuts page2. Yes Bunky I have to agree with you the article gives you the impression that someone on council or all council people negotiated the contracts with the three unions and were in further negotiations with the Police Union. People that work for the city seem to be upset with some parts of the agreements? Why? does council have a clue? My question did any member of council sit in on any negotiations? are they permitted to? Why would they not want to hear first hand concerns of their employees? Does the CM negotiate the contracts with her and the $300.00 perhr. outside Law Firm and bringing it to council for a Yes or No vote. If council has no say why even involve them?

Friday, April 3, 2009


Yesterday evening Painesville City Council held a special meeting.

Executive Session
To Discuss Personnel Maters Related to Union Negotiiations


No public notice was in the paper to inform residents, but oh well.

Two Unions and non-union employees were given a 2% raise every year for the next 3 years so if you make $28.00 per hr. you will now make an extra $22.40 a week the first year and in the final year make
$29.71 per hr. or now you make $1120.00per wk at the end of the contract $1188.40.
I also think the city manager said they were getting an extra holiday payed.

One word comes to mind "irresponsible" I would like to give the workers a 5% raise but in the economic times we live in today pay raises just don't seem to be approprriate at this time.
Council told us four years ago that if we didn't pass a 3.9mill charter change for safety. The leaders of the city stated we needed the million dollars it would raise or the city would be in dire straits it failed by over 80% No vote. You decide does Painesville have any credibility.
Think about this as you drive down the streets of Painesville.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This story goes along with the city's $86,000 Downtown Master Plan. In the past council at on time or another has approved building homes below the river level[Millstone} . fifty feet from the mainline of the CSX Railroad {Asper Commons}. In a swamp.[Heisley Park] and if given a chance in the old Diamond Soup Pond. This time we have outdone ourselves, an old time resident sent me an email from the Lake County Genealogical Society about the Washington Street Cemetery. located to the east of Harvey High School that buried people up until the 1860s when the city purchased Evergreen Cemetery.


Now reading the article no one knows for sure if all, some of the buried there were removed. No records were kept.
From the article:
The few remaining gravestones have been buried two feet deep, the paths trimmed and the undergrowth cut down and carted away. [These people could fit in here today}
A plat of the grounds was made by L.K. Pierson, to enable anyone later to locate graves.
In the ealy 1890s the Painesville Board Of Education saw the need to buid a new high school. The vacant land on Washington St. attracted their attention.
The City transfered the land on December 5th 1896, Since that time the land has been part of the high school grounds.
The fact that some of the graves had never been removed has periodically come back to haunt school officials.
Someone once made a movie about something like this "There Here"
I guess it shows you don't know where your going until you know where you have been.
A copy of the article was delivered to city hall.