Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"JUMPER" third eye blind

A lot has been mentioned about a third party run by someone this year. Trump, Paul, even Bloomberg.

Now, my thoughts on this may seem unconventional to many of you but I do not think the third-party run will come from the above-mentioned three. Trump would never expose his financial records; Paul is too loyal to the party and his son the Senator. Bloomberg is, well, just in love with New York.

So I guess a third wheel is not in the country’s future this year.

Then again, who is more arrogant and pissed-off enough at the established Republican Party than Newt Gingrich? Can't happen? Here are some names of a few conservatives from coast to coast that have been bad mouthing "Newton Leroy” since he established himself as number one.

Everyone from Glenn Beck to Joe Scarborough to Senator Tom Colburn and even Karl Rove badmouth this guy.

Now Republicans are constantly reminded to go easy on Ron Paul’s followers so as to not alienate them. Yet, what about Newt's followers? Let’s make Lucy jokes about him not getting on his home state of Virginia primary ballot.

I do not have a clue as to who is the best of the Republican hopefuls… but I do know in his heart Newt believes he deserves to be the contender.
Let’s say it plays out and Romney is the candidate. What does Newt owe anyone in the GOP party? [Where will anybody but Mitt people go?]

After watching what has transpired in the last year anything is possible.
Watch out… here comes Santorum! Please will you people get serious?


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"RIGHT HERE WAITING' richard marx

I have given some thought to the makeup of this coming year’s Painesville City Council.

Yes, last Monday was the final meeting for both Robert Fountain and Hal Werner. I thought Council-President Hada had nice things to say about both of them. I did notice Mr. Hada's comments on Hal Werner were "off the cuff" and a prepared statement was read about Mr. Fountain. Maybe I read too much into that. Well it is that time of year to let bygones be bygones and good will towards men. Right?

Which brings me to next year’s council? I once asked Councilman Flock if at any time he has ever held the position of Council-President or Council Vice-President. He mentioned to me he never has. I found it curious that he has spent sixteen years on council and never given that honor by fellow council members. I told Andrew he was the ‘Susan Lucci’ of city council.

At this point in time, I do not even know if Andy would accept either position… but I guess just the fact that he has never been asked says a lot about the present organization of council.

It also might not be a good idea since Mr. Flock has stated publicly he has lost confidence in the present city manager. In addition to the constant arguing with the present council-president, it just might not be a good fit.

One thing I have always noticed about Andy is the fact that "All" city residents come first. If its safety concerns at Cobblestone or flooding somewhere in the city Andy always seems to be the "go to guy."

A resident mentioned that they asked the city manager to approve another Columbarium at Riverside Cemetery since no space is presently available. Who did she then approach to see if council could approve this?

Mr. Flock is far from perfect, as many of you have let us know here on the blog, but is there another council member that cares as much about you and other residents in Painesville as he does?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


"HOME ON THE RANGE" roy rodgers

Well, if you are going to make the paper, it might as well be over chickens.

At the council meeting last night, it was explained that, first off, the resident who came in front of council was not in violation of any ordinance. They should have been told to keep your two chickens caged... and if they're out of the cage then keep them in a fenced in area. Too easy!

Now the city wants to propose an ordinance that would allow up to six chickens housed in a twenty-four foot cage that is predator proof... along with a fenced in area so I guess they can be "free range". Why?

First, I think it was reasonable for two chickens per one residence, not one family or one address, none in apartment houses, privately owned homes only. No roosters either.

When the city proposed six chickens per residency, I believe some council members viewed it differently. Maybe that was the purpose. The lady asked for TWO not SIX. Why make a big deal over this? Two chickens provide an average of 14 eggs a week... do the math with six.

So what else did we learn? There is a limit of three dogs per household and we never even discussed cats. Now rabbits... you can have as many as you want. We already knew that.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

"BOTH SIDES NOW" joni mitchell

Learned about a new word at last Monday night’s council meeting.


That word, as applied by the city, means the city give you credit for city income tax in the city you work in. If you live in Painesville but work in Mentor, you pay Mentor’s 2% income tax and the City of Painesville gives you full 100% reciprocity of that amount.

New rules that the administration seems to be considering.

Let's say Painesville changes its policy and only gives you 75% reciprocity.
Here is the formula. You work at Acme Manufacturing in Mentor and your annual salary is $40,000. You are obligated to pay city income tax and it is taken out of your paycheck… 2% Mentor income tax. This amount is $800.00. [All $800.00 goes into Mentors coffers] Now Painesville with its 75% reciprocity in place will send you a city income tax bill for $200.00 even though you did not make a dime of income in Painesville.

I believe that in order for this to become law it should go to the voters and not left up to council.

Heard a rumor this week about the auction numbers regarding the Chase Bank Building on the square in Painesville. The building and property were appraised at $230,000 with the opening bid at $199,000… could the real estate business be this bad in Painesville as well as the rest of the country.

On another rumor, it seems Sheriff Dan of Lake County would like his commission on selling the Millstone property. I hear it is around $40,000. Want to bet he (as well as the county) will be expecting his commission soon. Whose idea was it to bid that high number for that property in the first place? I heard the city manager tell a resident they received the check from FEMA for the down payment. I wish one council person had the guts to ask please "show them the check."

Seems it will be another uneventful Christmas for all the former residents of Millstone who have been waiting for a "present" for over five years. Yes, go ahead and blame the Bear but I’m beginning to believe there are more villains than we think.

Take it to the bank… Ron Paul will win the Iowa caucus. Don't count Huntsman out yet. [He is the only one that can beat Obama]

Friday, December 9, 2011

"LITTLE PINK HOUSES" john melloncamp

I see the planning commission passed the "spot" zoning for the Steele Mansion Thursday night. Now council must vote on it... probably early next year. [New members]

I wish the Shamakians success with council and the vision that they have for the property.

As little as two years ago, if anyone would have shown us where the restoration of the mansion was today we probably would have thought that they were crazy. It amazes me every time I drive past.

As I mentioned at Thursday's meeting, in the past people here in town have had a tendency to find fault with any “golden egg" brought to us. This family has bestowed a gift to the city. In the beginning, I believe even the Shamakians could not predict this phenomenal outcome.

Do you know of any private citizens who have made such a large investment in our community in the last twenty-five or more years?

To the many residents that oppose this venture of converting this to an Inn... I ask if a fourteen-unit apartment building would better enhance your Mentor Avenue National Historical District and your property values. When I mentioned that the mansion could be the anchor of their district, one person claimed he did not want to live across the street from an "anchor".

This is hardly a quiet neighborhood. A college, physicians’ offices, assisted living along with two churches and a funeral home….all on the busiest street in town.

At least everyone that spoke congratulated the Shamakian family for bringing back the mansion.

Some reasons mentioned for not changing the zoning: what if it fails, what if it burns down again? And so many of you people tell me I am full of negativity!

This family did not get to where they are through failure… sure, a fire could occur but I’m willing to bet this home will have more than enough insurance to rebuild.

Many people mentioned that Planning Board Chairman Thomas Fitzgerald had selfish reasons for voting against the change. Sorry, I do not see it that way. He struggled with his vote. I believe Mr. Fitzgerald voted no because of the residents that did not want to change the zoning in their neighborhood… not that he owned a Bed & Breakfast.

If they are opposed to businesses, will someone please explain to me how an apartment building is not a business? If Painesville ever has a prayer of turning this town around, we have to start somewhere….and what better way than supporting the Shamakians. Very seldom is a town given a contribution of this magnitude, let’s not screw it up.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

" YOU WERE MINE" dixie chicks

Well at Monday nights council meeting we learned about two more "illegals" living in the southside of town.

Maude and Ruby these are two young chicks that the city deems have to go.
First let me explain Maude and Ruby are two "real" chickens that happens to be owned by a nice lady who keeps them for eggs for herself and no rooster is present.
She seems sincere and very ecologically aware of her footprint here on earth.
Asking her if she had a goal to expand her I don't even know what you would call it herd? She only wants TWO chickens period.

Other cities have ordinances to let chickens live in there town so would it be a stretch to let TWO chickens ONLY on a residential property?
I have no clue as to how many people would want two chickens but it seems to be a reasonable request.

I hope she can keep Maude and Ruby... This is what can happen when you run a FOWL of city government.

On another note any odds on how the planning commission will vote Thursday night on the Steele Mansion? Very strong opposition from prominent city resident?


Attended tonight Planning Commission Meeting the vote was 3to 1 to change the zoning and move it forward to council. Maybe there isstill hope for Painesville?
Packed house.

Monday, December 5, 2011


My Annual Year-End attack on the Republican Party:

Thirty years ago, I remember a man running for President that came up with a new term I had never heard before. “Supply-Side Economics”. Seemed innocent enough at the time. His challenger (who would become his Vice-President and later President) called it "VOO-DOO' economics. If Bush ever hit anything on the head, it was the right name for that economic plan.

We were promised a "trickle down" effect. Well, we were trickled on all right.

Fast-forward thirty years and look at any economic chart, whom does this policy benefit? Yes, the top 1 or 2% have done GREAT! Now the middle class is barely hanging on. Why?

If this policy was so great, why didn’t the majority of Americans reap the same benefits as the top 1 and 2%? The top 1% now controls 50% of all the wealth in this country.

They say the Bush tax cuts are needed by the job creators.
They Got the tax breaks, now where are the jobs? Let’s clarify that the jobs that have been created are now located everywhere else but in America.

You have a private citizen who threatens anyone who doesn't sign his pledge with a challenger in a primary. Gee, all along I thought they only had to be faithful to the Constitution. What backbone this party has.

To be honest, watching the debates I thought only Democrats could look so foolish. Someone mentioned it was like the television show "The Apprentice". Low and behold, the Donald wants to host a debate. Yes... after most candidates went on a pilgrimage to Trump Towers to kiss the ring, I mean comb of the "Donald". Whom do you think those candidates will be looking out for? That self-made man who used his father’s wealth to build an empire or you and me?

Well, one thing that party did right was replace a chairman who spent party money at strip joints with one who mentioned that President Obama's policies had cost 26 million jobs. He later corrected himself. With that said how many of you know anyone named Reince? Talk about elitists.

We were promised jobs a year ago. Where are they?

Our Governor, to his credit, managed to get Chiquita Bananas to move their corporate headquarters to South Carolina. Well Gov, if you want credit for what you bring to Ohio, I guess you also have to take credit for what you lose.

I guess my question is ‘How long will we buy into this myth?’

A final thought to you FOXNEWS aficionados. After last week they have picked your candidate and its NEWT! Softball questions from Hannity as opposed to hardball question from Bret Baer to Romney. Check it out.

Hey, Isn't Trump Towers right next to Tiffanys? How Convenient.

I only do this post to for the people that say they don't come here but do,so enjoy.
Argue all you want but try to remember one thing.
Would Eisenhower,Nixon, Goldwater,Ford and Reagan ever had made a pilgrimage to Trump Tower?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

"ON THE ROAD AGAIN" willie nelson

Monday night council meeting will be pretty much a re-run of the last meeting. In addition, our Finance Director will give a presentation on city finances.

I believe Councilman Fodor will propose a road levy. Yes, our roads are in sad shape and it will be interesting how he will propose selling this to us.

Due to the present economy, this is not the time to ask residents for more money.

What cuts can still be made in the city budget to free up some money?

At the last council meeting, I asked what percentage of the general fund is spent on wages and benefits. What is the answer? My understanding is that the city pays close to 3 million dollars a year towards health benefits for employees.

If the city tells us no more cuts can be made, then residents should reply, "We also can make no more cuts to our family budget."

Maybe Painesville has to learn to live in its budget as we do.

Let's start with the top two wage earners in the city government; combined with wages and benefits, we are looking at over $289,000 for a town with 19,000 residents… seems high to me. Forget the police fire, public works, and utility workers that you see every day. How many directors and middle management do you really need? Our City Manager always tells us what a great group of people this is; then why do they need so much supervision?

If a road levy is proposed, it will be up to residents to vote yes or no. Rest assured that this blog will do everything in its power to inform the people the costs to run this town.

Speaking of levies, I see two more downtown buildings are in the demolition mode, the little brick building on State St. next to the hardware store along with the professional building at the corner of Erie and Mentor Ave.

Lets take a look at all of the buildings that are no longer revenue producers and soon you will understand that the city has a lot less revenue coming into the city coffers. How much revenue did we lose with Gristmill and Millstone? How about the hotel, the income tax revenue from Lake East and Coe Manufacturing? The rumor is that property will be turned over to the Port Authority also. If that happens then we get zero property taxes.

A levy Mr. Fodor?

Who is going to pay for this levy? How about a plan to examine why we have so many empty buildings that used to be revenue producers and what can we do about returning some them to the tax rolls. Please do not ask me for more money without addressing the rest of the problem.