Thursday, June 30, 2016

"LIVIN' LA VIDA LOCA" ricky martin

Upside, inside out she's livin la vida loca
She'll push and pull you down

Oh, the everlasting saga of Veronica Dahlberg, continues in the City of Painesville!

Say what you want about this woman she's always figuring out away to get someone to give her and/or her HOLA  something for nothing! What a great civic lesson for new immigrants.

Ms. Dahlberg embeds herself into many organizations not to improve that organization but to see what the organization can do for HOLA. Ask someone on the local Chamber of Commerce. She's presently doing so well she now has a Project Director Elizabeth Perez.

On July 11, 2016 at 3:00 PM on the fifth -floor of the County Nolan Building the Land Bank will hold a meeting.

Myself I expect many anti-illegal citizen's to show up, but me I have to ask if yes our Diversity is so important as well as our desire for all in this community to assimilate why in God's name is a government agency giving JUST  Latino's a clubhouse?

What Black's don't need a  place to Chill, or a White Hangout's. I guess there  just doesn't show a need around here?

Now the Land  Bank is in their mind doing a positive land transfer. Problem is it not for two-thirds of the population of our community. It's plain old segregation.

Can you imagine the government giving land, building as well as grant money to repair the roof, install a commercial kitchen in the rehab business? Did they do this for any other 'culture' club?

And foremost where will the patrons of this park their vehicles? St. Mary's? I hope the Diocese realizes they are responsible for whatever happens on their property.

I can only hope people who attend this meeting stick to the facts! and not get involved with the legality of a federal issue.


Cav's still NBA  Champs
Indian's In first place, haven't lost since Cav's won Finals.
Lake Erie Monster's Still Chandler Cup Champs
Brown's 4 straight weeks with nobody failing a drug test!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"OPUS 12" frankie vali and the four seasons

No matter what you do
I'll spend my whole life waiting if you want me to.

Attended the 'Code' meeting at City Hall yesterday.

Let's start with the easy ones;

Top 12 Code Violations

Painesville Dirty Dozen

#1      High Grass and Weeds*  Residential six inches
#2      Rubbish and Debris* Don't contemplate your own garbage dump
#3      Inoperable Vehicles*   even Race Cars must be licensed
#4      Improper Storage* The junk on your property isn't "Art"
#5      Grass Parking* Really? With a straight face!
#6      Recreational Vehicles*  Your back yard or driveway is not a campground
#7      What is your Address* How can anyone from the fire department to the UPS driver find you?
#8      What Color is your House*   Peeling paint is not a color
#9      Rainy Weather*  Fix Roofs as well as Downspouts
#10    Staring at your Stairs* Get those Railings fixed
#11    Porch Furniture?   My favorite as well as a commenter on the blog.
#12    Detached Structures*  That Outhouse, Shed or Garage should not blight the neighborhood

The Dirty Dozen.

The Resident's concerns;

Many problems about renter's  especially College Resident's in homes near campus.
Harvey Property development has hit a snag
High Point Centre development as well.
Talk of a Community Garden
Best way to bring people Downtown? A Coffee shop (one that's open even in the evening)
The City Believes the Main Street Streetscape is a viable addition to Painesville and would like to expand it. ( Over my dead body)

Councilman DeLeone claimed there's nothing the city can do about the schools but are roads are improving and we have a low crime rate. To which a lady in the audience chimed in my house has been broken into three times in the last few years. Tough Crowd!

Most interesting thing I found out?
We talked about the Land Bank. I was told it had nothing to do with the City or County they operate separately. They acquire property when the land owner or the value of the property doesn't cover property taxes. When questioned further the city on Land Bank property cannot enforce vacant property fines and fees? You pay, government well doesn't . The city has no say in what ever the Land Bank decides to do or dispose of a property.

You know he does look 'Goofy' in that red hat?
Rumor's are no one wants to speak at the Cleveland GOP Convention?
Maybe bring Clint back with his empty chair?

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Since we are talking about Painesville City Codes. I heard an interesting story from a little bird today. Many of you have by now seen the display of Cavalier tee shirts in front of Rider's Inn. Well today the city informed the owner of Rider's that that sale area must be shutdown. A Painesville Police officer was sent to write a citation. When asked what they were in violation of the officer didn't know and left leaving pretty much everything up in the air? Maybe city officials should also attend the meeting tonight at 6:00 PM? To at least know what to write the citation for?

But if you try sometime you find
You get what you need

Back to Painesville!

Council people Mike DeLeone and Christine Shoop are holding a Town Hall Meeting at 6:00 pm Monday June 27, 2016 in Courtroom II at City Hall.
About 40 people showed up last month when the subject was 'Roads'

This meeting topic will be Painesville Codes. something many of us deal with quite often. Myself I wonder where the process to decide different  number's are arrived at?

Many people prefer this Town Hall setting rather then a council three minute rule and being official meeting.

This meeting is open to all city resident's and I am sure if another subject comes up it will be addressed.

A good question to ask yourself, do you know the difference between a R1 and a R2?

Do you know the code about fences?

Garage size?

Pool size?

Don't start projects that in the end you will have to spend more money to conform to Code.

To bad the GOP can't find to rid themselves of Trump? Maybe TREXIT?

Seriously you thought you would get me to quit?

PCLS home sales.

Marion Ave.                          $64,260
Rockwood Dr.                       $35,500
Avery Terrace                       $25,000
Rivers Edge Ln.                     $201,000  ( possible not in PCLS district)

Saturday, June 25, 2016


And you give yourself away.

A month ago this Brexit vote wasn't much on anyone's radar screen.

Trump lands in Scotland and I expected him to know what he was going to say about this.  You know a couple of weeks ago he also had no idea what it was either?

Now as he stepped off  the Helicopter he mentioned the suites at the Lighthouse as well as this beautiful golf course. When asked about Brexit he said the 'will' of the people have spoken. True but what do you think Mr. Trump? Well with the pound dropping in value more people can come to this golf course cheaper. That got me thinking wonder what a new Jaguar will cost now?

Over a million people have signed a petition for a re-vote? What have we done?  Well instead of watching soccer games you should have spent more time watching this.

Many Trumpster's believe this is the direction the USA should go to if Trump is elected? I don't know we will have between now and November to see how our cousins on the island make out. Will there be a boom, or a recession? Will the pound value exceed the Euro? Will the Brit's 401K rebound? Time will tell.

Giving us a front row seat to a possible Trump policy.

Now the "experts" claim the big winner in this fracture of the EU?  China .

This EU plan was hatched by no other than Winston Churchill in 1946 as a United States of Europe.. He had watched the destruction and carnage two world wars had done to Europe in little over twenty years and feared another war was a possibility. If the European nations would see the logic of not going to war due to it wrecking not only the warring party but their own. Now the Brit's joined the EU in 1972 26 year's after Churchill's proposal.

Just saying Trumps no Ronald Reagan or a Winston Churchill!

Thursday, June 23, 2016


I have been able to verify on the passing of long-time Painesville Councilman William Horvath. The prayer's of our community are with his family.


Least I don't have to beg or borrow
Yes I'm living at a pace that kills!

The Headline should read;

Republican Legislators stand to let Radical Islamic Terrorists Second Amendment Rights,
Along with Fifth Amendment Right of due Process.

Kind of harsh but anyone have a better explanation? If you are on the no fly list, or suspected terror list you can buy a weapon! Plain and simple!

I guess the solution is to force all gun dealer's to do their business on an airplane?

To many people on list that shouldn't be on list? So first order fix the list! Ted Kennedy was on the no-fly list? Someone put him there to make a point, maybe?

As far as the Fifth Amendments the Republican's only want a 72 hour time limit to decide if you should be able to purchase that AR-15? Who's side are they on?  72 hours is due process? If that's the case every criminal should receive a trial within 72 hours.

Somewhere in the Middle East Abulla Aqua Oni Salbals is laughing his axx off at us!

No this is never been about common sense. This has always been about the power of the NRA who pimps to their whores in our Congress. You want our money you vote as your told.

Guess their was no meeting Donald? 80%/90% want something done but a Radical Terrorist  Group the NRA say's nothing doing. Talk about power!

And finally this isn't about gun rights, this is about the complicate marriage  of the NRA and the Gun Manufacturer.

The best we as a country can muster is a 'moment of silence' Well I won't be silent anymore there is no rationality to this thinking. Will it change? Maybe after one of these nut's or terrorist's kills some lawmaker's . Possible than they might see the light!

Please someone question our Congressman and Senator's why they are beholden to the NRA?

It appears the Trump campaign is nothing more than a money laundering operation?  Running for President off to open a golf course in Scotland! Yah he's a serious candidate.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

"BACK IN THE U.S.S.R" beatles

Man I had a dreadful flight (night)
I'm back in the U.S.S.R.

You know you have to be a masochist to sit through some of these council meetings?
That was the case Monday night.

The ordinance to increase funding to the DPO was left on second reading. Must decide at July meeting.

Resolutions both passed Phase II  includes State St. paving from Chester to Elm St. Levan St. and a few others.
As well as bathrooms down in Recreation Park.

Myself and another lady question 'new' cemetery procedures. We were told they are not new just being enforced due to a new director as well as they are not new just being enforced.
Later Parks and Recreation Director Michelle LaPuma explained in her presentation that items like solar lights would add to vandalism in our cemeteries? Also Rosary beads could damage or  could injure  equipment or employee's.   Also the lady that questioned in a phone call to the department to not only the removal of her angel but she found it broken at the cemetery garage. She was told that the cemeteries were beginning to take on a "Carnival Atmosphere?" and these changes were needed. My suggestion if you have anything questionable go out and collect it before the city sends an electric plant worker with nothing to do to remove it.

The Housing Task Force see no changes needed. for the Vacant Property Ordinance. BUT.....suggests the city use their meter reader's to identify and report possible vacant property. The city will check utility usage and if they find it low. Will send the property owner a postcard asking for an explanation?  So I guess they might want to know if your "shacking" up with a boyfriend or girlfriend? Only paying bills, taxes cutting grass as well as just doing your wash a home because she or he won't do it? Talk about over reach!
Wonder if those same meter readers will report excessive utility use? High electric, water say four or more families living in a structure? five cars parked on the lawn or other out of the ordinary items?
Wonder if Aqua Ohio or First Energy provides this service to Mentor or Willoughby. Remember these city utilities are to act as separate entities?

Sidewalks God help us! Over 30 minutes on sidewalks it was unbelievable. First off to sell your home in starting in 2017 your sidewalk must pass city mustard. Then in 2019 we are bringing back a blast from the Past! Agent Orange to X-O sidewalks in all wards. I suggest to be politically correct he will be marking in green. Green Meany. Another job for a electric plant worker who has free time on their hands? Council suggested the cost of a new cement sidewalk block would cost $150.00? Have any of you ever called for a cement truck?

This council brings new meaning to the term "Nero fiddled while Rome burned"

Speak of burning, as promised home sale prices in the PCLS district;

Elm St.            $31,500.
Ridgelawn      $60,000.
W. Jackson     $63,770.
Stockwell         $19,000.
N. St. Clair      $18,000
Chestnut St.    $92,900

Now exactly how strong is that loyalty to a Trump  surrogate ?

Saturday, June 18, 2016


Before I get into the agenda of this Monday's council meeting.

Our City Manager Anthony Carson invited me to a public meeting the  Ohio State Treasurer's office was having Friday  at city hall putting the City of Painesville online in Ohio Checkbook. Yes you can now go online and see Painesville's expenditures.  Everything is there a check to Office Depot for $4.87 to a $400,000 Insurance expenditures. Mr. Carson, Mr. Lewis and Mr. Unetic as well as their staffs worked diligently to make this a success. As of now 2015 is online. With more to come. If your having problems feel free to contact the Finance Department. As of now only Mentor-on-the-Lake and Painesville are currently the communities presently on line. With Eastlake, Willoughby, Willoughby Hills joining shortly.
Riverside School District, Mentor Schools are also online. Along with Perry Public Library.  By the end of the year the Treasurer expects 25% participation from all entities.
Just a reminder Painesville in 2015 had a budget of over $66,000,000 and issued 29,000 checks.
Only one council person attended  the presentation Ward I Christine Shoop.

Three items on the agenda for Monday nights council meeting;

Second reading of an ordinance to transfer funds ($6,000) additional going back to January. for the Downtown Painesville Organization.

First reading of a resolution authorizing the city manager to enter into contract for phase 2 of city Road Improvement.

First reading of a resolution authorizing the city manager to apply for and accept financial assistance for public recreation purposes. (maybe a city pool?) Nah, just kidding!

City Sidewalks
Channel 12
Council Procedures

Recommendations to Council - Housing Task Force

Presentation to Council: Parks and Recreation Director- Michelle LaPuma 

See You In July!

I expect Cleveland in July to be one to remember forever! Especially if this Dump Trump Movement gets legs.

I myself with his polling  going down, a need to spend his own money as well as his  "what's in it for me attitude" he might self-implode before  the convention? 

Friday, June 17, 2016

"UNDER PRESSURE" david bowie

July 11,2014    Promised!
June 20, 2016 Delivered!
Thank-you LeBron and teammates for your effort in bringing a Championship to the
'LAND'   miracle? can't be spelled without CLE!

Under Pressure
That brings a building down

What a difference Friday's can make?  After the Cleveland Cavaliers's went down 0-2 I turned off the TV and said well it's Cleveland what did you expect?

Now after tying the series 3-3 and heading back to Oakland someone mentioned the pressure on the Cavs. Sorry couldn't disagree more, all the pressure is on Golden State.  Best record in a regular season by any NBA team 72-9, two time MVP , last year champion. Well something has changed in the playoffs? there record is 15-8 in the playoffs? They were taken to 7 games by the Thunder will there luck hold out? Injuries? seems Gold States bench is a little shorter than it was.

Was there a moment when things seemed to change? I believe after a foul was called Seth Curry drove to the basket for a score that would not have counted , and LeBron rejected the layup. I looked at James face and he just wasn't going to let that happen!

Seems everybody is losing their cool. Seth Curry throws his $5,000 mouth piece into the stands, it wasn't retrieved by him.either. Maybe it will be auctioned off to a charity in Cleveland to sponsor a youth league? Even his wife Ayesha lost her cool, tweeting out that the series was rigged? Was it rigged  last year when the Warriors won? See Lebron's wife Savannah has to much class to make instigations like Mrs. Curry. Cleveland class? Goes from fans in the Q singing the star-spangled banner to her. We don't need Carlos Santana playing it on his guitar, it's been done before see Jimi Hendrix.

Myself  I was hoping for a Cavalier's  Draymond Green cup night. Little green protective cups with Draymond printed on them! This is the guy who claimed if he had played game 5 this series would be over now. Well maybe if Mr. Green quit hitting player's in a vulnerable place, he could have been in the line up for game 5?  Now explain your performance in game 6?

Presently that team looks a little shook-up?

Now to our Cleveland Cavaliers. Let's just say they are playing with house money. Very few predicted a game 7 in this series. All we have heard all year was the West, the West. Yes overall the west seems to have the better teams and that psyche was on Golden State mind. On the way to the coronation seems the Warriors ran into King James and his Merry band!

Can the Cavs win, Sunday? Yes. Can they lose? Yes. My fear is that the way James is playing on the floor the other four will just become spectator's. It's happened before.

And if we lose? Act like you have been there before, because you have, way  to often. No matter what the outcome I don't believe any city has a player give his all to that city like LBJ has! Win or lose your team has the MVP of the Finals and the best basketball player on the earth.

To young Cleveland fans I wish you all the best for a championship, you deserve one. Myself? The last time any one won anything I was 14 years old. Call me jaded but like Charlie  Brown Lucy has pulled the ball away to often. ( my apology to the Lake Erie Monsters and the Cleveland Crunch.)

All In, All Proud!

That Bernie Sander's guy is really persistent!

In 2008 Donald Trump contributed and endorsed bigly buck's to Hillary Clintons campaign!

This year the Donald is contributing a lot more than money to make her the President!

Thursday, June 16, 2016


The man in the crowd with the
Multicolored mirrors on his hobnail boots

It's been a few days since the mass shooting that killed 49 people in Orlando.

I don't know anyone pro-gun or anti-gun thought it would be to long before an ISIS terrorist used an AR-15 as his choice of a killing machine.

Look I don't care if you are on this list or that list. If you want to purchase an AR-15 or any assault weapon I want you to go through a complete background search. Hell, a cavity search if necessary I don't care if it takes weeks!

Look you want this weapon be prepared to put up with the inconveniences. There's more. You can't give or sell that weapon to anyone not a stranger, brother, son or daughter. If you do you are a an accessory committed  with that weapon. Don't want t? The person must go through the same process you did. If you report the gun stolen, if it ever turns up anywhere that person faces a felony.-

That's not going to cut down on the killings? I beg to differ. Most gun owners are responsible and I am sure most were as sickened as I was as this terrorist walked n and open fire. Well he also had a Glock? Yes but he in no way could cause the carnage that the assault weapon causes. It's called an assault weapon for a reason. What about bombs? What about them most of these clowns are to stupid to build one and bomb making usually must take  more than a 'lone wolf'' to assemble. Will it  stop mass shooting's? Probably not  but in the same way airplanes procedure changed after 9/11 so should gun requirements. We changed how to get into the cockpit, we used Air Marshall's we watched who and what was coming onto the planes. We evolved for good reason.

I see no reason to change the second amendment, yet at the same time this President has had to come out and speak of gun violence 16 times! And I expect more to come. The flag might as well stay constantly at half staff, and these moment's of silence are not making many feel better.

This with my belief; "Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not"
Thomas Jeffereson

Also on calling terrorist's this name or that , what does it change? They don't hate you anymore or any less. Call them anything you want!

It is past time for our President ask for a Declaration of War from Congress against ISIS.. Pointing the stages of war his generals plan for, as well as the time this war should take. Also the cost of this war should not come from borrowed money. Pay to play. Let's see how badly everyone wants to go to war? Don't expect Iraq or Iran to welcome us either. All I hear is talk and more talk. "What's his plan",let's say we also bring back the draft with zero deferments! Get everyone involved and a pound of flesh from every American family! Along with some Trumppanzee suggesting our President  is in cahoot's with these terrorists!

If Donald Trump can change the NRA position on this issue. God bless him!

Now that would be a Bigly, Shucky Ducky!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

"STORY IN YOUR EYES' moody blues

I've been thinking about our fortune
And I decided we're really not the blame

 In post Signs, Signs  9:32 commented With St. Mary church- money talks

What doesn't talk without money?

Why I bring this up is many ask how did we get where we are?

I mention Urban Renewal,  the incorporation of Mentor, the Great Lakes Mall. No they say in the last 20 years?

I have a theory, you can take it or leave it. It's just my theory.

Say 20 years  let's say the Catholic Church, the City of Painesville, the Painesville School System as well as Nursery growers from the eastern part of our county sat down for this meeting.

Now the Nursery owners need cheap migrant farm labor. They need a place for them to live as most of them traveled  to this country with their families. More Money

Painesville City had some for the most part older residential property that for the most part was inexpensive. The Nursery owner's wanted these workers to live in Painesville. So what was in it for the City of Painesville? Income Tax. Since most of the nursery's were in townships the worker's would be obligated to pay Painesville Income Tax along with the city providing utilities to our new residents. More Money

Painesville Schools? New customer's since these families lived in Painesville and the local district had an obligation to educate not only legal but also illegal resident students it was all new business. They could also participate in the State of Ohio new school building project and could show how many more student's will be using the school system. Along with the state having numerous grant's and program's for minorities.
After the school's were completed all the old schools were razed. To beautify Painesville? No let's not leave a building like State St. Elementary left standing. To easy to start a 'Charter School' there and give resident's an educational choice. At the same time the new schools were coming on line St. Mary's closes it's school funneling all students into PCLS. More Money

The Catholic Church? Well the Cleveland Catholic Diocese which oversees St. Mary's Parish was looking to name an Hispanic Parish. It was in a perfect spot in central Lake County. Anglo's had many choices if the 'new' St. Mary's wasn't comfortable. St. Anthony, St. Gabriel, St. Bede and even St. Cyprian  who's first Pastor grew up in Painesville Father Alexander who I remember calling me "young Mr. Cimaglio" as a boy  which never led to a good outcome. More Money

Now remember this is just a Theory! But I'm one of those people who doesn't believe things happen in a vacuum.  Most of the time someone's there to fill it.

In the 'Name Game' post someone commented about White Christians hating President Obama. I myself though that was going to far out on a limb. But to my surprise let me share this news story.

Senator Dave Perdue (R) Georgia opened his remarks at the Faith & Freedom Conference that encouraged attendees to pray for President Obama, but he added in a joking tone, Psalm 109.8
"may your days be short"  That Psalm doesn't mean time on the job, but more like time on this earth.
The attendee's had a good laugh! They don't hate him? They wish him dead!
That Senator Perdue's a funny guy!

Monday, June 13, 2016

"SIGN, SIGNS (EVERYWHERE A SIGN) five man electrical band


Blockin' out the scenery, breakin' my mind.
Do, this, don't do that, can't you read the sign?

Well as opposed to our city council , I sent the administration an email with concerns about the two Painesville Cemeteries. The email was sent to assistant city manager Doug Lewis
. He as well as city manager Tony Carson and Director Michelle LaPuma worked to get me my answer.

As someone mentioned by going to the city website you can view cemetery rules.
So I will just highlight things that were questioned.

All headstones must be approved by cemetery personnel per authorized headstone requirements.

No in ground plantings are allowed.

Monument lots are allowed planting but only when approved by cemetery personnel and will be planted by cemetery personnel.

Mulch (wood bark) may be placed around headstones at a distance of 3 inches from the stone edge out.

 0 No, stone, gravel, pine nuggets, sand, etc. will be allowed in place of wood bark mulch

0 No edging material will be allowed.

The following items (but not limited to) are reference as artificial decorations:

Crosses, non-live wreaths, vigil lights, solar lights, Styrofoam, statues, balloons, wind chimes, flags (non-service), banners, glass (of any kind), stuffed animals, etc.

Please note;

**The City of Painesville reserves the right to review, revise, add or delete rules as necessary. An item not addressed on the rules will be considered not permitted.

So I guess that cover's anything the Cemetery Police deal as inappropriate?

Maybe the News/Herald could do a story of these "officer's" and a picture of all the contraband they seize over a shift?

As it was mentioned at a city council meeting (long ago) artificial flower's were approved by a voice vote?

To me some of these 'rules' are hard to understand my solar light has been at my father's headstone since 2010 now in the spring of 2016, it's gotta go?

A mother 's connection to a dead child leaves a small Teddy Bear as a way to stay connected  to a life lost?  Ain't got time for that! gotta go!

Wind chimes? Really?

My grandchildren put small stones on my father's headstone. Gotta go!

People want to remember a love one and uses artificial flower arraignment.  Not in the hot summer, but between October and March?  it's O.K.?

I guess bureaucracy has a need for some of these rules, but it appears for some reason it was time for them to tighten the screws?

REMEMBER review, revise, add or delete. That is something you can bring up at a council meeting.

Overall the grass cutting trimming and mulching the cemetery crew has done this spring is outstanding. Give credit where credit is due.

I am trying to post the pdf on this site, having problems. It's me

As mentioned here are some of the recent home sales in the PCLS district;

Homeworth Ave.                $40,000

Levan Dr.                            $128,000

Ivy                                        $61,500

Southington Blvd.              $110,000

East Walnut St.                  $83,000

Stockwell St.                       $10,250

Rivers Edge Ln.                 $200,000

Overall I'm surprise some of these were this high. I will do this weekly.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

"TEARS IN HEAVEN" eric clapton

Sadly More Tears!  Our Thoughts and Prayer's go out to the families of the 50 murdered and 53 injured in the worst mass shooting in America's history. We all grieve with Orlando

Beyond the door
there's peace I'm sure.

But not here in the city of Pain. !!!

Just when I congratulate the city for the condition of our two cemeteries someone under the 'Golden Dome' throws a monkey wrench into the mess!

It appears since the city received bad press over the motorcycle headstone as well as  the alleged lawsuit over pain and suffering from relative's of the South Madison resident buried there. The fine people who make decisions for us down at City Hall have decided to clamp down on cemetery rules after what 20 years?

The biggest item is that no artificial decorations are allowed at the cemeteries between March and November? My best guess is that being artificial they may easily blow away into other's properties?
Myself I left a solar light next to the headstone of my father. Within three days it was removed? I placed another on and you guessed it the same result, gone. Myself I also accidently left a hand trowel next to the headstone also gone!

You have no idea how happy I was to find out that this wasn't personal? Some city employee didn't care to much for me was a thought I contemplated. I guess every week when the electric plant workers have nothing better to do, 4 or 5 of them walk the cemeteries and  they remove all "illegal" items?

Yes I am sure I will be told that Painesville cemeteries are following protocol of all cemetery rules in the state.

My question could you have informed us? Or was that to much trouble? Some people have been decorating the plots THEY bought for over 20 years. And now it's not allowed?

Was this a rule to make us somehow responsible for what happened out there?

Every once in awhile the city does something stupid... This is one of those times. They should have informed people of the changes, what to much trouble? That instead of workers at the cemeteries being verbally attacked with the only answer from them is " This came down from the top!"

From the top? Look our present city manager is not a novice at this, he must have figured he would receive blowback? Was this something else that came out of that executive session about the headstone situation? Council is the ultimate end of the road "The buck stops with them!" Is this their wishes? Do they even care about resident's feelings? To busy with bath tub races? I don't know but the city as well as the administration and council be held accountable. Two steps forward one step back!

Publish your rules let us know why the change and reasons. It's past time to hold those seven people on council  RESPONSIBLE!  If you don't what's left will disappear. Oh, and council  as far as the email I sent to all of you Tuesday. Thanks for not answering. One thing the administration always has done is answer my emails. Thank-You

To all of you Trump supporters, remember back in 1989 Trump  came out with a game called 'Trump the Game' at the time he held a news conference and told the press all proceeds of the game he receives will be sent to charities! Donald their still waiting. Seems I've heard this before?
Parker Bros. is as confused as many of you might now be.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

"NAME GAME' shirely ellis

Lincoln, Lincoln, Lincoln,'

Bo Bin Coin

Listening to some who post comment's here I started to wonder if they even knew what the meaning of certain words were?


Is it a person who believes that one race is superior over another race?
Look just because you don't wear a sheet, or an armband with some insignia you can't automatically claim your not a racist.


Is an unjustified or incorrect attitude towards another person.
I know why I didn't get that job? their a prejudice company.
Just because you didn't get a job doesn't mean anyone was prejudice. Maybe you should find out why you didn't get the job. With that attitude you will probably never succeed.


An intolerance towards those who hold a difference of opinion.
I not a bigot I rent a house to a Black family. Also ask my three Black friends a work.

See that's the problem Donald Trump faced. Although I believe what came out of his mouth he didn't realize that his reasoning was offensive. He had a legal situation and he need to find a cause for it. In the process he embodied all three; Racist, Prejudice and Bigotry.

Many who share his belief will answer, "you don't know the whole story!" Well many of us have heard enough of it.
The sad state of all this is that the nominee of the Republican Party bring a personal mater into the forefront. This civil matter has nothing to do with the up coming election it's all about the Trump Brand. Well time is now to become presidential and tell us how and why he want's to lead this country. Yesterday in an interview I heard him mention THEY meaning the Republican Party. No Donald you are now they.

Here in Painesville it is more important then ever that we go out of our way to respect one another. White, Black and Hispanic I don't expect a lovefest but all of us should respect each other and most importantly judge the individual. Things don't end up going your way because of your anger. Please think what you comment on here most of you  I know are better than that!

Just spouting off!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


 Speaking of downtown P'ville  As most of you by now realize that it is my belief that Your Vine or Mine will be closing by the end of July. Owners have a family farm to run.
More importantly the Lake County General Health District will be moving out to Heisley Rd. leaving another hole in Painesville Income Tax to fill. Just maybe that $6,000 or $22,000 is no longer viable to sustain in our economy? Maybe that was the need for the rush?

Then again like Tri-Point will the 'new' health department be not serviced by Laketran?

Black sheep and a renegade
Hot feet in the cool of the shade

Tara Grimm made a fine presentation of council proceeding using Robert's Rules.

I believe Mrs. Grimm will be an honest broker for not only the council but also the administration and residents.

For example;

A public body may only hold an executive session at a regular or special meeting, and a meeting that includes an executive session must always begin and end in an open session. In order to begin an executive session there must be a proper motion approved by a majority of a quorum of the public body, using a roll call vote. (Remember the cemetery issue?)


Take for example the state rule on executive sessions. "Personnel  matters" as an explanation don't meet state guidelines.

Another state rule? They can't even whisper to one another in an open meeting.

To his credit councilman DeLeone wished and council agreed to suspend Roberts Rules during the Visitor time. So although you still only have three minutes you can speak on a variety of issues. I believe  that any council member if they so wish could extend a person three minutes if that council person feels a need to have the whole statement heard. This should be part of the visitors time. No law about three minutes, anywhere.

In the future all visitors wishing to speak will sign in.

All Resolutions passed last night.

I was wrong the Ordinance Amending Appropriations for this fiscal year, It was about increasing DPO another $6,000. This item was left on first reading.

In visitor's time I brought up the increase for the DPO. Pretty much what I have mentioned here on the blog. That in the end the city must get their priorities in order.

David Polakowski Executive Director spoke of the need of the increase. (hospitalization was not mentioned) Look I'm not opposed to the DPO I just view it as throwing more good money after bad. Some of the logic I heard last night didn't make sense to me and if no one else calls a council person or attends the next meeting, this will pass. Maybe I'm just the lone wolf in the forest?

Mr. Fodor made a statement that he holds no position with the DPO he did at one time and our law director didn't see it as a conflict of interest but he has resigned and has one voting power on the DPO.

I also asked that the conflict between the city and the senior center be resolved. Presently you both look bad!


Bids will go out for the demolition of the parking garage later this month. We should learn  the cost by the July meeting. (I think they are in for a surprise) councilman Fodor questioned where and what route will be taken of the removal. That's a good question. (  Please,Don't include Bank St.)

We received ONE bid for the water line and crib into the lake the EPA is in the process of reviewing it. I believe it is 700 feet shorter than planned?

Can this be true!

The Trumpster going to Europe to meet our Allies. Great they can listen for a while.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

"TELL IT LIKE IT IS" aaron neville

If you are serious
Don't be ashamed to let your conscience be your guide

Again today this Sunday the News-Herald did an editorial about the continuing saga of the City of Painesville and the Painesville Senior Center controversy.

Yes the editorial included the statement made by God know who calling the Painesville Senior Center  "Damaged Commodity".

Again in this editorial no mention of money? That's what  I always view as a bad sign?

One of the directors William Horvath sending numerous proposals to the city as well as the City Manager rejecting these proposals? Can someone, anyone show the public these proposals? And if not why not.

Is it the goal of the Painesville Senior Center to merge with the City of Painesville Recreation Department?  How do they propose this? How will the burden of cost's be divided. Who will have the final word?  It was attempted to be explained at the last council meeting but the speaker ran out of his three minutes.(council procedure)?

The city administration has an obligation to address the problems of the senior's but at the same time has an obligation to all residents of Painesville. Hence let's talk dollars and cent's.

Many seniors have told me the city doesn't negotiate fairly? Well if that's the case let's negotiate in public? As it should be. No entity should be browbeat. If you make a statement that someone claimed that the Senior Center was a damaged commodity at least be man enough to point out who made that statement.

My best guess the merger with the Y is turning into a bust!

Again, It appears the Senior Center made some poor decisions and now want other's to correct their mistakes. As someone always mentions "Follow the Money"

Something I learned this week .

If you are of any faith  other than Catholic, also  other than of Irish-Italian heritage you cannot get a fair shake in Painesville Municipal Court as Judge Michael Cicconetti is both! As well rumored  as a member of the local Knights of Columbus!

God help you if you are a Muslim and go in front of a Jewish judge. ( presently we have three Jewish members of the U.S. Supreme Court)

And whatever you do don't propose building a wall!  That's a case killer

Friday, June 3, 2016

"END OF NIGHT" doors

Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain
And all the children are insane, all the children are insane

As someone who loves this country Thursday evening was a very sad night for me. After the Trump rally  in San Jose, California.  An ugly bloody scene that is so Un-American. My first view was I thought great they have American flags, soon they were burning them .
WTF!  is this Iran? To anyone who would blame a another candidate's  surrogate of these action's are crazy. This is the worst thing either candidate would want in a demonstration. What along with all the Mexican Flags do these demonstrators really believe this helps their cause.

Now just about every group has been insulted by this candidate,  yet in this country it is his right to free speech, How embarrassing is it to watch a young woman stand the insult from words ,eggs, and tomatoes. Yet no one inside the hotel let her in to get away from danger? Even if I disagree with her choices we all have a responsibility to keep her out of harm's way.

Many of these protestors were young and still as they say "wet behind the ears" That still is no excuse for there actions. In the past if it was a civil rights or Vietnam protest the protesters appeared sincere in their protests. This bunch view this as a good time and a mob rule of terror. I believe most of these protesters are not protesters but anarchist's. Who else would carry a sign Make California Mexico Again? Now many claim a candidate is a provocateur but this tactic  is not how to deal with someone who continues to throw gasoline on the fire?

Now most of these protesters are from Hispanic backgrounds and this candidate seems to have a problem with Hispanics if they be here illegally, governor of a state or even a federal judge who is the judge in a civil case over something that has nothing to do with him running for President? You have to wonder if all this animosity is planned?  Maybe he doesn't care about the Hispanic vote? Maybe his belief this is a way to increase the White vote for him? So then  why go after women many of them are white?

The propagandist's on FOXNEWS today claim he has 30% of the Hispanic vote? Where do they get these numbers? The Black vote will come out for the Democratic candidate out of anger in treatment  as well  to save President's legacy from a candidate who questioned if the President was even legal to be elected President.

Today I learned of a new term thrown around. SINO like RINO but meaning Supporter In Name Only.

Now most Republicans as well as Conservatives have jumped on this candidate's  train if for no better reason that he is better than another candidate? Whatever happens or is said by this candidate in the next five months forever they will own, Party First?

We have enough civil discord in this world without the United States jumping in. Do we need fights, name calling? Look listen to the candidates then when the time arrives VOTE! As I've always been told listen and learn.

I guess the only way to explain this is that both parties have flawed candidates? Leaving the people not to vote for someone who inspires them but for the least of two evils?

My main problem with a former President's was the quote he made "government can't solve problems, it is the problem." Never bought into that because I was taught we are the government. And "we get what we deserve"

Then after watching one candidate and many people questioning "what's he doing now?" Maybe as some suggest he's a shill? No, I believe in the end knowing what the price he will pay in being President. Maybe he really doesn't want the responsibilities that come with the job? Nah, he's to ego driven.

The biggest loser's over all this? The American people!


Busy Monday, First starting at 7:15 will be the 2017 TAX BUDGET HEARING




1.Ordinance  Amending Appropriations For The Current Expenses And Expenditures Of The City  Of  Painesville

2. Resolution Adopting The 2017 Tax Budget

3. Resolution  Recognizing The Responsibility Of The City Of Painesville To Affirmatively Further Fair Housing.

4. Resolution  For City Manager To Apply For And Accept Financial Assistance From L:ake County Community Block Grant To Replace Dilapidated Or  Leaking Roofs  Of Residents In The City Of Painesville.

5.Resolution  For The City Manager To Apply For And Accept Financial Assistance  From Lake County Community Block Grant  Program To Make Restroom Improvements At Kiwanis Recreation Park.

6. Resolution For The City Manager To Apply For And Accept Community Block Grant  Program To Address The Needed Curb Ramp Improvement Along Richmond Street In Order To Be  In  Compliant with ADA Regulations.



1. Sidewalk Replacement Program
2. Channel 12 Council Meeting Broadcasting
3. Council Procedure
4. Downtown Painesville Organization


Sunshine Laws & Rules Of Procedure- Tara Grimm Clerk Of Council


All in All a pretty busy evening.

Odd I expected a vote on increased funding for DPO? Wonder What Happened?

Listening To Candidate Trump Claiming Clinton  Didn't Look Presidential?  Please Donald Explain What Looking Presidential Looks Like?

Thursday, June 2, 2016

"OLD DAYS" chicago

Also I have been informed by a city official that Republic  will pick up your yard wastes weekly for an added cost of $9.00 a quarter. $36.00 a year and you must sign up yearly. For this service. More positive from this contract.

Also I was informed today that Painesville City is now on Ohio Checkbook, more as I find out.
Well what I found out was Painesville's not quite ready to be on Ohio Checkbook. State still working on it.

Old days, good times I remember
Fun Days filled with simple pleasures

 Very interesting story in today's 06/02/16 News-Herald with concerns over the Painesville Senior Center.


By Tawana Roberts

Discrepancies' between the city of Painesville and the Painesville  Senior Center Suggests underlying factor for the center's relocation decision.

You have to read the article as to understand what's going on between the lines.

See if I understand this the Center wants to join the Recreation department ? For what reason? Funding?  Look as stated many times the city gives the Senior Center $25,000 a year and an additional $1,200 since April. So if you merge with the Recreation Department and expect more services as well as funding myself I expect the city to have the final word. I don't believe that is unreasonable?

"Negotiations  began with a top administration official indicating that the Painesville Senior Center was a 'damaged commodity' and not on the radar of the city" Stated former councilman and senior director William Horvath. Come on Wild Bill who made that statement to you? Seems no one wants to take credit. Maybe I will?

A couple of years ago the Senior Center building was heavily damaged by a fire. I believe it wasn't properly insured  for the second floor was left unrepaired? Underinsured lot of that around town.
So the center lost some tenants and the county comes around with an offer to buy the building for $275,000. This amount was agreed upon. It's like selling your house and not having a plan on where you intend to move to? If you can't find a new home, you stay where you are. Simple to everyone but them I guess?

I can honestly say this has all been mismanaged. Horvath claims the Center has sent versions to of an agreement, only to have those agreement rejected. CM Carson explained that a contract must be mutually agreed upon and both parties were unable to come to an agreement.

Now the decision to relocate and collaborate with the YMCA. This has to rate as one of the dumbest solutions period. First question what happened to the $275,000 from the sale of the building. The $25,000 the city gives you yearly as well as the $1,200 on top of that? Along with any and all financing you receive. That's the question William Horvath needs to answer now.

Best solution for everyone? Put a small levy on the ballot and see if Painesville wants a Senior Center. Stay independent of the city and explain when and what your plans are. Your group seems to be lagging  here.

 Just a question here how is that parking situation at the Y working out? And what about that piano you left on the loading dock? More poor planning maybe?

In  my mind and in my heart to stay

Darkened dreams of good times gone away

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go
So make the best of the test.

 Let's start at the beginning April 20, at the Begin The Conversation Meeting at Harvey. Our Superintendent John Sheperd made a statement that he was proud of his students! As he spoke I wondered how proud he was of the school system he was the CEO of?

Look the last time I looked PSLS received an F and with that comes a whole host of reasons. To many non-English speaking Hispanics, a large amount of  Black  student's in poverty Any and all reasons under the sun! So my kid's are grown and have moved on, so why should I care? I hear this all the time.

Well stating very soon I will print the real estate sales in the PCLS district. Can any one explain why a stable young family would want to move here in the city with the situation of our schools? Mr. Sheperd has been here what over three years and word on the street is the BOE has extended his contract with a sizable increase in salary. Can anyone explain why? All I have seen is more overhead at the Jefferson St. Enclave and not to much else. Studies, studies and more studies.  Why pay high salaries to teacher's if they can't show results? Might as well go cheap and save some money as so we can show another reason for our poor performance?

At the last BOE meeting we were told how hard it is to find substitute teachers? I bet it makes it even harder when you only pay the $75.00 a day for the first twenty days? and along with that you start fresh every school year. along with paying into PERS. You teacher's should be so proud of bringing home a $70,000 salary and a sub maybe making less then $20,000 for the same job. Good thing your in  the teacher's union. The Teamsters don't even think about doing something stupid like this. You want us to believe you care about our children, you don't even care for your fellow professionals. You got your!

Just venting a little.

Now the real reason for this post.

Have received four calls about the  last Harvey High School Graduation Ceremony.
What I asked, did Mr. Sheperd read another Dr. Seuss book? He has for last two years.

No after many other speaker's he walked up to the podium with papers in hand slammed the papers down and stated " Ain't got time for that!" then he proceeded to sit back down?

Most of these student's have now seen their last Commencement  for themselves in this lifetime. And they get... Ain't got time for that? Big joke I missed. This is the man that Loves his students? I guess their not worthy of a good send off? No this is so far off Dr. Seuss. And the funny thing these powerful teacher's and their union quake at the mere mention of his name? Sorry can't print what I'm really thinking.

And someone believes he should get a contract extension? As I investigated this post I learned that the Super even twitter's students that some parent's see as inappropriate.

It appears to me this system is on the rocks, with many wishing for Dr. Hanlon! (not me) .

I can't even get an SRO at the middle school. It's simple... it's not about the students, or the residents it's all about the BUREAUCRACY!!!~

No Time

On my way to better things?

No time for the Love you send