Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Well I guess the you know what just hit the fan. 15 classified positions cut. I guess now would be a good time to put an operating levy on in a special election in say February. When did they finally decide they were running out of cash? Who received raises in the last year? What effect will this have on our already dismal test scores? More layoffs, Transportation cuts? Whats in our future. A levy passing with the economy the way it is would surprise me, taking fund and spending them on a special election would be a waste.

On a positive note

In todays News-Herald the three candidates for school board were interviewed.
Mary E. Hada, Gerald D.Kalb to incumbents and fine members of the community.

Steve Costell the challenger in his interview stated;
If elected,he'd like to re-examine district grading policy, including the high schools rounding up of final grades to at least 50 percent.
"What seems to be the trend now is to treat the symptoms of the problem, meaning modify our grading policy to make it easier for people to graduate."
Well Steve alot of people I know have been wanting to hear that. You have my vote and I will help get your message out.

If the other two candidates would like to use this forum to let the community know their views on this or any other subject, this blog. is open to them.


Tuesday night "Meet the Candidates"
Well it was interesting. Why did Joe Hada get an "A" simple he answered the questions and no one challenged his answers.
AMP-OHIO Someone should have asked how much are we obligated to pay in this contract? 50million ,75million,100million? You don't know and we are obligated to pay it?
Green Space? If its that important to the community, council should ask for a levy just to acquire all that school property. Let the voters decide.
Forgiving Permit Fees and Traffic lights installed, owed to the city? Well its like taking money out of your left pocket and putting it into your right pocket. Really? What about the city residents at Heisley Park, Liberty Greens, even Cobblestone? All city residents that have nothing to do with Painesville City Schools.
I don't believe in anything illegal? Thats why I don't believe in profiling? Good so all you residents who expect ordinances upheld about 20 people in a house ,or cars all over the yard forget it, Joe Lori, and Jim are not a bit interested in upholding "Those" ordinances. It seemed more than Abby embrace the illegal population and some unique problems that come with them. This will continue until they purchase a home on Levan or Trailwood, then we will see the need to enforce these laws.
Ideas like this explain almost a million dollars in unpaid utility bills.
Also why we have to layoff school employees, simple, we overloaded the lifeboats.
No one mentioned the city losing $6,000,000 15 years ago, well if your going to tell us how wonderful the city finances are today, lets talk about what happened before, Why we needed to change the city charter to ask for a 3.9 mil safety levy that was defeated by 80% of the voters in Painesville. What amount of responsibility did the citys leaders take in the hospital choosing to leave?
How safe are the people at Cobblestone?
No Joe I'm not a Constitutional scholar but I can see with my own two eyes what all this has brought to Painesville and the direction were headed in.
Just so some of you know there's a conspiracy by writers at Cleveland Magazine to make Painesville look bad. No people your just in denial.
I must say I got the impression Tony is very honest and calls it the way he sees it and by no means will be a follower, either for that matter will John. I believe if these two get on council things will change for the better in our town.

Monday, September 28, 2009



7:00 P.M.


On the subject of the hospital Gary Robinson of Lake Health has stated we in attendance must have misunderstood him about the 2 million the hospital system he was talking about was for the Urgent Care facility at the Town Hall Meeting No Gary I checked thats not what you said, and you did say as far as you understood Lake Heath had NO objection into another system using that site? Sorry Gary its called "Man up."

Jim Fodor must have taken my advise and is running a "stealth campaign" He was the only cadidate that did not show up at Lakeland to be interviewed by the News-Herald. I wonder if he'll show up Tuesday night?

Friday, September 25, 2009


Tuesday's meet the candidate night is just a few days away. I wonder what kind of questions will be asked from the people who will attend? Softball questions, or straight forward ones that let you know where the candidates stand and who they side with. Questions like;

Do you agree with councils plan to invest in a 50 year 50 million dollar plan for a coal fired electric plant in Meigs County that we will be obligated to pay for no matter what the cost?

Do you believe the proposed use of the hospital site for 22 single family homes 67 townhomes, and 70 apartments is a good use for that property?

Does it seem strange to you about the holdup of the transfer of the Millstone property. Could there be a problem the city isn't letting council know about?

Do you think the city has responded to the concerns of the Cobblestone Apartments properly and in a timely manner concerning the 9:14 respond time? Are you comfortable with whats going on concerning this issue?

Are you concerned about where the city is going to make cuts in next years budget and do you think it was wise to give any raises this year?

Do you believe we have an illegal immigrant problem in town and does it affect the city as a whole? Do you have any ideas what to do about it?

Questions like this, not Can you get Doug Nagy more money for bigger planters downtown?

Sorry, I should have added feel free to post your own questions! Show up at the candidate nights also to ask them.


Did you all read the article in Fridays News-Herald about Grand River wanting to annex acreage that is a large part of Headlands State Park. Here is a Village that is on the brink of bankruptcy wanting to annex park land? Who owns property there?
Commissioner Troy remark in the paper made me very curious. Troy said there might be other factors to consider that haven't yet reasched the surface.
"I'm just sensing a little cloak and dagger here involving other communities." he said "I think before commissioners make a decision, it behooves us or we should be entitled to get all the information."
Yes commissioner something else is going on here and it could only be Mentor, or Painesville you speak of, Isn't that the location of Painesville's water department water intake facility?
To the Painesville Township Trustees don't let either of them steal anymore land from you! We can't afford a 15 or 20 minute respose time, O.K.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


There must be some kind of misunderstanding, I will explain latter. Council meeting everything passed.

The city gave a nice proclamation to Mr. and Mrs. Pollutro on celebrating their 70th Wedding Anniversary. Mr Pollutro started Pollutro Insurance in Painesville in 1951. The Pollutro's raised three children in Painesville. Congratulations from everyone.

Intrigued.. Don't have much time but what do you make of this. Lake Hospital System or Lake Health whatever there calling themselves this week. Informed the City Manager do to some tax issues? The new Urgent Care Center will not be opening in Downtown Painesville until late April? Seamless UH? I have been in Lake East and they have a sign that countdowns the years,months,day, hours, minutes, and even the seconds until the move to Tri-Point October 21. Yet even knowing about this move since 2003 the system seems very unprepared. They are talking about opening a storefront next to Subway downtown until the center is ready. Wonder if they'll have a 5 dollar special too? Councilman Flock suggested they keep the present emergency room open until April? Wonder why the city or the hospital system didn't think of that? To steal a phrase; Lake Health doesn't seem to care about "The people who,live,work,and play in Painesville."
More to follow.

Mr. Dorsey suggested a levy by the city to purchase the school properties as green space for the community, I for the most part agree with State St, Huntington, and Lathrop site. I question the Harvey site only because that I have been told is prime real estate. This might be a bad time to ask for a levy and the school board has an obligation to get the most money for the sites. Also I resently found out the Rollerrink is for sale, wonder if anyone thinks that might be a good site for a Community center and public pool, just dreaming.

Tony Torre suggested the hospital site be turned into a Casino, and that we need three new members on council. {That went over big from the front table}

Went to the "Bridging the Gap" meeting tonight . Learned we have a new problem to deal with in Painesville. Group of young African-American and Hispanic youths fighting after school. Since the first of the month Chief Smith said his department has been called for 7 incidents along with 5 incidents at school. He is worried that this will only escalate and wants parents and community involvement to stop it.
A speaker Rev.Billing from Cleveland strongly suggested we put an end it it now. As the young people get older it will only get worse, and what happens if gangs get involved and drop guns and other weapons into the fray? Rev. Billing has spent time in prison and was the leader of the Cleveland Crips. His suggestion was that we meet/plan and/ execute the plan. Listening to him I believe Painesville is very fortunate to have the Police Chief we have. His quote to Reverend Billings, I don't want this in my community, Rev. Billing stated most times he runs into people in denial, not here in Painesville. About 50 people attended the meeting and a lot of questions were asked. I asked why the school district wasn't present and was told for the first meeting they wanted only to hear from the community? I guess that makes sense. There were numerious clergy in attendance from the African- American community strange no Priest from St. Marys or clergy along with any other Hispanic leaders it seemed a little strange only Ms. Dahlberg represented the Mexican community. She seemed extremely happy to see me in attendance. No Ms. Dahlberg did not blame any group or person. All and All a very informed meeting.

Now I have been informed the first "Meet The Candidate Night" is at Chestnut St. Elementary , and the second a Heritage Middle School. I'm not to crazy about Hal Werner running the second one only for personal reasons and to be honest its not his place to do it. Let Unity in the Community run both and stay out of it Hal.

Well I have heard through the grapewine that a couple of influencial Painesville citizens [unknown] have convienced Hal to step aside, and let Unity in the Community run both candidate nights. Thanks who ever you are.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Council meeting Monday night short agenda.
1. Ordinance Authorizing the Re-Issuance of notes for various projects. [Were going to rollover a loan]
2. Ordinance Enacting Chapter 943 Relating to Illicite and Illegal. People..[Just Kidding couldn't resist]Illicite and Illegal connections to the Storm Sewer System??
A presentation from Economic and Community Development.


A forum for our Community Leaders and Parents

Join us for an evening of fellowship with diverse cross-section of local community leaders to discuss the relationships of our children and the atmosphere of our schools. We will be joined by Painesville Chief of Police Gary Smith.
Light refreshments will be provided.

Thats the amount I know about this meeting. I hope others besides myself will find the time to attend this meeting. Ms. Dahlbergs meeting are always interesting.


Two Meetings are planned for; Tuesday September 29, 2009
Tuesday October 21, 2009
Detail are now being worked out. Unity in the Community has assured me all candidates have been notified.

Please enjoy these last few days of Summer the Snow is coming.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I am in the process of putting together different facts on the Painesville City Schools. This is just a guide on how we compare to other schools in the area. It has been explained to me that Painesville has some unique situations that it has to deal with. These include race, nationality, economics and a host of other causes for some of the scores we see from this district. Please include your thoughts and facts to this post.

Painesville spends an average of $10,540.00 per student per year.
State average $8487.00

The percentage on instruction 54%
State average 59%

Support Services 13%
State average 10%

Administration 16%
State average 13%

Otherexpenses 17%
State average 19%

We seem to be in line when compared to the rest of the state.

These facts from

Friday, September 11, 2009


Here are some excerts from the summary document the city sent the "Clean Ohio Revitalzation Fund" for the 2.5million grant to tear down LakeEast.

The City of Painesville and Zaremba Inc. estimate an overall total site investment of $31,625,000. The economic benefit of this site redevelopment project includes new property taxes estimated at $334,404 based on 22 single-family homes selling at an aveage of $185,000 67 townhome selling at an average $165,000 and 70 total loft apartment units in 70,000sq.ft. with a yearly tax estimated at $59,500.00. The new 363 residents in this neigborhood account for an estimated $356,760 in total new income tax. The income tax is basedon 223 residents owning their home with an average annual salary of $55,000, and 140 residents in rental loft apartments with annual average salaries of $40,000 paying the City's Income Tax with a rate of 2%. Job ceation is also a large component of the new critical mass generated through the increased residential housing. An estimated 181 new permanent jobs will be created in the surrounding commercial and retail districts. The product total sales for the residential development are $29,125,000 with an avarage sale price per housing unit of $183,176.00.

This project is located in an area where the median income for a household is $38,842 and the median income for a family was $41,000. The per capita income for the city was $15,391, which places 16% of the population below the poverty line. This development will increase property values for those already living near this abondoned building and will give them a renewed sense of pride in their neighborhood.

Today, Painesville remains an important center of confluence as the county seat with many vital businesses and institutions serving the needs of the county residents. Sustaining and growing critical mass is vital to the downtown activity and safety within the downtown area. Diversity also is very important to the urban village environment and the creation of a diverse community with diverse housing options is necessary to sustain a well balanced residential and business district. Painesville City prides itself on being a small town community with diversity, layering, character and connectivity that is inherent to traditional downtowns. By refocusing attention, effort and vitality Downtown Painesville will emerge again as an engaging place for all to live and work.

The City of Painesville is staging a comeback. Redevelopment has started and things are taking a positive turn. The Lake East Hospital site is a blighted property affecting the focal point of the downtown and the region for urban redevelopment. The City hopes to use this redevelopment effort to boost further economic growth. To strengthen the downtown as a retail district and urban housing village environment, it is critical that this development project occur.

All this and more is in the summary. You will be hearing alot about "Urban Housing District", "Chicago-style Housing" "Diverse Housing Options" plus the summary didn't mention Historic Painesville, or even the College. Let us know what you think I am sure copies of the summary are available at City Hall. I will post my letter CORF in the near future.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


September 8,2009

Because of the Labor Day Holiday Council meeting will be held on Tuesday evening at 7:30p.m. nothing earth shattering but something interesting always shows up.

Nothing out of the ordinary all resolutions passed 6-0 Andy Flock absense was excused. Presentation of the waste water treatment center was given. utility departments all have great people running them} It looked alittle like Harvey class of 68' reunion. A presentation of a green space proposal for the State St. site, by Tim Hosler, complaints about noise, and other activity at Tony's Subway Inn, by Ernest Jones, Plus former councilman Bill Horvath took councilman Werner to task about calling the police over playground activities? I guess you have to watch to figure it out. Did Hal call the police because of a resident complaint?

September 9,2009

Special meeting at city hall with the people from the States "Clean Air Ohio Fund"
This is the meeting where the city is in the process of aquiring 2 million dollars to tear down the hospital. Funny I haven't seen a time or announcment posted on the city site I will call Tuesday to find out the time. This is a Public Meeting. Looked at the sign in front of LakeEast 5:30p.m. courtroom 2.

No one from the state was even there. The grant papers are thicker than the Bible. Looks pretty much the grant will go through. Why can't anyone explain how this new hospital will service the community when it has over 100 fewer beds? With the luck we have in town that H1N1 flu will hit us the same time we take the demolishing ball to LakeEast.

Septenber 10,2009

Housing Task Force Meeting 6:00p.m. This is another public meeting that people interested in rental property should attend.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Almost forgottem this fall two Painesville Board of Education seats are up for grabs.
Currently held by two outstanding members of the Painesville community.
Reverand Gerald Kalb
Mary E. Hada
Both very civic-minded people.

The challenger Steve Costell will be running an uphill battle to unseat either of the other candidates. He is a young husband and father with children at Maple Elementary School.
I have a pretty good idea where the two in office stand on the 50% policy and the general job the administration is doing. What about Mr. Costell does he see it the same way or maybe by some stroke of luck he sees it the way alot of you do? Ask him.

Also on the Y.M.C.A. after school program can someone explain the cost, amd time element here? I have some people telling me its free, $50.00 a week $85.00 a week?