Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"OLD MAN" neil young

I'm a lot like you.
In a recent News-herald editorial comment by a Painesville resident made completely clear what I have been trying to get across to people here on the blog. Thomas Matpac a resident who I know slightly wrote an editorial as an answer to one by Cathy Powers in support of the school levy. As I mentioned Tom seems like a reasonable person that has lived in Painesville longer than dirt.
He is not some miser or scrooge and I have heard him mention on time or another that bringing a better life for all Painesville residents was a goal he wished to see.

that said Tom is retired living on a fixed income, wish I could say that mine seems to constantly be broke. In the last two years Tom has received a little over a 1% increase in Social Security about $12.00 a month of that $12.00 $7.00 went towards Medicare increases. Leaving Tom with a monthly net of $5.00. Can anyone explain why Tom should increase his property tax, and for the benefit of who?
We were told if we built all new buildings with the latest technology staff would flock to our schools. It was even mentioned that the new buildings would increase test scores as well as improve our drop out rate?
Now a person like Tom  as many others can't grasp what $11,169.00 a year in funding towards every Painesville student he asks what everyone asks "How much is enough"?
You can go on line and see the salaries of employee's in the district and a person like Tom can ask "How much more do you want"?
As mentioned before Dr. Hanlons salary of close to $150,000 whats our bang for the buck.

I for one believe the district is heading in the right direction although the State Report Card since 2009 may not bear that out.
I mentioned at the last school board meeting two of my grandchildren went to a higher rated district starting this year. It was a situation where my daughter showed concern if they would be behind the curve in their new schools. [PCLS reputation followed these two students as it was also a
concern to the new district.]
Pleased to report the seventh grader has moved into the honors courses she was in at Heritage and the second grader was not behind but his mother was told he was actually ahead in math.

The point of all this is simple first we must find a new way to fund schools. Property owners should not be the only ones facing the burden. Again if you got it vote for it. If your finances don't include a tax increase don't. Along with no one calling misguided or cheap


Received a letter with concerns of the school levy from a group called "Concerned Citizens For Painesville City Local Schools. I would be happy to post your letter but in fairness I want someones name attached to this letter.
I could censor the parts and names mentioned but I feel your points would be better represented with a name or names of people.
Please all of you do you believe I should post the letter the way I received it, censor it, or make someone take responsibility for it?
Example 2006-07 Grad rate 83.2
              2011-12 Grad rate 63.2
I have no problems with facts. My problem is with calling administrator's and BOE out.

Monday, October 29, 2012

"IT'S ONLY WORDS" beegees

Yes its only words...
Received a copy of the Painesville City 2013 Draft Budget over the weekend. Anyone want to guess what word wasn't used in this budget?
"Other" then council spending 140 minutes reviewing it at Morse Avenue Community Center [8:00am until 10:30am with a 20 minute break. I guess it's fair to say council is ready to move forward on this 65 million dollar budget?
Even without the word "other" in it I believe it should take a little longer than that to cover the information listed in this 120 page  budget document.

I have only read about half way through it and  I have many questions to ask.
Painesville claims to have approximately 300 employees . Should the city remain self-insured?
Our hospitalization costs rose $354,560.00 over last year with fewer employee's. Since 2009 our hospitalization cost have risen $745,447.00. Maybe its time for the city in joining forces with the county to bring down costs?
The budget for streets? Do you realize close to 40% of that money in that fund goes to debt service?
It was brought up at the meeting that the city received a bid of $125,000 to cut grass and maintain the cemeteries properties.Seems nowhere could the city  find $125,000 b so I guess the city will keep budgeting $295,000 for this service out of the general funds. That doesn't make sense to you well me either.
Exterior Painting at City Hall Complex $18,000. It's mostly brick isn't it?
Purchase of two Computers $3,000.
I know I will be taken to the woodshed over this one. $15,000 to Refurbish two Riding Lawn Mowers What is it with this city and lawn mowing?.
Downtown flowers may need to be watered 100% by volunteer's. Hope they have ladders.

I can't even understand why we have a power plant? With the amount of coal sitting off of Prospect St. It doesn't appear the city has plans to be to operational in the coming year.

This budget takes more than two and a half hours to read. I hope everyone on council will have their questions answered.

I would be nice for council to put residents and taxpayers above others.

Friday, October 26, 2012

"TICKET TO RIDE" beatles

As some of you who have been following this site. If you have been keeping up with the comments on the "IT'S MY PARTY" must by now realize that some anonymous person named Karma has suggested I am lying about a ticket.
Seem's this person main claim is that there are not three city employees names and phone numbers listed on the ticket? If you look closely you will see Lynn White, Jennifer Bell , Kris Young along with their phone numbers.
To Karma I don't like being called a liar, nor do I appreciate your suggestion I don't have any proof.
Now Karma put -up or shut-up. I did.  Karma  can pretend not to believe the truth.

What next the ticket is a counterfeit?

Monday, October 22, 2012

"TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN' steve miller band

As I read all the papers and stories about school funding I am amazed even though the Ohio Supreme Court has voted an said the way Ohio schools are funded is Unconstitutional we still find it the only way to fund public education.
I have tossed around a few ideas with friend and they seem to have some interesting ideas. First it needs a Constitutional State agreement that whatever the percentage amount the state in presently funding schools at now this must become fixed. School districts could only ask for renewal of a levy at the present millage a homeowner is presently paying.It can't increase. or ask for new levies.
Now the next thing we will have to do is start an educational tax. No longer will I have to listen to their on a fixed income, living on assisted living, section 8 They don't pay property taxes.
This educational tax will be paid on take out food. Now before you scream think about it. If you go into McDonalds and buy a meal and decide to eat it in the restaurant you pay a sales tax. If you purchase the same items at a drive-thru no tax? I believe a 1% or2% income tax divided to district on a per pupil equally might be the answer. Taxpayers would be the only one that could vote the tax higher in a state wide election.
Even delivered pizza doesn't have sales tax. Look I'm just looking for different ways to fund schools.
I am looking for new ways to fund this. If you have other idea's please post them.


Sometimes Tea ain't even worth a penny.

At the bottom of this mornings News-Herald 10/22/12

The long awaited Lake County Tea Party Pac Endorsed Candidates.
Notice anything?
Not ONE Democrat was endorsed period.

Now I went to the Tea Party debates and to be honest Maureen Kelly wiped the floor with Emilee Teresczuk. Emilee so flusted  needed question repeated and well lets say she's not ready for prime time. Guess no one else noticed?

Lori DiNallo What does Lori bring to the table? At the Tea Party Debate spoke of her children that she sent to liberal colleges and now wonders why they are left leaning? Three years on Painesville City Council? Trained as a mediator? Could have used that on council. Seems only mediate as long as you don't step on the wrong peoples feet? In her tenure on council she brought nothing important to the table. That didn't seem to concern  the LCTP leadership. Now look at John Rogers background tell me it's even close. Even the News-Herald and the Plain Dealer thought the same.

This Tea Party calls itself non-partisan. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is a shill group for the RNC. and will eventually fail due to the presence of this allegiance. Be honest tell people who and what your about. Wearing the same United States flag shirt a every meeting  doesn't make you a patriot sir. I think it's even illegal to desecrate the flag in the manner you wear it.

I'll save you some ad dollars. Romney for President, Mandel for Senate and Joyce for Congress. I could have done this for you and saved you the price of renting Harvey High School,.

Coming this Thursday to Andy Flock Town Hall Meeting both Lori DiNallo and John Rogers will discuss with YOU  their plans for being your representative in Columbus. John Rogers agreed to attend presently Lori DiNallo looks like a no show.
Also in attendance will be Jill Stein Green Party candidate for President.

Jill Stein has called Andy and will not be able to attend Thursday's meetin.

PresentlyCouncilman Flock is trying to get the two candidates running for other Lake County  offices.

Friday, October 19, 2012

'AND THE BEAT GOES ON" sonny & cher

Now for some of you who might be keeping score on our latest downtown Painesville  Streetscape Enhancement project. Or as I like to call it our expensive put a wig and lipstick on a pig program.
We have also added to the mix of the $600,000 Grant, aproximately $275,000 in general fund money that could be used to pay safety forces, street improvement the city administration now has asked for the release of Federal CDBG funds in the amount of $75,000 to.... if you can believe this.

City of Painesville [Main Street Transportation and Streetscape Enhancement] CDBG funds in the amount of $75,000 will be used to unifying Main Street with Veterans Park by improving the visual connectivity of the two blocks from Veteran's Park to State Street.
You have to wonder who creatively asks for these funds?

While other communities are looking to replace sidewalks in their communities, rehabilitation older homes, ,improving health and safety of residents, So in Painesville we want to improve the sight line between Key Bank to the Park?
The slogan should change from "Shop Downtown" to "We spent all our funds here".. This project is close to costing a million dollars. When it's done we can only hope this was the best way to spend our limited resources on.


I have listened to various members of the community explain their vote on the present Painesville school levy. Without stereotyping  people  I have noticed this common response. Please don't put to much in this but even with our test scores, dropout rate, along with dropping from continuous improvement to academic watch people leaving from teachers to administrators, and lets not forget the scandal. WOMEN seem to believe that more money must be needed and provided to fix these things. MEN on the other hand view this more like throwing more good money after bad. Has anyone else noticed this?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"MOVING ON" bad co.

This is a story about a bad company.

At last night debate Mitt Romney claims as President he will get tough with China.
 For starters could he start by getting tough with the company he founded and still derives a large amount of investment return from.
The culture of Bain has always been to maximize profits by a company they take  over.

Now lets move this story to Bainport I mean Freeport Illinois.
In this town there is a company by the name of Sensta Technologies a maker of sensors used in vehicles.
The company has approximately 170 non-union employees that make between $12.00to $18.00 an hour.
This past year Bain announced that the company will close this facility and move lock stock and barrel to China.
To add insult to injury the workers were told that during this past summer they will have to train there Chinese replacement's who were housed in dormitories on company property while these trainees were on the property Bain never flew the American flag on there property. 
The flag again flew after they left. Maybe some kind of agreement with the Chinese government.

Now here is an example where Romney could score big political points, Getting tough with Bain as well as China. What your bet that he will remain silent? Dollars are more important than 170 people trying to feed a family and keep a roof over their heads. This is your future America people pay attention. Wonder how those 170 will vote if asked to on a school or road levy?

I don't know if it was planned or not but with President Obama getting the last word at last nights debate. I have to wonder how many people will walk away remembering President Obama claiming Gov. Romney believes 47% of Americans view themselves as victims? With no possible response to be made by Romney.
I have to wonder if the 170 employees losing there jobs at Sensta are considered victims by Romney?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"IT'S MY PARTY" lesley gore

And I'll cry if I want too....

At last nights Painesville Council Meeting there were some tears that flowed fro some on council as well as the city manager and clerk of council. This was Ms. McMahon's last meeting and a card as well as a gift was presented
Why am I telling you this?

Well after the executive session was over Council-President Joe Hada approached Ward I Councilman Andy Flock with an envelope that contained two checks $50.00  the Flock's gave clerk of council  for two tickets for Friday's Party at Quail Hollow along with his $20.00 contribution for councils give of a picture from council to the city manager.

Along with this statement." Friday night is a private party,and your not invited."

Now was this the wishes of the out going city manger?  If so Hada could have said Rita doesn't want your presence at the Retirement Party. Did the rest of council decide that Mr. Flock presence would not be wanted at the party? If so he should have stated that. Or was this Joe being Joe?

Any way the whole idea is just petty. Now the reason I am telling you this is that come Friday when Andy doesn't show up I want to keep a few of you from looking foolish on this site telling me how small Andrew Flock is for not attending this retirement party.

Speaking of petty Joe used the word "private" so am I to be petty and make sure the people including the clerk of council as well as people in other departments are not doing this on "company" time. I have seen a few emails that would suggest some of this planning as well as a gift selection for the party.

I personally told Andy consider yourself a winner your  $70.00 ahead of the game and can spend the evening with people he likes and also like him. also on the plus side there no chance now of being accused of grabbing someone and finding out on a trip to Columbus.


Painesville will be facing a 4 mil school operating levy this November. We have been told drastic cuts in many programs from class size to sports even busing.

Lets evaluate this for a second this school year and until August of 2013 are funded at the present rate of compensation from the State of Ohio and local tax dollars.
Now lets first see what kind of funding the State of Ohio will give us for 2014/2015 before we sign on to another operating levy. At the time the state past it's last school funding bill Ohio was at over 10.4% unemployment presently the claim is it is down to 7.4% so we can assume Columbus has more cash in it's coffers this time around. When they look at Painesville's finances could they believe since Painesville passed a levy we don't need to send them as much money? I don't even know if they even think this way just something for you to think about.
Present view of our system shows many areas need improvement the scandal and student evaluations along with our dropout rate is nothing to right home about. Are we improving? I believe we are. As far as the scandal I don't know if we will ever see a conviction but at the same time every individual in authority that had knowledge of what transpired must be known to the public. The police report must be made public and if someone in authority kept things under cover I want the opportunity to ask them why? Will  passing the levy vindicate the school administration as well as the school board?
Nothing every changes if you don't make an attempt to get to the bottom of things and make corrections.

Even the signs don't seem to tell the truth  "For the Kids" it's an operating levy and being so the majority of the money will go to administrator's, teacher's and other related staff. Maybe to replace a school bus or two but the buildings should presently be in excellent shape. You have to ask yourself if the administration should be running a transportation, custodial company as well as a food service company? Voter's are the only ones who can answer that question. They should remember they do not operate in a vacuum but in the real world
How many in the private sector will be receiving 2% 3% annual raises in the next couple of year?.

How deep are Painesville's pockets? You as a voter must decide that if presently we are spending over $11,000 a school year on every student. The  question must be asked how much is enough?

This vote for the schools must also be weighed on if you can afford another tax increase or not. You better than anyone else knows if you can or can't afford another tax increase and your belief it will improve Painesville's student's educational results.

Road Levy
You have to ask where has the administration been as these roads 19 miles of them fell into disrepair? Buying riverfront property near Fairport Harbor? $250,000 in general fund dollars that could have been used on a road here or there.
My own thought on the road levy? Council members are getting tired of residents asking about conditions of our roads. If this road levy passes they can claim it will be a start and we will get to your street as soon as we can. The levy by the administrations number will only add to a little more than a half mile of road repair a year. On the other hand if it doesn't pass they can tell residents "We put a levy on the ballot but it was rejected by your friend and neighbors".  What can we do? 
We recently received a grant for $600,000  along with a city match of over $270,000 to repair two blocks of Main St. Is this money well spent? Look at what other communities ask for in grants for road repair. Anyone else spending $900,000 for two blocks.
Sorry until I see the city using taxed dollars properly I'll keep spending my money  on front end alignments, as well as tires. No way period on the road levy.

Metro Parks Sorry voted NO, but it some how passes every time a levy comes up.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Since we all know I'm a registered Democrat I thought it would be fun to point out the way some Democrats will view candidates this election year on the Republican ticket.
In fairness if you of you Republicans would like to do the same on the blog. I will print your post if you include your name and keep it clean and short. Lets start at the top

Mitt Romney So I understand you believe we should grant your right to privacy when it comes to your taxes, would it be asking to much to much of you to explain what your intentions are when it comes to mine?
"Clear Eyes,Full Hearts, Can't Lose"  Plagiarism  can cost you votes though. [Friday Night Lights]
You seem to change positions more often than people change socks Plus keep the dog off the roof of the car

Josh Mandell As a resident who voted for you for Ohio Treasurer [a lie] Would have been asking to much of you to spend at least one term in your present elected office? Two weeks into your position you announced your run for the senate? Josh I honor your service to your country but could you share a little with the other branches that served with you in Afghanistan. As treasurer you might explain to other young men how to marry money and a family with alot of political clout.

David Joyce Well when President Bush wanted to make you a U.S. Attorney you didn't pass the F.B.I. background check? Sorry that's enough for me,Sir.

John  Eklund Support of SB 5 Is that really your solution? Also what are the plans with all the money flowing presently into the state coffers? I do wish you well in getting your daughters family to move back to Ohio. I hope it was for a job and not fear of leadership down in Columbus?

Lori DiNallo See Josh Mandell, Live, work ,play also seek higher office in Painesville. Less than two years on council time to move on. It seem now everyone in Painesville knows how it feels to be a one-night-stand.

Charles Coulson One word Timbrook  that family deserves closure.

Frebig really job ready? What exactly does that mean.

Wuliger Can you please explain why a man with your background would want to spend the amount of money for a job as county recorder that pays $65,000 a year. didn't take you long to go from  "ELECT" to "KEEP" did it? What am I missing, concerning this race?

Teresczak Emilee really, please explain what the clerk of courts has to do with the U.N. or Obamacare

O'Toole.are you a judge or aren't you?

I know I have left afew off my list only because of not having the opportunity to listen to them.

I don't feel I was harsh with any candidate I guess I had more questions than I can see answers for.

Angelo Cimaglio

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Well I had to use the word stone. Because someone downtown must be "stoned".

I have been informed that as part of the close to $900,000 we will be spending on Painesville's two square blocks on Main Street. Someone has come up with the brilliant idea that the little alley behind the Main St. storefronts thought it might be a novel idea  to pave it in Nature Stone? Really with the present conditions of street in Painesville  lets waste money on that little alley behind Main Street.? Whats the cost of Nature Stone per square yard? What so the semi-truck dropping off rice at the restaurant will  have a nice delivery area? I've been told this might attract college students to our downtown? To be honest I believe the whole project is a waste of government money .
Maybe I was to harsh on Your Vine or Mine. Maybe the whole two blocks should be fenced in to keep the loonies and their ideas in check? Further more I have been told there's a chance once Main St. starts construction the water pipes on that block may need to be replaced? [There seem to be a thoughts they may be made out of wood.] Great now we can add that to the present costs.

In other news you can question your city council person if with the exception of the administration was anyone else made aware of that in the lawsuit between AMP-OHIO and Bechtel. The City of Painesville was one of four commuities to receive a Subpoena from Bucktel regarding the current lawsuit? There's something you can go on to explain at the next council meeting Mike.

Good news starting this month the city electric rates will be based on Winter rates instead of Summer rates. Something else that can be explained to all of us.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"GO YOUR OWN WAY" fleetwood mac

Yes before the bombshell of  Dr. Hanlons retirement a  presentation was given on if this new levy as well as the renewal that will be put on the ballot in 2013 fail what your district will look like.
By the year 2017 we could face a negative balance of over 10.5 million dollars. Gifted student programs will end along with full day kindergarten, all athletic programs as well as all busing for student who don't live further than two miles from school [K-8] and no bus transportation for high school students. Class sizes will increace also would be included. An example presently the district transports 1,200 students a day they will be only obligated to transport 350 if both levies fail.

Now when the state cut school funding amounts to local districts Painesville City Schools seemed to have avoided the drastic cuts other district have.

Presently  the state supplies over 70% of our school funding. we spend per pupil  $11,169.00 per year per pupil presently to educate our students I'm guessing around $62.00 per school day. I just wonder if spending more more is the answer?

Will as it seem the state is receiving more revenue will it be passed on to local schools as well as local governments? Something else to consider? I guess we will have to wait to see what the Governor has in his plans for that money?  It would be ironic if next year as he faces re-election he will be able to claim the state is running a surplus while it seems every districts seems to have had to ask for a levy to maintain expenses? You actually haven't saved anything.

Another thing to consider is that all classified and well as unclassified employees presently under contract are living under a wage freeze this contract. What happens when negotiations start for the 2014 contract?

I guess the what you have to believe is that if you can afford this tax increase than vote for it. The claim of this years levy slogan is "Put kids First" What you have to do is decide if you put them or your family first. In closing I believe the levy will pass. One reason  many have stated that as long as Dr. Hanlon is in charge  they won't vote for a levy. That argument is over. Plus the fact of the number of low income housing in Painesville  that the district has made sure to register to vote. Their vote won't cost them anything or very little. This is what happens when a city lets housing projects like Brentwood, Kensington, Argonne Arms plus more section 8 housing than a community can handle.. What we're we looking for City Income Tax dollars?

Again if you can afford it, vote for it. I also believe this will be a challenge for the BOE to find a Superintendent that will live, send his children to the schools he or she will be in charge of. I for one will oppose anyone the BOE recommends who decides not to live in the district.

Oh, and please Mr. Sebring no more animals larger than a hamster.

Monday, October 8, 2012


I attended tonights the Board Of Education Meeting at Harvey High School.

Dr. Hanlon halfway though the meeting announced his resignation/ retirement affective July 2013.

More to follow in a post tomorrows. Along with a take on what else went on at the meeting.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Seems councilman Flock is at it again asking about the 19 million in "OTHERS" in the 2012 budget.
This seems to have not endured him with the administration and the "OTHERS" on council. To Bad.
This city with close to an 80 million dollar budget should in no way have 19 million of anything listed as OTHER. Why is this done to save paper, time, inconvenience?
The city manger claims that this is the way council wanted the budget to be proposed when she became city manager. One reason given was the line by line budget was to time consuming? Can you imagine a CEO of a company along with others in position of power claiming that 24 hours is to much time to be spent on this years 80 million dollar budget, you think we could have the cliffs notes version?
I know council only pays $6000 a year but you asked for the job, spent more than 24 hours and money to get it. now well can we look for"how OTHER  can we save some time?'

I once had the opportunity to listen to councilman Flock explain our city budget to OTHER community council people and in that case he was met with OTHER disbelief  that this was the procedure used in Painesville.Maybe this would be a good time to have the Council-President show us OTHER surrounding communities that use this procedure?

Pay attention Andy... OTHERS do, If you don't like the way it's done don't vote for it. Or as OTHERS do call and ask the Finance Director for clarification, OTHERS do. This would seem to be the way to do this OTHER than having it all listed so you don't have ask anyone.

Now would be a good time to go in the OTHER direction and have the budget spelled out. Unless there is  OTHER reasons?

Friday, October 5, 2012

"SINCE YOU GOT TO GO" moody blues

Go now.
Watching the council meeting on channel 12 last night left me remembering to things. One, a department head calling our city manager a professional, along with Councilman Fodor claiming again we must "Trust" the administration.
First off I do not agree with either statement.

Professionals don't get the city involved in some of the stupid deals that I have witnessed in the last 10 years, AMP-OHIO is a great example. Purchasing $250,000 for swamp land as you enter Fairport another. Trust? Do I believe anyone at city hall is dishonest? No, but trust also means that the people in charge have the best interests of the city. A city manager  who raised no red flags a few years ago when one soon to retire firefighter received all or most of the overtime in the fiscal year close to 500 hours, wonder over the years what that will cost the city in retirement cost's in the future?
At best we have paid a city manager with no previous experience to run this city for the last 15 years or so, chosen and lead by a few people in Painesville. Look around if your happy of what you see God Bless you, if your not ,well?

Councilman Flock asked about electric rates will power produced from Prairie State Energy Campus delivered to Painesville cost presently cost close to $74.00/MWH. Please don't forget on top of this we paid $300,000 in interest charges and got nothing in return.

The plan sold to council that the purchase price will be over 15 million dollars from AMP-OHIO starting in 2015 will be 24/7 power at $62.95/MWH agreed to at the October 18,2010 council meeting.
We still have "stranded "cost of the AMPGS Meigs County of 2 million? Can we agree Mike that's a close figure? Stranded means the costs Painesville has to pay even though the plant was never built.

Now councilman's Flock question to the city manager who for some reason had no idea of the change in contract in Columbus, Ohio where starting in 2015 AMP-OHIO will supply the city municipal power with power costs of $42.00/MWH Columbus Dispatch August 1,2012 news story. What is the most amazing twist to this story is that Columbus never got involved in Meigs County, Prairie State or a host of other deals AMP-OHIO put forward yet who seems to be the winner and who seems to be the loser? Wonder if professionals or a bunch of hicks  got  Columbus this deal?

In other news it seems the fence at "Your Vine Or Mine" has been taken down for the season. I have heard that they were not to happy with a councilman's questions at a council meeting. I always thought that was one of the responsibilities of a councilman? When it goes up next spring I will send an email to the ADA to confirm if the fence is in compliance. Also l  will ask the city law director if its even legal to sell alcohol on the city of Painesville right of way? Why can the fence in front of a home only be three feet high yet unless I shrunk that fence seems high? With the city making a ruling like this does it also give certain people the right to drink alcohol at Veterans Park? To the people a YVorM send me a letter also as a private citizen I also have the right to question. I am sure my attorney can send you one back. If we all can remember the question wasn't if you could, but who let you. This seems hardly the way for a business to act considering Painesville citizens are spending $900,000 on the two blocks surrounding your business.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

"ALWAYS ON MY MIND" elvis presley

I know many do not want me to talk about national politics here on the blog. but I will tell you a Painesville story about the "47%" that I will share with you.

Born and raised in  Painesville my earliest memories were about my childhood friend Johnny we grew up next door to each other and Johnny was around two years older than me we spent many a day disassembling wagons ,building forts, playing cowboy and bad guy . One day in our play Johnny hung me on the pear tree in the back yard needless to saw this was more than frowned at by both our mothers. Johnnys mother was also my Godmother.
Johnny was the first to introduce me to a love affair with cars, from a 49 Mercury to a 55 Pontiac, to one of the sweetest 65 Mustang  I can remember.

Johnny got his draft notice and after basic training was off to Vietnam where he was shot in the back and crippled from the waste down for the rest of his life.. Did Johnny ever consider himself a victim? I don't believe he ever mentioned that fact at least not to me. Johnny's main pain seemed to be that the soldier that saved his life was killed in the process.

See so since 1968 Johnny was one of those "47% " that Mitt Romney claims he can't control the way they go though life life and is in his opinion a "taker" not a "maker".  Johnny never married, had children or had the joys in life many of us take for granted. Johnny was hardly a taker he gave all to this country and when the pain became unbearable after 42 years Johnny took his own life.

I wonder if certain people can relate to his life? He was the first person I thought of when I heard Romneys speech. Today Romney is in Virginia  With the supporter  for  the "Wounded Warrior Project" Trace Adkins . I hope someone will relate a story like this to Governor Romney so he might understand what a everyday American life can be like. Also explain that American  Hero's are not victims. Sometimes it's just the cards life dealt to you. I believe in the "Wounded Warrior Project" yet at the same time this country should honor those Hero's and they should not be dependent on a $19.00 a month gift from the American people.

The only thing worse for a person running for office than people not liking you, is the fact becomes apparent that people believe you don't like them.