Friday, May 31, 2013

"BORN TO RUN" bruce springsteen

This information I was asked to post on the Blog. Please do not take this as an endorsement.


Painesville Concerned Citizen Association is inviting all city of Painesville residents to attend a proposed City Manager charter form of government to a City Mayor government change. We need your support and we need people who are serious to help make a difference.
Meeting location:
Heritage Middle School Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 7:00 P.M. the location of Heritage is 135 Cedarbrook  Drive Painesville.

Contact former Painesville city councilwoman Arlene Becks (440) 358-9955


Looking for FREE  entertainment in Downtown Painesville this June first weekend?

Nemeth's Lounge will have local stand-up comedians Saturday night from 9:00 pm until ???

I have been told five comics are already signed up. I have no idea what kind of humor it will be.
(might be a good idea to keep the kids at home)

Stop down and have a Carlings Black Label.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

"ANTICIPATION" carly simons

One word brought up 'unofficially' at Tuesday nights special council meeting was the word
'RECIPROCITY'  now to make this simple lets say you live in Painesville and work in Mentor. You pay Mentors 2% city income tax and Painesville thru reciprocity gives you full credit to the income tax you pay Mentor and you would not pay to Painesville Income Tax. It was mentioned at the meeting that only 38% of city residents pay Painesville City Income Tax.
Now lets say council can change the reciprocity to only 87% ,75%, 50% or even 100% five people on council could after three meetings change the game where you might pay a percentage of your income tax to Painesville. Here's the rub. Mentor still wants it's 2% and you could be paying in total 2.5%, 3%,4% total in city income tax.

This is an election year and yes you could pass the levies or not, but lurking in the background council could change the reciprocity.

The people running for council should let residents know how they would vote on reciprocity.

Since the administration shows very little interest in cutting expenses.  Maybe its time to sell something?
Lets find out from an independent source the value of our water department. I for one could careless who delivers my water to me.
If the administration is steadfast on not examining cutting costs it is up to residents to find them the money.
The POC has asked the city to show us the present health care cost and contributions to the city made by city employee's.

I guess what most of us want are the same things. good roads, and safety forces. The argument seems to be is how to get there.

As with the water lines decades of neglect roads now seem to be on life support. Maybe if the administration had made better use of resources in the past we wouldn't be in this situation.
Finally the chickens have come home to roost.


To some of you who might be curious that our Main St. Project can receive the CBDG grants for the last two years. Well it seems we are an non-entitlement community?

So according to all the acronyms, CBDG, HUD, CAPER, LMI.
Our administration considers the Main St. project for grants by addressing it as slum and blight.
Which I will add my acronym NUTS.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Attended last nights special council meeting on Road and Safety levies. To say it was a disappointment would be an understatement. Abit nutty.
The meeting was poorly run as well as unorganized. The city administrators provided very few answers, council seemed divided on there support of a road levy. "Lets leave it up to the voters."
I only believe 3 council people are willing to provide the support this road levy would need.

This city regards roads like the National Weather Service views Tornado's? Category #2 #3 #4 #5 and with a chance next year a category #6?  In short we have 15.8 million dollars worth of repairs to be made on cat.4 and 5 roads. The PLAN is a 3mil levy to raise approximately  $650,000 a year. Do the math how long before you get to 15 million dollars? With lower category roads filling spots above them.

Another fun fact the city is presently sitting on app. 26 million dollars but due to existing state laws can't spend it. Electric Fund money?

The thought of selling a city asset was asked. The water department for example . What is it worth and would the County or Aqua Ohio want to purchase it? Cheap water? Not since the last $8.00 surcharge. Then again if Concord Twp. changes suppliers in the next few years what will it be worth than? I guess my question in the surrounding area who else owns a water department and why?

I did here some council people take the administration on. What besides asking for a levy is the city willing to do for a comprehensive road repair plan? Thank -you Mrs. DiNallo I think you understand there's more to solving this problem than a levy. Councilman Flock wanted to know what presently the total property tax residents pay and a formula as to them being able to understand what these two new levies will cost them.

When it came to the Safety levy. Chief Hager, and Chief Mlachak both seemed to know what their departments needs were and the amount of money needed to fulfill their goals.

After listening to the conversation last night it appears the city workers union's control this city and not the administration, either that or the union's are being used as scapegoats? Look if the city negotiated union contracts the way they have others? Well.

No one can ignore the roads are bad, the solution will not be easy but after years of neglect it don't come easy.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


As we get older time starts to fly. I can't believe it is already Memorial Day, Christmas, Valentine, Easter all have past. The start of summer is upon us.
Although this years picnic's might need sweaters and gloves?

As I reminded you in past years to remember, as well as  seek out a veteran to thank them for their service.  Remember all the fallen patriots that have given us our freedom.

Freedom isn't a given it's not like the sun coming up every morning. A lot of blood and sacrifice went into preserving it for all of us. Please appreciate it. It didn't come easy.

Every year at this time, as I drive by the cemeteries and witness all the flags, all the sacrifice becomes real to  me.

The "greatest generation" and even a larger number  of Korean, Vietnam vets are leaving to their final  destination  We salute them all.

A thanks to the city. Both Cemeteries look perfect for the holiday.

Friday, May 24, 2013

"WANDERING" kristina train

I have been wandering around thinking about next Tuesday's Special Council Meeting 05/28/13. This is a special meeting on if and when along with how much we will need for a new Safety, and Road levy. To present to the voters in November.

I have always mentioned to the administration they must put forward good faith measures to the residents before asking for more funds.
One example is the recently discussed  CDBG better known as the E-BEE-GEE-B grant funds. I guess with the roads in there present conditions our Public Works Director Mr. Lynch could have asked for money for that pot hole filler truck for the use of a month? Maybe hes old-fashioned and likes the 1930 method. Councilwoman Jenkins as well as Councilman Hach along with myself forward all that information to the administration. Than again in the wisdom of that administration they decided rather to paint privately owned storefronts downtown? These decisions are one of the reasons presently I wouldn't give them another dime.

Let's try a different approach? What can the city do without to save money?
Well we already tried to save money at the two city cemeteries. That was met with almost an heterodox objection from the administration. I guess are goals are to provide expensive jobs?
So lets look elsewhere. My favorite that I affectionately call  'Horvaths Lagoons'  The city almost ten years ago took general fund money and purchased 16 acres of property along the Grand River by the Richmond St. bridge going into Fairport Harbor for $250,000. Now Painesville since the purchase not one thing has been done with this property. I know real estate is low presently but get rid of it if your not going to use it? I know there is no buyer for that property at $250,000 but maybe at $100,000? Someone told me when the city purchased this property it was worthless and it still is. Let's find out.

Does Painesville really need a Water Department? If Concord goes with the county in the next contract in 2018 well we could be in trouble. Would the county even consider buying their competition? A bonus we here would pay less for water service. No $8.00 surcharge.

First off the  city of Painesville with 19,000 people really need an assistant manager? Look I like Doug Lewis and he is a plus to have working for us but does he have to hold that title?

I don't know if this fact is correct but the way I read it in the budget the Finance Department has 28 employee's? Could we out source some of those jobs to save money?

Look my goal is not to put people out on the street but at the same time we can't afford to run a social-welfare city system. This city must join the 21st Century.

Now I don't know if there will be a visitors time  to speak at the end of the meeting. These are questions that should be asked. Along with any you can send here and I would be glad to ask for you.
Look just be reasonable in your questions. In the end they are asking you for the funds.

Or we could wander around with nothing but our thoughts?

Monday, May 20, 2013


Pretty much a normal Monday Council Meeting.  Community Block Grants were voted on. Anyone want to bet against where the money will be spent? Most of it will go to property owners in downtown Painesville. This along with a new entrance to Recreation Park.

A report from the Finance Director on the current city finances.  The Chief of Police report on the methlab on South State St.

Then Council-President Hada dropped what I consider the announcement of the night.
Councilman Hada will not seek a ninth term this November. Choking up a bit He and Wife Mary together have combined to served the community on the school board as will as city government for over 50 years,.

Joseph has served with three different city managers, 38 different council people and has served the people of Painesville on council for  half his life.

He wanted to make this announcement early so other candidates could get their campaigns in order.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Well I found out about this earlier this week, I have been wondering what we as a community do?
Recently a Church in the North end of Painesville was  visited by our esteemed building department employee Nowell Yomen.
Seems "someone" complained about a small house in the rear of the property. The citation included roof, gutter, window replacement all to repaired by May 25,2013.  Or a court date with Judge Michael A. Cicconetti will be forthcoming. Bet he can't wait for this one? Let's find them guilty and fine a poor church?

Seems the Pastor of the church Eddie Coburn has been ill for some time this along with no money in the church budget (where have we heard that before?)  No repairs or demolition can be made.
A Reverend O'Neal met with Ward I councilman Flock and asked if he could somehow receive assistance from the city?
I don't see that happening, but there is a chance residents in the community could get together to repair or demolish this building.
I have been made aware that all council people as well as the administration have been made aware of this situation. Maybe with the help of a truck and someone who knows about demolishing we could help this Pastor before the Judge has to ask the city. "Really"?

Please contact this site if anyone has any ideas?

Thursday, May 16, 2013


There sometimes seem to be a concerted effort between the city administration and the News-Herald as to what we would like to see reported in the newspaper.
A good example was an incident that was told to me by a city resident.
Last Monday on the 200 block of S.State St. Oh, forget about it. The old D'Abates grocery store near the tracks a person was burned allegedly do to this building becoming a Meth Lab. Now he was life flighted to a Cleveland hospital burn unit. This along with two Painesville officers taken to Tri-Point to see if they had any medical issues after they entered the building.

Is this news the community should be made aware of? Or do we only read fluff pieces from Jen Reed about downtown Painesville.
Is FESTiville becoming METHiville?

What happened to the fourth estate?  Will the administration as well as the News-Herald dictate what in Painesville is news. I have checked the newspaper since Monday and maybe I'm blind but I didn't read about this story.
At last Mondays council meeting a News-Herald reporter was in the audience and in the article of the hiring of the new city manager not one word was mentioned about Painesville-Concord Twp. purchasing a 22 year old fire Truck.

Did you ever see a story in the News-Herald about Painesville sending AMP-OHIO a check for 2.1 million dollars? I guess that's not news worthy?
Yet at the same time they do three stories about chickens in Painesville?

The News-Herald is on the brink of bankruptcy
I think I know why. Do they hire reporters or memo collectors?

I'm sure someone out there will tell me about on  going investigation. It would be interesting to hear the administration's side of this. So ignore the fire the man burned in the fire as well as two officers sent to Tri-Point.

Please it seems the administration ignore my email but could someone in WardII point out to the city the high grass at the former Coe Manufacturing Co.? If I remember correctly the former city manager sits on that board.

Someone else in Ward III  report the high grass on Cedarbrook across from East Ct.

I know it's not as interesting as purchasing 22 year old fire trucks. Even the News-Herald agreed.

Sorry, Just being my old antagonistic self.

Have a future story coming about our building department issue's with a Painesville Church. Thank's Nowell you make this job fun.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"SINGING IN THE RAIN" ciara joan brown

Just a heads up This coming Tuesday night May 21, at Chestnut Elementary School there will be a water and storm sewer meeting that includes the Chestnut/Cedarbrook area of learn what the city has found out about our flooding problems and solutions since they last spoke with all of us.

Don Ware has setup this meeting between residents and city officials. The meeting will start at 6:00 pm in the cafeteria.

All city residents are invited  to attend.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Well last night I learned how to take lemons and turn them into into lemonade.
First my reasoning for not naming the Superintendent before the recent renewal levy. They must have figured no use in upsetting anyone? This with the BOE knowing their choice was not the people's first choice. So to avoid  a confrontation with people at the BOE meeting lets announce our new superintendent a few days ahead of the BOE meeting. Not at the BOE meeting as many were told. Lets  diffuse the situation. This is our guy live with it. Forget about all about that transparency talk, we wanted your input. Look all we really want is your money.

Now I lay none of this at Mr. Shepards feet he just applied for a position. I am sure he had no knowledge of being used along with others as a pawn.

In other news the BOE and told us about Dr. Hanlon's $45,000 supplemental check to help us in this time of transition. I always love it when someone pays out $45,000 and tells me it didn't cost us anything! Didn't need to make that public before an election.

We also learned of the resignation of Assistant Superintendent Denise Ward.
The hiring of;
 Mr. Zachary Cousins  Principal at Maple Elementary School.
Mr. Joshua Englehart  Principal at Elm Elementary School.

We also learned of the Heritage Middle School Girls track coach termination effective 04/18/13. We didn't discuss any of the  allegations surrounding that action. Along with no use stirring up old memories from earlier why rehash bad memories? Look they had had four special meetings since the last meeting we could have included this in one of them or even had another special meeting. The most I heard out of that was 'It takes two to tango'  Great its the middle school kids fault? Something else you didn't need to know before the election.

To tell you I'm disappointed in the action of the BOE is an understatement. The best that can come of all this is that Mr. Shepard does an outstanding job and maybe then I for one will trust these people again.

Let's finish on a positive note,

The Central YMCA as received a grant to help at risk children with a summer school program Mr.Ehrbar  from the YMCA and Mr. Bull representing the school district I believe will do everything possible to make the program a success. Now if  only the parents sign their children up?

Saturday, May 11, 2013


In the last week we have found out who our new city manager as well as school superintendent will be. Much research went in by both city council as well as the board of education.

First the city reported hiring Anthony Carson as Painesville's new city manager. Now if I met him on the street tomorrow I would never spot him.
The council-president gave a short Bio. of him as to growing up in Northeast Ohio and presently living in Maryland.
We could have hired Johnny Carson or even Kit Carson for all we know.
The council kept the decision close to the vest never really telling who or how many they even were interviewed.
We could have interviewed the greatest city manger and then  let them slip through our fingers. But we will never know. Here's our guy we feel confident in our decision.
Not faulting their system at all. It's there way of selection.

Now the Painesville School Board took a different approach. They interviewed as many as twenty candidates and came down to three finalists. These three were the ones at the 'meet and greet' in April.
Now I believe this process was all intended to be transparent.
But in the process something backfired. The community didn't view the finalist as the BOE.
I had one board member explain that it was pretty even in the way the three groups viewed them.
I have no idea what meeting he attended but it wasn't the way I viewed the candidates at the meeting.
Now I could be wrong but even before the meeting I believe the  BOE had decided on who was going to be their next superintendent.
Problem was the community as well as staff didn't see it the same way.
First you offer the job to someone who turns it down. Then you are left with what?

Now Mr. Shepard is coming into a fire storm created by whom? May have had good intentions but in the end who's happy.
I expect Mr. McWreath to look for opportunities elsewhere, I also expect Mr. Shepard to also run into unneeded opposition.
Remember what happened is neither Dr. Moore, Mr. Shepard, or Mr. Mcwreath fault. In the future the BOE SHOULD  know, no MUST know the desires of the community better.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Mr. John Shepard has been named our new Superintendent timing is everything?
Isn't it Board President Costell?

This email I received today was a letter sent out by a well known and respected Painesville teacher.
I left their name off of it for numerous reasons. One being it could  and should have been written by a number of Painesville teacher's.

Both yesterday & today I spoke with a community member? friend whose two children graduated from Harvey. She & her husband have remained involved, have attended some BOE meetings, & attended the community focus group for the superintendent search. Although she was unable to attend the Saturday candidate interview sessions two weeks ago, she did google  each of the candidates & did hear firsthand from several people, both residents & teachers alike, that Mr. McWreath was clearly the frontrunner.

Yesterday she e-mailed Steve Costell inquiring about the delay in choosing a superintendent, her reluctance to support  another levy & request for community input that seems to then be ignored. He responded that the timing of the levy & superintendent choice was purely coincidental & that the BOE values & welcomes community input & used said info in making their decision.

As a long-time resident of Painesville & strong supporter of PCLS, she asked if PCTA had endorsed Mr. McWreath, I told I was not aware that they had. As educators, we frequently receive candidate/ endorsement from the OEA. As teachers whose future evaluations will be tied to student achievement, can/will PCTA take a stand  & endorse a candidate, who clearly turned Harvey around from day one, who has returned the focus to academics, who consistently enforces the rules, who has increased accountability among both students & staff, and who deals with the transparency we so desperately need & crave?

Attendance at Monday's BOE meeting is surely to be increased. Several residents are intending to speak. Can/will PCTA take a stand  & demand their voices be heard? Can they afford to not do so?

Now as a community we have been ask to do our part. We pass levies when others districts do not. In the end will our elected official's listen to us ? Or we knocking on a door that doesn't want to answer us or feel no need too?

Monday, May 6, 2013

*** BULLETIN ***

The City of Painesville has just hired Mr. Anthony J. Carson, Jr. for the vacant city manager position.
more information to come.......

Lets all wish Mr. Carson to Painesville!
In other council news you are all the proud owners of half of a 22 year-old fire truck. I must have missed something it was voted on first reading 7-0 . Wonder what the rush was?
Council-President Hada scheduled a work session for May 28,2013 to promote a safety and/or a road levy.

"TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN" steve miller band

Something to think about.

This was on the county ballot in November 1982.



A majority affirmative vote is necessary for passage

"Shall the Ordinance providing for two percent (2%) levy on income on and after March 1,1983. for the purpose of general municipal operations, maintenance, new equipment, and other municipal purposes be passed?"


30 plus years and during that time somewhere between  150 million 200 million dollars has been collected.
The reason I bring this up now is after the need for a road levy and the $8.00 a month surcharge for water department repairs that council passed last year. It begs to ask the question what
percentage of the passage of this tax has been used for MAINTENANCE? 


If your curious 
FOR THE INCOME TAX              1127

Saturday, May 4, 2013

"FIRE" pointer sisters

At Monday night's City Council Meeting this resolution will be brought up.
Please read the resolution and then ask  if the council people would ask the same questions  you might and I will add some here.

3. Resolution authorizing the City Manager to enter into an agreement with

Concord Township/Concord Fire Department for the purchase and

maintenance of a 1991 Sutphen Aerial:
Fire Chief Mark Mlachak was approached
by the Concord Fire Chief regarding the availability of a 1991 Sutphen Aerial Ladder
Truck from Boardman Township Fire Department. As a result, we are seeking
approval of this Resolution to jointly purchase a 1991 Sutphen Aerial from Boardman
Township/Boardman Township Fire Department in cooperation with Concord
Township/Concord Township Fire Department. The aerial is a 90 foot
ladder/platform vs. the 75 foot straight “stick” we presently have. It will provide the
Fire Department with a longer, more effective and safer platform from which to fight
fires. Although it is one year older than our existing aerial, it was examined by the
chiefs, their maintenance officers, and a representative from a third party fire
apparatus Maintenance Company. It is believed that we could gain an additional 10
years from this apparatus. The current aerial would need to be replaced prior to that
time. The cost to purchase the aerial will not exceed $85,000 and the cost of
necessary maintenance is estimated at $20,000. The City of Painesville’s cost would
be approximately half of that identified above or $52,500. Funds will have to be
appropriated at a future date.
In addition to the purchase of this piece of fire equipment, this Resolution also
authorizes the City Manager to enter into an agreement with Concord
Township/Concord Township Fire Department. Said agreement shall spell out such
things as maintenance cost sharing, operational expectations, replacement of, etc.
Future maintenance costs will be split between the City and Concord as well as
replacement of the apparatus. The vehicle would be housed at the City of Painesville
Fire Department. The tentative purchase was reviewed by the Public Safety
Committee on Thursday, May 2, 2013 and it was their recommendation to seek City
Council’s approval on the purchase.

Questions anyone?
1) How will this fire truck serve us better than the present engine a 1992 Pierce 75 ft. Quint.
(someone should ask what  the difference is between a  quint  and  a platform aerial.)
2) Why is Boardman TWP. Fire Department selling Tower 71? yes I checked.
3) Funds will have to be  appropriated at a future date. How?
4) The truck is to be housed in Painesville. Now if Concord Twp. needs the truck will Painesville send the truck with just a driver or with a fire crew to Concord?
5) What will become of our present 1992 75 ft. Pierce aerial? Along with Painesville leaning towards Pierce fire apparatus will this Sutphen truck fit in with our maintenance program.
6) This appears to be a good deal for both Painesville and Concord Twp. I wonder if any council people will check incognito with Painesville Firefighters on there thoughts about this purchase. Remember there the ones who will have to use it.
7) Should a purchase such as this be left at a councilman's door Friday night and decided Monday night.
8) Explain what is included in "as well as replacement of the apparatus" Is this a one time deal or a marriage?

Friday, May 3, 2013


Drove by the City of Painesville 125 year old Electric Generation Campus Museum yesterday.
Heard a sound I hadn't heard in quite awhile, seems the cooling tower were operational? Seems we are presently receiving coal also. My guess by Monday Painesville might be in the power generation business again.
Let's hope no retraining is necessary.
"Fire it up"

Safety Committee met last night in courtroom 1 looking to pass a fire levy of around 2.7 mils.
In a co-operative purchase for a new aerial fire truck  to be shared with Concord Twp.

During the conversation the road levy came up. This with the knowledge that Painesville has more than 15 million dollars of road repair needed presently. You wont fix much with a levy that only raises around $300,000 a year. What say a 11 mil. levy.