Monday, April 27, 2015


"New Painesville City School Policy"

April 6,2015

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Because of changes from the Ohio Department of Education, the gifted programming for the Painesville City Schools is changing. This letter will describe the changes and how they will affect your student(s)

To meet state expectations, gifted identification and services will begin in kindergarten and go through grade 12. Historically, our programming has only impacted students in grades 3-5. To accomplish this with our current staff, gifted service will be provided through consultation by our    Gifted Intervention Specialist (Mrs. Foecking) with all core-subject teachers who work with your children. Instead of having an intense three years of pull-out gifted services in grades 3-5 we will now provide training to teachers to be able to meet the needs of students throughout their academic careers.

What will this look like?

For students in grades 6-12, the school day will look very similar. The difference will occur via behind-the-scenes training with teachers. Over time, teachers will learn improved methods to meet the needs of gifted students. We are using a state-provided curriculum for training. This should improve the instruction for all students.

For students in grades 3-5 nothing will change for the current school year. But beginning next year gifted instruction will be provided at each elementary building, using the consultation model described above. Students currently receiving services at Maple Elementary School, along with their siblings, will have the option of either staying at Maple for the remainder of their elementary years or returning to their home schools. Either way the instruction will be the same.
Right now there are no services for students currently in grades K-2 who are identified as gifted. Next year, students K-2 will be provided services though the model described above.

These changes will bring challenges to our district. We will strive to make the changes yield results in academic growth for your children.

If you have questions about any of the changes or programming please contact David Bull, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, or Holly Foecking Gifted Intervention using the information listed below.

David Bull                                                         Holly Foecking
Director of Curriculum & Instruction               Gifted Intervention Specialist
PCLS                                                                  PCLS
440-392-5083                                                     440-392-5472
david                                            holly

So what does this letter tell us?

Is Painesville City Schools embarking on mediocrity?  Do you really expect these teachers to be able to satisfy the instruction your child needs? Does the system expect ALL student to be at the same level going into Jr. High. Is it time to find a new home for your gifted child, it appears PCLS is not equipped to service their needs? What changes from the Ohio Department of Education? I guess we can have programs so no one is let behind but a lousy program for those that can exceed? Time to evaluate your child's future. Should the resident's of Painesville been informed of this change?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015



At the last council meeting I asked for and was sent our Waste Management contract (2011-2015). This was a three year contract with options for a fourth and fifth year.

Well the contract I received was pretty much left blank in the amount department. I did find something very interesting in the Addendum's on the contract.

First the city did agree to act as a collection agency for Waste Management  according to Painesville Ordinance, number not given. (still don't see this as legal) Some collection agency they turn out to be they turn Waste Management's amount to the County as a lien on that address.

What I really found disturbing with the Addendum's was ;

5) ANNUAL FEE  Contractor shall pay the city Forty-Eight Thousand dollars ($48,000) annually for each year of the agreement extension. The first year payment ($48,000) shall be due on or before December 20, 2014. The second payment of $48,000 shall be due on or before December 20, 2015.

Total of $96,000 for what?  Want to take a wild guess who's pocket this $96,000 is coming from? Why? I thought the city looked out for us not themselves or Waste Management.

Another interesting thought what fund does this $48,000 per year go to? Justification?

Maybe council should do their job and our  refuse bills would be less expensive?

This is one sweetheart deal that doesn't even give you a kiss.

Wonder if WM has made cozy deals like this elsewhere?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Maybe it's a house with no name?

Seems last night's council meeting went on for quite awhile. Everything on third reading passed. Second reading items were left to third reading.

One item was clarified the CDBG (community development block grant) for storefront improvements NOW includes all business's in Painesville not just that precious two blocks of downtown. Thank-you councilman Flock. Although I opposed this use of block grant money due to the reasoning the people who own property downtown are not without finances to improve there own property. The main reason storefronts  are empty is that this is Painesville  not Beachwood but the rents  seem not that much different?

We have a new building inspector a Mr. Zopko who seems more than qualified for the job. A note to you "weekend warriors" that do improvements on the weekend he will be working on some Saturdays. So maybe the days of the mice will play if the cat's away will be over. Also it appears commercial contractors are not following the city's permit code and this will also be addressed.

If the city has to mow your lawn expect a charge of $95.62 charge plus a one time $75.00 charge for the first time only one letter will be sent to you per year  oh, that $75.00 fee is for inspection.

The City also announced it has received in 2014 over $133,000 in vacant property fees, now ask you councilman if how much of that was for commercial property?

I questioned the city about the collection of Waste Management and the city being used as a collection agency? I ask that I and every council person receive a copy of the contract, mine came email this morning with more questions than answer's. If I'm reading this correctly WM is forwarding the city $48,000 this year. For what? It was in the addendum's.

How the city justifies charging an address rather than a person responsible for the charge of and arrearages is beyond me? Why bother putting your name on a utility bill? Why not occupant so-and so address?  I believe the city has over stepped themselves on this one.

Mrs. Jenkins reported house's were again selling in Painesville. You have to wonder how many will be rental properties.

The Railroad Station received it's Historic Preservation District.

On another note I wonder if we will someday have a ribbon cutting for Streetscape and who will cut the ribbon on this bungled idea?

Friday, April 17, 2015

"TRASH" alice cooper

One of my five favorites is in the news again. Yes we have problems with the "streetscape" contractor being dismissed expect Main  St. to be closed at least two more weeks. I believe city crews will finish the project. We can discuss the why's and the how's at another time.

This concerns the "contract" our former city public works director and former city manager dreamed up between the City of Painesville and Waste Management. I for the life of me can't remember a successful contract our former CM had?

Here's the deal as reported in the Painesville Pride. The City of Painesville will put a lien on your property if you sell  your home and the trash bill is not paid up in full . I even wonder if this is legal for the city to act as a collection agency for a private business? Do they get compensated for this extra service? Along with selling and keeping records of who purchased orange bags from the city?
Odd if this was legal you might think Dominion Gas would work through the city also? What next you owe late fees on Morley Library books and we won't turn the lights or water on until the house where you live pays the fine? These rules the city has passed have gone from a good idea to a pain in the rear to buy or sell a home in our city. You have an empty house and the city can charge you yearly if its unoccupied? Even if the property is maintained.

This trash problem is easily solved. First thing the resolution council passed to leave the contract in the hands of the city manager must be revoked  and put back into control of council, if council is to lazy to do this get a different council people it's called doing your job. How many of you have called  about a Waste Mismanagement problem and the council person has no idea what your talking about?

Waste Management must be hearing from many of you because at the Town Hall Meeting at Elm St. School  this month they will be there. When I asked councilman Flock why he invited them he told me they asked to be present. So if your interested and have issues to discuss keep April 30, 2015 free and meet at the school at 7:00 pm.

I guess I will end the post with a question. In the last ten years has our former city manager had a successful contract? AMP-OHIO, Battery Box Building, Wind Mills, Trash ect. I will ask to see this wonderful contract with Waste Management in the near future.

Thanks for being patient with me.

Monday, April 6, 2015


Recently I have been getting emails to the blog. about the next biggest blunder coming to Painesville. Yet no real who, what, when and where.

Term's best guess?

My favorite city project STREETSCAPE it seems the city has "terminated" the contractor of the project.

This is fact.... now if you view  the steps around the New Market Mall along with the wood fence this project is far from complete. Today the city's service crews were digging up Main Street to put I the fake red brick sidewalks, wasn't that part of the original project'

My point being has all funds been spent ? If so how will the job be completed and with what funds?
According to someone at least $200,000 of work still needs to be done.

I wonder if this is the mystery everyone keeps telling me about?

And it seems we were fooled again!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter 2015

"He has risen'"

God Bless all of you!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the passing of Lillian J. Kerestman former Educator, Painesville Councilwoman and Community Activist.



Over 20 ordinances and resolutions on the agenda for Monday nights meeting. After a couple of months of nothing now this?

Everything from Development  to Preservation.

Including CDBG grants.

You name it we got it Monday night including Contractor Registration Fees.

Including a presentation by City Planner, Lynn White on legislation items #1-6

I also expect a report from the finance director on how many Billions it will cost the city to add your electric charge and the PCA together on your utility bills.

If you plan to attend bring your pillows it will be a long meeting!

Friday, April 3, 2015

"BRILLANT DISGUISE" bruce springsteen

The United States policy in the Middle East is in shambles.

The Middle East is in Shambles.           SO?

Look it appears these people finally got the wish they have always wanted....To kill each other. No use for American Blood and Treasure to be anymore involved then we current are. For the most part we provide logistics. We're like the UPS of war.

Iraq's and Iranians are fighting ISIS that's bad? Sure will supply air cover for the Iranians, why not?

Syria just seems to have everybody fighting everybody.

Yemen now is in a civil war with a bunch called the Houthi Rebels backed by Iran. Saudi Arabia and Egypt want to drive them out of Yemen. We will supply aid and logistics.

Now depending on who might be sitting in the White House there's a good chance by now 100,000 American troops might have entered the fray.

In my eyes this seems like a brilliant strategy no American troops, people that for the most part hate us killing each other.

Sorta a Win, Win

As far as Israel is concerned, Send us the 3 Billion dollars  sit over there and do what we suggest?

If there was ever a case of the tail wagging the dog.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"DREAM ON" areosmith

Some very interesting news has come to my attention.

First Browns GM Ray Farmer will miss four games and the team fined $250,000 also included the NFL has decided to give the Browns two more first round draft picks to screw-up.
If the HBO series Hard Knocks doesn't pick up the Browns Comedy Central. would like the opportunity to do a series on them. Although SYFI has first dibs.

In local news Painesville is believed to be in the process of getting a Grant called the Boulevardscape.
Six lanes of traffic from Wood St. down Mentor Ave. around Veterans Park continuing down Main St. South on State St. to Erie St. The city's public works department claims they can time the traffic lights for those who would rather chose Erie St. that from Wood to State would be a 25 minute cycle.
Speed limits could be set as high as 65mph on this project.

Also Painesville City Council has come up with an idea of residents adopting a  Chuckhole Program.. You register your chuckhole at city hall and the only requirement is that your patch job must last's four days doubling the city's time on the patch job on the same chuckhole.

Rumor has it Laketran is considering a light-rail line from Lake Erie College heading west through Mentor and ending up in Downtown Willoughby. Providing students with goods and services and a downtown feel.

Another rumor is that SAE fraternity has applied at the College.

Rumor has it that Jay Z and BeyoncĂ© may be staying in a upscale new business in Painesville during the Rock & Roll Induction Ceremony's in Cleveland this year. Also rumored on the street a well known established Republican family has made reservation to stay there during the 2016 Republican Convention.

The City is also giving thought of letting the Senior Center locate in the unused Battery Box building the city was conned  into building afew years ago. They will even help move them over. On second thought maybe let them use the Power Plant at least someone will use it for a good purpose