Monday, October 31, 2011

"TIME AFTER TIME" cyndi lauper


Once in a time far gone from the present. A Prince and his Princess set forth to find a New Market they had left the kingdom of his father and set out to make there mark in the new lands.
One must remember the Prince and Princess had lived very enriched lives and as they first set foot on the land besides the river they took time to imagine what there new kingdom would encompass.
I will will provide electric power, and clean water along with a waste water treatment area that will be owned by our kingdom and other kingdoms will envy us the Prince exclaimed!
No more buying candles from Lord AMP for us.
The Princess who came from well bred highly educated people herself envisioned a College right in the middle of their kingdom. No other kingdom could boast of this for miles and mile.
We will build a new school castle for the rabbits and bear cubs in our kingdom the Price cried out. No we will build 5 new school castles and be the envy of all nearby kingdoms shouted the Princess!
This area will become the center of commerce where buying and selling will flourish. SHOP DOWNTOWN we all will exclaim!
We will become the center of kingdom government along with financial institutions that will manage the rabbits and bears honey. We must also make room for the many Sharks that will be in the kingdom and practice in out Law Castle.
The Princess told the Price this river should run through the middle of our kingdom and rabbits, squirrels along bears will love living nearby.
One more item needs to be addressed with all these animals in our kingdom it is important to have a healing castle not for envy but central to where the population is. Right here in the center of it all. No one would even dare to move it! Our descendants the future Kings and Queens of our kingdom will always be in support. That should be any easy task, no one but no one ever moves a Healing Castle in the first place.
My only fear cried the Prince will that with a kingdom such as this will there be room for all? I see people wanting to come here even from foreign lands.
Oh, Price what a worrier? Who or how could anyone screw this Kingdom up?

To our present day King and Queen it seems a wise Owl has informed the Queen's administration to come up with 600,000 jars of honey before the sun rising 14 times or the brokered deal along the river will be no more?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

'SAY YOU SAY ME" lionel richie

Now we hear that Mr. DeLeone is against S.B. 5.

Interesting, is there a Republican office holder in the area besides Ron Young publicly supporting this Bill?

Back to signs, I have noticed many Vote NO ISSUE 2 Signs around town but only three or four Vote YES ISSUE 2 signs. Now before you jump to any conclusion as to what this post is about, let me tell you the amount of respect I have for those YES signs. Those people believe in something. They do not care if it goes against the grain of any public employee.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with the 15% of health care or the amount of contribution to their retirement fund. That being said, why is this Bill over 300 pages long? The devil is in the details.

This also could be one of those issues where the signs do not even add up to the amount of votes. People don't always do what you expect behind a curtain.

Someone mentioned to me that over 60% of firefighters in Ohio are volunteer and those rural counties and areas might care less about professional safety forces.
The urban areas might all be voting NO but what about the Jefferson’s or Rome’s, in Ohio?

Why I bring this up now is that I believe Painesville will be facing some tough economic decisions in the next two or three years. Heck, anyone can sit on council when there’s plenty of money flowing in. [money can hide a multitude of sins, ask Paul Hach]

Where will the cuts be made, how much will any department face?

I may have been at fault to bring up the sign issue. Maybe we should be asking questions like ‘will the city allow the construction of 50 new homes behind Cedarbrook between Hickory and Chestnut St?’ What kind of answer can I expect from a lawyer or a city council member?

After a city council meeting a couple of months ago I mentioned to Mr. DeLeone that the cities non- compliant zoning issues should be addressed and that those residents must somehow be protected in case of a misfortune. Mr. DeLeone mentioned to me "the city must follow the law". That is when I decided to back Mr. Tibbits instead of Mr. DeLeone.. he just seems to care more about the "City" then the residents.

Council President Hada stated that Goldberg could build in that area right now. I'm looking for a council member who will put residents before the Goldbergs of the city and demand certain things be done before even an outhouse can be built back there. I’d like to see the current residents’ flooding problems be taken care of before we start adding new residents to the mix and making a bad situation worse. We can't possibly think that we need revenue so badly that we can afford a short-sighted view again.

Tibbits and Murphy, along with Flock, have told me that the earliest and biggest cuts in city wages must come from under the "Golden Dome" FIRST… not our safety forces or employees on Storrs St. Will the other candidates also agree with this?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"THE LETTER" boxtops

The following letter was mailed out to all registered Democrats in Ward III.

Dear Friends,

My name is Angelo Cimaglio. I grew up in Ward 3. My Mom still resides there and I have been a Painesville resident most of my life.

Four years ago I thought it was a good idea to help John Murphy get elected to Ward
3. At the time I felt the Ward was not being served properly by the then-current councilperson Robert Fountain.

Four days before the election the Lake County Republican Party sent out a post card to residents in Ward 3 to vote for Mr. Fountain. I took this and other things as strategic help by a major political party to help a candidate in a non-partisan race. Non-partisan means not affiliated with any political party to help a candidate in a non-partisan race. Mr. Fountain went on to win Ward 3 and then has failed to make 50% of council meetings during his term. This has greatly affected the standards expected by the residents in Ward 3.

Inserted sign in widow at Lake County Republican Headquarters

Again this year, the party bosses at Republican Headquarters have stuck their noses into a non-partisan race as the sign above proves. It is time to tell Mr. DeLeone and the Republican bosses that we want to keep these races non-partisan. We just want the best man to represent us and our needs, not a candidate beholding to any party.

Thank you for your time.,

Angelo Cimaglio

Printing paid by myself and no candidate or party has contributed in any way.


Now if you pay attention I never suggested you should vote for the other guy, or not vote for Mike. I only believe registered Democrats heck I got stamps left over to mail out to some Independents to be aware what's going on. I told Mike he didn't need that sign in that window or any help from them, but I guess he believes he does for some reason. [presently 185 letters were sent out]

Sunday, October 23, 2011

"STILL THE SAME" bob seger

Some very interesting council match ups coming this November.

First off, I believe Paul Hach is a very good family man. I have had a few conversations with his wife, who also seems very nice. That said I am presently looking at his campaign flyer. The back page listing his accomplishments seems like very slim pickins'. Morse Avenue Block Watch, Housing Task Force. He could have at least mentioned he was on the Finance committee.

Paul has run unopposed the last eight years, so the residents of Ward IV along with the whole city of Painesville have paid him $48,000 in that period. Now I ask..."for what?”

Was he involved with the city’s idea of changing the lanes on Mentor Ave.? Did he even question what this would do to traffic? Was he involved with the bridge proposed on Shamrock Blvd.? Was he involved with the nine-minute response times to Cobblestone? Flooding for Hayer Ave.... did he feel strongly enough about it to have a meeting in the past few years or just a month before the election? Has he ever questioned the city manager about the Urgent Care Center, has he ever questioned her about anything? Has he ever voted against anything proposed by her? One time in eight years… regarding construction on Mentor Ave (across from Lincoln Ave.). One time in eight years.

Now what has he voted for. He voted for the purchase (along with six other council people) of the property along Richmond St. You know the one I mean, the property mostly in the Grand River. $250,000 for a piece of worthless land that now has the moniker of ‘Horvath's Lagoons’. This was the first sign I had that something was not right under the Golden Dome. One excuse Paul had was a vision of a walkway into Lakeview Bluffs. Great… does this walkway take us past the waste treatment plant? The 3.9 mill Charter change Levy that proved to be a bust going down in defeat by 80% of the Painesville voters. Wonder to whom he was listening at that time.

Meigs County AMPGS… well he voted yes and you are left holding an approximately 2.7 million-dollar bag that you received absolutely nothing for in return. Now he presents an apology, still thinking the project made sense. No… well, we now find out that we have numerous funds collecting millions over the years to pay for mistakes. Notice your electric bills lately?

Who was he listening to?

I support John Murphy in this election. John came to live in Painesville for three reasons, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Why would I support John over Paul: John would have read the AMP contract and within a few weeks, he would have realized through common sense this was a bad deal for Painesville. John will know what he is voting on and not listen to the people Paul tends to listen to.

The big difference between Paul and John? If John would have voted for something that cost the taxpayers of Painesville more than $2,000,000 I believe he would admit his mistake, apologize and not seek re-election, probably even resign for being incompetent. Paul must have one set of kahunnas to ask people to re-elect him.

Seriously, Paul's accomplishments are few, putting all the dirt behind the Celery House that it looks like a moonscape. Is he collecting royalties on a gas well located near his property line? Whose idea was it to sell that park? Paul should have done the honorable thing and resigned his position along with anyone else still left on council who voted for that AMP-OHIO AMPSC Plant. expensive mistake. Only in Painesville could a candidate be reelected with his record while no one questions his campaign for a third term. This really is Apathyville.

At least let us all admit if Paul is re-elected, it will not be because of the accomplishments he has had in the last two terms. Maybe in Painesville all you really need are the right amount of signs.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011



The Queen was very smart and ambitious, she had been running the Kingdom for years while the King was busy building his army. An army so strong that no one would dare challenge his thrown. He had the jack of all trades his four clubs and the ten of hearts that sat by his side and agreed with everything the King and Queen said. Laws got passed and taxes got collected and the King was pleased with himself. Along with the Queen and the Sheriff of Levan.
Eventually things started to go arye, the Healer in the Kingdom wanted to renovate and double the size of his castle. He asked the Queen if she and the King would help him in his quest to build this grand healing castle?
The Queen listen then whispered into the Kings ear "Thee need not be bothered to help the Healer , where thou you think he shall go? Make him pay for his castle on his own and secure the properties he needith on his own"! What will the fool do, abandon his castle? Just tell him NOOO! But the King and Queen underestimated the gold in the Healers treasury. One day they awoke to find the ?Healers castle abandoned, the Healer had moved to the realm of Concordia where he built a a new healing castle.

The King was furious with the Queen for letting the Healer leave along with his bounty of taxes that he added to this Kingdom. "O what shall we do!" Cried the King "I know", said the Queen. "Lets show the peasants pretty pictures on how we will rebuild the Village, throw them a big party, then tear down the Healers castle, in short time they will forget it ever was there"!

So they all followed the Queens plan and it seemed to work. The only problem was the gold from the Healers taxes were no longer coming into the Kingdom, even with the help of the knight by the name of JEDD. Meanwhile the King and Queen continued to live their lavish lifestyle mindlessly running around here and there along with ideas such as painting streets red while the treasury was slowly emptying.

All this while a Bear and some rabbits were soon to befall a great tragedy.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hot off the presses (or the grapevine, take your pick).

A little bird told me that Ms. Lori DiNallo councilwoman-at-large has filed with the Lake County Board of Elections to run as a Republican for State Representative in the 63rd House District.

This is presently Mr. Ron Young's district and covers Eastern Lake County (Fairport Harbor, Grand River, Leroy Township, Madison, Madison Township, Mentor, North Perry, Painesville, Painesville Township, Perry and Perry Township).

I will fill you in as I get the facts. Mr. Young might be moving up on the political ladder?

Live, Work, Play in Painesville had a warm ring to it.

It probably also answers the "stringer" question?

Really the blog. is blocked at city hall?

Monday, October 17, 2011

"MY BACK PAGES" the byrds

Want to feel extremely old? Spend a morning with a group of third-graders from Maple Elementary School. Ms. Valvoda invited some long time residents to be interviewed by the students about what it was like growing up in Painesville or living here for a long period.

First, these minds were eager to hear stories about their hometown.
Then we got on what is not here any longer and what was not here when I was their age.

1959… Sorry, no McDonalds, Burger King, Arby’s, Taco Bell, Wendy’s.
No K-Mart, Wall Mart, Home Depot, Lowes. How did you ever survive?

Television… yes we had T.V. but it was in black and white. You mean those gray shows I see sometimes. Yes. You only had three channels! Yes. No remote control? I was the remote control in our house.

No cell phones? No, we had phone booths.

I told them about Toyland of Painesville, Grants Department Store, Kresge’s, and how going downtown to shop was a real adventure. When asked about the Mall in Mentor I told one fellow that at that time there was no mall… his look was that of an empathetic funeral director sizing me up.

That's a picture of your dad's 59 Chevy Impala. Wow, it’s big! There were no Kias, Toyotas or Nissans then? Yes, but not in the United States. We did have foreign cars… VWs Jaguars, Fiats. Mr. Cimaglio, do you think JLO really drives a Fiat? No!

No Internet, no video games computors that were the size of a football field.

By the end of the exercise, I thought maybe, they thought I came over on the Mayflower.

I left them with a thought… that someday they will be asked questions about growing up here by a future group of young students and telling them about the changes they do not even know are coming yet. Study hard, take advantage of the opportunity that you have with an education and never stop dreaming.

What's that? A milk bottle? Milk came in a glass bottle?


On another note, I will be spending November 4th and 7th with the SRO officer at Harvey and I will report on what I see on those days. This came about with the approval of the Police Chief and Superintendent. Thanks again to both for their cooperation.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I going to need some help with this one. At the last school board meeting Treasurer Taylor made what I thought to be a mistake in a statement that "If Issue Two becomes law it will cost the board of education money".
So if S.B. 5 becomes law a law that is to give us the "tools" to save money, will end up costing us money?
At the end of the meeting when citizen are allowed to ask questions I asked Mr. Dillard if Mr. Taylor could explain that statement since there is so much confusion over this Bill.
As far as I and two others in the audience believe what they heard, yes the statement was true?
Mr.Taylor then stated that all administrators salaries would have to be renegotiated since the teachers would be making more money then an administrator's?
I thought long and hard before putting this on the blog. because it just didn't make sense to me?
So if someone out there can explain what I think I heard was a mistake or even explain why this would cost more money and I heard Mr. Taylor correctly.
Does S.B. 5 only cover "Union" employees and how does this affect administrators?

I need some clarification here and am asking for your help.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I have offered the blog. to any candidate running for council or board of education the opportunity to make a presentation to the residents here.


Dear Painesville City Residents'

My name is Ada Jones and I am seeking your support in the November 8,2011 Election to become your voice on the Painesville City Local Board of Education.
The Painesville City School buildings are to be envied by any district in Ohio. They are the state of the art in design and building quality. these factors are just the start of the work needed to become one of Ohio's top rated schools. I am asking you to make me your number one choice for the Painesville Local school Board of Education.
I have spent many years working in the city of Painesville to help improve the quality of life for all people. My two children began their education at St. Clair Elementary School. I supported my children in their classroom learning, in sports, P.T.A. and put my efforts to work wherever there was a need. My years of employment and volunteer service speak for itself. I enjoyed serving this community and hope you will allow me the opportunity to serve once more as an administrative decision maker, helping map the next phase of the Painesville City Local Schools.
The demographic make up of Painesville City has many challenges. The voter registration count for all precincts as of June 7, 2011 is 9,796 eligible voters {Lake County Board of Elections}. The greatest complicating factors are the make up status of the voters and 1,630 unconfirmed voters. The demographics that affect the school system are,1.8% are separated, 29.7% have never been married, 12.5% are divorced, 7.3% are widowed {2010 Census Report for Painesville City},48.6% married. Adding 9.2%or 1,761 Latino Americans, our highly mobile citizens. These are the factors used to establish the schools' report cards. My goal is to help reshape the community into a partnership, one that will build a safety net around every child, school, and staff where there is a shared vision for success! Developing a community where every child can dream, and help make those dreams come true.
In closing, together we can continue to improve and build a stronger school district that will further enhance our children's future!

Thank you,
Ada M. Jones
************************************************************************************ Ada's education
Associate of Arts Degree from Lakeland
Bachelor of Arts Degree Hiram College
Clinical Pastoral Education Louis Stokes Department of Veterans' Affairs
License Social Worker
Substitute Teacher
Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Lake & Geauga Counties
Volunteer Board President and Vice President
Lake County Head Start Program
Volunteer Board Member
Hospice of the Western Reserve-volunteer
Free Clinic of Lake County-volunteer

My personal favorite Member of the U.S.A Dare Devils, First Women's Football Team.

I will not be posting comments on this post so if you have comments or questions please call Mrs. Jones at [440]289-2624 Please take the time to ask questions

Thursday, October 13, 2011

"I'M YOUR PUPPET" bobby Purify

Sorry if I raise a few back hairs here but I believe Mike Deleone will be a puppet of Council- President Joe Hada.
I've watch and have come to the conclusion it's "Hada Duty Time" in the Ville.
Bring in the boys get all in line. Joe will "proudly " vote for you also.
Tell us where did Mr. Deleone get all his facts from? Why couldn't he give a simple grade about the city administration? He didn't seem to have the facts about the windmills in Perry and the Hydro Plants on the Ohio River let alone Prarie States?
Does he really believe Painesville is safer then Mentor? Mike would you rather have your wife have a flat tire at Center St. and Tyler Blvd. or Richmond St. and Nebraska St. in Painesville? Don't believe everything you read,please.
He wants to talk to me? Maybe he should talk to Andy Flock someone we know will serve on council next year instead of talking to John Murphy for an hour who might or might not? Has he ever even talked to Mr. Flock?
We can talk but I made up my mind and if by chance he gets elected I will be keeping score along with what he asks or doesn't ask. It's also probably a bad idea to have two lawyers sitting at the same table.

Everyone Love's Mikey
Nonpartisan elections for city council? independent,nonaligned ect. Mike a person with all your degrees should know what that means right? Then explain your sign in the front window of Lake County Republican Headquarters? Don't bother I took the picture tonight. Who do we owe for this Jamie, Lori? You know better I know you do.
People in Painesville have always prided themselves that ANY political party keep its distance but it seems you might not have lived here long enough to know that.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Last night I attended the "Meet The Candidates Night" for the candidates running for city council. There was a full house and in short… no one hit the ball out of the park and at the same time, no one fumbled the ball.

All candidates seemed well spoken and it was a very informative two hours.
When candidates already on council listed their accomplishments it seemed that it was what they voted against that was proposed by the city administration rather then what they voted for. For example, Flock and Werner both were happy they did their homework and did not get involved with the AMP-OHIO 2.7 million dollar debacle. At the same time, Hach apologized for his vote.

Newcomer Katie Jenkins pleasantly surprised me. I thought being thrown in with the wolves would make her nervous. It didn't… she more then held her own.

Tibbits brought some facts that I had never heard before… maybe it's time to put a real businessman on council.

DeLeone came equipped with a very good resume and numbers to back him up. One question: all these numbers you mentioned on the amounts in the electric fund… where did they come from? Out of our electric rates. We already have a windmill project in Perry and have power soon to be coming from Prairie States.
Many people questioned does he really believe it is safer in Painesville then Mentor?

One possible problem may arise. All candidates believed that the schools should pay for a large part of the SRO officer at Harvey and the cost should not come out wholly out of the city’s general fund. One candidate believed if the city did not pay for it there probably wouldn't be one.[ Paul Hach] All persons running for school board believed it was the city’s responsibility to pay for that officer.

I welcome anyone to contribute to this post on what they did or didn't see at the meeting. Please, no vote for ‘so and so’ because the other person is a fool… be fair.

In addition, Unity in the Community has the two nights on DVD. I will try to get a copy and post it here for everyone to view or at least send you to a site where you can view it.

I believe 10 years ago events like this wouldn't have taken place. By last night’s turn out people are starting to really pay attention.

Candidates were asked to grade the present administration of Painesville:

Paul Hach B

Katie Jenkins Continuous Improvement

Mike DeLeone On the right track (I’m guessing this is what his answer meant.)

Hal Werner C+

John Murphy C

Richard Tibbits C

Andrew Flock D (by consensus of his ward)

Monday, October 10, 2011

"GIMMIE SHELTER" rolling stones

It seems the 99% movement is gaining strength? Someone asked me to compare the
99%er's to the "Tea Partiers".
That's simple, age and commitment. Tea party people are committed what are you talking about? Yes in there own way I guess they are they will charter a bus and ride half a day pay big bucks to hear Sarah, or Glenn tell them what's wrong in the country, wave a few signs, some will even strap on as sidearm. After the event closes they hightail it to the chartered air-conditioned buses ride home to Scranton, Albany, Columbus, or wherever.
Now compare the chicken and the hogs commitment to breakfast? The chicken kicks in the eggs but the hog's hide is the bacon. Whose's committed?
These 99%er's are young Americans that were promised the American dream. Put your nose to the grindstone spend big bucks [that you will have to pay back} and become part of the dream.
Older people that have faithfully worked for a company that kept telling them they were part of the "family" well until downsizing took over. You every here of a family downsizing?" Does downsizing mean moving your operations to China?
They all have become so disenfranchised in America, and they grow in number more and more daily. No charter bus, no job no retirement no dream just a tent and many people sharing the same nightmare. Who in the long run will change America the tea party or them?
Now we hear politicians telling them what wrong with you? Your goal seems to be to divide this country! Well what has the tea party managed to do and who was cheering them on?
The tea party are patriot's these people are to be viewed as a mob by one Republican leader.
An American Spectator Magazine reporter brags how he incited a riot at a Washington Museum.
I think some people in Washington should spend less time worrying about what the 1% will do FOT them and worry more what the 99%ers will do TO them.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

"DESPERADO" eagles

Had some free time to think, here are a few things a "BITTER" man wonders about.

Am I the only one who thinks the big green Waste Management totes should be for recyclables and the little green and yellow ones that look like a Green Bay Packer should be the one for garbage?

In the new Painesville City brochure on page 21 (Areas of interest in the City of Painesville) why is the Water Pollution Control Plant 1 and how did it beat out the Post Office which was number two?

Really… Lakeland Community College believes there might be a dollar or two out there they haven't got yet?

Now that the hospital is all but a memory, is it a fact that Zaremba has bailed on the project site?

When we provide breakfast and lunch for students during the school year because they need it, what do they eat on snow days when school is closed?

Is it true that FEMA has granted an extension for Millstone until January of 2013? Does anyone really believe it will be solved by then?

I have no proof of this but.... Herman Cain is really a plant by Papa John's Pizza to destroy Taco Bell?

Is the apathy so bad here in Painesville, that when you have the opportunity to meet people running for BOE then if you take out candidates, children, relatives, you might have 10 people with children in the system? Tell me again how important education is.

Watched American Horror Story on F/X last night at 9:00 pm and watched the repeat at 10:00 pm and have no clue what the story was about. In a thousand words or less, can anyone explain the story line?

Why is it that when Americans go to Washington D.C. and protest the government they are called Patriots while other American protesters protest on Wall St? and are called pinko commie scum? Could it have something to do with money?

Would people be out protesting if they had jobs to go to?

Since the lane changes on Mentor Ave. last year, does it seem there are more people living here in Painesville?

Paul Hach Jr. who has been on council for two terms has a list of accomplishments. What are they?

Did the red painted crosswalks downtown make you want to spend more money down there? Are you starting to miss Doug Nagy?

Am I the only one who thinks the illegal immigration problem should be Mexico's and not the United States?

The Painesville Schools 50% policy…. can we do that with our property taxes?

The old Painesville Plaza Hotel…. would it have made an excellent VA Hospital Annex Center for this area? BEFORE someone let local police and fire destroy it.

Someone once asked me if Painesville was at the end of the world? I said “No, but you can see it from here.” {Lou Holtz quote}

God's sense of Humor...while creating wives, God promised that good and obedient wives would be found in all four corners of the world...
Then he made the earth round.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"5" O 'CLOCK WORLD" vogues

Tonight was "Meet the Candidates Night". I believe it was a well-run presentation. Mr. Abney deserves our thanks, as well as time keeper Arlene Becks. "Wild Bill" would have been proud of your time keeping skills.

First, I must mention that board member Alyea Barajas was not present due to a death in her family.

That left the "5" of Ada Jones, Ross Grippi, Steve Costell, and incumbents Jeff Powers and James Dillard.

Questions from the audience were put on paper and put to the candidates. If a question was asked of one specific candidate, the others could also answer.

First off, all five candidates believed the city should pay for the SRO officer at Harvey and not the school system. I wonder what Heisley Park residents think of that?

Three members were for the repeal of S.B. 5; Mr. Dillard was undecided and Steve Costell was for the Bill.

No one running believes there are gangs operating at Harvey.

Mr. Powers believes finance would be the main problem facing the school system.
Mr. Grippi believes it is behavior issues along with wasted resources.
Mr. Costell believes there is little or no accountability in the system.
Mr. Dillard believes diversity and dealing with it in the schools.
Ms. Jones believes we need more programs for students such as R.O.T.C., Arts, and Music.

Mr. Grippi explained waste as building a $350,000 bus garage and then outsourcing the maintenance. The three top administrators at Harvey make over $300,000 combined. More teachers, less administrators and a class size of 18 students. If you attended, you got a good idea of where the candidates would like to take us.

No one was happy with our "continuous improvement" in state scores. Ms. Jones believes the scores were O.K. and thought that we were possibly misreading them.

I thought all candidates were well-spoken and I believe that Mr. Dillard could have been better prepared considering the time he has been on the school board.

When asked if there should be a change at the top of the administration Ms. Jones, Mr. Grippi, and Mr. Costell believe there should. Mr. Dillard, and Mr. Powers do not.

As a final question, a grade of the present administration was asked.
Powers C+
Grippi No grade but below average
Dillard B
Costell D
Jones C

A very informative evening and I believe the people that attended had many questions answered.

I would really like to hear from anyone else in attendence to see if your take is the same as mine or if there was something that I may have missed.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

"TIME IS ON MY SIDE" rolling stones

Everytime there is a change in Washington or Columbus I expect the problems we discuss during the election to be apprached and worked on. School funding, jobs, taxes, illegal immigration ...but although some of you will mention that they're all connected I must have missed the debate about collective bargaining for government employees and this one: Ohio HB 194.

I never knew that early voting or having a poll worker help you demanded this kind of legislation? Voter Suppression that all it seems to come down to.
First, let me tell you that if anyone votes, they should have a photo I.D. to cast a ballot, with their signature on file with the County Board Of Elections. We should have more time to cast a ballot not less? Your whole Social Security Number, to complete stangers? Why? I believe most of the problems comes from confusion, not crimminal intent.
Prohibits In-Person Early Voting during the busiest days of early voting?
Your company calls you on the Sunday before the election that a customer needs you in the field. You will be out of town on Tuesday, sorry you can't vote.

Somehow citizens have gathered enough signatures to put this law off until at least next November. What is the real purpose of this Bill? I was always taught that communists and fascists were the only ones that supressed the voting process.



Who's in charge in Columbus anyway?