Saturday, February 27, 2010


Painesville school superintendent Dr. Hanlon fires all teachers and administrators at T.W. Harvey High School with full blessing of the school board.
Couldn't happen you say? I hope your right, but a school system in Rhode Island did just that.
I read the report, those damn union teachers are destroying a high school.
All 88 teachers. Not 25 or even 10 good educators in that building?
Were they all incompetent? Only 48 percent of the student graduated in 4 years.
Lowest proficiency scores in the state. Math 7 percent, 55 percent reading, 33 percent writing. Its about time we get rid of these high school teachers.
Then a little bulb went off in my head, somethings wrong with this story. As the late Paul Harvey used to say "and now the rest of the story." First off if your building a house and it collapses while the roofers are nailing the roof on, is it the roofers fault the house came down? What about elementary, and middle school teachers?
Then again dig a little deeper and look up the makeup of the student body. 14 percent white, 13 percent black and 63 percent Hispanic that come from migrant family's that speak English as a second language. You wonder why no one is passing proficiency tests? Its pretty hard if you can't read or write the language.
Someone must be held responsible, why not the teachers. It ironic if the very people who go to bat for these children will someday find themselves on an unemployment line for a failure they had no control over.
Oh, and to the Superintendent in that system the teachers need not work for free, and they should be able to eat lunch with whom they choose to.
Only in America.

Council Meeting Monday 03/01/10
A deal with AMP-OHIO will be discussed, along with petty cash.

I watched the President of Toyota North America explain that Toyota had a misconception of how we would use their vehicles?
I thought this guy must be the dimmest CEO in the world.
A few days later Sea Worlds CEO arrived on the scene to make a liar out of me.

Council meeting went pretty much as planned. The petty cash issue passed, along with the new AMP-OHIO Landfill Gas Electric Purchase. I don't understand this one. How much electricity will we get out of this, enough for one home? Maybe I misunderstood something.
Andy Flock put the Clean Ohio Grant for the Hospital on first reading only to have a chance to read it. Hal Werner asked what would happen if the grant money doesn't cover the costs?
Lori DiNallo wants to change the language and restrict inspectors rights to view your property without the homeowners approval.
Painesville Police officers were given awards for service and special duty beyond the call.
Chief Smith was thanked and will be missed by all.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Just a little information here. Extended Housing has been looking for a site in Painesville to construct a three million dollar half way house with sixteen apartments to bring people who are ready to be rejoin society as productive citizens.
A site on Chester St.was rejected. Also the plan to put it on the former State St. School property met stiff opposition. Now it appears an agreement with Father Steve at St. Marys in Painesville to purchase property on church grounds is in the works. What do you think?
_____________________________________________________________________________________ Just a reminder Andy Flocks Town Hall Meeting is tonight Thursday evening at 7:00pm at the "New" Huntington School on Elm St.
Tonight Andy informed me he has a guest speaker who will answer question about gangs and what a community can do to keep them out of their town. Along with other issues that any city resident may bring up.

I think all of you should go over to the Kathysak site. Very interesting facts on what your charity costs you.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Is it to early to think about summer? Well starting tomorrow night you can give your input into the new parks the City has acquired from the school system.

Lee Homyock Director of Recreation and Public Lands will have a Neighborhood Park Planning Input Meetings

For State St. Park Tuesday February 23, 7:00pm Heritage Middle School

For Huntington Park Tuesday March 9, 7:00pm Elm St. Elementary School

For Lathrop Park Tuesday March 23, 7:00pm Maple Elementary School

The city is looking for input from residents as to what they would like these properties to include.
The reason for attending is so in a year your not asking where that soccer field or basketball court came from.
If for some reason you cannot attend email Lee or call the recreation department at[440] 392-5912

Attended the second work session for council tonight a few ideas were excepted and a few shot down. Council will iuntroduce "New Business" open to all Council people North Ave. street repair was discussed by council and the sixty homweowners will be shown what the city has planned for the street. Please attend a special meeting to be announced soon.

March 10,2010
Safety Meeting
6:00pm City Hall
Items to be addressed Cobblestone, and EMS response throughout the city. This is a public meeting PLEASE attend this concerns all of us.

I was pleasently surprised with the comment made by Lori DiNallo tonight she must have started feeling comforable with her position.
One of the items she brought up, which I almost feel out of my chair. Housing Inspectors? What right have they got to come onto your property? She mentioned the uproar caused on Hine Ave. last fall with residents there.
She seemed very concerned about this subject and I expect she will follow-up on this.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I've been spending a lot of time thinking about lawyers, attorneys, mouthpieces, suitsharks what ever you call them. No matter what you may think there good to have around for a multitude of reasons.
Here in Painesville we have at least two Mr. Gurley Esq. Mr. Lyons Esq. plus I understand another one in the city administration. With all this legal talent already on the city payroll will someone please explain to me why the city needs a $300.00 per hr. attorney from Buckingham, Dolittle & Burroughs to settle a dispute between a city employee and the administration?
I have never heard it mentioned at a council meeting where the money comes from to pay this outside law firm. Is there a "slush" fund? An award winning accounting department should have a record on how much and by where the money comes to pay these bills. Who, What, and Why? My guess is the money comes out of the three utility funds, unless someone comes up with a better place I will assume I'm right.

Have been getting a lot of well, mostly civil inquires about where's JT. is. I checked out his site and its not had much activity lately either. JT. might have said the "H--- with all of you", I only hope he is in good health. I miss the remarks, well sometimes.
Kathy Sak blog. is hilarious, about the story on college party's, funny slant.

Attended a zoning meeting the other night. Even if you don't agree with some of the decisions you must give people on that board a lot of credit for trying to do the right thing. A lady had lost a variance due to the house being uninhabited for a certain period of time. The city used water records as proof that no water had been used at that address over a period of time. The owner said although she didn't wash clothes there she did use the toilet, and moped the floor almost daily. She could not give a reason for the water not reading on the meter. In the public session Asst. Manager Doug Lewis asked if there were anything else. I asked if that meter could somehow be moved from that address to mine.

Stay tuned I believe March will be a very interesting for Painesville.

Monday, February 15, 2010


As I reached my mailbox today my February issue of "Perspectives" had been delivered. This is the publication sent out to residents to inform them of some what's going on in the local schools.
It seems the "NEW" Harvey High recently held its opening dedication.
Many speakers spoke and the general theme was how proud and thankful to the community for the investment in all of the new schools.
Two thing struck me. One, Dr. Hanlon mentioned the hard work and dedication Mr.Beeler has put into making this project a success and how dedicated he was in making thing perfect. Mr. Beeler who is presently out on sick leave. I believe maybe he should have received the stipends for the construction project from the school board?
The second thing that grabbed my attention was that one of the student speakers gave his speech in Spanish? Why, was this approved by anyone? Were written translations made available? Why did this student feel this was important to do?
I have been told by some educator's that even the younger children are not allowed to speak English in the family home and it will only be accepted at school.
No matter what their heritage to be successful in this country you must be able to speak English.
Whats your thought on all of this?

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Pretty uneventful council meeting. The highlight was the city managers announcement that Lt.Troy Hager will become Painesvilles next Police Chief. She had five candidates who were well qualified but in the end I believe she went with his over 20 years of service and experience to the city. Congratulation Chief Hayer.
The AMP-OHIO Landfill Gas was put on 3rd reading.
The Resolution Creating Smart Grid and CDBG funds, passed
We found out to do North Ave. it will cost 1.2million dollars and the city has allotted a little over $500,000 dollars, so in my way of thinking they will get the project done half way and no one will be happy.
A presentation from the Director of the Water Pollution Control Plant was given, it was informative. My question to the city is all these directors tell us things that will save money in the utility department they work in please tell me why I never see the cost benefit in my bill?


A lot has been mentioned here about the source of Painesvilles electric power in the coming years. We know that council has no problem investing at least 37 million dollars with AMP-OHIO in some plant only God knows where at. What if that same 37 million was invested in clean power, wind turbines for example, maybe with the city combining forces with Lake Erie College along with another nearby community.
Painesville could receive the expertise of the college who in turn could start a clean energy program with the possibility of even national funding and recognition.
I have heard many times that Painesvilles Municipal Light Plant is the third oldest in the country. I tend to believe the city leaders at that time took it upon themselves with some risk to provide power for Painesville in the next 100 plus years.
We can try new ideas or I guess we can quit making power and go into the distribution business for AMP-OHIO.
Let this site know what you think and I will try to bring the parties together on this project. So the next time a councilman tells us we have no other option maybe we can present one.

Friday, February 12, 2010


This just in it seems the developer we have chosen for the Hospital site has run into problems with a downtown Cleveland development and is being sued by subcontractors for 2.7million dollars, more as I learn about this.

Panzica Construction Co. has filed a lawsuit seeking to forclose on a new condominium building in downtown Cleveland.
The contractor is claimed it is owed more than $2.7 million, filed a mechanic's lien in August.
Panzica suit seeks to force the sale of the building. PNC Financial Services Group is the lender and ordered Panzica and another contractor either to sue for foreclosure or drop their claims.
An attorney for Zaremba said the company has not seen the lawsuit and will not comment on pending litigation.

On another topic.
Painesville Planning Commission Thursday evening reject a plan to allow for multifamily development in an area designated Office/Industral Development on the Development Plan of the Shamrock Business Center PUD. Someone must want more apartments near the present Cobblestone Apt.
Demolition of Structure 348 Mentor Ave. {Steele Mansion} ordered by a public official. approved
The FOP were requesting to move into the present Painesville Credit Union once they vacate to move to their new building. approved

On a final note I have been told Wojtila's Bakery on St. Clair St. has closed.
This is the former Puritan Bakery a main stay in Painesville for years.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


"The sun is shining I got a cousin and she got a friend,who thought that her aunt knew a man...."
In today's News-Herald a story was reported that a man pleaded to raping a seventeen year old girl in Painesville and that he was facing eighteen years in prison and
"COULD" be deported back to Mexico. The news story also reported he was in the United States illegally.
Well I'm for one grateful that we have rounded up the one illegal criminal we had in Painesville. Great job lets head down to Jalapeno Loco for refreshments.
Then I read the comments on the News- Herald website. Someone mentioned this person has been in our legal system for years?
Forget that, lets just look at 2007,2008, 2009. Where was this man employed? Did his employer know he was in the country illegally? Did he use false identification? Did he have a valid drivers license, along with title to a vehicle? How did he get utilities turned on where he lived? Did he pay any Federal, State, or even Local taxes in the time he lived here? Did anyone ever bother to check if he had a criminal record in Mexico?
In closing, I for one am glad Miguel Pina-Martinez is incarcerated along with any other white or black rapist. Questions need to be answered with people wondering if gangs, and mobs will soon rule our streets? Detective, how hard can it be? Start at the High School and go from there. Then maybe a detective wasn't assigned to this case?
Stay tuned V.D. will chime in soon.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


You have to wonder what kind of powers the city inspectors have? Can they go onto your property without permission; if the alleged violation can not be seen from the road can they ask a neighbor's permission to view your property from their property? What if they find criminal activity as they do their inspection, would the evidence found hold up in court?
No matter where or who I talk to in this city I find people always complaining about the same inspector. I have never had a conversation with her but have no reason not to believe people from all over the city. My logic is when you have one common denominator among a whole lot of different people (many of whom don't even know each other) then the only conclusion is the one thing in common....
This person is sometimes the only representative of the city the residents come in contact with, this person should be more of the ambassador of the city then its hammer.
When I did the "458 Story" along with questioning the sidewalk issue on Meriden Dr. I was told this inspector would soon darken my door. They did not disappoint. Replace sidewalks, paint the house. My attorney wants ME to charge the city with harassment. Never were so many people cited at one time on Owego St. I can only hope that this doesn't turn into a vendetta against me. I won't roll over.
Selective enforcement? My money is on YES. I believe the real question is it the inspector's or does it come from higher up?
To the person that sent me the $25.00 gift certificate to Home Depot, and a thank-you note. Thank-you for the nice message and I don't think I will use that card but pass it on to someone else who will have problems. Tell us your stories.
Included in this post is a document the city passed out at Andy Flock's town hall meeting. Sign at your own discretion folks.
I chuckled at the last line in the first paragraph. "There is is no cost to the property owner for these services." Really!?

Here's something I would have loved to ask the head of Community Development. Recently a business bought some property at a very fair price in the city of Painesville. This business is already located in town and wants to expand into a new building that would be more than a positive addition to neighborhood and the city. In drawing up the plans it was found that a utility pole would have to be relocated. The city was asked if this pole could be moved. The answer? Go back draw up some new plans and move your driveway. I have no idea who was in charged of this decision but it begs to ask the question, You wonder why no one is beating our door down to locate in town. I give this business a lot of CREDIT for staying in Painesville but in the end they probably would have had much better UNION outside the city limits.
This is what we pay big bucks for people.
Attend the council work session at city hall tonight. Confused, is the word that came out of that meeting.
First off let me commend James Fodor for wanting to get council working together for the resident of Painesville. He brings up many good points and should become someone who's ideas should be listen to. That said...
I thought the meeting was for thing that affect council people, the three minute closing comment and other concerns the council might have.
The first 55 minutes was taken up my the visitor portion of a council meeting. Three minutes, who should keep time, ect. In conclusion it was decided to move the visitors comment to the end of the meeting, just before council members closing comments. If you want to address legislation you will still comment when the legislation is brought up. I don't really problem with that but the debate if three minutes was enough? or five minutes? Why don't you give them three minutes and if any of the council people want to hear more they could give a two minute extension?
Location on where to hold future council meetings? The new Harvey High Hanlon Meeting Center was given consideration, of course with permission from the Board of Education.
Listening to many residents many do not have Time-Warner and the ones that do don't find the 7:30pm or the 4:00am time to view the meetings acceptable. Why not put the council meeting on the city website so people can watch them when they want to?
Concord Twp. does that now.
Before residents go to a council meeting and "vent" they should first go through all the proper channels so as council isn't blindsided about an issue.
Paul Hach had to be somewhere and left the meeting at 7:15pm Hal Werner asked about the council closing comment and was told since Mr. Hach left we will address this issue at the February 22,2010 work session.
All changes council makes will have a three month trial run.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Well this is the final week of football for awhile. The Pro Bowl was even early this year.
The Colts and the Saints, do you care? I'm sentimental towards the Saints and still call the Colts Baltimore. I just don't see Peyton Manning making many mistakes. Colts by 10. My friends and relatives in Pennsylvania are having a "Cleveland Moment" their teams are not in the game, and haven't played since the end of the year. They really care about the outcome of this game. What will they do with their towels. Enjoy the game along with commercials.

I understand Painesville will know who there next Police Chief will be early in the week, maybe Monday. I understand four candidates interviewed. There's even a good chance Painesville could have its first woman chief.

To say I'm disappointed that the mob attack on the Marine home from leave, hasn't been resolved by now in an understatement. It leaves a lot of people in town wondering. Maybe less time spent on silly things and more time on important things?

Trying to figure out if we spent 37 million dollars on wind turbines instead of obsolete coal plants, how much energy could we produce and not even have to be involved with AMP-OHIO. Funny I don't believe those people have the residents of Painesville best interest at heart. Great salesmen though.

Painesville council will have a work session Monday at 6:00pm the public may attend , but will not be allowed to comment. Good chance to see how they make the sausage. Maybe they can work it out.

Attended the Town Hall meeting concerning flooding around the North Ave. Hine Ave. area. The only thing that will make those resident whole are french drains in their backyards, buried storm sewers with drains and curbs on the street. Thats not asking that much after 30 years of flooding.

Profits from Painesville utilities? State law says you can't make any? All you can do is lower your price, update your system or expand it. [pay attorney bills?] Makes you wonder what if First Energy had the same rules.

Learned something today. Yes Blogspot is owned by Google. interesting.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I thought it was important to fill people who have posted on this site this information.
Yesterday around 3:30 pm a Painesville police detective showed up at my door. I was not home at the time and my daughter called me and I spoke with him over the phone.
He was following up on a complaint filed by a city employee and asked for access to the blog. to find out who posted under "Take Me Home Country Road" 7:02am and would I cooperate with the police.When I returned home I went back and reread the comment and called my attorney. He advised me under NO circumstances should I make my computer avaliable to them without a subpoena and even then file a motion to quash the subpoena. The Supreme Court has ruled that blog. site operator have a duty to not to disclose the true identity of ANONYMOUS blogers.
Having run this site for two years I have never received a violent threat concerning anyone. Well, that's not true someone waiting for me to get my meds at the drug store.
I can understand some concern after the planned attack on a Judge, City Manager and a Law Director a few years ago, but that comment didn't mention a person,address or a threat. The detective mentioned harassment and stalking. That I was told was a stretch. What Law was broken? The person operates a public business? This I feel was the police helping out a colleague and is somewhat improper.
The officer mention a city ordinance. Well detective the Bill of Rights supersedes any city law.
With all this said, maybe now some of you will understand why I don't really want to get to involved in gossip, or he said, she said. We have to many important issues coming down the pike that will affect all of us.We don't have time to be screwing around with barns and whatever.
I never knew a dozen people could cause so many problem?
I beleive it would be very interesting to google freelance writer and read the pages she has in her records section on first responders. The report that the city co-operated in.
I believe a lot of our questions could be answered.

Monday, February 1, 2010



Tonights council meeting has only two items on the agenda.

Resolution Authorizing Application for a Nature Works Grant.

Resolution Approving Purchase of Landfill Gas Electric Generation.

A presentation from the Economic and Community Development Director.

I can only hope that some one on council puts a block on the AMP-OHIO Landfill Gas Project until we find out the whole story of our involvement in the Meigs Co. plant.
They claim they have to know by March. Well some of us Painesville residents want to know all the facts now!
At the present rate we're involved with AMP-OHIO they will have control of our electric rates not us. Look before you leap,Council.


Here are a couple of Questions for our building department. Would you think it would be wise to put on the citys web. site interested local landscapers to offer bids and requirements for tall grass the city has to cut? It beats picking five names out of the phone book.
One more thing I wish they would look into property owned by a just appointed Mentor councilman and his wife, for starters the truck is unlicensed. I am sure he doen't want to be know as owning rundown property in a neighbor city. This is one the inspectors can look into.