Wednesday, December 23, 2015


It's been a long hard year, but now it's Christmas

I Know Something Good About You

Wouldn't this old world be better
If the folks we meet would say----
"I know something good about you!"

Wouldn't it be fine and dandy
If each handclasp, fond & true,
Carried with it this assurance----
"I know something good about you!"

Wouldn't life be lots more happy
If the good that's in us all
Were the only things about us
That folks bothered to recall?

Wouldn't life be lots more happy
If we praised the good we see?
For there's such a lot of goodness
In the worst of you and me!

Wouldn't it be nice to practice
That way of thinking, too?
You know something good about me,
And I know something good about you?

By Louis C. Shimon

May I take this opportunity to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

BYE, BYE, BYE n'sync


I have received unofficial information that the Tattoo Parlor scheduled for the January Planning Commission Meeting the request for that use has been pulled by the applicant.

Don't want to make it tough, I just want to tell you I had enough

The council meeting was packed with residents expressing to say good-by to long time councilman Andy Flock. I guess after some of the disrespectful comments on the blog. I didn't expect the number of people that showed up last night. Even council people as far away as Oberlin were there to wish Andy their best. I noticed many people in the audience that Andy had gone to bat for over the years that in the end wanted to show their appreciation.

In the visitor's time I spoke of Andy being the 'Maverick' on council. I can't tell you the times I witnessed votes 6 /1 on council. At times I thought I was watching the voting as if it resembled the Stepford wives?

What amazed me were the number of times he ended up being on the right side of history? During the AMP-OHIO presentation Andrew questioned what if the project isn't completed. This was met with laughter from AMP, the administration as well as other council members. Two million dollars later we find out just maybe we shouldn't have laughed?

The Cobblestone secrets? The many other things  without many in council not knowing and  reading about it in the paper like the rest of us. The city administration deciding the Millstone solution and then bringing it to council.

Once Council-President Hada charged that Andy should be charged with malfeasance for voting against another Condo complex . "You voted for the budget, it was in the budget." Hada exclaimed. Andy never again voted for a city budget.

The list goes on and on. You always knew where Andy stood on an issue. Even Mr. Shamakian thanked Andy for his support for the Inn while it was just a vision and a bad idea to many.

Council members shared their good-byes and stories about Andrew.

Law Director phrased Andy for being a Maverick and as a council person could separate issues. claiming the  last three council people who served Ward I were aliment about serving their ward.

It will be interesting attending council meetings without knowing Andy will be there. Christine has some big shoes to fill.

Oh, by the way every agenda items passed.

As well as Council-President Hach informing us Renee Aston has been appointed to the Zoning Commission, and Mary Hada appointed to the Planning Commission. Could this lead to a run for council? We could in a few years have four women sitting on council. Mrs. Hada joins Planning just as the Tattoo Parlor will be the first thing on their agenda. Right into the fire! I wish them both the best for doing a unpaid as well as thankless job.

After the meeting visitors, council people and administrator met at the Fish Bar to send Andy off.

Looking back only a guy from Cleveland could screw-up the winner of the Miss Universe Contest. Thanks for the awkward moment Steve!

Sunday, December 20, 2015


By now most of you know of the passing of local legend Bob Gibbs. Before any of you comment on this man's passing you should check into his life story. Start by reading the book 'Blind Man's Bluff' and read about his service aboard the USS Cochino an American sub caught spying in USSR waters during the Cold War. Also check-out his generous giving throughout his live to the community. Yes he was rude and gruff but there were other sides to this man. I shared many of stories with him. Also I believed he liked the notoriety is name brought him. RIP Bob for sure you are in a better place.

Another end of an era

This year end meeting will be the last for Councilman Flock. No matter what gets published here more people in Painesville are sad to see him leave and appreciated his concerns over the years for ALL residents of Painesville.
As a parting gift we will go into Executive Session after the adjournment of the meeting, just for you Andy!


Adopting the Operating Budget for the City of Painesville for 2016

WE will Amend Appropriations and Inter-fund Transfers for 2015

Resolution to Advertise for Bids and Enter into Contracts Supplies and Services to Various Departments.

Resolution Authorizing Bids for the Resurfacing of North State St.  The project is funded 36% by (NOACA) From the intersection with Mentor Ave. north to the Intersection with Chester St.  (I believe they mean from Erie St. to Chester St.) All I can say is finally!

New Business Hillside Dr.--Katie Jenkins

Unfinished Business

Sidewalk Replacement Program

Drumroll ! Councilman's Flocks final Prairie State Power Plant /AMP-OHIO presentation. I guess we will "Proudly'  finally sweep that disaster under the rug! Out of sight out of mind. I see no council person even wanting to discuss this in the future.

The organizational meeting in the being of next year might bring forth a new Council-President. I know who it should be but that won't happen due to many reasons. Most of all why upset someone living down the street? If the person does win the set will they please practice speaking loud, directly and clearly into 'the machine?'

Sad but true when a goof like myself knows the King Hussein of Jordan has been dead since 1999, nice try Chris. The present King must be comforted of your lack of knowledge? Also knowing what the Nuclear Triad consisted of . As opposed of the most arrogant person in the world flailing confusingly  looking for an answer! These two were pretty common knowledge to average America's.

Friday, December 18, 2015

"SINCE YOU BEEN GONE" kelly clarkson

Thanks to you now I get what I want

I forget how long its been since Coe Manufacturing closed it's door? I drive by and it seems to die a little more daily. The property was donated to the city who turned it over to the Lake County Port Authority. They have environmentally cleaned certain areas and have found tenant's for two of the structures on the north side of the NS railroad tracks.

At Thursdays Zoning Board the port authority proposed splitting up the building on the south side of the tracks.
This is requested as to find tenants who don't need all the square footage for a business.

VARIANCE: Section 1129.01; 1133.01(b); 1137.04; 1139.02

An application has been submitted  by Lake County Ohio Port and Economic Development Authority, requesting  a variance to Sections 1129.01; 1133.01(b); 1137.04; and 1139.02 of the Painesville Codified Ordinances. The applicant is requesting a lot split of several parcels that house existing buildings. The lot splits will create nonconforming lots and require variances of lot size, setback and parking requirements.

After discussion the measure passed 4-0

The plus here is that businesses will relocate in this building. Plus when these buildings were empty no property taxes were paid by the Port Authority. Now the two buildings to the north of the tracks are again on the tax rolls and as the south building become occupied they also  again will start paying property taxes as well as income taxes. All things considered it was a good decision.


On another note;

It was reported in todays paper Juan Razo 36, the prosecutor has decided to ask for the death penalty in his July 27th rampage.

 Now as more and more comes out this gets more and more disgusting along with a robbery-murder also the  rape of the victim, shooting on the bike path, the attempted rape of a 14 year-old what choice did the prosecutor have?

I just hope we will not have to hear any ridiculous comments  from HOLA or Veronica Dahlberg how somehow this is our fault. You had this monster living in our community and you never informed anyone. You want to blame someone please blame yourselves! TERM>>

Stocks dropped over 300 pts. today. At the same time all I have heard for the last month is Star Wars this, and Star Wars that. Biggest opening for a movie ever! Disney stock down $4.44 losing almost 4% of value.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

"PAINT IT BLACK " rolling stones

No colors anymore, I want them to turn black

Above the fold in Thursdays News-Herald

Judge orders payment

Court rules Color Dash to repay City for cancelled event

It seems the City of Painesville received a judgment of  $3000.00 plus 3 percent statutory interest from a company called Color Dash for not honoring a contract and attempting to reschedule an event for a different day then the one agreed on by the city. I guess if both parties don't agree to the new date the party doing the reschedule broke the contract?

Now it gets interesting according to the paper then Recreation Director Lee Homyock had the city pay Color Dash $3000 non-refundable deposit for the event?

City Manager Tony Carson stated  Mr. Homyock  did not even have the authority by city code to sign the contract?

Could this be another reason for the Recreation director  leaving the city to take care of the horses, cattle and sheep at Lake Farmparks? Wonder why he might think he was authorized to sign this contract?

Something tells me we will go through Hell to get that money as far as Color Dash is located in Minnesota. I only hope we don't spend $4,000 to get the $3,000 back? This reminds me of decades ago  when Painesville lost 5 / 6 million on a derivatives investment  Council President Joe Hada always claimed we got our money back.  _Problem was we spent how many millions in legal costs? So we did lose.

$3,000 the city goes to court for failure to honor a contract? Yet million's spent on false estimates from AMP-OHIO for power promised at $48.06 that grew to over $103.00 and the latest Hydro power promised at $74.00 with now a cost of $148.00? It sometimes appears the city steps over $20.00 bills to pick up pennies.

All this complaining about gun laws. The NRA is not even allowing better background checks.  Here's an idea the NRA has between 3 and  4 million members. How about a hostile takeover? NRA membership only costs $25.00 what if all of a sudden there were 6 million new members? Just a thought

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

" SO THIS IS CHRISTMAS " john lennon

 Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear

 So it's that time of year to most it is the best time of the year, me I like it better when it's warming up but can't complain about this December.

Thought I'd like to share with you;

In my 65 years I have yet to see a new Buick let alone a Lexus with a big red ribbon on it Christmas morning . Please if you are doing this let me know so as I can see it and  know people really do these things.

A hint from years of experience, Don't fall for the Pajama Gram  commercial? No wife is that happy to receive a pair of pajama's on Christmas. I will add here that on Valentine's day forget the giant Teddy Gram  it could easily be thrown at you from the second floor. Another hint no man has been shot by his wife as he is washing dishes!

The commercials I don't get the perfume ones? One a guy gets in a car backs up and stops as a girl stands by the door. "I thought I lost you?" what does it mean? Woman undresses and climbs a scarf rope to the I guess the Sistine chapel? Climbs up and out  then what?
Some guy on a bridge a woman driving a speedboat see him turns around and smiles?
Gisele Bundchen , you know Tom Brady's wife kissing some guy. Why didn't they use Tom?

Holiday decorations that include a Nativity scene with also Santa Claus, Frosty or who knows what? You wonder why some call us infidels?

Please feel free to share some of your Holiday quirks?

Yes the Holidays I was thinking after watching the most outrageous fear in the last month,. If I was ISIS I could have a ball with us. Threaten to blow up a Mall any Mall. So then you order items from Amazon  and I claim to put bombs in packages or anthrax on peoples door steps.
My point being we should be on alert but the fear factor seems to have overtaken us. Last night 's debate shocked me with the carpet bombing, shooting down Russian planes and killing terrorist family members! Unbelievable Lets shred the Constitution we need to be reminded we are the home of the free and the BRAVE!
Also noticed no one told us how we were going to pay for this?
Now today we find out there were no Facebook messages? Who started that one?
Today  a Willoughby resident editoral in the News-Herald believes we should all wear body armor?

MERRY SHOPPING CHRISTMAS ! Only a few days to show Consumerism!

Never in all my voting days did I ever think that the Democratic Party would be viewed as the Grownups?

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"THANK U " alanis morissette

How about me not blaming you for everything

As most of you know last night was James Dillard final school board meeting. Mr. Dillard has served in that position for 28 years. As he stated through the "good and the bad."

In his 28 years many changes came to our schools the most notable were the five new buildings that make up our district he was very instrumental in the passage of the levy that made it all possible.

Along with the big also the smaller things  K-12 "Academically Dressed" program and district educational technology initiatives to name a few always putting the welfare of the students staff and community first. What can I say? He's a good person. He is what all of us in Painesville should strive to be  always pulling together for the best . Painesville was blessed to have him.

In recognition and gratitude to commemorate his legacy, the Thomas W. Harvey High School community meeting shall be named "The James Dillard Board Room."

Then during the critical feedback part of the meeting I explained my desire to have a trained SRO at Heritage as to have him/her there for two reasons. Students from 6-12 will have a police officer in their lives daily at school to understand what they are there for and who they are to protect. Maybe more interaction with promote better understand of what the officers responsibilities are? There has been to many incidents at Heritage for anyone to tell me this is not needed. It appears students must realize the are consequence's for their actions. It seems there is a lot of disrespect for the administration, teachers, staff fellow student's even themselves. Lets look at it as a better safe learning environment.

Strange as I spoke I witnessed heads shaking in agreement? So if I am to understand the majority of the administration and board members agreed with me, what's the hold-up?

The sooner the better, before we regret not taking action,  and let's put that school on the right track.

Everything happens for a reason.
Sometimes the reason is that you were stupid and made a bad decision.

Monday, December 14, 2015


So many people have come and gone

Last Thursday night the Painesville Planning Commission approved the subletting  one of the old Coe Manufacturing company buildings to be a recycling center. Now this came with thirteen stipulations that when I get them I will print here on the blog. Since I did not attend this meeting I must rely on what people told me.  Now I am positive the city administration wanted this to pass as it brings a business, jobs and income tax into Painesville at a former industrial site. We all grew-up with Coe and most of us knew someone employed there. We must be vigilant of the new tenants if only because of the condition of their present site. Wonder how many planning members drove by their present site? Concerned residents remarks should not have received answers from the planning board like  " Do you mean will they plant geranium's?" I guess if you don't live by there is little concern of what local neighbors might face? This is known as the Painesville Process. Good luck to the new business and please remember your neighbors.

The Tattoo Parlor was tabled due to a technicality of not sending out proper notification?
I guess the owner of the business wasn't to happy about that fact?

First off So many people have come and gone. The Homewood, Cumming area of Painesville is one of the last of the great Painesville neighborhoods. People who live there for the most part take great pride in their properties and are proud of them. My father once told me that was his favorite neighborhood in town, I agree. Now at what could be called five-points back in the day where all these streets intersect there first was a Fleet-Wing gasoline station that became a SOHIO station. Last it was home to Woods Heating and Cooling. Now it is thought to be a good idea to put at tattoo parlor in that spot. You wonder why so many have come and gone? (In Painesville) Now is a Tattoo parlor and 'Adult" business? Is that site zoned for that type of an establishment what about parking concerns are the gas tanks still in the ground? If they are why? Seems it's a business can you imagine would want to locate Downtown? Wonder if they wanted to locate on Main St? It's a business no we don't want it here downtown, let's stick in Painesville's nicest neighborhoods, what could it hurt property values? There are certain thing that just don't belong where people want them. You can be pro tattoo or anti tattoo but no one can come up for a good reason to allow this at this location.

We have a Welcome to Painesville sign near that location, first thought what impression does that shop give Painesville? We will hear it's not worth the fight. Well I guess I have to ask what and when will it be worth the fight?

On another note not one council person showed up for this meeting? Again if it's not in my sight of view WGAS! Painesville Process.

" It will be great TV tomorrow when Trump and Cruz tangle." Trump called Cruz a "maniac" Trump calling someone a maniac? Hope he brings all his Muslim friends that love him to the debate. One question if you are in the Armed Forces and are an American Muslim serviceman serving the United States in another land,  can you come home? I asked because of Nidal Hasan, was an Army major and  the Fort Hood killer? There are no absolutes people.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


R.I.P.    John

Let me start off with something you rarely see at a council meeting.
A young lady in her mid-teens Erin Bauer was instrumental in acquiring funds through different fund raisers so the Painesville Police Department  had funds for a replacement K-9. The new member was given the name 'Gold'. Sometimes as all generations do, criticize the younger generation, in comes with the turf so to speak. Erin received a standing ovation for here support in this endeavor . We all owe her a big thank-you!

Now the ordinance dealing with Painesville ordinance 191 passed . But with an amended attachment that landlords were not responsible for securing Social Security numbers or phone numbers.

On the budget I questioned council how much we provided in cash to two non-profits the city supports in Painesville. Downtown Painesville receives $22,000 with no increase this year. Now the Painesville Senior Center receives $25,000 but starting in April the city will throw in another $1,200 a month to cover rental costs. Now since this is the Painesville Senior Center I wonder if Township resident's use the facilities? If they do and how many. and does the Township Trustee's kick in some cash to support the center? And how much? Budget was left on second reading.

I also questioned the bad publicity from the newspaper article I posted in an earlier post. Today on page three the News-Herald had the same story. Councilman Fodor suggested in the new year bringing the Housing Task Force to take another look at this ordinance. See what changes that might need to be made.

Councilman Flock concern was that there are homes being sold in Painesville for $26,000 and how does that not only affect the tax base but also the way Painesville is seen by others. Council President Hach said a home near his also sold for around $26,000  also.

Hillside Dr. will become one-way from E. Main St. to S .State St. the road is not wide enough to be a two way street.

That pretty much sums the night up.

But Thursday evening at 7:30 the Planning Commission has two interesting items. First in the old Wood's Plumbing and Heating building at the corner of S. State and Bank St. a Tattoo business wants to establish itself there. Seems like a poor fit, but that's just me. Also that recycling business that wants to move into part of the Coe MFG. building I checked out their present location on Blasé-Nemeth Rd. I was not impressed. It's the place with the big bins in front.

As I left the meeting I thought to myself "if this CM and council had been around in 2007 we might not have gotten into those terrible AMP-OHIO deals? They at least listen and we seem to have rid ourselves of yes people, arrogant ones and bullies."

After Donald Trumps Muslim remarks what will happen? I predict his number's will go up. Don't believe me? Read his book!

Saturday, December 5, 2015



Only two more ,enjoy Andy!

Two items on the agenda;

Ordinance - Amending Section 191 of the Painesville Code of 1998 Relating to Income Tax

Ordinance - Make Appropriations for Current Expenses and Expenditures of the City of Painesville, State of Ohio for Fiscal Year Beginning 01/01/16 and Adopting the Operating Budget.

Hillside Dr. has been added to New Business

Prairie State Power Plant and Sidewalk Replacement Program - Unfinished Business


Now what's with 191 yes we have heard about what RITA want's landlords to do but what exactly are we changing here? I feel the rental issue is a bit of misdirection? We will find out Monday.

In case you missed this . This is an article in the Lake County Tribune  Friday, November 27, 2015

Dream house purchase becomes nightmare

Painesville -Local business owner Robert Keils told Council Nov. 16 he had purchased a home on Marion Avenue for his son two and a half years ago when the title search by Conway Title came back clean. His son transferred the utilities into his name and began doing cosmetic work in the house. After a year, his son said he was going to have the utilities shut off for the winter because he could not afford them for a number of months. "He goes back four months later, in the spring, mid-summer, wants to turn the house back on, City of Painesville says, You've got a block on your house." Keils said, noting that was on Friday afternoon. "Monday morning the mail comes in and this is what shows up from Painesville City. It says my son owes $9,600 to turn his utilities on because, when we bought in 2013-- which I never knew-- we already were four years, three and a half years, into this 2011 Amendment that says you owe a one-year vacant property (tax of) $200, and the penalty of $200 because you didn't pay it."
Keils said the second year it was $400 with a $400 penalty and the third year it jumped to $800 with an $800 penalty. However ,the property was purchased three weeks after the $800 penalty was assessed.
He wanted to help his son get a house in the city because that was where his son wanted to live, but now he has been hit with all these charges from before the property was purchased. Most recently the son was advised his taxes were late because of a $271 unpaid sewer bill going back to 2011.
" If this is going to happen when I buy a house in Painesville; first thing we got all this stuff saying welcome to Painesville, glad to have you, enjoy--two and a half years later I get a $10,000 bill," Keils said. Something's going to have to change quickly here because this is totally abnormal."
He said it was bad enough that there was about $600 owed when he bought the house which he was unaware of, but then to be billed about $10,000 three years later.
Council President Paul Hach said they would look into it.


Look into it? as I'm not letting any secret's out the home was purchased for $26,000, and the businessman is better known around town as "Bob the Barber"
This was NEVER the intention of this Ordinance. It seems to have become a cash cow for the City of Painesville. Time to rewrite this!

Three men died on Christmas Eve, St. Peter wondered did each possess something that symbolizes Christmas to get into heaven. The first pulled out a lighter. He flicked it on. 'It's a candle', you may pass St. Peter said. The second pulled out a set of keys and shook them 'They're bells.' You may pass through the pearly gates. Now the third guy was really sweating and pulled out a pair of women's panties. St. Peter seemed not amused, and asked 'And just what do those symbolize?' His reply.... 'These are Carols'
And so the Christmas Season Begins.........

Friday, December 4, 2015

" I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER FOR YOU " dionne warwick

Together, together that's how it must be

No with it seeming to be another mass killing happening in less and less time. I for one am tired of hearing "Our thoughts and prayers are with you"." Sorry it ain't cutting it anymore.  Less thoughts and prayers and more actions.

First off we all at one time or another offer our thoughts and prayers, but do we do anything to change it from happening again? If a person you cared for dies of cancer do you may a donation to the cancer society? Do you help a grieving family?

It seems politician's say the words but just view it as just another day in America?

The Daily News ran a front page story "God Isn't Fixing This"  and the Conservatives went nuts! I guess my point is God only helps those that help themselves, or He/She has another purpose in their journey.

It reminds me of a story I once heard about a flood victim. As the water rose a fireman came to take him out of his house. He refused, claiming " My life is in God's Hands" The water rose to where the National Guard came to save him in a boat. Same reply "My life is in Gods Hands." Finally he was standing on the roof of his house and a Helicopter came to save him. Same answer. "My life is in God's Hands." Shortly later he drowned. As he met God he questioned him, "Oh, Lord why did you forsake me?" Forsake you God answered? Didn't I send you a Fireman, a boat and finally a helicopter what are you talking about.

We as people of this country must face facts, these massacres don't happen anywhere else in the civilized world. Not at the rate and reason as in America.

How can intelligent people we send to Washington cannot relate that if your on a No Fly List you still are able to buy an AR-15? What the constitution gives you the Second Amendment but nothing about a no fly list? Thank God that wasn't a guaranteed right in 1776.

No one wants to take anyone's  gun but some constraints must be put on who can acquire or possess a lethal weapon.  Better background checks, close the gun show loophole and stricter mail order purchases.

FOXNEWS loves to express the power of Prayer. I will remind them that the Jihadist's before an attack "a Kafir" They all pray? "death of a martyr."

We had better fix this together and soon. Maybe bring back "Knights Templar's"

"I don't have a drinking problem, the Browns only have a problem with my drinking!"  Johnny Manzel