Saturday, April 30, 2016

" IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS " barenaked ladies

If I had a million dollars,
You could help it wouldn't be that hard!

Well maybe like two million plus?

Painesville City Council agenda item for Monday May, 2 2016'


1. Ordinance Amending Appropriations for FY2016.

This legislation increases the total 2016 appropriations by $2,151,081, to provide additional transfers and expenses. The largest increases are dealing with the demolition of the parking garage and the construction of the new City building at the Storrs Street complex. There also are various other adjustments being made to the 2016 budget to be compliance with the Ohio Revised Code. Several of these budget increases are offset with grants, loans and other revenue. The Administration had a detailed discussion with the Finance Committee describing all these budget adjustments and the Finance Committee has unanimously approved all of these adjustments. These budget adjustments are based on estimates and when the Administration gets actual costs, we will be coming back to Council with additional legislation to transfer money out of  funds to pay for these budget increases. The legislation must be passed on this reading, due to the fact that there are several items in legislation that are time sensitive. First Reading

First is it just me, but doesn't the number 2.1 million seem to come up a lot?

Any councilman who doesn't ask how this money is divided up is not doing their job.

I guess we are back to "Various Other" again?

I believe the 2016 budget had the Storrs St,. Garage included?

"Estimates"  again with the estimates. We can only hope AMP-OHIO doesn't bid on any of these projects.

The administration has detailed discussions with the Finance Committee, how about with us lowly taxpayers?

Time Sensitive? Really

After viewing the actions of some at Trump rally's in California all I can say is that I am discussed with some people actions who don't believe others, who disagree with them have no right to free speech! Look you don't like or disagree with him I get it. But he has a right to put his views out there. Many of you claim he in UNAMERICAN..... TRUTHFULLY MANY OF YOU SEEM TO BE.
The best way to show your displeasure with a candidate is to show it at the voting booth, not jumping up and down on a police car. This begs the question how many of those protester's will actually be voting? I can assure you his will be.

Thursday, April 28, 2016


And I can tell you the way you do the things you do

This post is going to make everyone upset at City Hall, but it's something that has to be said.

Recently I received to call to my cell phone from people who expected me to help them with problems they were having with the city on concerns of violating an ordinance. First off I'm the wrong person to help you with your problem I'm probably the last guy they want to hear from. When I walk into City Hall it's like Judas entering the Temple.

Now these problems have come from the North as well as the South end of town and they have a few things in common. First both resident's began this trek with the city by making a call to the city on a housing violation on a neighbor's rental property. Now I can't speak if the complaint's were legitimate but the aftermath was the same.

After the housing inspector went out and checked on the called in violation then then proceeded to go to the complaint's house and inspected it for violations? One of the resident's quizzed the inspector and was met with the answer "that's the way we do things around here." You call and complain and we check YOU out?  Now I have always been told that there was  no inspection unless someone called in a complaint?

One of the persons that called in the first complaint was written up for garage doors need painting, stones needed in the driveway and new roofing on the detached garage. I went and visited this home and take my word it's in the top 60% of Painesville homes and you can see signs that the homeowner's have made an investment into their property. (new vinyl siding) So first when we have cars parked on lawns in town we worry about stones in driveways? and I guess who gives a flying F#@k  if the garage leaks. Least we remember our own city parking garage? Which brings up another question . If you tell me that building only has a thirty year life, what plans did the city have since 1973? All I ever heard was we don't have the funds? Just maybe that person didn't have the funds to fix that garage roof at this time?

I guess my point is  this the best way to solve the problems in this city? First anyone who reads this will probably think twice before calling in a violation, I would. And is this a policy the city welcomes due to the fact it cuts down on the number of complaints they receive? In any situation resident's should never feel like the enemy and at the same time I realize that the city sometimes puts up with a lot.

People drive through the city and see homes in a lot worse shape then theirs and wonder why ain't they getting cited? Chances are they stay out of sight of the city. Then there are some of us who somehow get 80 new sidewalk blocks on a street.

It's time the city takes a more adult approach to these inspections as well as inspectors realize who in the end they work for.

Let me understand, Ted Cruz named Carly Fionna as his VP pick or babysitter for his kids on the bus?

John Boehner must have become a Drumpf supporter? He just called Ted Cruz "Lucifer in the flesh" I thought he thought Obama was Lucifer!

Ted ended a great day by calling it a  basketball ring, not a hoop or even a rim!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"MAGIC BUS" the who

Magic bus take me to you

Big above the fold article about  Laketran

Agency seeks future funding

Myself I would give them another nickel. At least until the provide regular bus routes to Tri-Point Hospital. Can you name me some hospitals that don't have bus service to them? Odd Lake West has it I guess that's enough?

Some here have told me this item was rejected at a Laketran Board Meeting? Any clue why? Along at which meeting?

Myself I can't figure out why Laketran would oppose this service? Let's face it it's not like it's in the middle of downtown? How many stories have I heard of law enforcement providing rides from people walking from the hospital.

First question is this because of the Hospital not wanting service provided ......or Laketran not seeing a need?

Also onsite at Tri-Point is the Physician   Pavilion located next to the hospital.

A Mentor councilman proposed a route from Mentor Headland to the Great Lakes Mall. I can understand there being a need for this but more importantly a service out to the only hospital within 15 miles of Painesville.

My suggestion you email a request to Ohio Representatives John Rogers and Ron Young as well as State Sen. John Eklund. Not another dime until they fulfill their responsibilities to this community.

Cruz picks his running mate? Isn't that from his position a little premature?

Drumf claims if Hillary was a man she would only have 5%? This from a person who Hillary has more then 2,000,000 votes than he has?

Looking back, do you realize  this country was only two heartbeats from a serial child molester being the President!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

""LEANNE" snuzz


FYI the railroad has closed Mentor Ave. at railroad tracks by Giant Eagle. Directing traffic onto Fern and Jackson also major tie ups at Palmer and Jackson. Expect delays and no Police or Sherriff helping to direct  traffic in this area.

What are you doing here

Attended the joint Christine Shoop and Michael DeLeone Town Hall Meeting at city hall yesterday evening.

City Engineer Leanne Elum was the guest speaker. The main reason for her being there was to explain the Cedarbrook Basin now under construction. When the meeting was open to the public I never realized how upset some residents were concerned with their streets? I didn't help much by me mentioning Rockwood and Levan being on the list this year. Some residents were told by council people their road isn't scheduled until 2020? Now in Leaanne's defense she wasn't here when some of these plans were drawn up and I felt bad she was taking all the incoming from the audience. "If I could sell my house I would be gone!"

Majority of the people from the North End of Painesville. And I will admit the streets in Ward I are amongst the worse in Painesville. Some wanted to know why that was? Well in the past the North End has been the Red-Headed Stepchild of Painesville. Best guess why?  Low voter turnout and an administration, council in the past that had little regards for their councilman's concerns. Some remembered when a certain council-presidents court was repaved as an example? (Grenney Lane?)
As I mentioned to an attendee get on council your problem will be solved.

After the meeting a Skinner Ave. resident complained of the deterioration of his street, which he blamed on the truck traffic due to the new Richmond St. bridge into Fairport. I asked if he ever came to a council meeting to express his concerns? Called a member of council? No to both questions. The city will now look into the state funding repair on Skinner Ave. Best guess? Sorry did you ever write any overload ticket's during that time?

I will mention here that the present administrator for the most part are some much more receptive to residents compared to say ten years ago. It's  been a slow process. But as I listened to residents and this is no reflection on the job Anthony Carson is doing. This city needs a Mayor. More reasons later.

In closing Leanne you took the shots and held your ground and you are a vast improvement over what we dealt with in the past!

Cedarbrook Basin sounds like a plan, wonder how it will work out for people living north of it?

The announcement of the Kasich, Cruz alliances made me think back to June 7, 1944.  After receiving reports from the western front. In Hitler's bunker I hear him telling his Generals, maybe we should send a few more Panzer Divisions to Normandy? To late Adolf the allies have already landed!  This plan of theirs should have been launched month's ago to stop Drumpf.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

"HERE WE GO AGAIN" ray charles

I through all of your stuff away
Then I clear you out of my head

Not really!

Here we are again to embark on another Refuse Contract. Again without an elected official or even a resident in on any of the negotiation's.

As I have mentioned in the past I found nothing in the ordinance that it was to enrich the city in any way? But it did last contract to the tune of $96,000 free refuse city and all of their departments. So they pick-up the garbage At City Hall big deal!
Well what is the deal? Well in the new contract it's spelled out. In the new contract specifications known as the  RFP


LOCATION                 Qty.                                      Pick-ups/wk.

City Hall                           1      8 yard dumpster          3 pick-ups/wk.

Storrs St.                           3     6  yard (2)                    1
                                          1     2 yard
Municipal Power Plant     2      8yard                           1
WPCP                               2    6 yards
                                          1     3 yds.                           1
Parking Garage                 1     2 yds.                           1           (Not anymore)
Cemeteries Office             1     6 yard                          1
Recreation Park                2      8 yds.                          3
Recreation/Engineering    1     2 yds.                           1
Water Plant                       2      2yds.
                                                 4 yds.                           1

  TOTAL:                        15/14

Wonder what this service would cost? Doesn't matter your paying for it!  I believe the three utilities are illegally getting pick-up due to state law.

But it gets better !


The Contractor shall provide free roll-off containers to the City of Painesville for all refuse containers at City-owned locations specified in Section V. (see above)

There shall be no fee assessed the City by the Contractor for the collection, removal, and disposal of the contents of such containers. ( someone please show me where in the Ordinance this is allowed )

Yard Waste and Leaves Collection and Disposal

The Contractor shall collect yard waste from each prescribed residential unit on the regularly scheduled recycled (bi-weekly) collection day April 1st through the following December 15th Also, included in the unit price bid, is the collection and disposal of yard waste which has been containerized, bagged and/or tied into bundles not exceeding four (4) feet in length with limbs and branches not exceeding four (4) inches in diameter. The Contractor shall collect leaves weekly, 10/01 - 12/15.

So as we all agree the Contractor whomever they be are not in the business to provide FREE services. Someone pays for them. The THEM is you.

Why this administration went into this new contract without an elected official or even a few resident's is beyond me? We were suspicious  then and we are again!


On another note?
Can we quit screwing around with that SRO officer for Heritage Middle School. I have no idea why anyone besides the Painesville Police Department needs to be involved. Forget the Sheriff, Park Rangers Power Rangers, Justice League just fund the damn officer!

In all honesty I have no idea why anybody would pay Hillary Clinton $250,000 for a speech?
More money than brains?

In my own thoughts seems to be Bernie's becoming burned out!

Friday, April 22, 2016

"PURPLE RAIN' prince

You say you want a leader
But you can't seem to make up your mind

Monday, April 25,2016

Council persons Mike DeLeone and  Christine Shoop will hold a joint TOWN HALL MEETING for all resident's of Painesville in Courtroom 1.
Our City Engineer Leanne Exum will be a special guest to answer all Stormwater questions.

AS mentioned the meeting is open to the public Mike and Christine will do the best they can to answer your concerns as well as taking questions to the right people to get the answer.

AGAIN 6:00 PM City Hall


Just a thought;

Some  of you might have noticed I have been mentioning how much in city funds it will cost us to demolish the Parking Garage. Here is a story I will share with you from Indiana from last year It was written by Purdue University to Governor Michael Pence. This is an excerpt from that letter.

This project will demolish the Marsteller Street Parking Garage which is an existing five level precast concrete parking structure that was constructed in 1976. The project also will construct a new asphalt parking lot with concrete curbing, lighting, and green space landscaping. Removal of the parking garage will eliminate the risks associated with the deteriorated condition of the garage and the need for extensive repairs.

The estimated cost of this project is $2,200,000.00 to be funded from Departmental Funds-Parking Facilities Reserve.

Demolishing the parking structure and installing a new paved parking lot will reduce the amount of parking by approximately 400 spaces

Maybe it's just me, but this story seems very similar to what we are facing here in Painesville? I can only hope I'm wrong!

And we all know the record the city has with contracts.

To this day it still amazes me how many people never realized Ted Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban National father lived there four years and yet no one questions his eligibility to become President?  Illegal aliens? how about an Illegal Presidential candidate?

No idea what  Bernie Sanders stick is, but he's seems to be staying in the race for what purpose? Special time at the Democratic Convention?

Al Gore had Ralph Nader

Hillary Clinton has Bernie Sanders

Thursday, April 21, 2016

"THE WEIGHT" the band

R.I.P Prince always will love that Little Red Corvette

Hey mister can you tell me, where a man might find a bed?
He just grinned and shook my hand, 'No' was all he said.

Last night I attended the program  BEGIN THE CONVERSATION  at Harvey High School

First off may I suggest the city missed the boat here? In attendance I witnessed Police Chief Powalie, two patrolmen and councilman Mike Deleone.

Many questions from the audience seemed to be directed to many city departments? Recreation, Community Development to name a few.

This was a very well attended meeting which seemed to have a major flaw. It seemed that the panel members who were there to field questions ran into an audience who wanted to make statements?

On question I heard was why isn't there a woman of color on the panel? Which got me thinking how many anybody of color sits on Painesville City Council? In the administration? Department head?

Painesville Board of Education as well as the administration?  If you dropped in from Mars today you would believe the diversity of Painesville was all white. The same for the county for that matter, how many assistant prosecutors Judges, County official's  are of color?

Now let's backup for a minute in the last two council elections I supported Rene' Aston for council. Not because she was a woman of color but because I thought she was right person for Painesville. Where was her support? You can't blame others if you refuse to support good people.

To his credit Rev. Albert Jones mentioned many administrations coming to him to get qualified people to apply for positions only to find out none did?

Then again a mother of a Harvey graduate with a Master's degree being turned down five times by Health and Human services.

There was discussion of a "White Wall" I don't know if there is one but I do realize nepotism runs wild in our community.

Fear of the Police? Chief Powalie mentioned a firearm has not been fired by a Painesville Police officer on duty for 30 years!

All said it appeared to be a good first step. People also must realize opportunity doesn't knock on your door, you knock on it's.

Great now the Republicans are getting into the great which bathroom to use debate?

Plus Ted Cruz cause to block the use of dildo's in Texas? As Texas solicitor all starting because a woman had a something like a Tupperware party where  two undercover cops arrested her. Ted no dildo's for Texas!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"ON THE RADIO' donna summers






Whoa I was so surprised and shocked,
and wondered, too
If by chance you heard it for yourself

More on this later!

Monday's council meeting both agenda items past, on the first, road improvement only one drew some concern from me. Rockwood? Really, I know how street's are chosen.

Permission to let the city manager get a contract to demolish the Parking Garage was approved.
It good that before the contract can't be signed council has to approve the money. I don't believe many have an idea what the cost of this will be? Please chime in with your estimates. The city manager said he had a verbal amount but until something is down on paper. He will presently keep it to himself.

It was reported a new two story garage would cost 3 million dollars (app. 200 vehicles) and the city could not find any state or federal grants. It was reported the present parking garage only has receipts of $36,000 a year do the math. Everybody seems to be complaining about the garage closure that on a normal day had between 180-210 vehicles? Again do the math.

Resident Tony Torre pushed the city to find a home for the Painesville Senior Center? Well Tony they had a home, and what's presently going on is to put a dagger through the heart of the Painesville Senior Center. As he mentioned many members are joining Fairport as well as Mentor. I believe that's part of the plan.

In my three minutes I informed the city of Peabody Energy bankruptcy also the AMP-OHIO Hydro plants  on the Ohio River was charging participating communities including Painesville with a close to 5MW. stake in the plant, and being charged $140.00 per MW.? This from free fuel... WATER! Somehow AMP-OHIO has figured out a way to charge the most for any present energy source? We were promised power at $70.00MW due to capital costs but when those were met it would be very inexpensive power. AMP-OHIO $140.00 for at least the next five years. What will the city do? Nothing. Anyone with any knowledge in electric power realizes this is an outrages price. Just pay the man!

Also Law Director at the last meeting questioned if I would apologize over my concerns about the refuse contract at the last council meeting. I assured the administration, council as well as our law director if everything was legal I would.  I even suggested if a majority of council would publicly state that this contract was in the best interest of the residents of Painesville, I would apologize right now....Silence

A quick shout out to Clerk of Council Tara Grimm on her award dealing with national Clerks of Council.

Will someone explain to me what's councilman DeLeone problem with zoning? Now he brings a packet of questions? Lynn White is the City Planner, not someone the councilman can question about whatever he has in that packet? Someone inform the good councilman when zoning meeting are held, oh, I almost forgot he was on the zoning commission.


Our council meeting on channel 12 will soon be a thing of the past. The equipment is old and replacement expensive. (Must be some good old equipment for sale somewhere?) Well council first has no idea how many residents even watch the council meeting? 5/10/ 100 no idea. One council person suggested putting it on an AM radio station in which another council person heard HAM radio? Hell let's put it out on Morse code? Another question if there was an obligation to even show it? There isn't.
My best guess seems to be is that the city does everything possible not for you to hear or see the council meeting when you tune in to watch?

I see council meeting on channel 12 to become a thing of the past, soon.

So in ending let's decide how much the demolishing the parking garage will cost?

Also if you know people who watch the council meetings on channel 12 , please tell them to inform their council members.

Lyin' Ted

Little Mario

Crooked Hillary

Now how about

Tiny Hand Don

Bankrupt Trump

Sunday, April 17, 2016

"BIG YELLOW TAXI" joni mitchell

You don't know what you got til it's gone
Paved Paradise put up a parking lot

Not saying Lake East was a paradise but it did serve a useful purpose

Now with all the regalia of our famed downtown High Point Centre it appears that the first tenant on that property is going to be a parking lot!
Saks 5th Ave. is devastated!

All the speculation and in the end it appears the best use for that property is a parking lot to replace Painesville Urban  Renewal famed Parking Garage.

Best guess that garage was exposed to over 20 years of neglect. Just as your home would be, it didn't get in this shape until our new city manager showed up, did it?

Council Meeting  04/18/16 two items on the agenda first bidding out road projects for 2016

Along with demolition contracts explored to raze the parking garage, many of us will be shocked at the price of this endeavor. Fed's built it why can't the Fed's tear it down?  Maybe the Downtown Organization can put a few flower pots in our newest off-street parking mall?

Councilman Mike DeLeone  wants to discuss council procedures? That might be A HOOT!

Again with the sidewalks and channel 12?

City Planner Lynn White will make a presentation.

AS well as I expect to get my A#@ chewed up again!

Bernie Sanders heard Donald Drumpf was going to Rome?
So Bernie thought that might be a good idea!
Problem was Drumpf meant Rome, New York
Bernie decided on Rome, Italy?  Have to wonder how many delegates  the Vatican has?
Don't  know if I can stand that guy for four years, with all that finger-pointing!
Aw Hell, give the old guy credit.

Thursday, April 14, 2016


But Before we get into all this;

It was reported in today's News-Herald that our illustrious Parking Garage will be closed and
 the administration plans to go to city council for funds to demolish the structure. Amazing what neglect from the previous administration is now coming home to haunt us? Remember that $250,000 for Horvath's Lagoon purchase? Or all the money spent yearly on Downtown Painesville? Wonder if Mary Jo and the rest will chip in? Just maybe our city should take care of it's own needs before they go out and play Santa Claus?

Something Positive

Next a rumor is that a local church is looking into purchasing the empty Chicago Title Building at N. St. Clair and Erie St.

TERKK'S  Computer is moving into the Key Bank at 8 North St. Suite 100

Also it seems 239 Mentor Ave. has a new owner and plans to repair the house.


While everything's going wrong
You know there's got to be a whole-lot of trouble in your life

Seems today April 13,2016 Peabody Energy filed for Bankruptcy, what a surprise!

From a stock price high of over $1,200 in 2008 to another high mark  April 1,2011of $1090.60 to today when they filed for chapter 11 closing at $2.07 Quite a drop.

If I'm reading this correctly all present deals presently on the table are on hold. Maybe Prairie State Energy Campus?

What believe this bankruptcy will expose is how coal companies report information to investors as well as regulators.
You know that word "Transparency"

Will this bankruptcy mean a fire sale for Peabody assets? Had  executives enriched themselves before filing? Will the coal miner's pension fund stay intact? What about the clean-up costs from Peabody's mines?

I believe the Securities and Exchange has a whole lot more work!

How's if any of this affect Painesville?

Another reason Bernie Sanders has no business running for President Last night at a rally in New York a surrogate used the phrase  "corporate Democratic whores" Sanders who was on stage at that point should have stepped in, he didn't  (later to tweet an apology) This man has fantasy idea's and not much else.
I guess my question to Bernie what exactly is a "Democratic whore?"

Monday, April 11, 2016

"DON'T ASK ME NO QUESTIONS' lynyrd skynyrd

So don't ask me no questions
And I won't tell you no lies

This was passed on to me last week. And to be honest I don't know whether to laugh or cry?

I love hearing great things about Painesville, and at the same time wonder how much did this cost  and who paid for it?

These Are The 10 Best Cleveland Suburbs For  Young Professionals

Looking for the best Cleveland suburbs to live in out of college? Check out why Willoughby, Lakewood, and Painesville topped our list.

By Cassie Sheets


Residents age 22-290   11.5%

Total amenities   1,317

Young professionals searching for the perfect home in Painesville have a range of options, from affordable cottage and ranch style homes,  to spacious craftsman and Colonial style houses on large lots. Active young professionals will love weekend fishing trips at Kiwanis Recreation Park while golf enthusiasts  can hit the links and network at Casement Golf Course.
Numerous boutiques, specialty stores, and local restaurants are available along Painesville's charming Main Street.

With two homes advertised for sale one in Heisley  Park and the other in Whaler's Cove.

I was waiting to here how our Electric Power Plant was the 'greenest' in the state? Practically zero emissions for the past year.

So I am to believe only Willoughby and Lakewood made us #3?

We beat out Berea, Medina, Bedford, Westlake, Mentor, Cleveland Heights and Fairview Park?

Wonder if Cassie ever heard of Tremont in Cleveland?


Seems to be a few things to consider though? Casement has been closed since the flood of 2006,
Please name these boutiques and specialty stores?
These restaurants well, better eat before 3:00 pm Downtown pretty much rolls up the sidewalks at 5:00 for the most part.

There's always Subway!

Someone forgot to mention the Chili Cook off as well as the Bathtub Races?

A friend looking for a house questioned me about Painesville. I asked him what his price range was? $300,000 to $350,000 he answered. Well I exclaimed Painesville is the place for you. We can easily put you into 10 or 11 homes for that price. One for each day of the week and have 3 left for company!

Truly I hope not a soul spent a dime on this!

Something I learned today that DrumpF might have a point. I believed the reason Ford was building that billion dollar assembly plant in Mexico was cheap labor. Well I was only half right. It seems if you build a Ford Focus or any product here in the states and say you ship it to a country in Europe the vehicle is hit with a stiff tariff. If you build that Ford Focus or any product in Mexico and you ship it to Europe guess what, Zero tariff same company same product. Now how can anyone be a supporter of 'Free' trade?

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Come together, right now

FYI April 10, 1970 is the day the Beatles broke up never to play together again!

Just A Reminder;

Painesville Railroad Museum Fundraiser
Monday, April 11, 2016  6 to 8 pm

Harry Buffalo
2119 Mentor Ave.
Painesville, Ohio 44077

Menu:  All you can eat and drink for 2 hours

Pork Sliders
Sheet Pizza
Boneless Wings

All you can eat and drink- Domestic Draft Beer, House Wines & Well Liquors from 6pm to 8pm

Cost: $25.00 Each
For Tickets  contact:
Pre-Sale only

Lenny Kessler
3257 Center Road
Perry, Ohio 44081
Phone (440) 417-6746

Proceeds to help the restoration and preservation of the historic Painesville Depot and bring her back to its glory days of the New York Central.

R.I.P former Buckeye Will Smith you will be missed!

Friday, April 8, 2016

"II'S ONLY WORDS" bee gee's

It's only words , and words are all I have

Chosen excerpts from the current  Refuse Contract;


If one or more of the provisions contained in this Contract are held to be invalid,, illegal or unenforceable, the invalidity, illegality or unenforceability shall not affect any other provision and this Contract shall be construed as if the invalid, illegal or unenforceable provision had never been contained in it.

Seems they might have known something?


Contractor shall pay the City Forty-Eight Thousand Dollars ($48,000) annually for each year of this agreement extension. The first year payment of Forty-eight Thousand Dollars ($48,000) shall be due on or before December 20, 2014. The second year payment of Forty-Eight Thousand Dollars ($48,000) shall be de on or before December 20, 2015.

Odd no mention of a delinquent collection fee, a Franchise fee  nothing about roads either? Just maybe a gift? And for what?


Contractor claim for past due subsidy payments from the City shall be fully satisfied after Contractor has collected a total of $20,000 pursuant in Section 1 and 2 of the Agreement, as amended.

Not even a clue? Best guess, The City agreed to subsidize recycling for City residents. They are past due to the amount of $20,000? What would the amount be?   All will be forgiven if this Addendment is signed. Another windfall for the administration! Remember back in the day they promised to subsidize recycling and well they didn't.
The amount's of the subsidizes per month:
2011-12 $1.16 per home
2012-13  $.68 per home
2013-14 $.44 per home
2014-15 $.23 per home
2014-15 $.00 per home

So did the City ever pay the subsidy?  * Please see year 2014-15


The City shall provide no per month subsidy during option year four (4) and five (5), to-wit: the entire two (2) year term of the extension.

This Contract...well stinks like Garbage!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

"LAWYERS IN LOVE" jackson browne

Never Mind, The Lake County  Prosecuting Office Wants No Part Of This. They Don't Represent Citizens With Issues Such As This. They Suggest I Go To The Lake County Bar Association or Hire An Attorney? Just Maybe I Should Change The Heading From Prosecutor  Office to Ohio State Attorney General Mike DeWine. Believe Me This Is Far From Over, It Ain't Over Till I Say Its over!

I can't keep up with what's been going on
I think my heart must just be slowing down

As promised here is the letter I sent  with the ordinance and WM contract tor. Charles E. Coulson Lake County Prosecuting Attorney.

Mr. Coulson,

My name is Angelo Cimaglio. I am a life long resident of Lake County and have lived most of that time in Painesville. I have been involved (as a citizen) with local issues and politics- believing that an informed and active citizenry is a vital part of good government.

My issue:

The City of Painesville is in the process of renegotiating our garbage collection contract with  five different haulers. What should be a straightforward process appears to have become bogged down with myriad details that do not bode well for the residents of Painesville. Requests for information are answered slowly at times. Some of the sections are just not fair nor are the alleged contractual benefits adequately explained.

One example of the above is an addendum giving the City of Painesville $48,000 for each of the years 2014 and 2015. I have received numerous explanations from both city officials and Waste Management: a franchisee  fee, pay to the City for collection of delinquent accounts or compensation for road damage done by Waste Management trucks. Take your pick this $96,000.00 compensation was never reported to the public. In the meantime-  Painesville saw their bill increase in both of those years. It has now reached the point where Painesville residents pay the highest refuse bill in Lake County.

Another concern regarding these payments is how the public money is handled after receipt. I have been told on numerous occasions that public monies cannot be 'comingled' and yet I cannot get a reasonable explanation of why this is allowed.

Another example is the fact that Waste Management gives the City free refuse pick-up for all city facilities.Electric, Water funds by state law cannot be mixed? I have been told that this 'free service' is written into the contract- but I cannot find that clause anywhere nor can several other residents that have reviewed the contract.

There is also a section that outlines a process by which the city will collect delinquent accounts from homeowners' for Waste Management.. I do not understand why the city why the city would think it is their duty/responsibility to do so. The city even pursued the avenue of having delinquent bills added to homeowners' property tax bills. Thank goodness the County refused to act on the city's request.

Proposals for future contract includes even less services provided for residents at higher cost. (ie: leaf collection will be an additional charge). This is a service provided by the City for at least the last half century.

I am respectfully asking you to look into this murky contract situation. I would be happy to meet with you, or a designated member of your office, at your earliest convenience.

Yours truly

Angelo Cimaglio

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"CRUMBLIN' DOWN" john mellencamp

When the walls come Tumblin' down
Crumblin Crumblin' Down

 Lots more happened at Mondays council meeting

City Engineer Leanne Exum told us the resurfacing of N. State   St.  from E. Erie to Chester/ Storr St. will begin this April 11,2016.

She also provided a bleak story about the Bank St. retaining walls all  of them.
The total cost of this project is in the amount of $5,000,000 yes that's millions.

Wall #3 needs immediate repair to the cost of $680,000
Wall #1 and #2 within two years at a cost of $490,000
Wall #6 and #7 within 5 to 10 years at a cost of $3,580,00
Wall #4                         in the future at a cost of  $250,000

This doesn't even take in the Main St. walls.

 Also soon our city must decide on what the future of our Parking Garage will be?

Construction on the Cedarbrook Basin will be halted until late May or June to give the area time to dry out.

Have not received permits for the Maplewood Basin even the Army Corp. of Engineers hasn't signed off on this project. Both projects total over 2 million dollars.

Farewell to the "Okie From Muskogee" R.I. P. Merle!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016



This morning at approx. 0849 hrs. school officials were notified  of an alleged weapon hidden in a restroom at Harvey High School. Painesville Police SRO Immediately secured the bathroom. The weapon was subsequently recovered and secured quickly. The police department additionally requested a K9 unit from the Geauga County Sheriff's Office and completed a search of the building. Students and staff were secure in their classrooms until the search was completed. The investigation is still ongoing and the weapon will be inspected and tested to determine if it is an operational firearm.
The school is working with the police department to complete its investigation to ensure the safety of our student's. Please know that that the safety and security of our schools are a priority.

I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end
I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend

This brings up the two items on the City Council agenda last night . Which both passed 7-0. The church rezoning as well as Cashen Cement getting a variance to vacate .43 acre of Mathews St. A reminder the trucks will not use Mathews St. They will enter  and exit off W. Prospect St. only.

Many Heisley Park residents attended the meeting looking for answer's on the recent rash of burglaries in there neighborhood. There seemed to have been some miscommunication and Chief Powalie  explained the city's situation  quite well. Along with CM Carson comment.

I again questioned where the city was on Checkbook Ohio and was told we would probably be on line within a month.
I questioned the situation with the leave pick-up, at the last meeting CM Carson didn't believe it would be expensive? So I suggested the city pick-up the cost.
Then what do the seniors get for the $1,200 the city will be paying the YMCA for rent? do they get a room? access to what? I was told the city was looking into this.
Then the meeting went downhill.

Remember I mentioned these garbage contracts were my tipping point? addressing council;
Well first I was told that $96,000 was for a delinquent collection fee, then later a franchisee fee and even  later councilman DeLeone suggested it was WM paying to fix our roads? I questioned what was it for?

As far as I know no public notice was issued about this $96,000.  Neither were council people informed of it. Just slipped into the general fund.

I questioned if the city received free refuse pick-up at our city facilities? Yes .it's in the contract. Sorry I can't find it? I was told It's there.

Well as to not being one to surprise people to much, I told the council I was taking everything ordinances, contract later this week to the Lake  County Prosecutor on the legality of the contract as well as the ordinance. This all at least seems unethical to me.

They mandate the refuse must be picked up, they pick the contractor, and they seem to enrich themselves first before the resident's welfare (free pick-up at city facilities, along with the magical $96,000)

Well things then went south fast.

First Law Director Gurley felt insulted and yelled that I even suggested the city had done anything wrong. Then suggesting he would walk me over to the prosecutor's  office! I yelled back great maybe you can answer some questions when we're there! Councilman Hach, Fodor and DiNallo put a stop to the conversation.

Now after the meeting a resident could not understand my reason for complaining about the city receiving free refuse service? I explained it was not free we pay for it in our bills, nothing is free!  Along with I explained how many times have we been told electric, water revenue can not be put in the general fund? Why is it now O.K. that resident's pay for these department refuse pick-up? Since there is no invoice could that extra 12 pounds per resident be city refuse? Do people in Eastlake pay to pick-up First Energy refuse? Is there even a cemetery, water plant in Eastlake?

Thinking back if our bills were in line with the rest of the county maybe this wouldn't have taken place?

Mom watching the meeting on the computer today,  afterwards just said get your two-wheeler my chair is gone! Thanks for the support Mom!

Monday, April 4, 2016

"CENTERFIELD" john fogerty

Well, beat the drum and hold the phone
The sun came out today!

Opening day for our Cleveland Indian's ,  31 degrees and cold rain  no Sun

A sellout at Progressive Field , it's tradition.

Some years our Tribe has hitting but no pitching and some years we have pitching and no hitting. Then there are years we seem to have neither?


This year something's just different? As the owner's try to apprise people to be politically correct  seems Chief Wahoo is slowly being replaced by a block "C". Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Chicago, Charlotte, Canton or even Concord? What's with the "C"?  C us capitulate?

I have known Chief Wahoo pretty much all my life. When I was six my dad took me to downtown Cleveland and purchased me a blue spring jacket with red stripes on the shoulders with Chief Wahoo on the left front of it . I loved it so much I proudly wore it out of the May Company.

Certain things that are just Cleveland. The #1 basketball player coming home to win a championship for where he grew up. The Browns with the distinction of being the only team in the NFL without an emblem on their helmet and Chief Wahoo. Along with my T-shirt CLEVELAND Where Championship Dreams go to Die.

Not a die-hard Cleveland fan as some of you might be. I feel like Charlie Brown with Lucy pulling the ball away. I'll root for them but deep in my heart I wait for the failure. Jose Mesa was the last straw!

Never in my youth or in my adult life did I ever believe the chief was a symbol to degrade American Indian culture.

We are the Cleveland Indians. a short note; Chief Wahoo caricature of the 30's and 40's did to me seem offensive.

Now Baseball is big screens, and food! Look give me a bag of peanuts and a hot dog with stadium mustard and I'm set. No need to find Spaghetti and Meatball pizza between inning.

Look when I go to a baseball game , I go to watch baseball.
When I go out to eat I don't expect a baseball game to breakout.

Help me here is Chief Wahoo on the final steps to not being associated with our team or city?

Am I wrong? Seems I feel I'm losing a beloved friend. What next, a Pixie on the side of a Browns helmet? Or an advertisement?

Well there's always a game to watch in our flats along with no $10 beer!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

"IT'S MY PARTY" lesley gore

Nobody knows where my Johnny has gone
But Judy left at the same time

All I'm doing is changing the President Party affiliation

1972 didn't vote for him but Democratic President Richard Nixon was re- elected. Shortly there after it was reported that someone was caught breaking into the National Republican Party offices in the Watergate Building. Long story short after twists and turns President Nixon had to resign and then pardoned by Democratic President Gerald Ford.

Peanut farmer and former governor of Georgia was next elected President, The economy tanked and interest rates were high. A failed rescue plan to free American's held by Iran failed in the dessert. That's the end of that presidency.

Next came Democratic President Ronald Reagan,  a 'B' movie star making films like "Bedtime for Bonzo" co-starring with a chimp. To his election Iran freed the hostages  on his Inauguration  Day. Quick pro quo?
Mr. Gorbachev teardown that wall.!Credit is given for the break-up of the Soviet Union, yes he helped but the Russian War in Afghanistan drove Russia into Bankruptcy. Sound familiar? 
Later it was found out that his administration had a covert plan to sell military weapons to the terrorist state of Iran.  Why in God's name anyone sell Stinger (SAM) missiles to them?Using Israel as a go between. Then using's the funds to support the right-wing Contras against the left-wing Sandinista Junta in Nicaragua. And even after being thrown under the bus by Reagan Oliver North is a respected patriot? Can we call this meddling in another country affair? Ever wonder why Iran hates us so much? Look how the C.I.A. destroyed the election held in Iran and installed the Shah of Iran against the wishes of the Iranian people. Democratic President Eisenhower approved that one? 
Also his economic plan called "trickle down" that to this day is a failure. Also the main reason that started the deficit's going out of control. Along with wage stagnation and the death of those no good unions! Also he did raise taxes during his term as president. During his administration although the top seemed to make out quitw well!. With little "trickle down" "Greed is Good"

Next came Democrat Bush 41 remember him? "Read my lip's, no new taxes"  Not quite how it went down. To his credit he did a great job on the first Gulf War,  to his credit never invaded  Iraq did he? Sometimes the young could learn things?

Now comes Republican William J. Clinton had a pretty good run. Handled the ethnic cleansing war in Yugoslavia,. But low and behold he lied about an affair with a 22 year-old intern! Democrats voted to impeach him, even though the Democratic Speaker of the House was caring on an affair at the same time? Do I need to remind you of Gingrich, Livingston and Hastert?
To this day he is one of our most respected Presidents.

Next in line? Bush 43 in a contentious election. First remember two things about this Democratic.  Father had appointed Supreme Court Judges, and in the most contested state Florida his Democratic brother was governor. After the tally it seems the Republican Al Gore had collect more than 500,000 votes then 43? Nine month's later the United States suffered it's worse attack on United States soil. Did he or did he not read the assessment's? I don't know if it would have made a difference but he had the support of the American people. First troops to Afghanistan  and then to Iraq over believed WMD's Guess what NO WMD's everybody thought they were there? Ya, because you told them! Least we forget our Democratic President and his trip to the aircraft carrier? Landing on the USS Abraham Lincoln "Mission Accomplished! On May 1, 2003? Well odd we seem to have been there a lot longer? In the process disabling the Middle East. Oh, and after the surge he signed a withdrawal agreement with his  chosen Iraq Prime Minister Nouri-al-Maliki.  Remember the SOFA agreement? Bush 43 promised all American troops Withdrawn by December 31, 2011. Seems he had also lost interest in the  capture  of osama bin laden? Maybe to close family ties?  Seems many lay the blame at the wrong feet. Bush 43 was also the father of ISIS militants by far are former Sunni Iraq military now found unemployed by 43? Can you imagine if Republican President Obama had not honored that treaty? 43  suggestion also American's go out and shop to help the war cause? Let's forget the economy down turn in his failed presidency. Democrat John McCain hasn't a chance and just to make sure he chose a crazy lady as his vice-president?

Now comes Republican Barack Obama, Americans first Black President! On election day Democratic Senate Minority  leader Mitch McConnell promises to make Obama a one term president and to obstruct him any way he could.  President Obama had to even prove he was a United States citizen having to show his Birth Certificate.  Osama bin laden? He had him killed!The "birther" issue would  not go away for  Democrats and short of doing nothing the Democratic House sat on their hands for the last seven years.many Democrats can't wait for the next Democratic President.

Of the two leading Democratic candidate. One is a Apprentice who women hate. The other has a Canadian Birth Certificate but now seems of little concern to the voting Democrats?