Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This Thursday is the monthly meeting at the "New" Huntington Elementary School located on the premises of Elm St. Elementary School.
Meeting starts a 7:00pm this months guest is the head of Lake County Human Services.
He will answer questions along with other concerns that may be brought up to Andy.
Remember the meeting is open to all city residents along with anyone else concerned with the city,
In a bit of Painesville news;
Hollydale Apartments 908 N.State St. will have an open house this Friday April 29,2010 from 1:00 to 4:00pm all invited to review the new investment made in these apartments.
As many of you may know these are the old Shamrock Apartments.
Along with all the improvements The owners fully enforcing the city wide"Crime-Free Multi-Housing Program."

Saturday, April 24, 2010

"ARIZONA" mark lindsay

Took off her rainbow shades.

Yes a new immigration law was passed in Arizona Friday. Everyone seems to be up in arms about "profiling."
Whether its was the Governor who signed the bill or the President Of The United States both along with everyone claims the Federal government has failed.
What rights do states take if everyone in the Federal government admits to failure?
If say the Painesville Fire Department fails to respond to fires in my neighborhood does that mean I have no right to grab a garden hose and try to put out a fire at my neighbors, because I didn't have proper training?
Over 70% of the people in Arizona believe this is a good start to end illegal immigration.
I don't believe police will be stopping people and asking them to see papers, but if your involved in an accident or some illegal activity you had better be a citizen.There is no hate involved just people who have been overwhelmed with this illegal migration that for some reason no one has control over. What are your solutions? any ideas how to end all this?
I for one would like to see English as the official language in this country, as a start. I am fed up with walking into Home Depot and seeing everything in two languages.
I do believe this bill will bring everything to a head. I see Democrats bringing a bill forward for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Just maybe my party has a suicide wish? I feel most Americans have no use for amnesty no matter how its wrapped.
Proponents of amnesty are planning rallies for May 1,2010.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Having many conversations the past month with ultra conservatives, along will ultra liberals, teapartyers, Obama lovers and even pedestrians, one thing I find they all seem to have in common. [really refreshing]
No one mentioned voting "YES" on any levy, they may had a multitude of different reasons but I could not find even one person who would support the Lake Board of Developmental Disabilities levy. This levy is not a new levy, just a "replacement levy" the simple fact is if your house is worth $100,000 you currently pay $58.00 a year. Now if the levy passes that same homeowner will be paying $104.00 quite an increase I believe this will total up to an additional 8 million dollars to the agency a year.
I truly care about the people this agency supports, but I must add "what planet are these board members living on."
The economy is just barely starting to rebound, and no one has a Chrystal ball to forecast the next year.
The best way I can explain this is the head administrator makes over $135,000 would this person be willing to take a $65,000 cut in pay? Ridiculous you say?
No more than with this levy property owners will be expected to increase their tax bill.
Governments at all levels were supposed to work for the people, remember when they were called public servants? Somewhere along the line it has now changed the people are now expected to work for the government. 83% of there budget goes to wages and benefits.
I could have chosen any money issue or levy but this one has it all.
A clientele that is at the public mercy, along with an unbelievable request to all of us in this economy.
Please feel free to comment on any Issue or levy.
Anybody got an idea or solution?


I want to personally thank everyone who mentioned the loss of my father on the blog. plus numerous emails to my personal email account, along with phone calls. I just didn't want to post any on the site because I felt some were personal and only meant for me. Please understand I didn't think the blog. was appropriate for my personal loss. The whole family appreciates the outpouring of support from the community over his passing.

Back to business

I have found out the demolition of "Old" Harvey will start on April 27,2010.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Anybody out there have an idea when,or where the Urgent Care center for Painesville is? Wasn't it promised by now? Its almost five months since the hospital moved.
Hows Lakeview Bluffs coming along? Haven't read any new fluff stories lately?
Did they run out of B.,S., money or both?

Council Meeting Monday 04/19/10
Lori DiNallo's resolution on property inspections will be address along with some of her concerns. Council must be very careful of the new wording in the resolution. such as "administrative search warrants"

Heisley Park Phase 12 is ready to be built. The city and the developer seem to believe that all water concerns in that area have been satisfied and corrected. So basements can again be offered in Phase 12. I would like to see a written guarantee on basement loses along with more then one sump pump replacement a year paid by either the developer or city. Lets put all this professional expertise to the test before the fact? This will give Councilman Hach an opportunity to show his "KAHUNAS" as he was against anymore basements in that area.

What's going on at Millstone? Newspaper article this week sorta blamed Mr. Gibbs.
Along with the comments made on the section at www.news-herald story. Mr. Gibbs is the anti-Christ plus many other choice comments. Not claiming to be an expert on this 'eccentric" man, but I'm willing to bet he thrives on all these negative comments. Who ever thought up the old adage "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." Must have known Bob Gibbs. There must be more to the story? Jesus himself couldn't have held this up four years without just cause.
Residents be prepared for a $4000 settlement per unit. Yes be prepared to be thrown under the bus again.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Tomorrow, Monday evening, the school board will have its monthly meeting. I understand more cuts will be announced at that time. It will be interesting if there are any admininistration cuts in the offing? I don't mean a secretary at the board office either.
Hows the dress code working out at the High School? Along with the "Pledge of Allegiance"? Is it being recited at Harvey? Heard from two middle schoolers they may even drop it at Heritage Middle.
Artificial Turf at Jack Britt Stadium? I only hope the boosters are paying for that; the school administration can't be involved with that with some of the cuts made or proposed.
A few other issues might even be brought up?
The meeting is scheduled for 7:00p.m. at the Hanlon Presentation Center at Harvey High 200 W.Walnut St.
The most important thing that the citizens can do for the future of Painesville is to bring "Excellence in Education " back to the city. That more then anything will bring people to move into town.
Somehow this administration must move us from "Continuous Improvement" to
"Excellent with Distinction" or move on and let someone else try.

*************************************************************************************SAFETY MEETING WEDNESDAY 04/14/10

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"LAWYERS IN LOVE" jackson browne

At the last council meeting Councilman Flock asked the law director if anytime the city manager is involved in a high dollar project if there could be an ordinance that one or two councilpeople could be present at certain negotiations. Law Director Gurley made the analogy that would be the same as two Senators sitting in on a Supreme Court decision? The Constitution would be in violation if this happened since we have three branches of government.
Now its not like councilman Flock wanted to sit in Municipal Court while Judge Mike Cicconetti decided a case. The Seven councilman hire and fire the City Manager. The city administration has no elected officials. Funny I guess my boss can sit next to me every day, yet the people that hire the city manager have zero oversight? Every year councilmen are asked to evaluate the city manager, how do you evaluate anyone you can't check up on? I'm willing to bet there's something in the charter that forbids council from looking over the shoulders of any city employee.
I guess I'm feeling councilman Flock doesn't completely trust what he has been told by the administration. Too many questions have been asked without suitable answers for most of them. Along with six other people he has to vote on spending money; from power plants to trucks to hedge clippers, and at the same time knowing the city manager is paying $100,000 in invoiced legal payment he and the rest of council know nothing at all about.
Meeting business owners who tell him about certain deals never brought before council along with other community leaders explaining how hard it is to work with Painesville. This is what happens when you have no oversight on people, they do as they wish and only show you what they want.
Someone at the fromt table said "Andrew you have a problem with trust?" Really?
We will have a charter review in a few years... wonder if its time to make a few charges?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


"To ensure and improve the quality of life and growth of our community"


City of Painesville Employee Publication
Now I find out the 370 employees have there own Publication?
Whats wrong with just the Painesville Pravda [Pride} along with the newsletter its seems like duplication?
We do know that Volunteers work on this?
Anything else would be
"fiscally irresponsible" Right?
My only question is why?

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Well it looks like council will get down to business Monday night on the first phase of bringing down the hospital. [Asbestos removal]
Getting North Ave and Lexington Ave. street repairs put out for bid.
Fix the roof at city hall.
Agree to more housing at Heisley Park [No basements this time around]

Painesville announced a 54% participation for the 2010 census. Well I guess everyone that supposed to be here has sent in there form.

It was announced in today's Saturday0 4/03/10 News-Herald a 50 unit senior citizen living center is planned to be built near Cobblestone Apartments? This is just wrong! maybe there are death panels? Nine minute response times, Marge your going to be so busy. Or maybe Painesville will just park an E.M.S. unit at the site.
The City Manager said the Shamrock Business Center was Amended to include Shamrock Senior LLC. I've got to pay closer attention that one flew right by me. Yet the area proposed, the zoning has to be changed?

Received my April copy of the Painesvile Pravda [Pride]
At the bottom of the first page Fact vs. Perception wonder where that came from?
*************************************************************************************RECAP COUNCIL MEETING
Everything passed, zipadedoda..
AMP-OHIO Meigs County Meeting in Columbus April 7,2010 in Columbus
Does anyone know who and when someone designed Painesvilles flag? Hal Werner wants to know.
"what really going on"
Planning Commission Meeting Wednesday night.
Sorry had to miss it.
B.C. Auto Body received permission to sell used vehicles at this location. I have complained to the assistant city manager about the wrecked automobiles in plain sight in front of this business. Now I realize its an auto repair business trying to make a buck. but for instance, there has been a totaled Ford Focus parked right in front of the building for nearly a year.
That property was never meant to be an auto repair shop. I remember when it was the home of Bob James Painting Company.
Before the planning board granted this they could have at least gone out and looked at this mess.
Avery Dennison is just down the street; what a welcome sight to their employees every day.
Sorry, no more kudos for Mr. Lewis; maybe it was too much trouble to let me know about this hearing although being aware of my interest? I know....sour grapes. Well Mr. Lewis, the clock is ticking on the other thing we discussed. My only thought........ Where's that darn building inspector when you need her?

Friday, April 2, 2010


This is Lib. Annes comment that I feel should be made into a post.

I have read the site since before Term had it. I always managed to check in at least once a week to learn whats happening. In that time I came to believe Term, Badger, Charterlady and a few more were not racists but a group of very paranoid souls. My family has lived in Painesville for over a decade and are very happy here. We are strong church going, hard working family people that have pretty much voted conservative in elections. Government run health care was an issue that both my husband and I felt was unwarranted.
Then a week before Christmas in 2008 my husband was informed that the division that my husband worked for would be closed as of the first of March for the company that was supplied with was purchasing off shore. China. A layoff in past days meant until business picks up. Not today its as final nail to your employment.
Since June of 2009 my family has not had any health insurance. Thank God that so far none of us has needed it, but it sure has changed our minds about insurance. My husband was told he was eligible for COBRA benefits the problem it would cost $982.00 a month?
My husband is a very proud man and is now at the point of taking any job even at minimum wage if need be to at least feel like a provider again. I made him and myself go up to human services to see what we were eligible to receive his unemployment along with my $340.00 weekly wage made us ineligible to receive anything but $92.00 worth of food stamps a month which I am thankful for.
Now the rub, this is the second time in my life something like this has happened to me. Back in 1995 my father lost his UAW job near Mansfield due to NAFTA well at least dad had enough time to retire. First Mexico now China, where next?
Now tell me should I be angry with people who at least are trying to provide for my family. Or maybe the people who came up with these crazy trade agreements?
Getting gas the other night I watched a Hispanic couple who spoke no English cash in WIC coupons at Redi-Go. Isn't it customary in Mexico for married women with three children to wear a wedding ring? None in site, things must be getting real tight.
As I stood there getting more angry by the second I started to understand, Badger, Charterlady and Term just figured it out sooner than I did. The lifeboat is more then full and the first to be thrown overboard is my family. Yes I feel entitled to at least what illegals receive.
Lib Anne