Wednesday, March 30, 2016

"ONE WEEK" barenaked ladies UPDATE



Cocked your head to the side and said "I'm  angry!

As I embark on this crusade against Waste Management and the City I thought it would be a good idea to look at some facts.

Let's assume as I have been told there are 7,000 residential properties for refuse collection.

Now lets also assume the  Waste Management charges residents $20.00 a .month
Now multiply 7,000 times $20.00 +$140,000
now multiply $140,000 time 12= $1,680,000
So if everything  and everybody pays Waste Management contract is worth over $1,680,000.00?

Let's say we are high in the number of residential, say only 5,000 properties and do the same math.
$100,000 a month time 12 month = $1,200,000

Begs to ask can't the city do it cheaper on there own? Yes and I also must include recycling totes as well as totes and two or three  vehicles?

But in ten years that cost would be spread out and now we have something to keep a few at the power plant occupied? Ten years $12,000,000.00 What do we make at the electric plant two cents on the dollar?

Am I suggesting Painesville get back into the garbage business? Just something to consider as these hauler's decide to take us over the coals. If I'm wrong I'd like to see the data as well as the process.
(I was)

I am a big fan of outsourcing but only if it makes financial sense. I would love to hear the negatives in my numbers. I want it explained why $20.00 a month is worth it? Maybe my math's off?

As some of you have corrected my numbers to reflect months instead of weeks , it does change the theory quite a bit! SORRY! 

Seems that Pledge everyone signed before the first debate has somehow fallen to the wayside?

Want to scare yourself? Ask someone 25 years-old or younger what NATO stands for and it's purpose. Unbelievable!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I hear the secrets that you keep
When your talking in your sleep

Recently a meeting was held in the Parmly Hotel ballroom  at High Point in downtown Painesville.

The meeting was presented by the Painesville Improvement Secret Society. From now on to be referred to as PISS. Many informative secrets were presented.


Tom Fitzgerald picture will soon be appearing  on local dairy milk cartons.

Andrew Flock is now an UBER driver claiming in three months to have made more money then in four years on council. But now admitting he's in the loop with a lot less descent!!

A new housing development located around 1100 block on  N. State St. The development known as "The Randy Brubeck Gated Sanctuary along the Grand." will have "Pittsburgh Style Housing" located off of Love Canal Dr. Mr. Brubeck promises the smells of Pittsburgh at least twice a day depending on the winds surrounding the WPCP.

Council people Lori DiNallo and Christine Shoop want an emergency meeting of council in regards to the  Skinner Ave. repavement project. Realizing Skinner Ave. is far not the worst road in town, there still are campaign promises to honor.

Painesville Fire Chief Mark Miachak has informed council he wishes to acquire a 1956 American LaFrance pumper truck that would be an asset to our Fire Department. The Chief also explained that the vehicle is just a few short years from eligibility for  Social Security.

City employees have informed Painesville Parks & Recreation Director Michelle LaPuma that they will not work at Evergreen Cemetery before 6:00 AM or after 6:00 PM . It seems city employee's claim the place is Haunted!

Speaking of Haunted ...The Painesville Electric Power Plant will now host Senior Center knitting classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 AM. Seems to much yarn has been coming up missing at the YMCA. Hey that big new building behind the plant could that become home of the "Thrift Shop."

Anonymous reports claim AMP-OHIO will soon make a presentation to our city if there is a desire to invest in AMP- Shittsbogan nuclear plant known as Shitt's #2  Not all AMP partners are being offered this opportunity.......Only the very gullible ones.

One of the hauler's has suggested Painesville trash has 12% more pocket change then the normal amount found in other cities trash in the county.

Our local Republican Party offices have decided to locate in an old Coalyard on Liberty St. in Painesville. How appropriate two things sharing space that soon to become extinct? Also new computers have been installed.

It has been reported the City Engineer Leanne Exun and her husband have plans to open a new Lumberyard in Burton, Ohio. The lumber presently stretches from Chestnut St. to Hickory Dr. behind Cedarbrook Dr.

Painesville City Schools Superintendent Shepherd seeing the positives of an SRO at Harvey has decided for a second at 58 Jefferson St. in the administration building.

No news from Painesville Police Department the finest in the land. Plus they carry guns, Taser's and can cost you mucho dinero if they write you a ticket, Senor!

Antique Telephone & Telegraph plan on moving into the old CORE building AT&T plans to assembly rotary phones on site.

Longtime Painesville resident Tony Torre has been awarded a Cicken Tire franchise  to be located somewhere on High Point Centre.

Viewing law director Gurley at council meetings at times he appears to be tortured by the proceedings? Well Joe, that's why you make the big bucks!

A new enterprise is opening  near 700 Main St. Downtown Painesville.  Between 7:00 AM and 1:00 PM a cupcake store called Hostess will sell its delicious  cupcakes. After 2:00 in will revert into Painesville's newest Funeral Home. the home will hold wakes until 9:00 PM. The home will be named Historic  Dyindowntown.

Also Bob and Doris Stagger have plans to open a new drinking establishment downton called the Stagger Inn.

Our sympathy goes out to Council person Katie Jenkins, the rumor is the carriage horse might have made it's last trip around Veteran's Park. How about snowmobile rides this Christmas?

Council-President Paul Hach will win the Chili Cook-off this coming year. He will be the only one allowed to participate. Pretty much like the city bidding process?

Is there any truth that assistant city manager Doug  Lewis is going to a local shrink over guilt feeling for  receiving a check for why  he gets a  check from the city?

Reports have surfaced that Kathy Bieterman had her phone removed from her office. The constant ringing made it almost impossible to concentrate on her job in Economic Development!

Both Planning and zoning are on board with councilman DeLeone wanting to build Pyramids in town. Let's hope city planner Lynn White won't be asked anymore  stupid questions about pyramids in the near future.

Water Department head George Ginnis has decided for his better health to Jog to and from work daily. George any thoughts of moving into Randy's new development?

Since the Water Department has started "laying pipe" for our residents thought are high to extend the pipe to Ontario Canada so as Painesville water customer's can have clean Canadian water.

Council secretary Tara Grimm seems to spend an unordinary amount of  time in  a certain department at Giant Eagle shu! it rhymes with fine!? What's that all about? Channel 12 pressure?

Speaking of Channel 12 soon it will be viewable on one of the ESPN channels. their good sports.

It is being reported on a sport blog. That a Lake Erie Storm player will be The first -round pick of our beloved Cleveland Browns in the upcoming NFL draft. No use having suspense with that pick is there? Actually might even work out better for the team?

Just a quick question, but does finance director Andy Unetic ever smile? Is it him or just knowing what's on the city books?

AMTRAK plans to build a station behind Heisley Park called Carson Jct. to service the westbound Lakeshore Limited at 4:30 am and the eastbound Lakeshore Limited at 5:15 am . The resident's general interest in trains seemed to have fueled the location of this project . Thank you Congressman Joyce for the funding. Traveler's please feel free to park in our city manager's driveway.

Judge Cicconetti seems to have grown tired of Painesville Councilman Mike DeLeone constantly asking "how you feeling today, Judge?"

Painesville PD  claim a 'Rail' was found outside a certain former city manager's house. For what purpose nothing was mentioned?

Even in Florida at a College Baseball game former council-president Hada get's questioned about knowing Andy Flock? What a small world Huh?

Who have I missed? Councilman Fodor. I got nothing! not even a process? Sorry Jim

Wonder if council ever gave any thought to Unincorporate  the City of Pain?

Long time city resident Angelo Cimaglio has been given a plaque honoring him as
 'Painesville's Most Beloved City Resident" beating out newbie Ray Sternot.

That's all we have from the PISS meeting enjoy! TODAY April 1,2016

Drumpf not a conservative republican? I beg to differ!

Seems he's on the same page of denial as Nixon and his Watergate henchmen

Or Reagan with Iran-Contra and Oliver North.

Monday, March 28, 2016

"FREE BIRD" lynyrd skynyrd

If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?

Well I ain't leavin'

But after eight years I  have watched and tried to stop not only the failed AMP-OHIO Meigs County deal that cost Painesville 2.1 million dollars, the Prairie State project that cost Painesville double the price of electric power we get from there. Keeping a power plant staffed without producing power or a check to prove it is viable.

The hospital site, when I begged the state to look for a new occupant like the VA? The former CM told them time was important to move forward quickly with the demolishment  there were already plans for that site and the developer wanted to move forward as soon as possible? What developer?

Main Street Streetscape? What a total waste of a grant as well as general fund resources. You know why I believe I'm right? No one asked or wanted a ribbon cutting ceremony, Why? Well who did it benefit?

This Senior Center fiasco. Really the YMCA? that's a solution or a way to kill off the center? I wondered why the school board at that time didn't save State St. School for HeadStart and use Cedarbrook School as the new senior center? Selling the property on the Square. But they sold it to the county for what $275,000? Why not see if the county would have used eminent domain to acquire the property? Bet they would either still have their center or more money?

The beat goes on and on around here.

So in my wisdom where have I decided to make my stand? On Garbage, yes garbage everyone's an expert on garbage. I expect to put up a battle with the City of Painesville over garbage!

Where to start? Well the city mandates every house in Painesville must have rubbish collection.

The city also mandates they will find the hauler who best serves the resident's of Painesville looking around they pretty much have failed admirably  on that point.

Who on council sat in on this contract? Why no city resident's for input? Why NOT!

The city's position is really to find the best hauler for the administration.

On our current contract all Painesville facilities receive 'FREE' trash and recycling pick-up. As we all know there is no free anything their cost of pick-up goes into resident's quarterly costs. What's the big deal the resident's would pay the cost anyway. Right but just maybe the city would be more vigilant on what the cost's were? Also maybe they would watch move closely of out of town city employees who use those containers to save themselves money?

Why does the city believe they are a collection agency for Waste Management? Isn't that poor use of a city employee's labor?

That $48,000 for the fourth year contract extension and another $48,000 for the fifth year contract extension. $96,000 total, that now they call a franchise fee? Where and what was the franchise fee in the first three years of the contract? Where was Franchise Fee mentioned in the city ordinance? Who on council even knew of this arraignment we should all ask them?

Plain and simple it was a KICKBACK ! and I beg them to prove me wrong.

Well it went into the general fund didn't it? Yes that just makes it an UNVOTED ON TAX, plain and simple.

Just think if this deal was exposed, what other deals are out there?

No in my strange wisdom I decided to battle on GARBAGE!

Can't take the13 year-old antics on this election cycle? Look it will be Hillary against whomever the GOP establishment chooses in Cleveland period, Primary's are just for show!

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Easter represents a new beginning. For Christians it celebrates our Saviors death and sitting with his Father in Heaven.

It also symbolizes Spring. New growth  and another time of challenge.

This year seems more difficult then most but then again "In God We Trust"

I heard something very profound this week;

Let your smile change the world,

Don't let the world change your smile.       Keep that in your thoughts!

"YAKETY YAK" coasters

Take out the papers and the trash
Or you don't get no spendin' cash

Our future Refuse contract came up in today's Saturday March 26, 2016 News- Herald.
By Tawana Roberts

Here are a few excerpts

"At this time we don't have anything finalized, so no one has bid," Carson said. "This is a long, tedious process."

He explained that Painesville residents dispose of a greater volume of trash than neighboring communities, which causes the prices to be higher. Another factor that increases the rate is that Painesville residents have higher bill delinquencies.

As resident Ray Sternot questioned , where is the data? Where is the proof? Now the city manager now claims he has the proof. So please share it with council and the rest of us?

Interesting thought our city manager claims that many here in town are well, deadbeats? Then last year when I brought up the $48,000 a year for 2014 and another 2015 they seem to believe this is a "franchise fee" that went into the general fund. I wonder how many council people were even aware of this? Look call it what you want franchise fee, kickback, or payola.  The resident's of Painesville paid for it, period. It was simply a tax! Waste Management didn't do this out of the goodness of their hearts! Well we know about a fee to tow vehicles in the City of Painesville. So is anyone else? President of council Paul Hach Jr. father who owns  Hach Excavation does many projects in the city, does he pay a fee? I myself don't believe so, but without the transparency who is above suspicion? Another excellent reason for Ohio Checkbook. Who presently I believe the administration will have no need to join.

Why were all bid competitors in one room to discuss a bid construction? Better question why were there no council people or even a few residents in the room to see how the sausage was being made? Transparency AGAIN!

Look a $5.00 saving on a seven year contract would save a resident $140.00 over the life of the contract, so little money can become big money.

But it's only money?  Council sent 2.1 million dollars to AMP-OHIO so what's the big deal with $96,000?

Rapidly I am losing faith in the administration as well as council. I don't see anyone on council stepping up and saying "wait a minute." Also I am losing faith in the resident's that call Painesville home for their don't give a S#@t attitude.

I'm getting quite a charge how influential Republicans are I guess endorsing Ted Cruz or Donald Drumpf for President. Holding their nose with such conviction!

If the President's smart he will extend his foreign visits. No reason to get Michelle in the battle of dragging wives through the mud!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"I SAW IT ON TV" john fogerty

We gather round to hear the sound coming on the little screen

Monday's council meeting highlights.

Councilwoman Jenkins brought up channel 12. After a long discussion where nothing was resolved it became clear that Channel 12 has only a one and a half, two year life left to it. It is no longer supported by the cable company and the equipment is old and with lousy sound ,the big black square is signaling the end. Now if you are coming here you can also go to the city website and view council meetings at your convenience. But what about some of the people without computers? I guess they will be left in the dark?

As someone mentioned on this site. No Tom Fitzgerald or Lorrie DiNallo, both were excused by council.

The council renewed the application for farmland on Oak St.

Maplewood Basin resolution passed.

Also left on first reading Cashen Ready Mix is looking for a variance to build a  Cement batching plant on W. Prospect St.  sounds very promising.

Thomas V. Rapini who owns the property on Oak St. informed council that his home in Mentor serviced by First Energy has Net Energy Metering. This means he uses the power from his solar panels and any excess flows to FE and he uses it later or receives a credit for it. He wondered where Painesville was on solar energy and net metering? I can't remember when but I remember quite a while ago at AMP-OHIO request that Painesville would pass an ordinance to not allow this net metering? I am presently  looking for the paperwork.

Ray Sternot brought up the refuse contract and questioned not only the method but also the information they were receiving from the haulers. Seems a lot of information with very little proof?
 Ray also brought up the infamous $96,000 to the delight of everyone at the front table.

I questioned 955.18 where both the city manager as well as the law director believe that leaf pick-up can become the responsibility of city residents at the resident's expense. I asked if we are freeing up workers what new benefit can we expect? City manager Carson said that city workers can now be better utilized to repair streets.

I proceeded to ask where the city presently was with Checkbook Ohio? Finance director claimed he was looking into all the legalities of the program and soon make a presentation to council. It sure would be nice to see the cost of those sidewalks downtown?

I brought up the Painesville Senior Center and I was corrected. The city only provides the Senior Center with $25,000 annually and not $1,400 but only $1,200 a month. They seemed to no little more of the arrangement with the YMCA than the rest of us. Mr. Carson will see if someone on the Senior Board can come to the next meeting and explain what is in the future for the Senior Center. See let me explain in day's long passed the city contributed $18,000 to the Senior Center. The center came before council and asked for $7,000 more to replace windows at the center? Well council approved it and from that day forward it was a $25,000 expense,

There is still some opportunities for qualified residents to receive house painting. The reroofing is full up. Call Community Development for more information.

By now we have all heard about the terror attack in Brussels. For the life of me the Republican candidate's for President want our President to come home? Why, what can he do in the oval office that he can't do by phone or a video conference? If this was Boston I would agree but it's not. What these candidates are telling me is they can't chew gum and walk at the same time? Pure politics nothing else. I am sure Belgium can get any assistance from the U.S. they need no matter where the President happens to be.

Monday, March 21, 2016


Well it's seems something moved into Downtown?

Anybody know what the situation with the Bed Bug infestation at Washington Square? And why the
Health Department can't help?

Update; over the weekend I heard from Paul Hach and Jim Fodor  that's three counting Lori DiNallo
about my question on the Refuse contract

And say your life is through

Listen a minute what I'm telling you

Peabody Energy

Talk about being left holding the bag!

The world's largest private sector coal producer is saying they may go out of business.

Peabody Energy employs 7,600 people.

Peabody reported a loss of $2 billion last year following a $787 million loss the previous year.

Shares of Peabody, which had already plunged 98% in the past two years, tumbled nearly 50% in trading on Wednesday.

To all you 'clean coal' lover's you can presently buy a  share of Peabody Energy for $2.33 a share.

The top three coal companies in the U.S. mine the majority of their coal, as much as 88 percent of their total production, from land owned  and leased by the U.S. Federal Government.  This on top of the Federal Government has provided the coal industry with more than $70 Billion in tax breaks and subsides since 1950.

The death of coal? Well not for some time presently around 30 % of our power presently is generated from coal. But honestly the truth is in front of all of us.

The last ten month's have been the hottest in recorded history. February was the hottest ever February in recorded history.  Climate change? Are we exasperating the cause of this change?

Now the lover's of coal will blame the EPA, President Obama for the over regulated coal industries. Least we all know fracking natural gas was the sword that killed coal. What do some suggest? We stop fracking and go back to more expensive and dirtier coal. Think about it! At the same time we will hear about all the employee's of the drilling companies without jobs, who have families to feed? One this you can count on is that neither the coal companies nor the drilling companies' will keep there laborer's around "just in case." Wonder if Peabody has Recreation or Cemeteries that need work?

Ever wonder how a Painesville City employee feels riding a lawnmower and getting paid $17.00 an hour looking across the cemetery and watching a power plant employee riding the same lawnmower making $30.00+?

At the same time a Painesville taxpayer must wonder why they are paying the salary of over $30.00 to cut grass?

Wonder how this will affect the fine City of Painesville? What I'm looking forward to is the first Painesville resident who installs solar panels on there roof.

Offhand I don't believe the people in charge  at that time gave any consideration of what the final outcome of Prairie State would be? Legacy costs? What's that?

This could be the biggest election turnout in our country ever!

The problem might be the turnout would be caused by people voting against Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump!

Don't care what anyone says both are flawed candidates.

On another front could either Party pick worse chairmen? Reince Priebus and Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Talk about two people way out of their league. What leadership!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

" Y.M.C.A. village people

I said young man, there's a place you can go.
I said young man, when your short of some dough

Found this yesterday in a headline from the News-Herald


Senior Center looks to join YMCA

Relocation plans would have center setting up shop at Central Branch
By Tawana Roberts

A consultant and design firm, Risinger and Associates was hired to help the organization understand their relocation options. And a presentation and discussion was led by consultant Ben Fierman who is responsible for strategic planning and collaborative development.
A panel of local officials, including the Painesville Senior Center Board, Painesville Senior Center Director Denise Powell, Lake County Administrator Jason Boyd, several Painesville City Council members, former city manager Rita McMahon and YMCA Chief Operations Officer Bob Diak were present for questions.

So in the end the solution is to join with the YMCA?

Well senior's questioned building space as well as parking spaces for their group? Trust me the lot's pretty much constantly full as well as entering and exiting the Y can be challenging.

Is this what our local seniors even wanted? Then again, in away it might be a good idea to associate with the younger generations?

Is the building conducive for senior's to get around in? Is it handicapped friendly?

Community members asked questions like: what will happen to the thrift shop as well as the beauty salon?

Relocate those services at the Muni Light Plant? Makes about as much sense.

Just so all of you are aware there was a County Senior levy that passed as well as the sale of the of their present location for $275,000. The city of Painesville also kicks in another $25,000 a year and starting this April another $1,200. on top of that? I guess with in a thousand word article not a mention of money came up?

How much was Risinger and Associates paid for their consultation? Off hand anything over $5.00 seems like a waste. This plan doesn't seem to be a workable solution for the center as well as the YMCA ? Was it this or the Morse Ave. Community Center?

How much will the Senior Center Board pay the YMCA?

Is there a legal contract involved?

I guess the Senior's had better keep a watchful eye on the checkbook?

Is this the final spot for Painesville Senior Center?

Best guess many present and new member's might choose Fairport Senior Center.

It always makes me very suspicious when money for an undertaking such as this isn't even mentioned by either party?

Will the senior Board look into a future site, or is this it?

Look no problem with attending the Y but this idea just seems well, Goofy?

Is the eligibility of Ted Cruz to become President settled law?

Under Article II Clause V of the United States Constitution?

Seems Ted who was born in Canada  to supposedly an United States citizen mother and a Cuban national father? Seems at the time of Ted's birth his mother was a registered Canadian who had voted in the previous election? Can someone explain this to me?

Saturday, March 19, 2016

RAMBLIN' MAN allman brothers band

Lord, I was born a ramblin' man
Tryin' to make a livin' and doin' the best I can

Even daughters!

As a parent you never really stop looking at your children as well children. They can join the Military, Peace Corp, Whatever they will always be your kid!

Now my oldest daughter I can assure you was never a problem growing up high school, college and although never embracing sports in  her younger years today it at the gym in the morning and at Progressive Field or the Q go figure?

Well she is presently a vice-president in a company I have no idea what she or they do? Jamie's husband is a successful attorney and a partner in a Cleveland law firm.

We talk or text daily a couple of weeks ago Jamie claimed she need a break and so did her husband Todd. They mentioned a short week in Cancun to revitalize ? Said she would keep me informed.

When in Cancun the two decided they needed an adventure. So off to a Mexican Airline and  flew non-stop to Havana, Cuba. That's not the end of their adventure. Instead of getting a suite at a Havana hotel they decided to stay at a sort of bed and breakfast in a village outside of town. They wanted a feel of the people as well as the country. Everything is cash with a 10% surcharge. No ATM, no Visa, no MasterCard just cash. To get into Cuba all you need is a $25.00 Visa they didn't even stamp their passports?

As they drove from the airport billboards of Fidel and even the Ayatollah were present. A very uncomfortably setting.

She told me of all the people  they encountered, all were friendly and warm. Zero animosity towards American's. As news spread in the village that two American's were staying nearby villager's came to see for themselves. My daughter explained of an old woman in her mid-eighty's who cried as she touched her hand. In Spanish she claimed that she thought she would never see another American in her life! Children viewed them as from a fantasy story.

I asked what life was like for them? Well they are the poorest of the poor, do they have TV's I asked? TV's they don't even have electricity. As we all know President Obama will make a visit to Cuba next week to open up doors that have been closed for over 50 years. As Jamie reflected the U.S. embargo only hurt the little people and in a strange way made the Castro's even more powerful.

Look I know the reason for the embargo in the first place but long enough is long enough. Our country has opened relationships with Viet Nam and yet this still goes on in Cuba. The Castro's can't live forever and it's time to let our neighbor to the south be recognized.

As for the silence from my daughter for four days (no cell phone service in Cuba) it may be time to have another sit-down talk! Although I will hear Dad you always told me to find out for myself!

What you can look forward too!
"You know it doesn't matter what the media writes as long as you've got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass." Drumpf

" The beauty of me is that I'm very rich" Drumpf

"I've said if Ivanka weren't my daughter perhaps I'd be dating her" Drumpf

"My IQ is one of the highest and you all know it! Please don't feel so stupid or insecure; it's not your fault." Drumpf

Friday, March 18, 2016

"SOUNDS OF SLIENCE" simon & grafunkel

I've come to talk with you again
Left the seeds while I was sleeping

As you know I have been in a discussion with council as well as the administration on the upcoming Refuse Contract.

I sent this email to all seven council people ......  

I presented ordinance 955.18 at Monday March 7,2016 council meeting. Now the way I read the part of the ordinance was that the city was responsible for leaves as well as other yard wastes.
Now I realize Mr. Carson is attempting to find the best refuse contract for our resident's but do you believe adding more city services to the contract is the right way to go? As all of you are aware the city has always collected leaves in the autumn past why are we changing this now? Is this under your direction?

Both Mr. Carson as well as Mr. Gurley see this ordinance as stating the city can contract this service out at resident's expense. Sorry, I disagree. As you already see Painesville is already paying a premium for rubbish disposal. I honestly don't believe the city is acting in the best interests of our resident's.

I will be looking for your responses, and hope this can be worked out.

Thanking You Angelo Cimaglio


This email went out 7 days ago.

I also know of another resident questioning the city as well as council about the claim of our high delinquency rate? What proof is there? Is it  getting worse or better?

Now it has been a week and as of today only council woman  Lori DiNallo has even responded.

Look you only get three minutes to address council, so all I ask is this contract at their direction?
As council for the most part just stares at you? What does that mean? Are they have they given any direction to the city manager? If not why not?

Truthfully the silence speaks louder then an answer. Or maybe they don't know or worse yet don't care?

I guess it could be worse? I might get a reply such as; Thank-you for your concern, let me assure you the city as well as the administration is doing what's in the best interest of resident's. Thank-you for informing me of your concern.

You have to wonder who will be Drumpf's running mate? The other Drumpf? There are two you know and he talks to him quite a bit!

Anyone remember the Simpson episode from back in 2000 where Bart's sister Lisa became the first female president after President Drumpf had screwed up the country? 

"A woman  who is very flat-chested is very hard to be a "10" quote Donald Drumpf

Thursday, March 17, 2016

"AIN'T THAT PECULIAR" marvin gaye

Ain't that peculiar
A peculiar ality

Story found in the March 16, 2016 Cleveland Plain Dealer;

Lake County commissioner candidate sues county Republican Party officials over fraudulent emails
By Eric Heisig

PAINESVILLE,- A candidate for the Lake County Board of Commissioners who lost in Tuesday night's primary election filed a lawsuit last week against several county Republican Party officials, saying they defamed her as she ran for office.

Kimberly Laurie,35, of Willoughby says that at least one person set up a fake email address and sent messages using her name, according to the lawsuit filed in Lake County Pleas Court.

The lawsuit names officials Janet Clair, Dale Fellows, Amy Sabath, Jason Wuliger, Sue Betteley, and David Vitaz as defendants. The suit also refers to "John Doe" or "Jane Doe" as the person or people who sent the emails.

Read the rest of the story at Cleveland .com

Now what's this all about?

First I know Jan Clair and I don't see her involved in any of these shenanigans as she has an outstanding reputation. I do know that someone else mentioned  is very computer savvy.

You might expect other candidates using dirty tricks on one another but a county political Party?

When the Tea Party first came into existence the GOP welcomed them with open arms. A votes a vote as they say.
That was fine until the Tea Party wanted to promote certain candidates such as Laurel and Lynch. Look we will pick the candidates you sit over there in the corner and come to the table to vote every two years when we ask you. That  pretty much sums it up.

Oh, the Dem's are just as bad. If that old man that feels the Bern  presently had 1,500 delegates you would see a different Party. They also unrealistically for some reason believe the Black voters won't wander?

Character assassination by a local Party? The shame as if finding out gambling took place in a Casino!

We are seeing a major change in American politics. The information age as well as self-funding and Super Paks are making political Party's pretty much useless. We are a society that no longer listens to precinct chairmen and party leaders.

See the one thing they both might have forgotten or at least didn't realize is that for the most part we are Americans first and Party loyalty a very distant second. When a Republican like Josh Mandel comes up with an idea like Ohio Checkbook it should be embraced by everyone not ignored because the other side thought of it.  I listened to a Republican senator explain the Supreme Court nomination process and mentioned "well what comes around goes around" Tell me how successful was that policy for the Dem's? People simply  want all of you to put the country first and get things done.

We talk about a "Big Tent" who knows maybe in twenty years or so there might be ten official Party's and coalitions  might have to form?

Neither Party should in any way get involved in primary elections . An endorsement is plenty enough.

To those of you who would wish that Governor John Kasich would dropout of the election. Think about this according to Ohio Republican rules by dropping out his 66 delegates would add to Trump's total.
Congratulation's to William Horvath and Joseph Hada Jr. for being elected precinct chairmen

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

"SOMETHINGTO BE PROUD OF" montgomery gentry

That's a chin held high as the tears fall down

I can't explain how proud I am of the voter's in Lake County as well as the state of Ohio. Last night's primary results I viewed as a blessing!

I have to quit listening to some of you who comment here. Yes, you had me convinced that Trump would win Ohio. What I missed was that this state has many adult ":well educated" voter's  in it.

You convinced me that the Democratic cross over voter's were all voting Trump? I believe just the opposite happened. Kasich even proposed amnesty and still he s  won? Maybe there are just louder voices on the other side?

I will admit Trump is different. His press conferences turn into infomercials. Charging big bucks for a $7.00 bottle of wine. Ever see the price of his steaks? Let alone where you can purchase them?

Trump is a builder, of what? Golden Towers, Casino's as well as numerous golf courses. Many venues that his average "poorly educated" voter's will never have the chance to enjoy. Never mind his eminent domain issue  and hiring of foreign worker's.

Can Canadian Ted Cruz catch him? Will the establishment derail him at the convention? Myself even if Trump doesn't secure the 1237 delegates you have to include his total overall number of votes.

On the local front it seems there must have been a backlash against the Liberty Coalition? What will they do? Stay home in November and not vote for Trump, Portman, Joyce or Cirino ? Quite simply the local Republican Party castrated the Liberty Coalition last night. Me mad? Not at you, but at myself for believing what you were  pushing. Will the purist's among you stay pure?
One lesson you could learn from Bernie Sanders, Ask for a whole loaf, settle for a half loaf and go back again for another slice.

The Republican's take no prisoner's policy of "Snatching Defeat from the jaws of Victory!" is at work again.

FOXNEWS scheduled a debate for next week in Utah. Trump ain't going and either is Kasich, Wonder what Cruz will do that night? Trump's wise enough to play freeze the ball.

No wise remarks today I'll give you a day to lick your wounds and come up with ways that I am wrong!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016



Baby what a big surprise
Right before my very eyes

Before I get into the school board meeting let me tell you about the presentation to the meeting.

The topic  (Writers of the week ) Winners

It must be nerve racking for some of the younger students to publicly do this but they came through with flying color's

Natalie Boskovic Maple 5th  essay Stuck in the game
Joe Newton  Harvey 11th, Craaaaaah People Crasssssssh People
Javier Lazaro Medina 3rd    essay The Wolf and the Cheetah
Elizabeth Kelly 6th  essay The fight of the Brothers
Everett Walker Harvey 11th speech The importance of Family

Everett Walker 's speech seemed to mesmerize  the audience. If you have the opportunity to view it on the school channel please do so. It was a well thought out speech and this is one young man who get's it. Both of his parents can be very proud of the job they did raising this young man. I see a very bright future for this young man.

A special presentation to Chestnut student Owen Updike for being district spelling champion. ( I could use that kid)

I questioned the administration on where they were presently  on a SRO for Heritage Middle? I brought up the school story on the website the positive influence that Officer Ponder had on student's lives at Harvey. I believe starting this program in the middle school could expose student's to the duties and responsibilities of a police officer at an earlier age and better dialogue as they go through life. What makes Officer Ponder successful is that everyone is treated the same. Not all life lessons can be learned from a Chromebook . I guess the wheel's move slowly? I'm not going away.

I also explained my reason for Ohio Checkbook to be used in our district. One thing in local government I  keep hearing is "Transparency" I mentioned that I believed there were less then a 100 people in town that knew what a new school bus costs, and it might be eye-opening to resident's when you ask them for a levy.

Board President Charles Tackett thanked be for bringing it up and he himself was thinking about bringing this subject up with  the rest of the board.

Cost is the only issue and  Treasurer Mrs. Sherri Samac said that all the information is out there and putting it on the state site could be accomplished.

Please if you haven't already go out and vote. It makes no matter to me who you vote for, but remember if you don't vote you shouldn't b#^@ch!

I will tell you one thing this is the strangest election year I have witnessed.

Monday, March 14, 2016


And give  iem a double 'elping of
rules and regulation

Another visitor at last Monday's council meeting was well we will just call him D.W.

As he came forward to the podium he smiled and stated he knew some at the front table.
He questioned the Painesville utilities especially the electric department. Now as I listened D.W. had done his homework. He first was under the impression that the utilities were under PUCO regulation, but he had learned before hand that Painesville being a Municipal utility had no oversight.

D.W. was under the impression that power could not be cut between November to April if you filed the correct paperwork?

Well D.W. electric power was cut off. Problem was his son who was sick needed electric power. Due to a medical device.

The question We all should  be asking council is what exactly is the procedure for shut-offs? Do they somewhat mirror PUCO regulations? Do they give a 24/48 hour notice? Can the person shutting off power accept a payment? Or is all rules at the wishes of the city manager and or finance director? Is there even written rules?
D.W. claimed he didn't understand the "power factor?" well D.W. join 19,000 other people and I for one have had it explained at least four times? Before you call me stupid, explain it in a thousand words or less what it is as well as it's purpose?

D.W.  also questioned why his grandmothers water bills have doubled?

Is there a time or dollar amount for a shutoff? Now I have heard rumor's that there are some in the city with utility bills in excess of $25,000 (remember CORE?) also another good reason for Ohio Checkbook.
I guess we should ask?

D.W. said he wanted to have good relationship with the council as well as the administration? I explained you get two try's to address problems in the city. The third time is strike three your done!

On another note as I sat at the Housing Task Force Meeting I listened to former City Engineer Gary Paine explain the sidewalk issue. What I learned was in not the so distant past a civil servant cared more about the resident's than an administration directive. No matter which way the conversation headed he always seemed to focus on what was best for residents. How refreshing.

Tomorrow's results?

Drumpf takes both Ohio and Florida and clear sailing to the convention. Kasich just makes to much sense for Republican's this year. They don't want a President, they want a big mouth  Teamster Business Agent. Please prove me wrong!

Just Dave will represent  the 14th again. Those Lynch ads were funny!

I see Kim being the Republican standard bearer  for commissioner with little or no help from the Lake County Republican Party.

John Murphy in a landslide!

March Madness!  Let me know your final FOUR
Kansas, Oklahoma, Xavier and Michigan State are mine

Saturday, March 12, 2016

'BEFORE THE DELUGE" jackson browne

Some of them were dreamers
And some of them were fools

Last Friday when I posted "Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show" never realizing that Chicago would provide a trailer to what Cleveland might look like in July? You have to wonder who plan's these events? St. Louis check. Chicago check. Cleveland?

My best guess is in some room at Cleveland City Hall that old line from the movie Jaws is being heard? We need a bigger boat!

Donald Trump has the right to free speech as we all do. Disrupting has rally last night might have seemed like a victory to some , but what did we really win? More of the same.

First Mr. Trump can't bring the wood, gasoline and matches and then claim he had nothing to do with the bonfire? All words and deeds have consequences. First off what you witnessed last night was not a riot possibly  just a skirmish. I am afraid it will only result in more violence from both sides.

I have listened for close to eight years how President Obama has divided us. Well Mr. Trump has been able to warp speed us more in less then eight months. As they looked around on who caused the protest, Black lives Matter, Occupy, Move On, Muslim's, Mexicans who hasn't he insulted? I was waiting to hear that the Pope as well as the  Holy Name Society was to blame.

Look we get into politics quite often here but for my part I would never think to get violent with someone who disagrees with me, but that's me. Walk away

What was the tipping point? I believe it was Thursday night when that 78 year-old man sucker punched that protester as he was being lead out of the rally. He gets hit and he is dragged by law enforcement to the ground. When I first witnessed that I could swear I heard from far away "Aw, Hell no!" then when arrested the old man made the claim he might have been ISIS? Next time maybe we kill him?

Trump is a novice at all this and unless he can  quit  flying by the seat of his pants and surrounds himself with knowledgeable people he will listen to, Cleveland will be a battlefield in July and the first victim will be Trump's  campaign.

The man want's to be our leader show us your leadership qualities remember that can't be something you can negotiate!

Interesting it took FOXNEWS less then five minutes to blame President Obama

As I watched the funeral of Nancy Reagan I though how glad I was she didn't witness all this. She is forever blessed in a place with here soul mate. Have we somehow reached the end of the Reagan legacy?

Friday, March 11, 2016


And give me something to believe in

If you caught yesterday's News-Herald you might have read the story about the new Mentor-on-the Lake council overriding Mayor David Eva's veto of joining Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandell Ohio Checkbook program. He along with the city finance director Kip Molenaar  opposed joining for it being a "big waste of money" as well as the Mayor's claim that "we do more with less here in Mentor-on-the- Lake.

Seems somewhat odd any public entity would oppose this?

I suggested month's ago for Painesville City Council inquire about this program and their claim was they were "looking into it" Along with their concern's on the cost of the program. As I looked into the program the State of Ohio charges Zero to join this on-line service and the only cost would be for the city to input the data. Extra time now that the leaf program has gone by the wayside? Along with stories of electric plant worker's (not line worker's) collecting overtime doing some city labor?

This on line service would let us see what Painesville spends from outside legal aid (Buckingham Doolittle and Burroughs) made a ton of money off this city a decade ago. The price of a pick-up truck or police car compared to what other communities pay? Heck we can even compare surveying prices between different communities.

You send a city official to a conference and you can see where they stayed at a Trump Resort or a Holiday Inn.

Everything would be transparent everything. Now why wouldn't a public entity want this?

I will suggest at Painesville Board of Education Meeting Monday they also join Ohio Checkbook. Just like our neighbors to the west did. Mentor Public Schools.

Now remember we live in a community that brags about the awards they receive in city finances, well show it all to us!

I'll go out on a limb here but it's a pretty good bet Painesville City as well as our School System will be the last around or ever it they ever even  join this program. You want to know why? It's a proven fact no one cares where and what for the money goes around here. Apathy has a very expensive price! Trust us!

Pretty reasonable debate last night, although Trump believed the students in Tenement Square were rioter's. Thankfully our governor set him straight.
Am I also to understand if you are being escorted out of a Trump rally you can be sucker punched and be the person arrested? Or is simply if you oppose Trump you must be an ISIS sympathizer?
And in closing if a candidate calls you  "Pathological' like a child molester you join his campaign?  This is starting to look more like a mob than a movement. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

"TRASH' alice cooper

"turn to trash, trash yeah!"

Our second installment on the Refuse Contract.

Six companies showed interest with only one bailing out presently.

Seems the reason for our high charges on refuse is due to three items;

High delinquency. Seems Painesville residents don't pay their bills? So if you pay your bill's faithfully you are being punished by those who don't.  More on this later

Amount of trash Painesville resident's put out 40 lbs. of trash a week compared to the county average of 28 lbs.

One thing no one mentions is how close the homes in town are to each other? Seems you can do a neighborhood a lot faster then say in Mentor? Does that somewhere figure into the contract?

Length of contract. Seems haulers want a seven year contract with only two levels of service.

Me I don't want anymore $96,000.00 donations to our general fund.

Now back to delinquency's when a council person asked what was Painesville's delinquency average compared to other communities. The administration claimed that was a "trade secret?" So we really can't even verify this fact. Thinking back Painesville's 40 lb. average compared to 28 lbs. for the average seems more of a "trade secret" yet they openly tell us this fact?
Two level's of service bag and one tote and bulk collection once a month? You want two totes you pay extra for the second one. I see many problems with this garbage sitting on the curb for three weeks maybe, and in the end will there be less to pick-up over the course of a month?

I have always believed that many seniors and people that live alone the bag service may be the best alternative to unlimited or even a tote. How many of us use two totes a week? Well your paying for two.

7 year contract? If we know the exact cost for all seven years it's something to look into, but if the years are just estimate's no way.

As far as delinquent collections how many and how hard do companies like Waste Management after delinquency's ? If you don't pay your bill the city could fine you under the ordinance.

And in finishing I do not see the city as honest brokers in finding us and getting the best contract. That said I expect them to rollout this contract and the apathy and could care less attitude to resident's  around here will let the city do as it always pleases. Then wonder how we got here?

On another note when power was cut to our bustling downtown as well as far away as Prouty Road I bet Tony Torre $5.00 it was due to another Kamikaze squirrel or groundhog. Now Mr. McHugh claimed it was a tripped circuit underground near the library and power was restored in less than three hours. Enjoy Tony you win again.

When the subject came up about "cold patching" streets the explanation as to the why's and how's left me with why waste your time and our money?        

Onward to the Housing Task Force Meeting

I listen and I hear but I just can't wrap my arms around an "unoccupied" and/or "vacant"{ house is in violation of city code? Now I'm not talking about derelict or abandoned houses. I am talking about property owned by someone who maintains it, pays property taxes as well as all utilities. To homes come to mind one on Fern Ave. and Another on Miller Ct. The one on Miller Ct. was vacant for thirty years was maintained and not a nuisance to anyone? The one on Fern Dr. was owned by an elderly WWII veteran who lived in Mentor kept the property up and maintained and still got hit with a $3000.00 fine? A representative from the local Real Estate Association  Christine Pappas answered questions and listening to her we make it very inconvenient to buy or sell property in Painesville. More in an upcoming meeting.

Sidewalk enforcement. The sidewalk enforcement ordinance was suspended in 2009. Well it's making a comeback. First with homes up for sale and expanding into neighborhoods. If you own a corner lot? Good luck!  The city is trying to find ways to help resident's fund these improvement. Former city engineer Gary Paine explained how it was done back in the day. It would be wise to use his suggestions.
Nothing settled but another meeting on April 12, 2016

Can we all say "Heil Drumpf!" the nightmare seems to be on the way!
Change military law
Change the first amendment wonder where we're heading!
Can Urban Meyers change things?
If not go out and purchase a brown shirt ,...just to be on the safe side.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

"AUTUMN LEAVES" nat king cole

The falling leaves Drift by the window

The autumn leaves of red and gold


As we were informed at the last council meeting the city administration has decided to no longer pick-up the autumn leaves due to a problem with a truck? This service will now be included in the price you pay for the rubbish pick-up?
Now I didn't think this city  ala carte list was kosher. For as long as I can remember leaves in 2015, 2005, 1999, 1984 and 1971 were the city responsibility. Something we paid for in our property and/or income tax?

Read this carefully and see if you come to the same conclusion that I did.

955.18 Yard Waste

The city shall itself or by contract, provide for the collection and disposal of leaves, brush and tree branches less than four inches in diameter and forty-eight inches in length and holiday trees on specified days in the manner designated by the Director.

Ord. 8-99
Passed 06/21/99
Ord. 24.07
Passed 12/03/07

My contention is that nowhere in the 955 rubbish ordinance the city included leaves .brush in the ordinance? It has been the responsibility of the city for years., and reading this with the word "itself" and the proceeding coma falls not under resident responsibility but the city.
Is this another case of the city wanting to provide less services and collecting the same amount of  tax money?

Look the ordinance gives the city the right to contract rubbish pick-up from resident's nothing else!

When I asked Law Director Joseph Gurley all he stated was "he would look into it."

Well council can if they wish amend the ordinance by vote letting resident's know this is another item they can pay for. My hope is the word brush, as well as yard waste, and leaves do not become part of the next contract scam by a refuse company and the city.

The city's obligation is to find the best contract for resident's NOT to enrich  themselves!

What  next put snowplows on the front of the garbage trucks and add street snowplowing to your rubbish contract?


City decides to "lay more pipe on to Painesville resident's"

One thing you can always count on in Painesville are very poor estimations!

Now remember that $8.00 surcharge on your monthly water bill? Well that brings in $1,200,000.00 into the water department yearly. AS it was explained at a council meeting the city was going to spend $10,000,000.00 on a new water line and crib interest-free out into Lake Erie. The financing would work kind of like this $600,000.00 a year to pay for the line and $600,000.00 to repair waterlines in our water district area. Well the estimates are not coming in anywhere close to 10 million closer to 16 million. You guessed it,  throws a monkey wrench into the formula. maybe $900,000.00 into the water intake line and $300,000.00 into new city infrastructure. The city is looking at saving some money by making the water intake 300- 400 yards shorter. So could it had been shorter in the first place? One promise I can make you that $8.00 surcharge will never ever go away.

More rubbish tomorrow as well as Housing Task Force leave's port today at 5:00 pm!

Hey, is there another Republican debate coming up soon? I need to hear some new 'Dick' jokes. WOW Thought I'd never type those words.

In a country that prides itself on it's democratic voting policies isn't it way passed the time that we got rid of Caucuses' ? flipping coins, forcing people to drive  to another county, listening to speakers just please let people vote!
Someone if they can explain this to me. Today both Michigan and Idaho vote in primaries. Michigan has close to 10 million people living in the state with 59 delegates at stake. Idaho with a little over 1.6 million people has 32 delegates at stake. What do the potato's get a vote? Help me with the math?

Sunday, March 6, 2016

"WHO ARE YOU" the who

Who are you?
Who, who, who, who?

Well according to the Saturday  News-Herald this man is a Painesvillian?


36 YEAR-OLD Juan Manuel Razo Ramirez or what ever he's calling himself this week?

You remember the person who went on a crime spree last summer and raped, murdered one victim. Shot another in front of her children as well as an attempted rape of his niece. And probably took a few shots at Sheriff deputies also.

He was facing the death penalty? Wonder what changed everyone's mind?

The headline should have read;


This man was a ticking time bomb unleashed on out community by an Hispanic community who failed to notify authorities. Period.

Wonder what changed the Prosecutor's plea change?
It seemed like a simple open and closed case.
I myself oppose the death penalty but I don't think a kind heart had anything to do with it?
Did we want a quick ending to this before we dragged the Lake County Sheriff's Department or ICE into a courtroom? So as citizens see how inefficient we do our jobs around here?

No let's clear the docket and move on.

One thing that bothered me. When Judge John R. O'Donnell questioned Razo if he understood the charges as well as the sentencing consequences  Razo answered "A year of probation?" through his interpreter. Judge O'Donnel was correct to question that the defendant may not be ready to admit guilt.

Something tells me in a few years a defense attorney may read those court transcripts and deem that Razo deserves at least a new trial. Haste makes waste.

Back to my headline point you can't call someone a Painesville man if he isn't even a citizen of these United States. And sadly this all might have been avoided if everyone had done their jobs.

Police Chief Anthony Powalie  claims Painesville gets a bad rap. Well we get plenty of help.

Vote Trump he  is a successful businessman! That can turn this country around!
Everyone remembers the Trump Shuttle
The short lived Trump Vodka
Trump Casino's
Trump Mortgage Company (started in 2006) great timing!
Trump Steaks only available at retailer Sharper Image (whatever sense that makes?)
Trump University hope that Hispanic Judge throws the book at him!
Trump Ocean Resort ever hear of it No never built left investors holding the bag

Trump's armor might have taken a small hit yesterday. As Trump claimed Maine going to Cruz was do to the fact it is closest to Canada Cruz's nationalized country!

And in finishing I only do this Trump crap to drive people like 1:56 over the  edge!

Saturday, March 5, 2016



 I will do the best I can;

First the renaming  B.S. of  Historic Downtown Painesville will be on third reading and pass. What a surprise!

Second reading on the property located off Elm and Oak St for agriculture  (tree farm)

Put bids out for the Maplewood basin

Spend about 2 million in bonds to get the Cedarbrook basin project rolling? I only hope they haven't forgotten that March 31 deadline. Come on Mike someone need a little push!

Can't think of much more . Without viewing the agenda,

But on that note I will have a surprise for council as well as the administration during visitor time.

Great to see the Painesville Pride updated the council's picture.

Seems Trump's real name before it was Trump was  Drumpf?

My German is very poor but Doom Cough in German means "Dumb A@#! might be wrong it Drumpf
 might mean fellow with Orange face and little hands!

Trump claims he only received ONE million dollars from his father? I guess I have to ask how much did Donald inherit after his father's passing?

It must be great to be born on third base and wake up every morning believing you hit a home run!

Friday, March 4, 2016



The room get's suddenly still and you'd almost bet you could hear yourself sweat when he walks in the room.

God Bless Cleveland our big brother to the west!

Home of the Cavaliers, Indians and Browns and this years 2016 Republican Convention.

The city leaders spent much time and money to secure this Convention not only as a money maker for our economy but also to show off our great city.
I've been around here to long to question "What could go wrong?"

Me not quite impressed. This is Cleveland  "what could go wrong?"  Been around here long enough to realize if something can... it's a givin' it will.

Cleveland is a Democratic city, Cuyahoga is a Democratic County .That should mean very little in a normal election year. But then this isn't a normal election year.

The best thing Cleveland that could happen is that Trump or whoever secures their 1,237 delegates in tow with them in July. If not there  is a chance all Hell could break out.

First some history, 1968 Democratic Convention held in Chicago President Johnson had decided to not seek reelection so as the candidates then were divided into two camps, Pro Viet Nam war and Anti-Viet Nam war. The two best known anti candidates were Eugene McCarthy and the just assassinated Robert Kennedy now these two combined had won I believe 10 primary's Now then Vice-President Hubert Humphrey had avoided the primary's and low and behold we had a 'brokered' convention. The party bosses at the time were all pro Humphrey. As with all the horse trading he Humphrey became the Democratic candidate. Bedlam even fights broke out on the convention floor, that soon spilled out into the streets that were filled with ant-war demonstrator's. To claim that the Chicago police were not happy with that situation  and took matters poorly I might add into there hands.

The Party never recovered from that event that year. Many stayed home and ushered in the Presidency of Richard M. Nixon.

My thinking is that no candidate will come to Cleveland with 1,237 votes and a repeat of Chicago could be in the future.

Most of you are aware of my distain for Donald Trump, but at the same time it's wrong to take the will and choosing of a candidate out of the hands of voter's. Yes I see the commercials coming and the GOP has no one to blame for Trump but themselves. They obvious didn't see the disconnect between Washington D.C. and the rest of the country until now it seems to be to late. Let's say Trump walks into the Cleveland Convention with 999 delegate's, his closest rival with750 and after the first ballot and the delegates can change candidates and after the GOP party bosses award the nomination to not even the first two but to someone else what do you think will happen in the Street's of Cleveland?

Truthfully as I watched last nights debate even though I am a Democrat I was sadden as well as upset at the many things I listened to., maybe some of you were also?

On a different subject I watched Donald Trump double down on water boarding and yes even worse. I wrongfully assumed after he made  that statement in a previous debate, I believed someone would advise him about the Geneva Convention as well as military conduct. An American soldier cannot kill a non-combatant even if ordered to under U.S. Military Law. I guess he missed that memo? Is this what we have become?

 Four things I would do before I would cast a vote for Donald Trump

1) Drink Flint, Michigan tap water for a year
2) Drink a Bill Cosby drink
3) An elevator ride with Ray Rice
4) Give an interview to a White Supremacy Group ( Sorry, Donald Son already did that it will air Saturday!)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


And in the middle of negotiation  you break down

And in the middle of investigation I break down



Open to  discussion or modification, flexible, unsettled, undecided

So as we all understand the word meaning

The New York Times is sitting on an audio recording that some of it's staff believes could strike quite a blow to the Donald's campaign.

In an off-the-record meeting on January 5,2016 it seems that Mr. Trump claimed "everything is negotiable" including his deportation plans.

"Everything is Negotiable" Trump said Monday on FOXNEWS responding to a question about whether the report, which undermines his hardline stance on immigration was accurate?

First off it was Off-the-Record? What really is off the record when a candidate is running for President? Was he trying to get chummy with the New York Times?

Or as he secures the nomination he can then pivot to a more neutral stance on deportation?  That's something you Trumpster's have to watch and decide.

So what else is NEGOTIABLE? The  Wall, built by Mexico? Holding Ford and Carrier's feet to the fire? Or will he start eating Oreo cookie's again.

I don't know if many of you are going down the rabbit hole or taking the rosy path but something not right here. Is this a bait and switch? Read his book "The Art of the Deal ' Is it a roadmap on winning an election maybe?

Best guess? The Party Establishment will get a copy of that tape, and very soon.

Yeah, I had to try it. Burger King's Hot Dog. And yes before I received it into the microwave tray it went! Last one.
Coors Beer is being sued over their claim that Coor's Light is brewed in three other locations. Seems not all Silver Bullets are brewed in the Rockie's. So I guess Whatever your mountain climb on may not be the ones in the commercial's
Arby's Painesville on it's signage yesterday spelled Itialian this way Well in Painesville according to the Painesville Pride Winter is Witner? No big deal no one reads it.