Friday, October 30, 2015


Even through the pain and heartache, Seems to follow

Attended Andy Flocks last ever Town Hall Thursday night at Elm Elementary school.

Andy's special guest was Sandy Buchanan from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis.

Learned many interesting facts about the Prairie State Energy Campus as well as AMP-OHIO. AMP is a non-profit who doesn't share much information with anyone. I did learn the AMP-OHIO has I guess a another organization under it's wing that all AMP-OHIO employee's are paid from. Now why would they do this? Well by having this organization paying AMP-OHIO employee's they can also be apart of the government PERS retirement? Hey no one ever said they were stupid. Are they or are they not a government agency? Again it seems our "partner" takes care of themselves  pretty well. Our council has been burned by this organization so many times and is well, still in bed with them? Ever Wonder Why?



Overall the plant is not operating as had been planned. They are struggling with operational problems related to very bad coal (high ash, high chlorine, high sulfur)  that are creating serious wear on the machinery and forcing shut downs.

Management is trying to fix the problems and is considering investing in a coal preparation plant. (100 million dollars) Most coal mines wash their coal. PSEC doesn't have a water source for this presently and would likely need to build a dry prep plant that creates heavy dust and particulate matter. The issue was raised by the Sierra Club back in 2004 when they distributed research and testimony put together by the AFL-CIO and UMWA. Peabody argued then that a coal prep plant was unnecessary. While under discussion, it is currently not in the capital budget.

Here are the plant's capacity factors for 2015. The plant operated well through the summer, but some problems seem to have reemerged in early October. We must remember PSEC must operate at a 80% rate.
Jan  91%
Feb 70%
Mar 55%
Apr 52%
May 58%
Jun  95%
Jul  92%
Aug 92?
Sep estimates 86%
Oct operating difficulties forcing both units off line mid month

YTD 75%


The current levelization rate for AMP communities is about $62/ month (plus transmission and congestion costs). Market price of power averages more like $40/month.
Painesville has a take or pay contract for about 10MW of power from Prairie State.


AMP's combined Hydro plants are due to come on line beginning in fourth quarter  2015 (that's now)
The levelized price has been reported at $105/month. Painesville has a take or pay contract for approximately 5MW of the hydro power. So it begs the question if Hydro power is cost free how in the Hell did AMP-OHIO get the cost so high? Did they build the dams out of gold? Did they screw-up the construction? Best guess? They had "partners" like Painesville in a take or pay contract that comes down to who cares what it costs. AMP-OHIO never loses a dime!

Now after this election only one person on council had a vote on these faulty electric contracts. Paul Hach will he and the rest on council do anything but tell us it was a mistake? If that's the answer then the voter's made a huge mistake.

Yes we have a diverse portfolio of electric contracts all about ready to stink the city up!

With Flock gone who on council will even give a damn.


I mentioned above AMP-OHIO having a subsidy. That somehow pays AMP-OHIO employees and somehow also provides PERS retirement to AMP-OHIO employee's now if they are a government body wouldn't their books be open to the public? Well the organization is called MESA, Municipal Energy Services Agency. Now does the non-profit AMP-OHIO run this organization or is it a government agency? Looking at this cabal on the internet they mention each other but who funds MESA and why? What does MESA provide AMP-OHIO with. It seems as if they have the best of both worlds. Non exposure to the outside and acting as a Quasi government agency. More questions for an uninterested council?

None of this sounds like a good partnership for Painesville Power.

Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh moderators for a Republican debate?  Hell yes I'd watch that!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

"MOVE ON UP" curtis mayfield

Hush Hush my child

Received an interesting e-mail yesterday.

It seems a high ranking city official belongs to the site called Linkedin. Along with myself many other people I know around town belong to this site?

Now along with this person's  picture a comment was left;

"Evanston is a great community!!"

Evanston, Illinois is a very upscale suburb of Chicago.

Evanston, Il- Director of Parks, Recreation & Community Service

Seems Evanston is looking to fill this position, and the person mentioned has all the qualifications to fill this position.

Now this $145,000 position will not be filled until after November 8, 2015.

I just wonder if this is a wise way to show that you have plans to leave the city for another position? Some suggest using this blog. to let people know?

Look if this person want's this position I hope they get it they are a deserving person and a professional.

Sad how everyone around here wants to jump ship.

Interesting debate last night? Fantasy  gambling? really. plus doesn't Donald Trump know what is on his website? Best response of the night, Chris Cristie " Hey the money's gone it was stolen Social Security  is broke"

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

1-2-3 len barry

It's elementary!

Recently a Akron radio station mentioned a list by RoadSnack of the 10 dumbest cities in Ohio.

What they used to come up with this number were some simple facts. The high school graduation rate of the entire population, the number of libraries to drinking opportunities, and the sterotype of the number of men. 

Now no mention was made of us being a college town, or having a hospital... scratch that last one. But we do have three gun stores in a town of 20,000. Yet not one real grocery store. The reason I mentioned the grocery store was that on the way home the other day I was asked to pick up a jar of Kraft Miracle Whip. Now I can purchase a jar at Marc's any day of the week for $3.99. Now in this Painesville establishment they wanted $7.49? I thought who would be dumb enough to purchase this jar?
The site did use our downtown streetscape? Maybe they know something? I don't put much into this survey actually nothing. I just thought you might like to know. What other's think of us.

1.   Marion
2.   Lima
3.   Painesville
4.   Youngstown
5.   Niles
6.   Mansfield
7.   Sandusky
8.   Middletown
9.   Norwood
10. East Cleveland    Really now I know this is bogus list!

In other News

It was reported in Sunday's Plain Dealer that Shelby, Ohio was selling it's Municipal Electric Power Plant. Wonder if they haven't heard of the millions of dollars in Peak Shaving's can bring into the city coffers? Is this our future?
Wonder who buys 100 year-old power plants? AMP-OHIO? Na Shelby is already an AMP partner who will be exclusively at their mercy. I guess the plant is being sold in equipment pieces?
Wonder if this was AMP-OHIO's plan all along?

Now another AMP partner, I Like that word partner you pay all the money and take all the risks yet you got a partner?

Oberlin, Ohio is converting their power plant over to gas. This will help the city at peak usage times. Painesville will never do this because well it makes to much sense. Speaking of Oberlin remember when some of their councilmen came to a Painesville council meeting to try to explain to our council what a bad deal these AMP-OHIO deals were? Well Joe gave them there three minutes and a nasty phone call from the administration the next day to please keep your people out of Painesville. Just think how much money we would have today if Joe and Rita would have given them the courtesy to speak?

Andy Flock's Town Hall Meeting this Thursday at Elm St. School will have a guest. Sandy Buchanan of IEEFA to explain these Prairie State costs. Everyone is invited. Maybe some city officials could come and even learn a thing or two?  I wonder if this is Andy's last Town Hall?

I quote;  " I'm not into this' if this, if that' type of scenarios. If worms had machine guns, then birds wouldn't be scared of them."

Jim Harbaugh Michigan Head Football Coach.... I think that blocked punt is still troubling him.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"IF YOU DON'T KNOW ME BY NOW" harold melvin & the blue notes

If you don't know me by now, you will never ever know me

 Last night council meeting has gone from comical to the absurd.

During visitors time I questioned council about the upcoming refuse contract?  Lukewarm? Although CM Carson said with the two year extension on the contract he was able to secure $96,000 for the city. Now is that $96,000 for the benefit of the city or the residents? I guess it's how you look at it? In my eyes it's a unvoted on tax. And remember the fee went up last month. I guess if he had been transparent with this $96,000 I might have seen it his way. Odd, no  one mentioned it, strange?

I gave council the police incident report for Heritage after the meeting a council person came to me and said this averages out to three serious incident's a week? Yes, just be glad it's not your child as one of the incidents.  Odd the Superintendent claims he wants the SRO and yet the council person stated the schools claim they don't need one?  Wonder where the truth lies?

I'm starting to understand the voting process around town, who will cause the least damage, the most useless and so on. I asked Council-President Hach if Councilman Fitzgerald was in good health as I haven't seen him at a meeting in over a month? President Hach informed me "he is out of the country" Perfect how much damage can he cause being thousands of miles away? I understand the voting process now, also I'm willing to bet in less then serving for two years he has missed around a dozen meeting this includes council work sessions.

Now we had three items on legislation. Amending Vacant Property Exemptions. Simple  the Lake County Land Reutilization Corporation (LCLRC) wants to be exempt from the city vacant property registration and fee on all houses they will rehab in the city of Painesville. Myself as well as everybody on council seemed to be on board. I questioned if you would do this for everyone or just  for LCLRC  why wouldn't you do it for a private citizen? The problem as I see it is that by council passing this ordinance they forgot or left out an appeal process. Now the two ladies on council opposed this and I understand why, but it still makes the city look petty and greedy Along with no house being rehabbed. Also LCLRC did not send a request to the city until October 14,2015? The utilities can't be turned on until this is resolved.

Second the State was looking for funding approval into a new water line on Walnut Ave. Oh, please tell me this doesn't include the part of Walnut we just repaved?

Third approving Plat for section 19/20 at Heisley Park. Now they showed the map I guess we had enough problems with the CSX railroad let's get NS railroad in on the fun. Heck CSX trains are running up and down Heisley Park streets let NS in on some of the action? When asked what was the "buffer" between the tracks and the backyards no one knew? My best guess 15 feet from the rail head to the property limit? Can't wait until 3 GE diesels blow their horn for Jackson St with a mile long string of coal cars behind them blows by that new neighborhood at 50mph+! Sorry there will be no peace in the valley! Then for the finishing touch. Next to these homes that are next to the tracks, will be the location of the public playground, no kidding. I asked are you guy's kidding me? The City in their defense claimed this was the location picked by the Heisley Park HOA! Great now the Heisley Park HOA have become Guardians of the Universe? Yes and our city father's and mother's see the light. You guessed it everyone voted YES.

I guess I'm wondering is there another community between Buffalo and Chicago that would allow build new residential housing this close to railroad mainline? I'm starting to wonder if plat 21 would include building homes on the tracks?  Bet council would approve that also?

Economic Development Department Cathy Beiterman gave a presentation about the upcoming events in Downtown Painesville. Big news seems to be asbestos removal. Also signage for the upcoming Christmas Season A banner was shown with a snowman on it, someone questioned that the snowman didn't have any hands? Why should he there's really not much you can pick-up downtown.

" I really am convinced that the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 will look like kids playing with firecrackers, compared to what's coming. I predict it will be a plan conceived by Osama Bin Laden"

 Excerpt  from Donald Trump  book  The America We Deserve published in the year 2000.

Friday, October 16, 2015



As some of you have already known a 16 year-old girl was struck on Mentor Ave. by a hit-skip driver over the weekend . The girl was life flighted to a Cleveland Hospital. The vehicle in the hit skip was a Jaguar  and was found behind Rider's Inn. The driver has been apprehended and is currently in jail. Now comes the twist. The case has been moved to Mentor Court? Charged with a 3rd degree felony. The alleged driver I have been told is the brother of a prominent Lake County Judge.


You could have told me yourself

First off, let me tell you of the co-operation I have received from the Painesville Police Department.  It has been excellent. Never 'we'll get back to you'. 'What do you need that for?' Best asked for and received.

Granted' this is only for a month but I find troubling things.

We must remember a lot generated here means very little such as on 09/22/15 RECOVERED BICYCLE AT 14:45 (2:45 PM)  or CP 8:03  BUT

There were 3 ASSAULT calls  10/09/15   09/29/15   09/28/15

There was a FIGHT call 09/24/15

DISRRB  10/14/15



But the one that troubled me the most?


See. my reliable sources claimed a parent skipped the school system altogether and went directly to the Police Department. Why?  So was this the reason to go to the school for information on an unreported assault ? I can't know or prove that fact but for some reason the school administration was skipped.

Now without any proof my only concern with the administration knowing I am looking at these incident reports, let's just pray incidents are now going unreported? Again no proof but something seems to be going on.

All I want is a dedicated SRO officer in that building. I'm starting to believe for some unknown reason that's the last thing some want.

Tell me anything you want, but please don't tell me there's not a problem.

First Trump goes after Senator John McCain, now President George W. Bush over his involvement on 9/11. It must be great to be self-funded!

Wonder if he will ever ask to see Senator Ted Cruz's Birth Certificate?

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Prophet, lo-fi pioneer

Did a little looking around at different city charters that have Mayor's

There's a lot more that goes into this than just saying let's switch.

How long a term, election to be held only on Presidential years. Qualifications? How long must he/she live in Painesville. What if he/she dies in office? What if they become unable to preform the Mayor's duties? Who's in charge? If that happened today we have an assistant city manager most cities turn the reins over to the council-president I not sure Mr. Hach would even want that job when you consider him having a business?

 How do you get rid of him/her? What would the salary be?

What are his responsibilities and what are councils?

Should it be a political office?

As someone mentioned resident's have very little control on who becomes city manager claiming only the opportunity to vote for four people who decides this.

I guess would a Mayor be more receptive/ approachable  to the residents? Well I've dealt with two CM and one seems a lot easier to communicate with then the other.

Many claim a City Manager is needed to oversee Painesville's different department? Yes, but these department heads are "professionals" and well paid for their knowledge. The Mayor will do exactly what a CM would do find the most qualified and live with the results.

I guess thinking it over me I haven't made up my mind one way or the other but let's face it should we try something new?

Painesville presently does seem to be moving forward. A resident mentioned buying a house here in 1975 for $39,000 last week a home down the street sold for $30,000. Well we seem to keep down inflation anyway? How much of this is due to poor leadership in the past or just a sign of the times?
Seems Painesville is the last destination for people without options.

Let's start a forum here city manager vs. mayor and see if there is support for this concept along with your ideas on moving Painesville one way or the other.

If there seems to be a desire to change let's form a committee to put it on the ballot.

So people are tired about hearing about e-mails, who'd a thought? Here all along I thought it was up there with how much someone sweats.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"THE RACE IS ON" george jones

Here comes Pride up the back stretch, Heartache going to the inside

So here we are less then a month before council elections for the city wards. All I know for sure is that Paul Hach is a lock in Ward IV. Take it to Vegas!

Ward I Shoop vs. Aston    Must admit I am a Aston supporter. Renee just appears to not be much of a push over or easily lead. Coming out of a recent council meeting she asked me " did you just watch what I just watched? I knew exactly what she meant. Don't expect her to be part of the girls club.
Christine has been involved with the city and is presently serving on the Planning Commission people serving on these unpaid commission and boards  should be thanked. Maybe I'm not watching to closely but she seems to be running a campaign like Fodor or Fitzgerald very little public exposure. My only question would be who on council or running  isn't approachable ?

Ward II Jenkins vs. Werner   Well what have you done for me lately?  Hal in his campaign has told ward residents he voted against AMP-OHIO and if others on council had voted the same way  Painesville would be two million dollars richer. Now that's a fact. Also it seems his opponent was behind an ordinance to no longer require muzzles on pit bulls? Let's face it was Hal right or wrong about his concerns about illegal immigration?
Katie answers her phone and get's back to residents concerns usually quite fast. She always appears to have Painesville residents best interests at heart.

Ward III Deleone vs. Mirbel    The Lawyer vs. the Reverend. I would hate to be Mike in this one how do you deal with the guy who's boss is God?
To disclose here I have many personal  reasons to not support Mike. I don't buy all the hugging and shaking of hands as I would prefer we just nod when we meet. The person he hugged has only met him twice? Face it Mike does his job on council always with an alterative motive in mind.  Gerald seems like a person who will listen to everyone's opinion and concerns. Rev. Mirbel when asked if he loses what then? "I will continue doing what I am doing for the people of Painesville." Plus Mike must understand there's a difference between bring legislation forward and just voting yes to something.

Signs don't mean anything we are not voting on the number of signs. What we are voting on is who will be Painesville's Board of Directors as council people. If you are presently happy why change if your not well it's up to you.

Also if you get an opportunity ask present council people who should negotiate the refuse contract?
You might be surprised.

As I speak with candidates they tell me many residents want a Mayor.  Something we should look into if that's the peoples really want.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Let's call this a quick hitter!

Looking for good news?

Monday morning around ten Fox 8 will visit T &T Bakery in Painesville . Seems the Bakery's  Italian Bread is getting quite a reputation!

It has come to my attention that recently a young 22 year old man has been helping out with Harvey's Tennis Team.

The problem is the person helping out is a sexual predator. Yes a Pedophile.

Now no sexual contact occurred but when the school, the administration, as well as the Painesville Police investigated the threat was removed. They should all be commended for their quick response.

In the past an incident like this might have been swept under the rug but not this time.

It's a different world we live in today and many changes have taken place. A few weeks ago a child I didn't know I mentioned she had a nice bike. The child's face grew with fear. Run danger, danger. I asked my daughter and she mentioned you can't talk to children anymore. How sad we have come to this, and at the same time I know why.

I guess Congress decided they can't shut the country down, let's just shutdown Congress?
What's that about who puts Party first?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


In a word nothing!

No legislation, no resolutions nada.

No new Business Councilman Flock explained Levelization

Council Lady DiNallo had nothing presently to add to Sidewalk Replacement.

Brian Belfiore gave a presentation on different public works projects being undertaken in the city.

In the visitors recognition I questioned if council would consider the State Treasurer's program


A program that would make Painesville's finances more transparent?  Well I was met with stares. Let's face it this council really doesn't want the people to easily view the city's finances. There in cahoots' with the administration. Really ever wonder what those fake brick sidewalks cost us?

They were upset when I mentioned a few months back about the kickback, payola what ever it was from Waste Management of $96,000. What did they ever do about that? Nothing! Thank-You citizens for a non voted on tax.

Now that I think about it what proposed legislation has a 'council person' brought to the table recently?

Presently the only ones I can think of was to change the ordinance that Pit Bulls must no longer be muzzled.

A letter written to God knows who with regards to doing something about the immigration problem is this country?

Who proposed the Stormwater  fixes? I believe that was the administration as well as the county. NO councilperson proposed it, they voted on it that's all I can see.

The way our city budget is without a line item you will never know exactly what something costs us or compare it to other municipality's. What does say Mentor pay for a patrol car compared to Painesville wonder why they don't go through the state agency like we do? Currently the way things are done sucks.

Who benefited the most last night? Councilman Fitzgerald he didn't attend . I don't believe anyone excuse him but who can tell, the sound system junk.

And finally our new Parks & Recreation Director was in the audience, yet neither the Council-President nor City Manager introduced us to her?

Welcome to the jungle  Michelle, I wish you the best.

Alabama, like many states recently made voting harder by requiring voters to present an ID at the polls. But then, they went a step further, by closing 31 driver's license offices throughout the state.


Every single county where African Americans constitute 75% or more of registered voters had its office closed.


Friday, October 2, 2015

"FREE YOUR MIND' en vogue

Free your mind and the rest will follow

This comment was left Anonymous on a post;

I have lived in this city almost 40 years and I am at the point of saying the people of this city have gotten what they asked for by who they have voted onto council.
I have watched year after year when council members have been elected over better qualified people simply because of popularity, race, or gender.

The city needs some good business people on council to straighten out the way the city is run, but that will never happen because the city is 85% Democrat and most believe business is evil and always screws the little guy.

I truly believe a lot of Painesville voters are ignorant and will continue to vote for the  "black guy, the "woman", or a person that treated me nice in school.

I'm sure this comment will get shot down by a whole lot of people. I expect it because that is what the residents of this city are good at, sticking their head in the sand and pretending all is OK.

Well does he/she have a point?

First off running for council has always been non-partisan position but numerous Republicans have served on council and still do. Lori DiNallo and Mike DeLeone  are presently two examples.

Now let's pretend you knew nothing about Painesville. If you looked at the present council as well as the city administration would anyone think there was a substantial  Black or Hispanic presence  in town?

Interesting when you inquire an incumbent ask them what legislation they have proposed? Not what they voted on but what THEY proposed? Hate to say it but please ask for proof.

Next January looking at our School Board  as well as our administration see anything other than white faces? Can't say it presently because Mr. Dillard  will retire at the end of the year.

This city loves to praise it's 'Diversity', me I don't see it to much of that. Should 'Whitey' be the blamed?

No, not really until responsible Minorities come out and run for position this will remain the status quo in Painesville. And when they do take the time to listen to them and take them more then at just face value.

What I'm trying to say is there's no  guarantee due to color of skin with anyone you vote for. Good or Bad.

I do agree with his comment about running for office just being a popularity contest. Brings back the days of High School elections, I amazed we presently don't have an adult prom queen and king pageant? We could give out a plaque!

And really does the above poster really believe Democrats reject and drive businesses out of town?
Most of the job creators are presently creating jobs in foreign countries and the sad fact is when businesses look at Painesville's demographics they figure there's more money to be made somewhere else.

I am surprised how many people were shocked with Kevin McCarthy gaffe that well Benghazi was just a ruse to bring down Hillary Clintons numbers? It's called turning a tragic event into a positive for your party. Along with a pretty good fundraiser!