Wednesday, July 31, 2013


"Daddy grips the wheel and stares alone into the distance."

Is it just me or are pretty much all the traffic lights in Painesville out of synch?

A few examples, why does the traffic light at Cedarbrook and Chestnut St. go green without a car on Cedarbrook or Brentwood tripping the signal?
Why does the traffic light at Chestnut and Mentor Ave. take so long to turn?
Why does it seem the signal at Walnut and Mentor Ave. seem to change everytime a bird flies by?
Don't even try to get through the abyss of Mentor Ave. and Richmond St.?
Speaking of Richmond St., why does the northbound left turn arrow automatically come on without a vehicle in that lane, and at the same time the southbound left turn arrow never comes on?
Would it make sense if more traffic lights flashed yellow/red between 10:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M.?

These are a few examples how hard it is to transverse Painesville. I am sure many of you see more.
Who's in charge of the traffic lights around here?

To all drivers that have to go to the YMCA during rush hour, your always in my prayers.

For a city with this much traffic it seems odd that more businesses aren't located here.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"ICE CREAM PHOENIX' jefferson airplane

 Phoenix is a long lived superintendent that is cyclically regenerated  or reborn.   

Reading last Saturdays News-Herald I found an interesting article.

District plans Ice Cream social

Chardon Schools will host an ice cream social from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Friday to introduce the community to the district's new superintendent Michael P. Hanlon Jr. whose official start date is Thursday.

The  free  event will allow students, parents and community members to meet Hanlon. In case of rain, the social will be at Park Auditorium on the square. ( No mention of confused taxpayers in Painesville)


Wonder what Painesville has in store for our new superintendent? A Sour Patch social?
Seems it would appear we could do something it we weren't already spending $111,000 on the guy that's getting the ice cream? It appears Painesville has let that person 'skim' the cream off the top. So what!!  The good doctor hard work in Painesville has passed two levies in a row.

Still waiting when Dr. Hanlons contract ended. Along with how all this has saved the community $40,000? Whats it been almost a month  since the revitalization?

August is just around the corner, many will be watching Dr. Hanlon  fulfill his contract. I know I am.

All that said, I would like to share a cone with someone in Chardon Friday?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

THE SOUND OF SILENCE" simom & garfunkle

Well the complaint went out today to the ADA. Hope it won't take forever for this to get cleared up? I guess someone had more 'Juice' than I originally believed.

Now Doug Lewis e-mailed about 11 other people than myself with his answer that the City conforms with all regulations concerning the fence. Wonder what would happen if two homeless people sat in the fenced in area and drank their own wine?  What law would they have broken?

Now I returned an e-mail to everyone who was sent Mr. Lewis answer to me. These were afew of the questions I asked.

1) Who in the City administration thought blocking the sidewalk was a good idea?
2) Who oversaw the construction of the fence?'
3) Where is the 'Conditional use permit?
4) What city ordinance covers this?

Pretty easy questions with no answers?'

Same thing at a council meeting ask a question make your statement and the Council-President answers with "Anyone else on that side?"

Sometimes you will get a response that makes very little sense or even have little to do with your question. Why does this happen?

Then almost everything takes place in executive session. That's how people never know why they spent money to build a building and now seems to be in Limbo?

What we seemed to be getting screwed on an electrical contract? Let's take it to executive session so we don't have to inform anybody about anything.

Take the old hotel building? The plan for it was never explained, only you would agree with our decision?

Promises, promises. Downtown streetscape?
Chicago style housing on the old hospital site?
Everything from coffee shops to yogurt shops?
Anybody remember Lakeview Bluffs?

Than maybe silence is better than telling us whatever?

Silence is golden but these people take it to another level. Because we let them.

Welcome to Painesville where 'Silence is Golden' well unless you count the music, and gunfire
that  takes place daily. Then you are told the noise falls in  the legal decibel  range?

Looking forward to a change. At this point ANY change will be an improvement.

Friday, July 26, 2013

"HEART OF GOLD" neal young

Met the new City Manager at Andy Flocks Town Hall Meeting Thursday evening. I will tell you he left me with a good first impression. Even without an R.S.V.P.

To cut to the chase THE topic of the evening was flooding. Most people asked what can and will be done. Mr. Carson answered concerns the best he could and he's probably hasn't fully moved in yet.

So most of the residents behaved in a respectful manner, but there's always one the wants to show off.
This one did his best to do everything but blame the rain on him. Can you promise me...
Can you show us your game plan.... Will you contribute your perks.... A real class act. So he can go home tonight tell his family as well as his neighbors, "I told that new city manager a thing or two." Yes you did and the next time it rains you and your neighbors will have the same foot of water in your basements. What have you accomplished?

Also in attendance was former councilman Hal Werner who pontificated to the new city manager why we were there, and to introduced him to us? Along with who and what he did around here.

Speaking of council people none showed up? I at least thought some would come to get petitions signed.

My contribution to the meeting? I handed him a copy of Mr. Horvaths letter and pointed out to him it was 7 years old. Hey, I'm a patient person?

One city official who was thrown under the bus more than a dozen times was our city engineer. After all I heard last night he's gota lotta 'planning to do.

Mr. Carson's heart is in the right place lets hope he can figure some of our problems out?

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Maybe writer of the storm?

I will share with you a letter I received on October 2, 2006 this letter was sent to me in response to a letter as well as an opinion stated at a Council Meeting. Wanting future construction of any kind be stopped  for the City to assess information on the flooding that took place in July of that year.

Please you residents in Liberty Greens and Heisley Park pay close attention to the third paragraph. Along with the word 'new' in that paragraph.

October 2, 2006
Mr. Angelo Cimaglio
477 Owego Street
Painesville, OH 44077

Dear Mr. Cimaglio:

You recently requested that the City Council enact a moratorium on new construction until resolution of the City's storm/sanitary sewer system issues are achieved. I oppose such a moratorium.

Although rehabilitation of the City's sewer system is a priority, I believe that stopping all future City development until the sewer issues are resolved would be counterproductive to the City's best interests.

During the past few years, the City has experienced unprecedented growth. New residential construction, including residential construction on land recently annexed to the City, has helped the City expand its tax base and reinforced its image as a growing community. Further note that the new construction within the City suffered no water damage during the recent storms. This fact confirms that new City policies concerning the design and construction of sewer systems will work to eliminate current and future problems.

Since continued development and reconfiguration of the current sewer systems are not mutually exclusive, the City should simultaneously move forward on both fronts. I will oppose any legislation to the contrary.

Very  truly yours, 

William Horvath, President
Painesville City Council

c:  City Manager
     City Council

Well some of you in Liberty Greens as well as Heisley Park it give me no satisfaction to tell you  'Your one of us now' Hopefully this for many of you is a one time event, lets hope so. At the same time the City Administration seems to have had its own agenda? When will that tax base materialize? Who helped Mr. Horvath compose this letter?We can only hope that with a new City Manager, as well as new residents on council this letter will only be a memory. City's best interest, or your's and mine whom are they looking out for?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"THERE IS A HOUSE" bob dylan/animals

Thursday July 25, 2013  evening all city residents are welcome to Ward I Councilman Andrew Flocks Town Hall Meeting at 871 Hine  Ave. 7:00 P.M. to meet and share concerns with  Painesville's new City Manager Anthony Carson. No R.S.V.P. needed this meeting is open to one and all.

Please bring your own LAWN CHAIR and remember parking is limited and available at Rotary Park.

I know some of you have had a very frustrating week with flooding clean-up and many are tired of the same old same old such as the condition of their road. Andy expects everyone to act accordingly, remember Mr. Carson has been on the job for less than a month he can't fix things in a month. Things didn't get bad in a month did they? I believe he is formulating a plan to address your concerns and where he would like to see Painesville in the near and extended future.

I also expect a few  other council people to attend this meeting.

Hine Ave. can be reached off of N .St. Clair St. or Sanford St.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"I WILL FOLLOW YOU" ricky nelson

A mountain no a hill to high to keep you away from me.

See Chardon Board of Education had a meeting in the Canfield Building Monday evening at 6:30 P.M.

Well I would love to tell you I found out how Chardon felt about Dr. Hanlons  modified contract. That will have to wait for the second Monday of August.

The only thing I can tell you is the pale look that came over the good doctors face as I walked in and sat in the second row. The ghost from Painesville past comes to visit? Within a minute Dr. Hanlon and the President of the BOE left the room.

Next came the meeting. The agenda meeting. Yes Chardon has special meetings for ONLY agenda items? Yet I signed sheet to speak during non-agenda items.

After the agenda items were finished the BOE went into executive session.

I asked the lady do we leave the room or do they?
She told me the meeting was over. I asked what happened to the non-agenda portion?
Oh, this is a 'special' meeting for our new superintendent to get up to speed.
 Than why did I sign up to speak on the non-agenda list?
Well would you like to speak to someone? No just tell them I will be back the second Monday in August. That will give them plenty of time to get their stories straight, I guess.

I'm not even upset, it was worth the gasoline just to capture the look on Dr. Hanlons face.

The BOE did pass a Levy Resolution 5.9 Mills.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


After last Mondays council meeting I presented a complaint I am willing to send to the United States Justice Department of what I believe is a violation of the Americans Disability Act. I will file the complaint with the Disability Rights Section.

My complaint concerns Main St. in front of the business located at 154 Main St. The fence in front of 'Your Vine Or Mine'. The reason of my complaint being against the City of Painesville and not this business is that the property that the fence rests on is owned by the city. My grievance is with them and not the business.

Both Mr. Lewis and myself have come up with different measurement numbers? My numbers were measured when two full sized vehicles were angle parked in front of 154 Main St.  Now if the city proposes to lose those two parking spaces I guess their measurements would work.

Then the email started.
First it seemed Mr. Lewis  wanted me to be a lawyer and quote the ADA requirements. Now if a for profit business is now occupying a public access area, who is paying for the liability insurance?  Why not just state the rules?

I guess me question comes down to where is the permit?
What other city in Lake County would allow this without making the business apply for a conditional use permit? ( see I knew if I went to those planning and zoning meetings I might learn something.)
Why is this business allowed to expand onto a public access sidewalk without getting a conditional use permit? Show me an ordinance which gives a business a right to do that so I can read it.

We have ordinances in town that tells you how many chickens you can have, what time you can put out your trash, how high your grass can be. Nothing when it comes to this?

What is it do I have a problem with 'Your Vine Or Mine'. Yes and No the business needs to succeed for the good of Painesville, I understand that. This fence impedes the pedestrian traffic on Main St.  At the same time I think I know who let this happen that represents the city. I believe that person overstepped their rights.  At that time YVOM sent a letter to Ward I councilman Andy Flock telling him if he kept bringing up this issue during council meeting the business would take legal actions against him.
( Yes I have a copy of that letter) Councilman Flock took the letter to the city law director and asked Mr. Gurley what were his legal rights. Mr. Gurley answered "As long as your a Painesville councilman you can bring up anything that concerns Painesville."
Mr. Flock as well as most everyone else assumed that since Main St. 'streetscape' was starting this spring the fence would not be erected.

I as many others have seen citizens forced in the street over this. Now to save the city as well as myself a lot of grief . Please  drop a phone call, or email to Mr. Lewis if you also feel this fence is a problem.
Douglas Lewis 392-5802/ email  Please  feel free to tell your story to him.
I will wait until Friday and then off the letter goes if no response from the 'Golden Dome'.

Final question if I go to Subway buy a sandwich and Coke can I go down to the fenced in area? It is on public property? Ms. Reed be my guest to chime in.

My question seems to be is this anyway to run a city?

I want to thank some of you that helped me figure out how to post this and helping compose the letter to the ADA presently you will remain nameless.

Friday, July 19, 2013


'Say what you mean?'

Let's go back to the June 17,2013 council meeting for a second.
Mr. Ken Marcinko, of Concord stated he has served on the Senior Citizen Board for 6-7 years. The Painesville Senior Center is the only one in the state that has a private owner. At this time they are looking for a merger with the city. The personalities of both will help provide  more services. He looked forward at a merger with the City.

The Painesville Area Senior Citizen Center non profit. Privately owned? Go to the secretary of state website. Their article of incorporation are there- it is not privately owned as he claims, as he would like you to think. The only one in the state?
See this is what you get when people stand up at meetings and talk about things they clearly know nothing about. Along with people like myself and council who have no idea what they are talking about. Bill Horvath thinks the seniors need a new center? Where will that money come from?

Who presently owns the Senior Citizen Building? County value $325,000. Does the property transfer over to the city.

It seems to me that after last Monday night council meeting the city hired a director for $45,000? When I questioned  them if they were using general fund money, they said no? Why than were they using Painesville employee guidelines? Am I to understand that if I work for a "Private' company that the city will determine my wages? Even though they are not paying them? Will I be part of the city hospitalization and retirement plan?

No one on council asked what are we doing involved in a 501C 3.

To pay this new director where will the funds come from? Maybe we have found a new revenue  stream?

Now in todays News-Herald we see we are flipping the hotel again. Does this have something to do with this?

Soon we will find out what we got ourselves into, hope it's a good thing?



Update/// What would PITP weekend without a major rain storm?

Usual flooding in all the usual places, Cedarbook area, North end State St. Hine Ave., major flooding at the end of Chatfield Dr You almost have to see the lake at the end of the street.. Both underpasses. If I missed anyone please fill us in.
Don't bother going to Walgreens Painesville. The roof collapsed.
Today is July 20, 2013. The big flood of 2006 hit I believe on July 27th? Anybody see a pattern here?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"THERE'S A KIND OF A HUSH" herman hermits

I just don't get city council.

A councilman presents a letter to members and the administration about a legal issue concerning electric power, first no one seems to care, and the law director saying he will look it over, and wondered out loud if the attorney general is the right person to send it to? Send it to AMP-OHIO I am sure they will file it in the trash.

We spent 5 times as much time on Feral cats as we did the possibility of spending over two million dollars more a year on the purchase of electric power costs. I've never seen a more uninterested group  of people.
Maybe it's me?  They look at me with blank stares and must be thinking "How long will it take for Angelo to understand we don't care or give a damn."    "First AMPGS now Prairie State wonder what power problem he will make up next." "We paid  the over 2 million in stranded cost for Meigs County what else does he want?  "2 million not that much in the overall scheme of things." "First he complained about Council-President Horvaths  unauthorized letter to Senator DeWine, now he wants us to send an authorized letter to Attorney General DeWine?" Wish he would make up his mind.

Remember "PERCEPTION" is everything.

NO it's not just me  Sandy Miller, Richard Tibbits, other residents along with those two guys from Oberlin all met with the same results.

Or maybe after a certain time of avoiding this issue. They will tell us this has been ignored for to long of time!  Sorta like the deal we presently have with our city streets.

I have never seen an administration or council so proud of an electric department yet at the same time ignores all it's problems.

Yes as someone mentioned we do have a councilman who  hardly never enters into any discussions but is always first to 'second' thank anybody who shows up and will tell you what entertainment is provided for residents at the present time. Thank-you very much BUT we have people that do that . Your leadership is need to run Painesville.

Anybody have any ideas short of electric shock to get this bunch to wake up?
at least we have an empty building to store our problems in.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I kept thinking that as the council meeting progressed. Mr. Carson must have been thinking that or maybe he thought he was starring in an old Twilight Zone episode ?
Mr. Hada you have been on council 32  years or 32 minutes?
Mr. Lewis do you know any of these people?
Make a note; Everyone on council gets a Roberts Rule book for Christmas.

Can't get Streetscape right? Heck, we can't even write up a levy right?
Painesville will have 10 items on the November ballot. fire levy, police levy, road levy, along with 7 charter changes.

We bought 'VACTOR'... We hired someone for $45,000 to be a Senior Citizen something or other? No general fund money involved? Then why bring up the city employee contract guidelines? And if it's not Painesville money why are we involved?

No Sandy, sorry there is no physical battery. Only research and development, oh and a 4,000sq.ft. empty building bought and paid by Painesville taxpayers. You might be wrong the more meeting the more mistakes.

Feral cats, definition of a family, boarding houses, discrimination against people with something. Recovering addicts, we had it all last night.

Seriously councilman Flock presented a letter to council and the administration asking it to be sent to the Ohio Attorney General. Mr. Gurley said he would look it over, and wondered if the Attorney General should be the one to send it to?  Well Mr. Gurley Esq. who in God's name would be better to send it to but the Attorney General?  Something's not right here. We are losing tons of money possible over 2 million dollars a year on this contract.  I don't blame anyone for voting for it. It was presented to council and NOTHING promised has come true. All you get from council and the administration are blank stares. WHY!
Council-President complained about "rumors" around town that we had 32 million dollars of 'proprietor funds' that could be used for road repair. I have never claimed that, but for some reason he was looking at me. Well Mr. Hada  proprietor  as a noun means ownership. In your 32 years have you ever tried to have the state status changed? Next month you will be asked where that money came from and what the purpose of it is and as long as you sit on that money deals like Meigs County, Prairie State  will continue. Yes, it can't presently be used to fix roads. But than it can be used to pay mistakes you 'proudly' voted for.  Maybe its your property to CYA?

Included will be the letter councilman Flock asked to be sent to the Ohio AG. If any of you can find a good reason why council and/or the administration would oppose this please let us know.

Mike DeWine Ohio Attorney General

Request the Ohio Attorney General to investigate several items related to Prairie State Energy Campus. Being in the public interest, Painesville City respectfully requests the Ohio Attorney General to conduct an investigation and audit of the Prairie State Energy power contracts along with the communities currently obligated under them to determine the following:

1) Whether the communities were given accurate and fully-disclosed information when they signed on to the Prairie State Energy Campus long term take-or-pay contracts.
2) Whether the Prairie State Energy Campus now threatens the fiscal stability of 60 Ohio municipalities  including Painesville that are under the watch of the Attorney General.
3) Whether this Prairie State project now threatens other bonding arrangements throughout the state of Ohio.
4) Whether this Prairie State Energy Campus project, which literally involves billion of dollars in funds from Ohio municipalities and their ratepayers, has been transparent and above-board with its owners.
5) We as a community stand in solidarity with other Ohio municipalities that have sent you the same request.

Yes Councilman Flocks letter is almost an exact copy of the letter sent by Galion, Ohio to the Attorney General. We both have the same issue.
Now please explain why we would not send this letter to the Ohio Attorney General than who?

There are people in Painesville that serve on the Zoning, Planning, Safety and yes the Charter Review Committee  that do this for no pay only to serve the community. These are the people we need to give special thanks to. The Charter Review Committee worked long and hard on these seven issues, you may agree or not with some of  them but it does give the average resident an opportunity to express change or not some items.

On a final note Mr. Carson seems to be a friendly outgoing person. Before last nights meeting he introduced himself to visitors  that attended the council meeting. Quite a change from what we are used to.
Oh, and he consumes nowhere near as much water as the last city manager during a meeting. Quite telling.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Well our one session of council meeting month's have arrived.

Also to those of you who didn't receive an R.S.V.P. invitation to introduce yourself to Mr. Anthony Carson at the Fire Station Gala  he will be in attendance at Monday night meeting. It has been report elsewhere that these RSVP are selling for more than $50.00 on E-bay? Yes and maybe the Eagles will be on the program at our Party in the Park?

Wonder if executive session will be moved to after the regular council meeting this week? Maybe because there's a Public Hearing concerning zoning changes at 8:00pm on the agenda.

Looks like the city is going to create a new position. Recreation Supervisor/Senior Services. Hope someone asks the council-president if by creating this new position we will have to cut a safety force employee? That's seems to be his answer when anyone asks for anything? Silence will be golden under 'THE GOLDEN DOME' this Monday night.

Ashlawn Energy will stay tabled. It's really quite simple the damn building has already been built with taxpayers funds. Where was all this concern before construction was started?

And we will purchase a Brand new Sewer Jet/Vacuum for $358,742.20 really 20 cents? Along with a $40,000  trade in! The vehicle even  comes with a name "VACTOR" which beat out "SCREW YOUR CITY A LITTLE MORE" and "WHAT A SUCK JET".
Vactor really?  Maybe we will hire a licensed Supervisor/ Service Vactor  operator too?
With this deal as reported it seems maybe somehow the Mafia might be involved?

Maybe we could have a naming contest for our NEW 22 year-old Fire Truck? Presently named TOWER 72? VACTOR? maybe FACTOR  like factoring in your chances of getting down before it goes up?


Feral Cats? The News-Herald believes this news item is good for at least three page 1 stories.

Prairie State  Energy Campus? Again the News-Herald only covers Lake County not anywhere out on the prairie? Levelization what's that? I can't even use that word in a scrabble game

definition of a family?  What? Well lets say you lived in any of our four wards in a designated R1 neighborhood. Someone purchased a home put  seven recovering strangers in this home, collected rent individually claims no license  is needed for this facility because "WE ARE FAMILY'??

Please except my apology for this post I'm in good spirits today, have now idea why. Please enjoy the weekend!

Friday, July 12, 2013


Well we were presented another 'Rose' when it came to Prairie State Energy Campus. Power promised at $48.00 MW no need to worry about price fluctuation. 99% complete turn key operation, no mention of something called Lively Grove. What could go wrong. The 'Thorn' nothing promised ever came true. Operating expenses, rates of $48.00, promised reliability. Painesville's officials will tell you they acted responsibly in this purchase agreement with AMP-OHIO.

Alright lets all agree to take them at your word. Now would it not be a responsible thing for our administration as well as city council to pass a resolution to send a letter to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine to ask him to investigate the decisions and promises made on behalf of Painesville and 59 other Ohio communities by AMP-OHIO /Prairie State? I have asked Ward I Councilman Andy Flock to put a resolution for a letter to be sent on behalf of the city to the Ohio Attorney General. Now we have to hope it gets a 'second' and a positive vote? Or we could just sit on our hands and pray that the city can manage the expense this deal possible will cost us. 'Nothing ventured nothing gained." Unless Painesville has ties to AMP-OHIO we are not aware of?  I can see no objection to this letter being sent?
Will inform you what or if council decides to do if anything Monday night.


Painesville Board of Education. Seems they have been sitting on Dr. Hanlon's modified contract for quite some time.
Let's be fair and give them the opportunity to be as they claimed to be to Painesville citizens . Show the TRANSPARENCY they claim to possess when it comes to  this modified contract. It can't be a secret Chardon's Board of Education even has a copy. What sane reason for Painesville taxpayer's not to view it also? You can even explain your reasoning for this contract at the same time. I see no reason why Dr. Hanlon would be opposed to this, Everything is above board and legal. Right? What's stopping you? Shame? Fear? What?
I guess we deserve an explanation how Dr. Hanlon can serve full time in Chardon and serve us here in Painesville 20 days a month also? As residents we are obligated to keep the BOE as well as Dr. Hanlon's feet to the fire and the contract honored. If changes are to be made produce them. Multi-tasking to a new level maybe?
Please to the Board of Education don't believe this will all go away.

Now here is an chance for Painesville residents to let their voices be heard. email your councilman, email the BOE let's see what shakes out?

Thursday, July 11, 2013


AMP-OHIO Rita McMahon, Joseph Hada as well as the rest of the brains on council along with other administrators. "The Gift That Keeps Right On  Giving." All that brain power that got us in this mess called;
 Prairie State Energy Campus.

Learned a new word 'Levelization' Scrabble doesn't recognize it as a word. Along when I google the word this definition  appears
"The degree to which a standing surface is sloped which provides proper balance to individuals who have consumed an excessive amount of Beer before Liquor."  ???

Now AMP-OHIO / Prairie State have found a new definition for the word.
Remember when I quoted power from PSEC cost $125.00 MW I lied it was only $121.00. So if you were to call city hall and say  'that goof on the Blog. claims we paid $121.00 per MW.' They could tell you he's crazy! And show you a bill for $85.00 per MW and you know they would be sorta right.
Here is where the new word levelization comes into play and it has been in play since January of 2013.
In June the city was only charged $85.00 MW but this word means is you OWE us the difference of $121.00 - $85.00 = $36.00MW to be paid to us AMP-OHIO in the future. (with interest?) This practice has been going on since January. Please feel free to checkout these fact with the people under "The Golden Dome".

This plus the knowledge that Unit 1 this fall  will be shutdown for extended repairs. Unit 2 the same reason in the Spring of 2014. The Lively Grove Coal Mine seems to be giving us the 'shaft' also.

We were promised a rate of $48.00MW from this plant and I believe the plants best was $71.00 in March of this year.
We were promised an efficiency  rating of 88% from this plant and presently have a combined rate of 68%. Plus remember the Fall and Spring shutdowns.

Please don't be fooled that these people who proposed this purchase were stupid. They had those 'BRAINS' some of you believe is our salvation.
The best we could hope for is along with brains common sense as well as the people engaged in these deal's give pause to think 'What if this was my own money?'
Ask the administration what boiler slagging, and radial stackers? means they received the same letter I'm now telling you about in the middle of June.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN" steve miller band (part deux)

More information courtesy  of Mr. Grippi.

Total Compensation Received For 11 Year Performance... $1,516,057.00

Total Compensation For Modified Contract {August-December, 2013& Severance Pay...
                                                                                               $111,228.00. This does not include
                                                                                                Salary From January-July, 2013

Total Salary Received By Dr. Hanlon From 1998-2012....$1,823,869.25 (Figure Does Not Include The Above Modified Contract, Severance Pay or Salary From January-July, 2013...

This along with a Percent of Indicators Met 11 year average 28%

From a high of 55% for the school year 2000-2001
To a Low of 8%  for the school year 2009-2010
The last recorded school year 2010-2011 23%     END of Mr. Grippi's statement.

Wonder if and what the BOE will do with Mr. Grippi's information?

Now , Please don't tell people at a public meeting that you are going to retire in July, to spend more time with your family. All the while seeking the position of superintendent for Chardon Schools.
Also everyone must pay attention to this it has advantages  for Dr. Hanlon to retire from PCLS due to this retirement income. Sorry, that in my eye's is no reason for this Modified Contract.
They will tell you it saves them money? But it will also be very convenient for Dr. Hanlon to retire from PCLS collect benefits and still receives a salary from Chardon. What might be the outcome if he decides to retire in December from Chardon? As a resident of Painesville I believe Dr. Hanlon has been compensated from us. I guess it's never enough?

The new member on the BOE is  A. ROSEMAN sorry that's all I know and that came off of the name plate placed in front of here. Best wishes to you A. ROSEMAN.

Mr. Tackett told us that the State of Ohio will increase state spending on PCLS of 6.25% for 2014
                                                                                                                     and 10.50% for 2015.

A Joshua Englehart will be the new Assistant Superintendent this coming school year.

I have been told our new superintendent will start August 1,2013. A last night meeting no Superintendent or Assistant was in attendance? ( Dr. Hanlon you missed an opportunity for serving a day)

I have been informed that the new city manager as well as new superintendent will be at the Fire Station for a meet and greet during Party In The Park weekend. When and if I get details I will post them.

Nothing in N/H yet? probably waiting on Chris Hanahan for a press release?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN" steve miller band

To Chardon?

Last night Board of Education was pretty much run of the mill, up until former educator Ross Grippi read this statement.

I have been doing some research during the past few months and am very upset at what I have uncovered. According to public documents, Dr. Hanlon has received a modified contract that will allow him to retire from PCLS at the end of December. This modified contract will cost our community $111,228.  This contract requires  Dr. Hanlon to work 20 days per month for five months for Painesville City Schools as well as work as the superintendent of Chardon schools at a salary of $120,000 per year. How is that possible to work 20 days amonth for five months for PCLS & be the Superintendent of Chardon? Why are WE paying for two Superintendents for five months? Why did the board decide to allow Hanlon to retire from PCLS? How many times has Dr. Hanlon applied for positions outside of our district in the last 8 years? If he had actively pursued employment from other districts, why not let him retire from his new position at Chardon? He is not deserving of retiring from PCLS.  Check out the data you have in front of you... from 2000-2011 PCLS has averaged 28% indicators met on the state report card. 28% out of 100%. According to the Ohio Department of Education we are the lowest ranking school in Lake County and one of the lowest in the state...And have been for some time. People may say he was a factor in PCLS passing levies... not true...Painesville has a rich tradition of supporting schools & passing levies... it's not because of Dr. Hanlon. Why does Chardon school board have a copy of Hanlon's modified cotract? Did the two school boards conspire together so that Hanlon would NOT retire/rehire from Chardon? Did Hanlon tell Chardon he could retire from PCLS?
Giving Hanlon this modified contract & his severance pay, He is going to walk away with $111,228. Why? That $111,228 could have been better spent on our students. Do you know that $111,228 could have paid for 889 students to play sports at PCLS. That $111,228 could have provided for 5,561 hours of tutoring ( that we desperately need).  I think modifying Dr. Hanlon's contract is outrageous and should be rescinded. I would not be here if I thought Hanlon did an exceptional job here at PCLS, but based on my knowledge within the community and district and again... look at the data... 28% over 11 years... he can retire from Chardon and save our community, $111,228.

This is the statement he read to the board. A good reason to bring this up now is the teachers will soon be negociating new contracts with the board. Wonder how they will feel about funds being used this way?
I will soon do another post on the going ons at the July meeting. As close as I can figure Dr. Hanlon received over 2 million dollars in wages  in his tenure as super? It would have also been nice if the new board member would have been properly introduced to the audience?

News-Herald reporter also was in the audience. Wonder when and how the residents that don't read this Blog. will find out about the meeting? You have to think residents of Chardon should be concerned as well?

Monday, July 8, 2013


Painesville has a long and winding road, actually it's more of a triangle State St. to the east Erie St. to the north. Washington St. to the south.
Why bring this up? Two reasons do any of you know how much vacant office space is along and inside this triangle? The future two levies on the extra costs to property owners along with the lost income tax due to these vacancy's.
Chicago Title building,  111 Building, 153 E. Erie St. (county property)125 E. Erie St. !0 W. Erie St.
50 W. Erie St. 70 W. Erie St. Chase Bank Building ( Like to know what skunks works project is operating on the third floor?). Victoria Place? Dollar Bank Building, along with much more office space in the Main St. area.
 Will raising property taxes increase office space? Will it make it harder to lease out? How many dollars in income tax will the city never see due to the levies?

Remember also with the millage increase, the State of Ohio will not include the 12.5% rollback due to it being these are 'NEW' levies increasing the cost. That 12.5% includes you homeowners also.( Thank-you Mr. Governor)
We can only hope the backers of these levies will inform you of this. So that you can make the best  financial  decision for your family. Levies, Income taxes? It like a dog chasing his tail.

Now every candidate who runs for office must explain their idea's and solutions if these Levies fail. Cut Services, End Reciprocity, New funding idea? Look it was mention in an older post about finally getting people with brains? First idea hire a Grant Writer! Eliminate an administration position to pay for it. (No one said this job would be easy)
Before you elect any candidate who has great credentials, nice smile, a list of endorsements, even a clever slogan. Find out what all these people have for in a  plan for Painesville's and your future!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

"FIRTH OF FIFTH" genesis

It appears another hat has been thrown into the council races.
Thomas Fitzgerald co-owner with his wife of Fitzgerald Irish Bed & Breakfast across from city hall has taken out petition's to run for Painesville city council.

Tom presently serves as the chairman of the city planning commission, and after attending many meeting he runs a pretty good fair meeting. He was very fair in his handling of the Steele Mansion and I will assume he will run for the open set left by Joseph Hada. I expect support for Tom from former Hada voters.

So according to my scorecard that means Arlene Becks to run against Lori DiNallo, John Murphy to run against Thomas Fitzgerald, and James Fodor presently unopposed . ( please clue me in if I'm wrong)

All of you should remember a candidate does not have to sign the book when they take out petitions for an office so there could well be more people out there running for council.

Yes I know the word 'firth' is Scottish  but it's early Sunday morning. It's in the general area of Ireland?
Which brings up a question, Will Tom still go on the European tours?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


 Lets give the politics of Painesville a rest. Let our new leaders a few days to establish themselves in 'Our Town'.

Let's all enjoy our Holiday'

America  (Poem 1893)  (excerpt)

God shed his grace on thee
'Til selfish gain no longer stain
The banner of the Free.

O' beautiful for halcyon skies
For amber wave's of grain
Above the enameled plain
America America
God shed his grace on thee
Til Souls wax fair as earth and air
and music-hearted sea!

Yes this poem is where the song originated. It seems that it gains it's highest priority when this country is in a strife of some kind. We should remember it in good times as well as bad.

Please enjoy a safe and happy fourth of July