Tuesday, August 31, 2010


In the past five years or so I have been watching closely the action of the city. Our city manager seems to lead council around by their noses. Or maybe someone on council is leading her by the nose. People's eye contact at council meeting lead me to think this way.
Last year Painesville was awarded a large two million dollar grant by the State of Ohio Department of Development to demolish the hospital. I thought then as I still do that a better use for that building could have been found if Lake Health wouldn't have attached so many stings to it. Back to the demolishing, our city manager took bids from numerous companies . She chose a company out of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania? Where they the lowest bidder? With the unemployment in Ohio so high would have it been prudent to hire an Ohio firm, with Ohio money? The local unions at least got the Pittsburgh company to use local labor, why didn't our city manager do this?
All I've ever heard from the city manager is that we can not "mingle" monies.
Please explain how money "interest" that belongs in the waste water treatment plant loan somehow ends up bailing out Millstone property owners? How did she manage to mingle that money? Less we forget where does all the money come from to pay Buckingham, Dolittle and Bouroghs? Can't find it in the budget? If you look into the budget there are many "Other" what exactly is other?
Downtown traffic plan, I love this one. Although I understood the three lanes along Mentor Ave. wasn't wide enough by state law for four, ask people trying to get out of the YMCA hoe much more difficult it is now.
Back to downtown. Heading south on Richmond St. at Erie St. it turns to one lane , you have a left turn lane but as you proceed thur the intersection its one lane to the light in front of city hall. After you get the green light you get a left turn lane to turn onto South Park the road Chase bank is on, wait if your heading south on Liberty St. she wants to install a stop sign at Sterling St. That little side street behind the church and in front of the bank? Within 100 feet of the traffic signal? Can't wait to watch these traffic jams, Oh and we will square off the park corners and curbs to start with large planters along with painting the crosswalks green. Hope you notice it in January. When or where did she become a traffic engineer?
AMP-OHIO my favorite on August 19,2010 the News-Herald reported that she voted to proceed with the AMPGS power plant in Meigs County. Was council informed of the vote, any input? The News-Herald reported she had no comment on the issue. No comment? There isn't a gas line there now, how deep of a hole will she dig for us in Painesville? I'd love to play poker with this lady, she never folds only raises, of course it not with her money she playing with. Who's watching her?
At a council meeting she answered me that the Gorsuch Plant fine Painesville will pay is $4,700.00 within a week that number had grown to $89,000? Along with telling council it was more prudent to pay some energy consultant from Vermont over $350,000 a year for three years in energy conservation then to pay the fine? Personally I and most of you along with companies will do everything possibly to save on energy costs with out some guys who lives where the main resource is Maple Syrup to tell us how to save money.
Millstone we can't build down there. OK, why install an artificial turf football field on the other side of the river half of it payed by taxpayers of Painesville. Could this be another $600,000 down the drain or better down the river? Have to wonder about how that field will hold up after its been under water? Along with our city manager bragging about receiving a $19,000 grant to repair the pond in Rec Park. Was their matching money provided by the city? Why was it not mentioned?
I have yet to find one person that wants one of any type home she has planned for the former hospital site,
Cobblestone Apartments seems Councilman Flock caught her in few half truths on that issue in the past year, but some of her supporters on council see nothing wrong. Wonder if she will feel any remorse if something bad happens in there? Mentor at first offered EMS service and the Painesville's administration turning it down? Brilliant!
As you can tell by now I'm no fan of the city manager or some in her administration. Some have told me she's the best thing that ever happened to Painesville? Sorry I disagree She knows it, I know it and now you know it. More examples coming.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


You got to wonder what these rabbits were thinking when they finally took over the Burrows Association. Seems to me the Bear had their fuzzy tails protected and they turned around and screwed it up.
Was the Queen aware of this? What is the real motive of her kingdom to get this property?

September 5,2003

Millstone Condominium Unit
Owners Association,Inc.

Dear XXXX:
This letter is to serve as a follow-up to my letter to you dated July 15,2003 regarding the Millstone insurance coverage that were previously provided through our agency.

With respect to the Businessowners package policy, you indicated that you had repaced that coverage effective 07/01/03. I sent a form to you to sign and return so that our policy could be terminated as of same date. I never received that form, and in turn that poliucy was cancelled effective 08/21/03 due to nonpayment of premium. If you wish to re-cancel this poliy as of 07/01/03 please sign and return the cacellation request form.

With respect to the Flood Insurance policies, subsequent to my July 15 letter to you I received rewritten policies for all flood coverages. These rewrites were done by National Flood without direction from our agency. The policies are rewritten to the RCBAP {Residential Condominium Building Assn. Policy}, format however I want to caution you that we still believe these policies do not provide the proper limit of coverage nor do they meet the requirements of the RCBAP program, and it may be that they won't preform in the event of a flood lose. I note that National Flood has REDUCED the limit of coverage on each building/policy-apparently to result in close to the same premium that has been paid for the prior policy/format.

It is my understanding that these policies are now in the process of being changed to another agent,and I strongly recommend that you and your new agent work with Natinal Flood to make the necessary amendments to these policies so that the Association is properly protected.
After your review, if you have any questions or need additional information, please let me know.


Now rember NO city money was to be used in this settlement. {per the City Manager}
Please explain;

Funding Description
Federal Share 75% $3,047,961.00
State Share 12.5% $ 507,994.00
City of Painesville CASH 7.1% $ 286,743.00 ????????????????????????????
Local: ICC Funds 3.7% $ 150,000.00
Local: CDBG Fubnds 1.8% $ 71,250.00

All this Drama because some rabbits wanted to be cheap in a flood area. Now the other chipmunks, squirrels, bears, chickens,deer along with the fish in the river can pay the Queen.
What ever happened to telling people the truth?

After reading this do any of you still want to lay all the blame on the Bear?

"BORDERLINE" madonna

Heard a very interesting conversation at the Ward 1 Town Hall Meeting. Our new Police Chief was asked by someone in the audience about "all the illegals in Painesville." {not me}
The chief answered that after a meeting with the Mentor Police Chief he found out some enterprising law officers realized Northeastern Ohio is less then 150 miles from a foreign border. {Canada}
What does that mean?
Forget about INS or ICE who seem more concerned about businesses that employee illegals, Our problem could be addressed by the United States Border Patrol.
I never knew that there were around 125 U.S. Border agents stationed in Sandusky, Ohio along with another 75 in Erie Pa.
If you have an illegal in custody all officers have a 1-800- number to call and if they deem this person illegal its "as ta-la-vista."
Now the police will not "profile " anyone but say an officer pulls over a vehicle with expired plates and the driver is here illegally he will be deported, To make it simple, a crime or a law has to be broken before an officer even inquires. The Border Patrol will go as far south as Akron.
Government is slow to change, but groups like the Grassroots Rally Group should get some credit for the added manpower along our northern border. Along withy many people who want all of our laws followed. Even some Democrats.
Was HOLA informed about all this? YES but I don't think their to happy.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

"MONEY " pink floyd

Found out earlier Ohio is one of the finalists in the Obama administration "Race to the Top" program.
What does that mean to the Painesville City Schools?


Extra funding over the next four years of the program.
Painesville City Schools were the largest recipient's of this program in Lake County
Mentor Public Schools $344,000
Willoughby-Eastlake $478,000
Madison Local $354,000
Fairport Harbor $100,000
Wonder if the administration will keep this information under their hats until after the election?
You also have to wonder what the "strings" that are attached with this money


Have been doing a little research concerning two levys Painesville voters will be facing this coming year. Painesville City Schools and Lakeland College. To say that I am astonished as to what will happen if these levys pass is an understatement.
The reasons for these levys given to the public are as follows: Lakeland is bursting [overcrowded] Yet they advertise for more students daily on the television, radio, newspaper, mass mailings and even billboards. Why? Also, they make mention that 40% of their students are out of county? Geauga, and Cuyahoga students both benefit from the generosity of Lake County property owners. (There is an out-of-county rate: $117.90 vs $96.25 for in-county residents...not enough of a difference)
Painesville City Schools' problems seem to be quite different. Over the past two decades Painesville has received more and more funding from the state and less percentage from local taxes. Well, the state is cutting back; just like most government bodies that are receiving less tax revenue due to the recession. Painesville City Local Schools has a large financial void to fill.
I have put some numbers together to show you what these two levys could do to your property taxes. I will tell you now that neither Lakeland or Painesville City schools have mentioned what programs would end if these levies fail.
Along with a disclaimer I am not telling you to vote yes or no on either levy. This is a decision you and your family must make for yourselves.
I would really like to hear input on this from both sides.

Lets say you are a Painesville homeowner with a house of say around $98,000. in selling value.
What will these levies cost you?
Here is the formula I used and it works for anyone's assessed home value.
Based on a $34,470 assessed home value of the above $98,000 home [County Aditor]

Divide the assessed value by 1000.
In this case it equals 34.470
Painesville School Levy
34.470 X 6 Mil = $206.82
X 87.5% =$180.97 on this property in 2011.
Painesville resident currently paying $34.22 in taxes on the present 6 mil. levy
Increase $146.75 per year.

Lakeland Community College
34.470X 1.7 Mils.= $58.60
X 87.5%=$51.28
Painesville resident currently paying $8.37 on present 1.7 mils. levy
Increase $42.91.
I believe in 2010 these two levies cost Painesville homeowners $42.59
I believe in 2011 these two levies cost Painesville homeowners $232.25
Remember these are not new taxes only [REPLACEMENT] Levies.

Unlike an election where you can chose between different people,
tax increases depend more on what you can afford at the present time. If a person was presently unemployed, I could see very few reasons why he or she would vote "YES'.
By the same thinking if your position at work has changed and you received a promotion and salary increase at work, or had children in the system or attending Lakeland you might see this as a good value.

My point on bringing this forward is in Painesville's case this was voted on by the school board July 12, 2010; when are they planning to bring the facts forward to us?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

"SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL" rolling stones

Took Adams advice. Although I know the Bear, I was offered a sit-down conversation over tea to get his side of this whole Millstone mess.
I will again frame this as a fractured fairy tale with the same main characters as in the past.

As I stepped into the Bear Den, I asked the Bear what the Hell was his purpose of upsetting all the rabbits, along with the Queen over blocking this settlement? Don't we have enough problems here in Oz?
He was in no hurry to answer me, only to hand me papers for me to view.
The first piece of paper that drew my interest explained the cancellation of 2,700,000 jars of honey if the rabbit dens flooded and then replacing it with 300,000jars of honey! Who-ever was in charge of the rabbit dens really screwed this one up. This is where the whole problem really begins after the 500 year flood.
The rabbits are decimated and the Queen knows it; funny, the Queen showed nowhere near as much concern for the Squirrels on Chestnut Lane, or the Chipmunks on Nelson Lane... only for the poor stupid rabbits who went along with the rabbit association to cancel flood insurance.
The Queen has an outstanding loan to the big state POOBAH that she owes over a million jars of honey to in interest. she came up with an idea to give the land to the big POOBAH in exchange for forgiving the interest on the honey. One problem... did the Queen or her Merry men look at a map to see how the parcels of land by the rabbits' dens were divided? I think not! And neither does the Bear. As it stands the Queen will give every rabbit with a den along the river 88,000 jars of honey, on something that has only a total value of 195,000 jars of honey. Do the math: 88,000times 38. So the Bear is happy because he only wants 75,000 jars of honey each for his other five parcels of land along the river. 'Nothing doing!' cried the Queen's sharks... "She already made the deal with the Grand POOBAH and now you want something from her? She will give this passive land to the POOBAH and promise to take care of it forever at no cost or revenue from the POOBAH". "So its not really a Park?" inquired the Bear. "What about my parcels?" asked the Bear. "Take it up with the Grand Owl, let him decide." she said. "Ok," answered the Bear, "I'm in no hurry."
The Queen inquired "What would you do with the river land?" "Rebuilt the rabbit dens and sell these homes back to rabbits" he answered. "That's crazy!" shouted the Queen, "We could have another 500 year flood tomorrow!" "Yes," he said, "Or we could wait 496 more years. And so your bright idea is to build homes in a Marsh Swamp along with thinking that rabbits want to live on the old Rabbit mending and birthing home in your nonexistent commerce center? And by the way, how much did that new rabbit field across the River where the rabbits play cost? Isn't anyone concerned about that flooding?" The Bear then asked the Queen "How can you sell something to the Great POOBAH that you dont even own? Along with telling your subjects that no local honey will be used when right here is a paper stating that your Kingdom will provide 286,743 jars of honey?"

Did your subjects know about a picnic on Sunday August 15, 2010 where you passed out a "Statement of Fair Compensation" was passed out? The Bear wonders when his Statement of Fair Compensation will arrive?

I asked the Bear how long all this would take? His answer: "The horses haven't even left the barn yet..." I mentioned he wasn't getting any younger.... to which he replied "I'm going to live at least another forty years...it will take me that long to upset everybody I want to". I then asked him about his mortality...if he had any concerns about going to
Heaven or Hell....he said he had thought that through and has decided to go to neither...but he will pay off the elevator operator so he can decide where we will go. With this logic I believe all the rabbits in town will be paying him the honey that the Queen has conveniently left off the table.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Went to the school board meeting last Monday to see if there would be any mention of the levy, along with the chance to meet the new board member. Mr. Powers did not attend his first meeting. I am sure their is a very good reason but none was given. Mr. Thompson also wasn't present but he is at home recuperating from hip surgery.
At the beginning of the last school year I believe Mr. Bull head of curriculum set a 7% goal of overall grade along test improvement. He had the teachers along with the administration on board. At the time part of me thought 7% whey not try 5% and another side telling me that 10% should have been the minimum goal. Well we failed to go up very much at all even dropping in some areas. Mr. Bull seemed very perplexed along with even going back and looking for a pattern.
During the comment time I mentioned there was absolutely nothing wrong with Mr. Bulls plan and the teachers also must have carried out their end of the program.
The students along with their parents lacked the desire to make this goal. Most students look at school as a social event along the lines of "Saved by the Bell." most parents view the system as nothing more then a glorified babysitting service.

Someone somehow must get through to these students that a life on public assistance or a non-living wage is not the answer.
Mr. Bull don't pull the plug yet, and to some in the administration and board please don't get the idea that throwing more money at the situation is the answer.
Just a thought but could students look at our 50% policy as another way of telling them, we don't think you can do the work on your own.
Where in life experiences will they ever run into this 50% policy again?
just a thought their are only seven school districts in Notheast Ohio lower then us. That includes Cleveland, East Cleveland and Akron.
People in Painesville can complain about property values, rental property, zoning along with putting a flower pot in front of every building in town.
Painesville will never improve without it having a high ranking school system. Painesville City ever gets into the top three in school systems in Lake County people will flock to buy in Paine Falls.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Went to the Painesville Planning Commission Meeting to see if they could rezone Condon Ct. so just maybe that family could move into their home before the snow flies. It passed to R2 and now rests in councils hands.
Got a lesson on what an Internet cafe was at the meeting. Some Willoughby Hills business men want to start an Internet cafe. in the empty storefront in the plaza where Dunkin' Donuts business is located?
Locate a business that charges a quarter a minute to go on the internet [$18.00 per hr.] and sell coffee next to a Dunkin'Donuts? Morley Library lets you on their computers for free.
Well they explained that they also will have a copy machine........along with sweepstakes game machines [ owned by a business in New Jersey} patrons could win thousands of dollars on as they are in the cafe on the Internet. Can't touch that Morley, can you?
This could be a better scam then check cashing businesses. Now I figured out why you would locate this "Casino" in the poorest section of Painesville.
What did the planning commission do? Well as long as you have one parking space per 100 sq.ft. They all voted yes?
After the meeting I asked the planning commission along with members of the administration if they might have a clue what just happened? A commission member told me the issue in front of them was "parking."
I asked if there would be parental controls at their work stations,
All in all I will start saving my quarters and be gaming as I blog.
Painesville you gota love it, you can't make this stuff up.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Who are these strangers? Some have complained that this blog goes off the reservation with some of its posts? Well, I'd like to think that everyone is within six degrees of Council President Joe Hada. Here are two news stories from around the country that prove my theory.
First the President of the United States Of America, Barack Obama on Air Force One being lobbied by a Southern Ohio Democrat as to why his district needs 17 million dollars for a gas line funded by the American people so Meigs County can run their ill-fated AMP-Ohio coal plant on natural gas.[Wonder if anyone will suggest building the plant where an existing gas line already is?]
Then, in the Republican strong hold of Martinsville Virginia, that city's government is still trying to figure out their AMP-OHIO deal; and a quote by the City of Painesville's City Manager Rita McMahon makes headlines in their newspaper. [I wonder if they think we know anything more then they do?]
My point is that it seems wherever you go, Painesville is in the nation eye....
along with Painesville's officals singing "I did it my way."


AMP shifts focus on Ohio plant

Sunday, April 18, 2010
By MICKEY POWELL - Bulletin Staff Writer

American Municipal Power (AMP), from which Martinsville buys wholesale electricity, still may build a power plant at an Ohio location where a similar project recently was discontinued.
Meanwhile, AMP member cities, including Martinsville, continue to try and find out how much money they owe toward the halted project.
Participants in the American Municipal Power Generating Station (AMPGS) project decided during a meeting April 7 to further examine a site in Meigs County, Ohio, to determine if it is suitable for construction of a plant using natural gas to produce electricity, according to an AMP release.
Martinsville Electric Department Superintendent Dennis Bowles was at that meeting in Columbus, Ohio, according to City Manager Clarence Monday. Bowles did not return phone calls for comment on the meeting.
In November, the coal-fired AMPGS project was discontinued because cost estimates from contractors came in too high.
That was one of three projects in which Martinsville City Council in February 2008 entered into agreements to participate in for 40 years.
The release states that if the Meigs County site is determined suitable for a natural gas-fired plant, construction would depend on whether economic and infrastructure incentives and tax abatements are received for the project.
AMP also had been considering a site in the Danville area for a natural gas-fired plant. The release indicates that site no longer will be considered if the Meigs County project receives the incentives and abatements.
As an alternative to that project, AMP is exploring options to “partner with a third party” or buy one of several other natural gas-fired power plants being developed in the region surrounding Meigs County, the release says.
A final decision on the Meigs County site is expected in early summer, the release adds.
Martinsville buys more than 30 percent of its wholesale power through AMP, an Ohio organization owned by its member cities. Those cities, which include Martinsville, then sell the power to customers of their electric departments.
City officials and consultants have said that by taking part in AMP projects, it could be cheaper for the city to buy power from projects that it has some control over than rely solely on the wholesale power market, which has been subject to price fluctuations.
Martinsville’s pro-rated share of the development costs of the ceased Meigs County project has been estimated at $2.08 million. Councilman Danny Turner has expressed fear that the actual amount could be much more.
City officials have said whatever Martinsville owes can be paid over a 10- to 15-year period through its costs for electricity bought through AMP.
Monday said AMP officials told AMPGS participants that “it could be 12 to 18, or even 24, months” before they find out how much they actually owe toward the development costs.
That is due to ongoing litigation between AMP and a contractor involved in the project, city officials have said.
“We don’t have a schedule yet” and do not know when a final cost will be determined, AMP Senior Communications Director Kent Carson said Friday.
Monday would not discuss information he received from the April 7 meeting. He said he understands AMP considers it to be “business confidential” and so it is not appropriate to release it publicly.
A memo that the Painesville City Council in Ohio received on April 12 from Painesville City Manager Rita McMahon regarding the April 7 meeting states that “the final determination of costs will be complicated by complex legal issues.”
Those issues include “the termination of supplier and contractor contracts and wrap-up of construction activities at the Meigs County site,” McMahon wrote in the memo.
AMPGS participants, the memo states, were told during the meeting that “no AMP member community will be invoiced for, or pay any of these costs, until a detailed accounting is completed, made available to the participants and reviewed by them.”
“This final determination is not expected for some time,” the memo adds.
McMahon did not return calls for comment on the memo, a copy of which was provided to the Martinsville Bulletin by Turner. He said he received his copy by e-mail from Sandy Buchanan, executive director of Ohio Citizens Action, a nonprofit, grassroots consumer advocacy organization.
Buchanan could not be reached for comment. Turner said the memo “didn’t have any confidential stamp on it.”
Painesville is a city of comparable population to Martinsville in northeast Ohio, near Cleveland. AMP’s web site says Painesville is a member of the organization.


Obama hears case for AMP in Meigs

POMEROY — “Two weeks ago while US Congressman Charlie Wilson was flying aboard Air Force One with President Barack Obama, the topic of how to keep Meigs County as a viable site for American Municipal Power was a topic of conversation, according to Wilson.

AMP has said it’s considering redesigning the Letart Falls site into a natural gas-fired power plant. However, for all the advantages the site had as a coal-fired power plant, there is a major hitch in the plan to convert the design to natural gas – namely, no gas line. Wilson said he has asked for $17 million in federal funds to run a natural gas line to the proposed plant, putting it at the top of his list for appropriations in his 12-county district.

Wilson said he received a favorable response from President Obama about the situation and two days after the conversation aboard Air Force One received a phone call from US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu saying the $17 million will be the top appropriation from the US Department of Energy in an upcoming spending bill.”

— Beth Sergent, Pomeroy Daily Sentinel

Sunday, August 8, 2010

"TAXMAN" beatles

Some of you should go on line or buy todays Plain Dealer. Front page stories on how all five of the states retirement funds have refused to disclose any information to the paper even as they ask for millions more taxpayer contributions just to stay afloat.
The newspapers want to investigate the practice of "double dipping" and the growing cost to the system.
After years of hearing how we must raise the age to receive our social security which funds are in some crazy lock-box, and has been used to pay to even fund wars.
The state employee fund still lets people retire with 25 or 30 years of service? Now they want more money from us. Along with at the same time letting city administrators retire and come back and receive a salary. Did the city employee scam the system or retire. Retirement means retire. Words don't mean what they say. Retire
and come back for more. Illegal doesn't mean illegal either.
The city should stop this practice or at least make the general public aware this practice is going on in Painesville.
Don't worry they won't. Now here's an issue for the tea party about government waste and largeness but will they care?
These young retirees don't even pay city income tax on this early retirement money.
Teamster Central State Pension Fund will cut off your pension if they catch you driving a truck for money after you retire.
I'm with Badger and Kathy Sak ALL federal, state, local government are financially out of control!
Do they work for us, or do we work for them?

Oh, and while were at it lets raise property taxes with new levys, we need more money to provide services.
I'd like to hear from the other two reading this site.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I wish I could tell you 8-4 12:19.... Anymore than the News-Herald reporter did. All and all he did a pretty good job. I don't think there was one person in the room who wasn't somewhat confused, including the people making the presentation. They did everything in their power to not use the word "fine." At a council meeting last month the city manager made the statement that our part of the fine was $4,200.00 now at Mondays meeting we first were told that amount plus $75,000.00 later it was revised to $85,000.00 plus the $4,200.00? We were led to believe this was an energy saving program, truth is the only thing we seem to be saving is AMP's rear-end. The only thing missing from that meeting was Vito holding a violin case, and Sal holding on to his lapel. We want you to instead of paying the $89,000 to become "Full -Partners and pay $350,000 for the next three years? Hey maybe we'll just pay our part of the mitigation "fine" and move on. Well, that number could change and be a lot higher, we don't really know how much you'll end up paying? Becoming a "Full- Partner is a good idea I believe? But, we really don't want to spend this kind of money, Oh, I believe it would be in Painesville best interest to go our way. Hey don't forget about the "special" light bulbs along we the rebate for that old refrigerator in the garage. I asked three other people who watched the proceedings and we all got the impression the city manager along with the council president were leaning to become "Full Partners."
One thing you can count on from AMP is never getting a final cost.
Someone from the Justice Department should ask for AMPS records as to how much steam they have sold to nearby industries over the past 22 years, along with records of what AMP charged it "communities" to run Gorsuch? Finally what is AMPS exposure in this fine and mitigation? Seems they passed all that to trusting communities?
This is the cartoon can't wait for the main feature "MEIGS COUNTY"

Checked with the board of elections this morning the two Charter changes passed mustard and will be on the November ballot. Wow! that wasn't that hard after all. Didn't Mr. Werner promise a charter change for a Mayor instead of a City Manager? Go for it Hal I like to see you keep one promise. Win or lose let them know we will hold them responsible.

As far as the school levy, why wait until the last day to get on the ballot. What's the big secret? There must be an interesting reason. I wonder if this is the transparency the board talked about?

An editorial in the News-Herald yesterday concerning illegal immigration they mentioned an F.B.I. program called "secure communities"
basically it check's F.B.I. criminal records. Watch Ms. Dahlberg come out of the bushes over this. You have to wonder If our Sheriff along with the County Commissioners would go for this program? No money, along with not wanting to upset their campaign contributors in the east end of the county?
I would be willing to make a donation to this program just to end the "How do you know their illegal?"

Town Hall meeting last month at Andy Flocks house was one of the better ones in a while. Another councilman attended and almost jump out of their skin when a middle-aged lady alleged that a city building inspector told her she was from her insurance company taking pictures of her yard? We wondered what qualifications this inspector carried top receive her almost $50,000 a year job from the city? She sure isn't the welcome wagon. Off hand I believe this employee needs some training on respecting her real employers the taxpayers of Painesville. Other stories were told about this inspector the ones on Fobes St. was the best. A resident asked if you complained would there be any repercussion? I will show her the four pictures of the 100 new sidewalk blocks that we installed last year with another alleged city employee explaining who was the cause of all this.
One resident complained about a conversation he had with a police officer, he felt all residents were treated as crack heads or bums.
To respond last month my grandson who's two loves are trains, and fire engines was treated to a great conversation with a caring Painesville firefighter at the station. He left that meeting with a lot more respect for what our safety forces do.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"UPSIDE DOWN" chicago

Well the Arizona law was, for the most part, put on hold. An interesting question did come up: if states can not make or enforce state laws, are "sanctuary" cities legal?
As I have stated numerous times, if you want to lose an election... tell your voters you are for comprehensive immigration policy. Although I believe the Obama administration and other Democrats are on the wrong side of this issue, one thing pops out. This administration has deported more illegals and cracked down on more employers who hire them. Did we all forget about George Bush's buddy Johnny Sutton? His wisdom was to put border guards in jail. To President Bush's credit, he did pardon them as he left office.
It seems everything in this country is presently upside down inside out. Sorta like the Sixties?
People who broke the law to be here now want "rights" Did it ever dawn on them that the reason we have rights is we followed the laws? Along with them still marching and complaining.
In this time when we are at war, along with oil spilling into the gulf. we spend an hour to watch where some guy from Akron is going to play basketball next year, and at the same time explain loyalty to us?
This Miami experiment in my eyes just won't work unless the NBA changes its rules and start playing games with three balls.
Everytime I think its all going to pot I am blessed by reading something like this editorial that was in last weeks News-Herald

"Second-class citizen"

Today, I watched on C-Span a hearing on the new "Comprehensive Immigration Bill." Today my citizenship became second class behind that of the 12 million illegal immigrants, 60 percent of whom are from Mexico.
Our government has allowed the illegal immigrants to break our laws, take our jobs, crowd our schools, cost our hospitals billions of dollars and still we have no say, no vote.
Our Presidents, Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama, have conspired with Mexican presidents, Mr. Fox and Mr. Calderon, to allow illegals free passage to our country, and in doing so, jobs.
Mexico encourages their citizens to enter our country because it needs the money the illegals send home, as it is the second highest means of commerce in Mexico.
They encourage 450,000 to 900,000 workers every year to leave Mexico so their own economy does not collapse.
No one cares - not our representatives nor our senators, nor especially the employers who hire the illegals - that our US citizenry is suffering severe unemploymentand depressed wages.
Our country and our sovereignty are at risk. But still these men and women who are aupposed to represent us push for "amnesty."
The laws they push state that the illegals must earn citizenship. They must go to the back of the line. Where is that? Well, America, it is here! They keep their illegal job, pay a small fine and pay taxes. But where is the punishment for breaking our laws? The punishment is ours, the citizenry of the good ol' U.S. of A. Our children, our country.
We are going to get the shaft again. The biggest punishment is the erosion of our vote. We will now be behind another special interest group.
The Democrats want the vote, the Republicans the cheap labor.
Wake up America. How much more destruction from our so-called representatives of the peope can we take?
Jacqueline Bell

Jacqueline gets it how many of the rest do?

Example Its not a fine, its mitigation. Well what if we don't join the mitigation? Well then you are subject to the fine?
You can pay $88,000 or become a full partner for a million dollars over three years? No it not like that. Thats what you said?
Anyway this is to some of us old enough to remember going to movies back in the day. This was the Gorsuch cartoon, before the main feature Meigs County.