Sunday, June 29, 2014


 Or we could sing Good-by Red Painted Crosswalks?

As you drive through the Downtown Painesville you can see "streescape" taking shape? You also view city crews tearing up the area around Veterans Park replacing the red painted crosswalks with cement "fake" red brick crosswalks.

Now I've been paying attention to council meeting and somehow I missed where council appropriate the funds for this project. Streetscape encompasses from the Nolan Building to State St. So that Grant money was not used and please tell me street levy funds were not used. So will someone explain where the funds came to do this crosswalk project? As well as who decided this project? Is it really a top priority for the city?

Why I bring this up is a few years ago we had residents in Painesville with rust contaminating the city water going to their homes. What do you expect with a 91 year old waterline? The council nor the administration could not find funds to replace the waterline. I guess just live with it! The solution was $10.00 fee a month from residents and an increase to commercial users. So I beg to ask where did the city find the funds for the fake brick crosswalks?

Another interesting note as the crews dug the new foundation for these crosswalks they dug up many of the original brick. might have noticed I used the word fake twice already. This project should remind residents how fake things are around town. We even considered fake storefronts at on time. But then again no residential fee was asked for this  crosswalk project. Must have been in the 2014 budget right?

Friday, June 27, 2014


Well it's getting to be that time again. Fairport Mardi-Gras time. This year we have an added attraction. The bridge going into Fairport Harbor is down to one lane. Presently traffic lights at either end of the bridge signal if you can go south or northbound. This will tie up traffic. Now I have been told UNOFFICALLY that parade night the bridge will be southbound only.

 Meaning the only way into Fairport will be St. Clair St., State St., Skinner Ave. and Rt. 535 (Fairport-Nursery Rd.).

What kind of traffic patterns will this detour make? Will we have traffic backed-up on the Painesville streets mentioned? Will Rt. 2 be backed up to the point that traffic will come to a stop? Causing a dangerous situation?

Will Painesville Police need to direct traffic in the city? At our expense?

Why can't Richmond St. be northbound only in the two or three hour's before the parade? As well as St. Clair? Leaving Fairport Nursery Rd. the only way out of Fairport.

Once the parade has started reverse Richmond St. to southbound traffic only. So people can leave?

This may seem like a small matter to some of you but can we avoid a mess on parade and fireworks night.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE" guns & roses

Remember a while back when I brought up the fence in front of Your Vine or Mine? My interest in the fence was less about the fence but what procedures were used to grant the variance of the fence. At that time neither the city Planning Board, Board of Zoning Appeals or even City Council had reviewed or voted on granting this variance. My question why have all these government entities if by an unelected official could grant a request without even consulting anybody?

Well consider this;

In addition to the specific prohibitions outlined in this chapter, no person shall unreasonably make, continue to cause to be made, continued  or permitted, any noise disturbance. This section shall not apply to noncommercial public speaking and public assembly activities conducted on any public space or public right of way.
(ord.9-82 Passed 4-19-82.)

The using or firing of explosives, firearms, or similar devices which create impulsive sound so as to cause a noise disturbance across a residential real property boundary or on a public space or right of way, without first obtaining a special variance.

So the next question to ask is who or how this variance is granted in the City of Painesville.

Bookmark539.07  SPECIAL VARIANCES.

   (a)   The Safety Director or his designated representative shall have the authority, consistent with this section, to grant special variances.

   (b)   Any person seeking a special variance pursuant to this section shall file an application with the Safety Director, or his designated representative. The application shall contain information which demonstrates that bringing the source of sound or activity for which the special variance is sought into compliance with this chapter would constitute an unreasonable hardship on the applicant, on the community or on other persons. Notice of an application for a special variance shall be given by the Safety Director or his representative to persons who frequent the area of the sound or activity and who may be adversely affected by the granting of the variance. Any individual who claims to be adversely affected by allowance of the special variance may file a statement with the Director or his representative containing any information to support his claim.

   (d)   Application for extension of time limits specified in special variances or for modification of other substantial conditions shall be treated like applications for initial special variances.

   (e)   The Safety Director or his designated representative may issued guidelines approved by Council defining the procedures to be followed in applying for a special variance and the criteria to be considered in deciding whether to grant a special variance.

   (f)   Enforcement of this chapter shall be stayed as to any person filing an application for a special variance pursuant to this section, until such time as the application is acted upon by the Safety Director or his designated representative. 

(Ord. 9-82.Passed 4-19-82.)

Now when it comes to Atwell's Gun Range I would like to see the special variance along with  an explanation why this variance is handled differently than others. Again I can find no resident in the area around in the last thirty years ever receiving a letter from the city. Were there any stipulation to the granting of this variance?

To Councilman DeLeone do you now understand why this has little to do with sound decibels?

Monday, June 23, 2014


By now most of you must have heard about the big dinner Thursday night   "Farm to Table Dinner" at the county courthouse. This is a fundraiser for the Downtown Painesville Organization.

Greek spinach pie, Strawberry rhubarb gazpacho,  Grilled Asian salad with miso vinaigrette, Seared strip steak, with wilted Asian greens, mushroom, ponzu & spicy leek, and Pork tenderloins with smoked apple chutney, fresh vegetable slaw along with pies and Domestic wines.

You know the usual Painesville Dinner Fare.

Now it's to late to go........ all 100 seats are sold out at $100.00 a seat plus tip.

Now if more than 10 people who attend this "Farm to Table" dinner live within the city limits of Painesville it will come as a surprise to me. But remember  it's for a good cause.

Now on the same June 26, 2014 Thursday night you could also attend Councilman Andy Flocks annual Hot Dog Picnic down along the river at Rec Park. Andy's "Grill to Stomach" Dinner event  the fee is FREE to all Painesville residents. If you so choose bring a side dish to share with others great.
You can also share your concerns about Downtown Painesville.

Sorry no wilted Asian greens wanted. Have to look up what's ponzu?

Monday, June 16, 2014

"YESTERDAYS PAPERS" rolling stones

Great article in Sundays News-Herald written by Devon Turchan on the rise and fall of Painesville. He used lifetime resident Tony Torre and the analogy of restoring a classic car to restoring a classic city.

As Mr. Torre claimed he was unimpressed with the Main St. streetscape for many reasons such is how will you plow snow?
The analogy of rebuilding a classic car is to not first purchase new whitewall tires and hubcaps along with not doing any major engine or body work.

Former city manager Rita McMahon believes the city "has turned the corner" and is very optimistic. Sorry I'm not and when the resident get to see what 1.3 million dollars in grant and general fund revenue buys them on Main St. I believe many will think the same. Again lipstick and a wig.

Nothing will revitalize our downtown until Painesville finds an anchor store to promote business. Then where on Main St. would you put it? First the commerce than the improvements.

I have always considered the streetscape project to be Mr. Hada's and Ms. McMahon's own little mini urban renewal project. Sorta takes the peoples minds off of what's going on.

Friday, June 13, 2014

"NEW KID IN TOWN" eagles

Hardly the new kid! Yet I don't how he's treated or why?

I speak of Richard Tibbits well known in Painesville as a "landlord" Well yes he is and he is not a slumlord.

Richard over the years has made a sizeable investment in property in Painesville. Recently he purchased the Hillside office Building across from the old hotel. Now I know that may not be as glamorous  as a $3.00 gourmet cupcake bakery or the annual bi-annual  black tie grand opening of the Gage House. The fact remain along with property tax the building is also providing the city with income tax again not exciting but a plus for Painesville.

(A correction is needed here Extended Housing purchased the Hillside Building  on the recommendation of Mr. Tibbits who is a board member)

Now my gripe. 

Recently a grand opening was held last month some attending were county commissioner Dan Troy, state senator John Eklund and many others. I question Richard  "it would have been nice if you had invited the city representatives." His answer "I did."  I did notice Jen Reed from the downtown organization. I then wondered why all the no show?

Could it because Richard decided to run against one of the chosen ones for council? Former council-president Hada wouldn't even sign his petition to run. Was it because of his work on the housing task force that the former city manager all but dismantled it when they questioned some city policies? Was his objection to the city's involvement with the AMP-OHIO electric deals where what he told them in 2007 has all come true? Maybe going to POC meetings?

Yes Richard might be viewed as a dissenter do to some of his views on what goes on around town. For good reason besides his love for Painesville. His investment's are here. Property values drop, or taxes go up it affects him more than most.

Dissent? Anybody who believes the city has made all the right decisions in the last 50 years is simply out of their minds. Painesville's idea of leadership is "my way or the highway." Where has that got us?

Maybe it's time the "movers & shakers" listen with two ears and speak with one mouth?

Sunday, June 8, 2014

"IF YOU DON'T KNOW ME BY NOW" harold melvin & the blue notes

Being under the weather the past month I have missed the last two council meetings and have only viewed them on video. Something's get lost by not actually attending but you still get the drift.

It seems council is more concerned with someone getting hit in the head by a rake than the city bleeding thousand and thousands of dollars on an ill conceived power plant deal? First off Prairie State blew a hole the size of a semi-trailer in it building shutting the plant down on May 24, May 28 Painesville still hadn't been notified of the "incident". Owner's in name only? Councilman Flock informed the city on the morning of the 28th. Even the electric department was unaware of the situation until informed by the city manager. AMP-OHIO transparency?

Councilman Flock again called for council to get involved and was met by definite silence. The bonds of Rita McMahon and Joe Hada the two main instigators of this deal must run deeper than I even thought. Any thoughts who Painesville person of the year will be next year?

A friend even made the case for even a simpler answer. "It's not their money" he added if I thought Councilmembers Fodor or DiNallo  were involved in a bad personal deal wouldn't they doing everything in their power to get to the bottom or out of this deal? I don't see Fodor telling his wife we have to collect more  "data". Or DiNallo telling her husband "We don't want to upset the neighbor's"

Now the administration shows little need to get concerned just write the check and make the payment out of the electric fund or the power factor. Honestly why be concerned Mr. McHugh gets paid twice a month no matter what the cost's are, this along with the rest of the administration seem to not concern themselves with the shareholder citizen's of Painesville. Knowing all along that the damage being done today will only be questioned years from now after their long gone.

Councilman Flock forget the letters, ask for a resolution to hold-up payment to AMP until they live up to their end of the contract. Put the payments in escrow. My guess is AMP will threaten a lawsuit. and  Painesville should tell them bring it on, lets expose this larceny to the public.

Maybe I'm wrong . We just might want a council who's main concern happens to be rakes, carriage rides, putting a wig and lipstick on a pig and trying to convince everyone it ain't what it is. Spending over a million dollars on a Main St. pipedream when the city's infrastructure seems to be crumbling.

Wonder what day in November we will start rebuilding our streets? Seem's everyone else does this in the summer months