Friday, February 27, 2009


In the last week I have received numerous e-mails about a blog. site having to do with a city hall administrator. The site has almost 300 hits so its not a secret around town.
If its an ugly revenge site that has no truth get the person doing it to end it. If its true council, and the law director must step in to do an investigation into the administrators role in this. Sorry, but theres no rug at city hall big enough to sweep this under.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Today is Fat Tuesday, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, that means Friday is the start of the annual Fish Frys every Friday through Lent. Who has the best Fish Fry? Which restaurant, club, organization, bar whatever has the best deal for a family, couples, singles, seniors. Types of fish served, price. I would like to keep this with a Painesville Fare but if you know somewhere special let us all know.


Thursday night meeting 02/26/09 starting at 7:00p.m. at the new "Huntington School" on Elm St.
Special guests will be Cynthia Moore-Hardy President and CEO. of Lake Hospital System.
Also attending will be Gary Robinson V.P. of Government and Community Affairs.
They will be there to address concerns and questions on the closing of LakeEast Hospital and the opening of the new Tri-Point Hospital opening this fall in Concord.
This should be a very informative meeting and is open to all residents of Painesville.

I asked Councilman Flock if at a future meeting we could have representatives from AMP-OHIO and Concerned Citizens for a Clean Ohio to answer residents concern about the new coal power plant being built in Meigs County Ohio both partys being given equal time to address this important decision.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


This is a reprint of Fridays 02/20/09 Editorial


Big changes are coming to Painesville.
Three developments caused city planners to approve a master plan that will evolve over the next 10 to 15 years.
Lake Hospital System's closure of LakeEast Hospital at 10 E. Washington St. LHS will open TriPoint Medical Center in Concord Township this fall.
Painesville School District has opened new schools and constructing others, including a Harvey High School which will vacate its building at 167 W.Washington St. after the school year.
The private Lake Erie College, 391 W. Washington St.has experienced impressive growth in enrollment, and there are some off-campus sites.
City leaders wnvision Lake Erie College students walking through parks to get to downtown Painesville. Meanwhile, residents neighborhoods will rise where Harvey and the hospital currently stand.
While the city will need money to demolish some buildings, the plan officials have laid out our feasible.
We commend them for not wringing their hands amid signification changes. They're taken the initiative to ask what Painesville should do next.
It will take more than just city government's involvement, however. Lake Erie College has ambitious leaders who will make willing partners to improve the city.
Other groups must step forward to help boost Painesville for the years to come.

Painesville needs to find a rich uncle or a Sugerdaddy to make some of these plans reality. Is the present administration good enough salesmen to sell this vision?
What was meant Painesville must find the money to demolish buildings? Do we demolish something if nothing is being built there?
What about the present economy?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


A yellow flyer showed up in my door the other day.

The proposed AMP-OHIO cal plant:
A bad deal for Painesville electric customers and a huge public health mistake
AMP-OHIO an association of municipal utilities, is proposing to build a 3.3 billion-plus coal plant in southeastern Ohio. AMP-OHIO convinced its member communities to agree to binding,50-year contracts which would lock-im residents and business to pay for the costs of building the plant until 2057. Painesville City Council voted to participate in construction of this coal fired power plant on October 15,2007.

The "take or pay" contract means that electric ratepayers will have to pay no matter what it ends up costing and no matter what better alternatives become available.

It's not to late to cancel this deal and find a better alternative

The member communities of AMP-OHIO who are participating have the right to cancel the contract before AMP-OHIO gives the final "notice to proceed" to the contractor. The date for this notice has not been set, and the schedule has already been delayed several times.
Circumstances have changed significantly since this plant was first proposed in2002. The rising costs of this plant and the changing environment for energy alternatives means that AMP-OHIO members should make wise decision to find a more productive and environmentally sound way to spend over $3 billion.

If AMP-OHIO cancels this plant, they would not be alone.A total of 38 proposed coal plants have been canceled across the country in the past two years by utilities and public officials who have decided to seek alternatives.

The back of the page was filled with all the environmental information, and its affect on public health.

Ohio Citizen Action

Anybody with a comment?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Someone took me up on a guest post. Marry Poppins he/she has a comment to post.

Alot has been said about the ecomomy in Painesville in the past couple of months. Tommorrow another day our public servants have off, Monday the 16th, one that most of the people in Painesville have to be at work. I wonder if there is one councilperson with enough guts to pass a resolution to freeze wages and pay grades for the employees of Painesville City at least for one year? Do any of you know anyone in private industry getting raises? Unions tell them take it or leave it. Now we will see if this town has any leadership. Every Employee even City Hall.

No changes were made in this post. TERM>>

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I have been told Tuesday's Varsity Basketball game will be the last time Harvey High's Gym will be used for a Varsity sport, it wouldn't hurt to renew some memories that night.
I have to ask will the gym at the "New" Harvey High be named after Coach John D'Angelo? I sure hope so, anyone know?

Friday, February 13, 2009


To alot of you who think everything is Grand in Painesville. Help me out here can you tell me somethimgs the City has done in the last 20 years to improve the quality of life in town? I believe the biggest was the construction of all the new schools, but thats the Board of Education. What about City Hall?

Monday, February 9, 2009


Can we work on just five priorities for Painesville?
Does council or the admistration have a priorty list? Council doesnt seem to follow the Comprehensive Plan,heading in many directions at once. I would like the residents of Painesville to post on this site five "doable" priorities for Painesville that we can look back in five years as accomplishments.

Also has anyone have any new information about the Lakeview Bluffs development?
Has the economy crippled this project? and what do we do with the big hole off of Elm St. where they moved the soil to the other side of the river?

Friday, February 6, 2009


It seems people like hearing about Painesville past. I will add afew more for people to think about. Feel free to jump in with your own trivia, as I found out it wasn't W.T. Grants but G.G. Grant Department store. W.T. Grants was a department store that must have been in the Painesville Shopping Center. I found an old ad for Lake Rambler that gave the address as 70 N.St. Clair St.
Try these;

Its 1963 you are a Painesville Policeman what make and color is your cruiser?
Its 1960 you are a Lake County Deputy Sheriff what are you driving?
Treon Sunshine Dairy where was their processing plant, and what color were their trucks?
Browns Furniture Store was at 27 N. Stae St. what was the furniture store at 45 N. State St.
The date of April 13,1957 what makes this date so important to Lake Erie College?
There is an empty lot on the southeast corner of Jackson and N. St.Clair St. what did they sell and what brand?
One more, describe what was "Frizzeles Freeze" and where you could purchase it?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Lets see how many of you know or remember.
Whats was the original name of the Hotel on Main St. hill?
What was there before the Hotel?
What two automobile dealerships were located in the building where Bistro 70 is now?
What was the name of the alley behind W.T. Grant, Walley Hardware, Isalys?
What month and year was the Harvey High graduate, also her name, that was a Playboy Magazine Centerfold ? One hint it was in the 70's

Also a note to Coldplay I will print your post if you provide me proof, you say you know where I live, put the proof in my mailbox if it proves out I will post it.

Now everyone go to the Playboy

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Council meeting Monday at 7:30p.m. at City Hall some of the things on the agenda;

Re-issuing of a loan/note for Renaissance Business Land Acquisition
Re-issuing of a loan/note for various Capital Improvement Loans
Second reading on the Fire Techincal Rescue Vehicle, and begin the process of a loan
Bids on a back-up generator at the WPCP plant
Permitting the city to aggregate demand Response of retail customers I believe this has to do customers that are able to generate electricity]

Curious question?

At the last council meeting a young lady was sworn in To uphold the Constitution of the United States, the State of Ohio,the ordinances and laws of the City of Painesville. This to be a member of the Painesville Zoning Commission.
Councilpeople are sworn in at the start of their terms.
My question, the City Manager the most powerful person in city government ever sworn in?