Saturday, August 30, 2008


A house was purchased in the last week or so by an Hispanic gentleman at 458 N.State ST. It is a 3-unit Apartment House. He recently informed renters they had 10 days to vacate there apartments, and he thought the units were already empty. This after he received their security deposits at the bank closing. He informed one renter he would only rent to Mexicans because of the language problem? He has been reported to the Fair Housing Commission this passed Friday. His plans include making it a 4-unit building.{Zoning anyone]. Also he is building sleeping rooms in the basement {Building Permit.} The water has been shut off.the steps to the basement removed.{Laundry Room}. This is the stuff that has to stop ENOUGH!
I will watch Councilman Flocks interaction with the proper Departments at City Hall. To make sure all Ordinances and Codes are followed. This is not the first housing deal like this in town, but I am going to keep the Citys feet to the fire on this.
Without someone bringing it up to them we will have 25 more like this in a year. Who's in charge. Will revist this in a couple weeks to see whats progress has been made.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Alot has been said about John Murphy and the "FENCE". Its seems that in the past that all school property that abutted residential property had a fence. I believe this was for both the good of the resident and the school. Look at Huntington, Lathrop, State ST. even Hobart had a fence behind the houses on Walnut St. John was campaigning in Ward 3 when someone on Lucille Ave. asked why there was no fence behind his house and school property. John took that persons concerns to the School Board and they seemed to think a fence was not warranted. John then then took his concerns to Mr, Fountain who told John it was a School Board issue. John told Mr. Fountain The people on Lucille were not residents of the School Board but Residents of the City of Painesville who you sir are supposed to represent. The rest is History. I asked John why he thought this was important. Johns reply was the people on Lucille deserve there privacy, and it backs more sense to have One type of fencing instead of a hogpoge of colors and styles of fence. The School Board has over $150,000 left for Landscaping which could include fences. HAPPY LABOR DAY ENJOY!!!!


For all you people who just want a "Positive Blogspot."
jt has started one for you.

please make him/her welcome.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Someone asked what a council person could do to help illegal law breakers. Without passing judgement. Ask yourself if you were an illegal in a Motel 6 in Arizona watching this news show, where would you go?

Monday, August 25, 2008


This meeting will be at the "NEW HUNTINGTON SCHOOL" on Elm St. Come see the new building. Andy has Assistant Superintendent Mr. Fodor coming to answer any questions about Painesville City Schools. By Thursday the State Report Card on all schools in Lake County should be published. If you have a question that might need some research maybe calling the Board office at 392-5060 will let him prepare for your question. This should be a very informative meeting, Please plan to attend.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Just to change the subject here for a second, what do some of you see in our town's future in the next 10,25 even 50 years? Is it a good,bad, or even an ugly future? I guess I'm asking is Painesville on the right track?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It has come to my attention some people on this site maybe using your blog. I.D. I found 2 posts signed TERM>> that I knew nothing about. So Batman, Karen,M&J read all sites as someone might be using your "Handle". If anyone knows how to remedy this please answer this post. I will not remove any even my own because if someone tells me the post on "this and that" on 6/13/08 wasnt theirs how do I know? Please no more unsolicited information I'll get my own. It was brought to my attention the "SELF_DEALING POLICY" was not on Painesville stationary, and not signed by anyone. In the future I will ask personally for information form the city.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Has anyone else seen the School Bus running around town labeled "Texas Migrant Council" I know we have open enrollment, but Geez!
I think the pitbull ordinance went the way of the bedsheet ordinance. Be careful out there MP.
Whats with all the SUV's with chrome fames for grills? and the 3 little teardrop portholes on the front fenders?
I dont seem to understand this Hannah Montana Miley Cirus love affair.
City Budget ...................................................80 million
City Manager...................................................$115,000
Joe Hada looking to his left at a council meeting..............PRICELESS
Does anyone remember Krogers Grocery on the square?
Fisher Foods where Model Bakery is on State St.
Last time you watched the movie "One Potato, Two Potato"?
Anyone else forsee the traffic jam at Jackson St. W. Eagle, Grant St. when school starts?
How early its getting dark?
Wonder how people that live around the schools no longer in use, will feel about the school year starting in silence?
"Party in the Park" being better than the Fair, Mardi Gras, ect.
Some gas station price of 3.69 agallon in the morning and 3.56 after 7;00p.m. in the evening 3 days in a row?

Friday, August 15, 2008


First Annual Children's Appreciation Day
Monday August 25th 9:00a.m.-4:00p.m.
Free Haircuts for kids ages 5-12
Free School Supplies
Free Food & Balloons
Free Children Finger-Printing 12:00p.m.-4:00p.m. Courtesy of:Rupert Agency
Tour a real Painesville Fire Dept. Fire Truck at 1:00p.m. {A week can't go by without a Fire Truck on this site.]
Special Apperiance By "LAKIA" Painesville Police K-9 Dog.

Thanks to all the Local Businesses, who made this possible. " SHOP LOCAL!!"
Especially Floyd at Diverse Cuts. Been getting a great cut there since November.
See you all on Main St.

jt. Something tells me your not going to like a few of the next couple posts. coming in the next few days. TERM's>> "Contrition" is over.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I guess I owe them an apology for as one person stated the "Rumor" that they would be asking for a Levy this fall. The board stated they had NO intention of asking for one. After listening to the Amdinistrations Treasurer express the financial conditions they were facing I really did not think it was a stretch to come to that conclusion."Sorry". I only hope that sometime in December they don't realize they need one and we end up paying around $9,000 for a special election in February.
They also should be congratulated for reinstating "The Pledge Of Allegiance" at Harvey THANK-YOU

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I know I stole the title, but it does bring up an interesting idea. Instead of the best this or that, give us all ideas what you think are great items on any Menu in town. This is the best deal in this resturant, there stuffed pork chops are great. best prime rib best breakfast deal, tacos, best hash browns.,BABQ ribs, pizza Let us all in on the secrets.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


At the next Council Meeting someone should bring up that all City Councilpeople, and all City of Painesville Administrators including Department heads, Law Directors, even the City Manager fill out a sheet of all family members and friends that live in the City of Painesville, that might have dealings with city government......
Insulted? your Integrity questioned? You should be. Now you have an idea what some of your city employees feel. A policy not for all but a small chosen select few. I question what right you have asking this or any other question of what city employees do outside their working hours, do you own a business, coach a sports team, what political party do you belong to. Some of us know why you would want this list, but know it wouldn't stop the problem. HOLY MARIA!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


It has been City of Painesille policy for I don't know how long to only have 1 Council Meeting in the months of July and August. 80 million Dollar budget and sometimes we act like we are Hooterville. The July meeting was on the Monday following the "Party in the Park". Alot of items had to be voted on that Monday night and I asked a few councilpeople when they got there "packet"? Friday night was the answer. Now we have the one meeting in August I'm willing to bet they will not get their "packet" until the Friday night before the Monday meeting. even when you only have one meeting a month you still only get 3 days to review what you will be voting on and only one of those is a business day. WHY? I have heard from council a lot of times they are voting on items they have not had the time to review properly. This happened on the Sewer rate increase. 3 members wanted more time before they decided to increase your sewer rates almost 17% over the next 6 years. They were forced to vote. Next time you have this happen 2 or 3 of you get up and walk out the door, than council will not have a quorum to pass anything . You do this once or twice and I bet you get your information in a more timely manner. The City Manager works for YOU, not the other way around. It only seems prudent that you have 5 business days to review all the items you vote on.
How do the Citizens of Painesville feel about this?

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Question what is Amendment #43-08 and why is the Fire Truck at the Sewage Treatment Plant? Thank-You

For over a year the City of Painesville, Shamrock Business Center Ltd. and the City of Mentor have been meeting with a Court appointed Special Master to discuss issues surrounding the development of the 300 acres Shamrock Business Center and the 2003 Court approved Judgement Entry. On Monday July 14 Mentor City Council approved an amendment to the entry which has been discussed in the meeting that permits additional residential development in the 300 acre Shamrock Business Center. The Legislation passed by Painesville City Council approved the Amendment to the June 6,2003 approved entry.
The Fire Engine is being stored at Wastewater Treatment Plant because the plant is secured and there is space to store it. It will stay there until it is determined how it will be disposed of- public or on line auction.

Thank-You City of Painesville for the answers.
Help me here. Does this judgement mean Mentor said we can build more apartments, condos, homes in the Shamrock "BUSINESS" Center, but not any businesses can be located there? Is this judgement the reasons their are no stores going into that location? I have always been told Residental Development costs a city more than it takes in?
My only answer to the Fire Truck question Isn't the Fire Station secure? It even has a roof.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


i took a poster's advice and sent an e-mail to the city site asking about Resolution #43-08 for an explaination, along with my favorite. Why is the fire truck at the waste treatment plant? I have received conformation they have my e-mail question. Maybe some of you can ask also as I might give misleading answers.
If I get an answer I will submit a lot more as this may be the way to receive answers.
As far as property taxes, yes the County, Lake Erie College,Painesville Schools, Churches, and Lake East Hospital do not pay property taxes. The city does collect payroll taxes from everyone who works in town. 3 years ago we as a city bought 16 acres from a private individual off Richmond St. we lost that property tax and it must have been pretty hefty since the administration payed $250,000 for swamp land? We just gave up the property taxes at Millstone, Gristmill wonder what we were collecting there? Rabbits and deer do not pay taxes, we took the easy way out there also. How many homes were lost in the process of building the new schools? There were at least 6 leveled for the new Harvey High School. Why wasn't that built at the first site picked off of Jackson St. We seem to be are own worse enemy.
Mentor's property taxes didnt go down, they went up! All they probably did was have a little higher grading standard than Painesville. We spent 100 million on schools, we go down? It not the way it should be is it? Buildings do not make an education.
Hazeltown Pa. all I can say is the Mayor was re-elected with 93% of the vote. because his hands weren't tied. They will never pay a dime for enforcing Federal Law and the A.C.L.U. knows it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I just feel the love! TERM likes to cause trouble? The troubles here, all I do is point it out. The Fire Truck is at the sewage treatment plant WHY? No one who answered the post gave a good reason. We bought 16 acres of land off of Richmond St. for $250,000 that mostly sits in the Grand River,which we will never be able to do anything with WHY? It goes on and on. I mislead... I ask questions that should be answered but you only get 3 minutes twice a month, and most of the time all I get are silent stares. I tell you that we in Painesville City are paying the second highest property taxes in the county,I have the sheet in front of me , and I am told I'm wrong? If you think things will end if I leave? The person who wants to be blog administrator, calls me Mary Poppins.... We are in the process of spending close to 100 million dollars on new school buildings, and our property values go down? Go figure....Do you think a Mayor would have let this housing and illegal problem get this bad? Two words Hazeltown, Pennsylvania... I have no intention of running for anything, anytime. I have lived in Painesville most of my life, and I keep coming back,I Must love the City, and am watching some thing decay. Please dont think I don't see alot of positive things happening in town also.
My name is Angelo Cimaglio and all I want is to run a well informed Blogsite.
That Phantom Amendment #40-08 can we ask what that is?

Sunday, August 3, 2008


From what I have heard the "DART" group has decided what is "Historic Downtown", a triangle that starts at General Paines statue at that little park at Washington and Mentor Ave. follows both roads down to State St. I wish this group all the luck and best wishes but......
What does this mean to the Y.M.C.A. mansion, Jackson St. School. The Railroad Station on Depot ST. and especially "Riders Inn" ?
I guess there "Pre-Historic"?


Today I received a memo "Self Dealing Policy" issued by the City Manager to the finance department,and or a utility collection employees. In it it listed common practices that any "good" employee would not need a memo to follow. The last page raised my eyebrows. Please list all current and former relatives that live in the City of Painesville. Yes I guess this means ex-wives and husbands to. WHY??? This is a policy right out of Germany in the 1930's. Who's policy is it. When did council approve this policy? The way I thought it worked is council legislates, and the administration manages, When did the administration pass by council on policy. What will the employees unions say about this policy? Two council people I talked to tonight had no idea of this happening, why weren't they informed?
If the people in town knew how much it is costing them to run this town they would be amazed. I am in the process of comparing Painesville to Willoughby. Painesville has 17,000 people Willoughby 23,000. The Mayor in Willoughby makes $85,000 and is also the Saftey Director, he has no Assistant. Painesville has a Manager making $110,000 and is also the Saftey Director, and has an Assistant who makes $84,500.
Please dont tell me she also runs three utilitiy departments because she has very good Depatment heads running the water,sewer, and electric departments, so unless shes running the front-end loader at the light plant that shouldn't be an issue.
Most people in town understood that most employees received approximately 3% raises this year. So how can some administrator get close to a $10,000.00 raise? Ask your councilperson. I guess if your happy it doesnt make much difference, the lights go on, the water for your coffee in the morning is there, and someone picks up the garbage everything is A O.K. I hope to be out of here soon, not for any reason listed above, but we need Leadership or its only going to get worse.