Sunday, August 31, 2014


Well, summer's over all the streets that were to be repaved are? Streetscape is completed, as well as the 'Bridge to Nowhere' is now the 'Bridge to Mentor Businesses.'

Not much new planned for council. The agenda is limited to Rental Dwelling Registration  and second reading  on the (CDGB) from the county that always seem to land on two blocks of Downtown Painesville.

The only suspense to Tuesday night meeting will be if the Invocation will go off on time? or will it be late?

Where's Jen Reed anyway?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

"ALICE'S RESTAURANT" arlo guthrie


Lets me take you back to the food  cuisine of a young people  growing up in the early 60's in the metropolis of Painesville. Remember this was a time before McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Arbys and Wendy's.

Just where did these young people of that era eat?

First off let's start off with Painesville's generic McDonalds 'Devines' which later became Charlie's and then it became the Pizza Parlor. I still remember the peaked red-orange roof and white ceramic sides, no sit down inside but a 15 cent hamburger 19 cent fries as well a 25 cent shake they never called them milkshakes back then there was no milk in them.

Sometimes we would wander up to Islay's for a 'real' milk shake. Still remember the looks on the waitresses faces as this traveling bunch of comrade's strolled into the Newberry's or Kresge's lunch counter's as we collected our nickel's dines and quarter's to buy a platter, everything was a platter back then. We were also known as not the greatest tippers in town?

Once I had the opportunity to escort a young lady and her mother downtown. Her mother took us to eat lunch at Carlisle's!  Carlisles's downstair's has food? none of my Little League teammates believed me. Sorry, we never had the opportunity to create havoc with those waitresses.

Downtown next to the Lake Theater Angela's Pizza. What pizza?  I can go home and eat pizza. And when Mrs. Stanzi made pizza it was like a gift from the heavens.

Chicken in Painesville? There was a corner store at Prospect and N.State St. called Jefferies. One day they closed the store and soon reopened it as Jefferies Broaster Chicken. They sold a ton of chicken. The smell of chicken alone as you sat in Mass at St. Mary's across the street.. talk about a captive audience. I sometimes wondered if Father got a cut?

We even had our own  special soft serve ice cream 'Frizzell's Freeze' with three local locations Madison Ave. Liberty and Richmond St. now the rest of the story.. After high school I went to work for Lockie-Lee Dairy that made the special 6% ice cream mix. Once while loading my truck one day I was short 20 gallons of Frizzell's Freeze the plant manager came out with two Frizzell's Freeze labels and marked them. I asked him can you do that? Hell Angelo, it's all Frizzell's Freeze. Well I asked what do they get extra?  They get to pay extra was the answer.

Nightlife? Many nights in the summer we would have sleep outs. Where we ran through the neighborhood terrorizing no one but convinced the police were out to get us. Now what was the point of filling a bag with dog poop and setting it on fire and ringing the door bell? Far better than being the first one to go to sleep. After a little fun and games we headed to the Avenue and Jerry & Bert's for a nightcap of cherry coke, that's livin'! The waitresses were also so glad to see us arrive. Many of us were in Jr. High before we grasped the concept of a tip.  Even on the occasion my father took me to Kenny Kings that was if the colonel's chicken HAD to be on sale. He'd asked me if I liked coming here? Sure I always find some change on the table, my first lesson in tipping!

Now your 16 had a license and could wander out to Manner's for a Big Boy and no more waitress now you had carhops.

You know growing up here had a lot of pluses. I'm sure I forgotten some Studio Inn and Lutz's Inn were off -limits to us.

Friday, August 29, 2014

"KNIGHT AT THE ROUNDTABLE" bill haley and the comets

Well in the past our Red Raider has been called a Knight?

Well I had a choice Thursday night Andy Flocks Town Hall Meeting or Raider Roundtable both at 7:00 pm at the Elm St. School.

Since Andy's meeting had the police chief as well as the (new city engineer sorry she was there). excused for personal reasons. I decided to go to Raider Roundtable.

Well like I mentioned before you can't blame this administration and Board for not trying. 14 people came to the meeting along with at least 7 educators.

I learned why school started so early? We will have the state testing as well as the first semester completed by Winter break (Christmas Vacation.) sorry old school. 

I learned the pluses and minuses of Maples A/R reading program. I do believe the reward for reading a book, should be reward enough. At least now I know why the books I buy my granddaughter at Barnes & Noble collect dust there not A/R.

That it will be the administrations policy to have all three elementary school student's at the same level as they enter Heritage Middle School. Now I'm not a fan of this first do you hold one or two schools back so the third can catch up? Not a good policy idea sorry.

Reading program called 'Daily Five Stamina' reading, reading to someone, listening as someone reads, writing .

Did you realize many text books can't be taken out of school? Many cost as much as $100.00 here all along I thought the kids were just lazy? Chrome book, tablet going home forget about it.

The dress code came up, my take was to enforce it or scrap it, don't make some kid's follow it and other's test it's boundaries. Kid's continually ask why can't I go like that? What those kids can argue better with authority?

Many parents claimed even after parenting classes many still did not understand how it worked. I speaking of the new math, I don't get it either.

Another question asked, why the high teacher turnover? I guess you can lose money by not retiring? Makes no sense.

One parent asked why the poor publicity from the News-Herald when it comes to Painesville Schools? Well let's check the circulation of the News-Herald. Highest in Mentor, Willoughby, Eastlake,  plus expanding into Clevelands southern suburbs. We are kind of the poor stepchild here. Remember "if it bleeds it leads." Unless it's a scandal preferably one with sex. Now the school have a new reporter covering them, Devon Turchon be honest with him and he will be honest with you. How a Harvey student can place 7th nationally in an FBLA competition and not receive recognition in the local paper is beyond me? Now if he robbed someone......

Bus Transportation issues came up. (what a surprise) Main concern not calling the parents back over an issue.

The administration would like to come up with a strategic plan with the help from parents as well as the community.
First off Raider Pride from the first year to the last and understanding what being a Red Raider means. The BOE should copy write the logo before it gets snatched up. As far as I can tell its been a part of my life since 1955. Always wear it with pride.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

"OPERATOR" jim croce

'Americans working for Americans'

Can you help me make this call?

Received this in an email I'd like to share with you. Sorta a little persons 'inversion'

This is undoubtly, if true, one of the most important things we as United States of America citizens can do. I agree it is not to demoralize any other nation or nationality, simply to bring AMERCIA back to being AMERICA.

The gas company serving this area brought their call center back to Phoenix from India last year after numerous customer complaints. What a difference now when you call them... and it created 300 jobs. I know this works because they were so bad that when India answered I wouldn't even deal with them. I simply asked to be transferred to a supervisor in the U.S. and they would comply.

Now that I know it is the law I will do this for sure.

Anytime you call an 800 number (for a credit card, banking, phone health or other insurance, computer help etc.) and you find that your talking to a foreign  customer service representative (perhaps in India, Philippines ect.) please consider doing the following:

After you connect and you realize that the customer service representative is not from the USA (you can always ask if you are not sure about the accent), please, very politely  ( this is not about trashing other cultures) say, "I'd like to speak to a customer service representative in the United States of America.. The rep might suggest talking to his/her manager, but again, politely say, "Thank you, but I'd like to speak to a customer service representative in the USA.

That's the rule and the Law.

It takes less than one minute to have your call re-directed to the USA.
Tonight when I got redirected to a USA rep, I asked again to make sure and yes, she was from Fort Lauderdale.

Imagine what would happen if every US citizen insisted on talking to only US phone reps from this day on.
Imagine how that would ultimately impact the number of US jobs that would need to be created ASAP.

You may even get correct answers, good advice, and solution's to your problem and at the same help create 1000's of American jobs.

I don't know if there is a rule or law but what harm would it do to ask the question?

Please don't forget Andy Flock's Town Hall Meeting

'Raider Roundtable'

Both tonight at 7:00pm Elm St. Elementary School

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"I'M LEAVING ON A JET PLANE" peter paul & mary

Always wondered if it should have been Mary & Peter Paul?

Well if some of you have been paying attention it seems another All-American company 'Burger King' has decided to leave the United States for Canada, Canada? Seems they purchased donut  and coffee king Tim Hortons. Well what should American consumers do?

First off I can't suggest boycotting Burger King as I presently can't remember going there recently. Poor food quality, cleanliness, and staffing. I remember one time at a drive thru window being asked if I wanted my change?

Back in the late 60's Burger King opened on Mentor Ave. across from McDonalds. What a treat really a BIG hamburger, flame-broiled, and having it your way.... Today you can watch someone throw the burgers into a microwave.  Think something wasn't lost in the transition?

Seems the main reason for the move is another case of Inversion the U.S. has the highest corporate tax rate of 35%. The secret here is that the average is 13% or less in actual tax rate. With many corporations paying zero.

Burger King  across America should be forced to take their American flag down and fly the Canadian Mapleleaf. look the employees of Burger King are already subsidized by the federal government with Earned Income Credit and other government subsidizes. now the King wants to leave and  let us holding the bag and eating crummy burgers?

Look if your a liberal or a conservative you must agree this is bad policy. Want to take on ISIS, have a space program whatever you can't let companies abandon this country.

If there's a plus to all this all corporate Burger King staffing in Canada will have government run health care.

In other news;

9 year old girl kills instructor with an uzi,  no one saw that coming?

Josh Gordon suspended one year by NFL.  Ray Rice suspended two games for knocking girlfriend/wife unconscious in an elevator. Wonder if Ray's wife wishes he had been hitting on a joint instead of her?

Friday, August 22, 2014

" AND THE BEAT GOES ON" sonny & cher

Well it's nice to see someone doing something.

Louisville, Kentucky—”Peabody Energy on Wednesday refuted claims by Illinois plaintiffs in a lawsuit who accuse promoters of the 1,600-MW Prairie State Energy Campus of misrepresenting the costs and benefits of the controversial baseload coal-fired power plant in southwestern Illinois…

The suit alleges negligent misrepresentation by five consultants to Batavia and names 19 other entities as respondents in discovery, including Peabody, which originated the nearly $5 billion project more than a decade ago…. Over the years, the project was delayed and costs nearly tripled. The plant’s two 800-MW units went into commercial operation in 2012.

Prairie State extremely competitive: Peabody

According to the suit, Batavia was not informed that a ‘capped’ price for electricity from Prairie State had been removed from the city’s contract. As a result, Batavia’s power costs climbed to more than $100/MWh and reached a delivered high of $179.82/MWh in November 2013, far exceeding the $46/MWh it had been promised, the suit said….

Vic Svec, Peabody senior vice president of global investor and corporate relations, said the suit’s allegations that Prairie State is not good for consumers are baseless. ‘Sound long-term forecasts show electricity costs from Prairie State will be extremely competitive with other fuels over the long term,’ he said.…”

I guess Painesville City Council see's no problem being promised $48.06/MWh and paying
$179.82/MWh why not it's only money.....Your money !!!

Maybe a proclamation on Painesville biggest boondoggle? Beating out the Battery Box Building, as well as the Windmill project.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

'LITTLE LIES' fleetwood mac

"You can't disguise, no you can't disguise"

Heisley Park Roads-  We all know that Heisley Park has the best roads in the City. But.... the City Manager was asked about the deteriorating conditions of the Heisley Park roads especially Elizabeth and the roads used by the construction vehicles. It had been reported that the city had required the builder/developer to have a road bond that could be used to repair/maintain the roads in Heisley Park while the development was still under construction. However at the last City Council Meeting, the City Law Director in response to my direct questions stated  there was no longer a road bond as the previous City Manager previously assured several residents. It was found out that somehow the road bond was allowed to elapse. It was not stated why or how this happened......

Ray Sternot

Look I can't blame residents who have good roads wanting to maintain them in good condition but who's side was the previous city manager on? The same manager decided to change  the recreation requirement from 5 acres to 2 acres in Heisley Park?
The same manager who didn't tell council or residents that the mutual aid  from Grand River Fire Department for Cobblestone had ended? Or the letter that Mentor's city manager sent to provide emergency aid to Cobblestone? Let's not forget the number of half-truths about Meigs County. "We won't owe anything until we start receiving power" I got two million reasons she was wrong on that statement. Sometimes off the cuff  items 25 trains pass by on CSX tracks per 24 hours. (multiply times 5) for correct answer. The Ohio Board of Elections when John Murphy asked for a copy and found where John had been accused of grabbed her arm? Look if John had even come close to that someone would have been looking for bail money that night. If John hadn't asked for the city's response he would have never known (or until someone wanted it known)

Now according to the response from the city on ordinances 01-10. Do we really want one person to control all those items? Would a city manager even want to? It's time for council to go back and readdress that ordinance. and do their jobs. Plus a little more transparency on labor issue's.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014



 I have been informed long time Painesville resident and community activist Selma Hall has passed. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

As most of you must know my now the Lake County Health Department building on Mill St. caught fire and received extensive damage . The fire started approximately at 6:30 am this morning. No cause of the fire has yet been determined.

The building had already seen the results of the flood of 2006 now the fire this morning I believe sealed it's faith.

I wonder if any other residents noticed the coincidence of our electric power going out at around the same time all over the city. Were the instances related?

Over 20 fire departments responded to the fire. Tower trucks from Painesville Township, Mentor, Eastlake even Geneva responded to the fire even crews from Mayfield and Middlefield. What was missing?

Painesville- Concord  engine 2319 you know the new 'old' Tower Truck purchased last year that was fully reconditioned less than a year ago. Seems it's been MIA since early in July when I questioned Chief Mlakcak at the July council meeting  he mentioned it was in for 'maintence'. Look I give the chief credit for trying to equip the city with the proper equipment along with being the busiest station in the county but this absence is unacceptable. Thank God for mutual aid.

Now the city administration should go all out to find a  new location for the Health Department and do everything possible to keep them located in the city of Painesville. Community development now is your hour to shine. Act don't wait to react.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"CRYIN' areosmith

'Now I'm Trying to forget you"

Seems impossible too. Attend Monday night's council meeting and was told how the refuse contract came about. You can blame council indirectly, I will explain but the contract was negotiated and signed by our former city manager, and our person of the year and her staff. How?  Well it seems back in January of 2010 council voted Resolution
 NO. 1-10


What does this mean? Well the city manager can contract for anything from toilet paper to coal including 'Refuse Collection and Disposal'

This ordinance covers over 50 line items from electric poles, to Infield Mix and Material. Including the electric, water, water pollution departments.

What do we need a council for? I know to pass the administration's budget, field complaint's from citizens and hand out proclamation's. Please pass the bottle of Apple Riesling.

In other council news;

Amending chapter 1373 rental property was left on first reading.
Two homes were authorized to be demolished
(CDBG) grant was left on first reading , gave me the ebgb's
Established 'Your Vine Or Mine' Apple Riesling the official wine of Painesville.

Council voted against Fact Finder Report Regarding F.O.P. ?
Council voted for Operating Engineers Contract ?
It wasn't explained.

Arlene Beck's brought council some eyesores as well as photo's of four wheeler's riding on Painesville street's

Alan Watson Wonder why Painesville always looking for good publicity didn't promote the Shamrock Bridge opening more?

Tony Torre explained his disappointment in council.

Also Heisley  Park resident's found out there wasn't a road bond in existence.( for construction repairs in Heisley Park.
also could Asper Creek be cleaned out by the city?

The city manager presented the plans for Painesville's storm water issues. Great news and will inform you when I collect all the facts. Does anybody know what part of town is designated "Gingerbread"?

In new business  Business Nuisance Ordinance

Rumor has it Silvestro's Depot's Meatball's will become the official "Meatball of Painesville"
or Aleve will become the official  "Pain Reliever of Painesville". Where are we going with this?

Council has plenty of time to do proclamation's now!

Monday, August 18, 2014

"FLY LIKE AN EAGLE" steve miller

"time keeps on slippin' into the future"

Maybe our biggest problem with power is not the inaction of the electric worker's at the power plant or the 'double dipping' of a supervisor or two. Maybe it's the fact we are standing on the tracks with a train heading towards us? Found this article does it sound familiar?

Power plant's erratic operation shocking customer's in Paducah

By Amby David Zoeller, Paducah Sun

Paducah Power System's residential electric rates are among the highest-if not the highest-in the state due mainly to the poor performance of its chief power supplier, Prairie State Energy Campus.

In comparison with 10 other electric utilities in Kentucky and southern Illinois, factoring in base rates, fuel cost adjustments and other related charges, the Paducah rates are highest by a sizable margin.....

Paducah Power has a 30-year, 'take or pay' agreement with Prairie State, which means it must pay for all contracted share of power whether or not it receives it. Even if the plant operates at less than 50 percent of capacity, or not at all, Paducah Power is obligated to pay for its full share.

'Where at the mercy of Prairie State,' said Paducah Power General Manager Dave Clark, who also is a Prairie State board member.

Currently, Paducah Power's base residential rate is 11.153 cents per kilowatt hour, making the combined rate 13.303 cents per kilowatt hour.

[Ronnie Goode is president of Cole Lumber Company stated] 'They're (the rates) the highest around, and they're not going to get any better,' he said. 'We've gone from the cheapest rates in the country to the highest in the state.'...

'My kids and grandkids are going to pay for it,' he said"

Now many on council as well as the administration will tell you Painesville has a very diverse power portfolio. Yes presently, but what happens when the new AMP-OHIO contact kicks in next year,( 2015) Yeah we didn't seem to learn much about dealing with that  bunch. Interesting with four council people up for re-election in November 2015.

Wish someone sounded the horn at city hall instead of Heisley Park.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Well it's August not much to do about much to do.

Ordinance Amending Chapter 1373 I guess their going to kill it?

Demolition of two unsafe Painesville houses.

Reaffirming Participation in Lake County CDBG  (great more money for Main St.)

Resolution Establishing Your Vine or Mine's Apple Riesling as The official Whine of Painesville.

I see a pattern here.

Well I guess if you can make it out of dandelion's you can make it out of apples? First off if it ain't got a grape in it  it's not a wine to me. (just my own thought) Last month it was bread this month it's wine. Next month maybe an official clergy so with the bread & wine we can have Communion!

How about the official asphalt of Painesville? I know many official chuckholes.

32 workers at the Electric Plant without work, Supervisor  retires and the next day we hire him back?
I'm going to love this explanation.  If he was needed hire him back as a consultant.

Nero fiddles while Rome burns?

Friday, August 15, 2014

TWILIGHT ZONE" golden earring

Felt I was in the Twilight Zone for the last few days, Watching video from Ferguson, Missouri I first thought I was watching a scene from Bagdad. Now I'm not going to way in on who did what and who didn't do what. I wasn't there.  The fact remains an unarmed young man is dead, and I don't know if he reach into the car or not. My only thought are was the police response justified in the case of the demonstrations?

The reason I ask I have noticed local police agencies becoming almost para-military units. Look it starts innocently enough by calling people civilians and escalates into what we watched in Missouri.

Now let's understand police work ain't easy and is quite stressful when spit second decisions are made that can turn out to be right or wrong. It's also dangerous work.

After watching the news on Wednesday my thoughts were are the police trying to be peacemakers or inciting the crowd?
On another note rioting had started, and I don't understand why the death of anyone means it's a free for all to loot  businesses. Although people arrested  that night were all outsiders and not from Ferguson.

Now in defense of the police with recent rulings and spearheaded thinking by the NRA "civilians" can be better armed than a police officer just by purchases made at a gun show. Do you remember the sniper position held by a "citizen" at federal agents during the Bundy standoff? Where were the MRAP's at that scene? But do we really need MRAP, Humvees, camouflage?  How do you use it in a city setting against American citizens? Does it work or is it to intimidate.  Also a Veteran Marine from the Iraq War mentioned to a reporter when there were demonstration in Iraq troops were not to point their weapons at people. Don't point it unless you mean to use it. Message never reached Missouri, I guess.  Think about it if someone points a gun at you doesn't it piss you off even more.

Now a note to parents of any race. Teach your children if an officer stops them, you be respectful and answer his question, DO NOT resist arrest! This is the advice my father gave me as an adolescent, I asked why and his answer was simple "He's the one with the gun". I see far to many parents explaining the police are your enemy. There not, they are there to serve and protect. In some cases they do try to provoke. ( I've seen it) Teach them their rights and how to compose themselves.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"BAD MEDICINE" bon jovi

Tell me maybe it's just me but am I the only soul on this planet that has a problem with pharmacies?

I started off with Giant Eagle and after they lost two prescription refills a friend suggested to switch to Sam's Club since I was already a member. The hours aren't the most convenient and after a visit to Walmart Mentor seeing a pharmaceutical  item there that wasn't  at Sam's Club? I had my prescriptions transferred to Mentor Walmart. Soon after my insurance carrier changed and after presenting my new medical card I was told that it was my job to transfer the prescriptions? Even before that with the same insurance company twice I was charged different amounts to refill the same  prescription. I left Walmart due to an employee questioning if I hadn't received that prescription already. Back to Giant Eagle is this really that hard?

Now I went and called in a prescription to Giant Eagle on medication filled by my family physician who had passed away I had 8 refills until September of 2015. Went to pick it up and was told your doctor has died. No kidding I have know that for months, "well we are unable to fill this prescription." I asked did the prescription die when the doctor dies? If so you have been filling all prescription since his death and now no more?

Back to calling my new physician  please call Giant Eagle so I get this medicine.

Now I just ask is it just me or do others have the same problem? Any suggestions anything but Walgreen's won't shop there since the inversion issue has raised it's ugly head.

Anybody want to bring up cable TV?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Back to the Ville'

As many of you know I consider the Main Street Streetscape one of the biggest boondoggles in recent Painesville's ideas. Never has so much been spent for so few. 1.3 million that's got to be a joke.
In my travel's I come across people who believe the same thing. Tony Torre is not "enthusiastic" about the project. To many city residents who believe the project is just plain stupid. These people will never let their thought become public they belong to the "go along to get along" crowd.

As far as I know this is the only place where someone has come out publicly directly opposed and  no future for this project from the first shareholders meeting to the present mess on Main St..... BUT I found this .

As always, my hometown was at the forefront of realizing  that, indeed, all of us are not necessarily created equal and decided that people from all walks of life are welcome. For those of us who have a fear of crowds you are invited to spend as much time as you want in our downtown area.
I promise you will feel very comfortable.

Guess where and who.

Look narrowing the street and expanding the sidewalks will do exactly what for downtown commerce? Only bringing narrow street and wider sidewalk. That's it. No new business!
Can't wait for the ribbon cutting wonder who will tell us what a great idea this was. At the present rate of construction it might be right after the first heavy snowfall. Maybe this is Rita's swan song to all of us?

 Speaking of streets...April, May, June, July, August, when can we expect to see our road levy funds at work?

In other city news council action into 'Vacant Property Registration' crashed and burned at Mondays work session.

A council person wanting  matching funds from the general budget to match the city road levy income also crashed and burned  when it was explained that layoff would be involved. Look everyone wants their street repaired at the present rate it will take some time.

In the meantime could someone from the city call the Norfolk  & Southern Railroad about repairing the crossings at Chestnut, Liberty and Bank St. (please no Congressman needs to be involved)

Lets congratulate Mr. Robert Rea Assistant Principal at Heritage Middle School.

Monday, August 11, 2014


Yes by the first of the year the GOP will run the House and the Senate. I have to wonder why.

First this is the party that had ALL the proof and sold the American people on WMD's in Iraq. Sorry  no WMD's, and in the process we lost over 3,000 American lives never mind the cost in treasure. We then turned that country into a constant war zone because of the people we thought were the best for them. Turned out not to be.

 At the start of the war we passed Bush tax cuts. We go to war and they believe cutting taxes will increase revenue. Sorry it didn't work. Start of American's biggest deficits.

They fought to keep the Bush tax cuts claiming it would stop economic growth in America. It didn't the American economy continues to grow.

They claimed the affordable care act would kill jobs. It hasn't, constant job growth since it passed. They previously said repeal and replace. Along with 8 million people having health insurance that wouldn't. Now the word replace is gone. No idea's ?

Raising minimum wages will destroy jobs? Why is that the states with higher then federal wage laws create more  jobs?  Republicans suggest raising the Earned Income Credit? What so Americans can subsidize Walmart and McDonald workers on our borrowed dime instead of employers.

Last month a bi-partisan committee made up of 12 Republicans and 9 Democrats came back unanimously  there was no 'cover up' with regards to Benghazi.  Congressional solution? Form another committee.

The only solution to our problems is to cut taxes on the top 1% and cut regulations. The top 1% will create jobs problem is not in this country. I question the reasoning it is far better for the American economy to sell one Mercedes SLR McLaren at $455,000 or 20 Chevrolet Malibu's at $20,000, which will have a bigger impact on our economy?  Less regulation?That how river's in West Virginia  and Lake Erie get poisoned. Never mind all the climate deniers in the party.

Immigration no real plan? secure the border but what about all these people already here? Self-Deport like that's going to happen?

Look you may say I'm harsh but please explain the plan? Just get rid of Democrats? Look no party or ideology has the only answers or has all the ideas in this country. What and where are yours.

 Then in the last 100 years please explain what the Republican party has done to improve the quality of YOUR life?

NO to everything is not a policy is it?

Friday, August 8, 2014


Well if my predictions are correct the Republicans will control the House as well as the Senate after the November elections. That is if they don't shoot themselves in the foot again.

Interesting how a party can be the favorite for doing nothing? I know they pass bills but none of them stand a chance of passing the senate or the President that's why they have organizational meeting between the three of them.  Is John Boehner Speaker of the House or Ted Cruz with pizza is? This party wants us to turn over control of power to them? They can't even control themselves. Plus the fact the President isn't even on the ballot. Can you override a veto?

First we heard of suing, then censoring, maybe impeachment a radio host speaking at a Tea Party cuckoo clock meeting suggested execution, I seriously wonder what the poll number for that idea is?

On the local front a Republican precinct committee member asked me what I thought of the GOP Convention coming to Cleveland next year. She was somewhat taken back by my answer.

She then asked if I would vote for ANY Republicans this November. Yes one for sure and presently two almost for sure.

Juvenile Judge Lawson has proven to be the right person for that job.

Ohio Governor John Kasich is a strong candidate because he put people in front of party when he expanded Medicaid. Gutsy call.

Kimberly Laurie for Lake County Commissioner seem Dan Troy feels that office is an entitlement to him, we need fresh blood...  Here's the problem on the local level Kim holds her success to the local Tea Party along with Matt Lynch supporters for her win. She has little intention of endorsing Congressman David Joyce putting support for her by  the Lake County Republican Party in jeopardy. Look maybe I should rethink this, if she can't get along with people even in her own party what chance does she have of being successful governing all the people of Lake County? If she retains the ideology of 20% of the electorate (Tea Party) maybe four more years of Dan Troy isn't such a bad idea?   Don't believe me today August 7th I took a picture of the window of Lake GOP Headquarters NO Kimberly Laurie sign in the window. ( A sign for Dan Troy was?) What's with that? So am I to believe Matt Lynch supporters will vote for the Democratic challenger? I think not. So with all this going on  a national and even local level how does this party plan to lead or run anything but their mouths?

Gotta go, some Republican Congressman claims the Democratic Party is at war with white people. Hey I'm white people?

Thursday, August 7, 2014


A lot of comments on the present state of our schools as well as the administration. Everything from landscaping to people expressing an employee not being qualified, then someone suggesting other's to mine their own business. Do we need an SRO officer at the middle school? Do we need a sterner  hand in the office there?  People feeling upset with thoughts that parent's and student's are asking for a handout. Heck I even asked why a Ticonderoga pencil?
People asking us to support a levy not even asked for yet. How much and for what?

Well the school board as well as the administration might have provided us with an answer. Now before you dismiss this as another "you want us to interview the candidates for superintendent fiasco" Where the people gave their time and opinion only to find out the first choice of that BOE was Dr. Moore ( boy could that have ended ugly) Let's see if anybody has learned anything? Transparency?

Community Invited to "Raider Roundtable" Series

In May the Board of Education held the first in a series of meetings intended to provide opportunities for open discussions about our schools and the education process. The public engagement 8initiative on ongoing community meetings is known as the  "Raider Roundtable".

The purpose of these meetings includes:
* Creating an atmosphere of openness and dialog with the community.
* Seeking opportunities for residents to play a role in the education of our students.
* Developing ways to collaborate on complex challenges facing our schools.
* Providing the community with a view into the School Board decision making process.

The forum is open and informal and is scheduled bi-monthly on the 4th Thursday of the month at 7 PM- located in alternating school library/media center.  The "Raider Roundtable"  will be held on the following dates and locations.

August 28     at Elm Street Elementary School
October 23   at Heritage Middle School
January 22   at Harvey High School
March 26     at Maple Elementary School
May 28        at Chestnut Elementary School

On behalf of the entire Board of Education, thank you in advance for your willingness to participate and for your support of students in the Painesville City Schools. We value your perspective and look forward to having productive, informed conversations as we work to improve our district.

Taken from August 2014 Perspectives

Now if you don't feel  to comfortable sitting at a BOE meeting and waiting to make a statement in front of the Board and camera's, here's your opportunity in an informal setting.

Second if you claim the district has the poorest grade in the county here's your opportunity to do something about it. Lowest test scores? Also probably lowest community involvement .

Find out what affects our educational system. An example at the recent "Meet the Candidate Forum" candidates were asked their position on 'Common Core" one mentioned not being in favor of it. I didn't even know what 'Common Core' consisted of.

Now I see little opportunity of success if the same four or five people show up, but remember just showing up means you have a concern for the direction our schools are headed in.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL" brotherhood of man

Well what's it been 15 years since the city stole, I mean annexed the land from the Township?

Good news we have finally unified the City of Painesville.  No more getting on Route 2 to answer an emergency or police call  at Cobblestone.

Many dignitaries attend including former council people but then according to facebook some felt shunned by not being invited. If you wanted to be there just show up. You needed an invitation?
I wonder if the bridge would have to close would anyone have shown-up? Where was the picture of the city delegation when CORE left town?

As I drove the bridge for the first time I wondered how much salt would be used to keep this stretch of road safe? Out in the open and quite a high degree to the slope. Can anyone explain the round-about


Well now Painesville residents will be able to shop at Sam's Club, Home Depot, eat at Brown Derby, Ruby Tuesday's, Steak & Shake plus numerous other businesses. All of the above mentioned paying  Mentor real estate and income taxes. Remember Shop Downtown Painesville!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"GREAT BALLS OF FIRE" jerry lee lewis

Goodness gracious someone grew a pair.

The good city of Hermann Missouri has hired the law firm of  Curtis, Heinz, Garrett and O'Keefe to vacate the power agreement between MJMEUC for the purchase of electricity under contract with MoPep. (Their AMP-OHIO) with regards to Prairie State Energy Campus.

The Board of Alderman, the Mayor, and the majority of citizens of Hermann, believe strongly that our only recourse in regards to the purchase power agreement with MoPec is to vacate that agreement.
We further believe that MoPec has breached this agreement on a number of issues.

It's so refreshing to see that somewhere in this country a city won't bow down to the electric energy cartels and Peabody Energy. They know what this deal will cost their city and their Aldermen want to go further than write letter's, collect data, or not wanting to upset other AMP members. How refreshing to see an administration take on these giants in the best interests of their community.

Will they win? Sure hope so but if there is one thing the coal industry, Peabody Energy, or this electric consortium  doesn't want is the light of day shown on what they have done to communities involved in this fiasco.

What will Painesville do except write checks?

Anybody drive over the Bridge to Nowhere yet?

Friday, August 1, 2014

"HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY" rod stewart

Well if you attended Andy Flocks Town Hall you would have learned some interesting fact. First the city will provide as much as $1,500 towards you installing a backflow device for your home after approval of the engineering department. (so the water that used to go into your basement now goes into your neighbors, that's the solution)?  Also if you decide to have a Rain Garden the city will provide the labor if you provide the material? (maybe they will send you a few electric plant workers with time to kill  to lend you a hand)? Boy do I have a cute story to tell as I watched as they cut grass at the power plant. Back to reality. First time I've heard of either of these two programs.

Waste Management. Well we are in the fourth year of a five year contract with cost escalators. Now as we know we have a new administration as well does WM. After reviewing the contract as well as the city ordinance with regards to refuse, Every city resident MUST have garbage pick-up PERIOD. Now take your two totes and recycling bin along with unlimited pick-up OR buy the bags at city hall... One catch WM will keep track of how many bags are used at an address over a certain period. What next Garbage Police? Someone mentioned to me this could get interesting. Can't wait for Judge Cicconetti gets one of these cases "your daughter takes your garbage home with her"?
 No exceptions 9 to 90 you MUST pay for the service by city contract. What next the city deciding what cable channels you have to receive? Paying a private company you never asked for their service?

I know many homes that can't  fill one tote let alone two. That's what your getting charged for also some residents suggested the yellow lid tote should be used for garbage and the 65 gallon green tote used for recycles.

Also no more master bills? Say you owned ten properties in town WM used to send you one invoice now they send you ten. Someone mention they paid the refuse bills for 17 properties with the $4.00 administration fee incluced because that's what WM told them. Hey it's like money in the bank, or in the garbage.

This is what happens when a city council delegates all contracts to an administration  that for the most part doesn't even live in the city. Along with never bothering to ask , well what kind of service do you residents  want?