Thursday, October 31, 2013

"THATS JUST HOW WE ROLL" jonas bros.

I gave some thought to the candidates night Monday, and everyone I've talked to claimed  that a person running for office for the first time should do everything in their power to become more visible. Mondays MTCN well Tom Fitzgerald was traveling? I wonder if he would have been traveling if the meeting could be viewed on channel 12 twice a day from now to election day? No politics on Channel 12? What's political about giving the residents an opportunity  to view the candidates for council? it's not an ad? What than is the constant police and fire levies on Channel 12? With a message at the end  'for educational purposes'. Bet everyone would have watched who was and wasn't there?  Maybe more than 40 people would have had the chance to watch childish actions, rude actions by a candidate along with knowledge they had or didn't have on a subject?
If I was advising someone for council I could easily tell the candidate to skip the meeting? That 30 to 40 people? Keep everyone in the dark. you don't have to commit to anything.

Everywhere I go in Painesville I hear we want more transparency, Well lets show some of that. It was mentioned that Painesville received new equipment for council meetings at City Hall? Well I guess theres some bugs that have to be worked out? Maybe an adult instead of a high school student should be held responsible for what we get or don't get to see? Or is someone already manipulating what you get to see or don't?

I have noticed for the past three council meeting a reporter from the News-Herald has been in attendance at the council meeting yet not even a paragraph in the News-Herald. You would believe that the mention during a presentation that Painesville was paying $104.04  MW of electricity when the going price on the grid was  $45.00 MW  would have to been an interesting story? No story, sorry nothing to see here folks.

So if you can't see it on channel 12, the largest daily paper in Lake County doesn't cover it. What's left?
Well the weekly Lake County Gazette cover council, problem is its just a weekly. Yet the News-Herald should be ashamed how much better they cover all Lake County governments. Maybe they don't have enough paper with a dozen pages of ad's for Classic this car or that?
Painesville Pride, Has anyone ever seen a story in that paper that was negative about the City of Painesville?
The City Newsletter? Do any of you remember a story on AMP-OHIO in either of these? Great lets talk about Municipal Power Week, could we also mention that council sent AMP-OHIO a check for over two million dollars with nothing to show in return?

Tom Fitzgerald might make a great councilman? Presently he is the Phantom Traveling Man that I'm guessing would like maybe to be the Phantom City Councilman also? Maybe we should  buy him a mask to help keep his plans for Painesville  a mystery? ?That along with the chance to see a grown-up present their
 childish acting ability? your only chance to see this performance presently is live!.


Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Well last night at Harvey was "Meet The Candidate Night For City Council" at Harvey High.

First off Derrick Advey runs a good presentation, and am thankful to him for setting up and moderating this meeting.

Well we at least met five of them? Seems Mr. Tom Fitzgerald had a previous engagement last night?
Seems we will never find out where he stands on reciprocity's, the city levies, his plans for Painesville if he is elected to council?
We know he has a nice house, expensive yard signs and his priority seems to not be city council? Wonder if he was out setting up the next tour to Dublin, Ireland for next year?
I must conclude Mr. Fitzgerald either believes the election is in the bag, or he could careless if he gets elected or not?

Enough about the no-show what about the five that believed spending an hour and a half with us.
Would help us decide.

First off all five candidates EVERYONE was against changing the city's reciprocity agreement with city resident. Leta all hold them to the promise.

Mr. Fodor and Mrs. DiNallo supported the city levies at least to the point of letting resident choose.
Mr. Murphy, Mrs. Aston as well as Ms. Becks opposed them.

Please first I have to get this off my chest. Arlene Becks facial and body gestures were not a plus for her while Mrs. DiNallo was speaking . Sorry Arlene this is not how a professional acts. When asked about her vote and the alleged 2+ million dollar loss on AMPGS in Meigs County she in her response confused Meigs with Prairie State and I viewed no remorse on here vote?
She wants to develop the hospital site with a mix of stores and affordable housing, never explaining what affordable housing consists of nor how to make this happen.

Mr. Fodor sounded like he was running for office for the first time? He is running for re-election. I'm having trouble defining his accomplishments for the first four years in office. Now he jumped into the Prairie State question with this analogy. If  you were given a chance to by gasoline for the next thirty-five years at a dollar a gallon that deal would look terrible for the first five or six years, but you would reap the benefit for the over the last decade. Yes that analogy would work problem is according to AMP-OHIO they claimed the number of $48.06 was just an estimate and no guarantee was ever promised. We don't have a set rate period. Mr. Fodor must have realized that after attending Monday's AMP-OHIO meeting in Columbus.

Mrs . DiNallo presented her accomplishments for her first term, I have to agree she has proposed and passed more legislation than anyone else on council. I have criticized her numerous times in the past but look, what you see is what you get. She is responsive to residents concerns and I'll take honesty and ,knowledge over B.S. anytime.

Mrs. Aston this is her first run at public office, nervous yes. I believe she is result driven in her purpose to serve on council is a goal to get Painesville back on track and a belief of a better Painesville. She isn't even on council and is presently trying not just talking about bring a grocery store to Painesville. Not a superstore like Giant Eagle but a concept between a Aldi's and a Marc's. She appears to walk the walk not just talk the talk.

John Murphy was prepared and answered all questions directly. His claim as a former businessman you must put a certain amount of general fund dollars in reserve, as to not have a $8.00 surcharge on your water bill or wake up and find out we need 15 million dollars in road repair. Mr. Murphy will listen to other council members to solve the problems of Painesville. It's hard to compare answers if the other person isn't there to answer them.

Look this is my first post on the levies as well as the candidates. I plan two more.

Please feel free to comment or ask a question. These comments were only MY opinion please feel free to tell us yours.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"DON'T COME AROUND HERE NO MORE" tom petty and the heartbreakers

Well Monday found me riding down to Columbus with councilman Flock to hear the presentation by AMP-OHIO on Prairie State Energy Campus. ( I wasn't allowed in the presentation, but Hilton Hotels have wonderful facility's.)

As I sat in the cafe' I watched Mrs. DiNallo, Mr. Fodor, Mr.Hada enter the hotel I said hello ,two responded. Councilman Flock was already in the presentation room. Wonder why no one asked Andy to ride down with them?

That said our city manager Mr. Carson and electric superintendent Mr. McHughs were at the meeting along with the four council members I mentioned along with Mr. Hach who must have slipped by me? Seven people in all from Painesville.

Then the fireworks began Mr. Flock asked in stabilization, levelization were the same thing and will this money have to be paid back when and with interest? After deliberation the attorney for AMP-OHIO made a comment "you are wrong now and you have been wrong before?" Yes all stabilization and/or levelization money must be paid back. No comment on the interest? Councilman Flock than asked whey the number of $48.06 was given as the amount for electric rates in 2013? AMP-OHIO claimed the $48.06 number was just an 'estimate.' Begs the question that the council members that voted for Prairie State were all wrong also?

After the meeting a person sitting at the event mentioned to me that the "take or pay" part of the deal was a good idea? Couldn't help myself although I wanted to know where he was from I didn't ask. He mention it was explained that it was presented to him as something like a home mortgage? I asked him it they also were involved with AMPGS? Yes,  he answered. I explained to him if it's like a home mortgage at least in that case you get a house?I'm starting to understand how and why this contract was pulled over the eyes of different community's.


As someone mentioned at a different post "Meet The Candidate's Night is tonight Tuesday at 7:00  PM at Harvey 10 10/29/13
Again bring your questions.

Anybody but me notice the educational messages for the levies can be viewed constantly on channel 12, yet for some reason that can't put up a council meeting?

Friday, October 25, 2013


Someone sent this to me with concern to the levies.

Government agency and its agents seek an 'infinite' sum of money for itself  because a function such as operating the city is good and we should be willing to give an infinite funding to achieve that goal. It is never stated as infinite, but that is the practical lobby.

This is not a reasonable position. In real life there are limited resources and we must choose between limited quantities of even the most important things in life. If all of our resources were spent on government, how would we than provide for ourselves? We must preserve the things things like food, shelter. provide for a better living for our families. Plus the fact that by purchasing items we keep the economy growing.

Please don't tell me this is just a cup of coffee, a postage stamp or some other irrelevant item. This is my income. Don't tell me you haven't received a raise in four years, many of us took pay cuts to keep our jobs, and haven't got back to where we started in 2008. Please don't tell me how badly you need us. Everyone is replaceable. Just because you function in a public service don't expect anymore respect than I do at my job. Your not doing this out of the goodness of your heart, are you?

We have people presently running our city and on council that believe the city employee's come before the residents of Painesville? It might be nice if those same people checked the employee rolls and noticed that over 80% don't live here. Why? Yet they have their hands out for more money constantly?  I have given myself much time to view if I can afford what the city is asking me in levies and sorry I can't afford another postage stamp .

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Pretty uneventful.

Started out with councilman Flock wanting the minutes of the meeting to reflect more than a paragraph on his presentation of Prairie State. Clerk of Council even asked for notes and figures for the minutes of the meeting. Council -President claimed that minutes only reflect what transpired at council meeting. Councilman Flock claimed the minutes are a history of what transpired at a council meeting and he wanted the numbers and facts to show this. Council-President Hada stated that his response to councilman's Flock was one a short paragraph also.

It has been my understanding that Council-President Hada has a point. I also believe a person giving a comment or presentation has the right to ask that their full statement makes it into the minutes. Council agreed to add councilman Flocks presentation as well as Council-President Hada's rebuttal into the minutes of the meeting.

Seems asking for the Attorney General looking into a contract is redundant but a solution to stop Asian Carp isn't?

As far as the Resolution concerning an investigation of Prairie State was left on first reading.  It seems at least city officials and maybe four council members will be attending the AMP-OHIO meeting next Monday in Columbus that deals with Prairie State. Councilman Fodor is trying to get someone from AMP-OHIO to the second council meeting in November.

On a presentation concerning Recreation/Public Lands. It appears were back at Millstone again. Now the residents have been paid, the condos as well as other building have been torn down and it back to it's natural state? No we must remove anything that wasn't there before the condos. Roads pipes walls. We have another  grant to do this for a little over $931,000 to bring it back to nature. What we will have in this 'Park' when completed is a half mile trail and a place to park some vehicles? A sigh posting on how this all came about? I thought it was in a flood plain why spend $931,000 here.
Hey it's your money.

Speaking of money the city 'found' another grant to be used for Main Street streetscape this projected is slated to now start in March 2014.


This and that:

Has anyone heard about the dormitory project on the old Harvey High property being cancelled?

Has anyone heard about structural problems at the Lake County Jail?

Have heard many rumors this past week.

Pizza Parlor on Erie St. is closing after 36 years the owner wants to retire.

7:00 PM.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

"BLURRED LINES" robin thicke

Yes there are many things that look blurred in this Prairie State Energy Campus deal. Who presented the administration with what and when and why? Why would a city manager go on record stating that the cost of power from PSEC would cost $48.06 MW if not told this by someone? What possible reason would anyone defend this contract with rates as high as $104.04 MW?

During the last council meeting council-president gave a list of reasons why we still should support this Prairie State contract.
Let's clarify some of what he mentioned

First  the IEEFA is a conservation group but what numbers were left out? Where are AMP-OHIO's numbers? I agree with Ray Sternot lets see ALL the data.

That town in Missouri Mr. Hada mention Marceline bought 4 MW. and could not use it. So they got Missouri Public Energy Pool to buy their share. One catch Marceline has to send a check to Missouri Public Energy Pool for $22,000 a month for the next 45 months. What happens after the 45 months? The city is back in Prairie State why no 35 year contract here? Yet the Mayor claims this deal will save their city 6 million dollars. How do you spend $22,000 a month for nothing and save 6 million dollars?

Let's talk Moody's gave a favorable report? Well Moody's rated Enron A+ on the day they went belly up, what does that tell you? More Moody's. Paducah Ky. Power was downgraded from A2 toA3 due to the "take or pay" contract because of partial ownership share into PSEC. Moody's hopes is the long run this will be a successful venture.

Levelization is money "lent" to Painesville to keep the power at around a $73.00 rate per MW. The money used to do this must be paid back in full, no if ands or buts. They may not add to the debt, but Painesville is obligated to pay the levelization money back.

He also mention a study commissioned by the city manager from a Mr. Dwight Davis? with  concerns to Painesville Power. When I contacted the city manager for a copy of this report I was informed me he hadn't received the report yet and that Mr. Hada had only "verbally" conversed with Mr. Davis. Let's hope Mr. Davis was not the person that suggested Painesville join AMPGS and PSEC if he wasn't who was.

Yes council-president Hada is correct Painesville presently is the 10th lowest in electric rates now but we just paid for AMPGS over two million and PSEC only started producing power in 2012 does he believe or do you believe someone will be able to make that case in five years if we just sit on our hands?

Look what were we told when and by who? The former city manager didn't pull number's out of the air  who presented them to her? AMP-OHIO someone else ? Look if you were told something that wasn't true and I believe fraud was involved here, either by AMP-OHIO or Peabody Energy yet somehow almost 200 communities were stuck with a very bad deal. Is it so wrong to want to have someone look into this?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

"SIGNS, SIGNS, EVERYWHERE A SIGN" five man electrical band

Lot of questions concerning signs in this election. First off can you be your own treasurer? Yes you can.

How can you put out an election sign like  NO$ without anything? Well what does NO$ promote? Nothing it's a statement like 'Be Happy' or 'Live Free'. I guess it's left up to the reader to decide?

Now comes one I question, Elect Tom Fitzgerald this with a nice picture of his house. Near the bottom it states,   Paid for by friends of Tom Fitzgerald?  Tom who are your friends? Do they have an address? Now I question if this yard sign is legal. Tom will have to expose his 'friends' to the election board on October 24, 2013  with his campaign filing.

Until then, if I were John Murphy I would head down to the Board of Election Monday morning and ask if these election signs are legal?  All political signs I believe need an address on them, I could be wrong but if  I'm not, someone is either going to take the signs down or physically correct them before election day. Wonder what John will find out?

Seems many other's ignored this;

Disclaimer Required

A sign, newspaper advertisement, literature or other political communication not listed in the "disclaimer exemption" paragraph below, must include the name of the entity responsible, and the name and residence or business address of the candidate or chairperson , treasurer or secretary or the committee or campaign fund in a conspicuous place on the political publication.
[R.C. 3517.20]


Take my word a yard sign is not an exemption.


Speaking about an electrical band.

It seems  'someone' provided Galion council with some misinformation? If you look at the agenda of Painesvilles Monday's 10/21/13 council meeting . It made it to the table, lukewarm or not.


Now if any of you wish to speak for or against this resolution come to Monday's council meeting.
If seems  many believe this is an environmental issue it's not. Many believe it is to blame council people who voted for this, it's not. All that we ask is that the attorney general look into the facts and find out if we were told the truth.

What it is about is paying $104.04 kWH when the open market it costs $45.00 kMH? This is like buying a farm and a dairy and producing milk that cost's you $5.29 a gallon and you could walk up to the corner store and purchase it for $2.99 a gallon. You decide?

It will be interesting to see who on council is at least willing to look out for the ratepayers of Painesville Power. What we are asked to pay for electricity is not a  "redundant question".
Let's find out what was and wasn't promised.

Friday, October 18, 2013

"KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF" georgia satellites

Found a very interesting story at galion It seems they know more about whats going on a Painesville council meeting than people here in Painesville trying to view it on channel 12? Wonder where or who the get their information from?

A few paragraphs from the story:

Council- President Faulds then reminded Treisch that Prairie State had not caused price increases prior to 2012 because it was not yet on line. The plant has had and planned, shutdowns, he added.

Councilwoman Clark shared that she had spoken to an official with the City of Painesville, which was mentioned by Faulds at the end of the last council meeting. One council member there has been pushing a similar letter to the one proposed in Galion, but she added that there was no support for it and doubted that it would ever make it to the table for official consideration. An investigation into AMP will be expensive, Clark noted, and AMP communities will have to pay the bill for defending the investigation.

It should be noted that this point that coverage of the recent Painesville City Council meeting in their local media indicate that this is likely the case. While the council member was allowed to give a presentation on the subject of Prairie State there was no indication of any support-even lukewarm- by fellow council members there.

What local media? Lukewarm/ I must have missed that. it seemed that at least two council members want the law department to write a resolution to be presented to council.

Interesting fact  Councilwoman Clark brought up. If the Ohio Attorney General should investigate AMP-OHIO will AMP communities have to pay their legal bill? Who signed this contract again?

Soon hopefully this will all end soon, some have left and some are leaving.  A new council must be more transparent from everything from  executive sessions, dealing with other government officials, and most importantly the citizens of Painesville.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


This coming October 22, 2013 at the Harvey High Media Center all Painesville residents will be given the opportunity to meet and ask questions of the candidates running for Painesville City Local School Board.

The meeting will start at 7:00 pm 

The guidelines are just like the candidates for Painesville City Council as it will be the same format.

Three candidates are running for two openings on the school board.

Kathleen Powers Dolney

Jeffrey C. Powers

Alison Rossman

In an seat that expires 12/31/15 only one candidate for that position.

Charles Tackett

This is chance to not only meet them but for you to see where these people want to take Painesville's education in the future.


One thing I learned was if the child was prepared for Kindergarten and spent his whole educational studies in PCLS they graduated with completed State expectations.


There is another meeting TONIGHT at 6:30  at Lake Erie College Music Hall at 6:30

Vibrant NEO Vision Session

This is a study with concerns to Northeastern Ohio Region.

I with my Harvey High School education believed this was a way that communities could share resources like the Council Of Governments in say purchases and co-operation between them.

No, then I found out who the speaker was, remember Mr. Volpe from City Architecture? The guy with the plan for streetscape, Making Downtown Painesville "Disneyland"? Well it seems he now has a grant funding to include as many as 18 counties to make Northeastern Ohio "Disney World". Look The guys got a lot of nice idea's he just never tells you what rock the money is under and your left like Painesville $300,000 short of the cost of the project. Now he's going Regional!

Now a twist in the story. Believe it or not there is already a group  against this plan. Citizens Against NEOSCC and Regionalism?

Now am I to believe that the push behind this group is Mentor 9-12 Project, Geauga County Tea Party? Must be taking a break from the Affordable Care Act?

This came out on their email today;

Quick note to all who will be attending the meeting tonight.

Prior to and during the meeting, please act as if you don't know any of the other liberty minded attendees. Don't g in being polite to anyone. As suggested, please sit so that we are forming a diamond type shape with the tips surrounding the entire group.

I plan on sticking around after the meeting and would be glad to talk with anyone who would like to talk.

Yours in Liberty


Dear Patriots,

We need to fight this by being at this meeting. Please read below and join us tomorrow night take a stand against

Yours in Liberty,


No one deserves this bunch more than Mr. Volpe Good luck tonight I will be at the Painesville Zoning Meeting. Hearing about a fence on Jackson St. I assure you is more productive.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"SOMETHINGS BURNING" kenny rodgers & the first edition

I attended the levies meeting at Heritage Middle School Monday evening five other souls plus myself were in attendance.

I will list the items that both the fire and police departments intend to do with the levy money.

Than I went to the Board of election website and read the ballot items.

A majority affirmative vote is necessary for passage

An additional tax for the benefit of Painesville City for the purpose of providing and maintaining fire apparatus, appliances, buildings, or sites therefor, or sources of water supply and materials therefor, or the establishment and maintenance of lines of fire alarm telegraph, or the purchase of ambulance equipment, or the provision of ambulance, paramedic, or other emergency medical services operated by afire department at a rate not exceeding 1.47 mills for each one dollar of valuation, which amounts to 14.7 cents for each one hundred dollars of valuation, for five years,commencing in 2013, first due in calendar year 2014.


Now I made Bold what I don't quite understand? The only mention of a build improvement was a new ventilation system for the fire station. Does anyone understand or sites therefor? Is that something new that hasn't been explained? ( Like another fire station?) There was no mention of hiring a new paramedic?  At the presentation.
or sources of water supply and materials therefor? What does this mean?

Look maybe when you hold your next levy meeting you will take the ballot with you and then explain it line by line. You wrote now please explain it?

Monday, October 14, 2013

"RUNNIN' DOWN A DREAM" tom petty

Seems AMP-OHIO / OMEA will be having their annual conference at the Hilton  Columbus at Easton this October 28-31.
Their will be a Prairie State Participants Meeting  at 4:30 on Monday the 28th.

Lets hope some of our council people take the opportunity to spend at least a day in Columbus to see if they can get some answers and at the same time invite someone in authority from AMP-OHIO to address us at a council meeting.

I  am sure participants at this meeting will be greeted with a Rosy picture of  Prairie State Energy Campus. I hope the explanation of levelization is brought up and explained as well as Councilman's Flock energy power cost of $104.04  MW price he explained at the last meeting. Council-President Hada in his rebuttal to Councilman Flocks presentation mentioned the level of performance was higher than the goal of 82% we need to find out the if that number is correct. If it is why is the power costs so high and why the need of 'levelization'?

Council-President never argued with the cost of $104.04 during the presentation, you have to wonder why? A month earlier when I mentioned $104.04 he claimed my facts were wrong. Why the change this month?
Presently I( believe affordable energy from Prairie State is just that a 'DREAM'

Friday, October 11, 2013


At Wednesday POC meeting city manager Anthony Carson held up a book. ' Reinventing Government' he claims this is his Bible on running a city. The book is authored by David Osbourne and Ted Gaebler first published in 1993.


Chapters include

Catalytic Government: Steering Rather Than Rowing

Community Owned Government: Empowering Rather Than Serving

Competitive Government: Injecting Competition Into Service Delivery

Mission-Driven Government: Transforming Rule-Driven Organization

Results-Oriented Government: Funding Outcomes, Not Inputs

Customer-Driven Government: Meeting the Needs of the Customer, Not the Bureaucrats

Enterprising Government: Earning Rather Than Spending

Anticipatory Government: Prevention Rather Than Cure

Decentralized Government: From Hierarchy to Participation and Teamwork

Market-Oriented Government: Leveraging Change Through the Market

We will see how well Painesville follows the City Manager's Bible.

I can't get over all the foul mouthed comments about the different signs in the city.

First I am the PERSON with the NO$ but I bet you knew that already.

Arlene Becks well Re-Elect / Return maybe a s-t-r-e-t-c-h

Tom Fitzgerald bragging, showing off, advertising his business

They all did there job, they got your attention

I had numerous mentions of Counilwoman-at-Large Lori DiNallo attending the HOLA rally last week.
I missed this one but two city residents claim that she claimed to have come from behind the Gazebo and was introduced by Verconica Dalhberg. Two people mention she said she will do all in her power as a councilwoman to promote Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  Ms. Dahlburg asked if Painesville Council could pass a resolution? Mrs. DiNallo said she would talk to other Council Members. Look no matter where you stand on this issue at least she has the guts to stand up for something. That's whats needed on council people with conviction. Now if she only would promise to serve on council for the next four years?

DUI charges? If you got them I'll post them.O.K.

Do any of you like to have a candidate night for candidates running for Painesville School Board  before the election?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


All Painesville residents are invited to the POC Meeting Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm at Morley Library meeting room A our guest tonight will be the new City Manager Anthony Carson.

The POC has sent our new city manager six questions ranging from Regionalization to his thoughts on a Line Item Budget.

Our new city manager is very approachable and open with the public.

Please deal respectfully at this meeting . If not you will be asked to leave.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Pretty interesting meeting it seems that the city manager wants to add another administrator to the Economic Development Department? Passed 7-0. So much for austerity.

The people from Maryland  Sandy Point Consultants presented there goals to be reached in dealing with our storm water problem. Councilman Fodor asked if they were doing this 'out of the goodness of their heart?' The answer was yes as long as we get paid. Now where and when was the resolution to fund this brought to council? Someone in the audience mentioned to me that maybe it was done in Executive Session? No if it had been done there why was Mr. Fodor asking that question now? I don't care if these to are from Siberia as long as we solve our flooding issues. That said we have local institutions such as Case Western Reserve that the administration might of asked first.  My belief is this study will be at least in the $30,000 range. So much for shopping local Mr. Fodor.

We are going to demolish  seven homes in Painesville funded by the Lake County Landbank. I believe the county received this money as part of the revenue from Casino gambling revenue.

Councilman Flock made a presentation on the cost of power from Prairie State Energy Campus. Along with some history about Painesvilles involvement in the deal such as our former city manager  statement that cost of power from Prairie State would be $48.06 in 2013.  He took us step by step through PSEC bill for July and guess what! With levelization /stabilization costs we paid $104.04 per kW in that month. That Mr. Hada is the 'True Fact' no one mentioned that figure was wrong this month. Now Councilman. DeLeone and Councilman. Fodor questioned Councilman Flock as if they were prosecution attorneys? My question to them what research did you two do?  Please send these facts to our Attorney General.that's all Councilman Flock wants. Councilwoman Lori DiNallo proposed a resolution written asking for the letter to be sent. Now we will see who's looking out for residents on this 'toxic asset'.
Mr. Flock asked if a representative from AMP-OHIO could come to Painesville an explain this situation. Someone who knows the 'facts'.
Council-President Hada I am more concerned now more than ever is in AMP-OHIO pocket. As I mention to the council I'm not against coal,gas wind but I am against $104.04 kW, the question begs why he isn't? Mr. Fodor talked about twenty or so years out. I believe twenty years out homes will all have solar panel's bringing down the need for coal plants. Remember what the cost of a Hi-Def TV was ten years ago? Look at the price today. Solar panels will go the same way. He also mentioned we didn't know what natural gas would do to the energy market. Yes many people mentioned natural gas as coming on line but no one took the warning seriously.

A resident complained of neighbors and 'scrapper' leaving their yard a mess. Now I have a scrapper go through my stuff and he has never left a mess. I guess it all comes down to who's doing it. The city has an ordinance against this practice.

The definition of a family came up again. Look I have no law degree, no college education. I know what a family is and isn't. Six men living in a house each paying separately for a short stay of two months or so is not a family. Period. What don't these people understand? Tony Torre brought up an interesting thought are relatives family?

Monday, October 7, 2013

"FALL FOR YOU" secondhand serenade

*************** PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE ***********************


This event is for all residents of Painesville.

Here is your chance to meet the "At Large" candidates who are running for Painesville City Council in the November 5,2013 elections

This is your opportunity to Get Your Questions Answered !

Date:  Tuesday, October 29,2013             Time: 7:00 pm--8:30 pm

Location:       Thomas W. Harvey High School
                       200 W.Walnut St.
                       Painesville, Ohio   44077
Thomas Fitzgerald  running against   John Murphy

Lori DiNallo           running against   Arlene Becks

Jim Fodor               running against   Rene Aston

These are four year terms to serve 2014 - 2018

Candidate will all be given 3 minutes to introduce themselves.

The moderator will ask two questions to be answered by each candidate;
 1) What makes you qualified and a different candidate for Painesville City Council?

2) What is one of your goals you would implement if you are elected?

Candidates will be given one minute to answer a question. Please keep your questions short and direct.

 At the end of candidate's answers from the moderator, the residents will have the opportunity to write questions for the moderator to ask. These questions can pertain to the issues of the City of Painesville in facing with the budget, staffing, state funding local jobs etc.
 We will not be seeking permanent remedy to these issues immediately with this one initial candidate's night. Rather,these issues or questions will serve as a template for informing the registered voter.

The moderator's and the  timekeeper's ruling is final in approving the residents' questions.
 Candidates and supporters  may distribute campaign material after the meeting.  As well as being available for questions after the meeting.

Refreshments will be served. 


Just a reminder Painesville Council Meeting tonight October  7, 2013 @7:30pm

Saturday, October 5, 2013

"HIT THE ROAD JACK" ray charles

 S.O.S B.S.

Painesville Pride October issue is out. The back page interested me the most. A full page  on the Painesville Street Improvement Levy. Paid by Citizen for Better Roads.

I know I've gone over this territory before but the cost to the average homeowner (based on $75,000  home) What about those homes in Heisley Park  costing $210,000? And they have new streets, What affect will these taxes have on Avery-Dennison or the businesses in Renassance Business Park least we forget the future of the Shamrock Business Park. Think about it?

Over 15 million in bad roads? and $655,000 a year?

 Now how many years to get caught up and each winter adds to the 15 million? Sorry, we still will need that front-end alignment for $79.00 for along time to come.

New streets help to attract new business-industry and homeowners that help create new JOBS.

 The highest taxes in the county will drive business - industry and homeowners out of town or not even come into town, losing JOBS. It's a two-edged sword People.

The funding generated from the Street Improvement Levy would provide matching funds for grants.

 You can prove this how?

Property tax is DEDUCTIBLE off your income tax.

 Which income tax, City, State, Federal and how please explain?

The funds generated from the Street Improvement Levy cannot be used to subsidize salaries of employees, repair or purchase equipment.

 But can the money presently in the city budget for roads be eliminated and used for those purposes?

The one that bothers me the most.

The passage of the Street Improvement Levy will HELP preserve the City's income tax RECIPROCITY benefits.

 Not WILL preserve but why use the word help? This to me is a form of "blackmail' and every candidate that is running in November should state where they stand on the future of Reciprocity. This along if the try to sneak this in before the new council is seated all council person should realize they might be subject to recall. Wonder why on the Charter Review # 11 states you must need more signatures to seek removal of a councilman?

Friday, October 4, 2013

"MERCEDES-BENZ janis joplin

Oh Lord, can you get me ...out of this?

I recently asked for the City's Prairie State invoice for August.Something I hadn't noticed before there were two invoices? One was for $460,000 and another for $15,250 all for electric power? The $15,250 was from outside PSEC. (their Pool)

Now we were invoiced for the 6,000,424 kWh (that's 6million+) we contracted for but what about this 290,067 kWh from God knows where under the PSEC Bill?

Well it seems with this "take or pay" contract you pay for the 9+MW of power contracted from Prairie State even if you don't receive all of it? Now the lower figure was replacement costs for the power that Prairie State had to purchase for you. Yes we  paid for some of  it twice.

The City is obligated to pay for the 9+MW whether you get it or not.

Let's say you make an agreement with a a gasoline station to supply you with gas for your car at 3.99 a gallon and you agree to purchase 9 gallons a day roughly $36.00 a day. Now say that gas station can only supply you with 8 gallons today? They than buy gasoline on the spot market for $3.29 a gallon so in the end you pay that $36.00 you contracted for PLUS the $3.29 they went out and purchased for you. That's as simple as I can explain what this 'Take or Pay" contract does to the purchases made by the city to Prairie State. Now who among you would ever agree to a contract such as this with your own finances? Well City Manager Rita McMahon,and Law Director Joseph Gurley did with the blessing of council.

Forget the Mercedes-Benz or even a Cadillac what we have purchased is the ugliest Edsel ever made, towing a Yugo be hide it!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

"IF I AIN'T GOT YOU" alicia keys

We constantly here how the major expense in our general budget goes to wages and benefits? Recently I inquired to the city what do city employees contribute to their health insurance cost. Now I will let you judge if these figures might contribute to why those costs are so high.

A single person working for the city pays $24.93 out of every two week paycheck in a years time  that comes to $648.38 for coverage for the year.

A family policy cost's the employee $49.85 every two weeks that comes to $1296.10 for coverage for the year.

I know if the spouse is employed and has coverage the city will not cover  them. I have no idea what deductibles, or co-pays they presently have but I don't believe there is a $3000.00 deductibles.

Now I will not pass judgement on this benefit package, but I who worked in the private sector know what I payed for health insurance and how good or bad it was, now you can compare what you pay working in a real world environment and you can decide if the City of Painesville spending over 3 million dollars in insurance is a good idea?

All this talk about Obamacare/ Affordable Care Act? What's the problem?  Painesville a government entity can provide health care at these prices maybe we should all sign up with them?

You wonder why the roads, sewers are in there present condition? You decide.


We brag about our three businesses we run in this town. Well how did they do last year?
You be the Judge.

2012 Water Revenue Fund Revenues                       $5,259,475
2012 Water Revenue Fund Expenses                       $4,962,727 *
2012 NET PROFIT                                                         $296,748

2012  Sewer Revenue Fund Revenue                        $3,678,780
2012  Sewer Revenue Fund Expenses                       $3,812,634*
2012 NET LOSS                                                              $133,854

2012 Electric Revenue Fund Revenues                      $26,055,157
2012 Electric Revenue Fund Expenses                       $26,998,849 *
2012 NET LOSS                                                                $943,692

* These expenses include transfers out that were used to pay for capital and debt.


I agree out sourcing isn't that bad of an idea.

After the departure of Human Resource Manager Robert Baetzel, the city opted to hire Jeremy Iosue of Harvey/Aben/ Iosue. The firm specializes the personnel issues and provides collective bargaining/negotiations, labor relations, human resources, training,and other management counseling services as may be requested by the City throughout the duration of the Agreement. Mr. Iosue is on retainer for a monthly fee of $150.00. The fee covers general, routine phone consultation. In addition, the City agrees to pay the firm for all actual hours spent providing the aforementioned services to the City at a rate of $125.00 per hour. No charge shall be made for travel time, mileage, road tolls, parking or for meals. Total charges under this Agreement shall not exceed $48,000.00. $28,000.00 of this amount is to be used for on-going counsel, and $20,000.00 of this number is to be used for labor negotiations. Any fee over the cap will go uncompensated for the work provided. This saving the City thousands of dollars a year.

All this and Mr. Iosue doesn't get a paid day off on Columbus Day! Who gets Columbus Day off anyway?


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"BUS STOP" the hollies

Much has been written about Laketran in the News-Herald over the past few days. (permanent, eternal levy) I can honestly say I have never had the need to ride Laketran. Sorry but I did ride the bus to a Browns game a few years ago. I see the community need for this service as that many in the community don't have private transportation.
Many scorn Laketran but it does serve a needed service. It's decisions like building the Taj Mahal of bus garages, and spending $250,000 to make a building 96% energy efficient more just seems like spending money, to spend money.
The buses that run into Cleveland should pay for themselves the government should not be subsidizing these riders. If costs should be payed by riders.

Now Laketran and Painesville?
All we have heard over the past few years are the number of non-emergency runs our fire department has to make to Tri-Point Hospital, it begs the question why Laketran doesn't have a scheduled bus to the hospital. It seems most major hospitals are served with bus transportation. Look maybe three scheduled routes from Painesville to and from the hospital in a day?
Just maybe those people that have no other way to get to the hospital just might take the bus?
Dial-a-Ride? I believe those rides must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

Am I saying this will help with the non-emergency runs our fire department makes? I don't know but it is an approach the city should look into.
Than again maybe Lake Health doesn't want bus service to their facility.

This may not be the answer but is it worth a try?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Yesterday's Council Meeting  had two items on the Agenda;



Now lets cut to the chase,  Osborne properties owns these two parcel ls and filed with the county to be annexed into the city. Now Painesville has 20 days to answer this request that was filed on 09/13/13 it was not on the agenda for the council meeting on 09/16/13 so the need of a special meeting. These properties want to be brought into the city so as to receive sanitary sewers to the property. Now as it was explained the owner of the property would pay for all costs to run the sanitary sewer to the properties. One building is on the property and the ONE employee is presently using a porta-potty. Now council asked some very interesting questions and seemed to be a bit confused. but went ahead and voted yes on the resolutions.

Now three members in the audience wanted to ask questions/comment on the annexation and in the wisdom of our Council-President that they were not allowed to speak on the matter, even after a councilman asked if the visitors could be recognized Mr. Hada's answer was  "not at this time."
After the vote was taken and council was to go into Executive Session a resident (not me) asked why there was no public comment? The answer from Mr. Hada was I didn't know anyone wanted to comment? Now Joe must have ignored the hand's raised in the audience but later stated to the resident  "I" decide at what meeting residents can speak and at what meetings they can't !
What procedure is this? Announce a council meeting send out emails regarding it and not letting residents comment?
Most of the questions from the audience were questions like would the zoning change? If they run the sanitary sewer past township property could they tap in the the line without being annexed into the city? No, your not allowed to ask . It would be nice if we were able to decide what we want or not want from the city?
After the meeting three people asked me what was wrong with the council-president? I believe more and more people realize the "Emperor has no clothes" and his reign is near an end, and going out under conflict is not the way he would choose to go.

Best guess why that property was annexed into the city? Would make a convenient site for another fire station?