Sunday, March 29, 2009


Just received a paper in my mailbox where the City of Painesville has proposed an negotiated 3% raise for the Painesville Electric Department union employees. Do they deserve it? I believe they do. The question is the people that pay the bills can they afford this in the economic timers we are in? People on fixed incomes, layoff, hours cut, pay decreases, who do you know getting a raise in 2009? Not only individuals but large and small companies, the hospital closing, what is the city leadership thinking?
This plus the longevity pay for all employees sec.12.08
a)All employees who have [10] years shall receive a [2 1/2%] percent increase on their rate.
d)All employees who have [25] years of service with the city shall receive a [10%] percent increase on their rate.
Someone on Council or with the administration please explain why other cities are cutting pay, and layoffs and Painesville seems to be going full speed ahead?
A final note to the city employees and council read that contract very carefully a lot of things including some of your rights are being stripped out of that contract. Good Luck.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Congrations to former Harvey High basketball standout Morgan Lewis and the rest of the undefeated Findlay Oilers for their Division II National Championship Crown. The Oilers won the Championship game against Cal Poly 56-53 in overtime. It always seems special when a Harvey Alumi is involved.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


As most of you know Colony Lumber is closing after many years in Painesville. Lowes, Home Depot and the general economy has all played a part in the closing. They are having a liquidation sale and on April 2, will be holding an auction.
The present owner has found possible tenants to move into the building and bring jobs to Painesville, he should be commended for his actions, by not just walk away and hang a for sale sign up. At dinner the other night I heard two other communities were trying to get those tenants into staying in their area.
Doug Lewis of Community Development and Asst. City Manager, along with Cathy Bieterman head of Economic Development, I can only hope you and your departments are doing everything you can from letting this opportunity slip away.

Monday, March 23, 2009


JT. is back, with his answer to Karens question.

No time to get mad, lifes to short. The short version of "The Answer" as it will be known to future generations {the one that disappeared] is that there is actually a $24,000 bill owed.
When I checked previously I used the names of the owners and so forth, not the address. KAREN said that there was a $15K bill, but I found there is a much bigger one than that. However there is a dispute over the true owner of what shop and store and so on, but it's being looked at. The only problem, I was led to believe that could be an issue is how long it's been. It may not be collectible.
It is not in my hands but the capable hands of the utilities division of collections dept.
I am always about the truth no matter who is right and wrong. JT.

JT. thank-you for your honest answer. TERM>>

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Council is having a special work session dealing with the FEMA money they received for repayment for the 06' floods. Storm water problems affecting parts of Painesville will be addressed at this meeting 03/23/09 at 6:00 p.m. City Hall.

Friday, March 20, 2009


People are starting to take out petitions for the coming Council- at large race this November. Will the three council people seek reelection, Becks, DelaMotte, Hada. Along with some old and new challengers, Beahon,Dinalo, Fodor,Fitzgerald,Murphy, Smith?
The most interesting comment I have heard is the Hispanic Community is looking for a viable candidate to run? By themselves or with another candidate. Good Luck to everyone whos is going to get in the race and I'm sure the people of Painesville want to hear your ideas for the next four years for our city.
On a final note one or two people have expressed the costs of running for council to be about $6000.00 thats alot of money for the opportunity to serve the people of Painesville. That being said any candidate that would like to post a meeting or fundrasing announcement I will be more than happy to let them do so on this site.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"IN THE YEAR 2525"

Very interesting meeting Monday night, a resident or two complaining about occupancy violations. Flooding problems in old and new neighborhoods. Heisley Park residents want a moratorium on construction until their basements don't collect water, even mentioned a class action lawsuit. Then we got into the master downtown plan. The intensity of wanting to tear the hospital down just confuses me. Where are the developers that want to build homes on that site? Who wants to live there? People are clammoring for a Grocery Store where was that in the master plan? The only thing bigger than a grocery store is the parking lot for its customers to park at. Where was the grocery store and its parking lot in the master plan. Maybe we all will take the bus because the BP station is gone, replaced by a Bus terminal. Arby's gone also. Is a it a grand plan, yes will it ever see the light of day I dont think so. The one thing lacking are major investors. The plans will be in place if some are found, leaders tell us. True but when your spending your money you probably want your own plans. Harvey High property, good place for college dormitories as Lake Erie College explands. I really think the right people could find a unique use for LakeEast amd I'm amazied how many people don't realize it will close in October. The right investor could make something out of the old hotel. If someone would give it a chance. Instead of more homes built downtown leave that the commerce and government district and revititalize old neighborhoods. A special meeting is planned for next Monday at city hall to discuss Stormwater Utilities. Heisley, Cedarbrook, Elm, Hine Ave residents 6:00p.m.03/23/09 Be there or stop complaining.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


You have to wonder about what goes on in Council's Executive Sessions? Sometimes I think its done so everyone is held in silence with a "I can't comment on that."
The city is in negotiations with some unions about contracts coming due. The city with a Law Director, Assistant Law Director, and a Human Resourse Director that also holds a Law Degree, why the City Manager than hires a $300.00 an hour law firm to tell some clerks they don't have any money for pay increases?
Pay your electric bills people, Someone with the city should be held accountable about the electric meters installed at Airfoil reading only about a third of the electricity thay have used. Guessing about $100,000 loss. I'm starting to understand why they moved here.
News from the Darkside.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Fridays News-Herald 03/13/09 had a very interesting story on page A2 about U.S. Sen. Brown U.S. Sen. Voinovich and Rep.Latourette of our district securing $333,000 for the Regional Healthcare Workforce Development Project and Emerging Health Information Technology Education and Training. This money I believe is part of the resently passed Stimulus Bill.
The funds will help prepare new and existing health care workers. Right now a spokeperson for Lakeland College said there is over a 400-student waiting list to enroll in health care technology courses such as nuring, paramedics, allied health and radiology.
Jeeze, I wonder where there could be a facility to not just enroll Lakeland students but also team-up with Lake Erie College,and Auburn Career Center. You could start a Regional Northcoast Healthcare Campus. The City of Painesville, Lake County Commissioners, Lake Hospital System are missing a golden opportunity to really stimulate the area, Transformation of the LakeEast could start in November and instead of asking for 2 million to tear the building down maybe if these people all got together we could show the country some Regional Healthcare Co-operation. What do you think?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Got a call from Mom last night, foot of water in the basement on Cedarbrook Dr. Love you Mom, be over tomorrow with the bleach and hose. Asked me who she should call since she knew of at least 5 basement flooded. Three homes with people over 70 years old and one with a single mother. Call your councilman Bob Fountain better yet save your time and dime. Mr. Lynch told her a couple of floods ago he didn't know what caused it but it wasn't the two new schools or Liberty Green, their water goes the other way. Maybe the pipe shrunk Mr. Lynch? The lights went out at Homestead II Sunday the basement flooded Tuesday someone deserves a plaque.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


If theres a bigger waste of trees than the News-Herald, oops! forgot the Painesville Pride.
I can understand why they are going out of business. In todays Comment section 03/08/09 David W. Jones column "Lake-Geauga: Be seated"
I have no idea where he gets some of his information. Whats to become of Concord Twp.? He has it becoming a city and the new county seat with all the county offices, new Courthouse, Jail, County Comminssion, Election Board. Ect. First off Mr. Jones most of the people living in Concord moved there to get away from cities. Another idea he fostered was that Painesville and Concord merge into one city? David I know people out in Concord that don't even want to use the same zip code. Lake and Geauga becoming one county? I don't think so.
All this because of the JEDD agreement? Davy heres something to ponder. The Jedd area wants Painesville Power { that went off again in parts of Painesville, and Perry tonight} The waste water from the new hospital will go where? Even with the fact that Painesville WWTP is only operating at 50%.[ on top of losing the hospital business in October] Yes its going to Chardon, wonder who missed that one at city hall. They say this site is all rumors. What then is your paper Davy Jones?

Saturday, March 7, 2009


As this Painesville soap opera comtinues its really about time someone got to the bottom of whats going on a city hall. Most people understand what goes on between two people is really just their business. Mr. Baezel and others at city hall should want an investigation not only to restore everyones reputation, but to find out if city time and equipment were misused, and if alphagirl should face a lawsuit.
I remember a few years ago the Fire Department having a birthday party on Skinner Ave. Was there an investigation into that matter and by who, where are the results?
John Murphy asked for an investigation about his role in grabbing the city managers hand. [An accusation filed with the State Board of Elections] He himself asked for an investigation what happened?
One councilman stated another councilman should be charged with malfeasance because of a no vote. at the next meeting a city resident ask for an investigation into the facts. and asked if they were true the councilman should be removed. Guess what no investigation.

Please will the leaders of Painesville bring this subject to a conclusion, somehow, someway, so we can get back to sidewalks, streets, and fire trucks.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Karen left a little message for a few of you, I thought it was pretty good. TERM>>

Well JT. Maddog, and especially you Dave, Just because a woman gets a little assertive Dave here thinks I nead a dose of Big Bob. Now its starting to make sense about the silence coming out of city hall. Maybe the 3 stooges work there and see nothing wrong with the daily lovefest going on there. They might just approve of it. Sorry Dave my husband of over 15 years takes care of all my needs even without Chopin and a secret soup. Big Bob has embarrassed himself, his profession, his employer the City of Painesville, and yes all his colleagues at city hall.
Almost 800 hits on a brings the response " I can only wonder what else is going on down there?" Thats the question that many of my friends and neighbors have. When the silence is a sign of defiance from the people in power we have bigger problems than what first appears on the surface.
Mr. Hada no you may not put a sign in our yard this year, nor will my family be in attendance at the ELK Club this year, it appears you are willing to go along with this charade. To the other 6 councilman do your damn job!
At least one of you are in a position of a little power and should demand an investigation. Yes Maddog you brought up scruples, where are yours? Maybe its not to late to grow some.
With Love KAREN

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I mentioned about the resident that blew up at Monday nights council meeting, he had received a utility shut-off notice from the city stating if it wasn't paid in full his utility's would be shut off. He told council he had already paid $80.00 on the $126.00 bill and it didn't show that credit had been given. I'm guessing here, but he felt insulted about the notice as a Painesville homeowner. "C.E.I. wouldn't do something like this ,and he didn't expect for Painesville to do this either. How long has he lived in the city? 10 20 year I have no idea. He then explained what a joke the citys streets were, and asked what they were doing with all the money. Finally he mentioned that the city needed a Mayors form of government.
That'a where my surprise came in.
I have kown Council President Joe Hada for 50 years, and I figured if any person in the room that could defuse the situation it was Joe. He would explain why he had received the notice, point him in the right direction and probaby reassured him he would have lights at the end of the week. The city was aware of the condition of the streets and were looking at the best way to do as much with the money at hand. Joe could have explained that the City Manager form of government although not perfect he believed was the best thing for Painesville. The man was looking for conversation from someone and he didn't get it. What he got were 9 people sitting stoically, silently, staring at him as he left the meeting not one word from anyone. Why? Someone please explain the persona of Painesville. Will someone from the city government contact this person with some answers? The people that run this town should understand most of us are just trying to get from Monday to Friday. Thank-You

Sunday, March 1, 2009


City Council Meeting or also known as the Bartum & Bailey Sideshow by some at city hall. We will have alot of Amending to do, plus splitting up some FEMA money. It will be interesting if any councilperson brings up the accusations brought up in the blog.[over500 hits] going around town. If one does the others sitting at the table will look at that person as if they had lost their mind. The fact is we have no idea if these allegations are true or even if the whole thing is made up, any laws broken, any rules in the employee handbook broken? A council member can ask alot of things but as far as being able to do anything ,not much. The only person at city hall they have control over is the city manager period. I would only think that innocent people would want an investigation to clear their names. That said the only way this will progress if council and the administration feel some heat from the citizens of Painesville. I believe City Hall will be comfortable riding the storm out. Malfeasance or Malarkey?


With all the bad economic news we live with today, sometimes you just don't even want to pickup the newspaper. Well I did anyway. In todays News-Herald 03/01/09 on page A7 there was a realtor ad from the Asa Cox team. They had listing from all over northeastern Ohio. With all the news that foreclosures caused a great part of the financial ruin, at the top of the ad was this statement.

I just graduated from high school and bought a $96,000 home completely updated and only needed $25.00 down. My payments is only $330.64. That includes principle, interest, taxes and insurance.
Thanks Asa for everything. Chris Berry

Now maybe thats a monthly, bi-monthly or a weekly payment I have no idea but when your total investment is only $25.00 how bad are you going to feel if you lose it? Along with this statement a listed web. site and another statement Ask us how to get up to $8000 Tax Credit when you purchase a home!

Last year Ms. Cox had an ad you don't need a social security card to buy your home, just bring in your 1099 tax form. Wonder what she was promoting?
You have to wonder if buying a home like this starts off as "The Sound Of Music" and ends like " Jurrasic Park"?