Wednesday, September 30, 2015


All you need is faith to hear the diesel humming

Recently I have been privy to some e-mail with concerns of Heisley Park resident's and the CSX, NS railroads.

I got to thinking about this this weekend at a family outing in Ashtabula. Heisley Park came up and some one mentioned "oh that place with the trains?" (your getting a reputation) Yes  I admitted the trains run up and down the streets there without a care in the world.

So let's get back to the honest facts. Heisley Park was built with the mainline of the CSX railroad to the north approximately 90 trains a day. To the southwest NS mainline between Chicago and Buffalo approximately 40 train a day. The two railroads run side by side about a mile to the west of the city limits.

Painesville annexed the property and soon Ryan Homes built a development in that tract of land.

So to the residents more honesty the main reason other than you might like trains for your purchase was cost. That same house built in Mentor or Concord could cost you 40% more. So price was a major factor, it wasn't the ambiance of being in a V shaped area surrounded by trains?
Were you under an assumption the trains were leaving?

So recently a resident complained about a new signal bridge erected by CSX where four tracks merge into two due to the rail yard on Lexington St.  No the railroad doesn't have to acquire a building permit to erect this state of the art signal bridge. No it can't be moved further to the east, that sorta' defeats the purpose right? No city employee, manager state representative or Congressman can do anything for you. Honestly they would probably wonder if you didn't see all the railroad tracks? Kinda' like living next to an airport and complaining about planes. The trains were there 150 years before you were and will be there 150 years after your gone.

Live with it!

But... there is a problem if people in that development had any idea what those trains rumbling by at 50 plus MPH and knew what was being carried in their cars, look it up on the internet. They would live in fear every time they heard a diesel horn. Why?

In the city's and developers wisdom there was never enough of a buffer between the tracks and the homes constructed on that plat of land. Greed ran the table by the developer also by the purchaser looking for a great deal everyone. The city's first responsibility is to provide for a safe community, but greed won out.
I can't believe these lots were even considering the location next to the tracks. In this case there is no living on the wrong side of the tracks, it's just being close to them.

On a second note the reality that there is only one way in and out of Heisley Park could add to a higher cost in lives as a result of a disaster. This should be corrected as well as the city having an evacuation plan in place. That people should be your major concern

Spend more time getting the city as well as your  HOA to have a working evacuation plan and more access to HP and  less time on railroad signals.

Just thinking, if Carly Fiorina was such a great  CEO at Hewlett-Packard why hasn't she been offered another job in the last ten years?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

" A CHANGE WOULD DO YOU GOOD " sheryl crow

Bottom feeder insincere

Just a small correction I understood it was 'back pedaling not back paddling?

Look what my intentions of that comment was, quit bitchin' and find a solution. It's there if your intention is to really change anything as well as doing it out in the open instead of all these secret squirrel meetings that accomplish nothing.

Where to begin?

How about the City Charter?

Article XIII

Section I Method of Amendment

Amendments to the charter may be framed and  submitted to the electors of the city by a Charter Committee in the manner provided by law for framing and submitting a new Charter.

Amendments may also be proposed and submitted passed by a vote of a majority of the members of

CITY COUNCIL..... simple

Odd, I have to inform you of this when we have an attorney sitting on council? Wears a badge and everything?

Look Council offer an amendment on changing the process of the refuse contract? let's see how everyone votes?

 Have Council offer another amendment to take hiring as well as qualifications changes  must get approval from council.

Let's see how people vote on that?

You can go through the charter and make what council considers wrong and correct them.


We can aimlessly keep complaining  on the path we are on.

Best guess? To much work council and really no desire to change anything.. Ask them?

Big AMP-OHIO meeting this week? Wonder if Painesville representatives at the meeting will  inform us ratepayers?

Trump's new tax plan? Who benefits the most? His family! What a non-surprise!

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Oh mother dear we're not the for the fortunate ones

As council adjourned from regular meeting into Executive Session, one voice in the process was heard to say 'No' and at the time I believed Councilman Flock only wanted to go home early?

Seems he must have known what was coming and wanted no part of it for the reason's mentioned in the city charter.

First as mentioned in an earlier post the comment was made that council ladies Jenkins and DiNallo opposed city manager's appointment of the new parks and recreation director.

Just let's say that maybe by city council  if the vote was 7-0 opposed the new director  she would still be the new director. I guess that Executive Meeting was just a waste of time?

I can understand why they would question the appointment but not the purpose of the meeting?
Let's bring your concerns into the public? But it's a well known fact that  Council Lady DiNallo doesn't want to expose our city's dirty laundry.

As a council past council's gave all the power to the city manager to hire and fire whoever they want, along with  putting the city manager in charge of contracts and now you want to discuss the results?

Now Katie and Lori believe it or not, you have the power to change city charter you just need more council votes to do it.. This change could delegate more duty to council ( which it seems council really doesn't want) Also I assumed Council person Jenkins was going to get council involved in the refuse contract and I believe that  idea has fallen by the wayside. WHY! The gifting to the city by Waste Management  maybe?

Everything you did Monday night could have been done at the regular meeting.   Be brave question your concerns in a public forum. Now I understand Flock's NO vote.

Some of you might have caught the article in Saturdays News-Herald 09/26/15 with concerns to  Eastlake is the first city in Lake County to adopt this program as well as Mentor Public Schools the first school system..

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel initiated the program to make state spending more transparent.

It's past time for both Painesville City, as well as Painesville Board of Education to not pushback on any proposal to do this with Painesville's finances. I guess we could learn how much a police cruiser costs  Painesville compared to other cities and we will learn what fake sidewalks cost us. As far as the schools we could learn a lot about " it's for the kids!"

Many will state it's in our budget but as we learn changes can and are made. constantly. The city likes to brag about their finances  and award's.  O.K. lets see the books.

If theirs anything lacking in the Ville' it's transparency!

After the Pope's visit I wonder how many Parish Priests will feel uncomfortable cruising in their Cadillac's, Buick's, BMW, whatever. Will we see more Chevy Cruze's, Ford Focus's and Dodge Dart's? Hah, the power of a Fiat 500. You can't buy advertisement  like that !

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I'll never learn to be just me first

"And council allowed it, what's going on there."

Well hardly for me to come to the defense of council although I do have a question.

Lets start with the City Charter this is Painesville's Constitution.

Section 12 Council Not Administrative

Neither council nor any of its members shall initiate or request the appointment of any person to, or removal from office by the City Manager or by any of his subordinates, nor in any manner take part in the appointment or removal of employees under the Department or Division Heads.
Council shall approve the appointment or removal of any Department or Division Head by the City Manager.

Except for the purpose of inquiry, the Council and it's members shall deal  with the administrative service solely through the City Manager and neither Council nor any member there of shall give orders to any subordinates of the City Manager either publicly or privately.

Just to be clear

Section 3 Council Shall Have The Power

Appoint and remove the City Manager

Appoint and remove the Clerk of Council

A correction it was pointed out to me that council also appoints citizens to the Civil Service Board, the Planning Board as well as the Zoning Commission. These positions are non-paying positions in the city. Didn't mention about removing them?

That's it no other soul can they appoint or remove PERIOD!

Now my question .

Let's get back to Monday evening Executive Session   reason for the meeting.


So am I to understand by what I have read in the Charter your meeting must have been about Tara Diehl or Tony Carson?

If not you should have been in a work session. OR we have new rule makers on Council My reasoning is the announcement made Tuesday around 3:00 PM ?

"Never answer an Anonymous letter"      Yogi Berra  1925-2015  R.I.P.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"EVERBODY'S TALKIN' harry nilsson (part I)

Everybody's talking at me I don't hear a word they're saying

Everybody at the front table was presented with a copy of the Painesville Police Department Incident Report I mentioned in an earlier post. I assumed no one would take the time to get one for themselves. As I expected Councilman Fodor decided to carry the water for the school system. And as usual does a pretty good job of defending that ever it's is that's happening or not happening down on Jefferson St. Remember his explanation of the 50% policy?

I guess what I failed to mention that in my conversation with Superintendent Shepard he mentioned to me he was in agreement with me, that he also wanted an SRO officer at Heritage claiming we both wanted the same thing? The problem was the funding of the officer through the city, school system or a grant.

Our Police Chief stepped up and mentioned the incidents were all not calls for assistance, car violations, dog calls false alarm calls ect.  When questioned by Councilman Flock about an incident relating to a weapon incident the chief explained that they received the call from the school an investigation resulted that no weapon was found on the school property but later located under this lads bed at grandma's house.  Boy did that ease my mind!

As someone mentioned this bunch must have blinder's on. Do in their wildest dreams believe that people will buy homes in our city with all the problems we currently have here? Do any of you really believe the situation at our schools are have no bearing on the value of your property here in Painesville?

So I guess I will continue to monitor the situation and pray everyday the worse does not befall that school. If God-forbid it does I can't wait for the hand-ringing to start.

You want to defend the building be my guest, my only motive is to defend the students that have to receive an education there. I am amazed at the number of people defended that "building" don't have students there.  Someone please tell the principal at Heritage we would like everything done to increase the value of our homes. She seems to not see a problem in her building? Looking back either did Kim Martin when she was at Harvey? Paul Hach mentioned his son attends school there. I hope it works out for him.

As far as the Police Chief my only question is if you have patrolmen generating this much paper work for one address maybe there time would be better spent on crimes in town?

On the day that the Pope will visit the United States it was reported a hedge fund manager bought  rights to a drug raising the price of a pill from $13.50 to $750.00 and claims this drug produced since 1953 is still underpriced? Now Pope Francis that's American capitalism!

"EVERYBODY TALKIN' " harry nilsson (part II)

  Congratulation's on your new position Michelle Best of Luck

I'm going where the sun keep shining through the pouring rain

Well to no ones surprise Prairie State came up last night. With our Famous word "Levelization"
not really a word just a place in some minds.

Electric Director Jeff McHugh when questioned by Councilman Flock questioned him about the decrease in levelization cost asked if Painesville rate payers paid  for the decrease. Mr. McHugh said  "NO".
Well  if Painesville ratepayers aren't paying down levelization  costs who is? The Electric Fairy?

Does anyone at City Hall ever give a true picture of the mess this has got us all in?

Then comes Councilman DeLeone who truthfully has no clue about the process of Prairie States. It talks through his a## about something he knows nothing about. Although he does talk like an attorney defending a guilty client. Starting to wonder whose side he's on?

I sure wish HE would give us a presentation at the next meeting as he defends what's happening at Prairie State his views are like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

Simple; Using numbers  easy to understand!!!

Say I ( can purchase all the MWh. power I want on the open market for $40.00)

Now with all the problems associated with Prairie State sometimes we have paid as much as say $115.00 at MWh. Now how do you charge that to all the stakeholders invested in Prairie State?

Even though you could have bought power at $40.00 MWh. AMP-OHIO picks an arbitrary figure of $75.00 MWh. and only charges you that much. With the promise that you will pay them back all the costs over $75.00 overtime in a loan that is what they call levelization.

Now as Mr. McHugh claimed Presently Prairie State is operating at 92+% O.K. but lets say they are producing power at the current time that only costs only $60.00 MWh. Painesville is still being charged $75.00 MWh. and will until all levelization loans are paid. So Mr. McHughs yes Painesville ratepayers are paying levelization costs. now and until they are paid in full.

Also please  you must remember paying $75.00 a MWh. is nowhere near a bargain.

Yes but soon we will be out of the woods? Not so fast the plant needs to retrofit a ""coal cleaner" at a cost of 100 million dollars that AMP-OHIO will pass on to us. Then while this is being done will the plant be operational? Or will we again pay for power we didn't receive and also be charged for the power we contracted for and need?

Prairie State Energy Campus the gift that keeps giving.

The "Experts" that got us in this mess? Well right now Peabody Coal is selling for  $1.23 a share. So to not be delisted on the NYSE they will take-1-for 15 reverse stock split.
All I can say is "there is a God"

Scott Walker drops out of Presidential Race. Well we can quit worrying about building a northern wall with Canada?  Little late anyway Ted Cruz already crossed the border, just think we could have our first Canadian born President!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

" WE DIDN'T START THE FIRE " billy joel

 Did everyone receive their Waste Management Bill for October 1 to December 31?
Was $65.91 has gone up to $69.75  Thanks again council for how well you handled this situation!

"No we didn't light it, but we tried to fight it"

Amazing what shows up in my mailbox at times? It at times is far better then Mr. Rodgers?

This is how it started.

Please notice the date;

Lake County, Ohio


To:      Commissioners
From:  Amy Elszasz, Clerk
Re:      Mexican Consulate request to present Consular ID program
Date:   June 29, 2005

Fr. Vallenga, pastor of St. Mary Parish in Painesville (MY ALMA MATER) called yesterday to seek various venues for the Mexican Consulate to present information about its Matricula Consular Identification Cards. I offered to forward the information to you on his behalf, however he is simply acting as a "conduit" as he described it, and that would get back to him to schedule a time for a Powerpoint presentation to which Fr. Vallenga provided a link in his e-mail. This is merely for informational purposes, I believe, as Fr. Vallenga said the consulate is simply trying to "get the word out."

The consulate has met with Painesville City Manager Rita McMahon and Painesville's Chief of Police. I suggested he also contact the Sherriff, possibly Chief of Police Association  and Jobs and Family Services.

Please advise me of your interest in allowing the consulate to make a presentation at an upcoming meeting, and I will coordinate it with Fr. Vallenga and he in turn with the consulate, located in Detroit.

Thank you for your attention.

Well this is how it started? To questions did the city manager ever inform city council of the meeting?

And for what purpose would you bring Jobs and Family Services into the discussion?


Now let's talk about Reed Ave.?

It appears Homeland Security, ATF as well as local law enforcement had a warrant  for Eli Padilla Moreno 33, an illegal alien with an Entrepreneur   spirit had opened a gun store out of his home on Reed Ave. 

This included sending another illegal wired to purchase an AR style fully automatic rifle..  So now Painesville Police may encounter illegals with AR-15 now? Can't wait for V.D. and HOLA's comment on this. Who knows maybe HOLA will attempt to get help from the NRA. ?

Oh Mr. Moreno had  overstayed his VISA was living in Georgia and proceeded to get an Ohio Driver's License and gracefully moved into the Painesville community?

Seems there happens to be more then three gun stores in the Ville'

Best thought of last nights debate? Lindsey Graham  "If I'm elected there will be more drinking!"

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"DOCTOR MY EYES" jackson browne

Tell me what is wrong.  Was I unwise to leave them open for so long?

Well yesterday I spent a little time at Heritage Middle School and Principal  Missy DeAngelis
discussed all the programs available to student's in the school. In the afternoon I walked the halls with her and had an opportunity to view student conduct first hand. At times I felt like I was walking the halls of St. Ignatius High School. I left leaving the building that I must have been sent on a wild goose chase? At home one of the parents I trust in a phone call told me it was all a ruse for my benefit and administrators had even planed to discredit me at the Board of Education Meeting Monday night which I failed to attend. I don't know I only know what my eyes told me.

This person suggested I do what I wished council had done and got a police report of incidences at the middle school.

Well I did and low and behold what  an incident report from the Painesvlle Police Department that any of you want to dispute can get the report just like I did for twenty cents.

Since January 6,2014 the police has generated 182 calls to 135 Cedarbrook (Heritage Middle School) Four pages of "incidents" now not all these are with concerns to students some are community policing calls, alarm calls, animal calls but they do include some very disturbing calls.

09/03/15   SUSCIR/ UNRULY JUV.
04/13/15   WEAPON
04/14/15   ASSAULT
04/16/15   FIGHT
05/12/15   DRUGS
03/10/15   THEFT
10/31/14   WEAPON
02/13/14   SEXOFF

Sorry, I have four pages of  incidents like the ones above..

Want copies call me I'll get them to you.

No after viewing these four pages if anyone disputes an SRO officer isn't needed in that building I suggest your presently are holding a live stick of dynamite.

Sorry if you can afford 4% raises, this Board of Education can provide a safe learning environment at
Heritage. End of subject.

And don't hammer me if you think I'm wrong get your own police incident report and explain it to me.

 Just sometimes things aren't as they appear to be.

Until the situation is corrected I will ask for a monthly PPD incident report and maybe share it at  the BOE meetings?

Someone told me all Caucasian's in Painesville are now drinking at a bar in Mentor called get ready.... SAFE CRACKERS! 

Monday, September 14, 2015

"UNDERSTANDING" bob seger & the silver bullet band

BULLETIN:  September 15,2015

 Large raid of some sort? Lexington and Reed Ave. Anyone have a clue?


It seems like only yesterday I didn't have a clue

Then in Saturdays Wall Street Journal I read an editorial by Conservative columnist Peggy Noonan and life was made very clear for me, living here in Painesville

Basically she mentioned that certain rules are made by safe people. An example immigration. A person or politician  living in expensive or gated community could very easily claim that that a woman on N. State Street in Painesville is a racist, redneck bigot ,for her remarks about illegal aliens. That person living in  a nice neighborhood protected by their status in life. Whereas the person on State St. has to live with the reality of what a dozen people living in a single family home, loud noise, vandalism, cars parked all over the front lawn. She's not a racist but merely a realist.

This  person prizes order because they can't buy their way out of disorder.

I guess perception is no where near as important as reality?

In other area's of Painesville  seven council people with full knowledge with all the problems associated with building single family homes on 7,500 sq. ft. lots with 60 foot frontages which  has been so unsuccessfully proven in Heisley Park decides that the development  about 500 feet to the east Windmill Estates can be built with the same rules in place and I expect they must realize the same problems? So in Ten years when people living there ask "what were they thinking" Now the answer. The builder, developer will be gone only the city will be around with some on council (hopefully) claiming we had nothing to do with it. Perception of the development was great but in reality it didn't work out. Anybody remember the B.S. about Painesville soil?

You want to know why? None of those seven people will ever buy a home in Windmill Estates so they only view it as an  non-concerned outsider. Who gives a damn how long it takes EMS to get to Cobblestone I don't live there.

When a homeowner comes to you with rental property where three lots don't even meet the standards  for one R1 Some on council vote to give the property owner a variance? Why? Because they don't live near there and it doesn't concern them.

And Painesville biggest lie. We will invest over 1.4 million dollars in grant and general fund money Down on Main Street and this will build a diverse growing downtown. Seems to this day that lie is being still told by some on council.

No maybe a perception of one, but sure not a reality.

In Hockey the first use of a testicular guard, the "Cup" was used in 1874 and the first helmet used was in 1974.

That means it only took 100 years for men to realize that their brain might also be important?

Friday, September 11, 2015

"YOU JUST KEEP ME HANGIN' ON" the supremes

You don't really love me you just keep me hangin' on.

Who or what am I talking about?

Well it's our old friend 239 Mentor Ave.

Last year the state land bank was willing to provide funds to raze this old home. Many in the community including myself thought the house should get a reprieve. So another house to be razed was chosen.

I guess many of us felt maybe that house had a Guardian Angel out there somewhere that would be willing to spend the time and money to raise her from her fate.

Seems no one is interested and in the past year the property has become an eyesore as well as being vandalized and sometimes occupied be vagrants and drug dealers making that house a nuisance and possible threat to the neighborhood.
That home is also next to the Metroparks Corridor  and we know bad things can happen there.

Before Hach or whoever is awarded the contract to demolish the house Historic groups should be allowed inside to see if there is anything valuable to save, certain windows or woodwork?

It would have been nice to save  239 but from what people have told me neither the Real Estate Company or the Bank seem interested in finding a solution. With that thought in mind it will be interesting what will become of that property?

I will forward this request to state representative John Rogers executive director of the Lake County Land Bank.

Let me understand this, a guy who looks like he has a squirrel living on top of his head has the gall to  question a woman candidate about her looks?

Thursday, September 10, 2015

" GO ALL THE WAY " raspberries

I was cruel and mean I had a hole in the place where my heart should have been

Well it appears next week I will be back in school at Heritage Middle School. Both Superintendent Shepard and Principal  DeAngelis have invited me to Heritage Middle School.

Now lately I have been quite harsh on the antics of what goes on in that school. Before making my statement at city council looking back I should have addressed the administration first. My only excuse was that I believed they were well aware of the situation.

First off let me tell you what I have learned so far about an SRO officer in that building. Is he there one day a week? Two days? How is this decided?

Well according to the Painesville Police Chief there's a sign-up sheet? So any patrolman who is free on a certain day can sign the sheet to work at Heritage that day?  No one signs the sheet? Sorry folks your on your own.

So if something really bad happens on a day with no SRO officer  when asked, the people in charge will claim no one signed up that day?

I followed an SRO officer at Harvey for a week he explained the special instructions and training he had taken. How to respond to certain situation's and how to deal with young adults one on one. No surprises here. These are  the officers responsibilities in the school and here are yours. Over time the SRO officer gains the confidence and respect  of the students and they know he's a straight shooter, plays no favorites and his purpose in that building is to provide a safe learning environment for not only student's but also teacher's.

Now I ask what is the level of training is there for the officers that sign the sign up sheet?

Doesn't it make sense that the same officer is at the school everyday. The officer learns the students and they learn him or her.

When you have the same officer very quickly that officer knows who's a loud mouth and who might be a legitimate threat. Who's a jokester and who would steal the sugar out of a cake. You don't learn that once a week or every so often.

So what do I want?

I want a dedicated officer who's job is being an SRO officer at Heritage. Not a hit or miss listing.

I want order and a safe learning experience for those students.

I also want students to watch an officer preform his duties and know his # 1 priority is their safety.

From the sixth grade through the twelfth I want them to watch and learn. Who knows just maybe everyone will understand and respect the job a police officer does.

I have heard many people tell me they want Painesville to regain it's past stature. Well the school system is where you start.

Darth Vader is suing  Former Vice-President Dick Cheney for Defamation of  Character ?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

" BIG OL' JET AIRLINER " steve miller band

Sometimes you have to go through Hell to get to Heaven

Presently there is a news article circulating on the web with the concern's of our city manager Anthony Carson.

I'm positive it's no surprise because I am sure every council person has received the same email I have. 


Dozens apply to be Marathon, FL. next city manager.

By William Axford June 19,2015

The Marathon City Council is expected to move forward with the search for a new city manager July 14, with each councilman bringing his top five picks from applicant pool of 31 so far.

The deadline to apply is June 30.

The search to fill the top spot at City Hall came in mid-April, when City Manager Mike Puto said Dec. 31 will be his last day on the job, or sooner if a successor is chosen before then.

31 applicant's

Anthony Carson city manager of Painesville, Ohio. Carson lives in Painesville and holds a master's in public administration from Valdosta State University.

Shocking just plain Shocking I say!

Well not really anyone who witnessed Tuesday's council meeting must believe this man is dealing with imbeciles  !

Where to start? First off ages ago Abby DelaMotte suggested council people be restricted to speaking only three minutes on an issue. At the time I thought it wasn't wise. Not so sure now. As we went on about ordinances tabled from May it was like a Chinese water torture. Please Mrs. DiNallo speak clearly  and loudly into the microphone so at least some of us know what your trying to communicate to us. Mr. DeLeone you have had this information for how long? Mr. Fodor stay retired you will never make it as a standup comic. Paul Hach please learn how a council meeting is to be conducted. Tom Fitzgerald  we will try not to wake you up, Katie Jenkins not everyone viewed this as humorous?

If Mr. Carson wasn't looking for a job, I might think something is wrong with him. Look he is to "manage" with orders given by council??? When will they start doing that?

Some of you city employee's and directors might hope to bring back the good old days when a city manager put you first instead of the residents.

I have been to Marathon, FL. in the keys about twenty years ago, unless there's a Hurricane you could'nt find a nicer community.

Well he tried and someday I will share some of the B.S. this man had to put up with naming names included!

One thing Painesville residents and leadership must remember is that Painesville needs Tony Carson more then Tony Carson needs Painesville.

Council if you feel I judged you harshly, take the time and view the tape.

Are there anymore A-Holes left in Arkansas besides  Mike Huckabee and Bret Bielema ?

Sunday, September 6, 2015

" LABOR DAY 2015

It's the time of the season

Well I guess Labor Day is the last hurrah of summer, the start of football season, the time when baseball tells us to wait until next season. Kids are back in school, fall is approaching very soon.

But Labor Day is the day we salute the American workers because without them not much could be accomplished.

The American worker get's hit from all sides. Foreign competition, Dwindling job opportunities,  labor unions becoming a thing of the past.

And through it all what who made America great?

What made the 'middle class'? 

I hear politician's telling me free markets are the greatest thing for the American people? Putting many of them out of jobs. These same politicians tell us America should be the strongest presence in the world. Yes, America must lead and at the same time they encourage American business through their policies to abandon the United States  with not only jobs but to relocate headquarters in foreign countries to get out of paying taxes in this country?

Just a wild idea here but if you want to build F-35, sail aircraft carriers back and forth through the Strait of Hormuz along with providing the best trained and equipped Army. Hey, we are the worlds police force. well that responsibility cost's big bucks. That along with an industrial base to equip these  people we call our Armed Services.

American taxpayers have always funded these things and supported a strong America.

How much can we piecemeal away of this country before we are just a shell of our former self?

All though Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders aren't my first choice for President they do bring up a good point. America has been bought and sold out by people who care more about themselves then they do this country. Yep the system is rigged.

On Monday salute the American worker who in their  best interest will again put America First!

R.I.P.   Turtle

Friday, September 4, 2015


They smile in your face

As many of you know I have not always had a good relationship with the local Grassroots Rally Team. For whatever reason, I have always believed it was a splinter group of the Lake County Republican Party.

Now as always  being called one of those selfish Democrats  with a bleeding heart for the Mexicans I offer your  group a question. First lets agree on three facts;

 We have a two term elected  Republican Governor.

Both house of the state legislature are controlled by Republicans?

And they set the budget of the State of Ohio.

Than can one of you  please explain this?

Recently The Ohio Commission on Hispanic Latino Affairs (OCHLA) which is funded for about $500,000 through the recently passed state budget.

Now your going to love this!

OCHLA funded by Ohio tax dollars, wrote a check for $3,500.00 to HOLA! So the Republicans in a roundabout way sent V.D. a check? Dem dirty rascally Democrats? Wait these are Republicans? Dishing your tax dollars out. We can't fund an SRO at Heritage officer but Veronica gets cash?

See what I mean to tell you we are all getting used as pawns by everyone?

Now Lake County has three Democratic Commissioners, can you imagine the uproar if they would make a $350.00 donation with tax dollars to HOLA?

Grassroots Rally would storm the Nolan Building, but you won't hear much of a peep out of them when it comes to the $3,500.00

Best guess? Moral outrage comes only if you have a "D" after your name.

Lets see you spend $250,000 on a degree for your child, six months later they have a job that only requires the skills of a third-grader ?


"Well I don't know why a came here tonight, I've got the feeling  that something ain't right."

About these Painesville City Schools?

Yes there seems to be a lot of staffing going on Jefferson St.?

I guess with the exception of Chris Hanahan most of us do not really understand what all those positions entail. Chris Hanahan must feel   the position is worth the money. I agree only because they stand behind  their job. All I know is an EX.EM. is costing us $80,000? Reminds me of the "others" on the city budget.

Now myself and others probably have no idea what all these positions entail, but I do know what seems to be lacking in this district.

It is only a matter of time before we have a major crisis at Heritage Middle. Quite frankly the place is out of control. You know people have these phones that have still and video camera on them, no kidding and with what I have been shown no way in Hell would I send a child of mine to that place. PERIOD!

I don't know if the staff is unable or has no idea how to control that school. Staffing of an SRO officer feel through? Well make it a position at Jefferson St. and  the administration will find the funds. SRO officer one day a week? And how many calls to the police on the other four? What kind of policy is this?

There are bullies, roaming the building and truthfully a child wanting an education under no circumstances can feel safe in that building.

Missy DeAngelis  might know education but I hazard a guess she has no idea how to handle what goes on in her building In truth Ms. DeAngelis  you run the building or the clowns and their families do.

Now at the next BOE meeting I will ask to be escorted by any administrator or board member and we will spend a few days at Heritage Middle School. Heck Chris Hanahan can come along to report on what we find?

If I am wrong and things are not what I have been told I will make a full apology on the blog.

This is another case of transparency. No one hiding anything are they?

You know if you make a safe and welcoming learning environment you might not have to build an addition to Jefferson St?

Jimmy had a poor debut in Salt Lake City last night,  Guessing Urban Meyers had a good night sleep

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

" I DON'T CARE ANYMORE" phil collins

I'll do alright by myself, Cos I know

Time for a confession. I don't care anymore. Don't care about Town Hall Meetings, The P.O.C. candidate debates whatever will be will be, the futures not ours to see!

People asked me if there will be a candidate debate this election?  Why bother one candidate won overwhelmingly in the last election and didn't show up for anything. AND still having a hard time showing up. One candidate's actions in the last election was just plain embarrassing, so no city wide debate. Maybe a Ward I debate at Elm St. School before the election. Because both candidates seem to want to make their views known.

Jenkins vs. Werner? Well Katie what have you done for us? Offhand my only complaint is you have voted for some ridiculous zoning changes for whatever reasons only you can explain? And Hal sorry you seem to be a one trick pony. Quite reading to us and pontificating like a college professor and talk to us as a bus driver.

Mike DeLeone vs. Rev. Marbel  well it's nice to see Mike in this neck of the woods finally. Mike be careful on what you claim are your accomplishments. A sign really? The Rev gets a sign because he and his wife attended my father's funeral. Best reason so far.  You know Mike the Rev just seems more authentic.... And he doesn't think I'm getting old and forgetful? .

Paul Hach vs. Nobody  That said to you souls in Heisley Park I guess your on your own.

P.O.C. guess it didn't take off like many of us thought it would. The reality is that most people just want to bitch about what's going on and see no need to hold anybody responsible.

Town Hall's as the opportunity there the responsibility. Very few responsible I guess?

Want a real taste of Painesville? attend a COUNCIL MEETING!

Oh, I still plan to attend council meeting. The best kept Painesville secret? The best comedy show on a Monday night. These Council Meeting should be a reality show. Just watching faces and body movements is priceless. Law Director Gurley at times looking skyward and wondering where is he/she planning to take this conversation? Paul Hach slow to learn how a meeting's order progresses. Nothing but nothing tops Bill Horvath telling people to shut off their cell phones and vibrators meeting after meeting!

Will still be blogging But thinking about changing the title from What's Happening Painesville to the End of Days Painesville.

Speaking of Taste Of Painesville as a reason to go Downtown. Check out the fake brick sidewalk's on the north side of Main St. and St. Clair St. Best guess it won't be long before they all look like this?

Also, I wonder who the Streetscape Horticulture expert was? Seems most plants aren't fairing to well. Maybe we should have brought the Palm trees back from a few decade's ago! Remember them? 

You win! I don't care because the majority of Painesville doesn't care. Cos I Know! Ah, tomorrow  I just might care again.

Here's a wild prediction  Megyn Kelly to leave FOXNEWS for CNN didn't appreciate Roger Ailes throwing her under the GOP bus!