Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Wednesday at midnight we usher in 2014. I wish all your hopes and dreams are realized this year.
I hope the nexttrip around the sun finds you in good health.

Cleveland finds another "Coach" this is getting very disturbing?

Happy New Year to all of Painesville. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

"BOUND 2" kanye west

Predictions? Bound 2 will be the video, song, as well as artist of the year. Don't believe me? Just ask Kanye.

Now for some Painesville predictions. Remember none are based on anything., just a gut feeling.

Let's start with an easy one.

Painesville will pave Courtland St. in Fairport before it paves the one in Painesville. Sorry.

Take a good look at the old hospital site... The way it looks today is the way it will look a year from now.

Streetscape of Main St. should be pretty much finished by the time of Taste of Painesville. The question most asked at that time. will be "no really what did you do with $1.4 million?'

I see the law director retiring. Really he doesn't need this B.S. does he?

That Urgent Care Center, or Emergency Room promised for Painesville? Still just a promise. I have heard that the staff at Subway on the Square now carries Band-Aids.

Another Fire Station for Painesville? Well we have the money ,how long can we leave brand-new fire apparatus as well as older fire equipment just rust outside the fire station?
Land was annexed into the city so ONE employee can take a dump? Just think about it if he lived in the township and makes $500.00 a week he now pays Painesville  $520.00 in income tax for that privilege. Sorry I'm not buying any of this story.

Could our Senior Center be homeless? Who owns the Dorthy- Allen Building? What's it's future? What long time deals have or haven't been made with the city? What's with the old hotel site?

AMP-OHIO will continue to screw us on electric purchases. Their next big contract start's in 2015. Sorry that deal was signed sealed and delivered almost 5 years ago. Now I sense one of our county cousins sees a weakness and will ask Painesville to fund some crazy electric deal. Lets hope city leaders understand the meaning of the word COULD.

I forgot my big surprise, We will be building a new county jail this year. Yes I mentioned it a couple of months ago. It just slipped my mind. but not my wallet.

-Think I'm just an old mean little man? Someone who believes Painesville can rise from the ashes?
Someone should ask Carol Shmakian how much co-operation the city building department gives her as long as grief? You want to know why
Painesville is in the position it presently in? This department would be a good place to start. What exactly is the damn hold-up?

**************** WHO WILL BE THE NEXT COUNCIL-PRESIDENT???***************

Paul Hach

Monday, December 23, 2013

"WHITE CHRISTMAS" bing crosby

Well today is Christmas Eve. Wednesday is Christmas.

Hopefully all the shopping is finished and plans are finalized for the next two days. If you ain't got it yet just give them a gift card.

I hope many of you will enjoy spending time with your families and friends. Yet at the same time remember the reason we celebrate this day.

Being Catholic I have made it a practice to attend Midnight Mass at St. Mary's. I have come to believe that is my New Year. A new start to the coming year.

No matter where you attend Christmas services and even if you don't please take the time to spread the Joy to the World.

A friend mentioned to me that the people need a Shepherd? Not a bad idea seems everyone is selfishly heading in one direction. Theirs.

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Yeah, Yeah, I know some of you have heard it. Well they bring Charlie Brown Christmas,

Frosty the Snow Man, Miracle on 34th Street. Every year?

After all "its a wonderful life"

How many other cities have Christmas songs?

Friday, December 20, 2013

"EVERYBODY'S TALKIN' harry nilsson

But no one hears what there saying?

Duck Dynasty is now the latest.

First Mr. Robinson has free speech guaranteed in the first amendment, and as far as I can tell he hasn't been carted off to prison or is facing any charges?

A&E also has their own rights, sorta like if you don't like reading what is on this blog. you can avoid this site. I still have my free speech and you still can choose to look in or not.

A&E is a business and any business has the right to protect it's investment. A&E has chosen to protect that business by keeping Mr. Robinson off their channel. That said all new shows coming this January will feature him. Duck Dynasty can choose to continue without him, possible move to another channel or just go back to just making duck calls.

Look in life I have found it better to know what a person thinks and says rather than they being "politically correct" and you not knowing. You at least know where they are coming from.

Religion? One one hand we have Brimstone & Fire, and on the other we have turn the other cheek , least not you be judged, charity, forgiveness, at times it's quite confusing.

Hate the sin love the sinner?

A few of Mr. Robinson remarks especially when it came time to talk about African-Americans in the south I have to wonder what rock he was under? We are about the same age doesn't he remember the four young girls killed in a church bombing? The Freedom Riders killed? The KKK sorry it was bad yet he intends to rewrite history. What next they had there own schools, restrooms, even drinking fountains? What they had their own exclusiveability?

I guess what I'm saying is that everyone has free speech. It does come with consequence's. For the Robinson's as well as A&E.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"GO YOUR OWN WAY" fleetwood mac

Monday night ended an era in Painesville. Council-President Joseph Hada ended his servive on council.
As the title suggests Joe went his own way in his 32 years on council. This was a commitment to the residents in Painesville. I respect Joe for all the sucess he has had in life. Mary and Joe raised three children in Painesville all who attend Painesville schools and have all suceeded in life.
Mary and Joe have over 50 years of service to this community and are proud to claim Painesville as home.

Now anyone who serves the amount of time Joe  has, some mistakes were made, who among us wouldn't have?

Sometimes I think Joe thought he knew better. I guess  if your going to be a leader you have to think that way. Washington crossing the Delaware. Great idea. Col. Custer at Little Big Horn well not such a great idea.

My hope is that the new council not only acts but also listens to residents. Disagreement shouldn't be viewed with hostility but please take the time to listen and consider.

That said council will not be the same without Joseph Hada.

Have to wonder why no story in the News-Herald?

Now everything passed on the agenda. As a note to some of you when I arrived at 7:15 pm the courtroom was filled with both people wishing to see what council would do with the immigration resolution?
Everyone stood for the "Pledge of Allegence" I guess there was an issue of people coming in after the pledge.
On the agenda it was not listed and will not be addressed at council at least until the second meeting in January?
Lori DiNallo as well as many others thought something even if just a discussion would be started at Mondays meeting. I understand one lady drove as far as Mantua to attend te meeting.
My suggestions is to keep your phone calls coming to council members.

Monday, December 16, 2013


Ah, the last meeting of the year and the last meeting for Council-President Joseph Hada. Mr. Hada has served on council for 32 years, I have tried to find it any council person in Painesville or Lake County ever served this long of a tenure?

You have to wonder if Mr. Fitzgerald will attend this meeting?

Let's hope we have a quorum this Monday? We would have to have a special meeting between now and the end of the year.

A lot of loose ends need to be tied up , Inter-fund transfers. setting up funds for the fire and road levy money

This meeting also will define a "family" can't wait.

Also vacant property will be on first reading?

Knotts Enterprises will get the go ahead  with plans for the old hospital site.

Council will hopefully sign the agreement to sell the aerial fire truck and it then will no longer be pending.

Lets not forget the awards tonight for Morley Library, Classic Buick and former city manager Rita McMahon.

Friday, December 13, 2013


It was just announced that Ms. Rita McMahon has been named Person of the Year for 2014 by the Painesville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Now I've always felt let bygones be bygones but this selection leaves me with a strange taste in my mouth. WWYT?

If you have been following this blog. for sometime, you realize many of the AMP-OHIO deal that she left the city with are downright "TOXIC".

Let's also remember she was compensated very well by council over here tenure in Painesville.

I have been told many stories about how she ran the city, Doesn't mean they were true. But where there's smoke there's fire. The physical fight at city hall between a former finance director and two other department heads. I know boys will be boys.

Many time in a council meeting she told council half truths and out and out lies. The Cobblestone Emergency response deal? We wouldn't have to pay for anything until we started to receive power? Anybody remember that 2 million plus check sent to AMP-OHIO last December? Where's the power?  Little half-truths such as a claim she made that CSX only ran 30 trains through Painesville. A fact she grabbed out of the air?

Look what are her pluses besides annexation, and flower pots?
What possibly could she have done about Lake East Hospital leaving. Yes she tried to save it after Lake Hospital already decided to leave? Wonder what the problem was, and when? Fasson moving offices out of the city along with demolishing an almost new building? The Old Hotel  Who might own it next? Zaremba building on the old hospital site? I can't wait for people to see what $1.4 million gets them on the Main Street streetscape?

I guess in the end I believe awards such as these should be given to volunteers and not people making over $120,000 at the city's expense, just doing their job. With the exception of a police or fire fighter going above and beyond? Maybe to a fire fighter  that was deployed in Afghanistan ?

Then again this will give council an opportunity to ask what were you thinking when you recommended those deals ?

Look since the new city manager has taken over I already see a more transparent city along with a desire to meet residents. Soon I see a new attitude on council What a change.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Now this is the thinking of one person on the "I Think We're Alone" post.

Everyone needs "papers' and if you don't have the correct papers on you go to the Magic Bus?

First the 'papers'  Where did this idea get hatched? Perkin's or a Hogan's Hero's episode? Show me your papers how did that work out for Nazi Germany? If you don't have the correct papers on the magic bus you go, to where?

Maybe we could take this "Magic Bus"  one or two steps further?

Latino music to attract people, candy on the steps to get illegal as well as children born under the 14th amendment?

A cache name like the "Parasite Express" Painted in the color's of the Mexican flag? Watch out Italians your flag has the same colors, what's the difference there not really true Americans either.
I can't believe the stories of growing up in Painesville in the 20's and 30's. I'm sure the Irish, Slovenians, Germans, Hungarian's all bear some the same tales. But in the end they assimilated into good U.S. citizens

If I remember right the "New World" was found by a misdirected Italian navigator financed by a Spanish Queen?

Where did horses come from?

Some of the comments have been left out you want to know why? I'm ashamed I might know some of you?

I am neither a supporter of HOLA or Grassroots. I'm glad I am not affiliated with either.

Where are the solutions?

Oh, and to anyone with HOLA here's a few ideas you might find worthwhile.

First, At the HOLA meeting a mother spoke about her husband being in the process of being deported. She claimed to have been in this country for 13 years, and had three American born children? 13 years and you can't speak a word of English? Why not.

In your meeting room you should have an American flag in a stand. It would make people like myself more understanding.

You attend a city meeting make sure your early enough to" Pledge the Allegiance to the flag." It would make it easier to support you. That is if you weren't told to go into the courtroom until after the Pledge? If you were question the reason why.

Don't tell anyone that you "need us" We don't NEED anyone.

Stop making DEMANDS!

Forget about getting resolutions from council, commissioners ect. Get involved in your community  get to know your neighbors. Respect everyone in your neighborhood, follow local ordinances,

Soon your neighbors will be writing letters on there own.

Monday, December 9, 2013

"I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW" tommy james & the shondells

Received an interesting e-mail to the blog. yesterday.

Now presently I'd like the blog. to just report facts about illegal immigration, I'll pretty much keep my own thoughts to myself presently. First as to how are you going to round all these people up after you offered them a better life in the United States? To really you want a resolution on comprehensive immigration reform that refuses to include border security?

This e-mail troubled me due to its content.

Dear Painesville City Official,

You are invited to attend a meeting of concerned citizens, to discuss the pending immigration resolution.

Location: Morley Library
Date: Tuesday December 10, 2013
Room A & B downstairs
Time: 6:30 P.M. - 8:30 P.M.

Then the sentence that bothered me the most.


They proceeded to invite all seven council members, the city manager, the law director and the police chief.
First off the person who originally e-mailed this letter should know that due to Ohio Sunshine rules no more than three council members can be present at one time even to a Mickey Mouse Club Meeting. He should know better.

Second Tuesday evening is the WARD IV storm water meeting at Maple. Elementary School. That I expect three council members as well as the city manager to attend?

Why by invitation ONLY?

This is what happens when you hatch a plan at Perkins Pancake House with alot of non-residents.

You think I'm wrong?

In the first sentence change CONCERNED CITIZENS to HOLA members? Some of you would be screaming from the rafters.

This is not the way True Americans operate, and for good reason.

Maybe the police chief might  have  to attend because there's a good chance alot of NOT  invited people might be heading to Morley Library Tuesday evening?

Call the city officials on your own, attend council meeting but in the forum you present at Morley you can not remain "anonymous" like you can here on the blog.

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Well it's happening all over the Midwest anyway.

It's like deja vu all over again.

November 20, 2013

BATAVIA- Residents at Monday's  Batavia City Council meeting objected to a proposed increase in their electric bills. Batavia Public Works Director Gary Holm has told aldermen that additional revenue would be needed to account for increase purchase power costs and depletion of rate stabilization reserves.

Holm told aldermen that even thogh the city's consumption is down, its overall cost for purchase power is up. 'For the period from 2010 to 2013, our purchase power costs have increased a total of 7 million, or about 30 percent,' he said.

In 2007, the Northern Illinois Muncipal Power Agency, of which Batavia is a member, agreed to a long-term power contract to purchase electricity from Prairie State Energy Campus in downstate Illinois.

Resident Sylvia Keppel at Monday's meeting criticized the deal. ' I can't understand why there were no escape clauses,' Keppel said during a public hearing on the city's proposed $95.6 million budget. ' You left no out when you signed those contracts,'..'This is a toxic asset that we need to dump,' Keppel said have you thought about going after NIMPA that got us into this?'

Well Sylvia I hope you can get your aldermen to send a letter? One may even suggest it was a gamble, and lets wait and see maybe in another twenty years this might end up being a good deal, and another suggesting that no one else has sent anything, why should we speak for everyone? Look at it as an unexpected brake job?

Now at the recent meeting that the AMP-OHIO thieves attended they brought out September  levelization costs. A little over $39,000 and the plant running at 68%. I wondered than why since it was almost the end of November why they didn't have at least October numbers?  Well they had the numbers and I will share them with you now.
Rate levelization for October for Painesville .... $113,696.89 to get the cost to around $73.00 MW which is high to begin with.
The plant ran at about 47% capacity. Still want to take a wait and see Mr. Fodor?
I can't wait for the November numbers.

When AMP-OHIO made the presentation in Painesville. they said they had borrowed $1.46 million on their line of credit for rate levelization . Let's ask them what AMP-OHIO borrowed on its line of credit through November, 30,2013 and how much Painesville will have to pay them back?  Mr. DeLeone this is one interesting budget billing scheme.

An interesting question to all of council AMP-OHIO, NIMPA  MJMEUC, IMEA ect, who regulates these people? NO ONE!

What a fool I have been. To believe some of those millions in Painesville's electric fund cold be used to improve Painesville? No AMP-OHIO/ Peabody Coal has set it's sight on that fund and comes to town like a vultures to take that fund to the bone.

Thank-you again Rita and Joe.

God help us all on this mess.

Friday, December 6, 2013

"LET IT BE ME" everly brothers

Earlier I posted "One" is the loneliest number." This was to gauge your feeling on who should be the next council-president. Now that organizational meeting might be quite interesting as well as entertaining. Probably why they will do it in "executive session" out of our view.

Look I know who it should be, there has only really been one "Alpha"on council this past year, but without an agenda and an ulterior motive little chance he will be voted that position. With as little facts that I have seen, I see no member with four votes, yet without knowledge of our newest council member's thinking this might take awhile. Let's hope they are transparent so we can view how the sausage is made.

If you sit in a council meeting you can see tension between council members that you don't get to see on channel 12. Channel 12 What's up with that?  Can the first duty of council next year promise that residents can view it and hear it? Unless the goal was for people not to watch they than have succeeded.

Again voting is closed on our next council-president so all we can do is watch, or wait.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Yes as we spend time on feral cats, Asian carp, what is and is not a family, carriage rides through downtown. Even ice cream competitions with another city,this  item has slipped by us.

Recently on October 23, 2013 The Ohio House down in Columbus passed a measure subHB5 that is presently in the Ohio Senate Finance Committee.

Now to refresh you this subHB5 will take away the right of all municipal cities in the State of Ohio to collect their income tax. This Bill is loaded with many items that will affect the operation of Painesville.

When the city asked to send a letter this Bill was HB 601 we never sent one...again.

One item I remember is presently the city receives a check bi- monthly from RITA, if the law passes the city will only receive a checks four times a year. Try controlling your budget then. Along with the loss of close to $30,000. Look it up on the city web site. Council meeting Minutes 01/07/13  01/16/13.

If some of you remember Painesville wanted to send a Resolution to Columbus earlier this year when a certain council woman opposed sending it. Three guesses who that might be. Seems the state Chamber of Commerce wanted this change?
Look maybe losing $30,000 to some of you isn't much but how do you expect this city to operate only getting money four times a year with no knowledge what the amount will be?

Now since it is presently in committee there is a chance that it will come up for vote this month and the Governor signing it into law before the first of the year.

It's time we demand our council people do what they were elected to do,. We don't need another cheerleader or ambassador we need legislators to look out for our pocketbooks, enough already!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


This was forwarded to me. Remember this isn't the finished resolution only a draft.

A resolution to support comprehensive immigration reform and urge action from the 113th Congress. 

WHEREAS, The United States of America is a land of immigrants, and the migration of people and families from all corners of the world has enriched American culture; and

WHEREAS, The City of Painesville and America have prospered because of the economic and social contributions of hardworking immigrants and their families who have supported our nursery and landscape industry with their hard labor; and,

WHEREAS, The U.S. Congress last enacted major immigration reform legislation more than a quarter-century ago, and immigration reform is currently stalled in the House;and,

WHEREAS, America's current immigration system is outdated, hinders our economy, and does not reflect our local or national values; and

WHEREAS, Immigration is a federal responsibility and solving our broken immigration system would strengthen the City of Painesville in Lake County, Ohio, and increase our economic growth, jump-start housing recovery and reduce the deficit, as well as enabling immigrants to make an even greater contribution to our communities; and

WHEREAS, Becoming a citizen of the United States means taking a solemn oath to uphold our nations Constitution;and,

WHEREAS, Citizenship is an important symbol of full membership and participation in society that should be encouraged; and,

WHEREAS, Broad immigration reform must include a realistic pathway to citizenship for all hardworking, law-abiding, taxpaying, aspiring citizens who live in the United States if they meet reasonable requirements; and.

WHEREAS, An enforcement-only approach is dividing families, and keeping families together reflects American values, and is important for a stable, productive community; and,

WHEREAS, Broad immigration reform must provide a mechanism for aspiring citizens who have grown up in this country, to become citizens and be able to fully contribute to our shared future; and,

WHEREAS, Broad immigration reform must update the legal immigration system so that employment visa policies more realistically match our nation's needs, are structured to guarantee the same rights, obligations, and fairness for U.S. and immigration workers, and provide for the ability for workers to petition for permanent residency; and,

WHEREAS, The federal government must ensure accountability  for enforcement operations, that they remain consistent with the American commitment to family unity, fairness and due process; and

WHEREAS, Broad immigration reform legislation must encourage immigrants to build deeper relationships in their communities and to attain citizenship, which include both responsibilities and rights; and,

WHEREAS, Patchwork attempts to mend the shortcomings and deficiencies of our broken immigration system would undermine our potential for prosperity and leave us ill-prepared to meet the challenges of the modern world, now, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE PAINESVILLE CITY COUNCIL, That Painesville urges the 113th Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform as outlined in this resolution that provides a reasonable path to citizenship and social integration for workers, family members of U.S. residents, young people raised in this country, and other immigrants whose contributions are critical to the healthy functioning  of our economy and society.

BE IT FURTHER  RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution shall be delivered to the U.S. Speaker of the House, Members of Ohio's Congressional delegation, including Rep. David Joyce, Ohio Senators Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown, President of the Senate, members of the Ohio General Assembly, Governor of the Sate of Ohio.

This is I believe the first draft.

First there was no mention of Border Security? Why not. This would have to be included in this resolution.
There seems a lot of responsibility for legal citizens but what responsibility do the undocumented have?

Please let your council members know what you think.


Well another repetitious meeting in the books.

Can't do much with two members missing. Excused were council-president Hada, and Ward III councilmen DeLeone.

 Although that guy on Jackson St. won't have to use his porta-potty much longer.

Can't even sell a fire truck.

Councilwoman  DiNallo proposed looking into selling our stake in Prairie State? You would have a better chance of selling an Edsel Dealership in 1959. Although councilman Fodor wants to keep rolling the dice?  "Lets look at it over the long term." Yes, theres a coal powered power plant in everyone future I guess. ( I can't wait to install reasonable priced solar panels it's coming) Again Prairie State and AMPGS has cost the city millions and in the end will be remembered as Painesville's worst financial deal EVER! Odd how Peabody and AMP-OHIO haven't lost a dime?

Councilwoman DiNallo also brought the idea of a resolution in support of our illegal Hispanic community. Look I can see both sides of this argument. There not going to self-deport. We are not going to round them up and ship them all off either. Think about it does any chamber of commerce want to loss 11 /20 million customers and cheap employee's. At the same time we ask them to come here for jobs. At the border are two signs one Help Wanted and the other Keep Out.

I don't in my heart believe these people came to steal anything from us, only to provide a better standard of living and a better future for their children. And why no one shut that door sooner gives me reason to believe someone wanted them here. Now who could that have been? It was pointed out to me that some of the worse critics on this subject actually had family members that hired them?

Five audience members spoke on opposition to the resolution. Former council member Hal Werner gave us a history lesson and of the other four who spoke against the resolution three were not Painesville residents.

I have questioned Hal in the past if opposing immigration caused him a problem as a school bus driver for the city schools. Although he was not in favor of the resolution when it came to his job those children White, Black and Hispanic were his number one priority. With any and all of these people opposed to comprehensive immigration I did not see hate, racism just people that believe that the laws should be followed.
At the same time the Immigrants don't want to steal anything from anybody only the opportunity for a better life.
Almost 40 Hispanics showed up for the meeting, with their children who surprisingly were very well behaved. The person that was missing was Ms. Dahlberg?
I give Mrs. DiNallo credit for this resolution but after last night how do you send a resolution with this much opposition?

Councilman Flock suggested that our Congressman, David Joyce attend a meeting to learn and listen. Yeah Andy when pigs fly.

A new policy from our city manager that once a month he will sit in the lobby of city hall with a department head and speak to any resident about any concerns they may have. I hope residents take advantage of this. A city manager who wants to meet the people? How unique. I believe the first meeting will be January 3,2014.
Also the city manager suggested that a work session with Mr. Gurley and our new council member to bring him up to speed. Maybe even have a special council meeting so we can get started with Knott Construction on the former hospital site. As well as sell a fire truck?

To many "studies", "monitoring," and "gathering data" for me let's get something accomplished.

I almost forgot. In the proposed 2014 budget $150,000 was earmarked for road improvement. Mr. Unetic told be that amount will be added to the road levy money. We will have over $800,000 in road improvement next year.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


This *ondays *eeting includes nine agenda ite*s, as well as Prairie State, and a proposed I**agration resolution.

It will be interesting what these two subjects will bring forward?

8. Wonder if this will go forward without an excellent reason to pass it on second reading? (picking the developer for the old hospital site.)

9.Dispose of vehicle #2329 ( the old 75 ft. ladder fire truck)

3. Wonder how *any on council have the will to define a fa*ily?