Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"ALICE IN WONDERLAND" avril lavigne

I guess the Queen won the first round of this land acquisition. I see the Bear making his move soon.... as soon as he gets out of the animal hospital [bad leg, knee] probably from kicking some poor animal or something hard like a bench?
The Queen's micro-management skills were in full force Monday. 2.3 million jars of honey... and it took three representatives from her court plus the Queen herself to be at the proceedings. I counted close to 400,000 jars a year in wages to make sure that no one got lost between the golden dome and the county courthouse. Next thing you know.. all court representatives will need GPS in their cars to go 50 yards. Think things are a little top heavy?
Honestly, I'm glad the rabbits will get some honey for their flooded burrows. I see it's starting to sink in around the kingdom that the Bear didn't drop the ball... but mortgage companies, condo associations, and probably a few banks did drop the ball. Yet no one has been held accountable? Sorta like the AMP-OHIO deal uh?
I can only hope that no one believes this rescue was done out of the goodness of someones heart, or that there will be a "traditional" park in that area. Please don't plan a picnic there, or expect a water park or even a park bench.
How many students and dollars did Painesville City Schools lose over this acquisition? How many city tax and income tax dollars did the city also lose?
Great job Queen!
Was it a mistake to build down there? Well, if it was...then why were they purchased by the rabbits in the first place?
We must all watch and learn the Queen's plan for this "Park" and at the same time she had better watch out for a Bear staking out his territory. It's probably a good thing that it isn't going to be a public park or available for the "river walk" because it will be just about impossible to get past the Bear to get there anyway.
I see more and more Sharks in the mix for everyone concerned. Maybe they will just make it "Fred Flintstone's Memorial Garden" because it's going to revert back to the time before rabbits lived there.
Wonder who will be the Cheshire Cat?


Monday, June 27, 2011


For all of you that have seen enough Mardi Gras parades featuring fire trucks and tow trucks. Looking for a change? Councilman Andrew Flock and his wife Marge invite all city residents to their fourth annual "Town Hall Picnic Meeting" at Recreational Park. along the river by the Pavillion. Free Hot Dogs, Chips, and Coca-Cola will be provided. If you have a special dish or dessert you want to share with your neighbors please feel free to bring it.

Hot Dogs start coming off the grill at 6:00pm.

Thursday nite June 30, 2011

Millstone UPDATE

Update on the ongoing saga of Millstone:

There were two bids for the property; $137,000.00 by an interested party and 2.3 million dollars by Doug Lewis acting for the city of Painesville.

Guess who won?

Next round:

Will this sale be appealed?

When can the residents realistically expect to get their share?

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Some of you by now have seen the construction work on Mentor Ave. from Wood St. to just west of Lake Erie College. You might even be wondering what the hold-up might be? Well, as best as I can piece together, Orwell Gas has run a gas line down Mentor Ave. between just west of the YMCA to Wood St.
Now the rub... they have installed a regulator west of the YMCA where it happened that the fence doesn't meet Painesville code. That can be easily worked out, but Orwell Gas has purchased a Century Historical home west of the College to put another fenced in regulator in the front yard. They then intend to rent the house out. So much for Mentor Ave. Historical District. [Nice signs by the way.} I understand the College doesn't want this eyesore on their property so it's next door at 521 Mentor Ave. Again, is this another violation of Painesville City Code?
My question: where is the present regulators for the college located? Well... they can be seen just west of Ardmore and Park Ave. where they intersect Walnut St on college property.
I am for free enterprise but what kind of hocus-pokus is going on here?
Why wasn't any of this discussed with the city before the zoning board had to be involved? One guess where this gas is coming from. Along with my question "A little Help From My Friend?"
I tried to look up the minutes for the last couple of months for the Zoning Board, maybe some of you will have better luck then me...or did anyone out there attend and are able to shed some light?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


President.................... Allen Watson
Vice-President...............Angelo Cimaglio
Treasurer.....................Sandy Miller
Secretary.....................Dennis Morton

We believe at the present time a City Manager serves Painesville better than a Mayor. Although we will revisit this occasionally.
We will inquire about term-limits for council.
We will continue to pursue on the procedure for recall petitions for council members.
To find out what cuts, in education [A.G. classes, All day Kindergarden, pay to play.] Anything that will change the education for our young residents.

All are welcome to our meetings and give us your thoughts on anything Painesville.

We will try to reserve a room at Morley Library July 26, 2011 for our next meeting.


Just so there in no misundersanding the views held by myself on this Blog. Are not represented by the POC. My posts are mine I will report on POC meetings but I see a time when my views might not be the POC position.
I will discuss with others on the POC of setting up their own web.site.

Also understand the views of some who comment here are not mine, or the POC but the people who comment. Thank-You

Monday, June 20, 2011


Council took action and passed a motion to rescind next years 4% water increase.

Council also voted 6-0 to "NOT" get involved with the AMP-OHIO Fremont Gas Energy plant.

A total of 12 items were on the agenda.

"Painesville Oversight Committee" will meet tomorrow night at 6:30 PM at Jalapeno Loco to discuss future plans. We have elected officers and I will post them ASAP.

"CLASSICAL GAS" mason williams

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Is this what we want (or really need) as part of Painesville's future?

Shale gas: Not a 'game changer' after all

by Kurt Cobb

Newly accessible natural gas from deep shale deposits around the world has been touted as a solution to everything from oil dependence to climate change. But our actual experience with shale gas extraction is telling another story.

The natural gas industry would like you to believe that newly accessible gas previously locked away in deep shale deposits is set to make natural gas the dominant fuel of the 21st century. Presumably, that's because natural gas is cleaner, produces fewer greenhouse gases, and will supposedly be widely available at reasonable prices. Therefore, we'll be using it to generate more of our electricity, power more of our vehicles, produce more products from our petrochemical refineries, and generally replace oil as the world's primary fuel.

Can gas from shale really promise all of that? David Hughes, formerly a geoscientist with the Geological Survey of Canada for 32 years and now an independent consultant, believes that those promises are overblown. He outlines his concerns in a new report entitled "Will Natural Gas Fuel America in the 21st Century?" which he prepared for the Post Carbon Institute. Even though he has limited his study to the United States, much of what he says is applicable to the rest of the world.

So many of the claims made for shale gas are questionable that it's hard to know where to start. The key claim is that it will be plentiful. But strangely no particular price is attached to this claim. What would we have to pay for that bounty to be available? One driller I know says it's nonsense to tell the public that we will have extensive supplies of natural gas from shale without saying what it will actually cost. He said that natural gas selling for $5 mcf implies a much smaller exploitable resource than gas above $10 mcf, a level hit only briefly twice in the last decade.

The report cites estimates of what price it might take to get large volumes of shale gas out of the ground. Some of the easiest and highest flowing wells may make a profit at current prices around $4 mcf. But harder-to-get gas will likely cost more than $7 mcf and possibly as much as $11.50 mcf. What's clear is that ramping up shale gas production won't be cheap. As my driller friend opined, "We can have cheap natural gas or we can have plentiful natural gas, but we're not going to have cheap, plentiful natural gas."

But just how plentiful will that natural gas be even with high prices?

Forecasts from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)--which have tended to be too optimistic--suggest that shale gas will only lift U.S. natural gas production modestly between now and 2035. This is because other sources such as conventional gas and coalbed methane are projected to experience significant production declines, -29 percent and -4 percent respectively, during this period. Except for a relatively small increase in offshore production of 9 percent, shale gas in the United States must make up for these declines first before it can add to our current rate of production. An increase of 26 percent total is expected for U.S.-produced natural gas through 2035. That's hardly a fraction of what would be required to fulfill all the promises made for natural gas. According to the EIA, gas will provide almost the same percentage of energy to the U.S. economy in 2035 as it does today.

This suggests that there simply won't be enough gas available for broad new uses such as natural gas-powered vehicles or natural gas-fired baseload capacity for electric utilities. Far from displacing oil, natural gas is likely to continue in its current uses: a fuel for heating buildings and for industrial process heat and a petrochemical feedstock.

Let's imagine for a moment (even though the facts don't support this) that the natural gas optimists are correct, that the United States has a 100-year supply of natural gas. Even if this were true, it's 100 years at current rates of production. But wait, the natural gas industry is proposing vast new uses of natural gas and expecting normal economic growth. That means that the rate of production must grow rather consistently over time if natural gas is to displace oil and meet all that new demand.

Simple spreadsheet calculations will tell you what you need to know about what happens to such claims under the pressure of a little exponential growth. At 2 percent per year growth (about what oil production grew prior to the plateau that set in in 2005), the 100-year U.S. domestic natural gas supply is exhausted in 56 years. If we assume that production peaks when about 50 percent of the resource is exhausted, this puts the peak within 35 years. Think about it. Even if the optimists are correct, with a production growth rate of just 2 percent per year, the country reaches a peak within 35 years! What will we do after that?

The picture gets acutely worse as the rate of production growth rises. A 3 percent rate implies exhaustion in 47 years and peak in 31 years. A 5 percent growth rates means exhaustion in 37 years and a peak in just 26 years. Now consider that domestic supplies are probably going to be less than claimed, and you'll see why shale gas simply cannot solve our energy problems.

What is preventing the huge ramp-up promised by the natural gas industry? As it turns out, while initial flows from fractured shale gas wells are very high, they usually decline by 65 to 80 percent within the first year. The second year sees another considerable decline. Therefore, flows tend to settle at very low levels. This means that in order to achieve growth in the rate of production, new well completions must expand quickly enough both to make up for these steep decline rates and to meet the need for growth in overall rates of production. The process is akin to trying to climb up a down escalator, one that is going down at a rather fast rate.

As the overall rate of production climbs, the number of new wells needed to maintain and grow production mounts exponentially. The task becomes more and more capital-intensive as larger and larger rig fleets have to be built and deployed on a continuous basis. At some point growth in production rates will have to level off as the growth of the oil and gas services industry becomes unsustainable due to constraints in both capital and skilled labor.

In addition, environmental concerns are likely to result in new regulations in many states with shale gas deposits. Such regulations add to costs as they slow development. These regulations essentially revolve around protecting drinking water aquifers and rivers from fracturing fluids injected under intense pressure into the borehole of the well. These fluids are what create fractures in the shale that allow the gas to flow to the wellbore. Much of the injected fluid returns to the surface and must be treated or disposed of. The rest stays in the formation, and there are fears that it could migrate to drinking wateraquifers via poorly sealed drill pipes.

Finally, while natural gas is touted as a fuel that is much cleaner to burn than coal, only conventional gas reservoirs (which are now in decline in the United States) produce natural gas with a vastly better greenhouse gas profile. Because the fracturing process allows a considerable amount of methane to escape into the atmosphere at the beginning of a well's life, the greenhouse gas profile of shale gas is much less favorable. Hughes' report references one study that claims that this so-called "fugitive" methane comes out in such great quantities that coal used for coal-fired power plants has a better greenhouse gas footprint. I'm not convince it's that bad. But, this unburned methane is 20 times more efficient than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere. That means large unburned methane emissions can reduce and possibly even negate methane's advantage as a climate-friendly fuel.

Where does that leave us? Well, only one claim made by shale gas proponents is unequivocally true: Natural gas is cleaner, meaning it is less polluting to burn at the burner tip than other fossil fuels. That's an important property, and one we should not ignore as we try to find a transition strategy away from fossil fuels altogether. But the claims of abundance, low price, and low carbon footprint must all be discounted considerably if we are to make a realistic assessment of the role shale gas will play in our future energy mix.




MIDDLETOWN, Conn. — An explosion that sounded like a sonic boom blew out walls of an unfinished power plant and set off a fire during a test of natural gas lines Sunday, killing at least five workers and injuring a dozen or more.

The explosion at the Kleen Energy Systems plant in Middletown, about 20 miles south of Hartford, could be heard and felt for miles.

Deputy Fire Marshal Al Santostefano told The Associated Press on Sunday night that no one was known to be missing amid the rubble from the damaged plant. Still, crews planned to spend all night going through debris in case there were any more victims. The cause of the gas explosion was unknown, and the investigation was to begin Monday morning, he said.

The explosion left huge pieces of metal that once encased the plant peeling off its sides. A large swath of the structure was blackened and surrounded by debris, but the building, its roof and its two smokestacks were still standing. Rescue crews had set up several tents alongside the site, which is a few miles from Wesleyan University on a wooded and hilly 137-acre parcel of land overlooking the Connecticut River.

The explosion happened around 11:15 a.m., Santostefano said. Mayor Sebastian Giuliano heard the blast while leaving church.

"It felt almost like a sonic boom," Giuliano said at an evening news conference.

Santostefano said 50 to 60 people were in the area at the time of the explosion, and multiple contractors were working on the project, making it difficult to quickly account for everyone.

One of those killed was Raymond Dobratz, a 58-year-old plumber from Old Saybrook, said his son, Erik Dobratz, who called the elder man "a great dad."

The 620-megawatt plant, which was almost complete, is being built to produce energy primarily using natural gas. Santostefano said workers for the construction company, O&G Industries, were purging the gas line when the explosion occurred.

ynn Hawley, of Hartland, Conn., told The Associated Press that her son, Brian Hawley, 36, is a pipefitter at the plant. He called her from his cell phone to say he was being rushed to Middlesex Hospital.

"He really couldn't say what happened to him," she said. "He was in a lot of pain, and they got him into surgery as quickly as possible."

She said he had a broken leg and was expected to survive.

Officials had not released the conditions of the other injured people by Sunday evening, although they said at least a dozen people had injuries ranging from minor to very serious.

The thundering blast shook houses for miles.

"I felt the house shake. I thought a tree fell on the house," Middletown resident Steve Clark said.

Barrett Robbins-Pianka, who lives about a mile away and has monitored the project for years, said she was running outside and heard what she called "a tremendous boom."

"I thought it might be some test or something, but it was really loud, a definite explosion," she said.

Work on the plant was 95 percent complete, the mayor said.

Kleen Energy Systems LLC began construction on it in February 2008. It had signed a capacity deal with Connecticut Light and Power for the electricity produced by the plant, which was scheduled to be completed by mid-2010.

The company is run by former Middletown City Councilman William Corvo. A message left at Corvo's home was not returned Sunday. Calls to Gordon Holk, general manager of Power Plant Management Services, which has a contract to manage the plant, also weren't returned.

Energy Investors Funds, a private equity fund that indirectly owns a majority share in the power plant, said it is fully cooperating with authorities investigating the explosion. In a written statement, the company offered sympathy and concern and said it would release more information on the explosion as it becomes available.

Gov. M. Jodi Rell visited the scene Sunday and announced late in the day that the state had imposed a temporary no-fly zone for a three-mile radius around the site to ensure that the safety of the search and rescue workers would not be jeopardized. The restrictions were put in place until Monday evening.

The state's Emergency Operations Center in Hartford also was activated, and the Department of Public Health was called to provide tents at the scene for shelter and medical triage.

Daniel Horowitz, a spokesman with the U.S. Chemical Safety Board, said the agency is mobilizing an investigation team from Colorado and hopes to have the workers on the scene Monday.

Plants powered by natural gas are taking on a much larger role in generating electricity for the U.S. Gas emits about half the greenhouse gases of coal-fired plants and new technology has allowed natural gas companies to begin to unlock gas supplies that could total more than 100 years at current usage levels.

Natural gas is used to make about a fifth of the nation's electricity.

Safety board investigators have done extensive work on the issue of gas line purging since an explosion last year at a Slim Jim factory in North Carolina killed four people. They've identified other explosions caused by workers who were unsafely venting gas lines inside buildings.

The board voted last week to recommend that national and international code writers strengthen their guidelines to require outdoor venting of gas lines or an approved safety plan to do it indoors.

In February 2009, an explosion at a We Energies coal-fired power plant near Milwaukee burned six workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is still investigating.

In November 2007, an explosion at a Dominion Virginia Power coal-fired plant in Massachusetts killed three workers, and in January 2007 one worker and nine others were injured at an American Electric Power plant of the same type in Beverly, Ohio.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

"JUST A MIRAGE" tommy james & the shondells

A mirage is a 'naturally occurring optical phenomenon in which light rays are bent to produce a displaced image'...or an e-mail sent to me by Doug Nagy.

"Imagine you picked up the entire city of Beachwood, all 11,953 residents and plopped them down in the Painesville area. Would that change your perception of Painesville?"
Well Doug, what if you plopped all the 19,000 Painesville residents into Beachwood. Now you got a story!
Mr Nagy: Painesville AREA.. Painesville City, Painesville Township and Concord Township grew at this rate in spite of the City of Painesville. Concord, and Painesville Township also connect with Mentor so couldn't you also say the Mentor AREA?

How does the above statement prove the City of Painesville is making a strong comeback?
Concord Township is now the home of our former hospital?

Cleveland Magazine declared that the City of Painesville is a safer place than Mentor, Chardon, and Beachwood? Tell that to residents on Nebraska St.
I expect another high-end Painesville Magazine is already in the works.

Last time I looked you were being paid by the Downtown Painesville Organization. Not the Township Park Organization, or the Hospitals out on Auburn Rd. Organization.
Painesville City is all I want to know about and when WE have a win I don't want to share it!

Doug, please don't pee on my head and tell me its rain, and
please don't take me off your email list... I need the WTF every now and then.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"TIME IN A BOTTLE" jim croce

Time is running out if you want to let council people know how you are leaning on the 35 year "take and pay" Fremont Energy Station..
My crystal ball shows Hada, Fountain,and Hach taking a "YES" position.
Flock, and Werner in taking a "NO' position.
The deciding votes will be Lori DiNallo and Jim Fodor.

Lori DiNallo..... ldinallo@painesville.com 669-2284

Jim Fodor...... jfodor@painesville.com 354-5018

Hal Werner...... hwerner@painesville.com 223-2577 [cell]

Robert Fountain..... rfountain@painesville.com 639-1518

Joe Hada ..... jhada@painesville.com 352-1461

Paul Hach..... phach@painesville.com 350-0157

Andrew Flock..... aflock@oh.rr.com 354-6041

Please let them know your position on this expensive undertaking they are about to get all of us into for the next 35 years.

I don't believe we need to get the city tied up in another 35 year deal. On a side note the three yes votes are the same three that might cost us 2.7 million dollars
by voting "YES" to Meigs County. One even did it proudly.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Last Saturday the Painesville area lost another pillar of the community. Mr. Angelo A.Cicconetti, 83. The Cicconetti name is synonymous with Painesville City as well as the Township. Mr. Cicconetti's oldest son Michael is Painesville's Municipal Court Judge.
The Cicconetti family is one of those large families you heard about from "back in the day."
Mr. Cicconetti had many qualities, husband, father, advisor, leader, trustee. The one quality that aways stood out to me we his excellent organizational skills. Whether it was at the Diamond Alkali, as Dog Warden, or as an advisor on a political campaign; he had that special gift. He surrounded his whole life and family this way.
If he knew one thing as he departed this life it was that his family would be there for the family matriarch Mrs. Jackie Cicconnetti. He knew she would be surrounded by a loving family at this time.
I extend my deepest sympathy to the Cicconnetti family.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


As of 4:00 PM Tuesday June 14,2011 This blog went over the 50,000 views.
3,942 in the last month and 145 today.
Thanks to all of you that make it worth while.

Monday, June 13, 2011

"CRYING..." aerosmith

Trying to forget you...
AMP-OHIO's cavalcade of electricity stars made their appearance in Painesville tonight.
Have they got a deal for us! The opportunity to buy into a gas-fired intermediate power plant (rather than base power) that is worth $1,200,000,000.00 [that's right... billion] for only $575,000,000.00 First Energy bought it... completed it... and now has no use for it?
No money down. All we have to do is agree to purchase 5.1 megawatts a day for the next 35 years.... along with natural gas costs and any maintenance costs that could/should arise.
AMP-OHIO notified the city about this latest contract proposal late in March or early in April...and yet now we must decide by the next council meeting. [declare an emergency] What's the hurry now?
Ask the clerk of council... it was stated that this work session was the second reading? Yet I heard no 'reading'. She mentioned I must have not been paying attention. I asked 5 other people and no one else heard a reading of the ordinance. Another trick in play?
I don't know if this will get off the ground because to make this project work they need 100 more buyers like Painesville to make the project feasible. Should we take the shovel away from these people? An interesting side-note: two council people from Oberlin attended...bottom-line with them (another private college town) they were glad they didn't get involved with the Meigs County mess and they wouldn't touch this deal with the proverbial ten foot pole.
35 years.... that's a long time... what do you think?

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Now comes the deception? Monday night, June 13, 2011, council will hold an open-to-the-public work session with the likes of the AMP-OHIO Brother Marc S. Gerkens traveling salvation show. Pack up the babies and grab the the old ladies...let everyone go....
Painesville will again learn the only way you can cook those turkeys on Thanksgiving... or not have to do homework by candle light... is to listen to this new sales pitch. How much did the old pitch cost... 2.7 million... 2 million? Hey, it's only dead presidents burning a hole in your pocket.
I remember at a previous meeting attended by Mr. Gerkens that councilman Flock asked "what if we never get power from Meigs County?" Mr. Gerkens treated that question as if Andy had asked what if the world was flat? Hindsight? I don't even believe that question was addressed seriously. It should have been.
We need props? Like a crystal ball so we can see 25, 35 years in the future as to our electric needs, and the people who can't even predict five years ahead about a Mega-Watt coal plant will bring us answers to these questions Monday night. Lest we forget all this is still going through litagation yet AMP-OHIO still knows Painesvilles "stranded" costs?

This blog. is read in places that I didn't think even cared. Some resident in Oberlin, Ohio sent me an ordinance from their May 16, 2011 council meeting about something called 'The Northern Power Pool Participation Schedule' with AMP-OHIO.
Seems 9 members are elected and one spot was appointed, want to guess who?
When will we in Painesville be informed of all this? Are any council people aware of this? What is it? Is someone getting paid by this?
Painesville has operated too long in the shadows... it's time we be transparent on ALL city business. Painesville's administration is like an onion... you must keep peeling away layer after layer to get to the facts.
During the last council meeting it was brought up that over $200,000.00 was taken out of the water fund for legal expenses. The next question should have been was any money taken out of the electric fund or the waste water treatment fund for legal purposes as well? Someone has to ask.

Council-President Hada mentioned that council had no intention of moving the venue to the Harvey media center along with changing the format back to the old way where citizens spoke first. I would like to see a show of hands by council on a vote on this issue.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

"BLAME GAME" young slim

"Success has a thousand fathers... failure is an orphan" JFK mentioned that after the Bay of Pigs invasion failed.
Well we in Painesville have a $2,000,000.00 failure that WE will end up paying for.
Someone mentioned to me "it might have been a good idea in the beginning." Yes when we went into Gorsuch and even Prairie States it might have seemed feasible. Meigs County was to much to late. No one reading this blog. would ever get involved with a "take or pay" finance offer with regards to their personal finances.
AMP-OHIO? Residents can't even understand their involvement with the Painesville City electric department.
A simple way to explain it is you don't have the time or resources to do all your grocery shopping, so you hire me to get you the items you need at the best possible prices. I shop Giant Eagle, Marc's Heinen's, Wal-Mart, K-Mart wherever I can find the best value for your dollar. Your happy with the job that I am providing you provide me a fee to do this for you. One day I wake up and decide maybe if I start my own grocery store my customers will pay me to establish it? You can guess what happens? All your shopping is done at my store and if I fail to make it you are held responsible for the cost of my grocery stores. PARTNER? AMPGS didn't even put a out-house in Meigs County and it cost Painesville 2 million big ones.
Blame? Do we blame the city manager who recommended this project to council? [remember you people tell me she is a trained professional] OR should Joe Hada, Paul Hach, and Robert Fountain fall on their swords?[time to go guys?]
The News-Herald for some reason or another can't seem to grasp what this will cost us here in town or maybe they just can't believe anything this stupid could happen? No story? Why?
I guess we will take out another note to pay for this.[ Maybe residents could donate another flat fee?]
Nothing will happen unless the residents of Painesville demand something be done and I don't believe this blog. is cutting it.
I guess along with the fact that some how we have to come up with 2 million bucks. I keep remembering how condescending the council and administration were to people who suggested this might be a big mistake. It got so bad as the final vote was taken councilman Hada "proudly" voted for this deal.
I really want someone to take responsibility for this screwup and I can't see how it won't happen again unless the people still around RESIGN.

Monday, June 6, 2011

"RESIGNATION" brad mehldau

Well, the Painesville city manager informed council that we have 2,000,000.00 in "stranded" costs due to the Meigs County failed power plant. As you probable guessed... no-one stepped up to assume responsibility. As a matter of fact we now want to participate
in another 35 year take and pay contract on an AMP-OHIO Fremont gas-fired energy plant. I have already mentioned that anybody on council who would vote for this should be recalled.
Now the whip cream and cherry on top of this sundae; an $8.00 increase in water bills per meter along with the promise to not have to pay for a 4% increase next year.
Don't look at it like a flat fee... more as a membership fee in the Painesville City water system. Like a Sam's Club membership.
2 million in higher electric fees and $96.00 extra a year for water system improvement.

Much more happened, but if council and city management were in private business and had these kinds of results.... someone would be expected to resign.
Let's start with our City Manager who has been telling half-truths to council members and citizens about this screwed-up AMP-OHIO deal.
How dumb do they think we are to come up with another deal after the bath Painesville took on the Meigs County deal?
It's time for her to move on... she has caused enough damage here.
AND take the two Joe's with her!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

"HERE WE GO AGAIN" ray charles



It seems we are about to go down that path again. AMP-OHIO is about to pitch another great deal to the city administration. This time an almost completed Gas-Fired plant near Fremont, Ohio recently owned by First Energy. The AMP-OHIO is on a tour to sell this to the AMP NATION.
Recently Cleveland Public Power was told that their share of the Meigs County fiasco would be 12 million dollars? 4 million could be "rolled into" [nice way to say hidden cost] Fremont Plant but they will also have to cut a check for the other 8 million. Soon Painesville will find out their numbers also.

Tom Sanzillo an independent auditor hired by someone in the AMP-OHIO group stated;
We don't know how the basic amount is determined. What the interest rate is or why it is what it is?
The linking of the transactions may be the best way to do this in the end,but its really not a good way to settle this. Everything is made sloppy and continues sloppy from the get go.
Tom, its called a "Take or Pay" contract. simple here we go again.
The same people that recommended Meigs County are still in power today. Rita McMahon and Joe Hada. I assume they will recommend this contract for God knows what reason. Mr. Hada made a statement during the Meigs County hearing All he wanted to do was in 5 years when someone sat down for Thanksgiving dinner they would have the energy to cook their turkey. Seems the only turkeys are people who receive Painesville Power?
Yes another take or pay contract.

Painesville water rates? I see $8.00 fee per 5/8 inch meter added to a resident bill [$96.00 a year] and $179.00 [$1148.00 a year] added to a six inch industrial meter. The average resident uses 500 cu.ft of water a month. So are they telling me Lubrizol uses the same amount of water as 23 households in a month? Aqua Ohio charges around $480.00 per 6 inch meter [$2160.00 a year]?
First off the flat rate stinks and what would happen if we raised water rates 8% for 6 years then continued at that rate for the next 9 years after that? Do you really think giving this administration another million plus dollars is a good idea?

With all these issue a POC meeting will be held Tuesday June 14 at 6:30 pm at Chester Restaurant. Meeting will start at 6:30 so please come in earlier if you want a bite to eat before hand.

A closing thought to our councilpeople.Why would First Energy put so much money into this project and sell it before even using it? Also dig deeper and find out who owns the transmission lines this electricity will be routed thru? If anyone tells you other then First Energy there not telling you the truth.