Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"MY HOMETOWN" bruce springsteen

Well received numerous calls yesterday about the SRO officer at Harvey tasering a student. Knowing this officer I can feel comfortable that this officer used good judgement. That said there's a new sheriff at Harvey and it will take some time to turn it into a place of learning from becoming what seems to be poor auditions for a "Save by the Bell" reunion.
It comes down to a simple premise who will run the school? The administrator's and teachers or a few student's?

In September 24,2012 Galion Inquirer Councilman Flock was quoted at the Prairie State meeting.
he asked  "As to how communities can get together can get together to initiate an effort like contact re-negotiations through council's or another means."
He commented that none of his fellow council members want to discuss the issue during council meetings. At which point many in the audience members clapped. Seems Painesville isn't the only place in denial?
Andy between you and I ....... I think your going to be taken to the woodshed again. Good Luck.

Speaking of Councilman Flock his Town Hall Meeting this Thursday at Elm St. School will have people running for our Congressional seat.
Dale Blanchard [D] Democrat
David Macko [L] libertarian
Elaine  Mastromatteo [G] Green
David Joyce [R] Republican
Mr. Joyce  has been invited but hasn't confirmed if he would attend as of this morning.

The purpose of this meeting will be for Painesville residents as well as other to ask candidate's questions in an open forum.
Please if you attend show your respect for ALL candidates or you will be asked to leave.

Seems Painesville Council will have another new person sitting at the council table. Our congratulation goes out to Katie Jenkins who will soon give birth to a son. Mr. Howlett will soon have a great new playmate.

On a sad note the Willoughby police officer Jason Gresko who lost his life this past Friday responding to a call to Lake West. Officer Gresko  was a Painesville Heisley Park  resident.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and two year old daughter.
Contact Patricia Jacobson at [440] 357-6126 to sign a card or offer a contibution.

Friday, September 21, 2012

"DESPERADO" eagles

Lot of mentions  about people work evaluations. Some I can't print here on this site only for the colorful language that some have used.

So knowing how important and revealing  these evaluations are to some of you I decided to print my latest one from my employer concerning me.
Now you must remember my two main superiors I  have a warm relationship with me and I believe they sometimes fudge what the real facts are because of our close and warm work realionship.
1. Since my last report, this employee has reached rock bottom and continues to dig.
2.  Works well when under constant supervision or cornered like a rat in a trap.
3. This employee is really not much of a has-been, more like a never was.
4. This employee has delusions of adequacy.
5. He sets low personal standards and then consistently fails to meet them.
6 .I believe he has been working with glue too much.
7 .Gates are down, the lights are flashing but no train seems to be coming.
8. Recently caught him in an  arguement with a company signpost.
9.  Got a full 6-pack, but lacks the plastic thingy to hold them all together.
10.Some drink from the fountain of knowledge, he only gargles.
11. He doesn't have ulcers, but he's a carrier.
12.The wheel is turning but the hamster is dead.

Only a dozen there were more. You know what's scary I'm not one of the 47% Mitt seems to talk about.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

"GREASED LIGHTNING" olivia newton-john

It's electrifying!
Attended the Public Meeting at Galion, Ohio last night September 19,2012. Citizens from Painesville, Cleveland Bowling Green, Shelby and  even two ladies from Indiana, and of course Galion.

The presentation was by David Schlissel who I wish I knew him five years ago maybe he could have made his presentation to the administration as well as council.

I will try to scan the presentation into the blog. so that you also can review what was reviewed.

Mr. Schlissel told us we will soon be hearing from AMP-OHIO about a proposal they have about investing in a Nuclear Power Plant somewhere in South Carolina. Please wake me up.

Some people are far worse off then Painesville. Some depend on 40 to 50% of their power coming from Prairie State which could cost as much as $74.00 MWH as opposed to the market price of $40.00 MWH.
 Meigs County was also brought up as well as all communities involved asking for an Independent Audit on the "stranded costs" This Mr. DeLeone is the only way we might be able to lower our share of Meigs County.

Basic Questions about Prairie State:
When will the communities receive a full accounting for the cost of Prairie State?
How much will communities really be charged for power in future years?
What is the likely impacts of expensive Prairie State power on communities electric budgets and on the cost of electricity for residents and businesses?
Will communities have to postpone other needed  projects. Will  this deal make us less competitive with surrounding communities?
How much do Bechtel, Peabody and/or AMP-OHIO owe local communities for construction cost overruns and poor performance missed operations deadlines, and mine and ashfill risks?
How can the communities obtain an independent assessment and determine the best short and long-term financial,legal and government strategies?

Mr. Schlissel was asked what we should do next?
He mentioned admitting a big mistake was made. Beating up on people who invested your community in this deal will not provide you with any relief.
So we can "suffer" with this for the next decade or two.
We can partner with other communities and try to litigate ourselves out of this mess.
Or we can bring all parties to the table, communities, AMP-OHIO, Peabody and try to renegotiate this contract  where it will no impact our electric cost to the degree it will. I believe a community such as Columbia Mo. will default  Painesville share is 9.952 MW. Columbia Mo. is 50,000 MW if they default we as well as the rest of the communities involved are responsible for their share
After the meeting a gentleman came up to me and asked if I was from Painesville? I said yes He said he was from Crestline and was a cousin of our city manager he asked if I knew her? I said we have had conversations. He asked if she knew me?  I just told him tell her you spoke with Angelo that's all you will have to say.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported today that Congressman Dennis Kucinich asked for a Federal probe on the dealing over Prairie State.

Ron Regan did another story on Prairie State yesterday view it at Channel 5 website.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"NOTHING FROM NOTHING" billy preston

Leaves nothing?

In Wednesday News-Herald there will be a follow up article on the resignation of Assistant Harvey Principal Dave Klingenberg. What will we learn that we didn't already know? Nothing.

The article re-prints his resignation letter. With the understanding his desire to do this before he would face termination.

The Superintendent letter to the School Board that the employee may have engaged in conduct unbecoming to the teaching profession.

His last evaluation by former Principal Kimberly Martin who's evaluation was that all criteria was either surpassed expectations, or met expectations.

We heard about a student at times hired as a "babysitter', numerous closed door meetings, and unauthorized ride homes.

A short statement by Painesville Police that would not confirm if an arrest would be made or not.

Reading between the lines I am lead to believe that the criminal trail has gone cold.

We are left with more questions than answers. Why did everyone clam up? Why would an establish professional resign. Why tarnish your  family's good name if you were innocent?

Until or if we ever find out more I for one will keep my thoughts to myself. Instead of this being sweeped under a rug, it was sweeped into a closet and the door for the time being closed.

Let's get back to the job of providing Painesville students a quality education. RIGHT!

Monday, September 17, 2012

"BLACK & WHITE" three dog night

Somethings just aren't "Black & White" some things are darn near impossible to figure out. Like my Painesville City Electric Bill.

Electric bills are not like a gallon of milk it's $2.99 a gallon and you can compare shop pretty easily.

Now electric bills are a whole different animal. I recently received my monthly utility bill from the City of Painesville. No matter what I cut out or cut back on it seems to grow all by itself.

Last month my total electric bill was $88.01 for 764 kwh of electricity.
$53.08 divided by 764 equals 0.0694764
$34.93 was my "power cost adjustment".
$88.01 for the electric portion of the bill.

I check the Ohio PUCO website that has an area on it comparing apples to apples. [more confusion]

My sister who lives in the township has First Energy along with something called [NOPEC]
Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council
What would 764 KWH cost on First Energy's plan?
$47.87 divided by 764 equals 0.0626658 [ That number is spelled out on her bill\
$28.00 First Energy Transportation fee per billing cycle
$75.87 for the First Energy cost of the Bill.

 A saving of $12.14 ??? I was told Painesville power was cheaper?

I attended the City of Painesville Council Meeting tonight 09/17/12  and presented these figures to council and the administration.

I was expecting howls of you missed this or that, or a response of your arithmetic is faulty. What I got was silence.

If any of you have any idea where or what mistake I have made , please leave a corrected answer.


Speaking of council. Council approved the bids for the Shamrock Blvd. bridge and roadway extension. A city resident wondered if it was wise to only be two lanes instead of four?
The CM said the structure of the bridge will be built to add two lanes in the near future? Wouldn't it be cheaper and less troublesome to just build the bridge for four lanes to start with?

The fence on Main St. was addressed and the CM claimed it was the city's right of way and being so no planning, zoning, council had to be involved? Councilman Flock brought up the American Disability Act and the CM said she would investigate if it conformed to law.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

"YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE" debbie boone

I am planning on attending the Ohio Citizen Action Meeting scheduled for this Wednesday September 19,2012 at Galion High School.

Speakers present will explain the "Promises vs the Reality'" How and why we got into "take or pay" deals. Along with what this will all cost Painesville Electric consumers as well as other municipal electric customer's for at least the next twenty or more years.

To Councilman DeLeone we"re both wrong. Over the past few days I have found out the 1.9 million dollar number is not the one presently announced by AMP-OHIO neither is 2.7 million I guess we will just have to wait until the final bill is submitted. Ask your City Manager she must have seen the same figures I did.

AMP-OHIO is engaged in a lawsuit against Bechtel Corporation claiming 97 million dollars in damages over Meigs County AMPGS. Claiming Bechtel failed to withdraw correct or amend it's price projection's. They did this Willfully,wanton, reckless, grossly negligent misconduct. Have Mike explain this to you it's all lawyer speak.

Why bring this all up to you now?

Well I'll give you three guess who built the Prairie State Energy Campus?  To easy? Yes your right Bechtel was the main contractor to this project that when it first was proposed in 2004 an estimate of 1.8 billion was the projected cost of the project. AMP-OHIO dragged us I mean invited us Painesville into this project in 2008 by 2010 cost overruns had grown to 4.9 Billion dollars. Was AMP-OHIO blind? Buchtel Prairie State came in at 3.1 Billion over budget.

What would possess AMP-OHIO to believe that the costs overruns at Prairie State wouldn't be repeated at Meigs County f?
Did AMP-OHIO inform Painesville as well as other communities about the cost overruns at Prairie State?  Maybe Painesville as well as other communities should take legal action against AMP-OHIO over failing to  inform us of failing to withdraw,correct, or amend it's price and cost to us?

Really where and who is responsible for the misconduct in these stupid electric agreements?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"LAND OF HOPE AND DREAMS" bruce springsteen

Went to Tuesday's Tea Party Event. Heard a lot of hope and a lot of  dreams, but very few facts.

First off it was a larger than normal crowd but still made up of mostly Senior Citizens who are receiving Social Security and Medicare. Is it that they believe Obamacare will short change them?
Joyce would repeal Obamacare, and Blanchard would keep it.

A lady did ask about abortion and Mr. Joyce answer he makes exceptions to rape, and incest. What about the life of the woman? Mr. Blanchard went into a long spiel and ended it by saying he supports Rowe Vs. Wade decision

Mr. Blanchard as well as Mr. Joyce don't presently see the fact of climate change?
Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. Many climate experts and scientists believe the maximum level of CO2 gases 350ppm. This measurement has been at 275 until man began burning fossil fuels to produce energy. It has gradually increased since then but more so in modern times. The most recent measurements 392ppm. and is rising by 2ppm per year. Is this what is leading to drought and increasing sea levels? Or is all this fiction because the coal and oil industries say it is?

Taxes both seem to have plans to lower them? Mr. Blancard want to lower them 5% on people making less than $150,000 and couples making less than $300,000. Mr Joyce seems to have bought into the Romney plan which also cuts taxes . Maybe neither realizes we're going broke?

Everyone talked about regulations yet no one pointed out a regulation they would eliminate?

Look everyone loves tax cuts everyone want's someone else to pay more. We are going to have to tighten our belts on many programs and if we are  honest with ourselves the government should just let the Bush tax cuts expire for EVERYONE. Shared sacrifice people.

David Joyce seems like a good person as well as Dale Blanchard.

Mr. Joyce made a remark about retiring Congressman Steve LaTourette  and this crowd didn't seem to pleased with him over his comment of being along time friend of Steve.

Had to ask Mr. Joyce after the debate. I identified myself as a Democrat if the would follow Congressman LaTourette's lead in not signing  Grover Norquist pledge. He told me he has spoken to Mr. Norquist and presently hasn't decided if he would or would not.

The Tea Party should be congratulated for putting on this event. Lake County Republican front man should be commended for his work in control room.

On a finally note . Do people think I don't notice when you cover your mouths and point at me as if I was Judas? Your way to obvious.

Monday, September 10, 2012

"HIT THE ROAD JACK" ray charles

Full house at Painesville School Board Meeting. Seems odd the only thing able to bring out a crowd is a crisis. Even FOX8 NEWS showed up.

First off David Klingenberg turned in his resignation. One board member voted to terminate him. His resignation was approved by the BOE.

A David Klingenberg sold a home on  Big Rock Dr. in Painesville Township according to Friday's News-Herald.

During the visitor time of the meeting a resident asked for the resignation of Dr. Hanlon? This person claimed it was not due to this latest crisis, but the overall performance of the district. First off there is no way he will resign and I don't see the BOE firing him presently. I keep my thoughts to myself but after hearing a conversation in the parking lot I don't believe this request was due to the low test scores in the district or the latest  crisis? This request over school performance could have been made anytime over the last five years. why tonight?

I never though I would say this but the asking for resignation of Dr. Hanlon seem's a little premature. I would rather wait and see how this whole investigation shakes out before anyone ask for that.

My remark which wasn't appreciated at the meeting that firing Dr. Hanlon right now won't solve anything. That firing thinking ranks up  there with if we build all new school building test score will dramatically improve.

I will end this post on a very positive note.

Ms. Wendy Camper made a presentation on a new innovated teaching method she is using a Elm St. Elementary. Her 5th grade class consists of 24 boys only boys, they have specific rules and standards. She has Tie Tuesday, school service with helping Kindergarten students at lunch. She is teaching young men to take pride in themselves and learning how to gain respect from others. I do not know this teacher but something tells me the system is loaded with great idea teachers.
She even has a Blog.
I will call the school and post the site here.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

"DANCING IN THE DARK" brue springsteen

Tuesday evening at Harvey High September 11, 2012 at 7:00 pm.

 The Lake County Tea Party will have another "Meet the Candidate Night"
This time it may hold some meaning to the debate. Presently I could care less what a person seeking a position of County Recorder cares about Obamacare.
This meeting will include people who can make a difference.

Republican candidate David Joyce and Democratic candidate Dale Blanchard.
The Tea Party promised a questionnaire on there website a week before the debate, well here it is Sunday and nothing on the web site?

I seem to believe this will be another debate about what will U,.N. proposition 666 will mean to America, or why can't I carry my C and C into Giant Eagle when I go buy my weekly specials?

I wonder if this post should have been call "WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN" bruce springsteen?
 A Democratic Rally song.

I suspect an ambush. or at least keeping everyone in the dark?

Wonder if anyone will ask if you repeal the Affordable Care Act,  Will replace it or what are your plans?

Should State rights still define marriage or do we decide to put it in the hands of national politicians?

Will someone explain why you would be so stupid to omit God in your Party Platform?

If you believe saving General Motors and Chrysler was a good idea?

Not mentioning our troop as well as the war in Afghanistan in your acceptance speech? What it's not important?

Either of you have plans for creating 12 million jobs?

Speaking of Party Platforms do you agree or disagree with the statement that No Abortion Exception  even in the case of rape, incest or the life of a woman? Hope a woman asks that one.

Do you have a clue how to get 11 million people to "self-deport"? Along with asking their relatives to vote for you?

Should both candidates have to explain there economic policies BEFORE the election?
Sorry I did the "arithmetic" and the Romney/Ryan plan looks like a poor idea for children, elderly, pretty much anyone making less than a million dollars a year? Please explain.
President Obama must also present a detailed plan, Trust but verify.

 Will either of you sign a pledge from a private citizen that under no circumstances will you  raise taxes? God Bless our current Congressman had the good sense to tell that guy where to stick his pledge.

My favorite, Why no mention of the TEA PARTY during the Republican convention? What are you guy's the red headed step-children?

Just throwing this out. Should we be holding a political debate on 9/11?
 CORRECTION!!! Just a note here, Andy Flock's Town Hall Meeting last Thursday in October will have a bonafide Presidential Candidate in attendance .
Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein will be there to answer any question's

We are working to get John M. Rogers to attend the September 27th  meeting . He is running against Painesville Council Person at Large Lori DiNallo for Ohio's 60th district.

Friday, September 7, 2012

"GET READY" rare earth

I believe this coming Monday at 7:00pm is Painesville's next school board meeting. I bet there will be more than the usual three or four residents in attendance. Please do not go expecting answers on this latest incident. You won't receive any.

Then again… you DO have the right to ask what the school policy is on issues such as these and has this been an issue in the past?

I for one cannot believe the police have been investigating this since May 2011 and the administration had no clue. In Dr. Hanson’s first news release, he mentioned he had no knowledge of the police investigation and then later he changed that to ‘we are cooperating with the police’.

One thing all Painesville residents must understand is why this blog was started in the first place. There seemed to be little or no transparency in all the Painesville public institutions. I am including the city as well as schools.

These government employees are our employees… there cannot be a policy of sweeping things under the rug. Apparently, they have the misconception that what they don't know can't hurt them… or us. Unfortunately, it seems to be SOP (standard operating procedure).

First off, if a government employee was found or suspected of embezzling school funds (no matter from where) a police investigation should have taken place. In case anyone has forgotten….these are public funds. It’s not enough to just ask for a resignation. This is not done for the benefit of the accused… but for the system(s) that do not not want to drag this out in the open for public scrutiny. The administration is guilty of CYA.

This begs the question… what else do we have no knowledge about?

We must remember people are to be assumed innocent until proven guilty. At the same time, who gets to decide the consequences?

I believe we have some truly good administers, board members, teachers and support staff… it is a shame that they have to work in an environment such as it is. What are we teaching our children?

Go to the BOE meeting ask your pertinent questions and let the people in charge know that you always expect the truth. If we are given that, then they will always have the support of the community.

I have included Dr. Hanson’s comment posted from the PCLS website;

Message from the Superintendent

David Klingenberg, one of our assistant high school principals, has been placed on administrative leave following our discovery that he may have violated the policy we have in place regarding the maintenance of proper boundaries with our students. We are investigating the matter further and also are cooperating with the police on their own investigation. The police investigation, which we learned about on August 30, 2012, has been underway since May 2011.

At this time, I’m not at liberty to provide more information, but I want to stress again that nothing is more important than the safety and security of the students in our care. We will not tolerate behavior that jeopardizes the trust the community and our students place in us.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

"MONEY FOR NOTHING" dire straits

Nowhere will so much be spent
To accomplish so little
For so few

I attended the city streetscape meeting Wednesday night at the Senior Center.

City Architecture was present along with someone from the Baker Group.

Now before I go any further I want to tell you that I have all the respect as well as to shop at as many merchant's in our downtown.  They are fighting an uphill battle.
Only after viewing the presentation this evening, I don't see how this face lift  will bring new businesses or even customers to the downtown area.

The project will start in May of 2013 and except for planting be completed by October 2013.
Then we will all be able to see what close to $900,000.00 buys you.
Close to $600,000 in grant money? Will we get grant money for State, St. Clair, Washington, and Richmond St's.Lets hope and pray.
I could go into details like red concrete crosswalk's, parallel parking and my favorite the " Mall bridge" coming out of the New Market Mall ,well that bridge improvements are not in the budget.
Expanding the sidewalks for all the pedestrian traffic. While we're at it when and who gave Your Vine or Mine permission to fence the sidewalk in front of their business? Can't wait for others to do the same. Wait I believe La Mexicana tried that a few years ago and the city limited the amount of exposure the business could be on the  city sidewalk. [I'm starting to understand the need for more sidewalk space, what's next pedicure's given out on the sidewalk in front of Belle Donna's] Did this request on Main St. go in front of the Zoning or Planning Commission? Did council review the request? Who gave the O.K.?
With these plans snow removal by the city may become a spectator sport.

Want to bring business back to our downtown? Have the property owners lower there rent. Have the city give businesses rebates on utility bills. Face lift? Paint the rear of your buildings what are some of you trying to copy a few tenement buildings on the Southside of Chicago?

One good thing did come out of all this. At Monday nights council meeting. Council agreed to invest again in the Downtown Painesville Organization.  $22,000 a year for five years? This at a time when every city department is asked to cut costs $110,000 will be missing from the general fund over the next five years. What's the upside? A certain Council President always makes the comment when someone want's something to be paid out of the General Fund. "Well you know if we do that we might have to layoff a policeman or firefighter". Well Joe after Monday nights meeting that dog doesn't hunt anymore does it?

It has always amazed me what our city leaders have spent on our four blocks of Heaven downtown over the past decades. If I owned a business outside these blocks I would be wondering what about the rest of us?

Some a going away present.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Waiting all my life for the Plain Dealer to finally catch up.
Better late than never?
Now if only the News-Herald would do a story? Maybe if we throw in some chickens and pit bulls?

The most interesting parts of all these articles is how the people that got their communities involved still believe it's a great deal. Then again what else could they say?

Cleveland Public Power's contract with Illinois coal plant could mean higher rates for customers

Published: Wednesday, September 05, 2012, 6:00 AM

By Leila Atassi, The Plain Dealer The Plain Dealer

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Five years ago, Cleveland city officials embraced a plan to build a coal-fired power plant in southern Illinois in the hopes that owning a portion of the facility would help city-owned Cleveland Public Power control the cost of electricity for its customers in a mercurial market.

So far, however, the plant has failed to live up to its billing.

City officials confirmed in an interview last week, that from March through May, CPP paid a total of $753,000 though it received no electricity because the plant was inoperative and experiencing technical problems. And in the plant’s first year, CPP will pay a rate 42 percent higher than the market price, though CPP’s original sales pitch to City Council and the public predicted the plant’s rates wouldn’t hit those rates until 2025.

Critics of CPP’s agreement to become part-owners of the Prairie State Energy Campus argue that the utility has learned nothing from its earlier investment in a failed power plant project in southeastern Ohio — a debacle for which the city of Cleveland owes about $8 million, though nary a smokestack was built on the site.

City officials minimize the effect of that project on CPP’s overall business, and contend the long-term benefits of owning a share in Prairie State outweigh the recent setbacks. But critics warn the Prairie State deal comes with other problems that could subject CPP customers to rates so high that they abandon the city-owned utility.

Plans for Prairie State were conceived in 2001 by Peabody Energy Corp., the nation’s largest coal producer, which also owned a nearby mine with a 30-year supply of coal and ash landfill. But in 2007, Peabody aimed to entice public power agencies throughout the Midwest to help finance the project in exchange for shares in ownership of the plant, mine and landfill.

More than 200 communities signed on. They agreed to buy energy from the plant for decades on the promises that it would provide low-cost energy and that the cities that own it could control costs while profiting by selling excess cheap power on the market.

A CPP presentation before Cleveland City Council in October 2007 projected savings for decades to come, with the cost of power as low as 72 percent of the market rate. And Cleveland, along with other cities represented by the American Municipal Power consortium, entered into a 50-year contract to purchase energy.

Meanwhile, dozens of proposed coal plants nationwide were canceled due to the increased cost of construction and tough new environmental standards.

Nearly 60 plants were cancelled in 2007 alone, reported ION Consulting. CPP hired the Denver-based firm in 2008 to evaluate plans for another AMP-initiated coal-fired power plant — this one in Meigs County, Ohio.

The firm cautioned in its report that “there has never been a more difficult time to get a coal plant built due to the current degree of uncertainty.”

Intensified community opposition and environmental concerns, increases in construction costs and ever-changing technologies to control harmful emissions has made coal-fired power plants a dicey venture for most public utilities, the report stated.

For CPP, which competes with the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co., the risk could be even greater. If higher rates drive away CPP customers, rates would run even higher for those who remain with the utility, causing a chain reaction of lost business, ION noted.

"This could quickly lead to the ‘death spiral’ most utilities feared would come from deregulation in the 1990’s,” the report warned.

ION went on to note that lenders will only finance such a risky project if the participating communities and utilities sign long-term power purchase agreements that require them to pay, whether or not they receive the low-cost power they bargained for.

Despite the warnings, CPP agreed to the “take-or-pay” contract. And as ION prophesied, after several years of protests from environmentalists and a spike in the price of the project to nearly $4 billion, AMP aborted the coal plant altogether in 2009.

Cleveland was responsible for $13 million in “stranded costs” to cover plans for a facility that was never built. Agreeing to participate in another AMP-driven deal to build a natural gas plant in Fremont whittled that cost to about $8 million last year, which would be split between customers and a construction-debt fund.

Meanwhile, the Prairie State project forged ahead, too.

Costly setbacks at Illinois coal plant

To safeguard against ever-growing construction costs, AMP and the other public utilities involved — representing 2.5 million people in nine states — amended their contracts in 2010 so they would pay a $4 billion fixed cost for construction. By then, however, the project already had cost them a billion dollars more than was estimated in 2008.

Then, the plant experienced a costly machinery malfunction that delayed its scheduled grand opening in March. As the plant struggled to ramp up its electricity production to its promised output, Cleveland and other Midwestern cities, again locked into “take-or-pay” contracts, were obligated to pay the facility’s operating costs — whether or not it produced any electricity.

A report published last week by the Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis estimated that, all told, CPP’s contract to buy 24.88 megawatts of power a year for the next five decades will, by 2025, end up costing the city of Cleveland $19 million dollars more than the market price for energy.

Other complications could create further expenses.

The adjacent coal mine was cited by the federal government for digging too far beyond the mine’s permanent supports. The Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission typically permits mining operations to cut side channels that extend up to 20 feet past the supported main artery. Sometimes the rock composition is too unstable for even that distance without reinforcement, reports the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Mine operators at the Prairie State Energy Campus planned on extending their cuts to 40 feet beyond supports.

Federal regulators rejected that plan. Not only could an unstable passage collapse, but methane and particles released into the air could be hazardous to the health of miners without proper ventilation, regulators noted.

The commission ruled that the mine should first test the stability and conditions of the 20-foot distance before applying for a permit to dig further.

Prairie State contested that decision and lost. According to the commission’s website, an appeal has been pending since 2010.

But R.W. Beck, an engineering consultant hired by AMP to evaluate the Prairie State project, determined that if the mine is too unstable to withstand extended cuts, or if the commission does not permit them, it could come up far short of its promised 30-year coal supply.

Also the firm concluded that unforeseen obstructions and site conditions at the ash landfill would reduce its capacity from the 23 years Peabody promised to about 12 years. The firm predicted that the plant’s owners will be forced to find new coal sources and disposal sites, while continuing to pay the debt on the old.

Cleveland city officials defend investment in coal

In an interview last week, Jason Wood, communications chief for the city’s Public Utilities Department, minimized the effect the Prairie State deal would have on CPP’s customers. Although CPP relies predominantly on coal for its energy, he said, Cleveland’s share of electricity from Prairie State represents only eight percent of CPP’s peak demand and 15 percent of its base needs.

That’s a negligible portion of the utility’s energy portfolio, which also consists of power drawn from the Fremont natural gas plant and some hydro-powered energy generation stations, Wood said.

He conceded that CPP did pay for three months of operating costs though it received no electricity from the Prairie State plant. But he said that cost, when passed on to the utility’s 75,000 customers, amounted to 98 cents per account.

Wood said that the IEFFA’s projection on the long-term cost to communities is alarmist and based on speculation. He defended CPP’s agreement to the 50-year contract, contending that communities that take an ownership stake in the project will have the power to control the cost, rather than rely on a volatile market easily effected by the laws of supply and demand and the availability of other fuel sources.

Sandy Buchanan, executive director of Ohio Citizen Action, said the plant has become a “financial and environmental nightmare,” and Cleveland and the other cities that committed to it in search of cheap electricity are now the de facto owners.

CPP and AMP have entered one bad deal after another to the detriment of their customers, she said.

“Cleveland Public Power’s ratepayers are finding themselves on the hook for two financially disastrous coal plant deals despite the warnings from citizens and financial experts that the costs of these plants could spin out of control,” Buchanan said.

Monday, September 3, 2012

"TIME WON'T LET ME" outsiders

A Cleveland band?

Now most of you by now realize I'm in my early 60's and have been around here most of my life.

That said I view changes in Painesville a little differently than some of you newbies that have only been around for 25 years. [sarcasm]

Recently the Painesville McDonald's had  an exterior as well as interior face lift.

Now remember the closest McDonalds to Painesville  when I was was in high school was in Mentor on Mentor Ave. and was a walk up stand with two golden arches with red and white ceramics. 15 cent hamburgers, 19 cent fries, and 25 cent  shakes {at the time they couldn't use the word milk]

Recently I walked into the "new" McDonalds in Painesville. I must be getting old but I got the feeling I was walking into a kindergartner classroom. I not being critical but I must really be getting old. TV's in a McDonalds? short stools odd color's it just seemed strange to me. Two drive-up ordering stations I see future problems here also.

McDonalds has changed it's concept that for sure. Sad I kinda miss the ones I grew up with. Plus the fact a Quarter-pounder burger is now priced at $4.70 alone!

Aw, what do I know I still believe automobiles built in the 60's were the best looking and classiest. Cars today remind me of Refrigerators, they pretty much all look the same.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

"SWEET CAROLINE" neil diamond

Recently Penn State took  Sweet Caroline off the play list at football games? As if that would solve anything. "Touching you, touching me." Now get over it and lets move on ?

Yesterday I was looking into a poster claim that the new Principal at Harvey was running into alot of flack from Dr. Hanlon. People  I spoke with told me everything was fine. The new Principal is fitting in and the staff is behind him 100%.

In the process of looking into this I believe I stumbled into something far worse.
All I can tell tell you presently is I am disgusted with what I heard and if this is true you will also feel the same way.

I don't believe there is a rug large enough to hide this from the public and if the facts are true impossible.

The saddest  of this incident are the innocent victims first and foremost. We as a society value people we put in trust.

Then there are also innocent victims that are only guilty by association, who possible will never be looked at the same way again.

As a former Harvey Alumni I only pray that this rumor is false along with  no Mike McQueary, or Graham Spanier or anyone else that might of had knowledge of this alleged crime.